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Copyright, 1R0T, by the Frank Qnecn PuDllrtlng Company (Limited). 

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VOLUME LV.-No. 3 J, 
Prloo, 10 Centi. 



October 5. 

Ki% CIipper'5 

ADsalotes, Personalities aod ComroeDts, 


STIGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Cal Stewart* rural characterization of 
"Uncle Joib on tbe Bowery," Is far ahead 
of any other In tbe aame line of character 
work. Hli method, wblcb la exceedingly 
qalet and powerfully forceful at tbe aame 
time, creates for the audience tbe Illusion 
that tbe real old fellow Is there himself, not 
a itage make-up ef him. 

While the quiet finish of Stewart's aketcb, 
as played by him and bis clever wife last 
season, waa artistically effective, It did not 
end with the dash usually expected of a 
vaudeville playlet, ao "Cal," as his friends 
call him, has thli season added a new ending 
to "Uncle Josh," which now receives loudly 
expressed approval. In his own words, "Hie 
'red-fire' finish that we now have goes great.'' 

Stewart's original "Uncle Josh" stories, 
numbering seventy-five to date, are getting 
laughs galore from those having the phono- 
graph and talking; machine habit He Is In 
great demand by companies manufacturing 
these records, and devotes much time to care- 
ful preparations and study, so that bis records 
shall have the value of originality and dis- 
tinct articulation which is Indispensable In 
this sort of work. 

Though the effect of Btewarfs "told" 
stories la heightened by the addition of vocal 
intonations and effective pauses, the printed 
one still retains all the wit and humor. He 
tells a story of a horse-trade, which Is In- 
imitably funny In tbe "Uncle Josh" dialect 

It la about a villager, who, after a trade 
with a gypsy, found himself in possesuon of 
a horse that proved to have been In Its 
former daya a circus trick horse. An old 
animal of circus ring prestige Is seldom 
valuable In any other "walk of life," and 
this one waa no exception. Its new owner, 
finding himself fooled In the trade, decided 
to get rid of the animal, which had seversl 
peculiar habits, one of which wss to sit down 
tn Its haunches whenever either flank was 
touched In a certain place. One can well 
Imagine what a predicament a rider of such 
a horse would be In If unacquainted with 
tola habit, and with the location of the par- 
ticular spot to be avoided. 

In the village lived an old deacon who 
bad been an Inveterate hunter In bis younger 
aays, and who, by reason of rheumatism and 
lameness, waa at that time obliged to bunt 
an horseback. To blm the trader took the 
old circus horse, with the Information that 
tbe animal had been trained to bunt— In 
fact, that be was fully as good for the pur- 
pose aa a setter dog, and would In all prob- 
aballty be One for rabbits. With this recom- 
mendation and the gentle appearance of the 
horse, the deacon traded with the owner, 
giving a fair amount of money "to boot." A 
part of the bargain was that the trader waa 
to go hunting tho following day with the 
deacon for the purpose of proving the abili- 
ties of the animal. 

Accordingly they started, the lame deacon 
seated upon his new possession, while the 
trader rode tha one he had acquired in trade 
from the old man. While crossing a field 
close to some woods, the deacon's horse sud- 
denly sat down upon Its haunches, almost 
unseating its rider, who by the merest chance 
aaved himself from a bad backward fall. By 
some means be anally got the horse to lis 
f«ei, then turning angrily to the trader, said : 
•That's a One horse that you've pat an to 
me I You've fooled me In the trade." 

"Nothtn' of the sort I" replied the trader, 
aware that the deacon had Inadvertently 
touched the aforementioned spot, "that horse 
was settln' of a rabbit— 4 told you before I 
swapped him that he was trained to be a 
aetter. See, now, while you've been finding 
fault, the rabbit baa got away 1" 

Mollified by the explanation, the deacon 
righted himself and the hunt proceeded. A 
few minutes later tbe two were obliged to 
ford a small creek, and when half way across, 
i-e deacon, drawing up hla feet to make sure 
o. keeping them dry, again touched the 
trained spot. Again the old actor-horse, true 
to the cue he had so often taken in past 
sawdust-ring experiences, sat quickly down 
amld-atream. Neither verbal nor physical per- 
suasion availing to get the animal to change 
his position, the deacon, 'with rheumatic 
legs submerged In the water, berated the 

"What do you mean by misrepresenting 
this beast to me?" he demanded 

"I ain't mlireprcacnted nothln'," exclaimed 
tbe trader In defense. 1 told you very plain 
ue was a setter, an' just now he sees fish, 

bor, "at least It'a si good aa a tombstone." 

"uaow can that be If she was cremated V 
asked the old man wonderlngly. 

"Well," explained hla old friend, "they 
sprinkled her ashes on the lawn aont there, 
an' then put op a painted sign, ssyln', 'Aont 
Eliza Watta grew this grass, an' wa can 
prove It' ■ 

A box office story wss recently told lj a 
treasurer to whom tha Incident happened 
when Joseph Murphy, the popular Irish actor, 
was playing the theatre at which ha sold 

An elderly son of "The isle" approached 
the box office with his spouse and asked for 
two seats. 

"Three dollars," said the treasurer, push- 
ing the two tickets toward the old man, who 
exclaimed : 

"A dollar-and-a-half apiece for me and the 
old woman Just to see Joel Ton robber, 
you're puttin' the money tn your own pocket I" 
Though he paid for and picked up tbe 
tickets, he still protested vigorously at the 
price. "An' does Joe know what you're 
cbargln'? Well," he added, with a menacing 
shske of his head, "he will know by ntorntn'." 


"Thla crowded house reminds me of an- 
other one In tbe far West." 

Tbe speaker, who was evidently a traveling 
man, occupied a seat at tbe New Amsterdam 
Theatre, where Maclyn Arbuckle Is most suc- 

AaawseaBaeatai la Michigan. 

W. 8. Butterfleld, general manager of tbe 
BIJou Theatrical Enterprise Co., with head- 
quarters at Battle Creek, Mich., tn an Inter- 
view with a Clippis representative, ex- 
pressed himself aa follows concerning amuse- 
ments In Michigan : 

"As I am overlooking the destiny of six 
vaudeville theatres and lour one night stand 
houses In this State, I feel I am In a position 
to give you a general Idea of the prosperity 
of tbe State. 

"Vaudeville has come to stay In cities of 
20,000 or more, and they have settled down 
to a uniform business with a reasonable profit 
for tbe Investment, and business has opened 
In all my bouses very encouragingly for a 
good season. Uy four one night stand houses, 
consisting of Marshall, Albion, Nlles and 
Uowaglac, opened very well, considering the 
hot weather and the class of attractions tbat 
we have to contend with. 

"There seems to have been a feeling of 
late among theatrical managers, that tbe 
months of August and September are cool, 
and that It Is advisable to go Into Michigan 
for an early opening. I have only lived In 
thla state three Summers, and I have dis- 
covered tbat Summer does not really set In 
until about July 1, and runs until Oct. 1, 
and that all tbe amusement promoters and 

Cark managers do not attempt to start their 
lg Beason until August and September, as 
It Is a positive fact tbat these two months 
are given over to railroad excursions, county 
fairs and park entertainments, so you can 
readily see that tbe traveling attractions 
suffer from it during the months of August 
and September. Notwithstanding all this 
opposition, we have had very little complaint 
from meritorious attractions. 

"Owing to tbe fact that tbe lower section 
of Michigan Is covered so thoroughly with 
the Chicago and Detroit papers, tbe theatre- 

Hew Vaudeville Theatre at Jf ashvllle. 
Elaw a Brlanger have opened the Vendume 
Theatre, .Naehvnie, renn., aa a vaudeville 
bouse Mondav, Sept. 30, with a strong bill. 
This la the first real Invasion In the South 
with advanced vaudeville. 


The above pictures are of Allle L. Spooner, who haa headed the Spooner Dramatic 
Co. for a number of years. She waa born In Centerrllle, la., and Is . the only daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Spooner. Miss Spooner hat played a varied line of parts. In- 
cluding many of the best known characters of the stage, Her career began at an early 
age, and she has advanced until to-day abe li considered one of tbe most popular 
actresses of the Soutb and West Miss Spooner will head tbe above company thla season. 

cesstully holding fortb, In "Tbe Bound Up." 

"How so?" Inquired the seat companion of 
the commercial tralover. 

"Because It's so different," replied the 
latter. "I'll tell you about It In a minute, 
when thla act ends." The writer, who sat In 
tbe row In front of the story-teller, over- 
heard the story, which was as follows: 

During a Western trip the traveler bought 
a scat and went Into a town hall where a 
show was advertised for tbe evening. Tbe 
house waa a very "poor" one, according to 
theatrical parlance, with an audience of only 
seven. The curtain was late tn ringing up, 
the show people evidently delaying the per- 
formance In hopes of an Increase out front 
Finally, after a vigorous remonstrance from 
the seven occupants of seats, the manager- 
star came before the curtain, and extolling 
In hlgd terms the piece which his company 
was about to play, concluded by saying: 

"Even though we have a small audience, 
which Is discouraging to those on the stage, 

goers of this section are "wise" to the class 
of attraction tbey sre getting, and In conse- 

auence It is the better class of attractions 
iat get the big business. 
"From the business being done In our ten 
theatres, the outlook Is for a prosperous sea- 
son; but I must say that the Mlchlgaaders 
are now In the class of the Mlssoorlans." 

K. at E. Vaudeville at Chicago »nd 
St. Lonls. 
The Garrlck Theatre, In St Louis, which 
Is being operated by the United States Amuse- 
ment Co., with Elaw & Erlanger's advanced 
vaudeville, has been so successful that the 
United States Amusement Co. baa made an 
arrangement with Louis A. Cella, the owner 
of tbe new American Theatre, In tbat city, 
whereby that magnificent houae Is to be de- 
voted to tbe same class of vaudeville that 
Klaw A Erlanger will present at the Audi- 
torium Theatre, In Chicago, commencing the 
week of Oct IS. The American Theatre will 
have a seating capacity of 2,400, and will 
open on or about Dec. 1. Never In the his- 
tory of vaudeville, according to announce- 
ments, have as many stars been seen on one 
grogramme as will appear on the opening 
HI at the Auditorium, Chicago. When Klaw 
A Brlanger were asked If they were not su- 
perstitious about opening ao big an enter- 

In place of the expected approval for thla 
then, with a wise expression on his face" he s -ener0UB announcement, a voice arose ou. of 
added, "he'e been trained to aet for suckers tne d » rkneM ln * ront " 
same aa for rabbits." 

Another of Stewart's stories, told with a 
"way daown Bast twang, is a humorously 
related Incident concerning "Uncle Josh's" 
return to hit home town after • short ab- 

we will give the play ln Its entirety, omitting 

not a single detail. You shall have the whole Rjj' e on ■! 18th of the month, they replied: 

Play just as If the bouse wa. crowded with !■£>■ *■ — » ■ [■■l)*JW W g"R. 
an applauding audience." 

You needn't string the play out on my 
account — I'm the Janitor, an' I'd like to git 
home early as possible to-night" 


New House In Jersey City. 

vaudeville, the favorite of the theat re- 

fers. " The arrangement regarding the Ameri- 
can will not Interfere with the continuation 
of the Garrlck as a vaudeville house. 
Verr Theatre In Kalanaaoo. 
The BIJou Theatrical Enterprise Co., with 
W. 8. Butterfleld aa general manager, are 
announcing the opening date of the Majestic 
Theatre, now under erection ln Kalanuuoo. 
for Nov. 10. The houae when completed will 
represent an Investment of 150,000, being a 
modern ground floor, fireproof theatre, seat- 

ing 1,200 people, without a gallery 
The bulfdinr ' 

■■••»■ »» «» «»"« town aner a anort ab- ,'» l "«""»., u " mtwubui u» zBeazre- rue building: is 116ft, long i 
Sat Wft t \ 1 TZSS^ t ' b ° Ut IS& ™™ Thria'test'To 1 ae" rj&£& St g£ rigfc loft?' ^ t 

and 69ft wide, 
wide, and 60 

"And haow abaout Aunt BUsa Wattaf 
ain't teen her araound aence I cams back." 

"She ain't here no more — she's dead," said 
hla friend. 

"Dead I" exclaimed tho old fellow, "whore's 
■ha >»>i-iaji i_ »k. i, ,,. ., » ,„, .. auurew a. v.auavan, wno is conductor 01 

she burled, In the Methodist or 'Plscopallan the National Conservatory of Voice Train 

Ing, with studios at Carnegie Hall, Is man- 
ager and part owner. He was manager of 
the "Mermaids" production at Atlantic City 
last Summer, wblcb had a very successful 

City. N. J. It Is to be called the Palti ade alsoTbe best attraci mson tbe B road UdeTlUe ' 

Theatre, situated at Union Street and Pall- attractions on tne roaa. 

sade Avenue. It Is being entirely refitted r „,,,,„ m ■-..««. n„_„. 

and decorated with the latest and best ma- ^ CoI, "£V B » 8e »* ,,e » Opens. 

terlal obtainable. The opening day la set „ Ti * n «y Sullivan A Cooaldlne house ln 

for Sunday, Oct. 18. "' ~ Seattle, Wash., opened Sept 80, with a big 

Andrew A. Canavan. wbo Is conductor of X5 UoeT ," le £'"• Th » P ric «* Sg be 10, 20 and 

bury In' ground?" 

"She ain't burled at all," informed the 
neighbor, "she was cremated." 

"Poor soul I I remember talkln' with her 
before I went away, an' she a-tellln' me 
what ahe wanted cut onto her tombstone," 
said "Uncle Josh" sorrowfully, adding "an" 
naow, poor thing, she ain't got no tomb- 

"Yea. she has," quickly aaserted tbe neigh- 

30 cents. Duncan 0. Inverarlty Is local man- 
ager, and S. O. Tarlaferro la treasurer. 

Hlsxa Pitch for the K. *% E. Circait. 
The Klaw A Brlanger circuit will use the 
high pitch. Orders were sent out from the 
As the Palisade Theatre is tbe only one New *<"* otOce. Monday. Bent 23, notifying 
on the New Jersey Heights, everything points tbo leader of orchestras of the change, 
to Its success, The prices will range from 

ten to twenty-five cents. Special arrange- 
ments have been made for the comfort of 
Indies and children. Only the best and most 
entertaining talent will b* engaged, we are 


Cresar and Dame for Lerlt Innate 
William M. Creasy and Blanche Dayne, 
after their vaudeville season, will play In 
the legitimate theatres, under Shnbert man- 
agement, in "Tbe Yankee Lawyer." 

«» » 

Marion.— At tbe Indiana (S. W. Picker- 
ing, manager) the American 8tock Co., which 
made such a decided hit with Marlon theatre- 
goers daring tbe run of eight weeks ln June 
and July, occupied the house week of Sept 
10, and repeated Its former successes.. Nancy 
Hojer snd Jack Warburton are playing the 
leads, and have an excellent supporting com- 
pany. Porter J. White's "Faust" brought 
out a well filled bouse 24. Olga Verne, as 
Marguerite, received much applause, and 
honors were won by William Richards, as 
Mephlsto. and Fred 'Wilson, as Faust A 
large and very enthusiastic audience greeted 
"The College Widow" 26. Marguerlta Snow, 
In the title role, waa very dainty and clever, 
and Robert Kelly, leading man, scored 
heavily. The support waa fine and members 
of the company answered numerous curtain 
calls "Strongbeart" 26, "The James Boys 
In Missouri" 27, "For Mother's Sake" Oct. 1. 
Qband (S. W. Pickering, manager). — Tbe 
Grand Is packed nightly wltb enthuslsstlc 
crowds and an excellent bill Is presented. 
It includes: Marvelous McClure, Jake Mon- 
trose, the Musical Wolfes, Wharton and Le- 
roy, Fortuna and Stokes, Illustrated songs 
una tbe Orandoscope. 

Cbtstal (John H. Ammons, manager). — 
This popular playhouse Is having capacity 
business nightly. O'Connell and Golden, 
headline™ last week, caught on wonderfully, 
and Palmer and Dockman scored a big bit. 
For week of 30 : Bytz and Sytz, Frosto and 
Wardo, Irene White, Curran and De Grey, 
Illustrated songs and tbe klnodrome. 

Nona — The Harris Grand Opera House, 
built by Robert Harris, at a cost of 840,000, 
and presented to the city of Bloomlngton, 
was dedicated Sept. 18, by Murray and Mack, 
ln "The Sunny Side of Broadway." Ira C. 
Bateman, on behalf of Mr. Harris, gave tbe 
theatre to tho city, and Mayor Malott made 
an eloquent speech of acceptance. 

Fort Wayne.— At the Majestic (M. E. 
Rice, manager) "Plffl Paffll Pouf!!!" did 
big business Sept 16. "Billy, the Kid," 16, 
IT, had good business. "Strongbeart," 18. 
19, drew very good business. "Tbe Lion and 
tbe Mouse." 20, 21, drew well. "The Isle 
of Sp>ce, 22, bsd capacity. "A Good 
Fellow," 24, pleased. "Brown of Harvard," 
25, drew heavily. "James Boys" 26, Ernest 
Hogan 27, In "Tbe Oyster Man ;" W. A. 
Whltecar, In "An Old Sweetheart of Mine." 
28 : "Chinatown Charley" 29, "George Wash- 
ington Jr." 30, "Cupid at Vassal Oct 4, 
•"The Phantom Detective" 6. 

Tchplb (F. B. fitonder, manager). — Week 
of Sept. 80: Hal Davis and company, ln "A 
Race for Life ;" William Thompson and com- 
pany, Maude Price, Roger Brothers, George 
Hill, and the klnodrome. Business Is uni- 
formly good. 

Notes. — Unusual local Interest attaches to 
the coming of Hal Davis' sketch, "A Race 
for Life," from the fact tbat Bessie Baldwin, 
whose home Is ln Fort Wayne, Is ln the cast 

Bert B. Dennis Is again back ln his 

position as assistant treasurer st tbe Ma- 
jestic, after a successful season ln the out- 
field for the Zanesvllle, O., baseball team. 
John P. Reed, well known In vaude- 
ville, was called here this week by the death 
of his father-in-law. 

" s 

Anderson. — At the Grand (Jos. B. Hen- 
nlngs, manager) North Bros, closed a success- 
ful week, Sept 16. Ralph Stuart, in "Strong- 
heart," 24, had a full house. "The Show 
Girl" 28, ''Jamea Boys" 80, Stetson's "U. T. 
C." Oct. 6, Williams and Walker 7, "The 
Phantom Detective" 8. William Whltecar, ln 
"An. Old Sweetheart of Mine," 9; "Mrs. 
Wlgga of the Cabbage Patch" 11. 

NSW Cbtstal (WTW. McEwen, manager). 
—Sept. 23 and week: The Three Mitchells, 
Taylor and Crawford,' Harry Mayer. Fenton 
and Fenton, and Mrs. Esta Allen. Big busi- 
ness prevails. 

New Bijou (Tom Bates, manager). — 
Sept 28 and week, first three daya: Le 
Page Sisters, Rlnaldo, Four Comedy Hills, 
Browning. Midweek change. 

Nona.— Wilbur D. Neablt formerly of 
this city. Is receiving praise for his produc- 
tion, "The Girl Rangers" st the Colonial, ln 

Chicago Manager Hennlngs haa booked 

Ezra Kendall In Ade's new play, "The Land 
of Dollars." 

— « «» 

Wilmington.— At the Grand Opera House, 
"The Lost Trail" pleased a fair audience 
Sept. 27. Bookings: Joseph and Wo. Jeffer- 
son, In "The Rivals," Oct 2 : "The Road to 

Dimples," '0. 

Lyceum. — "A Fugitive from Justice" drew 
good houses Sept. 28-28. Joseph 8antley. ln 
"Billy, the Kid," 30-Oct. 2; ^Custer's LaBt 
Fight' 8-5, "The Little Organ Grinder" 7-0, 
"Convict 809" 10-12. 

Gabbick. — Attractive vaudeville, headed by 
Pauline Hall, drew large and appreciative 
attendance for week ending Sept 28. Week 
of -80 the following is the bill: Sheridan 
Block and companv the Eight Fair Vlr- 

Rlnlans, Dorscb and Russell, ' Leon and Ade- 
ne, Howell and Scott Chas, W. Williams, 
and Robert Dally and company. 

♦ i » 


Hartford;— At Parsons' (H. C. Paraons, 
manager) "The Rich Mr. Hoggenhelmer" drew 
large audiences Sept. 28, 24. "The Old Home- 
atead had standing room only; 26. Cecilia 
Lofrus and Lawrence D'Orsay, In "The Lan- 
cers," to large houses 27, 28. "Fifty Miles 
from Boston" 80-Oct 2, "Shore Acres" 3, 
Eleanor Robson 4, 6. 

Habtfobd Opbba Houss (H. H. Jennings, 
manager). — 'The Blackmailers of New York' 1 
came to good houses Sept 28-25. "At Yale " 

!«& e -?£ 1 l eg ^ pl *?'rJ ,lea8ed lar « e audiences 
28-28. "The Great Express Robbery" 80-Oct 
2, "When Knighthood Wss ln Flower" 3-5. 
b S F B ?i c IP' C- Xoung, manager).— Week of 
Sent SO: Kenneth ajidFlynn, Lillian Lewis, 
Gilbert and Gear, Jess Travers, ln Illustrated 
songs, and motion pictures. 

ink 1 '" 1 H V? flilly - manager).— Week of 
dt»: Carroll Johnson and company, Charles 
K'sna and company, Norton and Russell. 
M««8* Fox Melville and Hlgglns, Lambert! 
and Levlne-Clmeron Trio. 


Manchester — At the Park (John Stiles, 
manager) the stock Is giving entire satlsfac- 

Mght*" ' Wert pt 80 ' " NorthKra 

* Nicksl (Manoel Lorensen, manager). 

C Aiken. Nettle Baron and the Comedy Four. 
with moving pictures, ^ ' 

Nots.— "Tbs Green Bird" Co. terminated 
Its career at Portsmouth, N. H., 28. 


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Hartford New York Lct'OPJ 

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Une of Cotton Belt Railroad and M. 0. R R *• 
8. W. BOA BDMAH. Manager. 
■"i Till 



A comic review of &ome of \he leading characters fvom "The ffegers Brothers in Rn&ma !' 

Humorous impressions of Picf?apd Golden (Daniel Hake) and Company in "The olljei* house. 

cjmapsbcts of Kyple Bellev\>(f^d?apd Voysin) and Mar^arel- Illingbn (Mapie-LtfuiseVoyeiri) in "The T^icf." 

"Fpanci^V?il5^n and some characters f rflnTM^n Ifoiffite Were 8old"in caricatare. 








In these we set a pace hard for others to follow, and have ever since continued to be the pace-maker, adding this week to our already long 





»ngth, 792 Feet. 

A vouthful victim of Dime Novel- 
itis, emulating Roosevelt in the wild 
and woollv wilderness of the feral 

A "B-A-D M-A-N" Is Ted, who 
makes the natives seek the seclusion 
of the cyclone cellars. 



An Acadian Elopement 715 
Lena and the Beaux - 413 
Neighbors • • 135 
The Tiied Tailors Dream 601 
The Deaf Mutes Ball • 787 
The Hypnotist's Revenge 1030 
The Model's Ma - 233 
A Caribou Hunt - -725 


Rube Broun In Town 868 

Dolls In Dreamland - 752 
If You Had a Wife Uke This 698 

The Fencing Master • 638 

The Truants - • 638 

Mr. Hurry Up • . 625 

Trial Marriages 765 

Married for Millions • 7SI 

Mr. Manager, have you had these subjects ? If not, see that your film service sends them to you, as they are all "IN THE MONEY." 



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I Inch cotton topa, J 

Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 
Gold and Silver Trimming*. 

Bend deposit and route with order. 

887 Washington St., Boston, liaaa. 


Juvenile Wonai, Two Juinlle Mm, Man For 
Strong Character, Old Mao Jew. 

Oilier Good People, write. Salaries mnat be low, 
as they are sure, bt«to age, height, ete. Boozers 
and knockers don't answer. Address E. 0. 
TJNDERNRR, Mgr.. "A Break for Libert;" Co., 
Oct. 4, Greenup, ill.; 6 Marshall; 7 Paris; 8 Dan- 
ville; 10 TajlurvLlo. 



With money, to manage one of my road shows or 
aot as trcas. Also want Band, Acton and Musi- 
cians for Hans Hanson No. 2. MoALPIN'8 BAMi 
SUOW EXCHANGE. Clarendon Hotel, Clark and 
Ontario. Chicago, 111. 


2.JO0 feet of FIdo Film at sacrifice, like new, 
mostly comic. 0. R. JONES, 

1381 Hanover St, Baltimore, Md. 




Bualnesi and (lnr«c(«i 


VacderlUD Partner Wanted. Lady Desires 

another to Join her minstrel, musical, singing act. 
Start small. Any good prop™ li Ion considered, pro- 
fessionals only. •■Reliability," OaroOUPPEROnice. 

Heavies and Juveniles, Gen'l Bus. Man, Man for 
Comedy and Characters, M. P. Man with Machine. 
Gen'l Bus. Womiu, Woman to d uiblo parts and 
piano. Prefer those doing specialties. Booze? No I 
Tickets If I know you. No fancy salaries. This Is s 
•mall town show. All must present a good front. 
Send photo and full particulars In Drat letter. Ad- 
dress The DeGolla Stock Co., Box No. 163, Naples 
Ontario Co.. N. Y. 

A f/er Sim vins 




and Insist that yourbarber 

^HsV" use it also. K la AotlMptlc, 

ft' Ja and willpitrejlinyofthe 

m| " skin diseases often con 

Hk tracted 

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^■mA^ Prickly Besi, CUIIsg and 

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odor of perspiration. 

Oet Mennen'a— the original. Sold 
everywhere or mailed (or 83 cents. 


Medicine Men and Street Men ..W,' 

offered before. Oet first big money. A 25c. article. 
Send 15 cents for sample, Instructions, etc. 
Address O. M. O. CO.. 306 16th St., Clnclm atl, Ohio 

OPERATOR, with op-to-date Power's Machine, 
No. 1. Steady }ob and permanent place. State 
lowest salary. Also wanted, Young l-adv, who plays 

Kano, to sing Illustrated songs. Joseph Marlhaye. 
Hand Street. Rochester, N. Y. 

I'liEr till V Handcuff Act.TrunkMys'ery, Second 
f UR 9ALIi**Slght Act, Spirit Cabinet, Black Art 
Outfit, Leg Irons, Galatea, Magician's Complete 
OutJl t and 100 other bsrgalns. Circular for stamp. 
(JKO. A. RICE, 4 Underwood 81, Auburn, N. Y. 

lively no time for trlflers or dreamer*. |2S buya 
last share In guaranteed city production, so a ccks 
of traveling. Honest, grandest opportunity, lady 
or ge t Rehearsal Oct, 8. If you nave cash, call 
atonoe. Mana ger, 68 Washingto n Place, N. Y . City . 

VAN FLEET, a—-* 




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Mali Pound Tim, 25c. ; One Pound Tint, 45c. 
Our assortment of make-ups. powders, 
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Our prices are famously low. 

Miki-up Bokm at 35c, 48c, 50c, 
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(A Corporation) 



42. ST. ud BROADWAY (Tines Bids.) 

7th Avinua and 149th Strait and 

125th Strait. 3d Annul. 

Lanox Avinua aid 643 *>Uon Streit, 
125th Strait. Brooklyn. 


Seattle. — At the Grand Opera House 
(John Cort, manager) Cyril Scott and com- 
pany, In "The Prince Chap," greatly pleased 
b!g audiences week ot Sept. 16. William 
Faversham, In 'The Squaw Stan," week of 22. 
"The Time, the Place and the Girl" week ot 
29. "The Prince of Pllsen" week ot Oct 0. 
"In the Bishop's Carriage" week ot IS. 

8BATTLI (Russell A Drew, managers). — 
"Little Johnnie Jones" week of Sept. IB. had 
capacity houses every performance. Week 
of 28, r 'Tbe Mayor of Toklo," Week of Oct. 
6, "In Old Kentucky." Week of 13, "A Mes- 
sage from Mara." 

IjVbic (S. H. Frledlander. manager). — 
Week of IS, "For Mother's Sake" drew well. 
Week of 22, "Thorns and Orange Blossoms." 
Week of 29, "The Denver Express." Week ot 
Oct 0, 'The Village Parson." 

Lois (Alex, Fantages, manager). — The 
Pantages vaudeville SUM holds forth here 
during repairs and alterations to the Pan 
(ages. Bill week of Sept- 23 : Wells end Fells, 
Stewart and Desmond, O'Brien Trio, Wallace 
Sisters, Alabama Quartette, Arthur Elwel' 
and moving pictures. 

Tuibd Avenue (Chas. A Taylor, mana- 
ger). — "Around the World in Eighty Days," 
week of 15. with s specially augmented cast, 
had elegant business. Week of 22, "Col- 
leen Bawn;" week of 29, "The Wages of 
Sin;" week of Oct 6, "Michael Strogoff." 

Stab (Frank Donellan, manager), — BUI 
week of 23: Frances Venlta Grey and her 
Dancing Girls, Font! Bonl Bros., the Mas- 
caguls, the Whltesldes, Palmer and Sazton, 
Hoy McBroln and moving pictures. 

Obpbbum (T. J. Consldlne, manager). — 
Bill week ot 23: The Wernts, Leland and 
Lee, Fred Duprcs, Les Bohemians, Mr. and 
Mrs. Earl, Geo. Keane, and moving pictures. 

Odf.on (S. H. Frledlander, manager). — 
BUI week of 23 : Hi Greenway, Larry Weaver 
and wife, the Brennans, "Bob" Zeno, Dur- 
byelle Bisters, Lois Feurt, Wlnnifred Green, 
Samuel Saloln, and moving pictures. 

Kamilt Tubatbs and Moses (John Lord. 
uanagor). — Bill week of 23: Lombard Trio, 
Laura Ashbv, Marie Sparrow, Harry CLlfton, 
Family Stock Company, moving pictures, and 
Interesting attractions in the muse*. 

Lcna I'abk (Chas. Looss, manager). — 
Beautiful weather has Influenced big attend- 
Gentry's Shows Sept 23-26. 
Notes. — Manager Consldlne, ot Sullivan 
A Consldlne, announces the opening date of 
the Coliseum, their new big vaudeville house 
as Sept. 30, with May Yohe heading the bill. 
The prices will be 10, 20, 80, with three per- 
formances dally. Duncan G. Inverarlty, 
formerly assistant manager of the Grand, 
will be manager, and 8. G. Taliaferro, treas- 
urer The Star will be closed shortly 

tor repairs and alterations, and will be re- 
opened later, If present plans carry, as a 
musical comedy house In connection with 

vaudeville An A T. P. Exposition song 

Is being sung at the Lola snd Is making a 
big hit, being presented with Illustrations 
containing many Seattle views. The A. T. 
P. Publicity Bureau Is arranging to have It 
put on various ' vaudeville circuits through- 
out the country for advertising purposes. 
The words are by Carleton G. GarretBon, a 
local newspaper man, and the music by Oli- 
ver Q. Wallace, a professional musician, re- 
cently arrived from England. 

Spokane, — At the Bpokane (Dan L. 
Weaver, manager) William Faversham and 
a capable company. Including Virginia Kline, 
gave "The Bquaw Man" to capacity business. 
'■Thorns and Orange Blossoms," 15, in which 
W. H. Darbtn, Wayne Nunn, Flora Fairfield 
and James B. Cunningham appeared to ad- 
vantage. Business was satisfactory. 

Auditorium (H. C. Hajward, manager).— 
"Panama," with George McQuarrle and Ethel 
von Waldron in the leading parts, played to 
capacity houses. C. F. Ralston, Frank Mc- 

Quarrle and Jack Amory made the most of 
their opportunities in the comedy roles. 
"When Knighthood was In Flower," with 
Jessie Shirley, week of 22. Hiss Shirley 
has been out of the company three months, 
visiting cities on the Pacific coast. 

Columbia (Geo. M. Dreher, manager). — 
"Turned TJf" was substituted for "The Heart 
of Maryland" at the last minute, because of 
the non-arrival of the manuscript. How- 
ever, the business wss big throughout the 
week. Russell Lee Barrett appeared In Nat 
Goodwin's old role and scored nicely, as did 
Adelaide Knight Noel Travera, Eugene 
Mockbee, Chic Kehoe, Blanch Bryant, Bessie 
Caurlght and Monte Carter were also well 

E laced, the last named making a distinct 
It as Chole. Luclle Palmer and Daisy 
Thorne sang between acts. "The Heart of 
Maryland" for week ot 22, as a benefit for 
Co. H., N. G. W. "The Cow Puncher" week 
of 30. 

Washington (Geo. C. Blakeslee, mana- 
ger). — Capacity houses week of 15, the fea- 
ture act being the Masgasnls. Others were 
the Werntzers, the Whltesldes, Palmer and 
Saxton, Fontl Bonl Brothers, Peter Duns- 
worth, Illustrated songs and the blograph. 

Itrms. — Advices from Boston are that 
Eleanor Gordon, a Spokane girl, has made a 
hit with the Boston Theatre Stock company 
In the name part in "Zaia." The Spo- 
kane Interstate fair, livestock show and race 

meeting, Sept. 23-Oct 5 The two days' 

carnival of the Arabian order of Mystic E- 
Nak-Ops, 23, 24, under the reign of Em- 
press Hettie the First, attracted thousands 
10 the grounds. Nat Relss had fourteen 

tents on the Midway The Coliseum 

roller skating rink, under the management 
of W. H. Hoyt, opened 18. The floor Is 100 
by 200 feet, with a dancing pavilion 40 by 
80 feet. The Golden Gate Band of ten 

?leces furnished the music /The Blnk 
■heatre, at Bltrvllle, Wash., Southwest of 
Spokane, will be opened Nov. L The struc- 
ture 1b one story, 160 by 60 feet 

Tncoma. — At the Tacoma Theatre 'C H. 
Herald, manager) "Little Johnny Jones," 
Sept. 22, 23, had the house sold out before 
the opening night. 

Grand (Dean B. Worley, manager).— R. 
E. Warren and Daisy Faust, Billy Link, J. 
Edward Pierce and Marie Roslyn, John 
Dempsey, L. T. Johnson, Alice Wlldmere, and 
Grandiscope week of Sept. 22. 

Savov (P. Gevurtt, manager). — The Glrton 
Stock Co.. in "Resurrection," week of 22. 

Stab (John McCabe, manager). — "The 
American Girl," with special engagement of 
the Cornell Sisters, week of Sept 22. 

Gintbt Bros.' Trained Animal Show Sept 
30, afterneon and evening. 
a ■ a 


,. M £ rt ?** n — At tt « Grand Opera House 
(L. Rothenberg, manager) "Anita, the Slng- 
Injr Girl," Sept. 19, fared well. Yorke and 
Adams, 20, more than pleased, to capacity. 
"The Umpire," 21, had a large and well 
pleased house. "The Clansman" 25, 20, 
"Strongheart" 80, "Lena Rivers" Oct 1. AI. 
O. Fields Minstrels 4, "The Devll'i Auction" 
8, the Four Mortons 11. 


■H Infield. — At the Grand Opera House 
(G. G. Gary, manager) the regular season 
opened on Wednesday evening, Sept. 18, 
with "Miss Pocahontas." The show has good 
music, and the cast is exceptionally strong. 
Billy Kereand's Minstrels pleased a good 
house 19. "King of Tramps" wss the bill 
for 21, snd pleased a well filled house. "The 
Matinee Girl" 25, Grace Duff Co, 80-Oct. 6. 

Notes. — Lucky Bill's Show pleased crowd- 
ed lents Sept. 20, 21 The Cowley 

County Agricultural and Live Btock Asso- 
ciation will hold It* d'th annual fair Oct 








"^aaThe Name Is 

stamped on every 
loop — 






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and effectively removed irvm tne » L «; 

neck or arms, without pain or harmf 11. re 

salts of any kind. X. basin's Is the <• Jg 

jial Depilatory Powder. Sold at all ■- ^ 

jciasa toliet counters or by mail. In By ^ 

Ipaokages, including postage »». HA ul ■ « 

KCOKEL, ■• V. Oltj, Makers of Sozod.n . 


A NO. I LEADER pianist 


The Carl W. Cook Stock Co. 

Delaware, Ohio, week Sept 30. 
Alliance, Ohio, week Oct 7. 


October 5. 














HIGHWAYMEN (Special Tint) .... 590 






ENCHANTED GLASSES (Colored) - - - -328 












Pathe Films Supersede all Other Makes in Photographic Quality, Excellency in Staging, Steadiness and Durability 

\A/e D 

WT Films. 

•41 \A/. 25th Str« 

3S Randolph 



2104 Rlravt Av 


Aiteiimatii. — Harry Abkln states that Ezra 
Kendall, wbo bus been playing to tinu returns 
im tne const. In his last year's offering, "Swell 
ttlcgunt Jones," will open In his new play, 
"The Lnnd of Dollars,'' Oet. 21, at Micln- 
gttii City, and will be sem in Chicago In 
January. This Is the old Adc play, "The 
Kurt Kuuiarltnn," and It Is stated that It now 
will stand comparison with the best of Adc's 
writings. Mr. Askln is justly proud of the 
redecorated Grand Opera House, In this city, 
which Is now one of the handsomest houses 
In the country, a quiet green, with bronzc- 
gohl trimmings, having been used with stun- 
ning effect. The chairs hare all been re- 
npbolKtercd, and arc far more comfortable 
man the old scats, besides being very much 

cooler on hot nights Spofford, Powell & 

Calm, will open the Humboldt Theatre, on 
(Tie Northwest Side, Oct. 6. with "A Texas 
Hanger," In which Kmmett Earle will be fea- 
tured. Thev will present :tll their attrac- 
tions ut this bouse Wilbur D. Nesblt, 

who wrote "The Ulrl Hangers," has been 
commissioned to write the book for a musical 

('otucdy -for B. ('. Whitney Lconlc Pani 

Was n recent Iliirt-au caller. She will sturt 
ri-beursals soon, hi the character of Tlllle 
Hay, in "A Knight for a Day," with one of 
Hie mad companies. This Is Hie purl wblch 

Mauri Hlte has been so successful In 

.1. H. Clloioiir, director of the School of 
Acting of Hie Chicago Mltsleul College, has 
decided lo pnshione Ihc production of "Hon- 
■irnhle Mention," the lliree act druoia by 
John T. Mia Jr., as lie slates that he has 
nut (lie right niiilerliil in the classes at 
present to give the pluv a good presentation, 
ft will prdlinbly lie Klven In November In- 
stead. In the mean time '.'A Misfit Suit," a 
one act comedy, bv the same author, will be 
put In rehearsals Immediately, and given an 

early -production Arrangements are now 

telng made whereby a portion of "The Dream 
Child," a fantastic drama, In blank verse, 
Uv John T. Prince Jr., will be given a hear- 
ing at one of the Chicago theatres thin Win- 
ter. This offering Is In prologue and four 
parts, with eleven tableaux, the eutlre actiou 
of which occurs In mythical Islands of the 

South Pacific Ocean ut the present time 

Ida O.dergreii, Slgrld Llndbcrz and Slgno 
Mortenson arc three members ot the Swedish, 
National Association, 'all well known act- 
resses, who will apuear In a series of dra- 
matic performances at the Warrick during 
rtie Winter. Others In the company Include: 
lirnest Helimer, iimest Llndblorjt, Carl Lll- 
Jetrrcn and taopnld KJcllman. The Harmony 
Hinging <'ltib will sing student's songs, and 
tjcorge E. Q. Johnson, president of the 
Swedish National Association, will have 
charge of the performances Mile. Ca- 
pita, "the girl on her toes," returned to 
the clly Sept. 10, from a two months' 
trip to t'ulllornln. In which she combined 
business and treasure. Slss (,'arltu Is In 
much belter health than when she left,, and 
expects to start her Winter's work very 
shortly. 8hc was with her sister, Frauecs 
\ewhall, a portion of the time while on the 

coast Florence Slnnott writes that she 

lias finished her vacation, and is now resting 
with her motlier and sister. Lillian, prior 
to bee going on the road for the season. 
Miss Slnnott passed through this city a 
>lmrt time ago, en unite from the coast to 
the East, having had a very successful sea- 
vpii with the San Kraoelsco Opera Co., with 
Which she was singing the lending roles. 
She possesses a very charming voice, aud Is 
a remarkably clever Ingenue and leodit"; 

woman b" reddle Hookmuu writes from 

Canton. HI., that she Is enjoying a very 
pleasant season with tbe "A Poor Relation'' 

Co.. Newell and Nlblo, who make their 

tynne In this city, and are well known 
ihrr.iiflmiit the vaudeville world, write that 
Ibey hare lieen very successful at tin? Al- 
hnnibra. Paris, l'ranre. ami that they wl'l 
-'Uy abroad for the rest of the season 

William T. Uaskell, manager of "The Origi- 
nal Cohen" Co., and Cuba Nlblo (Mrs. Uas- 
kell), who plays the role of Sadie Cohen In 
that play, report that the piece Is meeting 
with great success on the road, aad that the 
many Improvements uiide la the dialogue 
and business have helped matters greatly. 
Miss Nlblo charms everyone with her per- 
formance of Sadie, ana makes the part, 

wblch la a small one. stand out well 

Ilkbard C. (Dick) Maddox writes that he Is 
enjoying a very prosperous season with "The 
Candy Kid," which Is it Chattanooga week 
of 10, but that It Is very warm In that sec- 
tion. Mr. Maddox Is a young German come- 
dian who has rapidly come to the front of 

late Walter McCuliough came In town 

about the middle of the week from St. Louis, 
where lie has been filling a very success- 
ful engagement as leading man of tbe West 
End Heights Stock Co,, making many new 
friends among the actor folk, newspaper 
men and the public. Mis notices for tbe ex- 
cellent work which he did have been most 
pleasing, but not any better than he de- 
served, us he Is a sterling actor, and has 
one of the best voices on the stage, besides 
great personal magnetism, aud a line pres- 
ence. He was a caller 110. and sent regards 
1o Mends all over Hie country, with good 
wishes to 'I'm: Old He left town 
\ili to commence his long vaudeville tour In 
his own "nionologic-sketch." "The Absinthe 
Flcml." which he gave with great success 
at the park III St. Louis, Just prior to his 

departure Harry Kneei-a, representing 

Albert Von Tllster and I lie York Music. Co., 
was a caller 31, having arrived from New- 
York the previous day. He will bo In the 
clly for several weeks, nnd htm his head- 
quarters In Parlor C, at the Sherman House.. 
He Is trustee and past vice-president of New- 
ark Lodge, T. M. A.. No. 2*. Al. Von Tllzer 
arrived In the city "J'J. aud staved with Mr. 

Rogers for a few days Marie Cahlll, 

In "Marrying Mary." Is booked at tbe Il- 
linois for two weeks commencing Oct. 14. 
C. S. Sullivan was a callor 21, hav- 
ing Just returned from a sojourn In Fort 
Wnvnc. He will start rehearsals with his 
stock company very shortly, and has ex- 
cellent time booked Jack Dresdner was 

a caller 18. and announced that he would go 
back dn his old part In "Toyland," for tho 
White City engagement. In which part he 
made 'a great success- on the road. He Is 
one of the really funny diminutive come- 
dians Mme. Rcglna I'ragcr. a Yiddish 

singer, will appear at Itie Garrlck for two 
perfoi-mnnccs, 20. In "The Sacrifice," sup- 
ported by M. Juveller, a Yiddish lyric tenor. 

It Is now announced positively that 

the Sun Carlos Opera Co.. which pluyed to 
croivded houses at the Auditorium last Win- 
ter, will return to that, house this season. 
the companv including Victor Maurel, Alice 
Nellsen, Lillian Nordlca, Emma Calve, Mme. 
Norlu, Scnor lllnnchnrt, Signers Zarn, I'ul- 
rlnl. Rossi, Vlllanl, Tavcehln and Renor 

Perello do Segurola It Is now stated 

that Nellie Heigon-wriii Is appearing lu tho 
principal female role In "The Talk of New 
S'ork,' 1 at the Colonial, will star next year 
In un opera which Is tielug written expressly 
for her Mvrlle Elvyu. a Chicago pian- 
ist, will make her American debut here Oct. 
.'it, ns the soloist of the Theodore Thomas 
Orchestra. She was "discovered" some years 
iigo by tho late Carl Wiilfsonti, under whom 
she studied for four years, and who then 
sent her lo Berlin to study under Leo- 
pold Godowakv. She ninde her professional 
debut In 100-1 In Hie German city 

with the Philharmonic Orchestra 

At the Corn Exhibition, which will be given 
In the Immense Coliseum next month, a per- 
formance will be given, which Is being writ- 
ten hy Frank Buck and Wallace Moody, in 
which Frank L. Perry will play tho nrhiclptil 
pari. At one end of Hie plnce tbe corn 
festivities of the niieleiil* will be given, and 
later In (he evening, at tin- other end of the 
ball, a regular husking bed will occur. The. 

performance will be on mi elaborate scale, 
nnd about fifty people will appear. Frank 
Hack, who Is the new- major-domo 111 the 
Kluw & Erluugcr ofllcps at the Auditorium, 
was fiu-nierly connected with Ihc Western 

Vaudeville Mangers' Association Muster 

Slater Clyde ( formerly Master Slater) has a 
new act. In which he Is making good, and 
Is booked by tbe association, opening at Hop- 
kins'. Louisville, 22. The act is un elaborate 
affair, and necessitated the expenditure of 
considerable money.. ..Gordon Walton writes 
from Albert Lea, Minn., that the "To Die at 
Dawn" Co.. of which he is the company man- 
ager, is doing a big business, and that he 
expects to be back In the city In n short time, 

A benefit performance was given 20, 

by the "A Knight for a Day" Co., for the 
Summer Charity Fund, every dollar of which 
went to the fund. The chorus girls went 
around town In aulos. selling tickets to 
brokers, cattle buyers und uny one else who 
had money and would buy. A fine stun was 

secured A new Institution In the line 

of stage dancing h is come lo light In con- 
nection with the enterurlsliig firm of Hurry 
Askln and Mort Singer, for ut the Lu Salle 
Theatre the "broIler' r cUss of dancers (which 
originated at this house) Is given special at- 
tention, as these demoiselles form a very Im- 
portant part of all tin; Askln-Singer musical 
productions. Applicants who are accepted 
must possess all the requisites to Innke the 
typical broiler, viz. : Good voice, gisid looks, 
good figure anil lots of ginger, with a fair 
amount of brains. .. .Joe Howard und Mabel 
Harrison. In "The Kluwcr of the Hunch." have 
been meeting ivllh great success, and If Is 
within Hie bounds of possibility that Hie pro- 
duction will lie seen hi one of Hie high class 
houses In the near future. Miss Uarrlson 
impersonates the role of a Rocky Mountain 

waif, wbo runs a frontier general store 

The Hullbacks, who opened at the Olympic. 
1(1. with a very clean and original sketch, en- 
titled "Going to the Reception." were a big 
hit They ure singing four songs In their act. 
written by themselves, and each one Is a 
winner Joe Whitehead has been mak- 
ing a tremendous lilt In the title role of 
"The Umpire," under the direction of Harry 
Askln, the newspapers stilting In nearly every 
instance that he Is the best person who has 

ever played the part The International 

Theatre has been leaned hy "Doc" Krone 
und an organization known as tho Inter- 
national Athletic Association, nnd It would 
look as though boxing bouts would be a por- 
tion of the entertainment lo Is? served ut 

that house this season Oilier callers 

Included: Mr. Hallbm-k. of Hie tlallbacks; 
Paulino De Vera Lltleral. J. I* Peacock. J. 
II. Iluckley. J. 8. Cuvuiinugh. Crulg lloylston, 
fl. Tomuiusl, William Warren Rose, Inet 
Lane, Gil Ilrown, K. A. Hatscb, Irving Al- 
len. A. J. Davenport, Viola Raymond, Wll- 

lard D. Jones nnd Lorln J. Howard 

On Wednesday, 18. Hob Stanley, an old time 
minstrel und circus mini, was married to 
Little Roxle (Albyerthn Deneen), the whirl- 
wind bag puncher. They will shortly appear 
In their new sketch. In wblch there will be 
five people, to be known as The Stanleys anil 
company. They are booked for a lour of 

the vaudeville circuits Mrs. Huut wus 

a clii'I'ek Bureau culler 21. She says that 
she has Just completed a most successful 
tour on the road with the Hunt Comedy Co. 
She Is visiting her daughter (Mrs. Bob Stan. 
Icy) In this city I.i-mi Wuchsucr's com- 
pany will give Ihe first of its classic matinees. 
Oet. 14, at Powers', presenting Schiller's "Kn- 

bnln und Llede." George Hamlin will 

commence his nopnlur Sunday afternoon 
concerts at the Grand Opera House Oct. I. 'I. 

WANTED- Wanted riiaracusr Man. one capable 
i>r pUflng s-n.iiir (lid Hun. Leading Juvenile Man. 
ami Wmi to liay Plane If you hit (bo IhmizosAvu 
stamps, as you can'l light. Slate all In first lelipr. 
WIU buy Cul Wood Drop. IIAKRY K. IIILMUK. 
Hockford, III. 





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West 4'Jd St. CrossuiwD Cam go direct to Pier. 
Ticket I '.'90 Hroadway, I ai w. twill St. 
Unices I Tel. Wiu Worth. | Tel. MiM Had. Sq. 

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Kampfe Brothers, Manufacturers, 

Ten Reade Street, New York City. 

Money Back If Not Pleased 



6tb Ave., bat 27tb aid 28tk Sis., Haw York. 




Klltei-ii minutes of ttjiiieilw, 
talking, singing and danc- 
ing, lu one. For time nnd 
tonus, see 


I til HraiMllM ii > , 

New York fit >•, 





PA LACK IIUTKb, 101 N. dirk St., UhlCKRO, 

European, (H.fiO per week; with private bath, 17. 
Turkish HUH, loo. U. B. HUMl'HHKY. Prop. 

ITHITA V HOUSE. Lowell, Mas*., Moody 
St., opp. City Hull. Kxt'ulleiit ciilsltio, nice, largo 
rooms. Hpi-i Ul rules to profession. 

L" Wil'lNttk A Mmlisoo, uilifMOO, 
1,. W. Curl u iii, Prop, strimiy 
Amorlnin Plan. 18-16 slnglu. 
$T-i'i Double, Vauttuvlllo patronago Invltod. 

— — — — — — i i i . '•» 



YOST A COMPANY, not) Kllbcrt St., 
(KatAtillaliod 1870), - Philadelphia. 

49- Mew, Enlarged, Illustrated Catalogue. 


Front ami llnnlc HciiilInK, ««'ili trlik Illustrated. 
i«oc. Morpliet's B' liool, s:t7 N. ijtb M., Phlla., Pit . 

CA1I1NKT I'lintos or yourself •H0.00 per 
1,01X1, S3 per lmi, Solid Negs. or I'lmlo to ropy. 
rUIUIir. per 1,000. I'ortuues Mh:. rump. Phi. 

11. II. IIIMTTIK, LAW Y Kit, Cllllfldollllsl 
Cases h spci-lulty. Jtidjrrueutsuuil decrees oblHliieil 
promptly; no delay. Counsel free. Suite -fti, no and 
IS) Waahlngton Street, Chicago. 


For damages for wrongful dlscliarge, breach 
of contract; datum against trniis|iorbitloii 
companies fur loaf- baggage, personal In- 
juries. All other cases. 




(Copyrighted), udllferont books, ll)v. All kinds net. 
Mokl'llrT'H HCIIO O L, t-37 N. Ulli St.. Pblla., Pit 

WANTHD, AOKNTH.— Legitimate aiilislllulii 

for slot machines, patented. Sells on sight for $ I. 
Particulars. UIBIIA CO.. Audersou, Ifiillana. 

Kt)Il SA1.B— Olio Set llcugans' Orchestra Hells. 
two in: t. chro. to c, on f ramus, heavy bars, 
One set lieiiirsu'n Xylophone, :i7 bars cliroiiiatlc, 
C to C, on friunoa, fl.'i.on. One set Deagun'a Orches- 
tra Hells, lu Hardwood cane, V.t oet, chro. '1 b> U. 
$'.i|.n«. Above liiHlruments In first' class order. 
Only used about throe weeks, selling on iicuouul 
of sickness. K. I,. SMITH (Trap Hruuinier), ll:m 
(irace St., f 'Mi-aim. III. 

TUNINd. duly school teaching Construction ami 
Impairing of various Piano Player*. Most remun- 
erative branch of l'lauo Tuning. Wrllu for cata- 
logue. 40 Henry Street, liiughaini N. Y. 

money maker. 1,000 OTUK11S, OHfSAP. 


NOVI-iLTY CO., Station 8, Philadelphia, P», 

BAHJDM-Thc World's finest. Ths Celebrated 
Whyte Ijiydle. Catalogs nnd MalfTonea or ui 
Artists Free. THR A. C. PAIHHANKS CO., M 
Hiidluirr St.. nnalnn. Mass. 


for any Inalruintnl or number or Instruments. 
Songi.v/orilHanilmtislu, sketches, otc.seudst«iun. 
CUAD, Ii. LEWIS, Irt Kiehniolpl St., Clti'.luliatl, 0. 


*su srisw -rofeifc ©tlc^t^ffll. 


Jlo«c picture appear* on the front page of 

_fis Issue, and who In universally known 

aiming bin Jrlenda us. "the. man wao made 

tile Itcthskeller famous," on account of the 

Sopolarlty of his two songs, "Down Where 
lie Wnrtburger Flown" anii' - Cn4er the Ann- 
2itRer»Bhscb," has .been tendered -ux engnge- 
Bient Uv Oscar Haminerstrln to armear dur- 
ing i lie current week nt the Victoria Theatre, 
lit. this city. 

Tho name of Harrv Von Tllxer in almost with professional singers, bis songs 
•if note being very numerous, many of them 
achlevm* wide popularity. He ban written 
iercriil hundred musical compositions, chiefly 
vocal, nil of which hove gained more or less 
prominent recognition. Some of his earlier 
storks embrace the well known "Monslon or 
Aching Hearts." "My Old New Hampshire 
Home." "A Bird In a (illded Cage." "When 

the Harvest' I»ys Are Over," "On a Sunday 
Afternoon." ' I'd Leave My Happy Home ff" 
XM." "Where the Sweet .Mngnollai 


-- Uoxandcr," "I»own on the Farm." "What 
You UobV to Do When the Kant Comes 
•Hound?" and kindred songs. ,„„..",, 

•■Of bis more recent compositions, "wan 
TUI the Stin Shines. Nellie/' "Movln' Day. 
"Bnnnuct of Misery Hall." "Help Yourself. 
•Ave You Coming Out To-night, Mary Ann .' 
■'Abraham Jefferson Washington "When 
Kan- and, I Were Coming Thro- the Bye. 

■Coax Me!" "Ida-lio!" "Marl met Down at 
Coney Isle." "Bye, Bye. Dearie," and Take 
Me Hack to New York Town" are the most 

v2 a"jlrolInc writer, and one whose orlgl- 
iialhv Is nnauestloned, Harry Von TiUer 
benr-i ah enviable record In his chosen field. 
while his personal characteristics have made 
f«; him many friends. He is still In too prime 
uC life, scarcely thirty years of age. and nis 
faculty for composition seems to grow more 
pronounced with each succeeding effort. It 
Is "life to say that bis appearance In high 
cl«i* vaudeville will meet with ample success, 
for lie Is endowed with an ability to.portray 
lit* -nngs with clever humorous delineations,- 

Prior to his entering the music Publishing 
business, he was wltUtarlous companies, and 
apiH ared In thcvarlety theatres with George 
*T<h:ey. . 

• ■ » . 

» m .fl>-, >.UlpiiinM & Co.Vi Attractions. 

Wright Lorlmer has liad stronger endorse- 
ment bv the Boston press, for his new piny. 
■•Tbe Quicksands." than lias been given any 
Attraction of a high class nature In years. 
With the favorable verdict of tbl* rlly urion 
111- play, he will npend the nut three weeks 
In New liagltuid, where capacity hoaseB are 

" Herbert Kelccv and Elbe Shannon, under 
(tie personal, direction of Ferdinand Ootts- 
cnalkT are rounding their new play, "Bridge, 
into what looks Tifco a .Broadway success. 
They will devote four weeka to rehearsals he- 
ron- tartlng tbe road for a try-out. _■ 
.. Mary Show Is rending plays- from the 
French and Oerman, with a view of finding 
ni vehicle which will give her an entree to 
llifsdway. Bernard HbaWs new play will 
not lie resdy for her until lole,ln the year , 
Margaret Drew, who has starred In "Mrs, 
Temple's Telegram" and other New-inrk 
H ueeesses, has plans for an artistic triumph 
m'lder consideration, which will soon estalh 
Ilsli her more prominently than ever In the 

''! Two 'actresses' of excellent 'stage presence 
and' unusual ability. wh6 will be heard from 
Id a substantial way In the near future, are 
Com' Dean, who plays Mary, Queen of Scots, 
lii support of Blanco West, In "Dorothy Vernon 
of llmldon Hall." and Virginia Crar.nn, who 
Is leHdlng lady and understudy of draco Mer ; 
rlti In- "When Knighthood. Wa» In r lower. 
I Arum Day is surpassing last year s re- 
ceipts with "When Knighthood Was In 
Rower." and her tour Is almost In tbe na- 
uire of a triumphal march. 

< Intro Merrltf has purchased from James 
Slevln his version of "Dlvoreons." In which 
«be will appear during tbe present season. 

Oeriruile Hhlpman, under the management 
,»f mil not related to, Kruest Sblpman. opens 
her season In "Dorothy Vernon of Hnddon 
Hall"' In New Haven, Conn., on Oct. i. 

Harold Nelson, actor and stage director, 
liiis Iwcn entrusted with the stage direction 
of all of Swcely, Sblpman and Co. s attrnc- 
rloiiH. fourteen In number. _ .. _ _j_ 

Hosier of "The Honnle Brier Busb :" Er- 
uc.t Sblpman and William (i. Cnlvln, pro- 
•Stori; 8. T. King, manager : Kenneth S. 
IJiivldson business manager ; William G. (o|- 
•ill. advance ngeut : i Palmer Collins, stage 
manager. Tour opened at Calais, Me.. .on Sept . 
" Members of company : Frederick Belcliei t. 
Daniel Jirrett Jr.. Walter Scott Week*. Rob- 
ert Ireland, Marlon Macdousld. William J. 
Cssev Ethel Hnrboro, Ward K. Rensseller, 
Nell Macdonald. Flora Rennet. Winnie Ben- 
iiet Ann Cnlrd. Adelolde Matthews, Jack 
Theopulus. Btanley Morse. Jleprge Murray, 
Julius W. Baler and J. Palmer Collins. 

Hosier of the Blanra West company, In 
••Iiorothy Vernon ot lladdon Hall: Ernest 
Shlpmnn. proprietor: 8 - '• km * »»g»£ r i 
It 11 Vernon, business manager; Liigcne 
Wilson, advance agent; John MacClregor, 
stnao manager. Tour opened at Phlludel- 
i.lla. Ya, Aug. 120. Members of company : 
Joseph tllllow. John Mai<lregor. Jas. Moove, 
\lfied K. James, Glrard Cameron, Thomas 
W. Fnher, Wm. Hayes, Gootgo It. Stanley, 
Walter Lake. Corn Dean. Kdythe Trcsslder, 
UHinii Soule. May Howard, Marie Connor, 
James Mace and lllnnca West. 

Uo.tcr of the Anna Day company. In 
•When KnlghOiood Was In Flower:' F.rnest 
ShlPtnan, proprietor; 8. T. King, manager : 
1, a" Nelius, business tnnnnier ; Arch Mac- 
Hoveiii.. ndvance agent: John Is. H*?«r, 
stage manager. Tour opened at rhlladel- 
iihla. l'n. Kept. li. Meiubem of comuauy : 

tSSm Ordway, Wm. A. I'Jirrol, William 
Wnuiier. Franklin ileorge, John O. HewUI, 
Wafter Heath, IV F. Hart J?JT, JowpU tSMJif. 
Chus. I». Kerr, MM Valle, BenJ. W. Csld- 
wcli. Maurice Little, Kiibert Hopkins, M. J. 
Collins, Notalle Terry, KllMbeth \ansell, Isa- 
bele Bea, Marlon Manners, Gertrude Patter- 
sou. Uhca Lewis ond Lillian Hayne. 

Unster of the tlrace Mcrrltt company, In 
•When Knighthood Was In Flower:' hrnest 
Shlimian, proprlotor: S. T. King, manager : 
l-:mc»t Ely. business malinger: Charlos H. 
Snmll. advance agent; George II. Ilarc-snlde. 
«tnee manager. Tour opened In I'rovldcnco, 
It I., Sept. 10. Members of company : Joseph 
Selnmn, George Morton, Gcrome Kdwards. 
Frank Sogerson, Joseph H. Benner. Adolph 
Megaardrn. Owen [1. ColJ. George- H. Hare- 
shlde. Jos. Her. Chss. Flely. lllchard l'roc- 
tor George Harrison, Wlllard Wilson. Daniel 
SmVthe. John ••aimer, Lavella Duncan, Caro- 
lyn Hall VlrgluU Cranna. I^iulse Aver, 
Gladys George. Kvelvn 1'owell. Margaret Sul- 
livan, Florence Wolf and, Grace Mcrrltt. 
— #■*■*• — ■ Flair »• » lT»itH!l«l Opern. 

DaTld Belaaco has aanounced: that, after 
much preliminary negotiation, contracts have 
iscn signed with Glacomo Pncclnl. Ihe 
liollnn comiioser. who Is to use "The Girl 
of the Golden West" as the libretto for his 
promised American grand opera. 

During l'licclufs visit to New \ork Inst 
Winter, be visited every theatre where nn 
Vnierlcan play was on view, with the an- 
nounced purpose of selecting one as the 
i heme of a new grand opera, finally accept- 
ing "The Olrl of the Golden West as tbe 
most representative and striking piny, both 
hs to subject and treatment that he, had 

«■ » ' 

Molbrook Bllnn Blans With Daly. 

llolbrook Bllim will leave tbe cast of "The 
Man -of the Hour," now playing at tbe Savoy 
Theatre, at the end of this week, to Join 
Arnold Daly's company, at the Berkeley 

Metropolitan Opera Hmit 
I'rost rauinie. 

Official auuouucemcnts'of tbe Metropolitan 
Opera, House, seaaon state that, lu addition 
to the regular repertory, productions of "Fi- 
delio," "Der Pr«|schuts, "Iris," ^Andrea 
Chenler," '.'Otello," "Fllegende Hollander," 
"II TroMtore," "Meflatofele,"- "Adrian Lecou- 
rreur," "Mlgnon." and Kreutier*» • "Doa 
Nocbtlager von (Jrnnndfl" will he given.. 

The season will commence Nov. 18,. and 
will continue for twenty weeks with subscrip- 
tion performances on Monday. Wednesday, 
Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday 
afterqpons. Haturday evening performahces, 
ut popular prices, will be continued. Sunday 
evening concert productions of several of 
the popular oratorios are announced. 

Sopranos are: Hella Alten, Bessie Abott, 
Lloa Cavallerl, lilnn Claparelll, Kmma 
Karnes, Fella Dereyne, (leraldlne Farrar. Rita 
Le Forsla, Olive Fremstad. Johanna Gadskl, 
Anne Glrerd. Martha Lefiler Buckard, -Lu- 
cille Ijwrenee. Lucy Call, Marie Matt- 
feld. Berln Moreno, Marie Ilappold, Marcella 
Sembrlrh and Marlon' Weed. 

Contraltos are: Louise Homer, Klrkby- 
Lunn, Frlda Langeudorff and Josephine Ja- 
coby. ' 

Tenors are: Julius Bayer, Alessandro Bon» 
cl, Alois Iliirgstnller, Carl Runian, Knrlco 
Caruso, Andreas Dlnpel, llelnrlch Knote, 
George Lucas, nicrardo Martin. tSlovSQnl Pa- 
roll,- Albert ttelss, Charles Houssellere and 
(ilnseppe Teccbl. i 

Barliones art: Bernnrd Begue.' Giuseppe 
Ciimpnnnrl, Hugene Dufrlrhe, Otto (Idrlfs, 
Adolf Mueliima'nn, Antonio Scott!. Franz 
Stlner, Hbvardo Straerlarl and Anton Vab 
Booy, and the basses, Ralfnele Barocchl, Rob- 
ert Blass. Theodore Challaplna. Marcel Jour- 
net, Vlttorla Mdvarlnl and Pol Plancon. 

play, but as tbe American dramatist 
himself launching a production of 
f Kitty Hfllalrs. besides preparing 


Still Atiot ht-r Yiddish Star. 

i The Ghett-i and the Yiddish stoge Is to 
lose another of Its players. Tills time It 
IsttflnnuM Tornberg, Hebrew character come- 
dian, who lias won fame for bis histrionic 
ability in the same sphere of art as Jacob 
Adler, Mine. Naslmovn, Bertba Kallsb, Klls- 
<-ue DMppps and ' David Kessle'r.' Under 
tbe management of P. H. Sullivan. Mr. Torn- 
berg Is to be starred In a new four act comedy 
dramn, written by < Hal Held, entitled "The 
Money l*nder." 

The play will be seen. In New York shortly, 
nt the better class of the popular priced 
houses. Tornberg Is said to be an actor ot 
no 'mean rtilent. He ha» created comedy 
idles In Yiddish drama, besides introducing 
Kngllsk speaking dramas to the patrons of 
Yiddish art. Born In Loda;. Russia, he en- 
tered upon a histrionic career wben a boy of 
nineteen. He came to this country eleven 
years ago. - — - 

-» <■» . .. • 

Sen Partners In the Whitney Opera 
Hunse, Cblcauo. 

R. C. Whitney, recognizing the good work 
which has been done by his energetic busi- 
ness manager, Bam P. Gereon. and John 
Slavlu, the comedian of "A Knight for a 
Day," now' running s t the Wljltney Opera 
House, In Chicago, tins taken them both Intd 
partnership, with the result lhat. If possible, 
they will work harder than ever -for the 
Interests of that company and Mr. Whitney's 
Interests In general. Many good Ideas In 
tbe muslca-1 comedy have emanated from the 
brain ot Mr. Slavln. who la also the general 
stage manager of the "A Knlglit tor a Day" 
companies, while Cus Solilke directs tbe 
dancing movements. . , . .... 
' .. "... ■ * »> 
"The Movers" to be Rewritten. 

"The Movers," . which was withdrawn at 
Ihe llackett Theatre, New York City, Sept. 
21, to make way for Florence Roberts, Is. to 
I* rewritten by Martha Morton, and la again 
to be presented later In the- season at a 
Broadway tbeatre. Miss Donnelly will play 
the principal role wben the piece ia revised, 
nnd will in tbe meantime be transferred to 
one ot "Tbe Lion ond tb« Mouse" companies. 

«»«» •■•e- 

Jolls Sanderson Marries Tod Sloan. 

Julia Sanderson, now playing In "Tbe 
Dairymaid," at the Criterion Tbeatre, was 
married to Tod Sloan, the ei-Jockey, at seven 
o'clock, Saturday. Sept. 21. In Sloan's apart- 
ments at 142 West Forty-Xourth Street, New 
York City. The Rev. Henry Marsh Warren 
performed the ceremony. After It was over 
Miss Sanderson went to the tbeatre for the 
evening performance. - ■ - 


Manhattan ' Opera House to fce 

Plans bare been filed with Building Super- 
intendent Murphy for remodeling tbe or- 
chestra and foyer of tbe Manhattan Opera 
House, In Thirty-fourth Street, and Increas- 
ing tbe means of exit. New stairways are 
to be built and a passageway leading 
from the rear of the orchestra boxes across 
tbe stage space to Tolrty-flfth Street 

.. st-»-«> 1 ... .-:.-, . 

I'rlitcliiuU for "The Secret Orchard." 
Walter Bellows has been engaged to 
produce "The Becret Orchard," tbe new play 
by Chanulut; l'ollock, which is to be presented 
about the middle of October. The company 
includes: Vincent Serrano, Adelaide Frlnce, 
Walter Hale, Olive May, R. R. Mawson, Hen- 
rietta Vaders. F. Newton Undo, Josephine 
Victor, Arthur Hoyt aud John E. Inee Sr. 

4»» i . 

Mrs. Annie Yeamana to Retire 

Mrs. Annie Yeanians announced last week 
that she would retire from the stage on her 
seventy-second birthday. Nov. Ill, after a 
stage career of Just sixty-two years. She.- 
sold that she will probably open a training 
school fur tlie stage after she retires from 
the footlights. • •• - 


Kesaler Retornn to Yiddish. 

David Kesaler returns to the Yiddish state 
this week. Michael Mints, manager of the 
K. I.lnzm Theatrical Company, which plays 
at both the Kallch and Thalia Theatres, has 
signed for Kessler's appearance at the Tballa 
In special performances of "Urlal Acostn," a 
play bv Jacob llordtn. 


Jeaale Bonatelle as a Star. 

Jessie Bonstellr. will star In Frederick 
Paulding's new play, "The Great Question," 
In which she appeared during the Summer 
season In stock .it the Star Tbeatre. Buffalo, 
N. Y. Her tour will be managed by l'eter 
C. Cornell nnd Klaw « Krlanger. 

'• « . » 

Polly of the circus. 

Frederic Thompson's first production of 
the \viir will be -Tolly ot the Circus," the 
starring vehicle for Mabel Taliaferro. The 
pluv has been written by Margaret Mayo, and 
will lie glrcn Its premiere presentation about 
the middle of November.. 
«■ » 
lletiiru of Favorite* to "The Orchid." 

Maude Fulton and William Rock, both of 
whom hate been out of "The Orchid" for 
over a month, will return to their places In 
the companv In time for the opening of the 
Chicago engagement. .-.. 

.. <»»» ■ : •- 

Grace fieorge'i New Piny. 

William A. Hrady recently went to Cin- 
cinnati, where he Indorsed the preparations 
tl race George Is making to brlug out ber new 
ploy. "Sllrla of Ihe, Letters." 

•»•♦<» T-T . 

Ada Reeve for America.. . 

Ada Heere will appear In Ibis country dur- 
ing the present season. In a new play by W. 
J. Locke, eutltled "The Palace of thick. 

■elaaeo ITevra.' 

Grcst Intrri'it Is felt In the forthcoming; 
production lu IahiiIuii,- Hug., of Mr. Ilelasco's 
comedy, ^M.wcct Khty-Hellulrs." This will 
be ' flic Urst appearance of the suarklbig 
Kitty In tbe Ilrltlsh capital In spite, -of 
her phenomenal popularity In the United 
States, where a,, special company, under Mr. 
Bebisro's management, la now presenting ber 
In cities not heretofore visited. In London 
the production la made by l,oiil* Calvert, the 
well-known metropolitan manager, and 're- 
hearsals have for some time been under way 
at- the famous Haymarket Theatre, where 
Eva Moore, a great London favorite, 1». to 
appear In the title role. The Interest In this 
event extends lo theatrical circles through- 
out the Kagllsb speaking part of the world, 
by reason of tbe artistic eminence of the 
American author of tbe play, wboae "Darling 
of tbe Gods" several years ago was the sen- 
sation of London during its run of 30O nights 
at- III" Majesty's Theatre, with Beerbotm 
Tree at the bead of the cast. Mr. Calvert 
was very desirous of the personal attendance 
of Mr. Beiasco In superintending the staging 
of the play, but as tbe American dramatist 
was h 

for the approaching opening of bis" magnifi- 
cent new Htuyvesant Theatre by David' war- 
field. In n new Beiasco play, "A Grand Army 
Man," He was reluctantly obliged to decline 
the cordial Invitation of his London colleague. 
'.Five specially organized companies, under 
David Belasco's management, are presenting 
"The Darling of the tiods," "The. Heart of 
Maryland." "Sweet Kitty Bellalrs." "Tbe 
Rose of tttfe Hancho" ana "Tbe Girl of the 
Golden. West," this season In all parts of 
the country. 

Rlanche Rates has lost none of her popu- 
larity as the wholesome heroine of Belasco's 
"The Olrl of the Golden West," Judging by the 
vtarm reception- accorded her during ber New 
England tour since opening tbe season, and 
It Is expected that her long Boston engage- 
ment will be as much of an artistic and 
financial triumph for her as was her last 
season's remarkable engagement In tbe Huh.' 

Three of tbe special companies organized 
by Mr. Beiasco. to present nls plays In sec- 
tions of the country not heretofore visited, 
have entered upon their tours during the past 
three weeks, and everywhere the offerings 
have been received with marked enthusiasm 
nnd approval. Mary Hall Is again playing 
the heroine of "The GDI of the Golden West" 
In territory not visited by Miss Rates, and 
Is scoring a deserved success. 
• Frances Start contlnues'her unbroken suc- 
cess ns tbe dainty coquettish heroine of the 
Relnsco-Tully drama of Spanish-California, 
"The Rose of tbe Rancho, at the Beiasco 
Theatre. Sept. 24 marked ber three hun- 
dredth appearance in tba, role.. 

■ .-— : - «** !■ .. .., ■ ,,. 

Sarah Traai In -The Spider's Web." 

John Cort presented, for the first time 
on any stage. Sept. ill, 21), .nt tbe Lyceum. 
Rochester, N. Y., Sarah Tniax, In an original 
drama in three nets, by John Hutcblos, en- 
titled "The Spider's Web." 

The action takes place during the fuesent 
period, and In and about New York. Briefly, 
the play, tells of tbe borne-coming of Claudia 
Dcerlng, who has been "studying music abroad 
far two years, and whose studies were made 
possible by the generous loan of money by a 
church in which she bad formerly sung. - 

She is accompanied on her war back by 
her sweetheart, Bruce -Carter, aria she pre- 
sents him to her mother. There now appears 
on the scene Geoffrey Curtis, Carter's .guar- 
dian, a man with a dark past, who forbids 
his protege marrying the girl on the grounds 
that he is In love with her himself, it Is 
shown that In the past Curtis has been the 
lover ot Claudia's mother, and be threatens 
to reveal tbe mother's secret to the daughter 
unless tbe mother favors his suit. He de- 
clares his love, and the daughter repulses 
him. In order to compel her to accept blm 
he tells Claudia that her sweetheart. Carter, 
is really her half-brother, tbe son of ber 
mother and himself. The shock proves too 
much for Claudia, and she -falls Into a dead 
faint, remaining in a stupor foe days. Tbe 
nurse engaged proves by chance to be the one 
who attended ber mother a quarter of a 
century before, and she proves tbe falsity of 
turtls statement. Claudia recovers and the 
lovers are happily reunited. 

At the opening performance there were nu- 
merous recalls, and Sarah Truax and Edwin 
Mordant were compelled to respond to many 
curtain calls. The play Is given a handsome 
production - The cast : Mrs. Deerlng,' Cath- 
erine Do Barry ; Claudia Deerlng, Sarah 
Trmix; Amelia Simpson, Marion Brooks: 
Sophie Simpson, Florence Weston: Miss 
Humes', Marie Dantcs : Geoffrey Curtis, Ed. 
win Mordant : Bruce Carter, frank Decum ; 
Dr. King, Oscar C. Apfel'; Mr. Ranconl. J. 
T. Cbaluer; M. Constant, Charles James; 
Hangs, Clinton Mayoard.: 

. . «>»» " ! 

Mr*. Flake's Sonthern Tour. 

Harrison Grey Flake issued tbe following 
statement last week, concerning Mrs. Flske's 
tour:' ! ' 

"While Mrs. Flske's forthcoming tour of 
the South will Include many of the principal 
cities of that section, there are a number ot 
Important points which she will not visit, 
for the reason that they have no theatres 
. open to Independent attractions. As always 
In the past, Mrs. Flske will appear •only In 
theatres that can be booked Independently. 

"The only Southern cities lb which Mrs. 
Fiskc and the Manhattan company have been 
booked are Norfolk, AahevUle, Birmingham, 
Montgomery. Mobile. New Orleans, Houston. 
Son Antonio, Dallas, Waco, Fort Worth and 
Little Rock. In most of these Mrs. Flske 
will appear In the theatres Included In the 
Inter-State Vaude.ville circuit, a special ar- 
rangement having been made by which the 
vaudeville offerings at these houses will give 
way to Mrs. Flske for the nights of ber en- 
gagement." >. -• » ■ 

: 1 «*' » ... i. .... 

Miller Nut la Clash with Sliuberts. 

A report current last week to the effect 
that there was a break Imminent In the busi- 
ness relations of Henry Miller and the Sbu- 
herts was stoutly denied nt the offices of 
these managers. - 

Mr. Miller stated that there are none but 
tbe friendliest relations between blm and 
tbe Shiinertg; that their contract would not 
expire until February, and that the matter 
of a renewal of their contract had not yet 
come up. 

Mr. Miller says that he never bad a con- 
tract with Mme. Nailmova and' that he 
simply directed, the rehearsals of ber last 
year"s play, "Comtesse Coquette." Mme. 
Nailmova has n Ave years' contract with the 
Khuberts, and she hus no desire to break that 
contract. Mr. Miller's interest In her career 
Is purely n friendly one. This disposes of the 
rumor that Mr. Miller has "lost interest" In 
the Russian actress. ' 

+:«» •• 

Nance O'Nrll Slgcna (or Vaudeville. 

Nance O'Xell, supported by McKee Raa- 
kln, will play vaudeville with* a condensed 
version of "Leah, the Forsaken." She was 
booked by Gregory & Bellows, through Robert 
Ornu. over the llnltod Rooking Offices' time. 

Miss O'Nei' vrtis to have gone on tour soon, 
In the rinero play, "Ills House la Order,' 1 
but she abandoned that plan. Her next an-- 
pcurunre on tbe legitimate stage will be In a 
new plnv now being written for ber. 

.. -i ■ ■ «• - * - ■ ■■ ■ 

Orace Andrews Prosaoted. 

Jane Cowlea has retired from the cast of 
"The Rose (if the Rancho," to appear with 
Mr. Warfleld, In "The Grand Aran Man." 
Her place In Miss Starr's Company has been 
taken by Grace Andrews, who Is alto to lie 
tbe official understudy to Miss Starr. 

Diver la a New Flay. 
• Henry K. Dlxey. according to a report, Is 
In slur under Hie Shuhcrt management III 
a new play. lobeH-alled "The tfjart of a 
Fool." ->Thls arrangement, ndwever, cannot 
goirito effect before Christmas. - 

Walter N. Lawrence said, coneernlng-lbe 
report of Mr. Dlxey going, with the Shu- 
berts, thnt he still claims the right to the 
comedian's services, pending the litigation 
between them.: -Mr. Lawrence says that L*f 
Khnliert- had ; not engaged Dlxey as yet. and 
would not make any arrangements without 
first consulting blm <Mr» Lawrence). 

«♦■• ■» 

Zelle De Lnssan Marries. 

Zelle De Lusan, tbe Tamous singer, was 
married in London,, on Sept. 11. to a 
plane) player named Angelo FronanL He Is 
the son of Emmanuel* Fronanl. Who Is in 
the diplomatic service at Washington The 
couple are onihelr way to'New York, having 
sailed Inst week. 

,_ ,. « M.| » ■ . 

Frederic Thompson's Mission on the 
Other Sid*. 

Frederic Thompson sailed for Europe last 
week on an Important mission connected with 
Klaw & Erlanger's "advanced vaudeville." 
Mr. Thompson has a large number of very 
Important aota on the lines of "advanced 
vaudeville." which he wUI produce early tbla 
season. Immediately on nls return from 
Europe. It baa been rumored for some time 
that Mr. Ttibmnson's sudden decision to go 
to Europe was promptedby an offer from n 
syndicate In Paris, which was organized 
some time aro, to build nn amusement en- 
terprise to be ' modeled along'' tbe lines of 
Luna Park. When asked whether or not 
this was his object In making this trip 
abroad, Mr. Thompson said: 

"No; I am going to Europe solely In the 
Interests of advanced vaudeville. I have 
been very busy all Summer, and as Luna 
Park's season has just -ended, I .have been 
unable to devote the time that I wanted to 
In building a number of acts for Klaw & Er- 
langer's advanced vaudeville circuit. I have 
been negotiating for some time with my as- 
sociates abroad, and* upon my returtt I have' 
every reason to believe that I will have a 
number of surprising novelties to offer.'* 

Mr. Thompson's automobile was shipped 
to Europe, and he and Mrs, Tbomnson will 
make an extended tour on the Continent. 


-— > ^— T. -!!«< -4.1'. J,*-' 


II. G. Knowle* to Play Klaw A 
Jlrlaaajer Clraalt. .■ 

ft. G. Knowles will arrive In New York 
on Oct. f>, on Mb annual tour home. He will 
open nt tbe New York Theatre, night of Oct. 
7, and win then fill five months of other en- 
gagements' In vaudeville Under tbe manage- 
ment of Klaw & Krlanger. Wben this will 
have been' finished, Mr. Knnwies wllr give A 
series of den lectures at Carnegie ''Lyceum, 
on the order of those In which he was so 
well received last season at tbe Bijou and 
Carnegie Hall. 

Mr. Knowles. who has been fighting the so- 
called vaudeville combine In England,- writes 
to Sis representative fa New' York to"say 
that the managers have .made overtures for 
peace, and that he was offered a solid year's 
booking at $J,100, provided he would cancel 
his American engagements. He replied tbat 
he wouldn't give lip his annual trip borne for 
all tbe music balls In England. 

Not since the actor left New York for 
England seventeen years ago, has be returned 
to stnv In tbler country for.aucb i. length' of 
time ak will mark bis forthcoming visit. 

— *'* . 

Mc Watt era nnd Tyson. Scare la "The' 
Girl Ranarers.** 

-Arthur J. McWa Iters, of McWatters and 
Tyson, has made a decided success In "The 
Girl Rangers." Amy I«slle, tbe Chicago dra- 
matic critic, says of him : 
. "Mr. McWatters, the delightful comedian 
who was so Interesting In the Old vaudeville 
team of McWatters and Tyson, the other 
nlgbc assumed the role of Kid, the bantam 
pugilist, hi ' The Girl Rangers,' and imme- 
diately made a bit hit." 

Grace Tyson, who Is In the production, has 
also won tbe favor of Miss Leslie, who says 
of her : 

"Miss Tysdn continues to be one of the 
successes of the bjg spectacular entertain- 
ment, and her breezy comedy, her Vivacious 
manner and charm, will blossom anew with 
the advantage of having ber old side partner 
of vaudeville days near. , - 

Gas Snn Booklig Exchange 

- Incorporated, ■ i 

. Articles of incorporation have been' filed 
for the Uub Sun Hooking Exchange Company 
of Springfield, O. The first meeting of the 
board of directors bas been beld, and the 
following officers elected : Gus Sua, presi- 
dent and general manager; Ray H. Lesson, 
secretary and treasurer. 

Tbe capital stock Is about $2.1.000 and 
the controlling Interest Is held by Mr. Sun. 
It is understood the Western Vaudeville 
Managers' Association, of Chicago, has pur- 
chased an Interest lu tbe business. The Sun 
circuit now consists of eighty-seven first 
class "family" vaudeville theatres In Ohio 
and tbe adjoining atates. '.' 

The Bijou Theatre, on Champion Street, 
Youngstown, O., opposite the Park, which 
will he completed In a few weeks, will be 
added to the circuit' - s- 

.-. ,. ♦» . » . ... ... - - 

Test I won lai to. Major Burk. 

A grand farewell testimonial benefit will 
be tendered to Major Burk, at Elks' Hall, 
Klgbtb Avenue and Fifty-ninth Street, New 
York, Wednesday evening, Oct. 80. The af- 
fair la In charge, of- the White Rats, and 
tbosA who will take part are members of tbe 
order. Jas. H. Curtln la chairman of the 
committee, and Harry Sanderson Is secretary. 
Bernard J. Fsgan Is the treasurer, and he 
can be communicated with at Elks' Hall. 
The committee includes : Tony Pastor, H.' G. 
MscAdams, W. T- PhiUlps, J. H. Curtln, 
Judson G. Wells, H, C.-Mudge, H. Sanderson. 
■>■■ u ■ '■ * ■■>„ — i— ,• 
lllaatrated Booklet Aboot Poll 

A neatly printed and finely illustrated 
booklet has Just been printed concerning the 
Poll theatres. It consults of twenty-four 
pages, and Is descriptive of the Poll circuit 
artd the system on which the business Is con- 
ducted, it contains descriptions and Illus- 
trations of Mr. Poll's various theatres, as 
well as the portraits of the varloiiB local 
managers and of the men who assist Mr. 
Poll at his headquarters In New Haven. 

»■♦ ... . . 

Maadevllle la a New Sketch, 

-William C. Mandevllle. a well known co- 
median, appeared In vaudeville Sunday nlgbt, 
Sept: T2. at tbe Murray Hill Tbeatre, In n 
monologue sketch, entitled "The 'Early Blfd." 
The play has been well received on the New 
England circuit, and repeated In New York 
the favorable Impression it bas made else- 
where, -rr :> - 

Lela IlA'tiLTON, of Zanesvlllc, an actress 
of some note, bas won Her suit for divorce 
from her husband, Jlmmle Newell, the "min- 
strel boy,'* In tbe Kentucky courts. They 
were married In Kentucky, Jan. 7, of this 
year, and the divorce was granted on Sept. 3. 
Mrs. Newell Is now 111 at her apartments In 
tba St. Nicholas Hotel, Cincinnati, and bas 
canceled all vaudeville engagements. As soon 
at able, she will go to Palm Beach. Fla.. for 
a rest. She Will hereafter be known as 
Babe Reb, and a new team, composed of 
Curry. Hamilton and Mrs. Newell, will be 
billed as Hamilton, Curry and Rio, the "Kork- 
ing Sandy Kid*." 


;;. $,-'"* . ,J « ! I. •• .=. 

. Canoed la tease SiiOerliis: — (; re w Worse 
. Under. Bbpat Hectical Treataneat- 

•ikln 'Now Smooth aa Krer. 

used cotTcorT remedies 

','Some time ago I suffered terribly .with 
eczema, and I had the best '•medical at- 
tendance, but the more medicine I took 
the worse it seemed to get. I kept on 
with medicine for about five weeks until 
1 saw the Cuticura Remedies advertised, 
and I at once purchased the Cuticura, 
Soap. Cuticura Ointment and Cuticura 
Resolvent, but had not the slightest hope 
of them curing me. After I had used the 
first set of the Cuticura Remedies I saw 
the improvement, and in just six weeks 
mv skin was as smooth as ever. I ad- 
vise anv one suffering from this terrible 
disease • to -use the, Cuticura Remedies. 
Henry J. Stelljes, 132 Spring St., Charles- 
ton/SpC, Jaae 12,^906^- '■■« -s- , 
' - '■■ ■■* ' 

Cttttent Copies, 

The CASS or "Tbe Social Whirl" will In- 
clude, besides Charles Ross and Mabel Fenton, 
Elizabeth Brlce, Adelaide Sharp, Myrtle Vln- 
aon, Caroline Lock. Ocorgle O'Ramey. Ben 
Johnson, Wm. R. Arnold, Martin G. Brown, 
Mark Helsey, Charles Fulton, Ed. Craven and 
William Iltnes. 

FnAgK (Itt.MORR has been engaged as lead' 
Ing man with Mary Mannerlng. in "Glorioua 
Iktsy." . . '' 

The Shubmts have engaged 'Louli Miller 
to play Martlb Berry with Dlgby Bell, In 
"Snore Acres." 

-Harold.. M. Chksfiibe bos sighed with 
Arnold Daly for tbe coming Benson at the 
Beikejey Theatre, New York City. Halton; the eccentric comedian 
who recently arrived from England, bta 
befn engajfed by the Sbuberta for a princi- 
pal part In "The Social ■ Whirl.'- 1- 
: Akthit! J. Lamb has Just completed a new 
melSdrama, entitled "In the Power of Three," 
which he wrote for Al. II. Woods. 

The McXAUQHTOX Buothehs will remain 
in England until late In February. They 
have signed to. piny Moes & Stall tine. 

Fred Bklpheb, general manager for Jerome 
II. ltemlck * Co., sailed for London Sent: 
20. on a cuatQMs trip -for the firm, which 
will last about eight weeks. i 

Bii.i.t Thompbon, formerly of Barron & 
Thompson, will hereafter be at Jerome. H. 
Rem'ck'a offices. . 

Robbbt W. Kdwards) has obtained the mu- 
sical "satire, "The Olrl from Yankee Land." 
and will make an elaborate production of It. 

Ap.thi'R Dosamisox. who sang Cnrl Otto. 
In "The Prince of rilsen." will he starred 
In a new play by D. B. Sorlln, this season, 
it Is called; "The Norseman. - ' 

"Lriuts 'Massex, How playing' In "The Hypo- 
crites," In Chicago, will star next season In 
a repertory of standard plays. 

-Nellie Beaumont, who has been In vaude- 
ville,, will play. a part In one of Charles Dil- 
lingham's productions. 

-"-Cole, axd Jonxsox,- tbe negro comedians 
who have been appearing In vThe Shoo-Fly 
Beglment." have returned to vaudeville, ha>- 
Ing been booked by M. S.-Bentbam for thirty 

W fM? 1 6 

' A New Comedy Drama of Western life, 
by Anthony E. Wills, entitled, "The Lost 
Trail," was presented at Peterson, X. <J., 
on Sept. "18. 

Mas. Fiske has returned from her vacation 
In California. SUe now la rehearsing with the 
Manhattan companv for her Southern tour, 
In "Leah Klescbna" ahd'Tess of the D'Ur- 
bervllles." to begin at Norfolk. Vn;, on Oct.18. 
• Mme.' IrMa Ho.nti Baldisi. who appeared 
with the' Boval Italian Opera Co., in ihe 
Academy of Music, last season, Is coming to 
New York this season to appear In a tabloid 
version of "Carmen." 

Jolie Allkx. soprano singer, who has been 
singlrtg hi Italy, France ana Holland, Is com- 
ing to New.'Yorit, where she will prohably 
appear In grand opera during tbe coming 
season'. . ' * 

Ai thb'Akmoub Theatre, Paris, France, 
Sept. 18, was produced "The Rector of Foie- 
Vllle," a drama. In live nets, by M.. J- De 
Qrimont. .. . 

Walter N. Lawrence has engaged Laura 
Nelson Hall for the leading role In "The 
Coming of Mrs. Patrick." the new four act 
drama, by Rachel Crotners, which Is to be 
produced at the Madison Square Theatre, 
New York, about the middle of October. 

Dents O'Sulltyan, an Irish-American bari- 
tone, left last week for London to nrmnfte 
for an" Irish musical festival In New >ork 
early next year. On his return he will give 
a' : ' recital of Irish miislc at Carnegie Hall on 
Thanksgiving night. ' On Jan. r> he will ber 
gib a starring tour In a musical play. "Peggy 
Machree," in McVlcker's Theatre. Chicago, 
under the management of Joseph Brooks 
and A- W. DlaarivaU. __ 

' Robert B. Mantell has engaged Fuller 
Mellish In bis Bupnort In "Hamlet." "Tbe 
Merchant of Yenke?' and other plays. 

Mme. Emma Eameh* only appearance in 
concert- this season will be made with tbe 
New York Symphony Orchestra, No?. 23. 

Leslie Kksyox. for several seasons with 
Ihe late Richard Mansfield, has been engngfd 
by Charles Frobman to piny In support ot 
Ethel Rarrymore. In "Her Sister." 

Ik Decrmbeii b new play. "Futurltyland. 
bv the Paint and Powder Club of the Oranges, 
will be given tor the benefit of cnorltlesln 
the Oranges, Lakewood and Brooklyn. The 
book Is by Stephen V. B. Brewster, a member 
of tbe club, while tbe musical score Is bv 
■, Dcnn Farnawnrtb, also n member of _tbe 
club, with special numbers written by Ken- 
ueth Clark, tbe Princeton University mnn 
Who wrote the music for "Tobasco Land. 
The performance will be given In the Orange 
Theatre, and will be. for the benefit of he 
Boys' Clnb of the Oranges, an organisation 
formed to old newsboys. ' - 

: Miltox AMb Saroext Anonx have engageo 
for their season of opera In English at the 
Lincoln Snuare Theatre. Estelle Wentwortb, 
Harry Luckstone and Philip Branson. 
• Kuqexe DufRicHF, stage manager for tne 
French and Italian operas at tbe Metropoli- 
tan Opera House, arrived from' Europe last 

■ Marie Louise Oainnix, at the Hippo- 
drome, was W-cngogert last week by Sbnbert 
A Anderson hs the prima donna of the new 
spectacle t« be produced In December, she 
now goes down In the tank with Neptune. 
and In the new spectacle she will repeat ner 
tank performance. 

HnxtKR R. Rmens and Frank PIMif r " f , 
painting the sceaery for the production 01 
Chtinnlug l'ollock'c "The Secret Orchard. 

Lilian- ncssEt.L'R bouse, at 1B1 *g 
Fifty-seventh Street. New York City, with 
most of Its costly fnrnlsnlngs. Is to go » n0 " 
the hammer offer Miss Russell has itarted on 
ber annual tour. She explains that she '« 
selling the property In order not to ue 
bothered with It while on Ihe rood. 

Josep Hovmanm will sail for America on 
Orr.-12. to beittrt his concert tour.' ' 

Btaxlet J. XiCKrJisox. of the Ontario. 
Canada. Stork, has signed with Hales -Kip 
Van Winkle" Conpany, to play the leading 
rote for this season. 

October 5. 




..Uir ■■■■>-■■ yj-n::.-- 


; i' ..." . WORDS HV t*I ■ * 

MAnmsora stuart. 


The Song we piok to follow our 

Big Hits: ri - •" >i,r 



CI • writin nv ' ft.". 





1 • " . I 1 . . . " I I II I I I . I I I I ■ ■ ■■ — i . I . U SI H I .■■ — -■ 

Ootid of Players. 

I"ki:ii. K. LANIIAM. business manager, of 
(Ik Depew-Burdettc Stock Co., writes: "We 
arc playing In our old. territory- to Ohio. 
We plaved Frankfort, Ky., the week of Sept. 
II, to the biggest business of a repertory 
company in the history of the house. The 
opening for Monday night exceeded all rec- 
ords for receipts. The doors were closed, 
wiili orders not to sell another ticket, as 
the house was pneked to capacity. This 
phenomenal business enjoyed by the Depew- 
llunlntte Co. can be attributed to Its repu- 
tation In previous years, the best of press 
work, good billing, and n show that gives 
satisfaction. Mr. Dcpcw's company Is 
htronger this year than ever. We curry live 
dig vaudeville acts, headed by the (Ireut 
lSuukerr, electrical dancer, working In his 
own Stage 'setting, a palace of sliver and 
gold, anil. Baby Luella 1'ullen still continues 
to win her audiences. The roster, which re- 
mains unchanged, Is as follows : Thomas K. 
Hi pew . proprietor: Fred K. I.anhaui. busi- 
ness manager: O. J. Mowbray, It. M. Wenger, 
A. I, Storcb. Walter 8. Grozler, Archie Mad- 
ilox, Melville Kussell, .Great Bunkerr, Kannle 
Ixpew. Mollle Keunet and Hose Wei wood. 
We are featuring for our opening bill, II. 
iii.itr.-in Donnelly's beautiful story of two 
i-ontlnentB, "An American Girl," with all 
siirclnl paper. We expect to continue our 
record breaking business at, O.,. where New York representative has booked us 
for the week of Sept. 23. Everybody Is well 
and happy,, and the Old Reliable reaches 
us evcrv week." 

Duncan Hkyward, press agent of the Os- 
tium Stock Co.. writes : "We are In our sixth 
week, and business has been good. We ap- 
peared In Bristol, Term., a few weeks ago, 
■ city we have been 'making' for seven scu- 
-nn*. and our business this time was a great 
deal larger than ever before. There has been 
ihi- Important changes In the company since 
the roster appeared In The Ci.ipprb a few 
weeks ago. Manager Osmnn has several Ideas 
up his sleeve' which we think will open the 
eyes -Of, the patrons of the popular price 
Knows In rue South. There Is a great deal of 
talk about a' new theatre In Morrlstown. 
Turn. . It la a good town, but the trial of 
playing In a tent there Is ton great for must 
companies. The tlicntre at Mt. Airy, N. C, 
Is to lie. 'greatly Improved in the near future. 
Several thousand dollars will be spent in Im- 

Hm:t I1o:-.a nnd wife ( Syle) are with 
W. R Maui's (Western) "Cow Puncher" 
rouipany. plnylng Spokane and the far West. 
Mr. Boxa writes that they have been re- 
ceiving flattering notices and public approval. 
"We are making a flying trip, to Ibe coast, 
snd will be baric again by December." 

IHil'ny Stock Co. Notes. — The Drury Stock 
Co, closed the Summer season at the Iron 
I'ler Opera House, Cape y\a;r. N. J.. Sept. 15, 
to the largest audience of the season. The 
rotnuany's opening was on July. S, anil at no 
line was the house dark through the season 
until the close. A feature of the engagement 
was the Inauguration of the Sunday night 
performances, -these being a scenic presenta- 
tion of T. B. Colgnc's "Christina's Progress" 
t.i dramatisation of "Pilgrim's Progress"). 
The costumes and scenic effects were first 
class. "The mnnugument 1ms signed a live 
years' lease of the pier, aiid will open with 
a splendid company next season, presenting 
high class royalty bills. Kveryone In the 
company was perfectly satisfied with the 
treatment accorded, and the "man In white" 
Invariably walked. Messrs Colgne and Sedg- 
wick go- to Can'adu to open thelr.Wllllcr tour. 

I'kiicv II. Cr.itTonu writes from New 
Iberia. Ln„ as lollows : "Chance cast me an 
Invnlld here, and a balmy, scml-troplcul 
atmosphere 1ms made me a convalesecnl. 
Herein Hie histrionic. glades of "Kvuugeilne." 
Immortalized by Longfellow, and of Inter 
date enhanced- by the residence, of the. late 
.loseph Jefferson. Ills house, n grand old 
ante-bellum mansion, nestled nmld mos* 
restootied giant oaks and: magnolias, sur- 
rounded by tropical 'fruits nnd flowers,' and 
resting on the margin of a tranquil lake 
lilled wltli fish, and surrounded by forests 
abounding In game, u most Ideal spot. And 
»«w". alas, closed and for sale. We, of the 
profession, arc n huge enough nnd rich 
enough body to rescue it, and not let n gtain 
Hilly our name. Let the actors (through 

J. C Wi:f..sil, manager of Dot Kirroll. Is 
In the West for (he benefit of his health. 
Miss Karroll resumes her tour In 1008-00. 

Etj.s.u.i.-Wi.vriiKon; Co. Notks. — We arc 
In our sixth year In the sunny South, hav- 
ing laid off but seven weeks In that time. 
Our territory has embraced the largest cities 
In Virginia, North Carolina. South' Carolina, 
Tennessee, Georgia. Alabama. Mississippi and 
Louisiana. This year we will have two -com- 
panies, (Southern and Kastern). The South- 
ern company, which will remain In our old 
territory, will be under the management of 
Sim Moscby, and headed by Herrald ('. Court- 
ney and Catherine Ifadley. who will lill the 
vacancies made by De Loss If- Kdsnll and 
Pearl Wlntbropc, who will bend their oilier 
company. People with Southern company : 
llarrala 'Courtney, Will 8. Lander, A. J. 
I,ce. Walter Robinson, George fi'ontell, . Will 
S. Cnrr, Wm. Sangully. Harry Wellby. Joe. 
D. Borell. Catherine lladley, Ethel Wynne, 

Arrnint O. SntIikh, business inniitiger of 
t In- Chaiinrey-Kclffer Slock Oau wrlles : This 
eompany. featuring Grace KellTer. opened Its 
third season on Aug. 12. at PoltsvIHe, Pa., 
and. although the weather was warm and 
there were several free attractions at the 
parks, our business was better than was ex- 
pected. Since then the company, under the 
management of the owner, Fred C. I'hnun- 
cey. has done a phenomenal bnslness. In 
Lebanon and Hnzleton, Pa., the eompany 
holds house records for an opening nlKht, nnd 
also fpr nil ent|re week's business. The 
company this year Is stronger than evei, 
both In the cast and vaudeville acts.- Miss 
Ketffer. has the distinction of wearing an 
elegant wardrobe. Supporting Miss KellTer 
are: Nell lllckey, Jack Owens, Wayne L. 
Darby. All)ert Smith, Wm. Walbome, Paul 
Carroll, John Nalon, J. F. Townsend. D. 
.Tallin. W. F. Hlncs. C- D. Ilershey, John 
Brenner, Lou Whitney, Josephine Bond. 
Ada M. Darettc, Klcle Borell and the Sisters Kthel Montgomery. Claire Joyce and Clnrlse 

Kontell. . The Kastern company,' which 
now organising to make our first tour of 
Ohio, Pennsylvania. New York and Canada, 
will number eighteen people, and play a 
specially selected repertory, suited to the 
style of work of Miss Wfnthrope and Mr. 
Kdsall. - Special scenery will be carried for 
each play, which will enable us to give com- 
plete productions. - People so far signed for 
this company : .. Ben II. Howe. Sam Frels, 
Harry Willis. Robert Metcalf, Daisy Molett. 
Bessie Stanley and the Great Robos, three 
In number. . We hope to fill this company 
from our recent Clipper ad. As this will 
be a new venture, and our first tour ot East- 
ern time, we will anxiously await the results. 

TlIB Valley Fobgb Co.MEUY 
i'oun "have signed with Mamie Fleming, In 
"Girl of Eagle Ranch" Co., under the man- 
agement of W. H. Gracey. They report 
meeting with great success wherever they 
appear. ., , 

Mitchell axi> Cai.n. two well known vaude- 
ville performers, will leave vaudeville and 
take up rehearsals in ".Yaniu," the new Al- 
fred K. ' Aaron's production, which opens In 
1'hllndolphla. Mitchell and Cain will ■» 
sume leading comedy roles In the company. 
The first performances of the musical piece 
will be given In the Walnut Street Theatre, 
Philadelphia, Oct. 2. 

' Notes rnoM the Royal Stock Co. — We 
closed our Summer engagement, under can- 
vas, at Bridgeport, III.. Saturday night, Sept. 
14. to big business. We opened our Winter 
season at Mnttoon. III., Sept. TO, to a large 
house, and at .1 P. >l., Monday, every seat 
was sold. . We play nine nights at Mattoon, 
three nights at Purls, nnd eight nights at 
Terre Haute, Ind., opening Sunduy. Sept. 22, 
and returning Sunday night,. Sept. .20, for 
seven nights. This company carries twenty- 
one people, a challenge band and orchestra. 
Prof. Coon has the band of ten pieces and 
Prof. Paul Gordon has the orchestra of seven 

Tlpdegraff. Vaudeville acts: The Great 
Nalon. electrical musical art : Albert Smith, 
Ktriilljacket expert nnd packing box mys- 
tery: Wullioriio and Whitney, flying gym- 
nasts: lloddell Bros.. Australian acrobats, 
and Nlel lllckey, who sings Illustrated songs. 
The executive stall .Is: Fred C. Chaunccy, 
proprietor and manager : Arthur G. Snyder, 
business manager : Albert Smith, stage ear- 

Jjenter: John 1 tenner, master of properties; 
lack Owens, stage director. 
: Notes vjmim the Mcl'hee's Imperial Stock : 
Sam T. Reed, a. member of this company, 
was Initiated Into the Order of Knglcs (Fox 
River Aerie 1030), pf Princeton, Wis.. Sept. 
11. Mr. Reed Is not very tall, but, we re- 
gret to' say, he was much smaller when he 
got through. The Initiation took- place be- 
fore the evening performance, after which 
Sam surprised the company by giving a 
dance specialty. The company Is playing to 
big business through Wisconsin, anil many 
return dates offered us, which we cannot lill 
this season, as the company Is booked solid 
up to next April, through to the West coast. 
We are .carrying fourteen people. Including 
Wm. A. Kcliols, our worthy manager, who 
is a credit to the owner (A. T>. McPbee), 
now with the Big Show touring Canada. 
Nod Eldon sneceeds B. II. Klllmnr as advance 

.Asmtfiw MacKkioht writes: "I am this 
season with Walter H. Stull's company, do- 
ing character roles nnd having a pleasant 
and prosperous season. This week we arc 
plnylng Hart's Theatre. Hillodelphla. and ore 
doing big business with 'The Great Diamond 

Robbery,'" . ,„ 

■ NiWnW TMIOM the Fonda Comedy Co. — Wc 
arc. still plnylng through Canada, to a nice 
business. In fact, it Is this best season we 
havo had for years. The weuther has been 

?ood. and the natives have turned out well, 
ly Inst "ad" '.n The Old Kkli.uii.e, brought 
me Just the people I wanted. Letta Chapln 

ft we I iLSn 'must col come v ''K |llnMl ••■«. Iforepn.lgli-Hclla lenui lit McFec- 
the well known musttal comedy n , n ,, |(rk wncrc (l 1(|r|(0 niln)be? of lbx) ,,,„. 

pieces. Harry A. Hayes Is manager. We arc and hoc little son. Joe, ary iiiuk'ng good, and 
booked solid until the middle of-May,' 31*08. high, praise has been accorded tin: JavenUe 

The "man In white" appears every Tuesday, 
and everybody is happy. 

Roxtkr of the "Ilverybody Works But 
Father" Co. (Kastern) : Karr & Mann (Inc.), 
proprietors and mauagers ; Charles A. Wat- 
son, business manager : lid ward J. Itose, as- 
sistant raunngiir; A. Raymond, treasurer: K. 
Wlllurcl Francis, stage .manager ; Harold 
Tymcscn, musical ' director ;" Mort McKIm, 
milsler mechanic. Memliprs of company — 
Albert Sykcs, Arthur Carlcton, K. WJllard 
Fi-uncls. Joseph Mnrlchard. Jennnctte Dcs- 
pres, Frances Merlvale, Florence Wilson, 
F.thel Jones, Jeannette 13. Rose, Hazel Otis, 
Killth Kiiig, May Conway, Violet Woldorf, 
Augusta Bcbrens, Martha Gerst, Beatrice 
Townsend, ;M»uil Jewol Kbner, Irene; KmUV, 
Julia Banm, Selnia Ilogstend, ltealrlro. Price 
unci Marie Winters. Tour begins at Boonton, 
N. J.. Oct. 1. !•- - -■ 

HosTKit of the luiislc-ul farce couiedy, "My 
Wife's Family," as presumed by Wm. Mc- 
Gowhii : Helen McGowan, trnncls Yaugliiii. 
Marie del Vecchlo, Maud'.o Moson, Marian 
Stafford, Clara Belle, Ktliol Wood, Marie 
Hozclton, Bobble Fields, James l'arkcr, ILirry 
Sipilres, Chas. E. Adams.. Kd. K. Porry and 
Frank Appleton. lOxctsntlvc stnffi for. Wm. 
McGowun: Herbert: T. Illor, business reprc- 
seututlve; Kd. Perry, sli;;,: manager: Carl 
H. . Brown, musical director ; Harry Stpdres, 

An/mull W. Wills 1ms Just closed n sea- 
son of twenty-two weeks us bandmaster, with 
Klwln Strong's Players, under canvas, to 

■ . "Olo 

it... ii»i™\ u t. » .. ' " ' .-...-..„■- |.,iwin airoug h riayers. nuuer uuiim, u 

1 if 1 . ,' 1 bu J , . 1 , t ' 0I,d thus preserve Intact j„| n o. s. Primrose's latest attraction. "Oh 

is. Histrionic old place, and show that we {j wa nKon," as miisiml direct "jr. which opence 

jEX£ s0111 nuove sprdld gain." ,uo season at I.a Crossa, Wis.. Sopt, 14. , 

.ch.' i 1 ,P!. l:NTN .., ha .Yi' J,,s , t bcen CTm J ,lc .^ d Mns. W. 8. IUBXMM (May V. Johnston) ,...- ....«„ r-—. - ,..«, 

wnireby Robert W, hdwirds secures the big | K slowly recovering from a serious surgical fully selected repertory of stands 

n uisii-iii satire, "The Girl from Yankee Land." , K . ra tion. Is wbleh we are doing leading hi 

tur. l.dwmds will make on elaborate prodtic- '^. IIhbkhT, of the Harris-Parkinson Co., comedy roles. We still- contlnu 

Hon during the coming season. 

'■eo. I'. CLAnK>: writes that he will have 
u permanent stock company at the Broncl- 
jviiy Tbealre. Oklalioina <'lty, Oklahoma. Uh 
' tarke Imssecurnd for thu. company such well 
kiiuwn p,. u ple as Virginia Jeffries, Clauillii 
"Idle, llarrlel Clifton, Mark Duvall. W. K. 
ul",- ►■•'w'n: Wolcptt. fbas. Ci^lne, A. J. 
''"to. • ihi j-iiiunci W. Roblc and Jack Brady. 
Mrs. ,\. j. nicks will be musical directress, 
nicy will open the Broadway Theatre. Sept. 
-?. with "Trilby." This promises- to lie the 
wrongest stock organization ever seen In 
"slalioniu City. 

'•Tub MoL'NTAi.NKKn." written bv Charles 
ii. Lolson. wus produced at Ahnn, Neb.. 
N 'l'». Bit, tinder the direction of Its nuthor, 
"tid will gu on tour under the manngeulent 
"I the Uiuirnntee Amuseinent Co.. wltli now 

notifies us of tin* serious Illness of Augustus 
C. Ill ley, musical director of the company. 
Mr. Riley is lying In a liospltal at Churles- 
ton, W. Vn.. and It Is believed that he has 
relatives In Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Elsie May Willson has signed with 
Kllcr's ".King or the Cattle Ring" Co. (Kast- 
ern), to play thu lead. . > 

TilK Two UnnsiKH, who wore playing Die 

comedian. Our ro.iter is as follows: Charles 
Fonda, Madam Fonda, Chas. Perry, Letta 
Chapln, IJIllliiMcin Lyre and ilttlo JgeChupln. 
We. will .lump out of canvas Into opera 
houses. All arc well, and having a good 
time with our old Canadian friends. 
'.; Is the roster of Kllroy & Brit- 
ton's "Tim Cowboy Girl" Co... supporting 
Murlc Klynn: G. A. White, manager; Leroy 
I>amborne, musical director; Geo. L. Bar- 
ton, ad vn nee; Chas. Rankin, stage manuger ; 
M- II.. Miller, carpenter;. II. II. Nolan, prop- 
erties; Will Htcckel, electrician; Edw. J. 
Hell, Krnest Rnscman, Tom Manning, Bert 
C-rowell, Dan A. Anderson, Don Mcrrltlolil, 
Rube McWhlnnoy, P. II. Jefferson, Marie 
Klynn, Anna Gardner, Kitty Mills. Kstcllc 
Barllet t. Mnrgoret Bird,.. May *'arlton, I'lvo- 
lyn Slin'w', Ruby Reynolds, I, aura Edwards, 
May Martin, Jasc'c Wilson, nnd' the Cliffords, 
cx|>ert: ropers, . , 

KulH iraoM "The Iiiisii Sbnatoii" Co, 
Larrlvee anu Lee am with this company. Mr. 
1 jirrlvee reports that his specialty culls for 
no loss than three encores nightly. Mrs. Lar- 
rlvee (Barbara Ijco) is. plnylng Fanny For- 
tune, the lend, and Mr. Liirrlvce plays Regi- 
nald. The show Is doing a linn business, and 
Is booked for forty weeks. Hern Is the ros- 
in-: Jos. L. Mct'ubo. Mrs. Rose McCabe, Will 
Goodall Maek. Barbara Leo, Mario Craig, A. 
C. Larrlvee, It. IS. Klppllng. Kd. Murphy. V. 
IS. Seymour, Mr. Klrkpatrlctk. May Nelson 
and Ni'lsc Addison.. The show Is under the 
sole direction of Joe W. Spears, who also 
has "The Irish Pawnbrokers. 

TllH TtlEut'H -llBirriiEns write: "We are 
with J. S. Angell's Comedians, n "real sliow,' 
carrying fifteen iicople, qnd playing a care- 

luril dramas, 
uslncss and 
continue to make 
litem . laugh bctwen nets, doing high clnss 
vaudeville. The Mng-dl Sisters are ulso 
with the show." 

NOTRS rxoM the Clark, Orecly k Finks 
Ccuricdy Co. — Wcr opened lit Klgln, Tex., Sept. 
Hi. to big business. This company Is carry- 
ing twelve -people. Tlio roster Is as follows: 
Jim Mcltae, manngi-r: Chas. Clark, itlrcctpr; 
Tiuii (tritely, coinerllan: Harry Finks, ireas- 
Tora Smith, muster of properties ; BUI 

principal imrts "with the IVylaud Co. (West- urer: 1 

crn). closed Sunt. 2, to Join "A Human KIuvo" Dudley; leader of orchcs;ra ; Geo. Walker, 

advance agent 

Co., to play tde ingenue and light comedy, 
and do thttlr singing and dancing specialty, 
i Notes piiom the Mvkki.k-Haipku. Stock 
Co.. (Southern).— Wc opened our regular sea- 
enn, at Marietta. <>., Monday, Sept. 2. to u 
remrcl breaking hotise. In fact, we took In morn 
money In this; year on Monday night than 
Ihcv did last year uii Thursday night, the 

mid special scenery, n line .line 'of paiicr and | : irgcst night, nnd wc kept Ibe bualnesViipall 
ri-,, i " K . t " S i U '. r °? plnyers. 'fliu bookings u'- w V«lc, thus break Inn all records for the house. 

ready extend Into: the. Summer of 11108 

Jack C. Cnx nolly writes that be. dosed 
11 very successful season of twenty-ono- weeks 
joili the Doling- Park Stock CO- nt Sprlng- 

■ in Mo., plnylng the character leads and 
leading heavies. He has accepted aa en- 
cngemeht with a Western company, touring 
He larger cities In the West. Messrs Meyers, 
"rjjoks and .Texnrd Jiave engaged Mr. Cou- 

U| ll)" as general amusement . director and 
t'liiniigcr of ihrlr slock company for next 

T'i.<irenc-k Wbaoland, ii comedienne wno 
....,'.'. fr " ,n burlesque to accept a position 
*»h lllmmelcln's Stock Co., Is meeting with 
'"'"Ti siicis<sa In the role of Hannah Ifuther- 
"ml. In "The Confessions ot a Wife." 
Notks ymm Lnvky's Tlie Night On n 

•■■•n»HKinl" «'i viotef nnd »o»». Hh»"' 

"••'an as tins "Darling Twins." daughtiM of 

V,'"" J - Shaw, the fiui.eis wlibtlcr, are wliu 
" n.-cviupanj-. • " - 

The company has all new plays this yeur, end 
the best line of advanced vaudeville carried 

RusTEit ok "A Fugitive from Justice" Co. : 
Itoscui|iicst & Parker, managers; Frank Cot- 
tcr, business manager; Bert Rosenciucst. ad- 
vance agent ; Frederick Cleckner. cnrpenlcr ; 
Joseph Ryan, property man ; Milton. Hem* 
tiler. clm-trlrJnii : August us Glussilllre, stage 
manager: (ieo. Arvlne. Geo. Ii. Conner, j. 
S. Hughes, Geo. II. Hlnclnlre, Augustus Glass- 
mire. . Arthur Kvuus. Rols-rt l<ncy, Lotus 
Morris, . Grace Welby. Jessie Prliigle. Grace 

f'..«M,l ' 

Covert, ISva Benton. I'luillne Heymoure, . Jen- 
hy any traveling company. The vaudeville nlo-.Mcyers, iWe opened the season at Cam- Jerry Sullivan, who pluys Alick, 
list Is headed by Lntlinorc and Leigh, loose den, X. J., Sept. 2,'l. '.vellcrw kids,' entertained with 

mysterious fellows. In an entirely new act 
Tue company numbers nineteen people, with 
iAtlinqrc. tt Leigh, managers; licit I/elgh, 
Isislncss manager: Dallas It, Melvln, In ud- 
Mincu;. Nellie Woods, Man ■ Geno 
Leslie, Alice HIKimi. lillllu Long. Marie Ijltl- 
more. Miss Llkim. Miss Strlrklln. Itcsslo 
Melvln. Bert Utlgb. Kniest lAtlmorc. Al. 
Warner. Jiimes Grlflln. Joe McKnroc. Gcorgo 
Melrose, Darey Campls-ll. Harry Llkon, Dal- 
las Melvln and Sam Strlrklln. The company 
will play nil the 1ilg time of the Middle West 
nnd i-ome Soutl-ern time. We are hooked solid 
for. forty-three weeks. . l i . . ... 
; S.muk Fields, iicoriling l<» rennrls. Is 
tanking a bl» lilt with the •itr.Mhlway >V(ler 

a ark" Co.. in her luiiH-rsoiialloiis^of a Utile 
cbtfw-glrl.' ■*.'"" 

ItiisciiK Klateii AND Lkon KiNcii write: 
"We are not at present In vaudeville, but 
are playing a special ten weeks' engagement 
with the Flora De Voss company No. 1, dur- 
ing their, fair dales." -• .-. , 

Wm. ('auk liiforiiis us Hint the Cnrr Trio 
Is meet bag. with big success with Ibe Key- 
stone Dramatle company, doing a feature 
trio act which doses with "Captain Unity 
lluntlug," featuring Master CllrToril Care 
the . (Ire year old wonder, who fs making a 
great hit with "Han Antonio" and "Bessie 
and.. Her Little Brown Bear." Mr; C art Is 
playing. lends,' Mildred Is plnylng soiibreltes, 
son Master Clifford Is playing baby. .parts. 
- Ei.ixaiietii Nikhbyeu jollied the "HI Plunk- 
nrd" <0-. Sept. It, at Marshfteld, Wis., to 
play Ibe Ingenue lead. 

Notes 1'itciM Joseph 'KhTR's (Kastotnl 
"East Lynne" t'c>.. fenlurlng Dorothy Marke 
ami Geo. W. Scott. — We uie doing nicely on 
the best Kasteru time, playing to capacity. 
We carry a full scenic production nnd elec- 
trical effects, and muny new Ideas. The com- 
pany Is receiving the highest praise both 
from press and public, and Miss Marke Is 
winning admiration for her work in Lady 
Isabel. Geo. W. Scott, as Francis I/Cvison, 
plays the part finely. -The company Is with- 
out a weak point. Roster: Geo. W. Scott, 
manager; M. J. Ottls. stage manager: Chns. 
Smith, carpenter; Norton Rutherford, pro- 
perties; Austin Murray, Emmet Ilriinclon. 
Dorothv Marke. Avis Page, Ruth Kinerson, 
Clara tuine. Baby Burt Burton and Hnrry 
Palmer. Ileo.- W. Scott has been kpcndlng u 
few t(aya ut his home In Manrhoster, N. II. 

I. it: Hkccs. who has been stage director ot 
Hie Kd. Redmond Co., 'during part of their 
eighteen months' engagement nl thq Jos* 
Theatre. San Jose, Cnl., severs hlk connec- 
tion with the above company when they go 
to Vancouver. B. C to accept the position of 
manager of the new stock company that he 
Is now organizing for Nolan & Bloom, pro- 
prietors or the Jose Theatre. 

Notes fbom tub "Nouooy'b Claim" Co. 
(Western).— Wo opened Sept. Ill, at Mar- 
shall, Mich., to good business. In spite or bad 
weather. At Lansing, 21, we played to 8, 
It. i )., matinee nnd nbzht. - R. II. l.e Roy and 
Vera Holmes arc making good In the leading 
roles. ' Following Is full roster ot company : 
It. IV Le Roy, malinger: K. C. Darnell, busi- 
ness manager ; G. Burt Johnson, stage inanu- 
5 or: Willis Vaun, assistant stage manager; 
.da Selian, treasurer; Harry lloynlo, press 
agent ; George Wright, Leo Ourrlty, Vera 
Holmes. Blanch Wright -and Violet Vann. 
The character change specialty and dancing 
of G. Bert Johnson Is making a big hit. Vera 
Holmes and Harry Roy ale are also making 
a hit with their specialties. The company 
Is booked solid to May 10. 1004), playing 
Michigan. Wisconsin. Minnesota. Iowa, South 
Dakota, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. 

John J. McXoiaiia, i member of Local. 
No. L SI. Louis, Mo., N. A. II. P. and II., of 
A., died nt the City Un-ipitnl. In that city 
Friday morning, Sept. HI. Ho was an old 
timer in the business, iltlimigh only thirty- 
eight years of age wh?n he died. 

IIahhy R. VioKona writes: "A most ex- 
cellent' season scenui In store In the Kastern 
territory, cais-claUy for stock organlsatluns, 
as I have personally met llvo repertory man- 
agers who report their business as excellent. 
The business of the Fnnbcrg Stork (Kastern) 
Is in excess, of anything we have dons, the 
past- live seasons. ■■ Our vaudeville, depart- 
ment of five arts, headed by Hnrry McKee, 
protean character change act, has been very 
much, sire 

This season Oakes k Gibson present Her- 
bert De Guerre, In- "A .Bachelor's . Honey- 
moon," with the following roster: Oakos k 
Gibson, managers : Herbert Be Guerre, Paul 
Pllklngton, J. G. Anderson, Benjamin Crowe, 
Wallace Carr. Regan Lowe, Grace Johnson, 
Klsle Knye, Agnes and Jospehloo Du Monte, 
and Ixmlse Reynolds. i ■ 

Kittik Nick Peiu.e hits been a decided 
success all Hummer. at Proctor's. Theatre, Al- 
bany, N. Y., In prima donna and soubrctte 
roles. Her Inlerpretntlou nnd rendition of 
Glrolle, In "GlroUe Glrotla" during her en 
gagement nt tbla 
able comment 

Notes rucui the "His In New York" com- 
pany (Southern) : Business has bcen good 
In Texas, considering tho very hot weather. 
Prospects look line for a good season, as t lie 
show Is geuluir-iilcr press notices In all Ihe 
large cities. Roster: I. II. Hnynes, rnana. 
ger ; W. M. Brown, business msnugcr ; Bert 
Hence, stage manager; Hnrry -White, stage 
JB > carpenter ; Joi< Withers, property man ; Joliu 
Xookney, .Kdwurcl Cody, Clinton Hicks, Wsl- 
~ ter Kims,. Fred Page. Maud Barron, Flor- 
ence Gordon and Alice Gibson. 

Media Opera House, at Media, Pa., opened 
Rent. 20. with Stetson's big "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" Co., to standing room. Tim next at- 
traction Is All -Star Vaudeville Co. This 
house will play one attract Ion a week, fylun 
1I< r kins Is the manager. .' 

. TllK .KMVlllK TUHAiiK, Klililkford, I'lilln- 
delplilii will open Oct. 7, lis a permanent 
stock liouso. .Maurice Stanford and Kurle 
Wcislern havu leased the bouse, and will In- 
stall g first class stock company, to be 
headed by Paul Taylor nnd Kinlly Smiley. 
John L. Wooderson will direct . ilia stage. 
The opitnl'jg bill will be Hidney Iloseiifeld's 
comedy, "At Ibo White Horse Tavern." 

Kbbii IDkiih cioscd his engugemiint nt Ills- 
bee, N. D., wllb "A Royal-Hlave" Co. (West- 
ern). Saturday, Sept. 21, and Joins the "Dora 
Tlmrne" company, to piny the Juvenile lead. 
Mr.' Myers was preiieutell, In the first ncl of 
bis Inst night's engagement, with a beauti- 
ful gold wnlch chirm by members of the 

Ham luiu.iiw, comedhin, with the Hur- 
court Comedy Co., writes: "I in mottling 
with great success In my specialties. The 
rosier of thu company Is as follows: Chns, 
K. Harris, owner uud. inanngur : Gus Taplcy, 
Kd. Slrouglit, Ham Barlow, Fred Wnlsh. Wal- 
ler CtirMss, Harvey Dunn, Francis Wilson, 
Geo. Currlo, Grace Verno, Orllc Holmes und 
May Mi-lvlo. Our specialties consist of: 
Harvey Dunn, exponent of physical, culture: 
Fred Wnlsh. 'tuTkologlst ;' Waller Curtis, 
novelty musical net; Sam Bnrtow. the 'Fel- 
low In Hip While Hull,;' lidlsoii's moving 
pictures, mid llliislraled songs." 

James Pijhvis wrlles: "While playing at 
the Cremiiil Tliealre. New Orleans, with 'Me- 
F'nddcn's l-'bits.' werk of Kept. 15-21, I was 
made a member of Hie Klks. They held a 
reception after the Initiation, and myself and 

one of thu 

•ongs and 


The "Hi" Co. opened the' season nt 

RUNUHHuiMf, Iniv.;" Not*. — Robert • TT. 
Harris' new ground Ihmr thentrc, .In this 
city, was opened Sept. IS, with Murray and 
Mark, in "The Sunny Side of Broadway. ' Tho 
house tor the opening night was sold ut 
fancy prices, prior to the building of the 
house. The stage Is the second largest In 
the State, nnd ihc house seats 1,200, and 
has been properly named the "Thentrn Beau- 
tiful" of Indiana. . Culdwell k Drake, build- 
ers of the Hotel West Baden, and the new 
Mnry Anderson Theatre, nt Louisville, built 
the new theatre for Mr. Harris, nnd It enst 
JT.".,0ini. The entrnnre Is solid Italian mar- 
ble. . Munv show* are booked. Wnlter Iliads 
Is resident manager. 

- VicroK Lh Roy and Vivian Dkmsmomi 
write: "Wo. itltnted thirty-two successful 
weeks wllb 'The Matinee Girl' Co., and liuvo 
signed with the Crawford k. Meeker Musical 
Comedy IV., In do our specialties." 
. JiiuiA Yiuiic wrlles: "I oiu In my ninth 
week wllh the 'HI riunknrd' Co., doing my 
specially and doubling the olititacli rs of the 
libldy und Widow I'luiikard. I have received 
very nice press notices for my. work." 
. llr.N 1... Mii.vkv, Inst season, wllh II. C 
Whimev's "The Show Girl" Co., Is with Mel- 
ville B. Raymond's 'The Seminary Girl" Co., 
playing tin- light comedy role. 

Under mlitMr 

' - ; ■■■■ n :' ' •"• — r— r-? — , ' V! f 7,, 

Notes mow J. H. Buyeii's Famous Show, 
known formerly as- C«»k Urns.' "Tnn Nights 
In a Bar Room" Co. — Wc are playing to ca- 
pacity, and winning high praise from press 
and public for having a nent and most re- 
fined one car tent show. Roster: J. II. Boyer, 
owner: Ad.. Funk, nmntigcr: Floyd Trover, 
gcncrnl agent ; the Tin en Stanleys, musical 
net ; Dollie l.utow, rolling globe ; the llush- 
mtinns, society sketch: WHkes Steward, lend- 
ing mini; Utile Mnry llushmnnn, child vornl- 
Ist ; Ktlwnrd Gnllger, Irish [liunict'i- come- 
dian; Mllle Leonu, lightning drum major: 
Master Wayne Martin, song and dance; 
Mable Bushman, old maid spcoialty, J. C. 
Stanley, German comedlnn and dancer ; Ren 
Gleaion calliope player- ami black, foco conic 
dlun : Will Coleman, eccentric comedian ; Lnla 
Stanley chwraclcr specialties ; Prof. Wm; 
llushmann troupe ot Russian poodles : Mux 
lloyei . rolling hoop nnd Juggler : lion (lien: 
son, In charge ot top, wltli six men. Wn 
am headed South for the Winter route, 

Billy Rkio. Hip singing and talking clown, 
Is now In his forty-fourth week wllh Ihn 
John II. Sparks Show. , 

TllH Rasbiiali. Teaji niiido up of iiieui'. 
be in. of tint. John Robinson Circus nliiyed s 

thentrc,' caused quite favor- 

I loyees of both shows wcro- present. The 
game was stubbornly aoutonted, nnd It rc- 
ciulred twelve Innings to deelde It. the Rob- 
insons winning finally by n score ot seven 
to live. , 

I'm nt Francis, general contractor of Wal- 
ter L. Main's Great Fashion Plato Hbows, 
closed his season of (went v-t w» weeks nn 
Sept. in, and tins been re-chguged for nexi 

l-'iiun lit: Ivhy 1ms returnml to Hid Mighty 
llmis; Shown, nflor a much needed rest, and 
resumed his duties nn. chief orator, led opt 
and annex ticket seller, wllh tin- following 
"grinders :" Rill Tuvlor, Chns. Long, George 
Almnnt and Henry Hmgnrd. 

R'isT':tt or the clowns with the Ciuupbull 
tiros.' Shows: Raleigh Wilson, principal: W. 
M. Ihinohiio, WJIford David. "Snupintr" Gar- 
rison, Win. Wnlliire, Chas. Burnett, Steels 
'Ini-i. and Jesse Roberts. Business Is repnrt. 

ed to he nxcellenl, uud Hill sIlOW Is giving 



. ' — i-t-i — r-i — $-n 

Sc-iieni:i-i-.miv, N. Y., Note. — Lyman II. 
Howe, well known showinuu and moving ple- 
num expert, litis porcliuswl n plot of one hun- 
dred acres ill the end of the Broadway ear 
line uud will turn If Into un amusement 
park. Work Iiiih nlrendy been started <>u Ihn 
grounds. Mr. Howe, who live* at Wilkes- 
I in ire, i'ii., is not on the seuiie, and his 
brother, II. II. Howe, of this city, la. local 
liuuiiiger of Ihn amusement park. Mr. Howe, 
when he arrives neil Hummer, will feature 
his moving pictures In a large open sir audi- 
torium at Iiiii park.- It Is Mr. Howe's Idea 
in give Schenectady an Ideal place fur women 
nbil children, ns well us- men, to mental* 
during Hie Hummer months, A linn baseball 
diamond Is coiitvmplnted, whllti tounls courls 
will be laid out und athletic sports fostered 
at the park. 

Geo. W. Joiinstonk, musical -director. 
wrlles: "I dosed with 3. II. Basil's mov- 
ing picture show May Ml, after a Inlrty-two 
weeks' engagement. Have la-en working In 
nil electric theatre since then, and If Ihe 
Moiiitii' continues to come njy way. shall .re- 
main for sonic limp longer." 

CiJiiiencb W.' liEtiE.Min, the ''Orlgliinl 
Dutch Comcdlun," writes: "I am mutioker of 
the C. A. Clark Big .City Medlclun Show, 
carrying two sketch learns and n good piano 
player, .1 uui putting on all the acts, ulso doing 
Ihe Hutch comedy In all nets. Dr. Clnrk 
does nothing hut deliver his lectures and 
attend lo otlb-e work. Mrs. Dr. Clark anil Hit 
two. little lots urn ulso with us," 
> I'linu. rAtiAHAMiiiA has. returned lo his 
heailipm Hers in Phlladelpbln, nl lor a MOsl 
sut'ciyisful sciiMiii, and bus his coriM of as- 
slstanls lit work remodeling and enlarging 
bis ulp-idv big piTfori.oitice. A. feature of 
his entertainment Is that his pets wo. till 
workers. Hiern being no stool, or "percli 
wnrnicrs" In use. He uses no mechanical op- 
INtrntim during his is-rformaiice, wblcb lias 

Dwlghl. III., to good business, carrying a cnus-d much fnvornbln comment, botli.from 

liaml and orchestra nnd special scenery. Tho the public nnd press throughout Ihe country, 

rosier uf the company Includes: Jack Ilos- Neither does lie nan a whip nn or off- 1 In* 

kins, manager: Joe Angell, leader of band ; stage.. 1'iiimihaslkn is having his mt dressed 

Win. Basket, lender of orchestra ; If. A, Moles. 
sing'! manager; Geo. Warren and wife. Lloyd 
Hammond, Chas. Reynolds, Jim Foley, Joe 
Angell, Jack Buskins. Win. Basket. Chas. 
Brown, Fronds Martin, Hazel Kussell, Miss 
Warren and llclle Yost. 

Kohxkr or "Handy Bottom" (Guarantee 
Amusement Co.) : Gen. W. Penrose, <.'. (1. 
Allen. Alex Hiory, Fnincls (lollsohnlk, t.'lms. 
nine.' (loo. Warren, Dibble llrlttalne. Mattel 
Owen and 'Am ' Farnsworth. Tn«' business 
manager Is Alex Story. 

Ill co eh'ilsiriite > I vie for this sensuii. lie 
Will lill VI* a special Set. of srciier.v, liiilnlsonic 
stage selling, mid will nlso urn; two nsslsliuils 
In ike art, who will appear In handsome uni- 
forms. I'finuihaslkn himself upis'tirlng In u . 
gnrtooiis diamond costume. Pnnmlisrlkii 
wlsio-s to stnle Hist lie was Hi* originator of 
Die lllh! "Prrformlnif P. -Is." 

iNrihimi's. Die hull wrestler, was nn added 
feature at Rostock's An-nu. Cisiev Island. 
X. V., duHng Mnrdl Grns week, and report* 
making ti great sticcOss. 





OCTOBEll 5. 


>• Styi* «• "Blu» B«ll," Ju*t 

Oatohy, mr»& will torn. »« Big a Hit. 


Two eyes are shining 

Filled with pain. 
Two hearts are pining, 

All in vain ; 
Two lips are calling, 

Fond good-byes, 
Two tears are falling, 

From two blue eyes. 

No Cards Please, Late Program Will Answer. <HL*./&.XI?<0^ J^PS* TIMES CHORUS^ 

It His the Swell Harmony for Duet or Quartette that HORSE'S March Melodies Always Bare. Slides by SCOTT & VAN ALTENA, An Beady. 


1B.OO P»or So-t. 

125 West 37 St., New York. 




Are ahsuimely the belt obtainable; imwiu veiy nu uxporlmcntH, hat tried and true; lience, nssa* Jim tiny 

one, yuur troubles arc at an end. 



, BPKciALfH . | ,,\:-.i. , -ft' ■ 
Hllfrhlly used goods taken In ex cliange, but. ftnuriuiteed to bo In lint class order. 

Edison Exhibition Model, wltii Kiectrtc Equipment and Fireproof Magazines with latest model Take-up, 
nod jnounted on telescope lege, | lor>.oo, Take-up and Magazines, brand new. 

Ertlsdn UnlveriiU Mirtcl,.wlth Electric Equipment and Mager.lues, $65.oo. 

one B. 0. cmnmbja Graphapliohc, Hie big. load kind, coat *loo.oo, the kind you want (or Hoiid Show 
*i or Nickelodeon work, SW.ou. 

Lubln's Rheostat, latent model, |i>,00. 

Bend for Hit of good reels of film at Sts.oo each, three for miw.oo. 

NOTICE- When you bay a new machine for nlckoloileon work you require special tenia* |o unit size 

of screen and distance. We have them In stock and DON'T i II aiiok EXTRA for them 

Others claim, but we ean prove by bsck numbers of this paper, that we are the pioneers In "Sb t p 
plug order, the aame day reeelved." Some claim that coveted title to-day. who had in 
intent ion to engage In thin business a little over a year ago. It takes "brass" to make I he claim, but 

dgnres dou't lie. We always did and propose to continue to .hip machines and accessories 
the day the order arrives. 

Lenses, all focus; Rheostats, anv voltage; Carbons, cored and solid; Cement, Reel Cases and Reels, 
Eleotrlo Lamps, Calcium Lamps, Limes, Ceineut. Rubber Hote, Belting, Oxyllthe Outfits, and Com- 
pound, Complete Machines and parti. ' 

»»■* and 1DI»«~' 

AJways in stock In large quantities. 


Liamnc Dealers in this City and the ONLY EXCLUSIVE House 



verytblng In NEWandS.B. 

Motion Picture 

Films. Stereopllcous, 
Koug Slide* ami Hup* 
piles. Same wanted, 
CntaloRiici free. 



t'LlCKKULEHU MACHINE -Clneograph- 
Optlgrsph No. a— Power's CAMMItAUHAPIl- 
Jfo. », Kto„ With or Without Fire Magaslnes— 



809 Filbert St. 

HtW* Wmvnaum ■ Mi 



About 700 Pairs of SM, 
Ball-Bearing, Roller Skates. 

Answer nt oucu In regard* 10 condition,' style, 
price, etc.. of sume. to \V, l<\ tlONDON. 
llcluiuut Hotel, llnuilltou, Ontario. 





Also t'.t-fiil People with Specialties and 
Kumi t 0111,'dy Experience. 

Miist he llrst ohms and good dressers. Answer 
(lulck. Lowest salary. Hart and liiliuu, and ilelle 
JUIxon, wrlle. CHAS. COI.VI1.LK, 

7tHl Vol uiunt Ave., St. Louis, Ho, 



A tiooii Cliaraeler Man, Dutchman. Heavy Man, 
1'roperly Man. Agonl, Lending Women and Irish 
Character Woman. Name yuur lowest! pay 
your own. Money sure. Wardrobe essont la). Ad- 
dress with photo anil parlleulars. 

Cure of lien. Del., Julinatown, I'a. 




(1001) COKNKT PLAYER. Mint he lliuruiiglily 
experienced In theatre work; sight reader. 
Address 01IAB. K. COI'K, Nnslcal Director. 
Academy of Muslo, Cumberland, Mil, 


JUVENILES, Experienced anil reliable. Ono 

ptcrcorrcp, 48U THIRD ST., (lraiiiljbtpld*. MMi. 

iiKCOMK A I'OWKit. liavolieailliatid Success. 
Hunks on pcrsonsl magnetism, hypnotism, menial 
and uisKtictlc healing, iclopatliy, clairvoyance, 
etc, Instruction given. Enclose stamp for particu- 
lars. Address LOOK HOX lO, Now York City. 

FINK SNAKES, Broken to Handle, 6 feet Ion 
Jt apiece, larger ones, 8 lo 10 feet, JOHN i 
NVYKKT. s aud lOSouth Missouri, Atlantle City, N. J. 





Address K. llo.MMKL, Manager Opera House. . 

Wanted, For 

Tie Henderson Stock Co. 

Jkfrtli for 'Gen. Bus." Soubrello with Specialty, 
.iiivciiiir Woman for Second Dm., Gen. Una. 
Woman, must do Hpfclally. LeiulInK Mnu. uiusi 
have wardrobe, oxperletiee nnd ability. Useful 
Hep.' ■ l'ooalu, write. Salary, low hul sure. We 
never clow. Write or wire. 

. IIICHAKD HKNUKItHON. Walcrtowri, S. II. 



Who Has Streng Baritone VeUe, 

To hIiir Illustrated i*ongs and play for Moving 
I'leiuies (ovenlngs only). In a thestio llfly miles 
from I'lltalmrirh, Pa. wiatc salary, sicarty vrotk. 
Hnre nionov. Address - I- 

A. II. c. 4a, care of N. Y. ci.ll'PElt. 

Sensational Acts, musical 
Acts, Animal Acts 

Aim the VKRV UK ST V <»< A I.I NT H. 
8. LI'llIN, 1130 Market St., I'hlladelphla, Pa. 

Filmsand Slides 

Large Bargain Lists. I*ose, Serpeullno, Advertise- 
ment und Anuoiincement Slides, olieap, 

O.L. HULL ACO., awK.ttlh 81., L'hlosgo. 11L_ 


Two .vniuiK Ken Lions for olln-r niiliuiils or 
siuiill imiili's. Address J. (i. IRWIN, 

Huber's Museu m, Hlh Strwl. X.y. City. 


16 years' experlenee, Oood references. Address 
K, OASKBLL, 710 Broadway, Aibsny, K. V. 



WANTED, a First Glass Tumbler, 

To loin a Troupe AT ONCE. One that has had ex- 
perience as a Gymnast or Acrohat. GOOD SALAKY 
to right party. LADY PREKKRRED. Address ' 
B. B. B.. care of M. Y. CLIPPER. 

C TT A D T* IN SH0W business. 

What Acta to Learn and How. Points on Salary. 
How to obtain engagements. Addressea of 
American mid Kuroneaii Agents aud Mansgers 
of Theatifis, with ALL esscntlnl points for be- 
ginners. The only practical TEACHER of Its 
kind. Price la Cents. Address Otto Supply, 
Dept. It, «0 West 39th Street, NewYork City. 


Substantial, lond, pure 
In tone, easy to tuno snd 
play. Photos, references, 
catalogue, with full In- 
formation will be sent on 
receipt of sump. A.Bran- 
Mlii.Olaasopfion. Mfg., 
4M Flatboah*. 
Brooklyn, N. Y- 


Tell It To Me" 


for mi. on all tntlna and new. stands, or by 
tnalLUo. Address KZIlA KxWOAUL, 

lOadweU Ave., Mayllold Belgkta, ciereiaod, o. 


■ Revenge, to mln. Sketch for Dutch Come 

■ dlan and Houtirette. Parlor setting, simple 
B props. All laughs, screaming climax, fl. 

throe i ver. 2 elm. Parodies on latest songs, 
and 13 Hags, 2ie.; it Parodies and 30 Gags, fine. 
Everything Now nnd Original. Other stun". List for 
stamp, or sent free with ordor. Sketches, etc, to 
order. Price and references for stamp, Mary K. 
P. Thaver, i!190 Broad St., Prov., B. I. 
OKT "THE 004)08. 

START iiie Season IIIUI1T, 
Get our large vatalogue of wigs, 
make-up msterlal, plays, vnuilc- 
vllle sketches and monologue. Ilo- 
ho or Tramp Wig, ooc.: Whiskers, 
ton.) WaxNiise, 18c: Joining Paste, 
10c.; Grease Pulnt, Deep Sunburn, 
l&c; Lluur lo blacken eye, 10c.; 
Clay Plpo, 6c; entire onttft, $1.16. 
Send <c stamji for our large cata- 
logue of Wigs, Mnkc-up Material and "The Art of 
Moling Up," K. TRAIIEMURE CO,, Toledo, 0. 


Elreroen nnd BTak«m«n 
nrn from 9X00 to 9 1«5 
AIQpntfa. Gmilunttnof 
thtd hfhoul In gvvAt do* 
niAnri. Actual rnllivnv 
aflteluli tour h you br 

iuaII d\irhiH->t>iii^i«in'tliin\ 
at tiMHlt k.wI, Free i-aUloff, etc 
Th« WnnLhoRfcUwAy Corrw.Rulioo], 
Box 835. Frtopurt. 

AT l_l 


Experienced Trap Drununer 

Illtl.MS nnd ItKI/LX. JIEItT li. HROWN, 
. 1'oH'h 'I'licnUc. New llivcn. funii. 


Vaudeville People Of All Kinds. 

No 1 wine rooms. Long engagement. KRENAN 

I1R09.. JS'.ii Morgan hlreet, 81. Until. 



S. J. CAR WOItKg, PA88AIC. N. J. 


«ood house, big slage, tine show town, being 
centre of big oil field, J 

J. 8. KINO, Manager, Bridgeport, ill, 


TOUPEES, Paint. Powder. Stomp for price list. 
. 0. BOBISDBKLM. Ill W .aetb St. New York. 


For Piano, Band and Orchestra. W, H. NELSON 
63 West aath Strooi. Now York. 

' ^" r " ■ w sketches, Monologues, Minstrel Jokes, 

Recitations, Mukc-up Goods, etc. Catalogue 1'ree 

DICK A FlTZGERALlt. W Ann St., New York. 



We have nmdo the care nf ninod Poison a 
specially, llloiiil Poison lVrnianeotly Cured. 
You cun ho treated at home under Ihoxaiue 
guaranty. Capital, $;,0o,i«si. We solicit Ihc 
most obstinate eases. If you have cx- 
baustcd thi< old methods of Irealtuent nnd 
still luiv ouches and tmliis. Mucus Patches In 
Month, Sore Throat, h tuples. Coppor-Colorcd 
Bpots, Ulcers on any part of the body, llalr 
or Eyebrows falling out, write for proofs of 
cuj;e^. . uo-page Book Free. 


lift BrUwnlc T.mplt, Chloigo, tll.,U.8.A. 


show printers, lithographers, engravers 
j613-1 6-17 elm bt., st. louis. mo. 
Stock lithographs and posters 
for dramatic, minstrel, vaudeville, 
maoic, hypnotism, movino pictures. 




"Piker i," 

OBT onr prlcei on soap. THEY will Interest yon. 
Hpeclal Dept for making private brands with at- 
tractive labels. Money-getters of big value for 
canvaaaera and fakers, we satisfy and hold onr 
customers. E. M. DAYI8 SOAP CO., 

40 Onion Park Court, Onlcago. 




have on hand a large assortment of slightly worn 
Evening Oowni, Dinner, Reception and Tea Gowns. 
These robes are perfect In every respect, and are 
especially suitable for wear In infill class DRA- 
MATIC PRODUCTIONS. We hav. a full line of 
Seal Skin Coats and Purs of all kinds. 

MRS. II. STARR, 307 South State St., Chicago. 


Of Every Description. 


Broadway and 38th Street, M. Y. City. 


Wfth or without machine and oprrstor. Good 
service at the right price. 



At moderate prices. Large stock, Immense variety. 
Illustrated catalogue free. New mammoth cata- 
logue and 1W7 supplement, 20o. List No. 43 ot 
hundreds of bargains lo fine apparatus for 20. 


116 Ontario Street. Chicago. 


SAMP1ES $1.08"" 

Half Sheets, Window Cards, Three Sheet., etc.. 
for dressing theatre lobby and limited idvertii- 
tog. catalogue for the asking. 


BttVKRLY, tUm. 


Ham tie Very Special Attention of 



Get In touch with W. C. iKirio, a. p. a., 143 
Liberty Street, New York: or P. W. HKROY, k p. 
A., 1300 Broadway, N. T.; 0. K. ARMSTRONG, 1). 
P. A., Newark. N. J.; IRA E. WHYTE, D.P.A., 
Anbury Park. N. J.; C. i. OUMMERSBAOH, D.P. 
A., Scrauton, Pa.; n. E. RUHE, 1). P. a., Allen- 
town, Pa. 

To Managers of Vaudeville and Family Theatres 

Ar«,»ou getting satisfactory Vaudeville Bookings? 

IP NOT. why not TRY THE 
Royer & Balsdon Vaadewllle (Irrulil 
We have one of the best little circuits in Pennsyl- 
vania. Also we can supply you with everything 
pertaining to the theatrical business, anoh as 
Scenery, Opera Chairs, Films, etc. Address all 
communications to ROYKIl A BALSDON, Majestic 
Theatre, Krankstown Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
P. S.— Vaudeville artists send in your open time. 


DESCRIPTION. From aovornment Auction. 
No matter what yon want in that line 1 can 
inppiy it. New or .wend hand, send tot 

Jitaloguo. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 

m South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


ladles' Gowns. Slightly Worn. 


Also Carry Gentlemen's Dctoiid-Hand Clothing, 
ate State Street OHIOAUO 


THKA'I'llU Al. 


Vaudeville and Production. Largest. Scenic Con- 
cern In the World. Water Color, Sllko and Dye. 

Song Books! 


Cover page In two and three coTon. 
Full Sheet Muelo siae. ContaiiiB.aU 
our latest popular numbers. "X ndev 
the Tropioal Moon," ••Won't You Let 
Me Put My Arms Around You r" 
"Morning Cy," « 'Cinderella, <* "Can 
You Keep A Secret P" "Not Because 
Your Hair Is Curly," etc., eto. Two 
Bizeti. Large size, $2.60 per 100; 
email size, $1 per 100. Bend cash 
with order. 


Chicago, 152 Ink. St. N.w York, 1416 B' way 


Power Cameragraph 
Edison Kinotoscopes 


Hepalrlng Moving Picture Maehlnei 
Oar Speelalty. 



662-W4 8UtH Avenne, New Yorlt. 



We manufacture to order Gowns, Ladles' nnd 

Men's Headgear, Military Equipments. Tluhti 

woven to order.any color, itlioin'rt UNIFORHCO., 

Phone, tw Gram. 27 K. Jlat St., N. V. City. 



Fully equipped with kitchen, etc., ready for use. 
Has been overhauled and repainted. Atlanta In- 
Atlanta, Oa. ' 


Three Kill. on Exhibition Machines,'! wo 
Universal!, Three No. 4 Optlgraphs, 7.00U 
ffcot or Film, curat. Send lor HiL ideal 
FILM EX., llil-114 E. Randolph SL, Chicago. 


130 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia. 

Write for Cataloa and Estimate. 




Three Illusions, A Snap for Moving Pletnre 

SHOWS. One artist model, one (runt mystery, one 
decapitated body. All three for $S8, worth tm 
0. Wj ALLEN, a»7 Bowery, N. Y. U. 

Stock Dramatic Paper 

The Finest Lino 

In the> Country. 

Write for price*. 





■tillable far MOVING PICTUHK 


We can make a very low price. Address Dent. C. 
STEEL FURN1TURK CO., Grand Rapids, Hioli. 



Working excursions on south River. Steady 
position. Furnish references. Apply to 

D. W. WISHERD, G. P. A„ Oulncy, In.„ 



PASSENGER Aeronaatlral Bappl*"'* 



Bos 1*1, Madlmio Mjaare, N. T. 




, MASSACHUSETTS, horse show, and a cattle and poultry exhibit. UiLuont (P. F. 8be«, manager). — The 
noslon.— The principal new bills (or the Lyman U. Howe will present Ws latest New York Stars, 23-25, gave a lively show 

.■iirrent week art: Grace George, In "1H 
•Circuits," at the Hollls Street, and "The 
Vvlllea of 1907," at the Colonial. Other 
shifts arc: Billy B. Van, In "Patsy In Poll- 
tics," at the Globe, and Janes J. Corbett, In 
■"flic Burglar and the Lady," at the Grand 
Opera House. The usual weekly change Is 
msdc at the stock, vaudeville and burlesque 
houses. Attractions to continue nre : Blanche 
Bates, In "The Girl of the Golden West," nt 
the Majestic, and William Collier, In "taught 
In/the Rain," at the Park. Business wns re- 
ported good all along the line last week. 

Mollis -Htbbkt (I. B. Itlch, manager). — 
V. A. Brady presents Grace George, In "1)1- 
vorcons," opening Sept. 80 for a fortnight's 
engagement. Frunk Worthing Is chief In 
support During the past two weeks Frank 
Daniels won much favor with "The Tattooed 

Colonial (Chas. Krohmnn, Itlch & Harris, 
uianagera). — "The Follies of 1007" is tho 
current attraction, booked to remain two 
weeks. - Bickel and Wataon, Nora Bayes; 
Grace La Rue, Mile. Dazle, Lillian Lee, An- 
nabelle Whltford, Frank Mayne, Marlus 
Llbby and Florence Tempest are prominent. 
Wright Lorlmer, in "The Quicksands," en- 

moving pictures In Tremont' Temple 4, 5 

and- 12. "...A varied 
for the. food fair to 

Building, Oct. 7-Nov. 2 The Comlque 

Hub, Dreamland; Premier, Court Square. 
Unique and Lyric, moving picture resorts, 
are enjoying fine business. . .Louise Le Baron 
tins rejoined the Castle Square Stork Opera 
Co Francis Mncmlllen will give a vio- 
lin recital In Symphony Hall, Tuesdny even-' 
tag, 8. 

l.mvell. — At the Lowell Opera Housu 
(Julius calm, nuinngvr), Inst week, the Ben- 
nett-Moulton Co. (Ira Nowhall Jr., manager), 

11 with a chorus which was a credit. The 

programme Is promised Tyson Sisters were prime favorites. "A Mil- 
be held In Mechanics' Hon a Ire's Revenge," 20-28, was sensational 

In nn excellent repertory of plays, and with a 
well balanced company, did big business. The 
Cycling Brunettes, two Lowell boys, were i 

tertltbed large and enthusiastic audiences 
oc'the fortnight ending Sept. 28. 
Majs»tic (A. L. Wilbur, manager). — Tho 

Viecond week and last fortnight of jllsnche 
Dates' return engagement In "The Girl of 
the Golden West" Is now under way, with 
capacity business ruling at every perform- 
nncc. She will be followed by Lawrance 
D'Orsoy and Cecilia Loftus, as co-stars, In 
•The Lancers." 

Pamc (Chas. Frobman, Rich A Harris, 
managers). — William Collier continues to win 
popularity la "Caught In the Rain,", the 
third and final week starting 30. "The 
Morals of Marcos," with Marie Doro, will 
have Its first American presentation Oct 5. 
Globe (Stair, Wilbur & Nlcolal, mana- 
gers). — Billy B. Tan Is here for nine per- 
lormances of "Patsy in Politics." He suc- 
ceeds -Not M. Wills, who hod a good week 
for "A Lucky Dog." Samuel Tornberg, In 
•The Money Lender," 7-12. 

Grand Oi'eiia House (Geo. W. Magee, 
WHuager). — James J. Corbctt Is seen here 
this week In "The Burglar and the Lady," 
s play new to Boston. "Through Death val- 
ley attracted sympathetic audiences of prof- 
itable, size last week. "A Chorus Girl's Luck 
' In New York" follows. 

Boston (Lindsay Morlson manager). — The 
stock company continues to Increase In popu- 
larity. This week will be devoted to "ilrau- 
xturlt," first time In Boston. Wilson Melrose 
and Klunnor Gordon will have the leads. A 
well finished production of "Baffles" was 
given last week to big audiences. For week 
of 7 "The Olr' With the Green Ryes." 

Casti.b SqtiAim (Boston Stage Society, 
managers). — "The Grand Duchess" will oc- 
cupy the attention of the patrons this week. 
Clara Lane and Blanche Edwards will al- 
ternate In the title role, and Hsrrly Davleu 
und Henry Taylor wilt share the role of 
l'rl|z. "Itlgoletto" wns well attended last 
week. "The Beggar Student" next. 

Bowdoin SqtiABE (G. E. Lothrop, mana- 
ger). — "A Man's Broken Promise," Inter- 
preted by Charlotte Hunt and the Lothrop 
Slock Co., Is this week's bill. Lovers of the 
sensational were entertained lost week with 
"The Shadow Behind the Throne." In rehears- 
al for week of 7, "A Girl of the World." 

lu: mi's (B. P. Keith, manager). — Harry 
llutgcr Is heavy typed this week, the sur- 
lutimling show Including: Salerno, Emmctt 
l>o Voy und company, Julius Tannen, the 
I'lnneys, Mile. Marguerite and horses, Swor 
Kens., Gardner and Stoddard, Mr. and Mr.*. 
Mark Murphy, Diamond and Smith, Toledo 
imd Price, Adeline Francis, McGrath and 
I'alge, I'arle and Bartlett, und new motion 
' picture*. Business keens up to capacity. 

' Dlii'iiKt'M (A. J. Duffy, business manager). 
—William llawtrey and company, In the one 
nil drsniu, "Compromised." iiends a splendid 
hill thin week, which Includes : George Abel 
and company, Lulgl Rossi's Musical Horse. 
Matthews und Ashley, Hanson and Nelson, 
Morrow and fechellberg, Exposition Four, St. 
Hugo Bros., and newest moving picture*. 

special vaudeville feature, and their act was 
a hit "Tho lted Mill," Sept. 10, had 9. 11. 0. 
"Coming Tliro' tho Bye," with Frank La'lor. 
30; "The Karl aad the Girl." w(,th Alexan- 
der Clark, Oct I. Tom Waters, In "The 
Mayor of Lnuglilund." 2; 'The' Girl from 
Broadway" 3, "Montana" 4, Frank Daniels 1. 

Academy of Music (Richard F. Murphy, 
manager). The stock company offered "Bide 
.Tonus Inst week, for its many patrons, and 
met with big success. Al. McGovern and 
Ethol F.ldar were prominent la lending rolc«. 
Wnrren F. Hill staged the play very artisti- 
cally. John J. Lyons, a Lowell boy, made 
his appearance with the company, and his 
many friends gave htm a cordial welcome. 
This week. "In Mlzzourl." Harry Moore- 
liead, In Illustrated songs, and motion pic- 
tures combine pleasing entertainment 

Hathaway's (John I. Shannon, resident 
manager). — Delighted patrons continue to 
pack the bouse. ^'Little Hip," a clever little 
elephant, and the Basque Quartette were the 
big hits last week. Bill week of Sept. 30 : 
K. F. Hawley und company, In "The Bandit:" 
Six American Dancers, the Van Bros.. Paul- 
ton and Doolev. Clara Bnllerlnl, Roberta 
Keene, Dora l'ellctler, and the Hathascope. 

Boston (Wdi. F. Lyons, resident manager). 
— The Beauty Bright Burlesquers gave an ex- 
cellent show Inst week to big business. The 
olio mentioned : Juniper and Hayes, Bonnie 
Gallagher. Henry Myers and Kit Karson. 
This week : The Blue Cadet Burlesque Co. 
The Boston bioscope Is a standard feature. 

Notks. — The Antique (L. B. Sieve, mana-. 
ger), and the Edlsonla (James Carrnthers, 
manager), are both doing nice business with 


enough, and drew liberal patronage. Jersey 
Lilies Sept 30-Oct. 2. "The Great Express 1 
Robbery" 3-5. Rose Hill Kngllsh Folly Co., 

. la tiik Limemiiiit. — Xoilcc was received 
here the past week of the marriage of Julia 
Snekott, professionally known as Julia San- 
derson, to "Tod" Sloan, the well known 
Jockcv, Hie ceremony tuklug place in the 
groom's apartments In New York, Saturday 
night. Sept 81. The bride Is lllllng the star 
role in "The Dairy Maids," and previous lo 
her going on the singe lived with her grnnd- 
parcuts here, where she spent her childhood 
davs. Her father, Albert Bncketl, Is well 

known on the stage William II. Walsh 

was In town last week In the Interest of 
Eleanor Robson ..... Nance O'Ncll. originally 
booked for Sept. 30. then transferred to Oct. 

3 for the Court Square, has canceled 

'•Taming the Shrew" has been chosen for 

the senior dramatics at Amherst Mlnton, 

the marvel of the air, and the Clnt-k-lloggll- 
llans, triple trapeze performances, have been 

engaged for the Great Harrington fair 

Timothy J. Daly, formerly of this city, la 
now playing vaudeville dates with the Co- 
lonial Four Those engaged for the 

Stafford Springs fair, Oct. 1-3. are: the 
Heroa Family. Montague Cockatoo Circus,, 
the Golden Gate quintette, Ollvclra Trio, 
Orecn aad Weather, Rice Bros., Prof. Geo. 

Lltz. and Bailey and Frlckctt The . 

London Models are soon to sail for Europe,} . , crowdB. Bill week of Sept. 80: 

«h,M. thM will ntav an ftvtftnrteri «nffsne- .... " . .\* K ,._7™_ «„*-.....- „..., ........... ,I,a 

where- tbey will play an extended engage- 
ment. Miss Thayer and Miss Southern re- 
cently joined the company In Boston. 



C. A. Taylor Trunk Works 

36 E. Randolph St., 
row NEW i»o 

130 W. 38th Street, 


Flic" Jolly" l'riccs. Winkler and Kress, the 
Great Dc Lorls, Atwood and Terry, Manuel 
Romanic and company, and Pnthe s latest 
motion pictures. 

Wilson (John V. Sullivan, innniiger). — 
Moving pictures und Illustrated songs drew 

Itnlnth At the Lyceum (C A- -Manilla M. 

manager) 'Hudles." Sept. 28, 24. with S. 
Miller Kent as the cracksman. Business m 
good. Mack Leouo Stork Co. U. in Old 
Kentucky," 10-21, hud good business, "ihe 
House oi a ThmiHanil Candles" 2(1, "Checkers 
27. 28. stock tt». 30. lsnliel Irving Oct. 1. ; , 
stock 3, "The Heir In UN tloorah 4. n. 
stack «. Kara Kendal 7. 8, slock H, 10, "The 

New Bedford.— At the New Bedford The- 
atre (W. B. Cross, manager) "Brown from „ 
Missouri" pleused Sept. 24. Leigh De Lacy weH the past week, 
played a return engagement of one day only, Notks.— The MfL. . 
85, playing at matinee "The KreuUer Davis, managers) enjoyed good patronage tn 
Sonata." and "The I 
evening performance 

was' a 1 *' urge* advance" safe for" "Grace'sierrftt", fioitseaf every performance, 

In "When Knighthood Was in Flower," 20. i - ,»,,„,; /l„„ tfmStmmd. a 

"The Girl fromTjroadway" 80, Frank Daniels, Wolyu ke._At the Opera House (Jiuues .JMS2 J£3 ■ atui oiiilnes" 

tn "1-ho Tattooed Man/' Oct 2: Al Leach. u w g-ConucU. manager) ''The Power That "J ""■* *ffi'J£S Tgi* 

Hypocrites" 11. 18, stock l.'llO. 

"'Khe nniVffhtern of*Men'"' , at7he DiilY'wcck with new "songs and pictures MWaOPOI.ITAN (\V. II. Loilgstrcet, iiinnu- 

rmnnce lhMs% he^mSst wpu SronmlBnd W (F. Noel, m.Swiger) Vow pletures gerj-Kdmnnd Hayes, as ..i i ftV Guy. with 
player wc have had here. There and songa was the magnet that tilled this he .1 

4, "The isurl and the Girl" B. 

Hathaway's (T. B. Baylies, manager).— 
mutlon pictures and Illustrated songs Week of Sept. 28 

The Albambra opens for business as a new 
moving picture and Illustrated Bong house, 
at 230 Central Street, management of J. 
Sachs, this week The parks and con- 
cessions have Just closed very prosperous 
seasons Dan McCabe and wife are 

this theatre bad a very 
Interesting show. Willie the balcony busi- 
ness may not have been quite so large, the 
orchestral circle has been even better tilled 
than before. Week of Sept. 80: Corbley 
Bros., Kmerson and Baldwin. Ida o'Dny, 
Max Witt's Colleens, Klngsloy and Lewie, 

visiting home and friends this week Grant and Hoag, Little Hip, and tho pic 

Billy Nelson writes from Helena, Montana, tures. 

that his show Is doing a phenomenal bust 

nesB throughout the Northwest The 

Cycling Brunettes, two clever Lowell boys, 
open at Pastor's, New York City, Sept. 80, 
for one week, and then rejoin the Bennett- 

Moultou Co. for the season Charles 

Stevens joins the Academy of Music Stock 
Co. tills week as leading heavy, and Laura 

Oakman as character woman J. C 

Davev, eight years manager of the Casino, 
Worcester, Is on the Boston staff this sea- 
son-. The Kdlsonln. Bellows Falls, Yt, 

management of James Carruthers, of the 
local house, reopens Oct. 1 with motion pic- 
tures and Illustrated songs. . .Thomas M. Mu- 
gulre returned homo last week, where be has 
been pianist over the Flynn circuit of parks. 
He reports a very successful season. . . .Hans 
Buries has withdrawn as first violin of the 
Hathaway orchestra, to study at the Con- 
Bcrvatory. Boston. Mr. Borjes Is the son of 
Kmll J. Borles, conductor of the Lowell Or- 
chestral Society, and gives great promise as 

a violinist J. It. Manser, in advance of 

"Black Beauty," was in town last week. He 
Is to arrange for a tour of the principal 
cities of New Bnglnnd The Lowell Or- 
chestral Society had lta first business meet- 
ing of the season lost week. Colonial Hall 
was chosen ns the place for rehearsals and 
concerts. Kmll J. Borjes was again engaged 

us conductor of the orchestra Frank 

H. La Rue left the Academy of Music as here Is at top notch. leading man, lo Join "The Isle of Bong Bong" 

Thhmokt (John B. Schoeffel, manager). — t'o The Lowell Aerie, 228. of Hagle*, 

Notks. — Al. Singleton was In our city 
Sept. 22, as tho guest of the manager, Mr. 
Baylies, nnd spent the day on Mr. Doylies 
' They visited Cutty 

Co. Oct 4, '"Fifty Miles from Boston" 7, 
■•Tho Earl and the Girl" 8, "Tho Time the 
Pises and the Girl" 0, "The Social Whirl" 10. 
Kmi'iiik (T. F. Murray, manager).— Busi- 
ness at this house so for this season bus 
been record breaking, the S. H. O. sign be- 
ing out at evcrv performance. "The Million- 
aire's llevenge;" Sept. SMB. and Irwin's 
Majesties," 20-28, pluyed to the full capacity. 
"From Broadway to the Bowery" 30-Oct. 2, 
the Bowery Hurlesqucra 3-0, "The Grcut 

Jolly Girls, wis the attraction last week 
Business was good. Fur week of 80, the hm- 
plr<> Burtcsiiiii'rs and linger liuhof. 

'.loo Mnlllniid, mnnagort.--A big 

as was good, flu' 

80 : Ilal Duvls 

nnd Wayne, Klrtlo 8t«v«iis, the Bros. Kowd. 
II. R, Parkhurst, Jns. McOlellan, and moving 
pictures and illustrated songs. 

• *+ 

Mrw Orli'niis. -At the Tulslie (T. C 
Campbell, manager) "The Umpire" whs given 
n big reception Sept. 22, Hlg crowds turned 
mil during the entire engagement. JW 
Whitehead appeared la the title role. Others 





Wilton, Harry 
"Tim Laud of 

luiilon nod Chnrles 
Nod" 20 mid week. 

yacht. "The i'lekeroon They ^ visited Cutty- T „ nlon ._At the Taunton Theatre (Culm Wilton Liicknyo Hint. . 

Viunk...... Savoy Theatre [W. H. Shine, »P .managers) the Leigh IX- Laeey Co.. Cii«kcknt IT. C. Campbell, iimiingcr).-- 

mannger) continuous moving pictures, with *eek of Sept. Si, gave a strong line of plays. Capacity greeted Yafto am AdMins, 22-88. 

vaudeville attractions. House Is well pat- *"**"}• „|£„ c<1 '„,,aienecs. "The Time, the in their iu«w musical comedy. "Playing the 


to Well pleased .. 

Place and tho Girl." 25, played .to K. H. , O. 

'At Yale" 80, "The Earl and the Girl Oct. 

■i — At the Lynn (F. G. Harrison, mau- 2 "Adrlff In New York" 8, Wright Lorlmor formers. The play pleased from the 
the Fenbcrg Stock Co. closed Its en- 4 Al. Leach. In "Happy Days," S. • .• lo tho fall of Urn enrtoln. "Tim I 

•nt Sept. 23T und pleased. "The Greci •'u CJ . KIC (p. n, proiity, manager).— Good Auction" 'Jl» and week." "Htnuiglieart 
booked for 20, canceled, on account ot 
npnny disbanding. "The Eurl and the 
came 28. to big buslne<s. "The Red 

IIH" :il). 'Coming Thro' the ilyc" Oct. I. 

Happy Days" 2, R Thc Mayor of Lutiglilnud" 

. "The Girl from Broadway" 4, and "At 

Yale" 5. 

At'DiTORiUM (Harry Ruizes, manager). — 
Business continues big. This week's bill : Lu 
Belle Veoln, Sheldon and company, Mr, and 
Mrs. Ilobyns, Friend nnd Downing, Felix and 
Claire. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Lucler, Paul Coo- 

returns week of 23. Bookings Tor week or 
3U : Oilson and Countess, Irene Temple, Sam 
White, Lillian Beach, and O'Kork's Orches- 

i s ■ 

Lawrence.— At the Opera House busi- 
ness Is good. Week of Sept. 30, Adam Good 
Co. ; Frank Daniels, In "The Tallooed Man," 

Colon ui.. — Good business. Hill week of 
Huut. 30: Edwards Davis and company, Lin- 
ton and Lawrence, Henry Cteve nnd com- 
pany, Montgomery und Moore, Jim and Jonny 

X ■ well balanced bill this week Includes : 
George Fuller Golden, Guk Elcn, Kara, Hope 
Booth and company, De Fuyc Slaters, New- 
hold and Carroll, Fields and Ward, Olympln 
(Junrtctte, Alexundroff Troupe, and new ani- 
mated pictures. Business satisfactory. 

Columbia (H. N. Farrcn. manager).— 
With the Sam Devere Show this week arc : 

are to entertain the Q. W. P., Theodore A. 
Bell, of the Eagles, nt Elks' Hall, 3. Both 
the city and other fraternal societies will 
join In the welcome.' 

Fall Klver.— At the Savoy (Wal:"D. 

Itecd. resident munagcr) Grace Merrltt. In 

"Whon Knighthood Was In Flower," Sept. 

I'bll Ott. Nettle Nelson, Al. Stedman, Jacobs i>5, drew a good house aad gave great satis- 

and Went. All. Ihn,r,>r no, I AH. Rlmnndtt anil <s,,.n,.,, "Thn Thin- thn t'ince and tile 

and West, All, Hunter und All, Slmonds and 
Ward. La Vcllc Sisters, and the Devere Pony 
Bullet. Perrelli and Decker will meet In a 
wrestling bout on Tuesday night, and the 
amateurs will be In evidence Friday night. 
The Kentucky Belles prospered last week. 
The Avenue Girls 7-12: 

iIiih'auii (Jay Hunt, business manager). — 
Tim Thoroughbreds move down to the West 
end this week. In the burlesques and olio 
are : Marie Richmond, Harry Le Clnlr, Josle 
I'lynu, Mile. La loska, Howard and tinder, 
nnd (he Dancing Mitchells. The house 
vaudeville bill names : Le Clair und Bowcn, 

fnciimi. "'flie Time, the Place and 
Girl," 24, with Arthur Deagon, Violet McMII- 
len, George AndcrBOn und Harriet Burt In the 
leading roles, and supported by an excellent 
chorus, wns greatlv enjoyed by an audience 
that ailed the house to Its capacity. "Brown 
from Missouri," 27, sad "At Yale," 28. 
pleased. Frauk Daniels Oct. 1, "The Girl 
rrom Broadway" 2, "The Earl and the Girl" 
3. Al. Leach. In "Happy Days," 4, "Coming 
Thro' the Uye" l», "The Mayor.of Laughland" 
10, "The Lion und the Mouse" 11. , ■ . 
Academy oy Music (Wm. D. Reed, resi- 
dent manager). — "Wine. Women and Song. 

Wise and Milton, the PlotOs, Jack Beaaley, a ep t. 23-26. gave u good show, and greatly 
Hpbiu, Thomas Potter Dunne, Perry and pleased. "Adrift In New York," 28-28, 
I'ciuve. Howard and Cameron, and Whalley gcorcd well. Snepard's moving pictures drew 
mid Whalley. Good business for the Avenue good audiences, afternoon ind evening, JO. 
Girls- lust week. 7, A Millionaire's Revenge" 30-Oct. 2, "A 

Chorus Girl's Luck" 3-5 

IMi.aci; (C, H. Wnidron, manager). — Fred 
Irwin's; Majesties this week. "Only u Klug" 
serves to Introduce the company, and In the 
"Ho are: Fay, Mack and company, I.ambet-t 
nnd Williams. Bradley and Barnes, Walker 
und Meek. Lillian Franklin, Lulu Watt and 

Shisedy's (Chas. E. Cook, manager). — Dan 
Burke and his "School Girls," topped u good 
bll'l last week, that drew excellent business. 
Bill week of 30 : "Modern Office Girls," Work 
aud Ower, Torcnt, Willie Weston. Jaa, A. 

hiti'inK. Salem (Geo. B. Clteetbam, muiiu- 

§or». — "The Karl and tho Hlrl" camo, Sept. 
7, to a good house, and "Wine, Woman and 
Song" wns the, attraction 2H. T'lln wees, 
"Th« Mayor of Luugbland" .'«), und "Happy 
Days" Oct. 1., Salem (Julius culm, mimugeri. -- 
The bouse Is dark this week on account of 
alteration* and Improvements underway for 
the season of vaudeville, which opens 7. 

Nom — The Theatre 'Comlouc. Dreamland 
and Electric, all giving moving picture show. 
are doing good business. 
• ■ 

Worentrr. — At the Worcester (J. F. 
Burke, resident manager) "Through Deutti 
Valley" Bent. 30-Oct. 2, "The Time, the 
Place and the Girl" 8, 4, Tom Wuters. 
"The Mayor of L-iugbtuud," 5. "At Vale 
Sent 23-25, did good business. 
- Fiiaxki.iv (J. V. Burke, resident maua- 
geri. — Wee': of Sept. 80: May Belford, Chus. 
R. Sweet W. C. Flelde. Ida Full-jr, Froslnl. 
Fin lay nnd Burke, Collins and Brown, und 
the animated pictures. The management has 
made a new schedule ot prices, 10, 20, 30 
eveulngs, 10, 20 matinees. Business fair. 

POLt's (J. C. Crlddlc, resident manager). — 
Week of .10 : John T. Kellcv and company, 
In' "A Game of Con :" Ned Weyburn's '"Hide 
Show," with Eddie Mack ; thn Four Itlnnns, 
Kelly Bros., t'Ji'lun and Mitchell, In "The 
Land Agent;" Almoin and Duinonl, and the 
Colonial Four The Electiograph us usual. 
Business to capacity. 

NOTR. — The Worcester Music Festival will 
tuke place In Mechanics' Hall Oct 2-4. Oct. 
'Job," with F. S. Cou verse. Schumann 


Al.Um.-ni.i.lU. At the Metropulltsu Upcrn 
House it. N, Scott, mnnagar) week begin- 

luin'nlmlcr of the week, Leo Dltrlchslelii, III 
"liufore and After," also lwul good houses, 
"micMielr to the lioornh" Oct. (III. "The Col- 
lage W<low" 10-12. 

TltJCi) Oi'BIia IIouhk (Thco. L. Hays, man- 

nger).— For week beginning Sc|>l. 20, "The 

Volunteer Organist " 22 una week, "A Fight 

tue lag Chance" bad crowded houses. "Nellie, 

'.'•, 'H the Boautlful Clonk Model," ne«t week. 

iaie, Qmuihi'm -(Martin Beck, manager). — Bid 

(or 20 and week : Grace Van Bludulford, Sis- 
ters O'Mocrs, Seymour and Hill, Gurteiln 
Urothorr, Potu Baker, Four iHlnty Dancers, 
Itcidy and Currier. Very good business 2'J 
and week. 

Lycxijm (Clirlsilne Hill, inaiiugeross). — 
ciirlstlne Hill Stock Co. for 20 and week, In 
"Tho Price of Peace." The same company, 
In double bill, "Jane" and "The Soldier Boy * 
-Sweetheart" week of 22. Same company, In 
"In Missouri " next week. Business Is re- 
ported excellent 

DEWUY (Archie Miller, manager). — Ed- 
mund HgfCB, In "The Wise 1 Guy," 20 und 
iv.cek. The Ilollickers, 22 and week, had 
very good business. Empire Buricsi|Ucrs mixl 

Umui'K (John Klllutl, iiiiinngvij. — For 
llrst week In October, the hill In part Is as 

Ponies." This pair of clover comedians are 

surrounded by a big company of flno per- 

The play pleased from the raise 

Devil h 


lutri'iiisv: (Jnu. W. Ilnrrv, msnager).---- 

The Hnrry-lliirke Mtock IJn. for week of .38, 

presented "Ep York Hinte. and H. K.' *»■ 

greutcd I ho old rural comedy. J. FriuiK 

Burke, us Darius Green, did good work, iik 

did Lillian Bayer and Illanelm Hotislmw. 

"Bonnie Scotland" 20 and wm*. 

(Irhkswali) (lly. Greenwald. mauagor) . — 
A crowded house greeted "The Girl rnmi 
Hupiiylnnd" 22-28. ('lurk's Runaway Girls 
» and Week, llastlng's Bachelor Club unit 

|||..inmy'm 1.JUIC (.1. V. McHtwi. resldHiit 
iiinuognr).— Under Uio iiorsoniil <llr>-ct1oii ..r 
Waller S. Baldwin, the BiildwInMelvlll • 
Stock Co., week of 22, was seen to H"!;'t "d; 
viinlngo, In "Parted on ller>. Ilrlda lour. 
Hlg reluriiH for Ihe entire week. I litis. Mo- 
grum, (lis elevnr leading ludy was warmly 
welcomed. Homo banullful tlorul tributes 
wcro pusseil over the footlights H»h*r. Man- 
sIch rrecimm ami all tin) iilher nil favoi'"« 
met Willi niiKli uppreeliitlon. "Ills lerrlblo 
Hi'criit" 211 and week. 

OHPHKitM (Martin llwk. general iniiiiageil. 
—For week of 30: Borxac's ImrMus, Burner s 
innilonclteM, Lndpll iilld Ciouch. Lllllali 'lyee, 
Biiiuii. Ilomni. 'Jl'rrr, "Teildy Trio, und 
casev mill Craiiey. 

Hi.YHltiM (N. (». Aiiiuseiimtit Co,, iiiiiuii- 
gers).— "An Exodlum to I'nnaiou,' with sumo 
good speclulrles, won a|iplnusi> week of ii. 
- i ' 4 I ♦ 


AukmsIh. ■ -Al- ihe Grand ill- L 
Do Glvo managers) Wilton Ltickuye, 
Bondman," comes Sept. .ill. Oct. 




Of 7, Bowery Burlesquers. 

Austin A Stone's Museum (A. B. White, 
manager). — An up-to-date curio hall show 
this week employs : The Typlca Mexican Or- 
I'hestni, John F. Breckenrldge, comedian, com- 
poser and cowboy poet: Hum Johnson, human 
tank ; Orturn, Japanese lady magician ; Al- 
foiiKo,' glass cater: Toon's Band, and others, 
»» ll(e theatre: The Minstrel Maids, Intro- 
ducing: Vesta Gilbert, Ruth Clarke. Helen us ever, filling 
* HiTord. Mnudc Norton. Ida Campbell, Elcn- a capable one, 
nor Isjwveuce. Cassia French. Marlon Allen, terpretatlon, 

Tilly Santry, 
Win. Fulton, 
.„ jy Becchcr and 
Muye, Wilson and Hess, Tom Bateman, (lie 
•Iojcub, Vera Belnuco, aud Tom Meadows and 

Walkkk'n Muhuum (L. B. Walker, msnu- 
■r-iTt- — The Soubrotteu' Couveutlon, Prof. Mll- 
'er, broom king ; Zara, magician, and the 
monkey circus are curio hall features this 
week. • Stage entertainment Is furnished liy 
•Nellie Buckley's Burlcsquo und Vaudeville 
; '-o. In the olio arc: Florence Glbbs. Mamie 
UUMsClI, Bertie Roberts. Edna Orsnt, May Col- 
lins, Frank lu Hamilton nnd MertU; Doherty. 
N'ickkjuiiikon (W. H. Wolffc, manngcr). — 
the curlu hall : Curl Bush, strong mun : 

ported good . 

ger) moving pictures and Illustrated Bongs, 

bv Mildred Newton. Business Is good. 


nor I/uwveucc. Cassis French. M 
Eleanor Martha. Adcl Norton, I 
Frank Cook, Chas. Milton, W 
^rapk Lnrkln, nnd extra acts by 

Pruf. Dei., p n i M! r king: Prof. Hall, magician, 
"ml Walter Wcntwortli. contortionist. Tins 
Wllm show | 8 S |v cn by Dollle Clifford's Silver 
Mar Burlesquers. Oilo Includes: Nan Show. 
Jlola Mcehan, Elsie Prescott, May Crosby. 
'""•<li. Iis'eb. o*-rlc \m Will* LHIIwi 
Li'jrnoil and Eddie Glgurc, 

Notk«,—'|i h » Brockton Fair, will ho hold 
J'ct. f.4. i Among Ihe fen tures will Isj Kna- 
wushuv and his ulrublii. a vuitdevlllu show, 

sfeod." 24. proved as strong a drawing card 
the house. The company was 
and gave tho play a fine In- 
Sam Bernard, In "The Rich 
Mr Hoggenhelmer," 25. made a decided hit 
with an audience which taxed the capacity 
of the house. The star was never seen to 
belter advantage, und bud the support of a 
well balanced company, Howe's moving pic- 
tures were seen by a fair house 20. blcanor 
l'.olison Oct. 2. "Shore Acres" 4, "The Karl 
und the Girl" 7, "Fifty Miles from Boston • 
g II "The Time, the Place and the Girl" 10, 
"The Social Whirl" 11. 12. 

I'on's (Gordon Wrlghter. uiunugcr).— 
Eckhoff und Gordon. Colonial Four, prank 
D. Bryan's human flags, und Apdalcs ani- 
mals were the leading acts on last week s 
bill, which crowded the house at every per- 
formance. Card weak of Sept. 30 : Joe Hart s 
"llalii Dears." Curtis-Palmer company, Hum 
Wllllums, MIddleton-Hpcllmeycr and com- 
pany. Cook and Stevens. Carroll and Biker, 
ita din's monkeys, and elcctrograph. 

Nslson (Louis 10. Kllby, manager).— The 
London Models were the top liners last week. 
How Booth and company, and Mile. Agount 
also pleased. Bill 80) ATM week : Woodward's 
nculs. Ed. Blondcll and company, Colcedo and 
Ott. Reniiler and Sterling. James McUonuld, 
S'afuazl, mid animated pictures ,....< 

J'un, manager) 
»lrl" came Sept *4, to a packed house, at "fim (Um L- Hays, manager). — "Th« 
advanced prices, and the general Tcrdlct of Volunteer Organist*' drew very good house* 
those who saw It was that It was a capital W( , e k of Sept 22. For week of 20, "N'ellle. 
Arthur Deagon, as Hanpy Jack, the Beautiful Cloak Model." David lllgglus. 
was tho fife of the show, Miss in "His Last Dollar," next week. 

OliPfll'iiM (Martin Beck, gelierill iniinogcri. 
— Business was good week nt 22. The bill 
for week of 20: The Stunning Grenadiers. 
Violet Black, World aad Kingston. Bessl i 
Vulduri! Troupe, tho Arlington Four, Helen 
Adair, and Itosu und Jcanstte. 

Majbmttu (D. Jack Bondy, manager).-- 

Siirlniflleld — At the Court Square (D 

0. GHmore, manager) a large .iiidlencc sought offering. At 

Its amusement la ''The College Widow." .Sept. the gambler, 

•>1 It wan lust as pleasing and amusing as Bert as the widow, and Violet McMillen. us 

upon Its previous visits, ^Tho Old Home- the girl, were most prominent. "Wine, Wom- 

an and Song" came 27, to a big house, and 
gave a good show. Louise Aubcr, "The Gib- 
son Girl," made a bit. Myer Harris, In the 
sketch, "End of the World, gave a fine pleeo 
of character acting. "Hearts of Gold" Oct. 
3. "Brown from Missouri" 20. 

LvcKiiii (S. B. Htlftc.r, manager). — This 
house was ready to open on 'Sept. 30. Man- 
ager Stlfter announces It will be a two show 
a day house, with polite vaudeville In all 
that- the name Implies, and will cuter to- 
lady audiences. The theatre has been en- 
tirely refurnished and decorated i:t a largo 

Notks. — The Scenic Theatre business Is 
uolformly good, the performance being Illus- 
trated songs and moving pictures. The 

changes of ftims arc three times a week 

BclllUghniD Fulr. Wednesdey. 25, was largely 
attended, also Ihe Colon Fair. Vaudeville 
attraction", ulr shin, horse rates, etc., nude 
up the programme at both fairs. 


North Adams). — At the Empire (John F. 
Sullivan, manager) the Kirk Brown Stock 
Co., week ot Sept. 23, did excellent busings. 
It proved In be one of the best repertory 
companies that over played In this city. Due: 
"The County Sheriff'' 110. "Montana'' Oct 1. 
. IticinioNii (M. II. Taylor, manager).— Last 

lluui) (Jake Wells, iiioiiiigoi).— The I' our 
Mortous In "The Big Stick" enjoyed ciiuacl y 
business Sept. 23-2S. "The Candy Kid IK) 
and week, 

UUMflrDH iWelWr & Hush aiiiiiogersi,- • 
Another successful weok was enjoyed -*'•-"- 
The offering was: Gardner and Hloildnrd, 
Gertrude Black, McNIsli and Penfold, Alius 
Ciimeily Fnnr Voinoiniila Bros,, Four Iwc*- 
ctls, Kckert and B'irg nnd the klnutogrupli. 

Htaii (J. II. Thompson, iniiiiiigor).— Gnui 
business was thn result of thii ciivcr 1)111 
presented 2.T28, which Included: 'lie >ai- 

. I. am 




tun.- ittitik— The copitui ICIins. T, Tay- 
lor, malinger) was opened for the season by 
I'liylim Sisters Co.. to good tiusliWiss. "Mi- 
Fudden's Fluts" Oct. I, Tim Murphy 3, I'ul- 
ron Stock Co, 0-12. 

Majkhtio (Saul H. llurrls, luaiisgiiri.-- 
'I'hls house of viiudcvllle opened for llii) sea- 
son Sept. 23. with the S. 11. O. sign «ui. 
People were turned nwuy, It hleng n rec- 
ord breaker for iitlundgnce In the history or 
tho house. Mr. Harris wns the manager last 

The house was well tilled at all perloriiiaocKS, wiiiiin'iind again This charge for Ibis "season, 
week of 22. Tho people for week of 211: I ho 11w ,,it rn ,.tlniis wure: ftoekwuy and Conway, 
Amcrlcun Trio, Wlllbur Anno, Irene [.Dili. 

Owen nnd Gnmber, J. Ilurnai'd Dytlyu. and 
the Three Qrlgluul Livlers. 

Staii (.1. C. Van lloo. manager t.— Roger 
Imhoff, with die Kin pi re Shaw, drew big 
bouses week of 22. Frank Golch. with Miss 
New l'ork Jr., week of 20. The I'arlsliui 
Belles next > 

iViNiiKuii (Arthur White, iiiuniiger).--Tlils 
house li id u change of iiiuiiugement week of 
23. Smith B. Jlufl rcllrlug. und Is-hig suc- 
ceeded hy Arthur While, treasurer. Business 
was good week of 23. 'Tile people on I lie 
stage week of 30 are: Geo. li Duvls, thn Mu- 
sical l>J Fays. Brooks and Kingman. Harold 
(J, Moron, and motion pictures, 

EMi'tiiB (Sam Fink, manager):— Business 
continued fair week of 23. New people for 
week of 30: Clarke's dogs nnd ponies, nnd 
Mabel Forrest. All the others will hold over 
except the Musical Millers, Dorothy X. Illrsu 
und Kale lllghy. 

Amirl'omijH.— The llandu Uossu played In 

week's bill proved to be all exueUeiit owvaitd 'bit ■**' tutuuslaitl': atullciices week of a 

Clarence Hlegel lloberls, lluyes and Itojit-rts, 
Dlek Gardner and Anna Hevere. Herbert and 
Willing, lirein Heir Brothers. BUI for week 
of 30 : Yuma, the Mysterious ; Lewis Mc- 
Cord und compiiny. Lopez und l.opei, Harney 
end Muvcs, Adelyn Dinner, and Omiriis. 

SVri:H.--- Gentry's Dug and I'ony Shows 
c-iini" HI, 17, In overllnwliig umllnilces. . . ... . 

Biirriitn A lliilley's Get II Muimgor 

Taylor nnd Mrs. Taylor were alisent for sev- 
eral weeks Just prevl'ius In 23. enjuylng a 
tn lifts needed rest nfler closing Forest Park 
for Hummer. While absent they were on the 



WTliiii iiKtou. — At the Grand Opera House 
(Cowan Bros., managers) "Human Hearts" 
pleased Sept. 2r». "Damon and Pythias" did 
good liusliii'MS. "Heil Feutller" <M. 4. ' 

GBN-raY Buns.' VVKVn, 23. drew two large 

Hi fiito Oat's wild wbsi Oct. 7. ' ; 

mm MSS^lWSM. 


•It I*- «*•* *v ,k i*i •* 


ormposa. . 

T 1 bohee, ,. 


■ i i ;■ : ., . '•;'■" » ■ , ,i . ' 

'^ATtBDAl, OCTOBER 5. 1907. 

flnWcd Jane 2». 1BTO, «t the Pout Offlce at 
New York, N. Y., *a second clan matter, anoer 
tbe act of March !l, 1S7». 


Adverrtaemeiit*- »2.B0 per Inch. ■logte cohjma. 
advertisements set wllb border, 10 pet et. extra. 
.',, »i5Bscnii"fioN. 

-., OnaiyCir, !n advance. 14; al* month*, »: three 
amnW »l! Foreign poitoge eitra. Simla coplra 
«IU be netiW uwninilu, on rtXMlpt of, 10 centa. 
. , Oar Termn ar«- < ,'B»b. 

THE CLIPPER la Isnuetl every Wednesday awn}- 
log Tlie lant four (advertising) pages 00 TO 
l-BtffSl on Saturday at J 1 a.:m.) and the other 
pages on MONDAY arid TUK8DAY. 
Tlie I'orma ,CIq««i.« .Promptly, Toea- 
day nt 10' o'clock A. M. 

Plciii remit by express, money order, check, 
P O. order or rctiisterod letter. All caali enclosed 
vrtth let tar, la -at the rlak of, sender. ,.,.. 
A<ldr<i»a All nimmnnlMtlona to 
. . , . 47 Weat 28tli Htreet. New »0t«. 
nrci'iVl:<l..(}able.A<lititt:ti>, • ' AimioarrT;" 
AT Tub Currai la' 'Mealed' at Room 504. Aiblaod 
ulock.-Cnlomro, Jotm T, Prince Jr., manager and. 
HUrBsnoBrteBt; Where advertisement* and aobacrlp- 
llona are received at our regular rale*. 

r^cated at 14 l.»lceater Street, Leicester Bnuare, 
LoOdftOi W. 0.1 Henry George Hllitort, man**". 
wioVo advertisements and HiitiscrlpllOnB are re- 
ceived at our regular ratea. 
• Tut BM can uk iiiiT*iNKii, wiioi.ssai.b asd 
lian-Aii.. at our agenla, Brenlaho'* news depot, <)T 
Avenue de I'Opern, I'nrln, Ifranoa; at. I.lllentliol, 
Frederick Straaae 101 (Terniliina Hotel). Berlin, 
N W.. Germany; Diamond New* Co., 120 Prndo, 
Havana:' Manila Hook and . Htatlouery Co.. Via 
KjTcLiu, mYuII*. P. I. : Albert A Son, 1HM30 King 
St.. 'Sydney, Australia. 

onlv one edition, and that !■ dated 
troin New York. •■ 



"'.ft.* N ,.::•'■ i ' i i i i . , -.. r-, 

Ffo nepllea by Well o r Tel«»r«ph. 


ix-ilusat v* avoir ««nuM».w*JTa to TltoaawBoii 
TJtCT bibk, IN- una* or TUB CUPPBB PoM 


wsuit oNLt. 1» **im Mm or aky tiie»*hic»i. 
i nyj'aNr i» souoiit, iinran Tu our libt or Rootsa 
SF ANornka i-*«r.- Wi oimnot hind nouns at 
KiiL o« TRLtoaar H. # 

■',;,, ,■',, uhAmatic. 

Jli. A. 1 , Buifka Si)rlng8.-T-W« biivn no knowl- 

Jib of'.the predcilt wnoft>|l<iolltB of the party. 
ilreBH a-.let(br.lli;OUr clire uriiJ we will ad- 
ivWIne It In THH Cliimu letter Hut. 
,-K. r 8 tt Boaton, 

• .;■:'.;?. !*;:;• , 

Vlkjrxiquii," and ■ ■» £ • 

'• Itrti'llKHTKil.— .Se« iihHwi'r tn It. A., above. 
AWi H...U6iKBWdy;— l..Hc 1h im Indian, 2. 
A-tlfttil llftuen ullnutpH;,.,. _;,' 'a-.i..' • 
..vWtO.;. New.Vtrtk.— l.,WcAdo not, know 
uliui urlringeuii'nt.tJIc initnugeiiimil made wllli 
llli> l.B. Uovernment. 2 and .'». Bee answetB 
In W. II., above. ..••.• „l 

D, X. O., U. 8. B. Neliraaka.— Sbe wb« a 
iiiombi-r of tbe "llorodora" company, 

il, i:,B.,Ht. I^mlh.T-rWe do .not know what 
loiBfinny bo la wltb t«l« HHttaon. . ., 

,J. IX. II. Jr., Byracum'. — 1. Write tho 
prtrl'IPM to wliiim yon refer for Information. 
:.<')'lic aeafiou opena about, the mladlM of 
iuitiiki, und.oloHM about \m« 1. ,' 
, X' W. hi Clwelufid.— AddreiiRjhe-.Crcit 
'IH'iidlniC C«.. 144 WeRt Thlrty-aevehtb Street, 
Xm York City. ' ■ . • „ _ . 

• II,- <i., Went l.yjui.— AdUrena the ofBce of 
jliQiMnmnm &Holley Sluw, 27 Weat '1'wcnty- 
HMMld Streot, New York City. . ■. 

, fl,. I«\ . D., lbiUlmorc. — David Warileld 
ii'liiyfd; I'Tlie Mualc Mamler" ontaldo uf New 
York tin greater part,9f laa( aeanon, appear- 
Irit In aoine of the larger cltleH. ; 

-!r. I\ C, Nowar|c.— Watch our vainlerllle 

*Mg r *T k Vh...dol P b.o.-Wrlt. the 
n'iir;tlPii to wftom you refer for tbo Intorma- 

.1.' II., New ii»rk.-^l. See answer to W. U. 
l'. wo hove no nu'iiim of knowing. 
•• J,. ». K.. WaaUlngUn.— Watch our vaude- 
ville route Hat each week. , , i .• ■ 
. <J. n. — tiik < Lii'j'Hti 1'iilumna contain from 
week . lo- waek, tile advorllaementa of tbe lead- 
ing moving ulct|ire concern«. . • 
; ,S. Hu walllngford. — We have no menna of 
imowlng whether or not be will appear In 
New York tblB neanon. - 


"£i? : 


'•iiintiT On a HoiiNRiioAT." Colonial. 
l.A (UnDiNtA *m> compamy, -Colonial. 
Tilt; ItOMANY Tiniiii'w. New York. 
'I'm; (lAiuwoiiMiiiTii (reappearance), New 
York. • 
llAMHY Von Tilkrii, Victoria. 
•'XluTO MlRl.." Victoria. 
\Ymitb anii Stuaiit- (new act), Victoria. 

Sri.l.l.A MAYIIbW ANIt Hll.l.lK TAYLOHi K. A 

P, flitd . llundrod imil Twenty-llfth Street. 
I'dtimi r. Uaii.kv (new act), Alhaiubru, 
.Iu.ia lUi.i'ii Union Square. ... 
Ii'iyk l'KiiiHi;<ii-nn, Union Sqoare. 
tUi'K and CaiiMN . (now act), Union Square. 
,li:.\NNKTTK AlHlA'll.l.n, 1'IIHtor'n. 

Ililll AND Til', I'llHtlir'N. . 

iij:iiAi.niN'K MpCa.nn (now net), Pastor's, 

• HllHKHTH KOllHi-l'UHlor'R ,- -. 

■ ii. . iu....h.m.,. ; i.-.j..j,,.j...i,'.,- — 

' ■'< wrst vkitiniNrA. 

YVlu-elliiir.— At the Court Theatre (Kd- 
wnril Aloore, tnutinper) flnrah Trunx, In "Tbo 
Binder'* Web," Sept, 25, plonaed. VoReln 
SibiMi-elH, 2d.- had good roturna. Albortu 
Uallntln, In "Judith of the Plains," 27. and 

Veajt* Victoria. . 

Celebrating her return to Ihla-alde of tbe 
big pond with the Introduction of fcome new 
eongH, Veat.i Vlctorlu, pride of the Kngllnh 
boll* and, no Idol of one own people, paused 
aver tbe footllglita of the New York Theatre 
last week aome of tbe boat afisorted brands 
of cockney dialect aelecttona, to the accom- 
paniment of tremendous applause. No one 
doubts that Minn Victoria Is a big drawing 
i.inl. but If there ..wore any fears that her 
popularity was- even ii little, on the Wane, i 
vbilL to the New York home of "adraucod. 
vaudeville" last week would have dl*pelled 

^Ik 1 limr the ciccupnnts of the orchestra 
clialrn applauding vigorously, and. tbe Irrti- 

Sreaelble youngsters of the gallery yelling 
welcome and Joining In with her choruses 
as heartily aa though then were to receive 
' the regular chorus man's- pay for their vocal 
efforts. All of which Aunt have been grati- 
fying to her and to the management. 

With VBIIIy Oreen" as one. of her retained 
numlicra, she started proceedings wltb a vim, 
and later sang a song with a special set as 
a background, durlied somewhat on the or- 
der of the South Boa Islanders, with ex- 
nggeratlons of the leafy costume that those 
children of nature are. popularly supposed to 
wear, and with a right royal crown of tin, 
sbe Hindi- a comical picture, and as sbe was 
the wife of the king ahe hnd every rlgbt to 
deck herself out In atich regal, splendor. It 
appears that the Had part or her experience 
was that she was In reality a native of our 
dear old Bowery, and a ship that wouldn't 
hold together won responsible for her pres- 
ence on tbe Booth Urn. island; and her eleva- 
tion to the mad whirl of Its court. 

In "Don't <lct Married Any More, Ma," 
sbe was the demure little damsel of tender 
yearn, who lamented because her maternal 
ancestor would persist In getting tangled up 
In affairs of the heart and sad experience at 
tbe altar, and this) was about the most cntchy 
of the slings' she gave, Then there was an- 
other .one, In which sbe was the widow Who 
wns pining for a kiss, . and .wbo would like 
to know, if any gentleman present would care 
to Indulge with her .In. this pastime.. All 
l hose who were so disposed . were to gay 
"goo, goo," There wore a great many who 
were evidently very well Impressed by the 
widow,' and the "goo, gooa" were many, which 
created quite a little fun, :> i ,, ,,.. . i 

Miss- Victoria has begun her bookings 
over the Klnw & Krlanper vaudeville cir- 
cuit most promisingly, Her last year's suc- 
cess, "Poor .Irdln, has not been forgotten 
by tbe public, and'she has to .give It. as. an 
encore number In order, to satisfy demands 
fur it. Her net runs about tblrty minutes. 

i ' .„ <*» ; — 

"In breaiuliiiid." 

■ Emmet t lie Voy .brought to this- city last 
week his latest- vaudeville- offering, - "In 
Dreamland,". and showed- at the Tweuty-third 
Street Theatre something quite novel for 
vaudeville-, with features that; are dot only 
fiinuv but away from the beaten path. - Mrl 
lie Voy, lb addition rn playing the lending 1 
chorartor.lii theplere has, ihe' credit ofbav- 
lug wrllten It lilumi.'lf.nml with Ihe assistance 
of. lUrry l.enuliu rill's' Ulcus In nutting It- on 
the stage, be bns a very creditable little pro- 

. There Is Rome good cnrhedy In ihe linos 
and situations, and the laugh* are gained 
with such regularity and are so hearty that 
even* llrst performance, Monday mati- 
nee of Inst week, whert there occurred several 
Utile hitches that are incident to Initial pres- 
entations, its merits were so pronounced that 
It made one of the biggest hit* on an uncom- 
monly good bill. .. 

Tbe settings show a room In the home of 
Boh Hammond, Ip New York, Bob una a 
leading toward' .Rplrltunllam, and because of 
that he and hi* wife have frequent little 
disagreements. Bob throws himself, on tbe 
lounge when his wife leave* hlrn alone In the 
room, and hoop he linn drifted off Into the 
realms of dreamland. Ho thinks that a beau- 
tiful daughter of the star Venus appears be- 
fore him, nnil when be .attempts to "get 
gov" with tbo young lady, alia work* her 
tnuglc wnnd to the "queen * taste,", and, In 
fact, to everybody'* tasto but. poor Bob's, for 
ho Is burned by. flashes of tire that leap at 
hlru from une«pccted places, and Is: thrown 
nbout by "bewitched" furniture. In fact, 
lie has anything, hut a pleasant call from 
the daughter of, who 1* aiming to take 
some of. the Intense conceit out of him, and 
force him to give more consideration to the 
happiness of his wife. Hub Is o hard cus- 
tomer for her to bundle for a while but 
she plays her trump card' when sho calls up 
a vision of bis. wife In the arm*. of another 
man. Thl* floors Bob,, for he . dearly, lovea 
bis wife, and a* lie regain* his senses and 
Ihe dream Is still vivid In bis mlod, he calls 
for. tbo wuiuun who shares hi* good- or III 
luck, and the curtain dosconds .on a picture 
of dramatic happiness which promises well 
for tbe future, ■ . ' . , 

. Mr. De Voy's excellent acting wns closely 
seconded by the work of Hermlno Shone, 
us the daughter of Venus. Mis* Shone is a 
comely, well formed woman, nnd she ployed 
with dignity and the proper amount of sever- 
ity the port ot the vision, who found rather 
harsh methods the best for her purpose*. 
Nnwiv Alton Wns creditable, an the wife, and 
\Vm. Koran,- John Dillon and Geo. Fisher 
also gave, good aid.- The act usea the full 
stage, nnd runs twenty-four minutes. 

4» » 

ltlchnrd Carle, In "Tim Spring 


good return*, ltlchnrd Carle, I 

Chicken," 2S, hnd large business. Kthcl Bur- 

rvmnro ' 30. advanced vaudeville Oct 
Clara Bloodgootl Ii. , 

liiiAMi oi'iiiiA HotlHK (('has. A. 1'olnlor, 
mimngur). — "A Desperate Chance." Sept.- 211- 
•J.V had large return*, followed by "l.otlle, 
the Poor Saleslady," M-je, which had good 
returns. Kloreneo Bindley UO-Oct. 2, "At 
Cripple Creak" !t-fi. 

YYnNUNItl.ANIi (II. W. lingers, in niuiger |, 

Hill for Inst work gnvo good vntlsfactlon, to 
big return*. BUI for week. of Sept. BIV ' 




Kurtelli, at the Union Hqaare, Inst weak, 
kept his atulivuce on the. alert during every 
minute of his novelty slack wire not. Ho 
does some remarkable baud lialiiiclng, juggles 
things, spin* hoop* on neck, leg ana lanns 
while baluncing himself on one foot, rides a 
bicycle up and dowa the wire, spins back anil 
forth on a roller arrangement that resembles 
ii skate, and defies tbe laws of. gravitation 
to such an extent that one cannot help but 
marvel at bis performance. His hand stnnd 
on a blcvt'le, which I* balanced on the wire, 
is .capital, nnd his riding of .1 single wheel 
is also a big feature of the offering. 

Ho was given to understand that those who 
witnessed I lie act la*t Wednesday mntlneo, 
realised Ihe illltleully of his f.-ilx, for he got 
II big reception, and fully deserved It. The 
net Is given on a full stage, unit runs a lltllo 
over ten minutes. 

gnret- Newton and company, tlut 
Evelyn Watson, Blanche Aldrloh. 

Ituoil Tiiuatiii: . (Ceo. II. Bhafer, tnuiia- 
scr). — Bill for week ending 28 was good, and 
returns were big. Hill tor week of 80 will 
lie.: Burton, Hughe* and Burton. Rudolph 
Askolnnd. Allen and Kellev, Vetter Bros.. 
Hiitolltun, )<c*jle nnd Hamilton, Klmnro and 
Bortlott. (leu. Austin and company, Hny 
Wcod, Ray Ogden. nnd- company. 
— *)«*> 


<<..|niR.--At Ihe Academy of Mualc 
i Itees, tunnngersl "The Devil's Auction' 
iicpt. 2tl, "I*»na Illvers" :U*. Rdgar Selwyn. 
In "Biroikatirnrt." Oct. 2, Yorke and Adam* 
:l. "1'he Umpire'' |, Al. XI. Irleld's Minstrels ■".. 

t'ilNTJiAti At.i'.iA'MA I'aiu will open Oct. IS, 
nnil continue to 23. A line programme tins 
been arranged. 


■eatrln* Llndley. 

Miss I/ltiiMey, who tnii'le her first Harlem 
nppearance lust week, at the Alhnmbra. was 
teennd on the bill, giving a little planologuc. 
tier first New York appearance was made tit 
the Colonial recently. 

She sung snvorat odd numbers, carrying 
their charm across the footlights by her win- 
some nmnimr and sweet voice. . Iler stave 
presence Is most pAen*lng. nnd she lakes the 
audience so thoroughly and Ingenuously Into 
her confidence that they like her nt once. 

ITer song about the small boy. who ate the 
apples before they Were graduated from the 
pvcllinhmi'v Into the eatable slate: was a good 
one, and her Inst number, which cnaceroeil 
the woman- who really didn't care whether 
her husband or soon* other fellow kissed her, 
was -particularly well rendered.- • 

Mtllfe l.lnrlon. 

Percy Williams made no mistake when, be 
booked for America Millie Llndon, an Eng- 
lish- singer who made her debut In New York 
nt the Colonial Theatre last week. Miss Lin- 
don can sing n number sn daintily and pret- 
tily, and with rufIi charm of mnnner and 
vocal expression,, that sbe deserves to be the 
rage with our more refined class of vaude- 
ville theatregoers, nnil will doubtless be balled 
as one to supply a long-felt want In this 

Miss J.lnilnn Is somewhat on the order of 
the lamented Bessie Itonehill, although her 
style of work Is -by no means a copy of that 
popular favorite. lint her singing is so 
refined and she wears her beautiful courtier's 
costume with such becoming grace, that: one 
cannot help recalling Miss Itonehlll's "But- 
tercups and Daisies'' song. 

The audience* nt thn Colonial la«t week 
gave VIIhi Llndon to understand that her 
trip from England wns not In vain, and her 
hopes for encouragement were realised to tbe 
fall. Sho hns a *weet, agreeable voice; ber 
enunciation la perfect- — which Is something 
worthy Of praise — and she Is good looking 
and well formed,' She has also shown very 
good tnsto In the selection of a costume. Her 
song about Mnry who kept a dairy, and: who 
wns as sweet as cream, as smooth as cream, 
and later Itecamo as rich as. cream, was a 
good song In Itself,, but she raised It* value 
a good many notches by the way In. which 
she rendered it, which Is true of all her se- 
lections. ... . , ...... i.'l- 

ller second song was, a remarkably pretty 
one, with a pleasing rhythm to It, and later 
she explained charmingly how the rain came 
patter, patter down. . 

If England has any more vocalists .like 
Miss I/lntlnn, our enterprising managers 
would do well to send out there and get their 
names to contracts at once. There is. always 
a demand for singing acts a* clever as hers, 
and .If. she gets her desert*, she, will he 
sentenced- to serve a long term In the Ameri- 
can theatres, .-. . 

Mr. Williams has retained Miss Llndon 
for this week at the Colonial. The act runs 
about eighteen minutes. 

Albert VewlKiltl anil Annie Carrol. 

At the New York Theatre last week two 
Kuropean bar. performer* made their Amer- 
ican debut, and called special attention-, to 
their act principally by reason of the fact 
that they have an unusually elaborate stage 
setting. A* the curtain goes up Mr. New- 
hold,'* disclosed, sitting on a little bridge 
which is supposed to span- a stream, and be 
Is flailing energetically. Then MIbc Carrol 
appears, fully equipped for angling. But 
their combined weight; on the frail; bridge 
cuuse* It t» collapse, and as It falls both per- 
formers throw, their arms about the > little 
handrails which: run parallel with the bridge, 
nnd which are in reality, the burs on which 
their acrobatic act Is- performed. Tbe setting 
I*, very .pretty and the novelty, of It greatly 
Impressed. the. audience.-'- • . • .. v : . .'. 
■ The, various feats they performed were ex- 
cfedlngly clever and aroused considerable en- 
tliiisliisiii. . ,Miv. Nowhold does, some particu- 
larly -fine work. The- net. inns uluiiil eight 
minutes nnd requires the full stage. 

.. . v...,*v? ..;.... . , 

The Berajere Siatera. . 

, Dressed exactly alike, and resembling each 
other, to^ such an extent that the auditor Is 
completely foaled when first one and then 
the other of this team comes out and. sings 
a song, the Bergore Sisters appeared- at the 
Iluton Square Theatre last week, am) made 
n decided lilt. 

. fine of the- sister* ' baa a voice of beauty 
and sweetness, of considerable power, and 
well cultivated, and the audience was loath 
to have her- retire from view. First one girl 
appears and sings, and upon the conclusion 
of her number the other takes the encore, 
thus giving the impression that It Is the 
same girl all the time.. At the finish of the 
act both sing, and then It Is seen that they 
arc very much alike- in feature; and well 
fitted by nature to Impersonate each- other. 

The girl with fhe especially fine voice 
sang "School Days" and other pretty mini, 
her* as i they are seldom rendered- on the 
vaudeville stage. The act la given In one, 
nnd runs about fifteen mtnutea. 

-n:< M -t :,'.*■ ' -. V-::.» * •■■:>■ -' 


» -*;V»s;- - K""-:»-:;.... 
l.irppcr'Boseau, .*. e|J- . 

14 Lelecster aUn-pf, 

Leicester l4»*r«, » 

London, W. C. 

. 8m. 21. 

Marie Lldyd sails for New^ork^oa- Ttiurs- 
day: Her engagement, made with Percy Will- 
iams, was originally for . six months, but 
there he.*" already been talk Of prolongation. 
Mlns Lloyds- parly will consf»C of ; Miss 
Lloyd, her sitter, Annie, who Is not in the 
business; her husband. Alec Hurley, nlso un- 
der contract In America, and- Mr. Hurley s 
niece, who figures la bis sketches. Miss 
Lloyd takes with her n- fine wordrobc, fash- 
ioned under her own supervision, ami not a 
little ol It tbo- work of her own hands, .for 
she 1* a skilled dressmaker. Bhe. has-been 
specifically requested to retain- many of her 
estublUhed favorites In her song repertory ; 
bat. she lately ■ acquired a number of new 
ihannacrlplR. Just now she Is making quite 
a hit with ft coster song. In which *he de- 
scribes no East Knd Jollification, with a 
plessanV chorus: Of late years Marie Lloyd 
lias shown a disposition toward "obaraoter 
study," by way of a relief to the tradi- 
tions I "serlo" song. Her sketch ot n com- 
mon old woman in "A Thing ol the Past, 
Old Dear," is an admirable specimen. 

There was a very full attendance at tbe 
meeting of the Variety. Artl*ts' Federation 
on Sunday. I was, of course, merely able to 
announce It In my last letter. The note of 
the meeting was restraint, but absolute de- 
termination to carry put the award of the 
arbitrator In letter and. In spirit. The.bellPf 
of the federation is that one very. prominent 
director, Henfy Torer, dominant influence at 
the Tlvoll and the Oxford Music. Hall; is 
formally acquiescing in the award, but 
actually enrlcavprlng to elude the provision 
for the ungrudging payment for afternoon 
performances ah extra to tbe week's work. 
certain provincial mansgers are also of this 
disposition. I am assured by a prominent 
official of the- federation that the effect, of 
Its later confabulations. Is to declare, another 
strike imrnentliiltely ngnlnrt the recalcitrant, 
managers. In the mean time Oswald Stall 
lias withdrawn from membership of- the As- 
sociation of Mn»lc Hall. Proprietors,- In. Which 
the influence of the ayndlcate now having 
Mr. Toaer for Its llgurehend, has always been 
dominant. Mr. Sfoll disapproves of the dis- 
position to elude, the award. 

Therp hovo. been "living statues" ever since 
I remember intlslc halls, and there Were liv- 
ing, statues as far hack as It Is possible to 
pursue Inquiry. But the arrival of La Milo 
In this country — she was a chorus- glrr in 
Australia, ■ at Pansy Montagu — originally 
gave: new. life to the business. The com- 
petition of the statues grew In daring., and 
the London County Council forbade such ex- 
hibitions. Tbe couDcHb. of. many provincial 
cities took the same course. Now, the se- 
verity of this . rule has been relaxed: The 
statues are tolerated if they limit their dis- 
robing. La Mllo has accordingly returned to 
town. She Is showing -at a hall of no-less 
distinction than, the Alhnmbra. She drapes 
more liberally than sbe did at tbe London 
Pavilion. But the hnmm hnuelw of her show 
Is a .reproduction, In : two tableaux, .of her 
recent exploit at Coventry,, where she rode 
through the streets "clothed in chastity." 
In. Illustration of Ihe logend of Lady (lodlva. 
The urban. cinematograph Is Ingeniously em- 
ployed to give -coherence to thn story. I, a 
.Mljo,got a grtftt reception. t 
'Marshal) ■ Moore Ih ,-a .sad way. He 
took a theatrical company to. Scotland to play 
"It'ob llov" and other operas, but. could hot 

Jiuy salaries, . owing to tbe default of Ms 
Inhndal supporters, To- the company as- 
Heiubled for rehearsal he wrote :. "I am com- 
pletely ruined • « • absolutely pennllcsB. 
To-night I am walking the streets ; and to- 
morrow, • • •" Moore. was at Dniry Lano 
for a long time, and he-was reckoned by 
Augustus Harris aad Arthur Collins a very 
good stitgii manager, under supervision. .He 
Went to the Coliseum a* stage director, and 
was: thought to be out of tils depth.. .He 
1r|ed to form n HyndlcateJo run. the religious 
play "Judith." but gradually descended. . to 
His ejr;. 

,"• ■ " 1. 1 - ? .f ' ■■ . ■■. 
Iluiilh nnd Haibl. 

Thla team wa* the extra attraction last 
week at. Pautor'* In buriewiue magic, several 
unexposed . trloks Id legedermaln and some 
grotesque dancing. Tho team name of Biuitli 
and Itinlii wos well . koqwa In New York 
vaudeville year* ago when the stage of Ros- 
ter A Dial's served' tn Introduce the perform- 
ers who then bore It, and the act- created 
mitt* u laughing sensation at that time, nugo 
Hnnfli died In Russia In 1004. 

The present. Bunth and Itudd begin pro- 
ceedings by "stumping each other, as the' 
boys would say, in odd dancing .steps. Both 
are weird- dreams In make-up nnd alter the 
faucy steps are ovor with— and they con- 
stitute mi unimportant part of the net — the 
tricks are shown, Wltb ope of. the team per- 
forming t hem and the other explaining. 

There is considerable merit In the act, and 
some fnn In the "lecturer's" talk. What It 
ueeda Is quickening. It cun easily stand 
cutting down, for it ran over twenty minutes 
last week. The full stage is used. 
■ — ; 4'i * '• — '■~^- 

fda I'-nllrr'. In, pro vrd Act. 

Ida Fuller, who was retained for another 
week at the New York Theatre, has Improved 
that portion of her dance In which she stands 
on the crater of a biasing volcano. During 
ber second week sins elaborated that pArt 
of the dunce, and made It better by so doing. 
As sho comes Into view of the audience she 
carries b' dagger. In her hand, bont upon self- 
destruction. But an old witch, who is mut- 
tering near the crater of tho volcano, pro- 
ven i s the young woman from . stabbing her- 
self. Then the latter rushes Into tho blaze, 
and stands there for a moment or two, with 
the flames leaping uhout Iter, while the old 
hag, fearful to approach nearer, watches tbe 
tire consume its victim. Miss Fuller has a 
groat effect In thla scene, and the living 
grime, with tho red light* upon it, looks 
strikingly like leaping tongues of tire. 

, .... .. > '» - — rn. 

, Yllionu. and Altna. 
- At tho Alhnmbra last, week Albiirtua and 
.AltiiH, in a hoop rolling- arid club Juggling 
act, opened the bill. The team have some 
good hoop rolling a* an Introduction,, and 
their handling of the clubs Is neut and spec- 
tacular. One works straight, and the other 
appears in make-up. and although the act Is 
not enlivened by any great amount of com- 
edy, the clnb Juggling carries sufficient In- 
terest to place It well up In the rating. The 
net runs nine minutes,. In two. 

, . .; y. » f ...... 

Preil JnrvU anil Lilly Tudor. 

. This tenia opened the bill nt the Victoria 
lant week, in « musical comedy act-, Mr, 
Jarvls plnys the piano and: sings, and is 
capably assisted by Ming Tudor. The act 
opens with a full, stage, and closes In one. 
It runt about dine minute*. 

this extremity. There lano new*- of him. 
. Anna ftoblnson, Countess of, Rqslyn, , Is. 
shortly to appcaT ori the. r iQndon sruge„I|l a 
ploy, entitled "The JMucatlon of Elizabeth." 
It Is the work of floy Hoi'iilinni). the actor, 
and will replace "The Three. Kisses," which 
lias, not been quite a success at the Apollo. A 

flood company Is In process. of formation. ..It 
noliulcs : Lctttce Fairfax, Marsh Allen, Lau- 
rence Orossmlth and Maude' Milieu, who sug- 
gested to I'lnero the . description , of the 
"civariiv English girl-" Klkabeth Is a. chorus 
girl, whose education makes for society, but 
Who. f itlflllh the prophecy, "0»| v revibia 
toujour* ;". "we comet with hearts grown 
fonder, bacB to the land." . . • -j. i,, I 
.. Itniirv Miller, has politely refused; Forbes 
Uoliertsoti- penulsilon to do "The Orejit Di- 
vide" Id London. He. , means to keep, the 
play In his. own hand*. Charles Frobman 

«roml*es the production of "The Ranger" 
ere' ahortiy. First of all, however,. we are 
to see "Sweet Kitty liollnirs," at the , Hay- 
market. . Some, or the parts In. Belnsco's 
play will he disposed of In this wise : M is- 
tress. Kitty rtollnirs,' Kva; Moore ; Sir. Jasper 
stnnillsb, Kllle Norwood: Lieutenant Lord 
Vertley, Otvcn Roughwood ;. Colonel Fitzger- 
ald, lienry Neville ; Colonel Vllllers, Ixiuln 
Calvert. "My Wife" would . probably have 
had a longer rub at the Haymarket had It 
been possilTlc to keep, the original cast Intact ; 
but several of the players, aad particularly 
little. .-Marie. Lohr, were wanted .elsewhere. 

Madge Carr Cook Is doing a. kindly thing. 
It Occurred to her that there are many over- 
worked women In London who might look 
on life more hopefully If they could be. in- 
fected by the cheery optimism of Mrs. Wlggs. 
So she has had fifteen hundred such women 
sorted out, ahd on Oct, IB the,v will see "Mr*. 
Wlggs of the- .Cabbage. Patch" at the Adel- 
phl: afterward, take a cup of tea with Mrs. 
Cook,,. ..... ... 

Tom Magulrc, who- wrote such songs as 
"Three Leave* of Shamrock.!' "Spare tbe 
Old Mud Cabin'' and "The Soldier's Letter," 
Is blind, and hns been arrested by the Lon- 
don police for hogging. This, has, drawn at- 
tention to his cose, and something will be 
done for him. .... 

Julio,. Nellson and Frod Tarry have mostly 
ooncerued themselves with: costume plays : 
but they are about to produce a comedy of 
modern, life, entitled "The Popinjay," It Is 
• he work of Svdnev Hovle inwionco, the 
brilliant critic of The Standard. ,..,., 

Whim Sir Charles Wyndnam- shortly pro- 
duces: "The Mollusc," at tbo Criterion, It will 
be found that the essential characters num- 
ber four only. 

Built with a fortune made out of Gilbert 
and Sullivan operas, and for a- long: time de- 
voted exclusively to three performances, the 
S«vi»v Is now In the hands of Orahvlll* 
Barker and E. J. Vedvenne. who Wilt con- 
tinue the partnership, and the policy they 
begun nt the Court Theatre. They, do not 
primarily sire' up a play as a commercial 
proposition. Their aim Is to be Interesting, 
and perhaps Instructive, and especially to 
exploit new dramatists. Qeorge Bernard 
Shaw owes much of his popularity to tbls 
management. . With o -Sbsw play, accord- 
ingly. "You Never Can Tell," Vcqvenne & 
Barker began their campaign nt tho Savoy. 
Next they will do. a play -called "Joy," by 
John Oalswormy, whose previous work ha* 
proved. Impressive nt any rale. 

Having Achieved ISO performances at the 
Coaedv, "The Truth" will now be with- 
drawn. Charles Freshman will next present 
Marie Tempest here. In a play by Alfred 
Sutro, called "Tbe Barrier." 


drama, two coranula long,- In a morning ncwa- 

. c nag been. .decided to close the.gallerv of 
the Savoy, temporarily at 'any rate. The 
stage , of this theatre was planned for spec- 
tacular production's,. The. Vedvenne-Barker 
programme Is made up of. more delicate, stuff 
and It-was decided to diminish the prosceni- 
um opening., Willi, the result that tbe gallery 
no longer commands n. clear -view of th s 
stage. , Seats of an equal price have been pro- 
vided here, but there Ik said to be a- seiltl- 
nientnl quality In. the apparently bad atmos- 
phere of the gallery, and tbe, "boys" com- 
plained bitterly at the first night of "You 
Never Can Tell." : .. 

"Attlla," the . play by Lawrence Blnyon, 
which Oscar Asche and Lily Bravtou ore 
running at His Majesty's Theaitre, has been 
published- in the forrft of a book.' This, of 
course, establishes Its literary quality: 

There have never been such crowds and 
there ha» never been snch advance booking 
In lh« history of Drury. Lane aa "Tbe Sins 
of Booloty". has- Induced. On a single day 
this week the receipts totaled. X5,000. The 
stock of ■ the corporation . owning -the. theatra 
was depreciated. It is now steadily Improv- 
ing, at.. ■ ' 

Charles Manners says that his attempt to 
run: opera In . English at the Lyric Theatre 
In the Summer cost blm four thousand dol- 
lars. Yet. his work was well liked, 

MathCBon ■ Lanft. who linn made such a 
Buccess as Parson Storm lni'The Christian," 
at the Lyceum, is the son of a Scotch min- 
ister. He was -trained for the stage with 
the Benson Shakespearean company, made 
lip mostly of young collegians. 

Cinston Mayer,, who follows his father In 
the provision of French plays .'or the London 
public, will run a seaabn at the little Boy- 
alty Theatre, on- Monday week and- there- 
after. Sarab Bernhardt Joins htm on Oct. 

21 • ^ ' < . ' - 

, Ellen Terry .aad ber husband, James 
Curew, are playing "Captain Brassbound'a 
conversion," on a tour of the theatres Just 
outlying- London. • . . ■ ■ .. ..- , 

Weedou Orbasmlth Is writing himself an 
other piny. He :sayg. It is such a. fine thing 
to be able to bully your author without fear 
of retort. ;.-.. , ■ • • , 

George Bernard says he wai 
not really lost Ih the mountains. He wanted 
talk. . . v, ;...-.■ •- . -. 

.All the "Titans, of Leicester Square" . are 
hiisv in the, preparation of . novelties for the 
Winter season, "Tbe Avalanche" 1b due- at 
Ilia. Hippodrome on Monday. Tbe sensation 
|h incidental to the loro story nt an Alpine 
guide. Next In order Is the Empire ballet. 
now called "The Belle of tlic Hall," in which 
Genee is to Impersonate a dozen poimlnr 
favorites of the lyric, stage. And,, finally, 
"Lea Cloches de Cornevllle,"at the Alhdmbra. 
Herein algnor , Itossl . will play Gaspard, not 
Paul Mnrtlnettl, as the vain prophecy of the 
parngrapnlsts had It. A new character Is 
created for Hordln,: the daricer. 

Arthur Williams, one of. our -best known 
and best liked' comedians, made his .first ap- 
pearance In. vaudeville at the Palace The- 
atre on . Monday, lie a- play, entitled "TKat 
Hrute, ;Hiinnions," adapted from one of Ar- 
t bus Morrison's "Talcs of. Mean Streets." 
Williams figures as en elderly;, henpecked 
artisan, who- Is released from the bondage 
of hi* matrimony by. the dramatic return ot 
an: earlier husband; supposed to he dead. - 

II. H. Irving Will play, one of 111* father's 
most famous ports, Louis XI. at the Theatre 

livyal, [Manchester;, on Thursday. 

.Sir Squire .Bancroft, has. been taking -the 
cure at Mnileiibfiil. He Is now in Switzet- 
latid. . -.-. '...'■ ■; ' ■■■■• i 
.. Performances moatly In fulfillment of le- 
gal . requirements have lately been -given In 
London of "The Smoke nnd the Fire," by 
CDs mo Gordon Lennox and Clyde Fltfh, and 
of "A Grand Army-Man," by David Beiasco. 
. Farren Soutar, a son of the late Nellie 
Fin roii, la [about to take n musical comedy 
on the road. 

fin Friday-, night the first fancy dress 
ball of the season Is dueat Covent Garden. 

There-will be a church Rerrlce for actors 
at. St. Aim'i, Maiichesfor, on Sunday week. 
Arthur Hourehler will .read the -lessoa*. . 
. Jack Wilson, of Wilson-, and Waring, has 
so far iiicovered from an affection ot ihe 
knee as to resume Work, . 

Harry Lander took -a formal farewell - of 
the Tlvoll .audience on the evo of his de- 
parture 'for America. The Strand house Ii 
the. comedian's stronghold. -.- 

Walter. . Gibbons has opened another va- 
I'li-ty liousc, called. the nippodvome, nt Welles- 
don, in the northwest of Loadoa. 

Once more tbe-JSattcrsea Music Hall, wblcb 
Ha*, had many names, but-.ln uow tho Empire, 
is open. The bom e belongs to "Pony" Moore, 
the famous old: minstrel. -. 

A sketch, entitled- "A Wedding Eve,- and 
described as "An American Transformation.' 
made quite a hit at the Holbora Empire. It 
Is a string of dances, by the ColmClanon 
Octette,- ■ , 

At) extra, eight: weeks' season- of. Italian 
opot'n was begun at tho Covent Garden The- 
atre on Oct.. 3.. •■ .-.:. . 't • . j-- 
. Two captains of toe Salvation Army, hav- 
ing .mimical, ability, have later/' repudiated 
their. Allegiance to -General Booth, and taken 
to Ulo variety etdge. -. ■ - .- ;■ 

Will II. Fox, the comedian at the piano, 
is making quite a hit oa the Moss Empire 
toqr. • ■ -. ;,.■•• . ' - . 

Barrasrord has postponed the opening of 
the Alhnmbra, Brussells,,, till November. 

Clntre Ilellot, the Hon- trainer, bos sold 
her lions, and said good bye to the business. 

Radford and' Valentine are popular con- 
tributors to the Tlvoll progrimme. 
. II. ff . irclher, who has been, on the conti- 
nent, returns to London early la next week. 

Maxlne Elliott Is compelled, to give two af- 
ternoon performances; of ■ "Under the Green- 
wood Tree" each weak at the: Lyric Theatre, 
so great U .the demand, for seat*. 

Those quaint,, nonsensical creatures, the 
Follies, are In possession of Terry's Theatre. 

Mony years ago, when the late .F. C. Hong- 
ler was the droits king and of aome account, 
he biillt a series of so-called "permanent' elr 
cuses, especially one In Oxford Street, not 
very fa'\ from ; the Princess Theatre. It hns 
had maoy vlclasltu'iles, but, having been thor- 
oughly overhauled,- it will shortly he reopened 
by. M. Dekctof, who ruhs a One circus on tlie 
continent , 

Hose K( linger. . the- , opora singer, was 
charged- In an ICngllsh police court, yester- 
day, with . attempting to shoot herself. Mile. 
Et linger bad suffered terribly from neryoiiB 
strain. No bullet coultl be traced. The lady 
was placed- In. charge of her friends. 

-Edna May's husband. Oscar Lewlsobn, was 
lately lined twenty-flva dollars for over- 
driving a motor car. He declared he woun 
appeal, but now he has . assured the courts 
that he will accept the Judgment. .,_, _ 

Woedon GroBsmUh U about to take "Tbo 
Night of the Party" on the road again, lie 
has. played this piece Just op 2,000 tlm e "' 
. Henry Nicholson, tho famous flautist, l* 
dead. lie saw Sim Hooves', debut, and, f" 1 
a long time, acted as bis manager. 

Otto Stuart, who used to be an actor, 
but now prefers management, has taken tue 
Court Theatre, nnd means to do some cnar- 
ncterlBtlc work there. On Wednesday he wi" 
firoduce "Barry Dovle'e Kest Cute," a comeay 
in three acta, by W.Gayer MockBy and Ro - 
ert Clrd, Beatrice Terry will play the lead- 

"^"'Vlctoritt,. who has iireatly In"™ 9 .'!;* 
herself In that Reserving charily, .tho Music 
Hall. Home, was pnblloly- eulogl«ed by Its di- 
rector* one night. ere.abe.wlle^io^Amejica. 
Alfred Butt,. of the .Palace Theatre, I» all 
to (he continent immediately, In search ot 

n °lltodr'lelne Boss, claiming to- be our tlnl 




lody wntrMoqulst, Is dead. 

ft&^lWUn). has had to 

wbtlf, owing* to thront trouble. . 
■ 'ni t « > 

Hlr > was the wife 
lay off ii 

■ V: .!" 



. Wci<«r* Uiireim of 4k* * - V. Cllnerr, 
501 A.lilnnd Block. 

Continual on page 393. 

: Chicaoo, Sept; 28, 1007. 

Thf week commencing Sept. 21) will be a 
very busy one for the locnl theatres, es- 
pecially In the Loop District, although a 
number have successes which will curry them 
nlong wlfhoht- change for innny weeks to 
i mm', Principal nnioug the new attractions 
lire: Frltzl Scheff, In "Mile. Modiste," 
ut the Illinois; H. H, Sotheru (even- 
ing of Oct. 2),' in a revival of "If 
I Were KlDg," which he wUl keep on for 
the rest of the week, Instead of reviving 
"Hamlet :" "The Grand Mogul," at the big 
Auditorium; "The Man from Home," at the 
Stitdcbnker; Ernest. Uogan, at the Great 
Northern, - In "The Oyater Man;" with the 
usual change* of hills at the outlying houses 
of various descriptions. "The Hypocrites," 
nt Powers, Blanche Walsh, at McVlckers, 
hot hern, at lbe Gari-lck, have one more week 
to run. -Since the decision to keep BJver- 
vJcw Park open until luto next month was 
reached, the weather has been what might 
be termed as prohibitory for Hummer amuse- 
ments, and all those parks open have suffered 
t hereby. Hans Soucl will close 29, leaving 
; he Held to Rlverview and White City; the 
former closes In another week, and the latter 
will run on until Oct. 20, bo It Is stated. 
The auto races are scheduled for to-day at 
the Harlem track, and great crowds are ex- 
pected. The middle of the week was severe- 
ly cold, and Friday and to-day have been 
marked with heavy rains, which drove many 
Into the matinees, but made business bad for 
the parks. The weather man promises the 
parks some good weather for next week. 

Illinois (Win J. Davis, manager). — Bat- 
tle Williams and her merry band of .fun depart to-night, after buying piuycd 
to splendid business. A professional matinee 
was given Sept. 2(1. anil the housu was packed. 
Frll*i Scheff opens .'10, In her old success, 
"Mile. Modiste, for two weckB. Marie Cnhlll, 
in "Marrying Mary," Oct. IK. 

Powkus' (Harry J. Powers, manager). — 
The Hypocrites," In which company Ulvhard 
Bennett and Jessie Mlllward are featured, 
starts Its llfth and lust successful week 30. 
the business having steadily Increased since 
the engagement started. Llillun Russell fol- 
lows Oct. 7. 

ilAidiifK (Herbert C. Dura', manager). — 
Henry Woodruff closed his engagement even- 
ing of 22, and the house was dark 23, due 
to dress rehearsals of E, H. Sothorn'a com- 
pany, In "The Pool Math Sn hi in Ills Heart," 
which was given Its premiere 24, to a crowd- 
ed house, and continued to good business 
through the week. The play, which is In live 
ltd s, is by Laurence Trying, founded on Dos- 
Idlcffskt's book of "Crime and Punishment," 
it dramatization of which was given some 
veurs ago by the late Itlchord Mansfield, 
under the title of "Hodlon, the Student." The 
action trarwnjres within the space -of twenty- 
six hours. In and about the neighborhood of 
bT, Petersburg, Russia, during the Summer 
of list,,. The entire story is based upon the 
iiuentlun as to whether murder Is justifiable, 
which Hod I on upholds, at tbc tame time as- 
sert lug that there la no Supreme Being, or 
Hie lives of the poor people would not bo 
thrown it way ho carelessly. Mr. Kothcrn 
gave u beautiful performance of Itodlon, the 
urrntiier. tithelst nnd socialist,' and dourly 
depleted the terrific mental sti-nlti under 
which , tltu student was laboring, Adolph 
l/cstloit piuycd tin; character of In n 
wanner which proved u revclu'lon, presenting 
tin' quiet, -Insinuating cunning, the appar- 
ent stupidity, a ml unultcmblo, stubborn do- 
tcruiluutlou of the crafty man, until, nt llui 
,niinn''iit iii' Ms triumph, he exploded nt hav- 
ing proved his theory that, it wus easier .to 
■ ii down the sensitive, "uiorul" criminal 
than. the htirduiied .one. A verltuble storm 
w ' e»M|Uiisi> was Ms 'owrd fur bis acting 
of thin scene. Virginia' Hammond, who ap- 

H'lll I'll l|K OOtllU, I ..Mil' OUt Ot til'' 1I11IKS of 

the iiiiknow.n, aud, .with tbe close of her first 
scene In the first no'i. stamped herself as an 
einotlouiil uctrexs of. power. Sydney Mulher 
piu.veii the thankless role of Kozlmoff In n 
mvt luilshi'il maimer. Frank Itolchcr was 
excellent us the disagreeable fop, Keller. Al- 
borl H. 1Iiiivh.ii mill Malcolm ilrndley, as the 
I « ii . v, hi Ij mi'ii, susiiected of the murder of 
'iroiiiolf, were second only to the principals 
In their excellent work, .though neither ono 
bad loom than a moment to display ability. 
Must of Hie others la tho company were ca- 
pable. The cast : Kushkln Rowland Buck- 
Hlilnn: Huzlniolf, Sydney Mather; Nnstasln, 
Kulberlnc Wilson ; Bullion BaKkolnlkoff, E. 
II. Sotheru:, Sonla Martlriovn, Virginia 
Hammond; Uromoff, John Taylor; Avdotya 
lloinauovua ("Doonlu"). Gladys Hanson ; Ful- 
ebcrid, M. Holcoinbe; Kutlnka, SCyllah Shan- 
pou j A Dvornak, P. J. Kelly; Keller, Anton Pc- 
irovleh. Frank Itolcber: Koltsoff, Paul Scar- 
don ; Mlkolktt, Albert S. Howsoii ; Dmitri, Mul- 
eolin Bradley ; Rer-ak, Adoljih Lost Inn ; Va- 
lerian piuiuir, Edmund Kurd: Oslp, Fred 
.''osl: Urretakl, P. J. Kelly: Olcliln. Lewis 
Short ; Horn, Hurry' Turnlry,: Viissllleff, 
.liunes Boone: Ooobchlfz. Paul Mellcui ; Bod- 
Htch, Maurice how: Doordliiu, Mrs. Itelcher; 
kIiiiuiitiiiuiiii. Miss Heud: Olchlnli, Mrs. 
Kliuiiuon : Kelskayii, Miss Heiily ; Kurporu, 
•libel «lray;llnkltln, Mills Wood; Ivunoff, 
Harry Ititbon ; Solskl, DcHlk, William Harris ; 
Miishcnka, Vlrgmhi Frullek. The entire aec- 
oud week, commencing Oct. 1. will be do- 
voleil lo a splendid rcvivul of "If I Were 
Mug." Hi, mice Heed In uunounced to play 
the part of lCuthcrluc. A dress rehcuraal 
will lie held Sent. ::i>. A special iiiatlnue will 
incur (let. 3, The Yiddish Opera Co. will 
bold forth here evening of 20. Kddlo Foy, 
In "The Orchid," wlllfollow. Oct. 0. ■ 

A i mil, hi r.M (Mlllwardi AdiiDDK. mnnagor). 
— -"The Girl Rangers" closes to-night, ontl 
Kill remuln In town for most of next week, 
.rrliuurslng new • inuinberH, who will appear 
w'lli Hie company In the I'hlladelphla en- 
gageiuent. Frutil: Moulun, In "Tito Grand 
Mogul." itinies 20, for tlio rollcenieu's Be- 
ijeviilsiit Assoelat.lon benefit, for two weeks. 
Vaudeville will theu hold the boards. 

fiu.iiNui. (George W. I/edorer, luunagcr). 
- Nothing hut silti^css greiits ami Is deserved 
I'.v Victor Moore, In "The Talk. of New.yotk," 
"ml the 'big house Is illicit to tltc limit at 
every performance. 

SriiuKiUKKii (Mdward J. Sullivan, manu- 
Wil), — "Artie" closes Its run 28, having been 
very successful. Joseph Illinium wus called 
!c the hedsjdu of bis mother, 2r>, as lie re- 
ceived a lelcgraui Just before the mutlnuo 
Hint day, stating that slie hud died In New 
>ork that morning. He played the mutlu 

Its pupnlsilly. Tbe Mare and Dtbel Johnson 
still continue the principal magnets. The 
bouklag chIIh fur the company to remain un- 
tU.Nov. 0, when Robert Mantelt will nic- 
cecd it 

Gkut Ndiitkhs- (Fred C. Eberts, mana- 
ger).— -Rose Melville is Jugt as popular now- 
adays aa the was years ago 1b "81a Hop- 
ktas. aud her* is aa annua) occasion of 
jollity at tUls house. Kroost Hogan, "the 
\inhlFluhrd Amerlcnn." la "Tbe Oyster Man," 
is due 20, and will bo followed by "The 

Ui H.vli.i; (Mort Singer, manager) .—"The 
Girl Question" has proved oae of the great 
big popular hits of ii>,< day, an dthe bouse 
bus been void out at every performance so 
far. Jnnle Mcfre.-i, Georgle Drew Mcniliim, Kolilinnii. Arthur Sanders and others 
lire encored to the echo. !,enora Klrwln. 
who made her bow In the part of Klsle 
Davis. 22, has met with, success In the part. 

Wiiiinkv (Saiu P. Gerron, manager).— "A 
Knight for a FViy" taxes the ingenuity of 
the press agent to get out something new 
nbout It, as it is such n whooping success, 
and probably many months will elapse be- 
fore it is necessary to seek a successor for 
It. The piay is now In Its twenty-seventh 

Cou.EOhi (Kngcne McGillen, manager). — 
"Tollgate Inn" lius proved a very pleasing 
offering, and the business has been steadily 
picking up. "The New Dominion" Is the bill 
for week of 80. Next, "Old Heidelberg. 

Bust! (Edwin L. Barker, manager).— "A 
Royal Fnmlly" proved a good vehicle for the 
members of this stock, and Is followed, week 
of 30, with "Because She Loved Him So." 
"The Adventure of I.ady Ursula'' Oct. 7. 
"Ilatnlt't" Is announced for tho near future, 
with MIsb Kclm In the title role. 

iNTEitNATioNAi, (Ellis F. (Hlekiouii, man- 
ager).— -The stock company started off well 
here this season, and has given some line per- 
formances of some of the best known plays 
in Yiddish and other languages. 

Peoplb's (Frank Heal, manager). — "The 
Middleman" was well presented week of 23. 
and Ib followed by "Old Jed Pronty." "The 
Accountant" Oct. 7. 

Maklowk (Charles H. Marvin, manager).— 
"When a Man's Single" was a good laughing 
bill week of 23. "The Half Breed," a ntH- 
•• ■" u, • >1. Is bnatraa for 30. '.'All the Com- 
forts ot Home" follows Oct 7. 
• Pkkin (Robert T. Motts, manager).— Billy 
Johnson's "The Isle of l'lnes" has proved 
a most delightful place to spend an evening, 
and this fact Is becoming known to many 
or the Chlcagoans. Mat Marshall has de- 
veloped Into a very funny comedian, and Is 
nightly gaining encores and applause for his 
uctlng and singing. Jerry Mills Is one of tbe 
best eccentric dancers which this city has 
seen In many a day, iuid Is made to feel that 
lie Is a fftvorllc at every performance. The 
twenty musical numbers have all won suc- 
cess, and tho chorus Is the best thla house 
hns yet offered. Next week there will lie 
three acts to the piece Instead of two, as 

' Ma.tkstic (Lyman B. Glover, manager). 
— The bill for week of 30 Is an excellent one 
and Includes: McMnhon's Pullman. Porter 
Maids. Robert Ullllurd and company, "The" 
Quartette. Jack Norwortb, the Four Golden 
races, the Four Baltns, Gennro's Bnnd. 
Lillian Ashley, Wllla Holt Wakefield, Charles 
Crenron, Locke, Russell and Locke, and tbe 

oi.vmi'ii: (Abe Jacobs, manager). — The 
bill for week of ."ii Includes : Jane Courthope 
ami company, Tom Brentford, Maynie Gehrue 
anil COOipuny, Hum- 'International Comlques, . 
Apltn Hurtling. Laurent Trio, Otto Bros., 
Harry Webb, Mack und Dougu'l, the Da Co- 
mas, (Hark' nnd l Juneau, Frederick Ilelder, 
nnd the klnodrome, 

CuicAiai Or):ii.\ (Frank S. ltivers, 
manager). — Tho bill for week of 30 Includes: 
Flo Ijwln und coinpuiiy. Gillette and Mc- 
Furli'iic, Urnia Sisters, Elmer Tenley, Young 
und De Vole, George Wilson, Hello ilutiia- 
wny's luonkey, ICiluu Sbeppard, Avery and 
l'earl, Wliliird Newell'* "Lost Nugget," Ed- 
win, -George, Collins Sisters, and the klno- 

II.ivii.mik.kc (William F. Newklrk, uiniia- 
ger). — The bill for week of 30 Includes: 
Win. Courtlolgh und company. Col, Horde 
verry arid company, Jack Wilson and . com- ' 
puny, oterltii and Dancer, Mr. and Mr*. ' 
Frederick Voolker, 'Three Abdcllab Bros,, 
Daisy DuinonI, Bernlce Howiird mid cotii- 
puny, Bert und Bertbn Grant, Robert Kl- 
drldge, Joe Curroll, Ingriibum and Campbell, 
and the klnodrome. 

Hiiwaiiii's (Howard & Kllrov, uiunagers). 
— The bill for week of 30 lucliulcs : Itolniiil 
Truvei-s and company, Hchcpp's Dog nnd 
l'otiy Circus, Will aud Muy Iteno, Billy Mi- 
itobey, Kolilcc and Victoria, Ben Turpln, 
Barlow and Nicholson, Genlu Leslie, und mov- 
ing pictures. 

Siiiini>'k (Ludwlg Schlntllcr, mana- 
ger), — The bill for week of 30 Includes: 

IJelilllller Cl'i'lnoriil. Mill Jol'le Moore, Inill 

Rico's educated pigs, Sunetaro Japs, the 
Great Taclns, Floruuce Fields and moving 

iiai'iintiM (Samuel I. Levin, manager). — 
The bill for week of :m Includes : Ehrchdall 
Bros;, Mabel and Dorothy Goodwin, Seymour 
and Dupree, Harry ■ Clark. Bowman Bros., 
I, an run l,, Billy McBreeu und Brother, Morton 
Livingston, Gertie Lo Clair und picks, Jones 
and .Walton, Josh Dreuno, La Auto Girl, 
Speck ■ mid Deck, J. Kroll and motion pic- 
tures. . . ,.- 

Thalia' (Tlioiiius Murruy, munuger). — The 
bill for week of 30 includes: Stanley und 
Scully, song and dance act; Spruncjl and 
Klentioni, high class singing act ; Bill Do 
Ariuo, comedy Juggler, and moving pictures. 

Nonrit Avknuk (Paul Slttuer, manager). 
—The bill for week of 30 Includes : Wni. H. 
Jacksnii and einnpanv, Prentice Trio, Smokier 
Sisters, Juggling Buemers, Jennie Beiltlcy, 
Mr. and Mrs, Marlon Fierce, and moving 
pictures. , .... 

Lnuc (Hen Snyder, manager). — The bill 
for week of 30 Includes : Mr, and Mrs. Frank- 
lin Colby, Arthur Kelns, Marvelous McClure, 
Early and Late, and the bioscope. 

•National (0. A. Hvcnnlng, manager).— 
Tho Mil for week of fill. Includes : The Ridges, 
May Nelson, Mont Peters, Gilbert Bros., May 
Wilson, und moving pictures. 

loi,A (Powell & Until, managers). — Tbe bill 
for week of 30 Includes : Johnson und ,Hubel. 
Co|ie Trio, Delavoy und Fritz, Francis and 
Lawrence, Blum-lie Daniels, and moving pic- 

Ilvin: i'AiiK (Thomas Baker, mnnugcr). — 
The'lilll for week of 30 Includes: Wayne and 
Jacksun, Ed. Clifford, Brady and Hamilton. 
Win. Stein. Wilson Sisters, Jeunetle Lee, and 
moving pictures, 

.liiftiiiAL (P. J. Schaofer, manager).— 
The bill for week of 30 Includes: West aud 
Fowler. Lillian Milter, Charles Murliu, Ant- 
more Misters, Chnr'es Alton, Marie Lo Coy, 
aud moving (ilctures. 

Maker's (Harry Hlaundln, manager). — 
The bill for week of 30 Includes : Carrie Win- 
ner, song nnd dnnce ; Wclsz nnd Weiss, In a 
(•oriieilv sketch ; Delmnr Trio, the Marions, a 
musical net, nnd moving pictures. 

■AVAVKUV (William Itoeiie, uiunager).— 

I'aiihuudti' Pete" did u Hue business week of 

home again 20, with a fine company. "The 
End of the Trail" Oct. 0- 

Com.'mhia (Wetwr Bros., inanngera). — The 
Russell Bros., In "Too Hired Girl's Millions," 
played to good returns week of Sept 22. 
"Panhandle Fete" Is due 20, "Bedford's 
Hope" Oct. 0. 

AMtAiuniiA (Weber Bros., eianagors). — 
"Tho Cowboy Girl" did n smtsblng business 
week of Sept. 22, and did great ciedlt lo the 
firm of Kllrov fc Brltton. 'The End ot tbu 
Trail" 20. "The Four Corners of tho Earth" 
Oct. 0, 

Cali:mkt (John T. Connors, manager).— 
"The Mysterious Burglur," 22-20. antT "Chi- 
natown Charlie." 20-28, dirt a -fine business. 
"The Great Eastern World" 2!>Oct. 2, "Bhr 
Hearted Jim" 3-5. "The Cowboy Girl" 00, 
"The Great Wall Street Mystery'* 10-12. 
, ErsoN's (Sid J. Euson, innnuger). — Tho 
A'unlty Fair Biii'lesiiuera proved n most ac- 
eeptoble attracHon week of Sept. 22. Tho 
Trans Atlantic liurlesipiers. strengthened, by 
.Ml He He Loon, "the Ctrl In Blue." will stnrt 
.cntertulnlng 20. Miss De Leon Is a very 
energetic dancer, and has n strong following 
In this city, which will be likely to crowa 
the house during tbe entire week. Htic has 
several new and Interesting dances to offer 
this time. "The Fluob-Ditbb Conspiracy" anl 
"The flay Modiste" are the Ivo burlesques, 
nnd the merry people who will appear In 
thent Include, besides n fine chorus : LHidc 
Frelelgh, snnbrettc; Smith and Convey, In 
songs end dances : Knllnnwskl Bros.. Polish 
acrobats : Norma Bell and her "magical po- 
nies," Fitzgerald aud Qulun. coinodluus: 
lluynor, WJilteley nnd Nugent, humorists, and 
the De Graff Sisters, female baritones. Nexc 
'week, the Blue Ribbon Burlesquers. 

Foi.i.v (John A. Fotinessy, manager). — 
The High Jinks Burlesquers did a line busi- 
ness week of 22. The house is playing to 
tbe same old business of capacity at all 
performances. Williams' Imperials will dis- 
port during tho weak of 20, with a bur- 
lesque, the scene of which Is laid In ParlB 
In tbo ftrst part, tbe action being a travesty 
on a popular wnr drama, Larry McCale is 
the principal disturber of the fun-making 
set, and Is ably assisted by Ben Cook, Harry 
Bent ley, Bert Wiggins, Margie Hilton. Julia 
Heltzmiin, Ida Sturglss. May Belmont, George 
llrenntm and a large chorus. Watson's Bur- 
lcsnuers week ot Oct. 0. .' 

'ImicvuKito (L M. Welngarten, manager). 
— Harry Bryant's tlurlesmicrs did u line 
business week of 22. The Boston Belles 
Co. come* 20, and Is nn organisation which 
always draws well. The company has been 
rehearsed at a seashore resort near Boston, 
and comes here fresh and ready for strenu- 
ous work In nil Held*. The company will 
present an entirely new musical comedy, with 
a complete new set of costumes pud new 
scenery. Vnnllv Fair Burlesquers Oct. 0. 

K.Mi'iut: (Wllflum Singer, manager). — The 
Parisian Belles met with n most cordial re- 
ception, and business was good. The Cham- 
pagne ulrls Is the card for week of 20, and 
promises lo surprise some of tho people who 
think they arc well posted on matters of 
this kind. Something original Is promised. 
The Keefe Show Oct. (I. 

W«ini>eiii.anii (Ed. Liiinson, manager). — , 
Business has been on the Increase hern ever 
since the bouse opened, nnd tltc many novel- 
ties have proved vastly Interesting to visitors. 

LosimN DIM*. Munkum (Wm. J. Sweeney, 
manager). — Business has been line here, nnd 
Is Increasing every week. In the carlo hall : 
Alidu, Arabian strong man ; the Norsclnnd 
(Hunt, Ilcwson, contortionist ; Veno's Punch 
and Judy, and' Prof. Fitch, rllle shot. In tho 
theatre Ada Wright, Fuilinu, Daisy Kirk, and 
Prof. Hiiiinnck. 

ci.auk stiieet Museum (L. M. Hedges," 
manager). — Business has been steadily In- 
creasing Hlncc tho opening of tbe season, and 
a line line of attractions are offered, which 
the public likes very much. 

Itivi.imr.iv I'Atik (William M. Johnson, 
mnnugcr). — Positively tho last week of this 
wonderful playground of the people is uu- 
nounced to commence 20. with the closing duy 
the following Sunday, Oct. 0. Every effort 
1* being iniiiio to have the closing done In n 
manner which will lust long III the minds of 
those, who in e lucky enough lo witness It, 
and It Is Ibe advice of the wise ones that 
the Inst days will be the hesl. Next year 
over forty acres will be added lo this already 
largest park In the country, making ninety 
acres In all, and In tbo.nddlHonal acreage, 
which Is to lint Norlh,' adjoining the Velvet 
coaster, will iin found one of the moat novel 
in en us ot entertaining Unit has ever been 
heard of. 

Wiii'J'H City (Paul D. Howse, innnuger I. 
—With the tenacity of the bulldog tills 
amusement centre hangs on. to the unison, 
aud defies the weather man to shut it up. 
N'eaily every good attraction which started 
the ''ciiHim here is still running full blast, 
und the people of Uio South Hldo huvo been 
very loyal to. this place, Creature Is play- 
ing to ihoiisaiuls. and "Toyland" bus made u 
lilt. Jack Dresdncr miiden great lilt In the 
part of the old man, when the pluy opened 
last Sunday, hut there ha* been a cliaage In 

the cast since, The grounds will close Oct. 
20: at Icusl that I* the present intention. 

Sans fowl Pauk (Leonard Wo|f, mana- 
ger) —This plucc on the South Side closes 20. 
having bud a very successful season. Fran- 
cesco Ferullo uuu his band played to de- 
lighted thousands during the last few days 
of the lime the place was open. Royal League 
Day occurred 28. ill which four bauds were 
engaged, und many people signified their In- 
tention, of lielug present, despite the threat- 
ening weather, 

. Kavima Pauk Thkatbk. — Donald Robert- 
son and hi* players Start tho last week of 
their season, 30, presenting the list of plnvs 

last week at the Academy of Music, In this 
city, wns found dead In her apartments at 
the lintel Kegont, An autopsy developed the 
fact that she died from natural causes,' and 
ber bodv was forwarded to the borne of bar 
husband at Mineral City, 0., by Manager 
Irons, of "Broadway After Dark" Co. 



l'lillndelphln.-~Tlie event of Hie week la 
the opening of the new Adelnhl. Sept. 30, wltn 
Joe Weber, !n "Hip, Hip, Hooray." All ot x 
the houses are now open, with every Indica- 
tion That the present season will be a pros- 
perous one. There Is an utter nbseuee of 
labor troubles, which make the prospects 
good for the impute r priced house*. . 

Apki.i'iii (Messrs. Hliiibert. managers). — 
The opening of this house will be Inaugurated 
Sept. 30. with Joe Weber. In -Hip. Hip. Hoo- 
ray.' A description of the bouse appears in 
another column. The east Includes: Amelia 
KIAiie. iiessie Clayton, Vuleskn Snrrntt. Tom 
Lewis, Wm. Gould, Hurry Tlghc nnd Charles 
Iliirkhardt. "The Road to Vestorday," with 
Minnie Dupree, Oct. 7. 

Lvaic (Messrs. Sbubcrt, managers). — "The 
Gay White Way" scored an emphatic lilt 
on the opening night. Sept. 23. and hns been 
drawing capacity houses. Jefferson De An- 
gells, I iinnclie King . and Alexander Carr 
scored personal triumphs, while Maude Ray- 
mond, Meltvllle Kills and Frank Donne were 
also much In evidence. The second and final 
week ends Oct. 8. Cecilia Loftus and Law 
r.incc D'Orsny. In "The teincers," follows. 

& Zimmerman, managers). — "The Belle of 
Mayfalr" was a most attractive offering Inst 
week, and drew houses of large proportions, 
Which greatly enjoyed the Gibson Girl num- 
ber and the other musical features. Tho 
second and lliial week begins Sept. 30. "The 
Merry Widow" next. 

Uiio.Mi (Nixon A Zimmerman, managers). — 

Dallas Wclford, In "Public Opinion." achieved 
success to big houses last week. Tho engage- 
ment ends Out. 0, to be followed by llcurlttta 

Crosninn, in "The Christian Pilgrim." 

Garhick (Frank Howe Jr., manager). — 
"The Lion and the Mouse" Sept. 30. for two 
weeks. "The Grniid Mogul" departed 2H, after 
a prosperous fortnight's business, (ieorge M. 
Cohan, In "Fifty Miles from Boston," nuxt. 

Walnut (Frank Howe Jr., mnnnger). — 
"The Virginian" begins Its second and final 
week 30. Last week line audiences greeted 
the efforts of W. s. Hurt and Frank Campeau 
in the leading roles. "Tho Girl Rangers" 

Miami OTOHA Houhk (G. A. Wegefnrth, 
manager). — Grace .Cameron In "Little Dolllc 
Dlmplen, 30-Oet. G. laist week. "The Tour- 
ist*- did splendid business. Eddie Gnrvle, 
!n the comedy role, winning generous ap- 
plause. ' "Me, Him und I" 7. 

Pauk 'I'. G, Nlxon-Nlrdllnger managers). 
— "The Himllers" came 30. "Under Sus- 

?lelim" played to big returns 23-214. "At 
ale" next. 

Iu.ani:i's (J. p. Hckharrtt, manager). — 
Lottie Williams, lu "Joule, the Little Mud- 
cap," 3d. Harney Glliimrc. In "Dublin Don," 
had overflowing houses Inst week. "The 
Cowlsiy and the Kqnuw" follows. 

National (Joseph M. Kelly, manager). — 
"A Midnight I'lscape" 30 and week, following 
a week of good business dune by Lillian Mor- 
timer. In "Bunco In Arlxonu." "Jessie Left 
the VIHnge" 7, 

GiNAiiu (Miller & Kaufman, managers), — 
"Around (he Clock" this week. "Shadows 
on the Hearth" had plenty of patronage 23- 
28. i/cw Welch, In "The Shoemaker, fol- 

....Haut's (John W. Hart, manager).— J. 
Harvey Cook. In "An Actor's Homance," 30. 
Manila Fleming. In "The Girl of Eagle 
Ranch," did iiten business last week. "Every- 
body Works But Father" next. 

Ciikmtniit (Percy G. William*, malinger). 
— The Orphouui stock whleh Is growing In 
popular esteem, will put on 'When We Were 
Twenty-one," wi>ek of 30. "The Cowboy und 
Ihe l.sily" drew Hue houses Inst week, (lie 
production ImJng put on In line style, run 
nicinbiim of the coiiitniiiy acquitting them- 
selves most criidltubly. "Glittering Gloria" 

FOUM-A iron's (Miller Ic Kmifmuii, iniiua- 
gerHL-^l'he Mlddletnn-Harbler stock, In "At 

In which they have been seen with great 
credit. Following this engagement they will 
move to Hut t iiirrbk for special mill itlees dur- 

performance, nnd that evening Thomas II. 
ivIlBon who bud been ploying the . rolo of 
Bud itartlgan. the grocery boy. took the 
cbiirnirtet- of Burleigh, In place of Mr. Brcn- 
[inn. and met with distinct, surctm 'although 
b't had never given the purl nay study pre- 
viously. One of the minor members, of (he A w i;^h'rV«jr"Mll~ii»"MBrni"ilnuVhk^"dlb«i« 
J'ontpaliy was pluiiwl lu the i.url of Bud. Hf ^'.'''.'"'J, ' ,. „ ' L,?" "vrS f%Sr Otr 
The.Miiu from Home." with Will T. Hodge. ,'LV^TC '.r ir •'» "A Flub IngC) urn' •" 
la due 2I» for a Icrui.. The • bmpuuy lucludes: uyrs iif till E i -", At 
i.h.'ii Plyniptou, H. J. llnlellffe. Hassard 
Wiort. Henry Harmon, Anthony Asher, Olive 
"Muihuui. Alice Johnson and Ida Vernon. 

McVi'i.-kkh'm (Heorge C. Warren, manager). 
•—Blanche Walsh enters her fourth nnd last 
week, 20, In "The Straight lined." Two 
hiuidrod Cblengo sot Moment workers saw 
ll.e p. rff.imtirn,' cveulng of 23. Oct. II, Low 
D'tcKslnder. ChRUlier-v Olrort 13. 

Obanii (Hiierji Ask'ln. uiniiugitr). -- Miuil- 
k-oin'-ry anil St :iie have been pluvlng to houses 
thai were iiinisiired only by Ihe seating en- 

Meliy, and "The Red MUi" bus luui iivne of 

6rl. 0. 

Bijou (Wlllliiu RjK'be. manager).— "The 
Grant Enslcru WorldV niuyed lo excellent 
business week of Sept. 22. Tbts house has 
been breaking all Its previous records this 
season, nnd hldn fnlr to land at (lie top 
notch 'for. melodramatic honsen tu (lilit-rliy. 
"Tho-CoWlioy Girl'* Mft, "IhO 0(illaw*» cTrrlsi- 
inan" tier. (i. , . . 

Cininiito.v (Joliii It. Hognii.'iiiiiniigerl,- 
"The FuifV Corners of tbe Earth" did well 
lore wcc'« of Sejit. 22. "Hedford's . II ope. 
Mr. Curler's gem raciuPpluj', MM lo Its 

lug the Winter, as cbroulcled In these col 
u in ns lust week. 

., *).> 


WimliliiKfon. At i be New Nationul (W. 
II. Rupley. manager) this week, "The Silver 
Girl," with George Fuwcott. It I* a new 
play by Edward repel. Lust week, George 
M. Cohan, In "Fifty Miles from Boston," bud 
cuiiuclty audiences. "The Htep-Slstcr," nii- 
nllier new play, by Charles Klieii, Oct. 7-12. 

CoLtJlllilA (l.llcketl & Dwyer, managers I. 
— This week, u brand new pluy by Duvld 
Mark Orlflllli, "A Fool nnd ii nlrl." Last 
week, "The Boys of Company II" had fair 
IiusIuchh, Dust lu Furniuu, in "Tbo Hanger," 
Oct. 7-12. 

Hklamco (L. HliKldurd Taylor, munager). 
— This week, Cecilia Loftus and Nuiriincc 
D'Orsay, In '"Hie lancers." Last week, Joe 
Weber and hi* company. Ill "Hip! Hip! 
Hooray I," pleased. Curlottu Nlllson, la "Tbo 
Three of Us," Oci. 7-12. ok Mi. mi- (John W. Lyons, uui li- 
nger). — This week, "From Ming Sing to Lib- 
erty." Last week, "Broadway After Dark" 
plnyed to excellent business. "Hi* Terrible 
Secret" Oct. 7-12. 

MA.IKSTU' f Frank II. Weston, manager). — 
Tills week. Kalbryn I'urnell uuil company, lu 
"Supiilio." U>H\ week, "Tho (talcs (tf Jus- 
I lee'' liad good slr.ed bouses. "Hani Klrke." 
Oct. 7-12. 

Cimkk's (Miss II. Wlnnirred De Wilt. Ulll. i- 
ygfn.-t-Tlils week ; Toby Cl«udiv "Lln«t" 
Perniune Bros., Bully's performing bears, 
Frederick Bros, nuil Burns, Hurry Biirgoyne, 
Fred ami Ann Jo Prlot. and the vltugrapb. 
Crowded audiences all lust week. 

(iAiKiv ' I William K. Clark, manager) 

This week, life Casino Girls, Last week 'fro- 
eiulero- Hnrlesqilers had 'cYrcllent business, 
Itqjile's Jinlvkei'lioekeiv Oct. 7-12. 

I.Veeitl (Rugene Kirnun, innnuger). — This 
week. Hie Tiger Lille*. Lust wetk Cherry 
Blossiiiiis made good, to full bopses. Broad- 
wnv liuvrlr <:lrls Oct. 7-12. 

Ni/rK.-«Mi'!<. Murgurel L., flowers, leading 
MOV »1 '"Brottilwny' Alter Dark" Co., piaylnj 

orgnnlred Inst week with tbu following offi- 
cers: President* Thnnins M, Dougteirly. of 
tbo Park;, vice president, Frederick Nnthun. 
of the Broad ; recording aocrotary, Fergus 
MeCuaker. of tbe Park : flnanclnl secretary. 
Oeorfo W, MctMl, of tbc Gtrard ; treasurer. 
Hubert Mclntyre, of the Walnut: board of 

fuveniors, George D. Hut Km, of the Grant) 
ipcra House; Wm. Itobb, of tho Chestnut 
Street Opera House, and Charles A. Huff, 
of the National. Temporary headquarters 
will be at Brill's Hotel until a loca- 
tion for clubrooina Is obtained near Brond 

nnd Walnut .Streets The llmad Street 

Theatre veil* for severnl performances 
Inst week of "Public Opinion" without nil 
orchestra. MmnlH'rs of the musical union 
resented tbo removal of P. Huiurltilll, the 
lender of lite orchestru, who was replaced 
by ltbhiiril Lautcli, and refused lo piny uuder 
him. The dispute, It Is expected, will ls> 

settled shortly 'Ilia bill of Ihe Herman 

Theatre Hie current week consists of I "Ans- 

I'll m. — At tho Nixon, till* week. Lew 

Dockstader und his big minstrels. Last week 
Ethel Barry more, In "tier Sister," gave gen- 
eral sallsfni'tion. nuil business was guod. all 
week. Beginning Monday malliico. Oct 7. 
Klaw A Frlnnger present, for one week only, 
an nil star vaudeville, bill. E. II. Sothern, 
who was booked to play a week's engagement 
Ocl. 7, will appear nt the Duqiiesne. 

GliANu. — This week's hill: Nattco O'Nell 
and company, Lucille Mulliall nnd her Hunch 
Boys, .Gainsborough Girl, Adolph Zlnk. Frank- 
lin and Green, Warren nnd 11 Inn dm nl, Mul- 
len nnd fort-Ill. Three heightens, Max Duffe i. 
Tretuont ({inirtette. Drier 't'rlo, Gllutnur anil 
l.ntour, and the ciiiematogrnpb. Last week's 
bill wns goad, mid played lo packed bouses. 

DuutiKHNti. — Thl* week: Henry Lee, Bur- 
ney Fugtui and llrnrlctln Byron, Josephine 
Alnsloy, James J. Morton. Bellonlnl, Mnude 
Mncy linii and company, the Six Satnols, Pu- 
mond's Famous Parisian Minstrels. Last 
week's bill was good. — This week, "Texas." Last week 
Kelliir, tho magician, gave n good entertain- 
ment und mystified hi* audiences with clever 
tricks. HimlncBB wAs good. " 'Way Down 
East" next week. 

Bi.t on.-— This week: 'Pints. E. Shea In rep- 
ertory, presenting: "The Bells," "Dr. Jckyll 
and Mr. Hyde." and "A Soldier of the Truss." 
Last week, "A lime Across the C.nitlneni" 
played to good business ami pica soil. The 
Kays, In "King Casey." next week. 

IlLANnv'*. — This week, "Lottie, tbo Pour 
Kuleslndy." Lost week, Florence Bindley, 
III "The SI reel Mlnger," gave I ho patrons 11 
good show, und business wns good oil week. 
"The Mysterious Burglur" next. 

Havktv. — This wood. Hie Hue- 

ihe Risk of His Life," *'(l, with Adru Alnsleti 
In t|io feuding rule. "Tim, the .Westerner , M 
was received with approval by Duo houses 
last week. "Tobn lloxlo" next. 

K-rANIiAllli (Darcy A H|s'ck, ma lingers ). - 
The • ktock will put on "How Heart* Are 
Broken" .'10 iuid week. Lust week "Kucbel 
tinldsleln" wus given it lively pi'i'seiiluHoii 
und was rccnlvcit with howls of approval. 
"HrefetH of the I'olli*)'' next. 

Ivkii-ii'h (||, '(', Jordan, munuger). — The 
bill week of. ,'10 Ik full of beitdllnors, Includ- 
ing: Creasy and Dnjnc. Marshull I'. Wilder 
mid Fred Wultoti. Others aro: The JUtu 
Itaiiznl Troupe, Bessie Wyntt, Hurt r,evy, 
Howard mid North, Lu Petite Mlguon, Con- 
tin and Steele, I, a ttose nnd Frederic, the 
Sisters Tobin, Donnelly and (Mull, Vllllcrs 
und bto, ami the klnntogrnpb. 

Foiuikst (Nixon & Zimmerman, managers). 
— Mr. and Mr*. Jerry Cohan and compsnv. In 
"Running for Ofncc," head the bill 30. Other 
feature*, uro: Hydncy Grant, the Three Ken- 
tons, Herrmann Ihu ('rent, tho Four Lukens, 
Keefe. nnd Pearl. Desrncbes nnd lllnticu, 
Harry und Alice Taylor, Joe Welch, and ani- 
mated pictures. 

. I'WII'l.l'.'N (NIXOII &. Zlllinieiuillli, nillllH- 

Ker*).— The London Pirn Brigade Is the big 
card week of SO. others arc: William Bond 
and, company, Eva Mudge. Cnrnn and Fnr- 
num, George W. Day, Eddie Mack, T*oul*e 
Agoust und compnny, and moving pictures. 

Thocadi.iio (Fred Wlllstin, manager I. — 
Tom Miner's llvlieuilun Buritsquein are ten- 
unts 30 mid week. The rosier mentions: 
Andy Gardner. Ida NIciiIhI, Billy Spencer, 
I'nrcw and lls.ves, Bin ion Brothers, and Ihu 
Bobemtuil Trio. The Brigadiers played to 
packed hoaxes lust week. 

-Iji-iiip ((i'-orge W. Rife, manager). — The 
Slur Show fllrls .'II* and week with: <!burle* 
Nichols, Mnrle Croix. Baker and Lynn, Jim 
lilxou. Mm-kev and Mnckey, Iji Hellu Trio, 
and Wully Clurk. The Merry Mnldeu* were 
a potent drawing curd last. week. The Cherry 
Blossoms next. 

CAHIVO iEIIiis & Koenlg, iiiiiiingersl. — Al, 
Beeves' Beiiiily Khow • till* weak, Kohls 
Iviiickerbockei'K gave a line show last weok 
to exifllent reliiniH. The Morning Glories 

Ntiw Gayi-tv (Clins. L. Wulters. niann- 
ger), — This new house continues to muko u 
HiicccHsfnl bid for patronuge. This week, 
Muncheater's Masuueradei-M, with: The liny* 
wards, Conroy and company, the English 
Buses, Suslo Fisher, Stewart and Itnyinond, 
ItesMle Parduu. Smith and Baker, and Tessla 
Sharp. 'Jim Hehmun Show was productive 
of line return* lust week. Irwin'* Big Show 

r'l.rtVKSTH Stiikkt Oi-kiia llnrsi: (Frank 
Ditmout, in.'iiiMgei'). — "The Million Dollar 
Pier Tickler." "The Girl from Lltl'*." und 
"The Painter and Ills Aftlnltv,'' the three new 
skits, which iinnle big bits lasf week, are 
eonilnoeil, .lames Met ool and Edwin Demp- 
srjr. In Hut (Irst purl, mid Ben Fcmiklln und 
I. Il.ll" I'ooil!,'.,. Ill Hie olio, loiitinue lo he 
sirbug fuvorlto* Willi the b|g crowds, 

Norn A.Mt Alien Miiskum (T. F. Hopkins. 
iiiniiiigei'i.- -The Woki Indians lire continued 
its the feature In the curio bull Sept. .SO, In 
uddltion lo a women's boxing contest, lu 
the theatre entertainment Is furnished by: 
Neumann. Mons. Forher, Ed. Howard, Maud 
Burton, Clevo Hill, Henry T. Wslte. (.'lark 
nnd Ilrndley, the Carllons, Kennedy and 
Jniaei. mill l.ublii's cluisigriiih. 

NOIIIH. --C. Coolce WlUllllllllker, II well 

known newspaper man, and former city 
edllor of The Public r.rJiir.r, has lwetl up- 
poluled lUUtiauor of the pew Adelplil. lie 
will ii Im, do tbc press, n ork for that .house 
alt'U tbe Lyric, Tt'ensurers' Club No. ii 

lescpiers, featuring the Nippon Troupe of 
Japanese wuuder workers. Lust week, the 
Hidden fi'iiok, with John L. Sullivan und 
Juke Kllralii, pluyed lu the blRgnsl business 
of tbc season. Tbo show wn* very eolur- 
tulnlng. The Casino tllrls next. 

Ar.MuiMi nr Music — This week. Tho 
Broadway Gtilnly Girls, feiiturlng Johnny 
Weber. Lust .week, tint Tiger Lilies played 
lo packed houses mid gave a good show, 
(leo. P. Murphy, the diminutive Herman 
comedian, furnished plenty of good comedy 
nil through tbc show. Fay Foster Co. next 

IIUToiiiiosti;. — This week, Hay's Marlou- 
ettes, Clay Russell Trio. Julia Alexandre, 
Billy Falk, Bob Roberts, and the Hippo- 

Kriipb. Last week's hill wus very goad, and 
ashless wus fair. Amateur nlghl, Friday, 
bus been very goiHl lluanelnllv. 

LiukiiTv. This week.: Chevrltil and Whei- 
relt. John und llmiiia tlolllus, Fruosnla Du 
Barry, and Mttqihy unit Tally. Business bus 
Iss-n fair, und I In- iniiiiHgement has boeu giv- 
ing a special iiiailni c Siitiit'duys tor ehlldren, 
which has proven lo be ipillc u success. 

Ma.icstic. — Tills week : Throe Cain His- 
tern, llu< 'P.vo Klngii, Violet Lu I>'uutulun, 
mid (lilt Miiji'stiigi'iipli. Business fair. 

Nirrcs,— At the i'. E. casino: Sheldon und 
Wllaon, Geo. W. Hnow, Morris Kuua, Prof. 
Bun Stiilth, and moving pictures, Business 

good At I he Allegheny Casino : Zcnto 

and Wife, .hi nies Holt anil John Mm tin 
BiiMluesN guod. . .Tho United Hlntcs Murine 
Klllld beg.iil 11 week's eugugeiuellt ut - the 
Pltlsbiirg exposition, Moliduy. 
« i i 

Ni-ruiitoii. — At Ihu Lvi'iuini (C. M. Hutltll- 
well, nianiigen "lliiu-lllir" opened Sept, :m. 
for week, with Indications of n Hitia'CNsful 
engageineiit. Maw It .ICl'laugur's ndviini'ed 
vaudeville, (be pasl week, pleased huge Audi- 
ences. Minn. Hchiunaiui lleluk concert 7. 
May ltubsim H, Dallas Welfoi'il II, "Mudamo 
lliiflerfly" II, *"l'ho Vlrgliimn" 12. 

Aiapi:mv (C. M. Southwell, malinger). - 
"Shadow* on the' Hearth" .'{(Kiel. 'J, "Tint 
Heart of Virginia" :i-0, "Bniutlwiiy Aftnc 
Dark" 7-11, (ieorge eildney 1012. "Convict 
iuid," .Sept. 20-M, llllod the liotise ot eueh 
porrormanco. ' • • • ■ 

Nkw Pom (Jim. II. Docking, munuger).— 
Wosk of Moiii. Illi, JesM* L. Luskey's Plsnu- 
phiend*, Colby Family, Hujch nuil Johnson. 
l'cur Couirndi s, 'illlfToril ttiHl 'liurloi, I'uul l.c 
Ci'olx, und Vedniurs, liitslnnss continues 
great, S. It. O. being ofltm dlipluyod. 

S't'Ait (Oliver C. Piittt.-ii, manager). — Tbo 
Nightingales liO-Oct. K. Hlgii Hi'Tioul Girl* 
.'!■.,, Kentucky llelle* 7-il, Marry Maidens in 
12, the Thoroughbred* m-.iii, llin Uulieiiiluus 
It-ID. 'Ilio lircaiiilunil lliirlesiitUTs came In 
gooil house* Snpl. 2(128, 

N'UW I'oi.uNiAi, (Joseph Weiss, uiuuugei'i. 
—This new house npened ,'10, tinder fuvnr- 
iibln auspices, to crowded house, with the 
Ik'hitiuu Slunv. Bonked: Guy Morning Glories 
Oct, !i-G, Hcrlbner's Dig Show 7-t), Al. Itcvvcs' 
Beauty Show 1012. 

' Family (II. II. Hiullh. innnuger). — This 
house, which bus remained iluik for two 
weeks, reoiirned Sept. 110, with stock coiii- 
puny, In "In Mlwiwri." The company l|i- 
cltides : .lnliii J. Fitrrcll. Hiury Drlwuie. Kind 
G. Heurv, Waller Perelvul, Floreticu Friiuii- 
Unix, Itolicn ' Met'ttiiig, Albert l.umlo, di- 
rector; Paul Burr Kuyset', assistant director: 
Clara Knopri, Isdlli: .Davis, llenrletta Hug- 
ley, Maud Mutton. 

OurmtUM (E. M. ICersteller, malinger), • 
llitsllies* coiiliniie* good, The Pnssloii I'luv 
pictures- uuve KUtlsfuctlon to large crowd* 
past week. 

S i 

Lam-iisicr. — At the Fulton Operu House 
(Clin*. A. Veeker. munuger) Fernanda Ell* 
cm, In "Until," had u good house rtepi, W- 
"The AtHviiI of Kilty" drew well 2^. "Uucbt 
Tom's Cabin" hud gisid business 23. "IHchuid 
HI," by John Hrlmlb, wus well received 20. 
••TUB 'i-rulii Bobbers," 27. nnd "Done Brown," 
28, hull good houses. Rosnbele Leslie und 
company. In repertory, KMMb r>, except 2, 
when "Tlie Lion und the Mouse" l» booked. 
"Madiiin Butterfly" N. „ ■ • 

Family IRA Mnsart, muiiHger).—- (.'nrrotit 
week's Itlll Includes: Mascot, trained horse I 
Hayes, Wlucliell and Russell, In "Mischievous 
Toodles:" Murzelo and Wotilfe. Fred and 
Eva Mi i /.ur t. In "Tbe Cobbler's Dream :" 
Mlsson's Aerial Itnllel and Luminous Butter- 
(lies, and the moving pictures. 
■ ■ . s ' 

llrnilliiii. ■ Ai I lie 'Academy nf Music 
IM: Hels, uiiiliagef) "The..ArrHsl of KIHy" 
pleased ii good shu'd nudleiice. s». Fenmndii 
Ellscii. lu "Itiifh." bad good retnms 21. 
"David lliii'iifn" drew In capacity IW. Jo« 
Morris. In "The Henri, of. .Virginia." 2H '. 
"Around the Clock" 28, "Mudum lluttcrily" 
Oct. 7. 

OitPiiKiiil (C. Floyd Hopkins, latinnger).— 
For week nf Sept. :ill: Jauies and Smile 

I iiird. Levllle ami Sinclair. Grace !,eoii- 

(■nl, iirili mid Fern, Kelso mid l.elglnon, 
l.onev lliiskell, *'TJii' Waterinelnii 'IVusl." 
mill the kluetogriiph. Hood business con- 

i'iiami •li'i:n,t IIoini; (M. Ilels. iiiiiiiugiiri. 
— Helen <jrayw began u uuwessful tUrto 






Produced fur the «r»l time In Gnttar* K«rk<r's and GrorR* Broailhiirsl's •ut-cosifnl Musical Comedr.'TIlE LADY PHOBI LASF/a," at the CASINO, Vow York. 

rateft will this rntrhy mng. Papers I'NANIMOI'8 In It* praise. 




ail Copies F3< 

•ady. SCCNO FOR IT, 

- 1 4:3 1 :0£-€»sa,c2."Wa»y . Zffew York, 


Weeks' engagement In repertory. Sept. L'8. 
Minn Grave?, whu formerly resided in Read- 
In^, appears to excellent advantage la her 
various roles. 

Ki.ion rUndogralT fc Brownell, managers). 
— Charles Robinson's Night Owls turned 
them airs; 28-23. 

- ' ■ ■ i ■ ., . 

Johnstown — At the Cambria (H. W. 
Scherer, manager) "The Black Crook Jr."'- 
did bljr business, two performances. Sept. is." 
"Peggy from Paris" played to two large audi- 
ences 24. Thomas K. Shea, In ''A Soldier .of ■ 
rue Cross/' 25; -The Bells'' andrDv. .fekyll 
und Mr. Hyde,"'28, drew well. H»nrr Wood- 
ruff, In "Brown'of Harvard."' played to 8. K. 
O. Crltnmlns and Qcre, lfe"'A Warm Match," 
<jp?w well. Rlduird Carle. In "A .Spring 
Chicken," 30: London Gaiety Girls Vet I. 
Tjustln Farnnn. In "The Ranser." 15 ; "The 
Shepherd King" 7-0. . i 

, IMntc Family (ft W. Scherer, manager)., 
— Following bIH drew packed booses week of 
(28: Laredo and. Blake, Cb'immie Lamara, 
Itu'rfows-Trovls company, AJime r.nd : Gith). 
Mine Ktnmy's trained fox terrier*, mpvlne 
pictures and Illustrated songs. Bill .week or 
Kept. 80 : Grace Hazard, the Mendelssohn 
TiTo, Ah Ling 8oo, Fongo and Leo, James A. 
Dunn, Illustrated songs and moving pictures. 
. . i 

Ciirbnnrtnle. — At the Grand Operai House 
(Geo. W. Lederer. manager) Sheldon's Come- 
dians, week of Sept. 23. in repertory and 
vaudeville, did (food business. "No Mother 
to Guide Her" Oct. 3. "A Desperate Chanc*" 
&, "The King Bee" ». "Public Opinion" 10, 
•'Kentucky Sue" 11, "Monte Crlsto" 12. 

Family (F. L. Blair, manager).— Week of 
23. three performances dally, to good busi- 
ness: Trot. Hyde, Murphy, Whitman and 
company, presenting "Old Friends;" Mo-' 
carta, Delirium Brothers. Canton and Curtis, 
Illustrated songs nnd klnetograph. Bill for 
■week of DO : Hickman Brothers and compnny. 
Maxwell Dndley, Bert Page, (ieurge Hoyt. 
Mamie Kennedy, la Illustrated songs, and 

. ■■ e ■ . 

AKoona At the Mlsnler, "Peggy from 

Paris," Kept. 23, and Black Crook Jr., 24, 
bad big houses. "A Warm Match" did well 
MB. 20. Tlios. E. Shea 2T, "Brown of Har- 
vard" 28. Richard Carle Oct. 1, 2. "The 
Shepherd King" 3. "Goo. Washington Jr." 
u. "The Girl of the Sunny South" 10, tho 
London Gaiety GlrlB 11, "Shallows on tbo 
Hearth" 12, "The Arrival ot Kitty" 14, 
''Painting the Town" !&.. 
. HTAit. — Sept. 30 and week: Jesson Sisters, 
Bad Collins and Fields, : 
- 1— Bill 30 and week : Arthur Yale 
and company, and Leo<Sr. Elmo. 

•Note. — At. the Academy of Music. Tyrone, 
"The Girl of the Sunuy South" 2f>, "A Warm 
Match" 27. 

Kept. 20: Henri French, Gastnn and Green, 
I)r. ('. B. anil BertbA. Clnrk. with their 
hazardous globe : Five Musical Hymns, Arm- 
strong and Clark, Cbss. L. Fletcher, the 
Klnodrome. ;'■' i eV. , 

Bt'JiwooD (United Theatre* Co., manager). 
• — Business is on a steady Increase. Week 
of Sept. 3i)i Adebv Palmer and company. 
Lorettn Twins Tritt, 'EBrl'Oe Hicks, Mr. and 
Mrs. Swlekard, moving' pictures. 

NOTXS. — Ellery's Band did fair business 

past week at the Auditorium "The 

King's Highway of Ak-Sar-Ben" opened Sept. 
25 tor (he usual ten days. The attendance 
promises to' beat all previous records. 

« ■*♦ 


Montreal. — At His Majesty's (H. Q. 
P.rooks. manager) James T. Powers, In "The 
Blue Moon," came to good business Sept. 23- 
28. Do 'Wolf Hopper, In "Hupnyland." 30 
and week.- "The Right of Way" Oct. 7-12. 

Academy or Mun».' (Walter Greaves, man- 
ager). — Attendance is good. And the bill week 
of Sept. 23 fdllowst'Tbe Four Lester*, Jupi- 
ter Brothers, Howard Brothers. Maud Lam- 
bert, tho Four Bards, O'Brien. Hrv«1- and 
Miss Lawrence, Btly Clifford, and Fred Karno 
r.nd troupe. 

. .Brn.nbtt's (R. A. McVenn, manager). — 
Keith's vaudeville bill for week of 2B: Toledo 
and Price, Dol-A-Phone, Hennlnjo), Lewis and 
Uennlngs, the Finney h, Hal Stephens and 
company. Annie and K(He Conley, Duryea and 
Mortimer, Charles and Fanny Van, and Car- 
roll Johnson nnd company. 

Khancais (F. W. |<c Clair, manager): — 
The Smart Set proved a drawing card 23 and, 
week. "Since Nellie Went Away" 30 and 
week. "The Boy with the' Boodle next.:: 

IUivai. (H. R, FJgerton. manager).— The. 
Washington Society Girls 'skew good attend- 
ance last week. The Colonial Belles week 
of 80. ' 

Bus Not'VBAurits (R. J. Demere, manager). 
— The permanent French Stock Co., in "The 
Taming of tbo Shrew" (In French).. scored 
well 28-38. "Place nux Kemmt-s" week of 30. 

NationaU"-- FBANt'AtH (Pan! Caaeneavc, 
manager). — Toe permanent French Stock Co., 
In "Adrlenhe Locouvreur," scored nicely last 
week. "Roale-ta-Bosse" 30 and week. ,'• «* . 

Wll kes-Unrrc. — At the Nesbltt (H. A. 
-Brown, manager) "The Parish Priest'" drew 
B. R. O., and Paul Ullinore played to good 
husluess last week. "Miss Bob White" Oct, 
E "The Coltec Widow" 3. Dallas Welforil 8. 
Mav KobBon B, "Madame Butterfly" 10, "The 
Virginian" 11, "Kentucky Sno" 12. • •■■, 

• Gban» Oi'HRA Uouhb (II. A. Brown, mana- 
a 'ei-i._"The Heart of Virginia" had S. It. O. 
r -Hhndows on tho Hearth" gave a pleasing 
jjerforniunce, <Jeo. Sydney 7-0, "Broadway 
Afler Dark" 10-12. 

NoTB.^-The Nesbltt Theatre was present- 
ud by Mrs. Mose Ga'llniiol with a beautiful 
velvet curtain. It adds greatly to the thea- 
tre, and Is very much appreciated. 

Will a import. —At the Lycoming Opera 
House (L. J. Flsk, manager) ) Paul Ullinore, 
in "The WheeFof Love," drew a big uudlence 
Sept. 20. "Peggy from Paris," 21. pleased. 
Rosabels Leslie Stock Co. did good business 
week ot 23. "The Lunatic and the Lady' 1 
:iO, "The Darling of the Gods" Oct. 2, "The 
Collage Widow" 4, Emma Bunting Stock 

«|iUdb> q£ *? 

Family (Fred M. Laramie, manager);— 
Builness was good week uf Sept. 21!. Due 
week of 30: Ami Hum II ton ami company, 
the Three Jackson*. Urutesque Randolphs, 
.Mons. Herbert, Jack Syiuomls, Hodges ami 
Lnuncbmere, ,niid Jenny Couclms. 
• ' s 

Hasleton. — At the Ot'nntl Opera House 
(Gen. Albert Haley, resident manager) "The. 
Lily and the Prince" catut> Sent. 18, and 
Dlessed. "The Arrival of Kitty," IB, scowl 
well. "Peggy from Paris," 20, did big busi- 
ness. "The Master Workman" 21. Paul 
Gllmore, In "The Wheel of Love," pleased 24. 
'Simple Simon Simple" 20.' ."Dealers in 
White Women" C7. ".Miss Bob White" 30, 
Mary Kmerson. Oct. 4, in "On Parole :" "Tho 
tost TrsH" 5. 

FAMILY (Knoblauch 4 Hersker, proprie- 
tors). — Heckmnu Bros, and company, .Max- 
well nnd Dudley, Dart Paige, Paul K.Poole, 
D. G. Davis, Fred Farrell, illuslrnted songs 
and k'netogrnph week ot Sept. 23, came to 
good business. 

PKtaton.— At tho Uroiui Street Theatro 
(H. J. Sinclair, manager) Fernanda Kllseii, 
in "Ruth," supported by Edwin Arclen, Sept. 
a". Paul Gllmore. In "The Wheel of Love." 
28. "The Lost Trail" SO, Mary Emerson 
Oct 8. 

J amity i Harry Scott, rosldent manager). 
Week of Sept. 23: Alvln Brothers, Adulluu 
trances. Millar Brothers, Jack Symouds, 
and DunbaV's gout circus. 

Drkami.ami (Treou A Co.. iiiiiiiugcrs). — 
Moving pictures nnd Jlluslruied songs. Busi- 
ness Is fair. 

i ■■ S ■ i .h i 
\orrl«to\vii. — Al the Grand Oners House 
(Horbert E. Lynch, manager l "The Ginger- 
bread Man" pleased good business Sept. 23, 
John Griffith scored 24. "Done Brown" did 
well 25. "Ruth," 20, pleased. Stetson's 
"V. T. C." 27. "The Arrival of Kitty" 28, 
and Kurt Simons Stock Co. week of 30. 


Omaha.— At Boyd's .Theatre (Edw. .3. 
Monlghan, niamiger) .Maude IValy. In '"ilio 
Stronger Sex," opened a four nlghta* engate- 
mem Sept. 20. Thomas Jefferson. In "lllp 
Van Winkle," routes Oct. 3-r>. The house 
was dark Sept. 23-19. lU»e Stahl. In "The 
t'liorus Lady." did Kood business 20-28. 

Knno ("Hoc" Breed, manager). — Tho Four 
Huntings opened a four nights' engagement 
Sept. 20. "Arc You CriuyV' opens Oct. 8, 
4. "Dncle Tom's Cahln" o. "The Origins! 
t'ohim" 0. 7. Jolly lllrls S. 1». "Nellie, tho 
Beautiful Cloak Model" had good houses Sept. 
22. 23. The New Century Girls did eood 
business 24, 2"i. "The Cm and Che Fiddle'* 
dsew large audiences 20-2N. 

OurnitDM (Martin Beck, general mannccr). 
•— tariMM the past week was large. Wees; 

WA5TED-A good Sketch Team, can change 
for a week. Musical Act as well. Tickets will fit 
sent it we know you. Mrs. LUIIe Lnnv.on, Heuiiel- 
ton, St. lawrence Co.. N. V. All perforuiers, write. 
Address until Oct. 8, Henneltoti; after, De Kalb 
Junction. N. Y. 

WASTED, Immediately, Cornet and Clarinet 
ror theatre, dances, etc. f40 per month gnat, 
antee; chance to mike more. Most be np In all 
lines of work and strictly sober and reliable in 
every respect. Wire; no time for correspond- 
ence. Please do not misrepresent. Prof. J. Levin, 
■M W. Jones St., Raleigh, fc. C. 

WANTED- A sketch team, man And wife, as 
fall partners in medicine show lysines,*., Yob to 
give the show, I do lecturing aud orllce work, 
straighten acts and play organ.' Will split profits 
with ton. Very small capital required. 

DR. JAMES E. LONG, TaylorvlUe,lU. 

• WANTED AT ONCE-A Brat claps Colored 
Team to travel with Medicine Show this Winter. 
Mom bs good Banjo or Qnltar Players, one or iiotti. 
Slog, monologue, put on sets and make good. No 
boozers or has-beens need apply. LIVINGSTON 
MEDICINE CO., No. » South/ft., N. Y. City. 

Hamilton. — At the Grand Opera House, 
(A. It. Loudon, manager) "Jessie Left the 
Village," Sept. 10, 20, pleased good sized 
houses. "A Desperate Chance," 21. had n 
big audience. "The Shepherd Klng/'.i 23.-25, 
had good audiences. "Side Tracked-" 28, 
"Marrying Mary" 30, "The Blue Moon" Oct 

4, f». 

Savoy (J. C. Appleton, innnageiOsa-JEefk 
of Sept. 23 saw continued big business, "fill 
for week of Ml Mr. and Mrs. Max Konorahs, 
Lu Ksmernldnr. the Hoganneya. Maude Lam- 
bert, Howard Bros.. Carrol and Cooke, Arm- 
strong nnd Ashton, and Crane Bros. Ti 

Rinkktt'h (Geo. F. Drlscoll manager),— 
Business fur week of 23 was large. Bill for 
week of 30 : Gus Edwards' Schoolboys. Ham- 
Thome aud company. Herman Tiniberg, 
Maude Karle, Bellerlalre find Kramer, Mu- 
sical Avolos, Charles ' Barry and Hulda 
Havers, Banks and Newton,' aud Cook Bros. 
. i ' 

Ottawa.— At the RussellTheatre (P. Gor- 
man, uinnsger) Creston Clarke, In "The 
Power thst Governs." drew good business 
Sept. 18, 10. Mildred Holland delighted 
lnrve crowds 20, 21, Cecil Spooner. In "The 
tilrl Ruffles," drew good business 23-25. .las. 
T. I"owers,' in "The Blue Moon," 30, .aj ^.."A 
Ronmnca ot Ireland" Oct. 3. 4.... 

Grand Opkiu House (B."j; BlrdwhUtle. 
manager I. — The Smart Bet had crowded 
houses itt-21. "It's Never Too Late to Mend" 
did good business .23-J}Si '-'■' » •;: '■ . 'ft'** 

Hexnktx's (Gus S. Grciinlng, monlion.-- 
Business Is the very best.' Bill Sept 1,0 and ' 
week: Brown and Vtrlgbn'Rose Coghlan and 
company. Dillon Bros., May Duryea and com- 
pany. 1 .'the Uennlngs. Clms. and Fanny-Van, 
Vernier and Stella, Devote Trio, and the hlo- 
graph, . 

■ .-.■-.» . 

St. John.. — At Ibe Opera House (A. O. 
Skinner, miuinger) Itols'rt Ik Mantell closed 
a five days' engagement of good busluesr, 
Sept. 20, present kiK "Richard TIL" and'.giv- 
tug a splendid perfuimance. The cWnpunv 
left 21 for New York. Austin's inovreg 1 pic- 
ture show 21-39, l.e llnrre Bros.' Minstrels 
20. "Human Hearta" 27. 28, >Kn1ghts. hof 
Pythias. Mock Tidal (local> Oct. 7,; 'tThe 
Dntchmsn's Honeymoon" 11, 12. 
■ Notk. — The Opera House management are 
going to pnt In moving pictures under their 
own control, to take up whatever open time 
there may be. This will cancel Mr. AjTstln's 
arrangements wllh'the house. "' 5' 

■>•» ; . i 


Kauaaa riiy — sr the Willis Wood (O. 
D. Woodward manager) last week, for the 
lies L time here, "Brewster's Millions" came 
to good business. The allow wan all thai has 
lii-en said of it. and a good cast, headed hy 
Uobert Obir, presented It In good style. Tbla 
week for the tlrst time here, Rose Stahl, In 
"The Chorus Lady." next week,' Emma 
Curtis, lu "Forty ave Mlnntes from Broad' 

tiiiAMi OrtltA llnisK (Hudson A Judah, 
managers). — Last wTek, Clmuncey Olcott 
pliiyca Ills annual engugenteut to bis usual 
capacity houses ot every performance*. His 
uew show this season Is "O'Neill of Derry," 
and It is one of the best vehicles he has had. 
Prominent In his support were: Leonard 
Shepard, Daniel Jarreii, Anna Wilkes and 
Rose Curry. This week, Joseph and Mabel 
tiai'i'lsim, iii their new show, 'TbeFlower of 
the Ranch :"' next week. "Arlsona." 

OnPHktiu (M. )«hman, resident mnnkger). 
— A good bill tn continued big; business Is 
still the record at this house. The acts last 
week wvri»: The Teddy Bears, comedy nern- 
imts; Casey and Crnney, lu a talking and 
singing net: the Five Musical Byrons, In- 
siiunieiitnllsts ; Jack Wilson mid comuanv, - 
In "An DiiheHval in Durktown ;" Wm. Court- 
lelgh and comiiHiiy. In tho clever sketch, 
"Peiiehos:" Lllllnu Ty«:e. the real Irish girl, 
In ballads: Bert and Bertha Grant, clever 
dusky entertainers : the Great Bernard with 
his marionettes and the klnodrome iti'new* 
murine pictures. This week, a strong bill, 
headed by May Irwin. 

Smnptiv (Walter Sanford, manager). — 
Last week's hill pies seel Immensely, and was 
headed by Frederick D. Bowers, In n one 
net musical farce, "College Boys." The other 
nets, wore: Mills and Morris. Harry C.'8tan- 
ley and Sural: L. Cogswell, In "Tlie Gorman 
Professor :" Adelaide. Hermann, Ray 1, 
Royee. Canfield and Carleton. Wlllle' i «lm ■; 
morman. In his impersonations, and Iielmoiv 
and Lee. This week: Joe Maxwell and com- 
pany. Stuart Barnes. Zaretskl Troupe. Klein, 
Ott Bros, and Nicholson, Collins and Hart, 


: Every wc man should have 

Sweet Briar 

Dusting Powder on her dress'ng 
table for, daily use. SWEET BRIAR 
is the only effective deodorant toilet 
powder, and a most beneficial face 
powder— softens, smoothes and re- 
fines the skin. Uolike talc, SWEET 
BRIAR, having a rice powder base, 
Does Not Clog Ihe Pores. It bene- 
fits the t'enderest skin and aids the 

- For sale by itrst class drag and department 
stores, or sent by msll on receipt of price. 50 cents . 

Drew and Toieds Slid, 

■rlnci Albtrl and CnUwiy Coats 

Silk sad Open Hats 


SOITS, S18 TO s*«. 

HATS, S3 TO »G. 


••--. Send for M easurement Blank. 


TAILOR, 1«« LaSalle.StreM, 
Tel., Mala, 1931. Chicago, III. 

the Lavalls,. : the aQttlgley Bros., and Leo 

- Gii.lis Opera Horsp (B. S. Brlgham, man- 
ager).— Last week, "Xoimg Buffalo, King of 
the Wild West," with Its cowboy brass band 
and- tribe of Slonx Indians, pleased well- 
tilled houses. This ■ week, "Kate Barton's 
Temptation." 'Next week, "King and Queen 
of the Gamblers." 

: AuuToiiitM (O. V. Woodward, manager). 
— Last week, "Al. W. Martin's "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" drew well. This week, "The Original 
Cohen." Next week, "The Cat and the 
Piddle/' ■ 

CBNTcnr (Jos. Donegan. manager). — Last 
week, the Ladybirds Burlesquers drew well. 
The specialties which pleased most were the 
Clipper Comedy Four and Nina Collins and 
Fmnklyn Hatle. TUIs week. The New Cen- 
tury Girls. Next weik. The Rolllckers. 

. Maikstic (Clinton Wilson, manager). — 
Last week the Lid Lifters scored a hit. The 
olio consisted of: Collins aud La Belle, Hick- 
man and Jess, Kelly and Bartlett, Hattle 
Mills, nnd Wakefield. and Walker.. This week. 
Rice A Barton Co. Next week, "The Girl 
rroni Happylorrd.** *~ 7 '~'".':r " 

-.Noras.—. Barntim * Bailey's Show gave two 
performances here on Monday, Kept. l!3, to 
big bnslness. At night the crowd overflowed 

Into the; hippodrome Kansas City's In- 

terrStnto Fair and Kxnosltlon opened here 

L'3, and conthtues for thirteen days 

Roy C. Kmcry joined ' '"The Flower of the 
Rnnch" hore, to go In advance, supplanting 
W. B. Rice, who restfrned arid left trtr New 

York to Join one ot the Brady shows - 

Roller ska tine.- -which has been the Winter 
fad here, t will, be .resumed at Convention 
Hall ih. 1 middle of October. Gabe Kaufman, 
the popular, treasurer of the hall, will once 

more' fibf in charge. "Honk" WakeSeld. 

ihe "White Rock Xlnr," who in former years 
was connected with nil the big .shows, was a 

fileatvof fho Dhmum A Bailey Circus durlne 
til visit here Inst Monday. Mr. Wakefield 
was as busy shaking bands ns a candidate oh 
a campaign tour.' 

_. i m ' 

" Rrdailn:— At the New '8eH*l<i Thentre 
(Geo. F. OlenSorf, manager) Walter Jones, 
\a .diss j'OcdJiumas. fte,n. 5J." ion idu- 
son" SS. '."The. Original Cohen" 2S. 

Woon'a (Dr. H. W. Wood, manager). — - 
Dark ibis week. 

Ain-DoMK (Oeo. F. Olcndorf, manager l. — . 
Ferris. t'omediaus closed last week, In "The- 
l^tlnccss of 1'stches." CliUIy weather has' 
had a bid effect on attendance at this popu- 
lar Summer theatre. 

Ki.r.n::tc Palack. — Moving pictures and 
Illustrated songs opened to nice business. 

Nickelodeon". — Moving pictures drawing 
fair business. 

AT LIBKRT V , TH F, HOWES, Black Face Sing- 
ing and Talking Comedians Souhrette, Singles >nd 
Doubles. Change for week, put on Acts and make 
them go. Both plsy piano or organ. I.uMn Movmg 
Picture Machine, change Films and Illustrated 
Songs for a week, No boozers. Can join on receipt 
of tickets. We positively make good. Address 
THH HOWES, Williamsburg, Michigan, week com- 
mencing Sept, 30; ] Ake Ann, Michigan, week com- 
menclngOct. 7. ■ 

■ AT LIBBRTV, owing to company closing, 
AOrOR. Reliable, experienced. Al wardrobe. 
Jolntonly. nan join on wire. 


""WARTBD^rbr (Ke Henderson Stock Co. (ioth 
succeasfu) season), Soubrette, Juvenile Woman, 
.both must do specialties; Man for Gen. Bus., Man 
or Woman for Piano, useful Rep. People, write 
Low salaries, but absolutely certain. Never close. 
Wrltoor wire Blchsrd Henderson. Wstertown. S. U. 

AT LIBERTY— The Sallsbnrys: Will, Gen- 
eral Business; Arthur, 8 years old, Child parts: 
Mynae, General Business. Good dressers on and on* 
Sober and reliable. Have several good scripts. 
W. P. Salisbury, 42 Elton St,, Torrlngton. Conn. 

WARTED-M. P. OPERATOR With or with- 
out machine, also Singer for Illustrated Songs ihst 

jean play piano. Give very lowest salary ana other 
Information In first letter. No traveling. Address 

;J. ST. CLAIR, St. Aogustlne. Fla. 

WASTED— Attractions at Eiletuvllle, Indiana, 
Qoarry town; pop. 860, 7 miles nortn of Bloomlng- 
ton, S. 0.; 330. Large stage, new piano, gasoline 
lighting system. One and three night companies. 
O. A. Draper, Manager. Elleltsvllle, Indians. 

U N lOlT "PROPEfllfir'nlllN 

iPne who can play smau parts preferred), 


In all lines for one piece. 
Those who wrote before, write again. Lowest 
salary (pay own), full particulars, programs and 
photo first letter. Join on wire. 

A C. WEST. Waverly, H. V. 



SIGHT READER. Arrange and transpose. A.F. M. 


Single Specialty. Prefer one piece. 
Jolntonly. Tickets. 
. Address GEO. BROCKH AH "t. O'l'allon. 111. 

Stage and street Shoes 




4th Floor, Astor Theatre Building, 
Broadway and SSgh St., Mmm York City. 


Lady for Jnveniles, lady for general bnslneas, 
niau for Juveniles, beavv man and comedian 
general bnslness msn. State if you do specialty, 
specially people that can speak lines write. 
Punlst i hat can read and fake. Pay your own. 
State all In first letter. Join on wire and ticket. 
Pay jour telegrams. 1 pay mine. Address quick, 
E. L. WATSON, Mgr., Greensboro, N. C. 



Owing to sickness forced to sell at a sacrifice 
one set of Deagan'sOrgsn Chimes o'f.«, cost ttsu 
will take $450. Over ;o of the finest S. S. Stewart 
and J. B. Schall Banjos, and otoer makes ■ witii 
leather casea for taue, will sell at great e»ciiflre 
Two Bets of Sleigh Bells, Staff Bella, Wooden Xvlo' 
phones and Wire Dulcimer. Write or call foril»t 
PROF. ROACH, Empire Theatre Building ' 
. j . 142 W. MadUon St,, Chicago . 




WANTS t ln Our BULHTIN Ksitf.' 



• T E A PefrS"'-" 


* ■ i .- .' 

Stock for seaion.. Write- in friends. 

- " Manager. '-. • . Projrietoi. 

Sach ai BsnJoP layers who can sing; also a Xylo- 
phone Player, Ventriloquist, Facial Artlal, or any- 
thing that can hold a crowd in front of my Fair 
Ground Show. Long season Sonth. State lowest 
salary. I pay R. R. after joining. No night work. 
Commence at York, Pa., Oct. 7. Address 

N. SOBEL, Springfield, 111. 




Leads, Javeallea, BeaTlea. 

Joint or single. One or tbree night stand pre- 
ferred. State full particulars first letter. 
Care of REED hotel, Lexington, Kentucky. 


Especially those doubling band. 


State lowest. We pay all. Always openings for 
good, reliable people with ouraUIerent attraction*. 
WHEELKR t FRINK, Phelps. N. Y., nntll Oct. 5. 
Permanent addres«, Marlon, If. Y. 




Barltoue to Double Clarinet, Alto to Double Second 
Vtolln. Alto or Trombone to Doable. Piano. Address 
LBOs WAaHBURW, Boaud Brook, E J. 

Medicine Performers 

TOat change for week; B. F., Irish and Dutch 
Comedians, Sketch Team, Good .Magician, Man 
with Picture Outfit. Others write. Those playing 
piano preferred. J. F. KLIDo-, 

Week of Oct. ;, Stomavme, Mo. 

Piano Player that has good overtures and reads 
at Bight. Oae with speclaltlea preferred. Musi 
have good appearance. Week staBda. Address 
LEON E. KERK. St. Augustine, Knox Co., 111. 


Pake preferred; Heavy Man, I-rop. Man with 8. 
aud I). Specialty, to play bits. Other useful people 
wilte. Must have wardrobe. Address 

LY RIC PI.AVKRS, Wesro Center, N.H. 


A good Trombone Player. One who can play 
Violin or viola. Slcndy position. Apply lo C. Jl. 
RICltTER, Bandmaster, I si x ta, Ralli, ti. Y. 

VlflUTCn A DAlKTV SOl'Ulll-TlTL', lvllli 

Iff Mil I Cll Specialty for SlHr Part In a 
vandevlile sketch. Also bicllT COMKIHAN, with 
Specialty, anil IRISII CHARACTER WOMAN. Ad- 
drcss 111 XUEL, MIRROR Office. 


4 74 Washington trt., In theatre dlst rlct. From (tl np 



guarantee ti. 

WILLIAM BAL, Inc., < -,_ 


.., , ill ■ffeat 4Jth St, New Tort City. 


' \v»f.'h This Space for Important Ahno'nnteDient Sf/ii Week.' 

UfiEll'S COHEMMS n 1V1 


With Good Specialties and Keep Sober 


Singing and Dancing and Change for a week. 

Make Salary right. You get It. ED. C. NITT. 
Stuart, Iowa, week Oct. 7. 

"A Missouri Swede" 

ACTORS with specialties, male and female, owln* 
to sickness. One ntghters. Must he sober and 
competent. Tell it all. wire or write. 
W. M. BELCHER, Hutchinson, Kan., Oct. 4;.Her- 
lugtou 6, Hope 7, Solomon 8. 


Cornet, Baritone. Trombone, Child for Eva. State 
lowest, we pay all; hotel show; Join quick. Acts 
who ddnbls Brass,' Those engaged ouintuunlcaie 
at once. TH08. L.FISX, Hooslek Falls, .V.Y. 



For Vaudeville, Rep. or One Nlghter. A. F. of It. 
Read at sight, lake, transpose and arrange, Tbor- 
ongbly experienced, sober and reliable. Address 
• JAMES PHILLIPS, Butler, Pa. 

Side Show Meet For Sale, A BIB SHARK, 

7 rest long, wi'ti two fine paintings and shipping 
vase, |;5,oo. WM. NELSON, 8 Van Norden St., 
No. Cambridge. Mass." - ' 

Wanted at Once, PERFORMER, Two 6ccd 

Silent Acts, Wire, Traps., contortion or Equilibrist. 
Opera House Show (one night standi. SILVER 
FAMILY. Swi ss Bell Maj ors, Cr ystal, Mich. - 


Must sell to set! 1c business. Two to four cents per 
foot. No junk: allow examination. 
MAXAgjjB liljoc THKATUK, -Shawnee. OHa-_ 

2', Keels of Film, pood condition, SSO, $40 and <4S 
a reel. Kcutnre subject on each reel. K. A". PRO- 
VKS'C'IIFnt. Gen. Del,, Auirnsta, Maine. 

VAUDEVILLE for Family Theatre 

AND cLi'lis WANTED. • Acta open, Boston or 
vicinity, write, telegraph, or 'phone. 
l.Vi. H01U1AN. 100 Boytston St., BostonjMasg^ 


Knveloped in canvas cover, laced and roped; 
quick escape. Secret and plans, tuc. 

ijUAKCR NOV. CO., 323f> N. 4tb St.. Phlla. 

All around metllclne perrormers. Kone t>ut the 
best. Salary accordingly. Dr. W.H.Ueley.DumoDi, 
Franklin Co.. Iowa. Jerome and Kd wards write. 

... _ D \ltll V ORAV ot PWI»- 

Sietenea, Moaologues, Parodies, Ero., wrltton io 
order at moderate prices. Write for terms. 

BARRY OKAY, 70s Yltte 81., Phlla., Pa. 

October 5. 



Uandttille Route £i$t 

hoifkl bk »eni m. 

Abbotts The, Keith's, Providence, 30 Oct. 5. 

Vi,.-i am-, David. Grand. Indianapolis, 30-Oct. 5; 
Colnnihla, Cincinnati, 7-12. 

,<.Cs Geo. i Co., Orpheum, Boston, -0 Oct. S. 

irsleiiah Bro<. (3). Haymarket, Chicago. 30-Oct. 5. 

Ire, (3), BIJou. Wheeling, W. Tn.. Oct. 1 j Olyw- 
rip. Bellalte, O.. 2, 2 ; Collate. Martin'i Ferry. 
4 3; National, Btenbravtlle, 7 12. 

Abtama * Johns, Empire, Hoboken, N. 1., 30- 
Oct B. 

idler, Jetnette. * Co., Ljrlc. Lincoln, Neb., 30- 
Octl 6; Majestic, Topeks, Kl0„ 7-12. 

Adair, Helen, Orpbenm, St. Paul, 30-Oct. S. 

\i,\n, Majestic. Little Rock. Ark., 30-Oct. B; 
Majestic. DaUis, Tex., T-12. 

Adams * Mack. O. H„ Old Orcbird, Me., 30- 
Xor. 1 

Adini" * White. Family, Hnileton, Pi.. 90-Oct. B. 

A.lam«. Lew, Shea's, Buffalo, tOOct. B. 

Vcitrs. Musical, Lyric, Lnton'.own. Pn., SO-Oct. 

* 3- Casino. Cumberland, Md., 7-12. 

/■Mm. E. Klrke, ft Co., Fair, Mirtlmvllle, Va., 
V Oct. 3. • 

Addison * Livingston, Cooper, ML Vernon, 0„ 30- 
Oei. 5: Orobenm. Newark, 7-12. 

liouat, Mile., & Co., People'!, Phlli., Pi., 30- 
Oct. '». 

Ah l.lnc Soo. Park, Family, Johnstown, P»., SO- 
Oct. 5; MeKeesport. 7-12. 

Aiasley. Jn-rpblne, Duquesne, Pittsburg, 30- 
ivt. 3. 

AJpha Tllo, Pastor's, N. Y. C. 30-Oet. 0. 

Alpine Trcnne, Oak Park, Cblcago, 30-Oct. 5; 
miotic, Topeko, Kan., 7-12. 

Alexander £ Mcott. Bennett'a, London, Can., 30 
Oct. 3. 

Altarettos (3), Kllle, Davenport la., 30-Oct. 5; 
Star, Elgin. 1U„ 7-12. 

.Hlcu, Lena ft'BerUe, •The Country Boy" Co. 

Alba, lime-, Colombia, St. Louis, SO-Oct. B; Ma- 
V'lC Cbleicn. 7-12. 

Aiburtua ft- Altus, Jacques, Waterhurr, Conn.. SO- 
Oct. J- I 

Altos, Chat., Imperial, Chicago, 30-Oct. 3. 

Allen. Hear! i Violet, Amite, Toledo, O.. SO- 
Ocl. 6 

Alton* (B i. Parker Amuse. 'Co. 

A Unroll, Sadie. Electric Park, Kansas City. Mo., 
30-Oct. 6: G. O. H-, Davenport, la,, 7-12. 

Alien ft Keller, Bijou, Wheeling, W. Va.. 30- Oct. 
8. ' 

Alien. Josle, Duhuqne, la., 30-Oct. 8. 

Allaire ft LUd. BIJou. Beaton Harbor. Mich.. 30- 
Oct. 5: BUon. Adrlao, Mica., 7-12. 

Alovmt k Durnont, Poll's, Worcester, Una, 30- 
Oet. B. 

A'roca, Zoeller, Trio. National. StenbtiTllle, O., 
:;0-Oc|. 5;. Vaudeville. E. Liverpool, 7-12. 

Ameiu, Maiden, Han., SO-Oct 5; Keith's, PtotI- 
doaee.R.-L, 7-12. 

American Dancers (8), Hithawiy's, Lowell, 
Mass., 30 Oct. 9. 

Anericaa Nawaboys' Quartette, Empire, Ban Fran., 
Cal-. 8-18. 

American Newsboys' Trio, BIJoo, Albion, Mich., 

Anselm * Richards, Gotbnm, Bkln., 30-Oct. 5. 

.\nirlm k Peters, Grand. Taoonu. Wash., 30-Oct. 
5; Grand, Portland, Ore., 7-12. 

Anderson 4 Gotnes, O. H., Rochester, N. I.. 30- 
Oet. 3: Keith's, Boston. Maas., 7-12. 

Apdaie Animals, Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn.. 30- 
Oct. 5: Poll's Waternury, 7-12. 

Appleby, Family, Mnllne, 111., Oct. 7-12. 

Anlelis, The, lorepatinh-Sells Bros. 

Arlington Four, Orpbenm. 8L Panl, Minn., 30- 
Oet. 8; Orpheoui Omaha, Neb.. 7-12. 

Armstrong ft Levering, family, Lancaster, Pa., 7- 

Ardeile k Leslie, Rlulto. Ehnlra, N. Y., SO-Oct. 5. 
AraMnxtai ft Davis, Kansas City, Mo., 30-Oct. 

3: Des Moires, la.. 7-12. 
Armstrong 4 Clsrk, Orpbenm, Omaha, Neh.. 30- 

Oct. 5; Orpbenm. Minneapolis, Minn., 7-12. 
Armstrong- k Verne, touring AustrnPa. 
Armstrong ft Asliton. Bavoy. Hamilton. Can., 30- 

Ort. 3 finyety. McKecaport. Pa., 7-12. 
Amend, Grace, Blnr. Hamilton, Mo.. 30-Oct. 3: 

Ijrlc, St.- Joseph, 7-12. 
Arnold. Oaerlta, Main St, Peoria. Jll„ 30-Oct. 0. 
■vrrlmure sistera. Imperial. Cblcago, 30-Oct. 3. 
irtnnra, Kltly. Tbayera Park, Amatenlaro, N. Y„ 

30-Oct. 6; Lyric. Troy, N. Y., V12. 
AiDwtronrs, Famous (3), Star, Milwaukee, 80- 

Oct. S ; Stir, St. Paul, 7-12. 
WM •attiloiph. Bijou, Wheeling, W. Ta„ 

;M-Oct. i. 
Aura, Empire, Hohoken. N. J., 30-Oct. C. 

^'"zo'-te *'-* AlbM-t Wam * r ' L " lc ' VtW' 
Ashton, Arthnri Indiana Music Hall, Havana, 

Onha, 30-Oct. 31. 
Artley, Lillian, Mnjestlc. Chicago, 30-Oct. 5. 
Atkinson, Geo. E., Orpblum, Gallon, O., 30-Oct. 

3: BIJoo, Plquit. 7-12. 
•"•ft Qeo., A Co., BIJoa, Wheeling, W. Vi., 

"O-Oct- q, 
**" ,,a ». ^w«t. Bijon, Kilimatoo, Mlcli., 30-Oct. 

•'; BlJon, Battle Creek, 7-12. 
Aug, Etloi, Sbubert, Milwaukee, Wis., SOOct. 6. 
Atwttas, Tossing. Alcazar, DIJon, France, Not. 

Austin'* Moore. Grant, Hamilton. O., SOOct. 5. 
Anhorns. (3), Orpblnm, Cbillleothe, O., 30-Oct. 

■•; Orpblnm. Portamoath, 7-12. 
Avery k Pearl. O. O. H„ Cblcigo, 30-Oct. 0. 
Avery k Carl, Alnlome, Hooaton, Tex., 30-Oct. 0. 
Avolw, rbe. Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., SOOct. 3, 
Maty 4 Hart, Union Square, N. T. 0„ WM)ct. B. 
• u ' Comedy Four, Proctor's, Albany, N. T., 

Bl ^w , Troupe of Arabs, Newark, N. J., 80- 
"oc r ' n'**' 0^,meu,D • Mlnneapolhj, Minn., 80 
Jarry. katle, VlctorU, N. T. O., 30-Oct. 6. 

»otty s ^Beara, - Chase's, Washington, D. 0„ 80- 

ttct, u. 
galley k Anslln, Keenj's, Skin,, 80Oct 8. 
B 'I?!?' T i"- Orpheum, Salt Late City, Utah, 

■TOOct. 5; Orpbeum, Denver, Colo.. 7-12. 

,/ r „* H'oolforJ, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, U., 

SO-Oct. 4; Orpheum. Denver, Colo., 7-12. 
•BM p lfl»<t. "Fair," Stafford Springs, Conn., 

:M>-0et. 0. 
B, , n, * J * s>Wton, Hamilton, Can., SOOct. 8; 

london. T-12. 
gkltin. Th».Fonr; Majeatle, Cblcago, -TOOct. R. 
Hanks 4 Newton, Bennett's, Hamilton. Can.. 30- 




i.. 0o, '. J '. ,: .8»noetl's, Undon, Can., 7-12. 
Arnolds ftpga 4 Monkeys, Bbobert, Newark, 

-V 1.. r.O-Oci. 5. , 
Barnes, pi (1 |, Orpbenm, Los Angeles, Oil., 80- 

t»CL 3. 
Batdcr La Velle Tronp*. Grand. Joliet. III.. 712. 
""lies. Mayme. Anlsira. N. Y., 30 Oct 5. 
Harncys i3);.tVebsler Pork. La Malic, 111., 00- 

_"". 12.- 

Dates, Louie w.. Mnrray HIU, N. T.'C, 30-Oct. 0. 
wnta i Bros. (4), Andltorlum, Kansas City, Mo„ 

-tlt-Oft,. 3. 

BsailerLa'Velle Troupe, Fair. Hamilton, Mo., 30- 

'let. 0.' 
H:nllng Anna. Olympic. Chicago, SOOct. 8 ; Hay- 

ranrkeV, Chlcaro, f-12. 
Jj»rlrivv A KlcUolson. Tlownnl, Cblcago. 30-Oct. B. 
"•"boldl's Cockatoos, Orpbeum. Ssn Fran., Cal.. 

30 Oct. 12. ■ 

Bsrry 4 Halvers, Bennett'a, Hamilton. Can.. 30- 

UCt. Ci,' 

5 cl «»»n, Tom, A. 4 »„ Boston. 30-Oct. B. 

'nndj ft Wilson, Orpbenm. DerTcr.CoL, 3n-Oct. B. 

.>?^'-' ,t^l "' , • Rawhftt, Knuaa City, Mo.. 30- 
"ct. .», 

Halleruii ciarn, . Unthawny's. ell, Msas., 80- 
wt. ».. . 

J? 1 !* ,.^'J 1 - Kinpire, San Jose. Cal.. 7-12. 

«"*.• Tb ' ? i "iul'imallc, Cbuttriiooga, Tenu.. 30- 
-wg, {] trteicvnt, Rlrnilnaiiam, Ala., 7-20. 
tWS Lillian. 8.*iilc. Taunton. Jlaa.«.. 30-Oct. ». 
•*•; Brna., O. 1I„ Dn Bols, Pa., S«-Oet. 3; 

futuniarmey,' Pn., 7-12. 
Lfjniiwnt ■ Ponies. Orpbenm. Atluuta, Ou„ 30- 

■JS 1 ^: p * i ''' Y »»*. •'«-. T-12. 

v J ' i Vr ' * Mr». Ch««„ Manhattan. Norfolk. 
_ »"-. 3Q-Oct. 4. 

vH * B * rf ?' Orpheom. San Fran.. Cal.. 30- 
n.«. " UP r PJ' a,,D1 - I^"« Angeles. 7-20. 
w S Mn -«Rlw««n Deane. Star. New Keoslogton. 
kJi?'; HJt**' 8: -\ntomallc, Alllanct>. O.. 7-12. 
£T»nl 4 Doe», No. Adams, Mass., 30-Oct. 3. 
wi'.™' V ,r «' A. & S„ Boston, .'in-Oct. 5. 
k.1? l 7-,'eg}»ll*. tninton, Ia„ 712. 
SSS9 Pn nue"oe, I'ltlsbur.-, SO-Oct. n. 
wattle, Toe. ViodMllle. Connorssllie. Intl.. .10 
tui?'. - 1 : ,ir '>»«- «>»lo«ton. Ivy.. 7-12. 

t!Z , '-* Vtt < FmnkWn. Worcester. Mas*. 80- 
^•101. 3, 

'^Bton. piwootl, BlJon, Coiiton. O.. 30-Oct. B. 
Ocu'j Bw * hr «>"- *■»»*. Hillfai, N. 8., 80- 

Beeclier 4 May. A. 4 S, Boston. 30-Oct. 8. 
B SB9 *- p »'». « n l0" HIU. Ownc««ter. Mast.. 

*9RSS* -• Kr «™*'. Bwwtt'a, Baoilltoo. Cao., 

30-OCt. A. 

Bennett Sisters (3), Murray Hill, N. T. C, 30- 

Oct. 8. 

Beonetjn Mnsieal. Keeaey'a, Bkln., 30-Oct. B. 

Berry 4 Berry, Orpbenm, San Francisco. 30 Oct. r>. 

Bernler 4 Stella, Bennett's. Ottara. Ont., Can.. 
30-Oct. 8; Bennett's, Montreal. 7-12. 

Bedouin Arabs <8), G. O. H-. Byractne, S. T„ 30- 
Oct. it. 

Bellclalre Bros.. Orpbenm. Baa Fnn., Cal.. SO- 
Oct. 6; Orpheum, Oakland. 7-10. 

Bennett. Trlile, RUlto, Elmlra, N. T., SOOct. 0. 

Besnah 4 Miller, Coloalnl. Norfolk, Va.. 30-Oct. C. 

Beraere, Valerie, 4 Co., Proctor's. Newark, N. J.. 
30-Oct. 6. 

Berns, Sol. New Broadway. Mlddletown. 0., 30- 
Oct. B; Grand, Covington, Ky., 7-12. 

Ben All'i, Hassan, Arabs, Victoria. N. T, C, 
30-Oct. 8. 

Bliua ureas. Fair. Morris, kT. Y„ 30-Oct. 0. 

Elshop, Blanche. Princess. San Fran.. Cal., 30- 
Oct. 8. 

BInney 4 Chapman, Garden. Memphis, Tern., 30- 
Oet. S. 

Biff 4 Bigg, Tivoli, Mismnli. Mon.. 30-Oct.' 12. 

Blngbum. Orphlmn, Obllllcotbe. 0„ 30-Oct. 8; 
Orpblnm, Portsmouth, 7-12. 

Biram, Bomm. B-r-rr, Orpbeata, New Orleans, 
30-Oct. 3. 

BlJon Comedy Trio, Folly. Chicago, 80-Oct. 8;. 
Empire, Indianapolis. 7-12. 

Blair 4 McNulty, Bijou, Edmonton, Can., 80- 
Oct. 12. 

Blotksom 4 Burns, Young's Pier, Atlantic City, 
N. J„ 30-Oct. 3. 

Bloom, Lew, 2Sd 8treet, N. T. 0.. 30-Oct. 5. 

Blessing, Mr. 4 Mrs., BlJon, Valley City, N. D„ 

Block. Sheridan, 4 Co., Girrlck. Wilmington, 
Del.. 30-Oet. 8. 

Blnndell, Edw., 4 Co.. Nelson, Sprlqgflfld, Mass., 
Sll-Oct. 8. v 

Illalr, Engrale, 4 Co., Princess, San Fran., Cal.. 
30-Oct. 8. 

Black 4 Jones, Fall Blv>r, Mass.. 80-Oct. 8. 

Black 4 Leslie, Marlon. Murlon, O., 30-Oct. 0. 

Blnck Hussnrs, Hippodrome, London, Eng., SO- 
Oct. 81. 

Bordererry, Gaston, Col., 4 Co.. Haymarket, Cbl- 
catp, 30-Oct. 4. 

iiovals, lonls. Star, Altoona, Pa., 30-Oct. 0. 

Rnweu Bros.. Olympic, So. Bend, Ind., 30-Oct. 
G; Majestic, lndlnnapolls. Ind., 7-12. 

Roganny's, Savny. Hamilton, Can.. 30-Oet. 8. 

Booth, Hone, 4 Co.. Tremont, Boston, 30-Oct. 6. 

Bond. Wlllard, 4 Co., People's, Phlla., Pa., SO- 
Oct. 3. 

Bowers, Walters & Crooker. Orpbenm, Slour 
City, la., 30-Oct. B; Majestic. Cbicnga. 7-12. 

Bowman Bros., Orpbenm, Cblcago. 30-Oct. B. 

Bond, Fred, Fremont Benton A Co., Shea's, To- 
ronto, Can., 30-Oct. 3. 

Bob 4 Tip Co., Pastor's, N. T. C, 30-Oct. T.. 

Borelta, Arthur. Bamuni 4 Bailey Cirrus. 

Bowers, Fred V.. 4 Olrls, Shubert, Mllwnukee, 
Wis., 30-Oct. 8. 

Brooks. Herbert, G. 0. H., Bkln., SO-Oct. 5. 

Brantford. Tom. Olympic, Chicago, 30-Oct. 5. 

Bradley 4 Davis, Unique. Ban Jose, Cal., 30- 
Oct. .1: Novelty. Stockton. 7-12. 

Brooks. Carney, Academy of Mnslc, Montreal, 
Can., 30-Oct. 3. 

Br.idlee-Martln 4 Co., Colonial, Norfolk, Vs.. 30- 
- Oct. 8. 

Brady 4 Hamilton. Hyde Park, Chicago, 30-Oct. 6. 

Branch, E. H„ Harbor Beach, Mich., 80-Oct. 8. 

Bruno 4 Russell, Keith's, Columbus, 0., 30-Oct. 
3; Temple. Detroit. Mich., 7-18. 

Bradford*, The, K. 4 P.. Jersey City, N. J„ 
30-Oct. 8. 

Brunette*. Cycling, Pastor's. N. Y. C, 30-Oct. B. 

Brooks 4 Jeanette, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 30-Oct, 8. 

Hrnwn. Gil, Winnipeg. Can., 30-Oct. 8; Cedar 
Rnplds, la., 7-12. 

Brittons. The, Orpbenm, Slonx City, la., 30-Oct. 
8; Orpheum, Omaha, Neb.. 7-12; 

Brown, Harris 4 Brown, Poll's, New Haven, 
Conn.. 30-Oct. 8. 

Brobst Trio, Orpblnm, Lima, 0., SOOct. 8. 

Bragg. John B.. "Gay Toreador" Co. 

Brown 4 Navarro, Slinbert, Newark. S. J.. SO- 
Oct. 6. 

Bradley 4 Davis, Unique. Sin Jose, Cal., SO- 
Oct. S; Novelty, Stockton. 7-12. 

Brlndamour, Wigwam, San Fran., Cal., 80-Oct. 8. 

Bradshaw, Cbas. H . 4 Co., Keith's, Colambns, 
0„ 30Oct. B. 

Brown 4 Wllmot, BlJon. Decatur, 111., 30-Oct. 8; 

i Main St., Peoria. 7-12. 

Bienon & Downing, BlJon, Dnlutb, Minn., 30-Oct. 
3; BIJou, Superior, Wis., 7-12. 

Brand Sisters. 0. H-. Franklin. Pa., 30-Oct. 6. 

Brown. Jack, 4 Lillian Wright, Bennett'a, Mon- 
treal. Can., 30-0ct. 8. 

Brunettes. Cycling. Pastor's, N. Y. C, 80-Ocb 8; 
Lynn, Mass., 7-12. 

Bulger. Harry. Keith's, Boston, 30-Oct. B. 

Burkes, Joggling. Novelty, Bkln.. 30-Oct. S ; Or- 
pheum, Bkln., 7-12. 

Butler. Havlland 4 Thornton, Family, Elralra, 
N. Y., 30-Oct. 0. 

Burke's Musical Dogs, BIJou, Qnlncy, III., 80- 
Oct. 8. 

Burton 4 Vass. Lyric, Muskogee, L T„ 30-Oct. 5 ; 
Lyric, Ft. Worlh, Tex., 7-12. 

Bnrns 4 Miller, Union Square, N. Y. C, SO- 
Oct. 6. 

Bunu 4 Crlpps. Orpheum, I.os Angeles, Cal., SO- 
Oct. B. 

Burton. Mond, Bradenbnrgh's, Phlla., Pa., SO- 
Oct. 8. 

Burton, Hughes 'ft Bnrlon, Wheeling, W. Va„ SO- 
Oct. i'. 

Bush 4 Elliott. Grand, Fargo. N. D„ 30-Oct. S. 

Bush. Frank, Academy of Music, Montreal, Can,, 
30-Oct. 6. 

Burns, Morris 4 Co., Novelty, Denver, Colo.. SO- 
Oct. b. . r . 

Bnrke 4 TJrllne, Orphiiim. Springfield, O., SO- 
Oct. G. 

Bnrgoyne, Harry, Chase's, Washington, ». C, SO- 
Oct. 0. 

Bornham. White 4 Co., Crystal, Milwaukee, Wis., 
SO-Oct. G: BIJoo. Kenosha, 7-12. 

Rnrtlnos. The, Wlewam, San Fran., Cal., 30- 
Ocl. 6; Novelty, Oakland, 7-12. 

Burton, E. R.. Academy of Mnslc, Montreal. 
Can., 30-Oct. 6. 

Buckley's Dogs, Hlonx City. !«., SO-Oct. B; .Or- 
pbeum, Omaha, Neb., 7-12. 

Buc'rteys. Mnstcal. Lincoln, Neh., SOOct. B. 

llvron. .Tames, 8i)nti, Battle Creek, Mlcu., 30- 
Ocl. 12. 

By rou 4 Lnogdon. Victoria. N. Y. C. 80-OcL 6. 

Bynl ft Vance, Umpire, Den Moines, Is.. SO- 
Oct. B. 

Byrou 4 Blanch, Ivrlc, Cleveland. O,, Oct. 7-12. 

Byron*. Musictl Five. Orpbcuui. Omaha, SO-Oi-t. 3. 

C'ssads, Two-aud-i-Unll, Crystal. St. Joseph. Mo.. 
30-Oct. B. 

Carlln 4 Otr. Nelson. SprluaMd. Mass., 30-Oct. G. 

Carroll 4 Clnrit, Snvcy, Usmlllou, Can.. SO- 
Oct. S. 

Carroll 4 Cook. Bavoy. Hamilton. Can.. SOOct. I. 

Carson, Miriam K„ Kellb'a, Coluintms. O.. 8f- 
Oct. B; Majestic, Chicago. 7-12. . .-,. 

f'arrnll, Joe. Ila'yui.rket. Chicago. 30-Oct. -1. ' 

Cate*. Musical Poor, Geo. I'rlmtOHe Minstrels. . 

Cssud 4 De Verae, Grand, Marlon. Ind., SO- 
Oct. B. 

Caldwell ft Weninorth. Orpheum. Brrrnton, Pa„ 
SOOct. 5. 

Cirllki. Leo, Sliulwrt. Kousss City, Mo., SO- 
Oct. 8. 

Calcedo. Juan A,. Nelson, Bprlngneld. Miss.. 30- 
Ott 5. 

Casper 4 Clark. Lyceum, Swrcdesboro, N. J.. SO- 
Oct. 5. 

Carroll 4 Baker. Poll's, gprlnedeld, Miss,, SO- 
Oct. 5: Poll's. Worcester. 7- 12. 

Carmen, (Jrvat, Lancaster. Pi., 30-Oet. 8; Fiston, 

Callan 4 Smith, I.o Snlle, Keokuk, Is.. 30 Oct. 8; 
BlJon. QalBcr, HI.. 7-12. 

ClhlU, Wm., Gotham, Bkln., 80-Oct, ... -. / 

Cameron 4 FianagaD, Temple, Detroit, 30-Oct. 
B; Cook. Rocliesier, N. Y.. 7-12. 

Calluban ft St. Geerte. I.yr!e, Dayton. O., SO- 
Oct. 6. - 

Carmen. Great, O. H„ Lancaster. Pa.. 30-Oct. .1. 

<'a»velll'« Doam. Allismbra, N. Y. C. SOOct. 8. 

Campbell 4 Jnlinson, Empire Itiur. Eniland. 

Carroll. Joe D., Hajmerkeu Cblcago. 30 Oct. B; 
Olympic, Chicago, 7-12. 

Castanos. The, Empire. Los Angelea. CaL, 30- 
Oet. 12. 

Carlton. Arthur 4 Lucille. Bradenharch'a Museum. 
Phlla- Pa.. 30-Oct. 6. 

Carter 4 Vincent, Pastor's, K Y. 0., 30-Oct. u. 

Carter, Taylor 4 Co., Haihawiy's. Maiden, Mass., 
30-Oct. f>; Orphetim, Boston, 7-12. 

Canton. Al. G. O. if., Indianapolis. Ind., 30- 
Oct. 3. 

Carrara, Lei. Ingram, Salamanca. N. Y.. 30-Oct. 
A; Ingram. Du Bols. Pa.. T 1'.'. 

CarroUton. Cbas. G.... Utahna, Ogdea, U.,' SO- 
Oct. 12. 

Caron 4 Herbert, Sbubert. Milwankee, Wis., SO- 
Oct. 3. 

Caron 4 Farnum. People's. Phils., Pb., 30-Oct, fi. 

Csraon ft Wlllsrd. Ljlrlc, Dayton, 0., 30-Oct. #; 
Keith's, Toledo, 7-12. 

Csrhrey Bros.. Hitbaway's, New Bedford. Mass., 
30-Oct.. 3: Keith's; Polls.. 7-13. 

Carpenter & Dolores. Automatic, Chattanooga, 
Tenn., 30-Oct. 12. 

Carroll, Nettle, Forepangb-Bells Shows. 

Case 4 Craney. Orpbenm, New Orleans, 30-Oct. B. 

Carroll 4 Biker. Poll's. SprlngHeM. Mass.. 30- 
Oct. B. 

Carlclon. Al, n. O. H-, Indianapolis, SOOct. 
B; Colombia, Cincinnati, 7-12. 

Curlottu. Bennett's, Montreal, Can., 30-Oct. B. 

- Christopher. Chris., Grand. Wellaton, O . . SO- 

Oct. 3. Chestnut Street, Lancaster, 7-12. 

Cblnoullla, Princess, 4 Newell, Orpbeum, Patan- 
vllle. O.. 30-Oet. S; Bandusky, 7-12. 

Christie Dno, Orpbenm, Los Angeles, CaL, 80- 
Oct. B. 

CUapln, BenJ.. ft Co., Colombia, Cincinnati, SO- 
Oct. 3; Temple, Detroit, 7-12. 

Chailwlck Trio. Pastor's, N. Y. 0., SO-Oct. 6; 
Gotham. Bkln., 7-12. 

Chatham Sisters, Star. Carnegie, Pa., 30-Oct. G; 
Star, New Castle, Pa„ 7-12. 

Christy, Wayne G.. Grand, Madison, Wis., 30- 
Oct. S: Bijou, La Crosse, 7-12. 

Chenometb * Ferrari, Savoy, Cumberland, Mil., 
30 Oct. S. 

Chester 4 Jones, Passaic, Passaic, N. J., SO- 
Oct. 3. 

euro 4 Sylvester, Rtroadsborg, Ps„ SOOct. B, 

Clarendon. Hal, 4 Co., Keeney's, Bkln.. SO-Oct. 3. 

Cleroonto. Frank 4 Etta, Hippodrome, London, 
Eng., 30-Oct. 31. 

Clare. Henry, & Co., Colonial, Liwrenee, Mass., 
30-Oct, 8. 

Clay 4 West. Star, Lebanon, Ind., SQ-Oct. 2: 
Star, Martinsville. 3-3. 

Clark. Bergman, ft Co., 88th Street. N. Y. 0., SO- 
Oct. 8 

Clark. Edward, Proctor's, Albany. N. Y., SO- 
Oct. B. 

Clark, H. C, 4 Co., Teck, Buffalo. 30-Oct. B. 

Clark 4 Bradley, Bradeuburg's M«RCum, Phlla., 
30-Oct 5. 

Clifford ft Bnrke, Poll's, Scranton, Pa., 30-Oct. 
.">: Orpbeum, Reading, 7-12. 

- Clark. Harry, Orpheum, Chicago, .'Ift-Oct. B. 
Claude. Toby, Chase's. Washington, I). ,C, SO- 
Oct. 5. 

Clifford. Ed., Hyde Park. Chicago, 30>Oct. 6. 
Clarke* Temple, Wauaon, Joplln, Mo., SOOct. 
• 6;" Lyric. Lincoln. Neb., 7-12. 
Clark, Dr. C. B-, 4 Bertha, Omasum, Omaha, 30- 
Oct. 8. ' 
Clark ft Duncan, Olympic, Chlonco, 30-Oct. 3; 

- C. O. IL, Chicago. 712. 

Clark. Joe, BlJon. La Crosse, Wis., SOOct. 8; 

liutque. Eaii Claire, 7-12. 
•Cohan, Mr. ft Mrs Jerry, 4 Co., Forrest, Phlla., 

Pa.. 30-Oct. 6. 
Connolly Sisters (4), Keenej's. Bkln., 30-Oct. 8. 
Cotton, foia, K, 4 P., Jersey City, N. J., SO-Oct. 

«; K. ft P., Albiar, N. Y., 7-12. 
Conn. Dotrrry 4 Wlllard, Orphedm, Minneapolis, 

lOOct. 8. 
Corlnne, Temple. Detroit, 80-Oct. 8. 
Gnghlan, Rose, 4 Co., Bennett's, Ottawa, Can,, 30- 

}M. 8. 


Jas. Smith, Keeney's.' Bkln., 30-Oct. 8.. 

Cope Trio, tola, Cblcunj, 30-Oet. B. 

Colonial Four. Foil's. Worcester, Mats., 30-Oct. 8. 

Columbia Four, Sullivan 4 Consldtoe Circuit. 

Collins, Sam, .Shea's, Buffalo, SO-Oct. S. 

Collins ft La Moss, Empire, St. Paul, Minn.. 
Oct. 7-12. 

Collins ft Brown, Frunklln Sqoire, Worcester, 
Mass., J0-Oct. .".. 

Colby Family. Poll's. Bcrmlon. Pi.. 30-Oct. 6. 

"CouiprrralBed," Ornheitm, Boston, liO-Oct. G. 

Collins Sisters. C. 0. H:, Chicago, 80-Oct. 8. 

Connelly. Edward, ft Co.. Allumbra. N. Y. 0., 
SO-Oct. B. 

Connelly, Hngb, 0. H., Kingston, N. Y„ • SO- 
Oct. 6. 

Colby. Mr. 4 Mrs., Franklin, Lyric, Chicago, SO- 
• Oct. 8. - - 

Corbley Bros., Hathiwny'a, New Bedford, Mias., 
30-Oct. B. 

Collins 4 Hart, Bbobert, Kansas City, Mo„ SO- 
Oct. a. 

Connelly, Edwird, 4 Co., Albamhrt. N. Y. C., 
80-Oct. 0. 

Cole ft Clemens, Family. Shamokln, Pa„ SO- 
Oct. B. 

Comrades (4).. Poll's. Scranton Pi.. 30-Oct. 6. 

Columhlan Newsbors Quartette, 0. H„ Blue Is- 
land, 111., 30-Oct. I). 

Cook, Joe, 4 Bro-... Bennett's, Himlltoo, Can., 
80-Oct. 5: Bennett's, Londoo. 7-12. 

Cooper. Leo. 4 Co., BIJoo, Lansing, Mich., 30- 
Oct. 0. 

Csnley, Anna 4 Kffle, Bennett's, Qncbec, Can., 
30-Oct. 8. 

Conlln 4 Hteele, Keith's. Phils., Pa.. 30-Oct. C. 

oies, Mnslcil, Emerson's Floating Palace. 

Cook, Boh. Sua Bros:' Circus. 

Cook' 4 Stevens, Poll's. Springfield, Mass., SO- 
Oct. 0. 

Colonial Septette, Ye, Orpbenm, Oakland, Oil,, 
Oct. 712. • 

Conchas, Paul, Andllorlnn, Lyon, Miss., SO- 

' Oct. a. 

Cooke. Frank, A. 4 3., Hoston, UO-Oct. 0. 

Couture ft Ulllctle, Milu St., i'corla. III.. 30- 

' Oct. 0. 

Courtkope. Jane. 4 Co., Olympic, Chicago, SO- 
Oct. fl. 

Couitlelgb. Wm.. ft Co., Haymarket, Cblcago, SO- 
Oct. 0. 

Coram, Alhambn, N. Y. C, 30-Oct. 8. 

Cui, Chester, BIJou, Dnlutb, Mlnu.. SO-Oct. B. 

Cooiier ft Koblnsnu, Shea's, Toronto, Can., SO- 
Oct. 0; H. O. H.. Syracase. N. Y.. 712. 

Carro 4 C'arro, Orpblam, Portsmouth, 0„ 30 Oct, 
3; Orplieuio, Parkershiirx. Vf. Vn., 7-12. 

Cowper. Jlmmle, Unique, \ak ADgtlei. Cal,. Oct. 

Cressr'4 Dayne. Keith's. Phlla.," Pa.. SOOcl. G. 
Crowley, Herbert, Family, Lebanon, Pa., SOOct. 
B. , , 

Crawford. Clifton, New York. N. Y. C. 30-Oct. ». 

Oreo ft Co.. BIJou. Battle Creek, Mich.. 30 Oct. 
3: llljoii, Jackson. 7-12. 

Crane. Mr. ft Mrs. Gardner, Orpbetini, Atlentown, 
Pi.. SO-Oct. S. 

Creuyon. Charles. Majestic. Cblcago. SO-Oct. 8. 

Crli-krm. The. Orpbemu, Los Angeles, CuL, '.'.!>. 
OCL 3. . 

Crane Bros.. Savny. Tlamllton. Can., 30-Oct. B. 

Curtis. Palmer ft Co.. Poll's. Kprlngfleld. Mass,, 
30-Oct. S ; Poll's, Bridgeport, Oonu., 7-12. 

Carrni ft Oe Grey, Crystal, Marlon, Ind.. S0- 

. Ocl. 8. . 

Cntlys, Hasten! (fl), Academy of Mnslc. Montreal, 
Can.. 30-Ort. S. 

Cyril. Herbert, Colonial, Liwrenee, Miss., SO- 
Oct. B. 

Cnnnlnghim ft Smith, Lawrence, Klwood, Pa,, SO- 
Oct. B. 

CrtunUlahlm. ■ Bob, 4 Daisy Howard, nnntlnilon, 
W. Va., 30 Oct, fl| Bljog, Wheeling, W. Va,, 
7-12. ,'.; a ,« - . - 

(.iMlen. -las. IL, Cohimtilu. St, Louis, Mo.. SO- 
Ocl. B.- 

Cummlnirs. Thornton 4 Co.. Wn>hlngton. Sinkane, 

. Wash.. 30-Oct. r. ; Star. Seattle. 7-12. 

Dainty Dancers (4). Ornheum, Minneapolis. Minn.. 
30-Oet. .1. 

Daly Conntry Choir. Garrlck. St. Louis Mo., 30- 
Oet. i. . 

Davenport. Pearl, Orpblnm. Pinna, 0., SO-Oct. 
I i U H.. Oreeovllle. O.. 3-B. 

DaVls. Mark 4 Laura. Grand, Covington, Ky„ 30 

• Oct. Bij Mljesth-, Ashland. Ky.. 7-U. 

Davis, W.. Harrison. Tremont. Itostnn, SO-Oct. B. 

Man], Katherinc, Arcide, Tololo. O., SOOcl. 0. 

Da COmMs. Tie. Olympic, Chicago, ,'10-Oct. B. 

Duvts, Hal, -4 i>... BIJou, Ditlntti. Minn.. .10 
Oct. a.-:... i- i 

Dinlelfu'irMticlie. lola. Chicago, 30-Oct. 6. 

Dally. Ratatrt, ft Co.. Garrlck. Wllmlngtou, Del., 
30Ot..t,8. " 

Dale. Dainty Dolly, 4 Co., BIJoo. Canton, O., 30- 
Oct, 0. 

Dale I O'Mallcy. Novelty, Bkln., SO-Oct. fl. 

Da.vtelle. Madge, Casino. Albany, N. Y., 80- 
Oct. 6. •• 

Durras Bros... K. 4 P.. Albany, H. Y.. SO-Oct. P. 

Daly. Madman. Lyric. Bt. Joseph, Mo.. 7-12. 

Dailvy, Peter F„ * Co., Aihimbra. K, Y. C, SO- 
Oct. fl, ' •■•; 

Dirilni, Pbll.i' Sclls-Flolo Shows. 

Daly. Vlnlr, Garrlck. St. IaiiIs, SO-Oct. R. 

DaAsrell, AarJe, Academy of Music, Montreal. 
Can., 7-12. 

Dalles, The,' Cryilal. Goshen, Ind., 30-Oct, r. ; 
Crystal; Andeoou, 7.12. 

Daly, Arnold. A Co., Oriibnem, Bkln.. 30-Oct. 6. 

DeliVoye 4 Frits, loin, Chicago, 10 Oct. 8. 

Dc Witt, Burns 4 Torrance. Toll's, New Haven, 
Conn., 30-Oet. G. 

De Von 4 Kennedy Trio, Star, Unlontown, Ta.. 
SOOct. 3: r Slar, Homcsiesd. 7-12. 

De Wltte . sisters, Howard. Rostou, 30-Oct. 8. 

lie Haven, Rose, Septette, Keith's. Columbus, 0„ 
SO-Ocl. B. 

Dear.e, Sydney. 4 Co., Lyric, Dayton, 0„ SO- 
Oct. 8. 

De Monde 4 Dlpsmore, Coo|ier. Mt. Vernon, N. 
Y.. Oct. 7-12. 

De Vale Trio, Dennett'*, Montreal, Can.. SO- 
Oct. 8. •'- 

De Lisle, JaMine, New Piwluckrt, Pawtucket, 

a. 1., so-oct. 6. 

Demlng. Joe. i'X«ntpl». Detrclt. 30-Oet B. 

IVvllti 4 Klwood, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 30- 
. Oct. o. 

Dflmore, Lee, Teek, Bnffato. 30-Oct. B. 

Dcwar, Prof.,' Noy.i Scotia Eahlbltlon, Halifax, 
N. 8., SOOcl. £ 

Delmore 8l8ters. 125th Street, N. Y. C, SO- 
Oct. 8, 

Dcnne 4 Thlbaolt, Octn, Lynn, Mass., 80-Oct. B. 

Delmir It Dexter, Bay City, Micb., SOOct, IB. 

Heltons (St. Star. Cleveland, 30-Oct. fl; Academy 
of Music. Lltisbilrg, 7-12, 

De Veroi 4 Van Auditorium, Plttnbnrg. Oct. 7-12. 

Delrorhee ft Blanca, Forrest, Pblla., Pa,, SO- 
Oct, 6. . . 

De Haven ft Sydney, Kellb'a, IJtlca, N. Y,, SO- 
Oct. B. .-, 

De Graw Trio, romlly, Clinton, Ia„ Oct. 7-12. 

lie Arnoo; Bill, Thslln. Chicago. 30-Oct. B. 

De Voy, Emmrtt 4 Co., Kollh's, Bnnton, 30- 
Oel. C. 

De'Mont Trio, Bllnn. Jackson, Mich.. SO-Oct. 8; 
BIJou, Rnclnc. Wis., 7-12. 

IV Fare Sister., Tremont, Boston, 80-Oct. G, 

Deooods . 4 Dlnamore, Orpblum, Mansfield, 0„ 
30-Oct. 6. , -. ., ■ 

De Von 4 Kennedy Trio, Star, Unlontown, Pa„ 
30-Oct. 8. 

De Velds 'ft Zelda, Fair, Morris, N. Y„ 80-Oct B; 
Fair. x*ork, P«., 7-13. ... .... , 

Demlng-. .toe. Temple. Detroit. 30-Oct. fl. 

De Demo 4 LnJue, Fair, White River Junction, 
Vt. 80-Oct 6. •■ - 

Demora 4 Gricetls. Price's Theatre, -.:• . 

Dllla 4 Templeion, Al. R. Field's Stlnatrels. 

Dixon ft Anger, K. 4 P.. Jersey City, N. J., 
SO-Oct. 8.' . 

Dillon Bros., Bennett's, Montreal, Cm., SO- 
Oct. 8. 

Dlion 4 Kellle, Family, Butte, Mon.. SO-Oct. 8; 
Washington, Bmkine, Wish., 7-12. 

Dixon ft Fields, Orpbenm, Omaha, N«b„ SO-Oct. B. 

Dixie Serenulers, Aicide. Toledo,. 0- SO-Oct, 0. 

Dixon Bros.. NoTflty, Bkln,. 30-Oct. G. 

DltttG 4 Maria, O. H„ Ileiklmer, N. Y„ 80- 
Oct. 6. 

Dlunaiid -4 Smith, Kellb's,' Boaloa, 30-Oct. B. 

Dillon, Wm. A., Keltb's, Providence, SO-Oct. B. 

Dlerlckx Bros., Una Clrco Bell, Mexico. 

Donnelly A Rotill, Keith's, Phlla.. Pa., SO-Oct. fl. 

Doberty, Anna, Columbia, Cincinnati, 0„ SO- 
Oct. 5. 
.-Donald ft Carson, GSth Street. N. Y. 0., SOOct. fl. 

Downey. Leslie T„ Electric, Siclne, Wis., 30- 
Dee. I. 

Downeys, The, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 30. 
Oct. 0. 

Dorsch 4 Btuaeli. Garrlck, Wilmington, pel., 
30 Oct 6. 

Doyle. Peter, Lyric. Olevelind, O., SO-Oct. B. 

Donley, J. Fronds, 4 Co., Mary Anderson, Louis- 
ville, SO-Oct. fl. 

Doyle, Putay, Armory, Blagbamton, N. T., SO- 
Oct, 5, 

Drenno, Josh, Orpheum, Chicago, SOOct. 8. 

Drew, Mr. 4 Mra. Sidney, Temple, Detroit, SO- 
' Oct. B.- 
Drew, Dorothy, Hippodrome, Newport, Wales,. 
Eng.. SOOct. B; Hippodrome, Brighton, 7-12; 
King's, Gateshead, 14-10: Hippodrome. Man- 
cbCHler, 2t-3il; Empire, Bradford, 28-N'Ov. 2; 
Empire, l^eeas, 4-0. 

Drscula, Donnelly 4 HntBcld'a Mtnatrels. 

Driscoll ft R«oil, Gem, Lynn. Mass., SOOct. B. 

r>rak», Pnntogcs', Tacoma, Wash., so-Oci. B. 

Dnpree, Geo. 4 Llhble, Yale, Kansas City. Mo,, 
SOOct K ■ 

Dndley, Maxwell, Fosillr. Carhnndale, Pi„ SO- 
Oct. S. 

Dutnond's Parisian Minstrels, Dnquesoe, Pitts- 
borg, 30-Oct. 6, 

Dimmer, Daisy, Haymarket, Chicago, SO-Oct S. 

Dnryen, Man 4 Co., Bennett's, Olluas, Cm., 
ilAoct ft. 

Do Bols, Oreif, 4 Co., Parlor, York, Pi.. Oct. 7- 

Dudley 4 CbOlyn, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. O, SO- 
Oct. B, 

Dnffex, M«. 0. 0. II.. I'lttoburc, no-rtct. B. 

Dunn. Jas. A,, Park, Family, Johnstown, I'u,, SO- 
Off- A,, ., 

Dunn, Tbtamy, Huward. Boston, SOOct. fl. 

Duucnu, «his.;IL. Colonial. N. Y, 0.. SO-Oet. B. 

Tinnier, Adelya, Capllal, Little Uwk, Ark,. SO- 
Oct. B. 

Duiteilln Troup*. Fair. Droeklon, Mass,, SO.Oel. B; 
Coloulll. N. Y. «'., T-12. ' 

Earl 4 WUmio, Majestic. Madison. Wis.. .'I0-Oct. B. 

Faxan 4 Hallmuii. Ml. I'lesiant, I'u., SO Oct, :,; 
Pltclrlo. T-12. 

Early 4 Lole, Lyric, L'blcsgn. SO Oct 3. 

Eirle. Dorothy, tlruiid, Portland, Ore,. Oct. 7-12. 

Earl 4 llarilett, Keith's. Bostos. Sn-Oi-t. B; 
Keith's, Providence, R. L, 7-12. 

Karl, Wheeler. 4 ' Vera Cnrlls. Itennett's. M«n- 

- ireal. (fan,, 80-Oct. B. 

Eckel 4 Du Prcf. Family, Lsncssler. Ph., SO. 
Oct. B. 

Kckert ft llcrtr, t.'.iliiiiliil,, Vs.. 30-Oct S. 
■Kckl.oir ft Xlorih.11. Poll's, Brl.liewrt, t'.uiii,, 311- 
Ort 8; Toll's. Waierbury. 7-12. 

Karl. Maud, Usnnett's. Iliii.lltou. Can.. 80-Oct G, 

Edmonds ft Hslev. ' Hrnr. New Castle. J'n„ 3»- 
(let S: Htnr, Ho.' ruwhmx. V ■■-, 7-12. 

Kilsurds, Davli, 4 Co., (Vilonl-.l. I.swretice. Mass., 
SO-Oct B. 

Edwards, tin', "Sclwol Roys 4 Girls," Bennelt's, 
Uimllton. Can.. SO-Mct 3. 

Klen, fiui. Doward, Tkiston, f>0 Oct, - A, 

Fllnore Sisters, Colonial, N. X, C, 110-Oct. 8; 
tlrplieum, Bkln., 7-12. 

Klmoce ft Rnrtlett, BIJou, Wtieellpo;, TV. V»., 80- 
Oil. 3. 

Rldrldfte. Robert, Haynlarket, Chicago. SO-Oct. S. 

Elton rob Troupe, Armory, llliiglinniton, N. 1 , 
30-Oct. a, 

Elliott Sisters. Nlckelodcoo. Fall Rlrwr. Mass., 
30-Oct. B. 

Ellis -iinwlln Tronic, Empire. P»t«r«n. N. J., 
30 Oct. S, 

Enreison ft Wright, Kansas City. Mo., 30-Oct, 33, 

Emerson ft Bnldwln. Hithawny's. New Redford, 
Mass.. :io Oct. B. 

Krum.r, 31me.. ft Pels. Mart Antcrsno, Ijtulsrllle, 
SOOct. 3. 

Emmeit. Oracle, 4 Co., 23d Street N, Y. C., SO- 
Oct. Bl Kalth's. Boston, 712, 

Enured 4 McNeill. Olympic, Springfield, III., SO- 
Oct. 5. 

Rmmett. Eugene, Lyric. Anstln. Tex., SO-Oct. fl. 

Rrnmett. Utigli. Lyric. Cleveland. O., SO-Oct. 3. 

Englcton, Nsn. ft Co., I'mctor's, Troy, N. Y-, 
SO-(Vt. S. • 

Ernests (S>, Grand, Victoria. B. 0.. SO-Ont. Bl 
Coliseum. Seattle, Wash., 7-12. 

Esmond ft Esmond*. Parlor, York, Ps„ 30-OcL B, 

Esmeralda Alstcra, Pnlils D'Kte, llrusaels, Bel- 
glum. Oct. 417; fcala, Antwerp, llrlflmu, lb- 
SI ; Carre, Amsterdam, Knltn-l, Nnr. i-lft. 

Erirs. Cbis., ft Co,. Poll's, Hurtfonl. Conn,, SO- 
Oct. 0. 

Esmeralda, La, Savoy. HuiBllton. Can., SOOct. A. 

Evans Llsxle. * ' leftcrson Lloyd.' Lyric. Oteyi-- 
Innrl, O.. 80-Oct, 0; Majestic. Imllnnapolls, 
Ind., MS. 

Eiposliion 14), orpheum. Harlan. SO-Oct 6. ' 

Everett*. The (4). Wmbrrt'*, llllvt, N, Y„ SO- 
Oct. 0. ». ' 

Faust Bros.. Slsr. Seattle, Wosli.. .Ifl-Oct 8. 

l'sdette Orchestra, Orpheum. Bkln., S0-<wt. r. ; 
Alhambrn, N. Y. f'.lty, 7-12. 

Fay. Rnssclt 4 Miller, O, O. II. . Indlatiopolls, 
Ind., 30 Oct S. 

Fagao 4 Byron, Dinufiue. Plttshtirg. 80-Oct fl. 

l''ilivlillds, Mr. ft Mrs, Frank, Mnje>tic, Mascu- 
line, Is., SOOct B. 

Filr Virginians (8). Oarrlck, Wilmington, Del., 
30-Oct. 0. 

Fatrcll 4 I* Roy, SnfllulV. Ollntou, is.. SO- 
Oct 5l Induatrlal, Mollne, IIL, T-12. 

Fnrrni. Geo., ft Co.. Orpbeum, Denver, Col., HO- 
Oct. 8. 

Fay. File. Orpheum, Denver. Col.. SU-OCL fl. 

Fern * Mack. En.plre, Milwaukee. 80-Oct Ot 
Howard, Chlcigo. 7-12. 

Fernun.le May Trio, Bijou, Dttbiuiue. li„ SO- 
Oct. fl Doinlnlon. Winnipeg, Man.. 7-19. 

Felix 4 Barry Co., G. O. II., Svrscttie, N. Y., 
:M'-0ct. 0. 

Felix 4 Cjlre, Aitdliorinin, Lynn, .Mass., 30-Oct. 
3: Orpheuai, Boston, 712. 

Fenlons, The, l.clinnon, Ind., Oc|. 8-8; Blofftnn, 

Feriusnn, Barney, ft Dick. B.-O, II., DKvennort, 

la.. 7-12, 
Ferreros. Orphciini. Denver, rvil.,- SO-OH. B. 
Ferry, Warrliixtnn, Onk Path, III., SO-Hrt, Bl 

Hijon. Raclue. Wis., 7-12. 
Fcntolle 4 Carr. 2;'d Ktiret, N. V. C. SO-llcl. 

B; K, * P. IZStb 8t, N. Y. ft, 7-13. 

la ml I ton. Can,. Si 
lards, YlMbD, I 
cf. 31 Family, 

Kdvtards, 'Vtilghn. Edison, Yoiingstnwn. O,, SO- 
Oct. 3: F.imlli, Cotneaut, T-12. ..i 
Edwards. Otg ft J. Statley, Bennett'a, Montreal. 

Ebrennilii BeSs'.. Orpbenm, Chicago, 30-Oct B. 
Elite Musical (4), Khnbert, Mll.vankee, Wis., .so. 

Oct. 3. 
Kiting* ._ Julian, O. O. ft. Syracow. N. Y . SO* 


m3S«J'z£& S| , J»>iw)lt'a. Ilnmllton, 7-12. 
Fldler ft Shellon, Joliet. III.. 110-Ocl. 3;:ninom- 

Inglon, III., 7->2. 
Fields Happy Fnnnle. Empire, WienMil. En«., 

Sji-Ocl. S; Eniplre, Leads. Itng.. 7-13: Emi.lre 

Hal. Kng., 14-lfll Argyll. iTlrteiihetid, iW, 
. M-t«l! Palace, Wlllesden. Kng.. 28-.\ot. 3, 
,l ",^.' r . t ?»rg- nurilg 4 Seaman's. N. Y, City. 

30-Oct. 3; Westminster, Providence, R. L. 7- 

Flnla'j ft Burke, Franklin, Wordier, Miss., SO- 
Ocl. 8. 

Fields, W. C„. Franklin, Worcester, Mill., .*«!• 
Ot-L fi. . 

Fisher ft Berg-, Westnlnsler, Providem*, Oct. T-tte. 

Fltxniinrliw ft Kenton, Hopkins'. Loiilarllle, 30- 
•Vt. I. 

Fltsslblton-Mcdoy Trio, 123lh Street N, Y, 0„ 
30-Oct S, ' 

I'tnreux '1'roope, Academy ' of Music, Montrei'l, 
Cnn., .'lO-Ocl. 8. 

Flowers, Dick J., Grand, IndU'iapolls, Ind., SO- 
Ocl, B; Cincinnati, (>„ 7-12. 

Hytin, Joe. Shubert. Nownrk, H. ,T., SOOct B, 

Hetclter. Chaa. iMinnrd, Orphmnn, Otniha, SO- 
Ocl. 8. : 

Flood Bros., Empire-, London, Eng.. HO-Not. 3. 

loaerty. Frank, Keith's, Ifnloii Ti<)„ N, Y. 0., 

Foster A Foster, Orphcttm, Bklo.. SO-Ort 8, 

Forda (4), 23.1 Mtree), N. Y. C; SOOct 8. 

!'- ir, . K ' r .' Monv.. Brndenl.iirgh'v, 1'hlla.. SO-Oct A; 

lord 4 Swor. Empire, I'atcrson, N. J., Sn-Oot. 9. 

Foreslo & Dog. Academy of Music, Montreal, 
Can., SO-Oct 3. 

F/n, Mudae, Poll's, Harlfor.1, Coon., .'10-Oct. llJ 

'*'•*».>•>•* Mrs., 4 Co.. Empire, Patersoil, H< 
J.. JO-Oct fl. 

Forsbere, K., A Co., Shea's, Buffalo, «0-Oct, &, 

I oy ft Clark, Colonial, Lawrence, Mass., OO-Oui. 3. 

Fortnna ft Slakes, Rljou, . qulow, IJI , tO-ttS. 3. 

roster, T.d., ft D.jj. Bennett's, Montreal, Oaa., SO- 
Oct S: Bennett's, Qucrnc, Cnn . 712. ' 

Foster, Ilnrry, Slur, Muni-lp. Ind., .'JO-Oct 6i Or- 
phiiim. Lima. O., 7-12. 

Foster ft Foster, Orpbanni. Ilkln., SO Oct. Bl 
Albiimhrn, N. Y. (.'., 7-12. • 

Fowlers. The, Orpliluin. Sptloalleld. 0.. SO-tlcl. B. 

K omnia. Kdinr, ft tin.. Dnl-iw. Ean Clnlre. 
Mt. 30-Oct Si Grand, Vtmi. S. D., 7 13. 

Fonll Bonl Bros., Orphequ, vniicahfe-r, II. C. 
."OOi't. 6: Orpbemu, Victoria, '12. 

Fredo ft Dare, Arcndo, Toledo, i>„ ,'IO.O.>t ft. 

Friend ft Downing. Audliirrliim, Lynn! Mass., SO- 
Oct. B. 

Freeman Hr.)s., Grand, Vancouvor, B. 0„ 30. 

Ort fl. • r 

Francois. Lcs, Illppodrnmit, N. Y. V., SOOct. fi. 
I'reeiuau, Rose, Nickelodeon, Fall Hirer, Miss., 

Stltk-i, B. ■< 

Fries 8lstoi-«, Family. Erie, Pa,, 00-Oct 0, 
Krevoll. Frederic, O. H„ VValertasvii, N. V,, SO- 
■ Oct. >| Hurlls f), 11,. Annum. K. V„ 7-12, 
Francis, Adeline, Keith's, Hoston. SO-Oct f>. 
Francis, Kmuin, A Arabs, Hofikltts'. LonUrlllt., 

80-Oct 3. 
Frosio 4 Wards, Crystal. Mnrloii, Ind.. SOOct 0: 

Crystsl. Klkhsrt, 712. 
Frederick Bros, ft Hurus, Chase's, Wsshluarlon, 

D. (.'., 30-Oct 8. 
Pmalnl. Frankllii, Worcester. Muss., Sti-Oct. A. 
Franbllii ft Grecti, U. O. IL. I'lUnhnrg, .'in-Oct B. 
FratK-ls ft Lawrence. lola, Chicago, SO-Oct. 0. 
I'rt-ii.-li, Henri, Oriiheuni, (liitslin. SO-Oct. 8, 
I'n-y Trio, The, Howard, irwilaii, 0.d.'7-12. 
"Fuliirity Winner, The," 23d St, N. Y, ft, 80- 

(let ft. ' • 

Fiiriiinn. Itadlc. Teik,' Huffs 1... SO-Oct.- S. < 

FhIIuii, Wm.. A. 4 M.. Hokfvii, so. Oct. 0. 
Fuller, idu. Friinkllii. iVurcnKli-r, Mu»s„ SO- 
Oct ft. 
Gabriel. Muster, ft •',,., Oriihemu, Ukliu, t.10-(ir?t. 

3; N. Y. C. 712. 
ilsilando, Armory, llluglmnitou, .V. V.. SO-Ort fl. 
tlardner ft Slodilor.l. Keltli's, Ihiston, S'l-der. B; 

IlciiW'tt's, guelsx-, Cnn.. 7-12. ' 

Gardner. Happy Jack, Trent Trwitnu. N, J.. Ml. 

Oct. fi; Empire, Piilersun, N, J.. 7-12. 
Gardner ft Vincent. HiiII.iwhv, IauiIoii, F.njf., 80- 

llcl. .*•; New Cries, Lond1.11, I'Inu,. 7-12; Hirst- 

ford. Uiiul'iii. Etitt.. It ■-«: Hush. 

Li.uduii, Kna., L'n-Vnv. 3: Cinllff, wnli*. 4V| 

Hwsiisun, Wales, II. HI: Newport. Wales, 1H an. 
rjalnshon.iigh Girl. II. <>. B.. Pltlsbnrg, SO-Oct. fi. 
Gsrrlly Hlslers. Main HI.. Peoria, III.. HO-Ort. 0. 
fission 4 Grorn, Orpbenm, Onsiha, SOOct. S. 
OaiidschmldH. The. New York; N. Y. C, SO-Oct 

Oafiisher ft Rnrrstl K. ft P., Jersey 'city, N. .T„ 
30-Oct. 6 : K. ft P. O8H1 JRh N; V. ft, 7-13. 

Oarlelle Bros., Orpbenm. MJaprioolla, Mlon.. JO- 
Oct, B; Oriibeiim.,Omo»i,,Neb,, 7-13,. 

Olleltl's Monkera, Orpheum. Bkln,. 80-Oct ft. j 


K:' V'.' : . :• 

our. The, Princess, 8*9 Kran,, Ca]„ 30- 
" 4 Piatt BIJou, Lincoln, .Naif,, 30-Oct. B; 

MM) Omaha, 7-iz. ,T! 

', aw,*.;* H.. Aagusta, Me., 30-Oct 0; 
lt.T Ilnll.AVotcrvttle, 7-12. i., 
iro ft Tbool Trio, Apollo, Kuranberg, Her,, 
,-Oct. 31,; Bnttenherg, Lelpftlgv Oer., "or. 

ft Walters, *tinv», ToVonto, Can., 30- 

Flint, Mlcb,, ao-Ocl. 0: Le Witt A Ashroare, SlJoa, 'jMcatur, ID., 30-Oct. 

~ l„„H„ f ,. tl-11- lit"!- II) ' 

^Jf^PR 5. 

anslng, T>-; 

n«s <l7).tf .'Poll's, New Haven, Cone., jL* 

• Oct. c 

la's KniHl. MnjastJc, Clilmgo, 60-0ct. 3, 
ic,_ Mnyrnc, ft 1O0., Olympic, MrttH 80- 

Bylrr,** Molnlyra, New 7oA,' K.'ti 0.. 30- 

OCt, 0/ , ,. ' 

ily fr r &' ] > ■*ftertlu, unlet*. 1-lttsborg, i;0Oot 

JJctte, La Snlle. nl.T7.l2. ' 

Cliaplu, Uttlarlllc, Ky„ SO-Oct. G. 

Mllbert, Edwin ('.., O. I!., Chirac.., 30-Oct, (I. 

George, K.lwlii, C. <>. II., Cblcung. UO-Oct. B. 

OlUen, Kdwurd 4 Hntcl. lnMr-Hfate. Fair, Tren- 
ton, N. J., {CP<Oot. r ft, ■ . , 

Gill, Olive, IlrailciiburghV MUHcrtra, Phtla.. Fa.. 
30- Oct. B. 

Olllen, Tom. Itljou, Lincoln. Scl»., 110-Oct. B; Ouialri. Xel>„ 7-12. ■ . 

Olljjon & Countess, Scenic. Taunton,. Until., 30- 

OifSotir ft flatnnn. a. O. II.. rjtistmrc. 30-Oct. II. 
tie ft McKurlanc, 0. O. II., Clilcago, 30- 
itl :8. •■ 

ttc's Musical Dot's, Keith's, OiCTcland, O., 
[tot. 0. 
Cllfttlort'ttl!.-. The, G.-irrlck, St, Louis. 110 Oct. 8. 
GiorlstonB Sisters, Grand, llnnillton, O., 30-Oct. 5. 
Oasis. Nat. KiiKlc, Ilagerstowu, Mil.. UO-Oct 0. 
OM&io, Cliff, Victoria, N. Y. ft. IlOOct.O, 
. GoBs. John, Gem, Monnugahela, Pa., ,'lo-Oot. ft. 
Gotham Knur. 08th Street ,K. V. C 30-Oct. 5. 
UoUlfii .Graces (I). Majestic, Clilcago, 30-Oct, 5. 
Goodwin lima.. Orphoum. Clilcngn, 30-Oct ft. 
Cordon ft Laurence. Majestic, Iji Salic, 111., 80- 
i/Jqt.. 5. 
G0IO1 Trio, O 
. Uolilen & Hughes. 
Oct. 0. 
Gaulmuns, Musical, 

Golden, Geo. Fuller, Tremont, 
Otir ft Ornlmni, Majeatli 
3l)Oct. 0.; Olympic, 80. 
Grant ft Iloag, lluttiawny's, New Bedford, Hue 

:K),Oet. 8. . •. 

OMIT, UStli .Street, X. T. C, UO-Oct. f>. 
Urint, ayilney, I'orreat, Phlln.. I'a.. 30-Oct. C. 
Orapt, HiTt ft'UertUa, Haymarket, Chicago, 30- 

,Oet. 0. 
Greon ft Wcatborn, Htofforil Hprlngn, Conn., 30- 
• pot. 6; Palace, BojMn. 7-lS. 
(Ir^iia (J), Dewey, -.Utleu, N. jr., ao-Oct. D. 
tlriliion; 11a, Uoiuam, Ultln., 30-Oct. C. 
UriDlntla Aerial Ballet, Hippodrome, N. T. C, 

.30-Oct. ■ 0. ■ • 
Gray, Ed., , Novelty. Okln., 30-Oct. 5. 
COyer ft Crlnpl, Otpheam, I,» Acgclen, Onl., 

lo-oct. e. . . 

Ilajhictnan, Jennie, ^cftenou City, Mo,, 30-Oct. 

■ ■' -&,;! Hedallo, Mo.. 7-12. 
Nllll, Huullnc. Colonial, Norfolk, Va., 30-0ct. S. 


oct. »r 

■» Wm., ft Co., Columbia,' Cincinnati, O.. 30- 

uct. p. 
jUM ft 'J^rella, 28d 8t., N. Y. C, 30-Oct. 6. 

Serbia *^-. ti W w » -wt l'aul. Mujd., 

Oct'ov'" ? qn ' , ' l Vi w < 4 '' P'/mpIc, Chicago, 

MM Clina., Gn»Wt.»lartou, lad., 80-Oct. 3; 
mjjk. Kt. Wajrpg.,ir.l2. 
.VfBtog Van, Po l'«. Uprlngfteld. Mibh., 30- 
xtt.,i0: Malilcn.'iiMaildeh. Mans., 7-12. 

7> hiintKm n ? t«T ~~' ------- ^.».,i«,., ,.,ti,,,rii,,^«i, it'll, jin^B., *-ia. 

calffie /fr« n i 'iiiiii •*■'• -lu i^*9>Mfa u | «' 1 »'lttare, N. y.-C. r 30 
ir tin nSZSEZ ' AiZ": .. ». «» . ■ K ':"Ct. 0. 

l-Oct. B. 


►to, 30-Oct; ,6; Prospirt, 

Jabnn, Tim, 7{»ltb'fi, l^'j 

Ha * Poole, Maryland, 

(..Bj Grand, Plttahi: 

ohoy, B|ny, ItoWaMa, ^»n 

"f«,f.#W. Hippoflwmoi ;;,| 

<^a^^^ft^gh,,c W A y naUwu 

\)'Y M Palocr *-Doncttnani Crystal. Klklmt 1 . 

•ylnnd, BalUlhW M«., 30- <Xt. a: Irwin, Ooiben, Inn.. T-l"' lM -' 30. 

ahnry, Pa., -JT-lS,' PdWior, ■ Adele, ft "Co., Barvoad Vai— t. . 

lojjrdtofli /:,§bi$n, , ( ^„ 80- Pngy. R ,Cliatlottc, Maryland. BaUo;, Wd „, 

«v R., BoHtoli, 30-Oct. B. Parknurst. n. E.. Hilou Ilnlnii, m* , ■ 

? M « ,:(1 :-, AI ".< > - ll.,Vtaakim, ,Pt., 8».Oct. fl; Merrlman aictew. Ilnl.ine. Aberdeen, H. D.. 30- Parrta (4), .Hlp^drome. S Y. 'c : ?riV? ' 0cl - ' 

ag»^ !& P»« J -g- - • • ■ ,/«ef- B; M«J»ijtlc, «fc« falK 7-12. l'-«JfltOd 4 D«ley, auSaway'sT'l^»elt 2, lt - 5 - 

WSJUff em^. JkJi r.._<gjithaft, «. >„ MtBS f .trIo.,Ar w .rr,"ftl»g||^toii, N, Y., 30- iKtT B ; KcltU f a,^Ston,".12, * " Mlu "-. »0. 

0-Oct. B; Keency'ti. llklii., 7-12; Oct. 8. '"* MMa Zoimiea, Sliubert rSainek n r «^ 

n, Chicago, 30- MeiiileUwiilin Trio. Park Family, Johnstown, Pa.. Perry. Kraqk r,., Collacom, Chlcairo aii'rtS*?' '»■ 

■Oct. 8. *m U i f-HWu. P«..- B , artford, Con... 30- *^f iW '' flfl,1, "'" y '''- wWT^ftg. 

Oct . S; 
Irwin, Kip, 

I^i.Clnlr, Bowen, Iloward. Doxton, 30-Oct. B 
I/eon| - — 

' 31 

Ul Clair, Gertie ft rtcka, Orph'eum, 
•Oer. B. • > 

Ijle.Gcne, nownrtl, Chicago. 30-ucc. .0. 
ff, iWUt, ft Co., iCotluim. .Bkln., 80-Oat. 6 

Menilowa, Tom. A. ft S., Bontim, 30-Oct. 

;: -.1— *« Co t' °- O. H., Chicago, 
"fig May, Orpkemn, Kanaai^'ciTy 

Oct, C. .. ■ 

Jngiei ft Pnrkor, Lyric, Yoiuignowii, O., 30-Oct, 

{■mi ft Saniel, Hclin-irioto flhowa. 

mrw.> r. . ""S- 6| ■Fatr,--Befl»Ila 1 -Mo.. 7-12. 

JWtt fjuk B., BIJoa, Adrian, Midi.. 30- 


J.cjuon. Wm. H., ft Co., North fty... Chlcl,,,. 30- ' ^Pigg^fe'^&'feSl:* 

Perty ft Pewce. Howard". Boaton. 30-Oct r. 
Pepper Twins, The, Clnue'R. AVosnlagtwo l> r 
M^^Troupe, The, Kem,',, Rrorldanc. E. I.. g^^^^Ss^^S-Ottft 

fc^homison; Dewey, N. tl C. 30-Oct 8. J'VJt!T," th ' s J" t<; ™' X * w ?**, X. Y.O;. 30-Oet. B. J?3q7. FrSd"* Aifn^Va^hWon ^'"f- 1- S. ' 

Bert, ft Co.. U .0. II., IiHllanapulU, Ind„ JUddleton-Hiie Imeyer ft , -Co., JJjaji'O SprloMeid, . B. • ' ,T ™ nu "» t<m - J>- C„ an.^, 

.: a^Oct .>;' Cincinnati, 0., 7-lj; ^^ . Maae., StfOet: 0. ' ' '• ■' ■ /"• Perb'ft Wlliou. Brie Pa -iiww 1. • 

JW (3). G. «. H.. Plttaburx. .lO^Oct. 5. "iJCR 1 " 1 Sfe I-l«l>lchr». Breslau, Ger.. dij. i-80. >. ,Y„ 7U2. ^^T "' Ja,n <alo»«, 

^^t^ 1 .:* Jf ?«' c ' O^wtd.,. Dearer, Colo. 

l ^5 e j" B f i * ,,,ilil ' :,wu * l ^ , «i »<■»«», N.J..' 

Wratns, '-Walter E., 

Milton 1 

Glrla, Teck, BofTalo, W. T., 80-Oet. 8. 
...IBM. Dp Loair 81at»r», •Tiff I Paffll 
mPliiV Co. ■ '.-.-.■ 

JlrL-tioli. Ln ■ Petite, Keith's, I'hlta.. Pa., 30-Oct. B. 
Jilller, Mlllun, Iinperinl, Chicago, 30-Oct, 8. 
Mills.' W. J., Jiijou, Qulncy, III., SOiOct' C. 
Miller Bros., Family,- Elmlrk, W, Y„ 30-Oct. 8. 

Itklns, Walter E., ft .Cp„ Amlltorhiin 1. ' 
Jlatt., 30-Oct 6; JlntbtwayvKii: j'C; 

O. H.. Bkln., 30-Oct 8. , ttayety, •jKSBfjgS^X. '(£ "t'-iT"' - "" u,:, • " ; . JROO * I WelUnd, .Oonihcriand, m3.'.. 7-12. *»*W»JL * Browning, Irfflc', iiallai.'TeV,",' 00- Pet'ere,' Mont, National, Chlcano. ad-Ocr r. 

ics. Blion, Green Bay, Wis., 30- Jo *"w^ Carroll, ,ft Co., Pol 'e, Hartford, Conn., t luHS/^r' W<>n«n. PTPheum. Chicago, llO-Oot. D. ,, 1 0c /-„ B - ,„» „ L , „; ... ,- A Pcrmnne Bros., Chase's, Washington 1 ii c - n 

. 30-Oct. 0. ' . •- »"uura, vonn., Lntont, .Teaiuiette. Gejp, Lynn, Muas., 80-Oct. 0. MUcbolts (8), Crystal, Kokouio, Ind., 30-Oct. 2; Oct. 5. .'™iugion, u. ft, sq. 

leal, O. .0. U., Davenport, la., Johnson A Wells, Lyric, Dayton, 0„- 30-Oct B. r DQ S!^ TMj&TKfi 1 £ • • C A-„ 30 ' 0,:t - * .Cryatal, Logarisporf, Ind,. 8-8; Crystal, Frank- Phll||pji Bisters. Yonng'a, Pier, AtUntlc Ciir u 

*^ "• Johnson ft Rents, fteme, Kortolk, V« . JOOct B rfff' n ? s S' B . ,Jou - Canton, O., 30 -Oct B. .fort, Ind., 7-.I2. •••, . T., 30-Oct. 6. ' " H "™» W* K. 

emont Boston, 80Oct. 0. 'ohtHtona. Mnnical. ^^ Empire Toar, Mnguuid L 'OTan* Lewis, Hljon, Battle Creek, Mich., 30- Mil tnry Octette. Kolth ft Proctor's, Trox, >f. Y„ Planonhtenda, The, poll. Sorantoh P» fji^. 

estlc, InOlanapolls, Ind., jolipsoD k Babel, Ida. .Chicago. 30l0cC 6. , Sat "Unbi „, ,, „ - „ „ „ .JSfift. t&aB*£hJS* f*!^.P»fe J'Mb „.3-i «*lth.ft proctorTa 23d Ht, X ,y. c' ? ° 1 '. «- 

80. Bend, Ind.. 7-12. « n « * Walton, Orpheum, CSlcaap.To^ct. B. f* 2&"' sWS*! all * ,, ' , > N ,-,*-. " 30 '<> c '- D - MIIlBrshh) SUters, People's, E.nnssUle, Ind., 30- Piccolo MMccts,, o. 6. H..: Indintwpolis: 'ind ™ 

- ft iKaymoiido. BIJou. Muskegon, Hlc 1 „ 80- ^Wjr > Jurence ' Colonial, Lawrence. Mass., „«»• 3 [i.*ffig CMcjgo, 7-02. ;, ^ : ^ Oct. 5; Hppklnsr. Lonls»lllo, .K™,7 -Vt ™- 30- 

. 8: BIJ011, Flint, 7-12. ' r SftWl **-... -. Mllu. Phil, Bijou, Duluth, Minn.. M^kst. C- Plcord Trio, Atlantic Garden, N. V C in^.. . 

In Trio, Colonial, N. Y. C. 8*kkt '6 "^S* i 1 "" 3 ' 11 * Lockc ' Majestic, Chicago, 80- Ml»pn. ,Cbw.; ift. 4t 8.,. Boston, 30-00^5. Plc-^ Mr A Mrs. Marlon. Worth atc' "tlfir ' 

Joyces, Til?, AT"* ";sr,"BTO(on, 300ct"lS.' 

f>JS? SSSn r ?J, r - D «"f'P»»I. Wis,, 30-Oct. 8. 
Kane, Family, Chester; P*., no Oct. B. 
Kutle ft Bartlelt, Keiths, Boston, OO-Oct. B 
Karo Tremnnt. Boa|on, ,80-Oot. B. 

iQct 6. 
Londan /Ire Brlfade, People's, Phlta., Pa„ 30 

Oct 6. 
.Ltwdop Models, G. O. U., Bkln., 30-Oct 5. 
Lopes ft Lopes, <^«p|toI,- Little Rock, Art, 30- 

K "iV. ,a *Sft5!?*'v Academy prSusle,' Pittsburg, 
Ia.^.80Oct. ft; Lycennij .Washlnfton, D. O., 

KaufnikiK Baba 4 in e ,, iramlly, Davenuoft 30- L ^. ^ili^.oi'a^qct ^;'Findiw'b. H., Find- "Motorine." Lyric, Dnyton, O.. 30-Oct' 0. 

S'SSSL M,1Ue « *>«?«. 3pg JiiLdrome: N. Y. C., 30-Oot 8. "oct"'.. 4 *9«-^W ffg^l -' 

Mo>m,'C^:'W,,'-ifarr'Ai)tisr^,-i^irllle l IC7., W-Oet.B. —..—,. -vlui Are., Chicago,' 

30-Oct. 8. Plrwcouni. Xbe. Unlod Sqiare. N Y c mn- . 

Moore, Marjorle, eehlndler's, Chicago, BO.Oct. 6. Mlotlft, The, Howard. Boston. SO-Oct'"'-. '" { - 

^nX^ ?!!;^^ 30 -™-^ p0 «.^ e T * w ' LrHc> ■**«* a*. 

Slarellc Slaters, MIllTllle, N..:J., 30i0cl. 8, 

Lockwoods, Musical, 0. U„ Concord, N. H., 80- Morton, Fred, Keith's, Providence, B. I., 80- 
Qct 3; O.-H., IluUand, yt, 7J2. Oct. ' 

tw ■ "MofbrL_. 

Monohan ft Monohan, illnltn, Blm|ra, N. Y., 30- 
Oct r - 

Kartclll, Proctor's, -Newark. ' tt. t& SO-rict' ft. , 2S&* 

• u., iw-vu, u. ?*f ro * Penrl, Forrest, i'lilla,, Ps„ 80-Oct. 6. K 

ftjsj -ft UaouioiK Techy;« Varletiea, Prague, **iKsJ ,r V * Ut "' A«r«l, TCpHh'*, -Protldence, sJ* 

t>< Oo e ' "*B t ll > '* .P- 00 '*' "Modern Office Girls" 
Porter ft FaUncr,' Turner's Silver PItu Show 

P Oct 8 tw '' Pitk i. F »w"J r . Johnsto"" p,°,%. 
£olk.TftFolJs, Lyric, Cleveland, .0., 30-Oet C 
jRS£&? °™* t ' IB, ' i " tC • ■ &M "»'"«••«. 3»- 

JUMIIAffl^si ■ -so. UUtlliiUH. J.V.-WU/ n »»iit;tii-n, I tufuc, 

AuMtiln, .Oct. 1-15; Central CoenmlU, . Oer., 
'H>rtliy ft' llerr, Vaodc-rllle, Glasspoft, Pa., 30- 

-Oct D. 
HaaMsru, Grace, Park, Family, Johnstown, Pa., 
-'tdMsOot. B. ...- 

lloyiw, Brent, KIijch, Kdlnburgh. Scot, 30-Oct •>•««!*, 

!B,!.'Itavlllon, Olaiwow, 7-1}!; UUcHipol, Ewr., MW, I. 

H-ll); Kniplre. Ohlhsui. 21-20. -Kcimeily 

Ilotjunond 1 ft Forrester, -Graud. ilndhjoii, Wl»., „JMI* 

'30-Oet 6 ; Unique. Ruu CUlre. Wl«.. 7-12. K *JJ?- / 

30-Oct. S. 

K| S * I^Jghton. Onilreum, Heading', Fa„ 30 
Oot Ospheum. Altentown. -MST 
oV-t ' 8 *"*' f,llpbl! ' t ' Mllwafljk.lfe, Wis., 30 

Hetniis. The, Temple. Detroit, 30-Oet. 6. 

I/)rjrettoj, Two, Cojunibls, pt Lonis, Moi, 00- 
'*-^. 'u. 

„jtB.TwlW, Butwobd.Oniahg. ,30-Oct. C. 

Loralue, Oscar, -Ottuwa, Can., S6;0ct, 8; Mon- 

. trfaL Can., 7-12,. : ,' . 

Lorrame. Olya, Keith's, Providence, 30-Oct* 5. 

Lowell ft Lowell, Moss ft Moll Tour, Kng., 30' 

Mortop, James. -J., Duqucsne, Plttsbars, Pa„ 80- fbiter ft Harris, Orpheum, Kansas' City. Mo, -in 

OCt o. . ' Oct. S. ■"' • ' ■ * w * 

Mpore, Tom. Proctor's, Albany: N. T„ JJO-Oct 0. frloe, Maude. Temple, Ft Wayne, Ind.. 30.fw -. 

Mooncy .ft-IIolbolu. GIMon ft Payne's Halls, Lon- Price. Bob, NaUonscope, MontrSl, Can, wo,*' 

don, Eng.. 80-Oct. 31.' ■ .-' ■•■ .8, .. -•• -, T ' avv '<- 

"Modars-OIIIee Girls'- Oij., Bheedy's, lfail.lUver, I'robasco, Casino, Altoona. Pa.. 30-Oct. S 

Mass., 30-Oct.- 5. . I'rcBtlce Xrlo, North Avenue. Clile.go, io-Oct - 

MoMrchs, Musical, Pantnges'. PorUand, Ore,, SO- Prhjiroses. . : MuMca], ' "Utat: Irftrobe, p u „ 3u-t 

Oct. 8; OoUseuin, Seattle, Wash., 7-12. . -6} Horaesttesd, .Pa., -7-12. ' "t 

Hattey- ft llaynes, MaJasUv,. Little. Bock, Ark., „ Oct, 6. 
^30-JJct 8; Majestic, Fort Worth. Tog., 7-12. Kelly ft ] 

Ifi»tliorn ft Bnrt. Garrlck. St. t*ul». 30-Oct. 0. ,.°?*- 6 -„ '' ' "T" " iffiS^ W' ■'W B5ss & r W, P>. WJWfc ft »p-Oct 0. ,...'.' '^"" Wto .Oil 

IfSttWlg. I-'dwpaugh 4 Sells .Bros. Bliow. Kenton, Dorothy, Keith's, Columbus. ' o„ 30- r"?.' - -J * sal yxi I «.*, .Poll'«, ftaterbury, Gonp,, Oct. owlU, Peerless. New XorgyN. T. fj„ 30-Oct. C. Oct. 5. . 

HaftT Geo. E., Southern, "PUmlng Arrow" Co. „ 0p !'. B-,_ _ . 1 "' ,Jj™;,^., ... . .„• _.,. '■■■ Motbglrl. La, Toorlne India and China. Qderllos (7), Hippodrome, N. Y. .0., 30-Oet 

.. 30-Oot. Marau. Harold «.. Windsor, fK Paul, Minn., 30- limUit .+JU**;,*. * P.. Jersey ffih*. J 

wCt.-O.-."-- . -.. ./;,."..' " . :.T . 30-Oct, ,u .'■ 

Worcester, Mass., 00- 
Kausas City, Mo,, 30- 
Log Angeles, Ul„ 

MWarf^Fred ilj.Eva'.FiUn'tly,' Lancaster,' Pa., 80- „ 80-Oct:"C... 

Oct. 5.- ;; ', • = '. ..... : R »&''?><;na * Harper, Electric, Pcntacola, Fli„ 

Morrow ft Sbelberg. Orfjhenin, 30-Oct. 6. " Up-Oelt. B. ' " " 

O^l^B aW ' "" °T' ,Beul "^ Snrin « n e | d. 0., 30- ""SSglf 1 •* Cavcrlr, O. O. H„ Syracuse, N. Y., 

M ^ r '.j 1 l ' u "?.* Mixlier? 6rpb.c(iu;;kausas City. »*j ,1 ' 1 ". u, ' 1 * ' "all.' Bijou, Qulincy, III.. 30-OcL 0; 

Mo., .lupjt. 0: orphcani, New. Orleans, 7-12; ^'.Vandevllle Pavilion, Psrls, III., 7-12. 

Wr- * M ™ - ilntk ' K «'*'«. B»»tou, 30- P-arfflietlers pu^s, ^dhaliibra, Paris, Fran. 

.Oct. B. 

fraiR-e, 30- 

Hnsva - - 

Irrlgan. Ulmbcrl. St. Ix»i1m, .30 Oct. 8. 

trls ft Harris, Gaiety. Alliance, OV, 30-Oct 6. 

Ismllton, Laslio & Ilainllton, IIIJou, Wheelliit;. 

■Myy*„ ao-oct- 6,:. 

Harney . A Adams, l-'alr, Marttuvvlllc. Vu., 80- 

Oet. B : Pastime, Atlanta, On., 7'12. 
Harney. Hlsle ft, Fields' Boys, K. ftp., Troy, N. 

30-Oct. 8. 


Hurrlngton, ,-Olles, -.Orphluiu, . Muusfteld 

Kelly , 

o«i: .. 

K "-Wc't l |B lWl "' &a °" > ^ 1 fW ; l>' J- 

Hsknian .ft' .Fruukluj, Harry ltlckardt' Tour, Aos- JJ"' x . ,;r , nrt *- Po11 ». Worcester, Moss., so Oct. B 
' tral(a, -. Kentpcky Bosebinh., S|ar, Beavo*- "-"■ ■»- •>■■ 

llittlan ft Rolles, UUhna, Ogdcn. Utah, Oct T-10. ...W'-fti "Junnl Dover.;©.. ; 7-4* 

Il« vulbni (iulutet, Princess, Sun Fran 
Uiiriie'y A Hayes, l'"atully, Little Hock 

«a>leV,'K. I'., ft Co., Itathawoj-H, I/jwell, Muss,. "Mas* ", /0-Oct. .. 

.110-Oct. 5. ■• K ' •■ ' ■ Klsrt'. -Kutherln, Washington. Spokane, 

lJsri.-oiirt, Daisy, Shea's, llultulo, .1l»-Oct, 5. „;™Oct 6; Star, .Seattle" -7-13. 

flliwtrev.- W. i'„ ft Co., Orphi;um, .Boston, 80- KlBln, .0(1, Bros. &.,.NIckobiou, Shttlert, 

.Oct. 8. '-VUVjiMo., 30-Oct. ,0. ,; . . 

Hjjtl, Mando Macy,, ft Co., Dminrsue, Plltsbutg, b,.\ \ "• Oetlmm, Bklq., 30-Oi-t. 

'ilO-Oct. 0. 


Haskell, Loney, 



_ Taylor, ft, .'Co.. Keith ft 
PMclOr's 128th St., 30^t. 3 ;,kellh's, Boston, 

Murtyne Slaters, Great Parker AtuuiementCo. 
Maejirte IJIsters. Arcade, Toledo, .0., 30-Oct. 5. 
MkHluettl ft Sylvester, Keith ft ProcthVs, Jc r8e , 

»P*?i''r" , 5*' - l'*. t;, . ;0l * ,u J. Anderson; Ind,, 30- JJl^tta ft.q.yoian,. Trwsdero .llurlesiuierK. 

*8££Zl&W> '^nsport, Ind., 7-9; Crystal, gaw^oiau**. -fiwH '.'Ilainlltoii, .oTVocl. ,". 

SSS^iMs % la - • ' T ,^S?>*jm,. The; Pell!s, SprWgflel, Mass., So- 

M ltr ft_Maeller, Otpbemn, Los AngUes, Oat. I3BE"K " '• 

M.uiil . 
»|).-0ct. .C. 

M "S\ptuu?'8-6.'' R " lb ^ ter ' Ina - '**•"■* *>«•- 
M 7^2 T * Francis, Orpheum, San Francisco, Oct 


, 30-Oct. i>. 


. Wash ' ' M ^'* n ' 1 ' Malloiieltes, Novelty. Oakladd, Cat, 30- ^^^1?®™*'' «' onuer !« n 4." "Utioua," »a., 
'. Hmrn <W5| J WWfeS^«^ 30-Oct. *lWr*f* ,ac « uw ' Waterbury. Cent, 80- 
MannluK*',, IVehri.-' n.„i. />. V SSg fjS; -People's Phlta., F»„ 30-6ot 8. 

ST; Jo'oct U 6?'' .°'" ,CU ' y 9' Music,.Mci.trea!, 

Bayiaoml, Ed|tb,.ft Co., Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 
C., 30-Oct B. , 

Oiflcllff & Belmont. Orphlnin, Uauefleld, 0., 30- 
Oct B. 

Hippi. Sisters, Electric Park, Kansas Clly. Mo., 
IMi.Oc.t Ji.i G^-.0. H.. Davenport. ,Ia„ 7-12. 

Raleigh 4 Murrlngtou, Wellund, Cumherlaud, Md., 

i..ft<WeCt.-Bj. t l!aulc, Jlsmrstowu, iMlh, 7-12. 

Restus ft Banks; Alhaiiibrs',. Paris, Kruucr, 30- 
Oct 0; En "■- 

Maqulpg, Frank. Bachelor Club Co. 

H«lph, Jnllg; Union Square. N. Y. ft, 30-0cl. C. 
Bauf. Claude. Grund,. Ilainllton, O., ,'lo-Oct. 6. 
.Kathbuus, Duncln^ liljuji, KuJunmjoo, Mlcb,, 
^.'.80-Oct G. :. .- . 

Bay, Fred, ft "Co., Orpheum, Onkluud, Cul., 3u- 
. Oct. '0;Orpb*ura,, Salt. Lake City, ,U., 7-12. 
Bawls. & Vpu Kaufniuii. Star, Kjgin. ill.. 3U- 
Oct S; KiuplrV,- lies MollieH, Ig.i-7-12. 

_JMK ft Ponies, Sluiu's, Toronto, Can.', 30- *% WttBft '■ Creut, BlueJIeliK W. Vu.. -80-Oct, 

-_C 8- " ! Chattanooga, Tcon., 7-12. * lmn " 

HcViry, 1-oulsc-, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y„ 30-Oct 5. f"j Clali-.ft West, Star. Altouuu. Pa., 80-Oct 8. 

UeLalnKs, The, Bennett's, Ottawa, Can., 30- J'", V cur ,-. Joc - Furepsugh ft Sells Bros.' Circus. 

i'-ilt r >,ou<le . S'iroy, ' Hamlltiih, Oan., So- 


HeuVn. Tom, Empire. ai:i«/o«'. Sntlluud, 30-Oet 
e:\Iiinplre. Liverpool, ItBf., 7-10 ; Umpire, Man 
cbdnter, Jing., .21-20; Kniplre,- M-ods. ICnu., 28 
No*.' 2; Kuililre, Mtrnlfurtl. .Una., -t -10. ■ 

lUrn.aiuiu, Hrent, Forrest, 1'hllii,. ati-Oet.' 8. 

UerlK-rV. Cyril, Colonial, I>a)vn.'uue, Mass., ' 30- 

• tM.lL. 




, Oct. 8. 

r? "i-"f? G 'fl- Ornheum, Chicago,' 30-Oct 0. 
OM.X Xno ' "'"'^'i Ksiisjs .CJIty. :Mo!, 30- 

La Moines 0. O. Spangler's Showi 

nreeua, Nevarro 

.aO.Oct 0.; Gothnui 
■Muenuley 4 Oliver, 

• 30-Qot 8. .. 
Mason ft- -Shannon, 128th Street, N. ; H. C 

.Oct 8. , . . 
Mason ft Bart, Orpheum, Oakland, Cal„ 30-Oct B. 
MatBhaU. Bert, 6. 0. M„ Bocbester, W£jNh 

¥ A| O b 1 L U n,' < K .?Y:. 1 8 U -5 t . 0U ' N ' Y " ^^ *' °- *" 
Ma ,^*". Joe, ft Co.. Shubcrt, Kansas City; Mo., 

lobite. ' uiruiinul 
lly, Johnnie,' K 

i:, veins, Boston 30-Oet rs v.;.' .-,' y j "'. " u "-" uree)., .mjc i., 712. ^.niwuur, qirmingwiip, 

ro A MsreeLT Hoookeh? N J > 'oS.' ^-"iftV.?-^' , K . elUlB ' Cleveland, of, 80- S e »*;, Johnnie,' fillle, 

tbain. Bkln., 7-12 ' ' K»»aM inm C '^"'% Ba,,l " l0 " ; ' Md„ ,f-12. • BeW Bros., ;Pp Us. Npw 

v>r,'OrW&A^e.,0«I.. K, !lS^ fa kl^3&-«P!t^ "IfclPP*^* 

Quince. III.. 30-Oct. C. 
Haven, Colin., 30 U.I. C. 
euin, slluneapoUs, -Mluu., 

Ne pa U , aU 30-0e. , t Of B Brad « cbui 1* , fl Museum, Phlla., 

NI 30^Oct < 5 ,r ' sHim * °1>uounv Sun Fran., -OaI„ 

!*s%{*£ House-Bont, A.-'aionlal.U. Y. O., 
Nielsen, Mny. : Natlc nal, Chicago. 80-Oet. K 
tSSW -9j'l?''L«lt,Uwr m cef > i^.%0-O C t 8. 
r, Luuoaster, .Pa,, 

HaHfprd, Codn., 80- 
{■ .0,, 80-Oct B.; 
*?. WOot c. 

Redfonl ft -Winchester, Orpheum, Bkln., 30-0cl. 

• B.j Victoria,. N. Y-iC- 7,12. 

Kciinlcri SteUhig, Kelson, Sptlngacld, Muss,, 30- 

;Oct. C. : ■ , . ". 

I'.eld .* Mi. Jului. Young's Pier, Atlantic I'll;, 

M J... 30-Oct, 3. 
Beinlngton, Maymc, Columbia, Cluclnuutl. 30- 
.. Oct. 8;. 

Beyn'ard, Kd. F„ Keith ft Proctor's, 128th Slrerl. 
N. y. C, 30iOct B: Keith ft Ptoclor's 23d 
^.Street. N. Y. ,fi„ J-li.;, .... 
Beno, Will. ft' May,. Howard, Chicago, 30 -Oct. "i 

NatlpuaJ, 0ah3m,c!l42.j 
Beynolds. Mux, Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y„ 30-Oct. Ii- 
Bpvrtle,- NelUc, . pijou, .Battle Creek, Mich., 30- 

Oct.- 8. 

,Blcc & ; Coheu, Cfllop Square. N. Y. a, 80-Oct. 

B; Cotonlnl.N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Bholdo^ BUou, Morfolk, Va.. 30-Oct, 3. _ . 
Klcc Bros,- ft Kttn Victoria, Fair, SlslTord 
Imorc, .Md., 80- ', Springs. .Conn., 30-Oct. 8. ■ 

Rice's, .pan, .Educaled Pigs, Scblndler's, Chicago. 
Elkhart, lud„ 30- ^.• l0 ' o<:, ■ B. " 

^7 Bice ft- Prcvost, Colonial, Norfolk, Vu„ 30-Oct.?- 

Bedford, Mass, m ">-'- -'ulle. ft Co., Armory, Blnglumtou, N. !•■ 

] 11 t#alLj.* Il..«u IT_|,| I ■ 

itojr«lft Scott. Garrlck, Wllmlngtou 

/.Oct 6. .. » ' 

HMI, Ueorge. Kanilly. Onrhondale. ,- 
tlnvAiril -* Bland, BenhettiB, Montreal, Can,, 80 
. :Oct.. u; 



_""? ■JHsuciictte., Palace, Bosfoir 30-Oct n 

T >t^ ^J, tel ^' 'T^-Orphtam Newark! O. 
ftiW'i- ! 0f |ilrl<un, ChllllCTthe, 0-. 7-12. 

».««. ua.c W . ,, tt Bonl A .Bycrsori Oct 8. . ' — ■ •" - » "SpgriSf' cgSSSg' tJWSf P '" 3 °'' irt - 

mat™ n,. ,0 .iS^M?'^ ^^ ■ ■ •^?*' **■ Sl #^«n. b»*c. Atlantic Oarden. N. r 80- „%»|l^%>&. W«lt»V ««i*. I 
Ingtou. Del.. 30- LIoy,l, Herbert. 12BH. Street K. Y. : . 80-Oct 8 «Ms£ . ■" - nfi°„ "i a T.' ^"P^Ohlcag.;. Vo^Oct 6? ' 

. Pa., 30.Oet 8, , '»SJ | * ;i Ai, *»»''. ««!•?<*, Wllmlnglon. | JDeV.! 30: 51 fe{ a 8 '"- F " m *">> '8prlngfteld, Mass., ^&^W^ Majestic. St. Paul, Minn.. 30- 

P»cr'U«. Trie. Keith's, Phlla., 712. 
0?f. rf li "" SM - Proctor's, Ail-any, N. Y.. 30- 

Oct.: 3. 

Bio Brothers (4), Pavilion. Loudou. tog-. :tt| - 

"Ich.^Jack A Bertha, Empire, Des Masse* la- 
3p-0ct. 0; ITnlqhe, .Minneapolis. Mluu.. 712.. 
B'ch. ft .Howard. Star, Bonora, Pa., 30-Oct. «• 
.Casino, Waahlhgton. , 7-12. 

golctlo Bros., .Portland, He, 80-Oct. 5: Lyn"- 
Muss.. 7-12. 
Ie>le ;Bros., Proctor's, .KllsabeUi, N. J- *" 

ttohviis, Mr. .ft Mrs;, Auditorium, I.yuu, Musk.. 

iiO-Oct. Ii. ■ ...:.. 

Robinson Crusoe's Isle, Cocke's O. II., Itockesler, 
, N.Ti.. 30Oo». B, 
ItOBsl-j .MiisK-s) Horse. Orplieuui, Bostou, 30-Oct. 

3 ; I<rorldence, ,B. I„ 7-12. 

Euiplre, fsterson,'N/ J^i-is, 

•1.7:,. -,f 

rt.lae, Erai«a, 1 .Ilo>Wn a -,V)^7s»Hle. Ky„ m . Iln^tll''^n.lm«la, : ;o« 1 ,k rt:.II.;.B*ehe.ilcr, K V-. 

^•."jjl'rod A., FaKilly, ■■ ttn!k ,., an|li I|u g tt «oTO.5M«yV,ft J„1M. Orpben..,. Chic,*.. » 

'" _.' KMsor^WlJiir^ol^'^l*: i2» JSS» n - B* 9'siers. TlieHlWvhlence, !it I v 30-Ocl. 8- ! 

■mm ^Sr^Sdf^'trffl#iM^.s«i K^jrarTVjonway, WkftSe Dallas, W, W 8 

•^« «"=■»«»•■ Jj_ - l.w , - _^,2 ^vl;-v S l fflB . : ^ t «Ct.-t.J'Ma^UA ! .Uoil<uW'»s*B i'A - | 




Hotnalne, Mand, 4 Co., Richmond,' ■ Ko. Adamt, 
"Sum.. 80-Oct. 0. 

no»(tlno A Stevens. "Seminary Oirl" Co. 
RuBleon. .Marcotte, & Co., Family, I'otlatown, Pi., 

BoSrS''(<)'. Pastor's. N. Y. 0., 30-Oct 5. 

EST Marlft-KUHa.. Mladra, N, V.. 80-Oct. 6. 

ffiibni Ilowsrd. Boston, 80-Oct. 8. 

Ho« leon. ,1'roctor's. Newark, N. J.. 30-Or.t.B. 

l8» *lSwK TlToll. Liverpool, FJig., 30-Oct. 
V Hippodrome. Wolverhampton, Eng., 1-li; 
'Hippodrome, Southampton, En«„ 14-lS; Hippo- 
drome, Boscombe, Eng.. 21-Sll; Blppodroaie. 
Kirtsuiouth, Eng., 28-Nov. 3. 

Kosi* viek, OriilaL Trinidad, Colo,, 3fl-0ct. I. 

RoMnrnn Parquette' Trln/tfreni, Trenton, N. J., 

•jKKocJ.OjTc. * V.. tfewarfc, N. J., 7-12. 

R^tl Bros. (3). Bijou, Dulatb, lllnn., 30-Oct. 5. 

gJgVs & French, Orphlum, -Iprtugnsld. 0., 30- 

iWr*' Bros., Templet Ft. Wayne. Ind., 30Oct. 

T (iranit. Marlon, Ind., 7-li. 
Hooner * Bent, CotoDlnl, N. K, C. 30-pct. 6. 
Kooiicjr, Katie. Armory. Blnghamton. N. Y., 30- 

Bo^.y' Operatic Qo-New Yerk, N. Y. C, (W- 

Boss! aY & rauk>. Shea's, Buffalo, K Y., 80-Oct. 0. 
KotilscllS-CnIWwis. Temple, Ft. *««, Ind., 

Bn^/uilau, M« r X Aadereon, foulivllle, Ky., SO- 

Koym'The, G. O. II., Ornnd RspMs, la., .30- 

How'Sflie. Orlglnai jlmnile, Majestic. . Braill, 
K °lV;i„ 3UO0t. Sj Olympic, Dartrlilc, 'lllvT-12. 
Mjle &• wayne, BIJou. Duluth, Minn., 30-Oct. 5. 

II.,' Naogstuck, Conn., 30- 

KoMoe & 91ms; Kenti.-Baatley Co, -• •- . ' • 
HojTVBroa.. Family. Hwleton. I'a.. 80-Oct; .t. 
Ho't * .leaiinette, urpheiim, St. Paul, Minn., 

Ho«e . 



itomitinc. Claire, G. 0. H., Bkln., 30-Oct. B. 
Basto* Wayne. BlJon, Dnluth, Minn., 30-Oct. 5. 
jjouseiiT Marvelous. 0. 0. H., Grand Baplds, It., 

Bunnell, Leah, Empire, Johannesburg, So. Africa, 

-tn-flft 2th' . ■ '■"' ■ 

M.iscll & D»svls.' Family, .Hajletojr, Pa.. 30-Oct. 

,-, Family, Cnrbondale, Pa.. 7-12. , i ■ 

i£d^Mt I'.. Empire, lies Moines, la., 30- 

Buipclts', Tbe. Orpbeum, Lot Angeles, Cal., 80- 

■V'S ^t a ?f h T'c 3 ! t, 7:if i0c, ■ 55 K ■ * 

Bosseli; Phil ft CarHe,,St»r, Connellsvllle, Pa., 30- 

Rnsseil. O'' Gross, Rl Beno, Oklahoma. 30- 

Oc». o: Arkansas City, Kan.. 7-13. . j 

ityim & Danitlars, Sontberii "l-'lnmlng Arrow' Co. 
Ryan * White, Empire, Patenon. N. J., 30- 

irali. N«h, Kenny's, Bkln., 30-Oct. B. • ' 
!!?'"& KiohtleW,- Keith's, Toledo. O., 30Oct. 6; 

Majestic, Clilcago, 7-12. 
Ilyaii. Sam J.. Parlor, York, Pa., 30-Oct. IT. 
Salerno, KellU'a, Boston, 30-Oct. 6. 
MiSSi. 1Ur. J'arally. l i nnfr . Pa.. 30 ; 0ct. 5. 
Catoy k Sa»oy, Montana, Hu»re, Mont., 30- 

' Oct 5. 
Sato, O. K., Apollo., Nnrnbere, Ger.. Oct. 1-31 ; 

\lliort Hchonan, Frankfort. Ger.. Not. 1-B. 
Kalmo, J-mo.. 58th Street. N. Y. 0.. 80-Oct. 3. 
K SSras! ieclr, BitHato, N. Y., llOwt. 5, 
Samoto; Th« 9li. Dimiiesne, I'lttabare, Pa., 80- 

Satmlie^ Oualk, 125th Street. N. Y. O., SO- 

8aw.*er. Harry. Princess, Sn» Krnn., Cal., 30- 

Sahel.' Josephlue, Kliubert, Newark, N. J., 30- 

H Al*,' Bay, Family, Plttston, Pa., 80-Oct. 6. 
Saimilew. Hqreiice, . Orplietun, Alleatown, Pa., 

RcbeU, 'Jlm'e. E.. ft I.lons. Bell Circna, Mexico 
City. Mexico, 30-Oct. 80. • ■ 

Sohnelilei- & Ferrandlnl, Sbeedy's, Fall .Elrer, 
Mass., 30-Oct. 5. ■ 

Soliepp's Dots ft' ronles, Howard's, Chicago, 30- 

gcott A Wilson, Salt'ljke City, Utah, 30-Oct. 5. 
Kcoti, Agnes. & Howsrd Wright, 68th St., N. Y. 

C. 30-Oct. 5. <■ —'■ ■■!'. "-.'■ ■'.:■ f • 
Hcutt & Walker, Acme/ Norfolk. Va., 80-Oct. 5. 
Seyuionr, O. ■ G., & Co.. Orpbeom, Chicago, 30- 

0e\. 5: Howard's, Chicago, 7-12. •■■■ 

Seymour Sisters, Pastor.'a, N. Y. C. 80-Oct. 0. 
sKVmonr 6 Hill. Orpheum, Minneapolis, Ulan., 

Seymour' ft Neater! Keeny'a. Bkln., 30-Oct. 6. 
Belblnl, Lalla, Hopkins'. LouU»llle, Ky., 30-Oct. 

Sears, Gladys. 'Stari Milwaukee. Wla., 80-Oct. 0; 
Star, St. Paul. Minn., 7-12. 

Bellmnmi & Bramwell. Orpheum. Sao Fran., Cat., 
3u-0ct. S. ""■" - 

fiMbiooke, Thos. Q., Proctort, Newark, N. J., 
30Oct. R. 

Reinon Trio. The, BIJou, Kewanee, III., 80-Oct. 5 ; 
BIJon, Oalesbnrg, 111., 7-12. ■ „ 

Rrtnon, Chus;"*'.,'. Keith's,- Proeldence, R. 1., 80- 
Oct. fl; Keith's, Boston. 7-12. 

Sliarplles, The, Musical, Engle, Hagerstown, Md., 
:i0-0ct. B; Family, -Frostbufg, Md., 7-12. 

Shields & Rodgers, Keiths. Syricuse, N. Y., 80- 
Oct; S ; Shea's, Buffalo, 7-12. . • ■ 

Sbenn, Al.. ft Co., O. O. H., Bkln., 30-Oct. 8. • 

Sbepnard, -Edna, G. 0. H., Chlcajo, 30-Oct. S. 

sbndier, Bessie. Illalto, Elmlro, N. Y., 30-Oct. 5. 

Sliaiinous (4i, Orpheum. Leatenwortb, Kan., 30- 
Uct. B. 

Sbeck Bros., Novelly, Bkln., 30-Oct. 6. 

Shone, Madelyn, Star, So. PlttsburB, Pa., 30- 

0* B - — . 

Short * Edwards, Woshlngton, Spokane, Wash., 
30-Oct. 8. 

Shields & Rogers, G. O. H., Byracuse. N. Y.. 30- 
Oct. 5. 

"Shipwrecked," Gotham, Bkln., 30-Oct. 5; Poll, 
Springfield. Mass., 7-1S. 

Rhrodes, Charles & Alice, Keith's, Providence, 
It. I., 30-uct. 5; Keith's, Boslon, 712. 

M\ Knglish Rockers, Union Sguare, N. Y. C.,. 30- 
Oct. ."»: Proctor's. Albany, K...X., T-12. 

Sheldou 4 Co., Auditorium, Lynn, Mass., 30-Oct. 

Simon k Gardner. New York, N. Y. 0., 80-Oct. B. 
Silvern & Kmerle, Keith's, Cleveland. 0., 30- 
Oct. 5. 
Sinter k Finch, Flora De Vogs Co, 
Smlrl & Kessner, Keith's, Columbus, 0., 80-Oct. 
B; Clarrlck. Wilmington, Del.. 7-12. 

Suiiiii tk Campbell, Orpheum, Bkln., 80-Oct. 5. 

Siulih, Tom. "Modern Office Girls" Co. 

Smith & Brown. Phlla., Pa.. Oct. 7-12. 

Sunkler Sisters, North Avenue, Chicago, 00- 
Oot. 5. 

Snyder . & Buckley, Maryland, Baltimore, Md., 
30-Oct. 6; Grand, Pittsburg, Pa., 7-12. 

Song Birds. Tbe, Shea's, Toronto. Can..'80-Oct. f. 

Speck -ft Deck, Orpheum. Chicago, 30-Oct. 6. 

Spouldlng & Dnpree, BIJou, Kalumaroo, Mich., 
30-Oct. B.- - - . 

Rplssell Bros, ft Mack, Lyric, Dayton, 0., 00- 
Oct. B. 

Splller Musical Bumpers (B). Empire. Psterson, 

„ N, J., 30-Oct. 8; Empire, Hoboken, N. J., 7-12. 

Sperry k nay, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 30- 
Oct. B. . . . : . 

Spnrnell & Elanoor, Thalia, Chicago, 30-Oct. 5. 

Stark, Toble. Armory, Valley City, N. D., 80- 

. Oct. 6; Star, Devils Lake, 7-12. -j ., 

Staley k Edwards, Keith's, Utlca, N. Y., 80- 
Oct. B. 

Storllnjf ft Revelle, Jncques, Waterbury. Conn., 

, 30-Oct. 0. • ' . 

Slaplelbn ft Chnney, Family, Blmlru, N. Y., 30- 
Oct. B. 

Stepliens, Hnl, ft Co., Keith's, Cleveland, 0., 
30-Oct. 5. 

defter, Julius, & Co., Columbia, St. Louis, Ma., 

, 3fl : 0at. ,0 .„..,. ...-. 

Stein ft La Grange. Vogel's Minstrels. 

Mevens, Edwin, ft Co.. Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 

„ 30-Oct. BY. . ....... 

Stanley ft Scotty, Thalia. Chicago. OOrOct. S. 

htoddard & Wilson, Majestic' Champaign,' 111., 
30-Oct. B: Lyric. Terre Haute, Ind., 7-12. 

Stlnson ft Uerton, Columbia, St. Louis, Mo., 80- 
Oct. S. 

Stanleys. Mr. & Mrs. Lew, Crystal, Goshen, Ind., 
30-Oct. fi. 

Stevens. Willy, Grand, Homestead, Pa., 30-Oct. B. 

Stltli ft Stltb, Star, Mnncle, Ind., 80-Oct. 6; Or- 

. nhetim. I.lnla. 0„ 7-12. 

Sieger, Julius, & Co., Columbia. St. Louis, Mo., 

„ SO.Oet. B-r-o. 0. H„ Indianapolis,- Ind., 7-12. 

Stewart, Mr. ft Jlrs. Cal., Majeatlc, Madison, 

„ WJa.. 30-Oct. 8.. . . ' 

Stevens, Kittle, BIJou. Duluth, Mian., 30-Oct: 5: 

.BIJou, Snnerlor. Wis., 7-12. . ■■' ' 

Strickland, >3. C.. Family, lHHIuga. Mont., 30- 

. Oct. 5| Family. Sberlrtan, Wyo...'7-12 . -■.: 

St. Leon Family. Forepaugli ft Selli Bros.' Clrcn«. 

St. Elmo. l*o, Casino. Altoone, Pa., 300ct. 8; 

, Howard, Boston. 1-12. :: •' -- '. . I 

M, Onge Rrnsr: Orpheum, Boston. 30-Oet. H. 

St. Peter ft Christie, Pawtncket, Pawtncket, R. 
'.. Get. 7-12. 

Stunning (irenrdlers, Tlie. Orphenm, St. Panl. 
lllr.n.. )MMi fij Onili-nm. Minneapolis, Minn., 

Snlly. i*w. Oarrtck. St.' Loula, 30 Oct. B, 
nuben, Kmil, Orphenm, Vtnu, Colo., 80-Oct. 5. 

Sully ft Phelps, 
^TJct. 8.- . 

BuntayjSouth. Orphcuni, Oakland, Cal., 30-Oct. 8 ; 
•: Orpbeumv l»s Angeles, Cal., 7-12. 
Ututxraanft crmvfnni, Columbia, Chicago, 30-Oct. 

B.r Oraild, Davenport, la., 7-12. 
Sunetartf Japs, Schlndler's. Chicago. 80-Oct. fi. 
Svengala, The Original. F.raplre Theatre, San 

-Francisco. Cal.. 30-Oct. 12. 
Sonimem ft Winters, Star, Aurora. 111., 30-Oct. 
■ f>; Chicago, "12. ■• , ■ 

RulellrTe Troniie. The, Empire. 11 udders Be!d,.Rng.. 

Oct. 7-12t, Hippodrome, WUinn, Eng,, 14-111; 

Circus, Ilnty, klf., 21-28; Grand, Hanley, 

F.n(t.',28-Nov. 2. 
SwleksMl, Mr. ft Mrs., Burtrood, Omaha. Neb., 

30-Oct. a. 

Swan ft BomliurJ, Folly, Chicago, Oct. 7-12. 

Swarts. Frances, ft Ou., Majestic, La Salle, HI., 
80-Oct. 8. 

Sweet. Chas. It., Franklin, Worcester, Mass., 30- 
Oct. 6. . - 

Swor - Bros.. Keith's, Boston, 30-Oct. B. 

Syta ft Syts, Crystal. Marlon. Ind.. 30-Oct. 8. 

SyiDwitln, Jack, . Family, Wllllnro 'port. Pa„ 30- 
Oet.. 5 1 Femllyj Lebanon, Pa., 7-12. 

Tamlw lino, , Orplienni. Shelby, 0., 30-Oct. 0: 
•Prlpcess. Cleveland,- O.. 7-12. 

Tannen, Julius. Keith's; Boston, 30-Oct. B. 

Tanna, Family, Shnmolrln, Pa., 30-Oct. l>; Fam- 
ily,- Plttston. Pa., 7,12. 

Taclus, The tlirnt, Seblndler's. Chicago, 300et. B. 

Tapra*nlan Trouiie, Uagenbeck-Wallare Circus. 

Tilenlta. The, Mtirlon. Marlon, 0., 30-Oct. fi; 
"Orpliliim.'Maiiiitleld, 7-12. 

Tipguay, Eva, Keith's, Cleveland, O., 30-Oct. B. 

Tailot, Henry ft Alice, Forrest, Phlla., Pa., 30- 
Oct. B. 

Tate, Harry, ft Co., Shubert, Newark, N. J., 30- 
Oct. 3. 1.1 ......•• 

Tadanu, 2Sd St., N. Y. 0.. 30-Oct. 8. 

Tennis Trio, Armory, Blnghamton, N. Y., 80- 

■:o«..B.'' ..-(.. 

Temple, Jrene, Scenic, Temple, Taanton, Mass., 

Tenley. (Jlmer, 0> O. IL, Clilcago, 30-Oct. B. 

TtWbest,. l Oface, 'ft Boys. Yonng's Pier,' Atlantic 

■Cfty, rw.-Ji, 30-Oct.-*. 
"TOe" ..Quartette, Majestic. Chicago. 30-Oct. 8. 
ThBttison, Horry, Jlopkliia', .Louisville, Ky., 30- 

The Valadpna, Orpliltun'i Lima, 0., 30-Oct. 8. 

Ifcomfc Mr.* Mrs. -Harry. Bennett. Hnmlltou, 
'CatK-.-ao-Oet. 8; Bennett. Lomlon. Can., 7-12. 

Thompson, Win. II., & Co., Colonial, N. Y. 0., 30- 
Oct 8.- -.' 

That' Quartette, Nntlonal. Sao Fran., Cnl., 80- 
Oct. 12. , 

Thornton, James, Empire, Hoboken, N. J„ 80- 
Oct.) 8. . '...•■ 1 :-., :■: i ... 

Thos? Four Olrla, Columbia, Cincinnati, 0„ 30- 
Oct. 5; Hopkins'. Louisville, Ky.. 7-12. 

Tlinntas ft Pa/ne, Keltb>, Cleveland, O., 30-Oct. 

.£, ...... 

Thompson, Wm., ft Co., Temple, Ft. Wayne, Ind.. 
30-Oct. S. .. * . 

Tlmberg. Herman, Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., 30- 
-'Oeti»8^ - -"■ «- -•• - - — " - ■ • ■ 

Tlppcll ft Kllment, Grand, Hamilton, O., 30-Oct. 
5;iRI«hmot)d,, Ind., 7-12. 

Tltoll Qhartette, Lyric, Mobile, Ala., bO-Oct, 1 j 
'Majestic, Birmingham, Ala., 7-12. 

Tors, Musical, Q. (I. H. Pattatown, Pa., 30-Ort. 
"8: YorkO. H.. York. Pa. 7-12. 

Top* 4 -ToMy, People's,, Cedar Rapids, la., 30- 
1K1.. G: Bijou, :Kalamasoo, Mich.. 7-1 1 - 

Toledo Troupe, BIJou. Lincoln, Neb., 30-Oct. ■ B ; 
Burwood. Omaha, Neb., 7-12. 

Toledo ft Price,- Keith's, Boston, 30-Oct. B. 

Tnrcnt, Sbeedy's, Fall Itltor, Mass., ! 80-Oct. B ; 
Hotbnwaj-'B, I^>well, 7-12. 

Tobln Slaters, Keith's, Phlla., Pa., .WOct. fi. 

Trio,. Toia Jack. Alhambra, N. Y. C, 30-Oct. 6; 
Chase's, Washington; D. C, 7-12. 

Tremoot Quartette, Grand. Pittsburg, Pa., 30- 
Oct, 5.- 

Trftcey, Mr. ft Mrs. Dick, Family, Pottsvllle, Pa., 
30-Oct. 8. . • .-. /-, • '- , - •-, -.• • 

Tuocadero Quartette, Tlie, Dixieland, .lackson- 
vllie, Fla.-.-SOiOch 18. " ■ ' *' 

Tranev, KUty, -Keith ft Proctor's 125th St., N. Y. 
C, 30-Oet. R; Keith ft Proctor's, Union Square, 
N: Y. G.. ,7.-12. - , ', ; 

Trio, The International, Auditorium, Auburn, N. 
•S. k ' 80-Oct. i 8. . 

Travers, Rowland ft Co., Howard's, Chicago, 30- 
Oct.' B^ -. 

Troubadours (3)„ Family, Elroira, K. Y., 30- 
Oct. ,B. 

Tnrpln. Ben, Howard's, Clilcaco, 30-Oot. 0. 

Tully, May, ft Co., Orpheum, Bkln., 30-Oct. B. 

Tyre, Lillian, Orpheum, New Orleans. La., 30- 
Oct; B; Orpheum, -El Paso, Tex„'T-12. 

Urma, Three, Sisters. 0. O. H., Chlcaao, 30-Oct. 
8; 0, 0. II., Indianapolis, Ind., 7-12, 

Unita ft Paul, State Fair, Hot Springs, Ark., 
Oct. 3-12. 

Vngtrea, The, Lyric, Terre Haute. 'Ind,, 30- Oct. 
8; Vaudeville, Paris, III.. 7-12. 

Vance, Clarice, Cook 0.- H., Rochester, N. Y„ 
30-Oct. 8. .-._,'.. 

Vatt'Oeo. W.. Parlor. York, Pa., 30-Oct. 6. 

Vardon, Perry ft Wllber. Olympic, Bkln., 80- 
Oct. S; Murray HID. N. Y. a, 7-12. 

Valdares, Bessie, ft Co., Orpheum, St. Pnul, 
Mlnll., 80-Oct. 8. r.H .-: 

Van Dlrmon Troupe, Hagenbeck ft Wallace Circus. 

Van-Gofre t Co truly, Calltornla, Butte, Mon., 

■ao-Oct,: 5.:. : '•.'• •' ; • -. 

Vanjaman, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 0., 80-Oct. 6. 

Van Broit;, Hdthaway's, Lowell, Mass., 30-Oct. 6; 
Fall River, Mass., 7-12. 

Vau,. BUly. O. O. H„ Bkln., 30>Oct. -6. ■' 

Van, Charles ft Fannie, Bennett's. Ottawa, Can;, 
30-Oct. 8; Bennett's, Hamilton, Can.. 7-12. 

Valadon. Jacques Theatre,- Waterbury, Conn., 30- 
Oct S. 

Valazzl, Nelson, Sprlngflcld, Mais.. SOOct. 6. ' 

Vsssir Girls, Orpheum, 8an Fran., Cal., 30-Oct. B. 

Vuu SiuiltllforJ, Grace, Orpheum, Minneapolis, 
Minn., 30-Oct. B. 

Vaugliners, The, Keith's, Providence, R. I., 30- 
Oct. B. ■ ■ r 

Varln ft Burr. North Bros.' Comedians. 

Vedn ft QnlntaTottW; VatfdJVlle; ' : I«ilngton, Ky., 
30-Oet. B; Broadway, Mlddlctown, 7-12, 

Vesta, Netta, Colonial, N. Y. C, 30-Oct,. 8. 

Veumars. The, Poll's, Scranton, Pa., 30-Oct. B. 

Vena, Belle, Orphlum, Ohllllcothe. 0., 80-Oct. 
B: Orphlum, Portsmouth, O.. 7-12. 

Vernier ft Stella, Bennett's, Ottawa, Can., 80- 
Oct. IB.. • ' ' • 

Vetter Bros,, BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va., 80-Oct, 8. 

Vldniars, -The, Pelf a, Scranton. Pa., 30-Oct. B; 

Village Choir. Keith's, L'tlco, N. Y„ 30-Oct. 0. 

Violets, , Tbe Three, Orphlum, Mansfield, 0„ 30- 
Ocr. B;- Orphlum, Canton, 0., 7-12. 

Vllllers ft Lee, Keith's, Phlla.. Pa., 30-Oct. 8. 

Vincent ft Westlake, Grand. Carnegie, Pa., 80- 
Oct. B ;■ Avenue, Mouessen, 7-12. 

Victoria, Vesta, New York, ft Y. C, 30-Oct. 6. 

Volta,, Bltu1*yt, Utlca, N. Y.. 80-Oct. B. _. 

Voelker, :Mr; ft. Mrs. Frederick, Haymorket, Chi- 
cago, 3(l-0ct. B; Columbus, St Lonla, Mo., 7-12. 

Volks. Barry ft Margaret, Proctor's. Newark, N. 
J., 30-Oct 6. 

Von Tllrer. Harry, Victoria, N. Y. 0.. 80-Oct. 3. 

Walton, Irviu It. American, N, Y. C. Oct. B. 

Ward ft Cut-ran, Columbia, Cincinnati. 0., 30- - 
Oct. 8.: -' 

Washer Bros., Howard, Huntlngton,.W. Va., 30- 
Oct. 8. ■ •■;-.■ -" .- 

Waterbury Bros, ft Teany, Poll's, Waterburr, 
Conn.. 30-Oct. B ; Keith's, Providence, B. I., 7- 
12. "'V ■■ 

Wation, Hutclilngs ft Edwards, Proctor's, Newark, 
N. J„ 80-Oct. S. - «* _■ t 

Ward, Chas. B., Washlnaton. apokaoe, Wash,, 
20/Oct 6; Star, Seattle, Wiub., . .7-12, 

Wallklnger. Bertha, Poll's, New fluven, Conn , 
80-Oct. t. ■ , , •• r : • 

Wnlsb, Frank, BIJoo, Paln«ivlll», O., BO-Oct. 8. 

Warren A Ulancbanl. Grand, I'litsburg. Pa., 30- 
Oct. B 

Wagner. Clara, Lyric, Hot Stirlsgs, Ark., 30- 

Watson's Fanuvard, Trent, . Treolno, ft J„ 30- 
Oct. 5; Novelty, Bkln,, 7-12. 

Watermelon Trust, Orpheum, lieidlng. Pa., 80- 
Oct, B. 

W'Mlte, Henry T., Bradeaburgh'j Uusenm, Phils., 
P».i 30-Oct. 8. ' '" 

Wp.ddell. Fied. ft Mae, Family, Cllutoo, la., 30- 
Oct. S; BUon.-Dtibaque, -la-,-7'12. 

Wayne ft Jackson,' Hydl- Park, Chlcsgo. 30-Oct. B. 

Wakefield, Will* Holt, Majestic, Chicago, 30- 

Waybe, Cmli 0. H., Bocheater,- N. Y„ 30-Oct. S. 

Walton, Dutch, BIJou, Kalamazoo, Mich., 30- 
Oet 8. .'■ • •'•'.,' 

Wnltwurn ft, 'Whitney. Orand, Du Bols, Pa., 80- 
Oct OyiPniuTatibiwney, Pa,. .12. „„^ A . 

Walton, Fred, Keith'a, Phlla., Pa.. OOOtt. B. 

Walt'orf ft Mcon>«,' Family, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 
7-12. -'•> ""'' '-.' 

Walter, Ben, ft 0»„ Sbeedy's. Fall River, Mass., 
•O-Oct 5. '. ■ . l 

WaroV'-Mar. ft Girls, Baker, Hocheiter. N. Y., 
30-Oet. B. 

Wallers'. The, Union Square, N. Y. C.. 30-Oct. r,. 

Wnvne *.wri O. H., HlMfOrd. Wis.. Bn-Oct. S. 

Word ft Weher. I.ubin's, Balto., Md.. 80 Oct. t,. 

Watson, Kselyn, Wheeling, W. Vs., 30-Oet. 8. 

Wflt?oi). Fred, ft Mdrrlsiey Slslers, Union Squar.-, 
N. Y. 0., 30-Oct, S. 

Webb's Seals. Cunt. Blnghamton. K Y.. Fair.. 

Wl-Octv'B; Dauburj. Ouitn., Fair. 7-12. 
Weed, Roy, BlX-u.- Wheeling, .w. Va.. 30-Oct 8. 
Webb, Harry. Olympic, ' Chicago, 30-Oet B. 
Welch * Earl, Grand, Karjo. S. l>.. Oct. 7-12. 
Weimar Tr!o,-M«her'», ■ Clilcayo. 30-Oet. B. 
Wealln, The Great, Empire, i'aterroa, N. J., 80- 

Oct 8; Empire, Hoboken, N. J„ 7-12. 
Welch, Vrancls, ft Co.. Jacques, Waterburj, Conn., 

30-Oct. fi. 
Welch, Ben. G. 0. It. ludUnanolls, Ind., 30- 

(Kt. B. 
Wella- Bros.. BIJou, Bsttle Creek, Mlrb., 80- 

Oet ft' * 
Welch, Mealy, ft. Moutmae, fl. G. IL, Syracuse, 

N. Y.. BO Oct 8. 
Wela ft Wels, Maher'a, Chicago. 30-Oct. B. 
West. Ford. Labia's, Ballo., Md.. 80-Oct. 8. 
Wells. DOllle, BIJou, Battle Creek, Mich., 30- 

WelMst nms.. Keith's. Utlca, N. Y„ SOOcl. 6. 




WetMa nms., Keitu'a. utica, ,->. x„ .-w-uct 
Westcn, Willie,, Sbeedy's, Fall Rivet, Mass. 

Oct. -8. * * • '-■ . 
Welwl'e't 4 Carlton, Union Squnre, N. Y. O, 30- 

Weston ft Young. Empire, Paroraon, N. J., 80- 
Oct. 8: Empire, Hoboken. N. J„ 7-12. 

Westerley ft Drew, Wallack'a Theatre Co. 

Wesson Walters ft Weiwn. Howur.1, Boston, 8<l- 
Oetv'fil Hathaway's; Mablen. Mass.. 7-12. 

Werden ft Taylor. Cook O. H„ Bochester, N. t., 
30-vJct* 3 • '■ -i j -. ,. - t 

Welch, Joe. Forrest, Phlla:. Pa^. SO-Oct B. 

West ft Van Slclen, BIJou. W. Superior. Wis., 

on flftt ft * ' *"" I* « 

wiialen ft West, Moss ft Stoll Tour, Eng., 80- 

Nov. IS. 
Wheelers. The. Star, Bkln., 30-Oct. B; Gayety, 

THrtn ^ - 1 ** 

Whalley ft Wballey.- Howardr.Bostoa. 80-Oct 5. 
White,, St oart, ft Co., Victoria, N. Y. 0., 30- 

Whlte. Irene. Crystal. .Marlon. Ind.. 30-Oct. B. 
White. Sam. Scenic, Tiunton, Masa., 30-Oct. n. 
Whitman; Frank, Orpheum, Atlanta, Ga„ 80- 

Whlte'lawl Arthur, Proctor's, Troy, N. Y.. 30- 

Whittle. W. E., Kelth'i, Providence, B. I.. SO- 

Wlllard ft 6»d, People'*, Phlla,. Pa.i 30»0ct 8. 

Wild, 4 West, National* Kansas City, Mo., 30- 
Oct. fl; People's, I^avfeowotth. Kan., 7-J.2. _ 

Wilis- ft Hassan. Bennett 'a, Quebec. Can.. 30- 
Oct. B ; Beunctt's, Ottawa. Can.. 7-12. 

Wloton, Jay W., New Alexander, Toronto, Can., 

Wilson, Oro., oV O., H„ Chicago, 30-Oct. B. 
Wilson Bros., Shubert. Utlca, N. X„ 30-Oct. 6; 

Colonial. N- Y. 0.i 7-12. -^ ■ 

Wilton, I'May. National, Chicago, 30-Oct. 8, 
WllsorjI'Jack. 4 0»., Haymatket, Chlcato, 80- 

Octc SI , 1 ' 

Wilson' ft Ward,, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 30- 

wntmi sisters, Hyde Park, Chicago. SO-Oct. 5. 
Winkle ft Kress. Richmond, No. Adams, Mass., 
30-Oet 6, ......... .- - 

Wilton Bros., New York, N. Y. C. 80-Oct. B. 
Wilson ft Hess, A. ft 8.. Boston, 30,-Oct B. 
WIMkates, The, Hippodrome, Pittsburg, Pa., 80- 

Wlmer, Carrie,. Maher'a, Chlcairo, 
WlS'H Colleens. Mai. Hathaw«)' , », New Bedford, 

W»oo™ft Eatoo.'liyceuro, Troy; N. Y., 80-Oct. 8; 

Bbyal, Montreal,' Can., 7-12. «V«- 

WIIIaniB. Sam, Poll's, SprlngOeld, Masa,. 30-Oct. 

8: Schenectady, N.. Y... 7-12. 
WllUtmaDoD. rastor's.- ft Yi-.O.. SO-Oct B. 
Williams. Frank ft Delia, Crystal, It. Joe, Mo., 

30-Oct. 5. ,:. ■'•.;•• 
Willlann ft Healy, Orphlom, .Lima, 0., 80-Oct. 6; 

■ISrarlon, Marlon, O.r 7-12. ■ ■ ' m 

irSlaDu. C. W., Garilck, -Wllmlsjrton, Del., 30- 

Wlndom. Constance, Orpheum, Oakland, Cal., 30- 
Oct 5; 'Orpheum, Suit- Lake City, ll„ 7-12. 

Wlncoestcr. Edwin, Richmond, No. Adams, Mass., 

( -80»Oct. B. -'■• '' '•■ ' 

WlUitrd,. Chas., Coliseum, Cleveland, 0., 30-Oct 
8:. Danville, Pa., 7-12 . . 

Wilder,. Marshall P., .Keith's, Phlla.. 30-Oct. B 

Wltou* Eaton, Lyceum, Troy, N. Y.. 80-Oct B. 

Wolfes; Musical, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., .10- 
; Oct 3. ! : '■••• V 

Wise ft Milton, Howard. Boston, 30-Oct. 8, 

Work ft uwer; Sbeedy's. Fall River. Hast., 30- 
Oct B. ' - ! 

World ft Kingston, Orpheum, St. Paul, Minn., 80- 
Oct. 6; Orpheum, umaha, Neb., 7-12. 

Wood, Francis. Star, Hannibal, Mo, 30-Oct. 8; 
-'Family. Davenport, la?., 7-18. •■; ■;. . 

Wood, Milt, Empire, Hoboken, N. J , 80-Oct. B. 

Wotpert Trio, The, Keith's, Columbus, 0., 30- 
Oct . S. ' '•' 

Woodward, Ed. ft Mae, Lyric, Des Moines, la., 

Wrhjllt ' Frank, ft Co., ; tailor, 'York, Pa., 80- 

Oct. fl. .. ■ . 

Wyhn, Bessie. Keith'a, Phlla., Pa., 80-Oct. B. 
Woodward'r Seals, Nelson, -SpriagueU,' Matt., 80- 

Wormier Tots, Crystal, Bluffron, Ind., 30-Oct. B; 
Family, Tipton, 7-8; Manltoo, Hochester, 10- 

'12.i-. . '■•- •'; '. -, " ' 

Wrens (2), French's New 3eMatloa. ■ ■ >■ 
wurnell Bros., BIJou, Kaukakee, 111., 30-Oct. 0, 
Wylandi, The (8). Lyric, San Antonio, Tea,, 30- 

Wy«n ft 'Lewis, Arcade, Toledo,!©,, 80-Oct: B, 
Yomomoto Bros., Colonial, Norfolh, Va., 30-Oct. B. 
Y-utll ft Boyd, Hopklna', Louisville, Ky., 30-Oct, 

■ ^8 iv ','. i ,- ■','.- 

York, Max,' Temple, Detroit. Mich.. 'BO-Oct; 6. 
Young, Olile, ft Bros. (3). Academy «("«<t]iic, 

Montreal, Can./ 30-Oct. 6; Sato/, Hamilton, 

ont. Con., 7-18- _..'<; ..-_•'. i 

Yonngs (81, Unique, Eau Claire, Wis,, 30-Oct. B. 
Young ft Devole, C. 0-- IL, Chicago, 80-Oct. B; 

Olympic, Chicago, 7-12. ■ _ 

Yonng, De -Witt ft Sister, Family, Pltttton, Pa„ 

30-Oet 5. 
Yonugt ft Brooks, Main St., Peoria, 111., 80-Oct. 

Yuma, Capital. Little Rock'. Ark.. SO-Dct. 5. 

Zaneiga, The, Weymouth,' Eng., SO; Bournemouth, 

Oct II Guilford, 2; Windsor, 8; Kzeter *; 

Tarquay, 8; Taunton. 7; Weston-Super-Mare 

8: Great Mtlvern. 0; Bath, 10 T Winchester. 

- • 11; Eastbourne, 12. .' „ .»« i . 

Zjhoii, Great The, Globe, St, Louis, Mo.. 30-Oct S. 

Zltko ft King, Colonial, Norfolk, Va., 30-Oct. B; 
Allentown, Pa., 7-12. . . ■ 

Zouboulakls, Grand, Slonx City. la., 30-Oct. B; 
Grand, Manknlo, Mian., 7-12. 

Znnarts. Qyellog, Ma.leatlc, Madison, Wis., 30- 
OctB; BIJou. Dubuque. la., 7-12. 

Zanettot, Tbe. Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y„ 30-Oct. S; 
Bliea'a, Toronto, Can., 7-12. 

Harrow, Fravlola ft Gray, Phillips, Richmond, 
Ind.. 80-Oct fl. 

Zarrcll Brat.. Keith'a. Cleveland, O., r.O-Oct. B. 

Zaretlzkl Troupe, Shubert, Kansas City, Mo., 30- 
Oet. E. ..... i 

Zeds, H. L.. Empire, Dee Moines, is., 80-Oct. 6. 

Zlak, Adolph,- Grand, Pittsburg, Pa., 80-Oct. B. 


•npolenental. ! List — Re'eelvcd Too 
. Luate for ClBasiarsitlon. 

"Brown: From Missouri," L. .De Cordova Co.'a 
(Leopold Fuenkeusteln, mgr.)— Ware, Mass., 
Oct, 7, Westncld 8, Gardner 0, Turners Falls 
11, Athol 12. 

"For Mother's Sake," Holland ft I'll kins', Western 
(John R. Andrews, mgr.) — Oiillus, Ore., Oct 
i, La Grande- 2, Union Tl, Baker City 4, Welscr, 
Ida., B, Cnldwell 7. Nampa 8, Boise D, Poca- 
tello 10, Idaho Fulls 11, Bluckfoot 12. 

"Gay Mr,- -Dooiey" (Ix- Rajaaa) ft IHgh. mgrs.)— 
Woodstock, Out, Can., Oct. 2, Braatford 3, 
GBClph 4, St. Catherines B. 

Herald Biiuare Htock, Hub!) ft Bitter's— Williams- 
town, Pa.. 30-Oct. B, Blooiuabtiry; 7-12. ■ 

"In Good Old tleorgln" (Frank Stowers, mgr.) — 
Smith's Fall, Can., Oct. 2, Arnprlor 8, Pern- 
broke A, Carleton Place S. Perth 7, Gantnoque 
S, Ileseronlo 0, Plctou 10, Trmtou 11, Camp- 
bellford 12. 

Jeavona, Irene, Slock (Thomas Jeuvous, mgr.) — 
Dublin, Ou., i'.OOct. XL • ■ 

"Jesse Jtmen (John Iluftle, lour.) — Allentown, 
Pa,. Oct 8, White Haven 4. Towando S. HI- 
nilru, X. Y., 7, Blnchatnlon 8. 

"Joshua Slmpkiiis" — Carrington. N. D., Oct 2, 
Courtney 3. . Uarvey 4, Velva S, M loot 7, Ken- 

Kerktiofr Komeily Ko. (O. J. Kanroa,' mgr.) — 

Heondla, Kan., 30-Oct. B, Jewell City 7-0, Mau- 

haro 10-12. :i 

"King of Tramps" (J. W. Williams, mgr.)— Kl- 

wand. Ind., Oct 6, Orawfordsrtlla 1, Peru K, 

Wabash 0, Huntington 10. 
"Llttlo Heroes of tbe Street"— .V. T. Clly Oct. 

7-12 ' ' 
Orpheum Stock (Edward Doyle, mgr.) — Elkhart, 

Ind.. .10 Oct. B. South Bend 7-12. 
SnnJneJTt Slack (Hsrry K. WHsofl, ,mgr,)-t-Sonth 

Haven. Mich.. Oct 2-fi, Slllfoid, 111., 79. SI- 

dHI 10-12. 
"Trout Bnsters," Western (H. K. lister, mgr.) — 

Jopllo, Mo., Oct. 2, Bartleltaville, Ind. Ter„ 3, 

Oswego. Kan.. 4, riltsbarg fl. Webb City. Mo.. 

0., Kaa., 7, Fredonla 8,' Wichita 0, 

KldoriuH) lit, Marlon 11, Newton .12. ' i'j 
"81- HoIler'V (Jack Itosklns, inir.)— Bruwuvitle, 

Tena'.. Oct 4, Forrest City. Art., 3, Brltikky 4, 

!lot< Spring* S. f •' 

"Texas Ranger" (C. R. MoAdams. mgr.) — She.'- 

man, Tex., Oct 7, Gainesville P. Denlson 10, 

Fori Worth .11. 12. 
"Tiireiigli Dealh Valley"— N. Y. City Oct 7-12. 
"Uncle Josh ,1'erklss" (Thos. Il,~-, mar,) — Mid- 
land, Mil., Oct 8, Isuiaennlng 4. Winchester, 

Va,. 7, Brnnswlek, Md.; 8. ; - 

"Uncle Turn's Ckblit" tBrownle* ft Reed, ranrs.) 

— tlnrrlsvllle. It L, 4, Fraitklln. Mass.. B, 

trVMlmra 7, Itookinnd 81 

Conor's (C. C. Pearl, mgr.)— Nortvalk. 0., Oct 

7. Fremont 8, Monroe,. Mich., ©..Tecumseh 10, 

Adrian 11, Coldwater 12. 

,' TKNT SHOW. Bros.'— Ahauata, . Kan., 2, Kiowa 3. 
'Woodward, Okln., -1, Alva fi, Anthony, Kan., 7. 


Bnver's, J. IL, Shows — Weaubleait, Mo., 2, Boli- 
var :i, Walnut Grove 4, Wllhinl 3. , 

*— ~~ ■ J — ^~ ^"— 


Sprcial Despatch to The Nr.w Yohk Clutxh. 
Ban KtUHClBCe, Oct. 1.— At the Vnn Ness 

this Is the second tint! Inst week of "Sfttnmy 

Jnne.'.' . , 

OaEAtEB XovHi.TT.— -Monday. 30. marked 

the beginning of n two weeks' .season of 

Louis Jumes and company, opening with "The 

Merry •WlTes ot ; W Jmbor.i 1 

• CaNWAL,— '"Ruled OB the Turf." 
Nnw Ai.cav.ab.— "Uttletl Off the Turf . ' E-W| 

Coi^NiAl,.— Itlcna'rds ft Prlnile'8 Minstrels JJWg 

Hoboken.— At the Lyric ( ft J*. . SottfltV, 

tonnn|er) "tittlo Heroes of the StrteU 5 ' Sept, 
f*l-3, "Convict i)0i)">:i.nV ••AtoShA 
Clock'? e-l). "Cutter's Lost KlgUt" 10-12. I 

nets hat been very good 

ICmmhh (A. M. U 



rugaemann, proprietor). 
Thornton, Milt Wood. Abrams and 

j, Kdw. KeougUand company, Mnijtloft 
and Melvln. Mdreena. Nevnrro and Mnrrena, 

Asm, anil the r>'lvp Majors 

KeougU.and ccminany 
ro ana 

Iliisltiess Is good. 


Msmim Jaciins, Seiit. 20. 
DM C MsnsitAi.t.. Seiit 13. 

Hl.ltKII Union, Sept. ill. 
Jom.I'II IlKl'K SB., "Sept. I!t. 

l.niiiH SniiiKi:. Sept. 12. 
MHt. MAIlUtlKKITZ How tu, Sept. L'T. 
AuNn OUSKB, Sept. fit). 

NoUcen, coneeralpg -il»> ulhui. wOl appear hi 
these columns seat week. 

. AdOlltiil, I'lillnilellHiln, Opena. 

The AdclpM, the n^w' StinMrt tibrme In 
rhlliidelphla, threw -oueU' lis duors Mept, .10, 
with Jm> Wehfr, In "flip, Hip, lloorny." Il 
Ix Infill I'd on Nor Hi Mronil, directly adjoin- 
ln«r the Hyrle. wfiolt It rrseiAlVIeK Ih tirehl- 
ii'i'liiral •npiienrnnei'. The front Is i»f liiiff 
brick, ornnini'iiti'd with orlnthlan columns, 
nnd prcKftitM n IniiiilHome nppenr.ince. 

The theatre Is ot llreprool ctmBtriii'llnn. 
and la provided with cantilever galleries. It 
has a frontage of tl"f t, nnd a depth to 
Watts Street of 120ft. Thie house will he 
comparatively a small one, the seating nr- 
rangi'msntA providing for 474 aeaiaj In ^tlie 

tli In. week 

Oni'llKUM. — Bill for week opening Sunday. 
20: Tlie Vatsnr Girls. Minnie Bellgtnoti and 
Wlltlfim Bramwell. Ilartholdl's cockatoos. 
Lucy.' nnd Lucler, Berry rind Berry, the Bell 
clslne Bros., "A Night with llw Poets," Chrlt- 
tlna Nielsen, and the kfnadrome. '< . 

lPpim'ksh. — Hill week Opening 20,: F.ugenle 
BXatr and company, MttnteU'a marionettes, 
Harry Sawyer, Ulanclie?' Bishop, Ongnoux, 
McNally Troupe, Hawaiian Quintette, and 
motion pictures. Beginning SO, only one per- 
formance a night will be given, and an at- 
tempt will be made to hove both dramatic 
and vaudeville features 'on the bill. 

Chiitkh.— This Is the fourth, and last 
week, of MIUi 
"Mtgnon" ABC 
lng the week .. 

last day of the season, two performances, 
afternoon and evening, with the unpen ranee 
of all fht! membem of the company 

NOTW.— r 
Theatre wll 
season With 
Stair ft Bavlln 1 
0, the ilrst 

It is the fourth ana last 
Opera Co. when Iho operas, 
"Faust," will be jjlven dur- 

nnd on Surjflity,' Oct. tl, the 

ementA providing for , 
^ct, 407 In the Tmlcony, 'hnd OWl In 'the 
galluiy. The triage la "JUt. deuu, unU bus 
a height of UDft. 10 the gridiron. The 
lobby Is entirely of paneled, polished marble, 
relieved by ornamental plaster cornice. 

The anilllorltim color effect Is entirely of 
I'timpellan red. Ani|»ld provision Ik made fur 
plenty of exits, an that the house can be 
emptied In s|tort notice. J. II. Mcl'lfntrlck 
ft ..nni, of sNi-jv York, were the architects, and 
the.ThomRson-SUrrutt Co. tha. contractors'. 
♦ ■» 

11. P. 0. Rika' National Home In 

' Ileilfnril City, Va. 

The WW National Home, al Bedford City, 
Va., was dedicated- ou riopt. 27. Tim pro- 

frummu at. tha dedication services Included: 
'retentatlon of stnfl, Brit. Cnpt. Chat. W. 
Nelson, of Baltimore, . - Al tit : Invocation. Rev. 
Dallas Tucke>, Hertford City, Va. ; singing 
chorus, "America ;" oratloni lira. Judge Chas, 
W.'lleiilsler, l.'.nltlmnre, Md. : unfurling flag. 

♦ «♦> 

■■'. , S'EW JtHsBV. 

Newark.— A t the tlev/nrk Theatre (Geo. 
W. Bobbins, manager) "Madam Butterfly" 
iipetni for the week Monday night, Sent. 110. 
Among the principals In the cast are : Phoebe 
Stfaiotcb, , Mlxabelh Wolff, Hena Vlvlcnne, 
litbel Huston Ou tree, Darn de rlllppo, and 
Harriet' Behnee. An. orcheatra of sixty 
plecet Interprets- the music, under the direc- 
tion of- three conductors, and tbe entire pro- 
duction offered Is on the sams comprehensive 
scale. Minnie Diiprco was received with 
much enthusiasm, In "The Road -to Yester- 
day," week of 211. "Kasclnatlng Klora" next 
week. '..•' • • -' • •• -'-• • 

Phoctoii's (II. C. Stuiti't, resident mana- 
ger).— The, strongest bills ever offered at, this 
hotiae are arranged each week,' and the pdb- 


Slluiirrt ami Mana lleerlvcrs. j 

Lea Shubert and Oliurles O. Mans Ireve 
been apolnletl rceelvart (if the Lyric The- 
atre, Buffalo, ,N. V., Iiy Sii]irem« ^,'nurt Jus- 
tice i'ord. .Tula action baa grown out: uf 
lltlgtitltin between Shubert. and Joint Laugh- 
Hit, who were pnrincra in the manngenient. 
of the theatre, Bhubert having asslRned the 
managemeirt nf the theatre tinder n -contract 
to the l.'nllcd States Anntsenteut Co,, but 
Manager Laugh lilt lefttsfij to enter Into tbe 
agreement. Another liearlnu In tbe mailer 
will" be field ■Oct. 1 In Naw. York. 
'.■' «*• — rrrr 

Mrs. Iturncj Wllllnma III. 

Mrs. linrne.v Wllllnins, the famous old 

ni'tresK, Is etltlenlly 111. at the Harden Clly 

iicV approciation Ts Vhown I11 'packed hoiwes Hoifl, (liitdch ('ttv, I,. I„ tn the result of b 

nightly.-' IHg acts are consplcudul this week Htrolte of paralysis .die suffered on Krlday, 

on -a bill which mentions Thotdas Q. Mi- Hept 20. I Mrs, William. Is In her .eighty- 

fourth yeot. 

brooke. Yoleile Bergere, Watadn, llotchhigs 
and lsdwnrdt, -Frances.. Knight, Harry and 
Margarnt Volks, Kartelll, Baker Troupe of 
Arabs, and Leon lloggc, Attendance was au 
large at utufll'laJt wi*». ,' -,,'. „ , ■ . k 
SutiBEBT (II. M. Hyama, manager).— Btisl- 


Olln Skinner In Netr Play. 

OtU^klnher'gave the Utitt' Araorlcan pro- 
duction .of "The Honor of the Family, at 
. '"'' Ford's' Opora House, llaltlmore, Md., on Sept, 
nets, with ..advanced vaudeville, It on the In- bq, jhe plaj, which In from (ho French uf 

"" "J llelsni.' and Usbre, by Paul -iK Potter, Is sftld 

- , A well' selected bill of good .quality 
names as tbe principals : Bamolo's dogs and 
monkeys, Josephine Habel, 1'ekln Zouaves, 
Brown and Naverro, Harry Tate and com- 

Bany, In "Fishing," and Joe Flynn. George 
van* dreated' many latighs, ana stimulated 
business considerably last week. 

Columbia (Geo. Jdcobs, temporary mana- 
ger).— Marlon Bnllou, In the title role., of 
"The Llttlo Organ Grinder," li.surroundod by 
a' good company. "The Life of An Actress ' 
drew nicely week of 23. "The Way of the 
Transgressor" next week.- 

Blanks'* (1. ■ H. Bucken, manager). ~ 
"The Cowboy and the Houaw" this week. 
"Edna, the .Pretty. Typewriter" gave L'dltb 

Browning i gbod opportunity last week, and 
pleased. "Klgbt 

IlellH" next, 
WaldmaNn t 8 .(Lee Ottoleagul, manager). 
— The .Night Owls arc here this week pre- 
senting the usual two skits and on Interest- 
ing olio, which names Mildred Flora, Inter- 
national Musical Trio, Peyser and McDonald, 
May Ward, Laurence Kdwards and company, 
und Chas. ltoblnson. The llentz-Bantley Co. 
gave the piitroiiH a good show last week, 
nnd ^enjoyed good business, Tbe Bebman 
Show' next. 

Camden,— At the Camden Theatre (M. 
W. Taylor, manager) "The Gambler from 
the Went/ Sept. 18-18 : "A Fugitive from 
Justice," 10-21, both played to 8. H. O. 
"From Slug Sing to Liberty" 28-2B, "Cutter's 
Last right 7 ' 20-28, Joe Bantley, In "Billy iho 

Kid," 80-Oct. 2. 

N'bw Bhoadwat Tiibatiib (Wm. H. Long 
Jr., manager) opened here Saturday after- 
noon, Hept. 21, In n blaze of glory. Camden's 
leading citizens, business men und city of- 
ficials graced tlie event with their presence, 
and Dr. Long was highly complimented on 
his public splrltednesH In giving this growing 
city another, theatre. Kvery one seemed to 
want to be present at the first performance, 
and ul result the house was sold out ul- 
mqi't as ttnlckly its the tlckcta were. put on 
sale. The theatre in extremely preliy in- 
side, the decorations of rose, Ivory and gold, 
blendlng'pcrfeclly. . Beating capacity Is 1 ,000. 
The curtain te'by Leo Lash, whllo the atage 
and other decern t Ions are by IS. V. Story, 
Camden, N. J., who lias done excellent work. 
Messrs. Wm, Wise Co,, Of Tyrone, I'a„ are 
the architects, Kstlmaled cost of theatre, 
complete, Is t.100,000 ; proscenium opening 
Is ilOx.'Uft. : depth of stags, «4ft. ; wall to 
wall, (10ft,; gridiron, 70ft. The entrance 
to the house Is from Broadway. A feuture 
Inaugurated by Dr. Long la u cafe under- 
neath, where refreshments arc to be served. 
A smoking nnd lounging room Is provided for 
the men, Sir. Nash selected tbe following 
Keith talent for the opening bill : Hbiing- 
povl. > Prof. Leon Morris' educated ponies, 
MUh Hutch Insou and Jack Balnbrldge, Miss 
Slater and Geo. Williams, Mile. Blalla, the 
Great Nelson-Furniim Troupe, and the Car- 
downle Slaters, and lite Ltingascope. Three 
mill lues's n week are to bo given. 

Jersey City.— At Hie Majestic (F. K. 
Henderson, manager) "The Ninety and .Nine" 
Sept. ,'fo-Oct. r,, Nnt M. Wills, In "A Hon 
of Kerft,'" 7-12- Bualoe** with "Buster 
Brown" U»t week wits good, 

AcAiiEMr (!•'. !•:. HcndcrHon. manager).— 
"ThiB Bbotmaker" 30-Oct. 'IL; "Kidnapped for 
Itevcngw; to' follow. "The Way of the 
Traiisgressof" plcosed last 'iveelt 

Bon Tii-I 


,^. n, ieiHs "", .manager). — 
The Toreadors, week of JIG, TwenUath Cen- 
tury Molds to follow. The Htor Show Girls 
hoc! good business last week. 

Kkith ano I'noirtoii'n (P. Blirns, mana- 
ger). — Bill week of .'10: Mnrttnrlle nnd Syl- 
vester, Dixon and Anger, Lola Cotton, Fire 
Madcaps, Qnlnlnn nnd Mack, Gallagher and 
Burnet t, and the Urad fords. 

to be the best offering. Mr. Skinner has hod 
In years. -The ttar, won high honors for bis 
work) and Fercy Hnswoll gave lilnr rnpltal 
aid In the lending' female .role. 

«»»■■■ ■■ 
"A Fool and a tllrl" Presented In 
H Washington; * 

Jamoa IC.'lluckott's littett product lou, "A 
Fool and n Girl," was- produced at the Co- 
'" C.,.Seot. mi. 
.Dannie iWnrd, 
itded fn| good 
won houors. 
David Wnrk UrllUtli wrote the play. 

". .." " f. * . -r 

l'lillln llii.lun bead. 
Philip Dnttlnn, of the well known firm of 
dealers -In theatrical suppllss, died from heart 
disease, Sept. HO, In New York, lie was fifty 
years of age. 

... » « .»-. . ■ ■ - 
Mrs. l,nke to ..he Burlnl at Sitr.lnc 
Uruve Cemeiteri'. .|. 
.'lbs body of Mrs. Agnes .Luke, mother-In-. 
law ot Gill IlolihiHon, will, lie buried In Spring 
Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Oct, 18. Mrs. 
Lake was one. of the old. regime 6f circus 
riders, and the mot her of F.inuin, Lake, 
:• — ■ + 4 + 1 i i.! • 
New Weatrrn Wheel House for 

The now Wcslern Whsel house.' at Wilkes- 
Bnrre, Pit., Is a. certnlnty, and (riieellleatluns 
have passed the building department, bills 
are all In and contracts given out, nnd work 
was commenced on Sept, 24, Ihn excavation 
having been started on that date. ,, 

The bouse will be called the F.mplre The- 
atre, and will be located opposite the govern- 
ment building, post ofllce and Seventh Itegl< 
ment Armory Building. Kvery car line passes 
the door. 

The tbontro will plnv nothing but Kmnlrfi 
circuit attractions, The contract for build' 
lng reads that it mutt lie ready In ninety 
days, n will be under tlie management of 
the WIlkcH-Barro Amusement Co., iGeo. W. 
Illfc president, and will open New Year's 
week. Dally ladles' matinee will he one ot 
the features. This will split the' week with 
Scranton, Pa. ' 

1 ♦»» 
^ew Va tide villi; Act. 
"Fun In the Subway," one of the. newest 
scenic Ideas In vaudeville, was offered In 
I'lttHllcld. Mass., on Sept. 20, at Tlhbllt's 
L'uiplro Theatre, for (ho Hist time on any 
stHgn, Tbe scene shows the Times Square 
Subway Station, where the ticket agent an- 
nounces, after allowing the passengers in 
drop their Hckutn In The ticket box, that 
tlie road Is blocked nt Flfty-nlnfh Street. 
From litis lime on plenty of fast comedy 
Is shown. Bit-hard I/ce appeared us 11 Droud- 
way rounder to good advantage, surrounded 
by the following players : Hurry Glbbs, Ilea- 
trice llertratul. Ilcnry Buckler, Jure Hood 
nod Master Willie Gray, A wire from Pitts- 
field nays Hint, ut (be llrst performance tbe 
aet went with unusual smoothness, nnd 
greatly pleased tbe audience. 


Somers A; Warner's New York 


B. otH-rini'ver has been appointed the bom 

agent In the Pulled Slates for Soiaiks A 

Warner, the London agent*. Mr. Obermeyer 

will be located at 14.11 Broadway, New, York, 

s <♦ »»■ 

- Ilnnlnnall's Fall I>«1lv«l 
The Clnelnnoll Fall Festival has a xio.uo'o 
fund in call upon — Hie jiroflis of last year's 
(rati Finns are nfool for nnolher Fall lef- 
ilvtil In Unix, with 11 hlg show 011 the boukt 
of tlie cnnnl, and a new opera for Music 




' T.: 

October 5, 








■■ ™ .: 
;•'•. EVEEI KEY. 

■ u 







■■■■ • ■ . IN 










j. fred helf 











»g.oo mmgt set 

«f— p 






















:■ /: Si 










"THE ROUND OF A. CHICKEN FRYING IN A PAN -IS MUSIC TO MEi" , . ■* ', ■<■.'.■ .,.', ... 








.1 * • • «g 


-•\ - ■ >w* 

; W ■■ .-■ 


il'l ml 



1907 THE ONLY 



!Y. ■ 


























I i | i ■'! 1 W W 



AMD ' 









■'•:*'.- ■./ i • ■[?■ 

.1 '" 


> ' SEND FOB IT 11 YOV WILL SUHE1.V UHE IT t I , .. .•' 











\4 . /.••*>■ 

*» i 

— — 

1 § m i-J x i En Mam fan J fe 










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Ceo. Walter Brown, Nat Osborne, Robert A. Kaiser, John J. Nestor, A I Lubin, Melville Morris, Lew 
Leever, James McCabe, Wm. Corcoran, Campbell B. Casad, Clarence Engel, Chas. Weller, Sadie 
Helf, Johnnie McCuire, Harry S. Marion, Arthur Carleton, Wm. Robbins, Matt Sllvey, M. Bernstein, 
Carnett Lee, Fred W. Hager and J. Fred Helf. 



il'-t ■ i 


r.-i . •< 



October 5. 

.-:•••,...'•'. .WBw'YOliiB. tfiTY.' 'X«>tii" A'i-^riMltoW. Wftll Avenue 

Keith £ 1'ftii'Hr'i Union Suunre Theatre.) H. F. Albee, ftimtVM malinger).-- 

Theatre IK.K.. Albee, general manager). — "Lover's 'Lano" in revived thl« week, with 

TUb current week oriened with', a matinee, Edn» May Spponr-r M Mary Larkln. Mm the 

Hftpt..BO, and a lorge audience enjoyed tbe opening day, Sept. 30, a very agreeable per- 

excellent bill. Rice and Cohen headed the formnnee waM riven, and Miss Spooncr st|)l 

' ifrogrhrome with their Intent playlet, "A further strengthened ber hold on her many 

iJiilMi Wife," which gave them a cbnuee admirer* In ubl* city by contributing noma 

to show their fynrnnking abilities, and Acting wli ell showed genuine -feeling. An- 

whloh was receive* with hearty applause. guslit* Millllps played Rev. Thomas Single- 

The Five Plrnsrnnis, ihelr first appearance ion- with MM success, and Jessie Me- 

here, In their Parislnn novelty juggling act, Alllstor, iih Simplicity Johnson, extracted a 

Save an Interesting nnd clever i» norm a nee. WW <lenl of fun out of that role. Minn Mc- 

nlln Hnlpb.' In "An filing nt h Matinee." >»»««" won iinnsunt success In ihe part, 

was very entertaining. The nbnvc acta will The cithern of Ihe company, all of whom did 

• _ «._n * I. a . i _ . I _.„..„ It> ***** OVPf>11ptl1 I V u/0l>O 1 Hon lV ll'llliin A v-tlitu' 

bo fully reviewed In onr next Issue, In tlie excellently, were r Ren F. Wilson, Arthur 
column* devoted t» new vaudeville produc- LvcrK.hdwlnH. Curtis, W.L. West, Law- 
tloas. Watson and Uorrlney, wltb their ranee Wakefield, Harold Clnlremont, Master 

dances npd comedy. ... 
sbnre of. the applause. Other* were: I<rank Fourteenth Street Theatre (,I. Wesley 
Fogertv, the minstrel; I/C Dent, Juggler; Hosenqiiest, manager}. — The current week, 
WeT»Hter nnd Carlton, In a comedy sketch beginning Monday matinee, Sept. 30, was 
entitled "Iler Beau:" the Fetching Brothers, ushered In by Will H. Vedder, In "Kidnap- 
In their "Musical Flower Garden r>F.llzabeth ped for Revenge." That the large audience 
Murray, In' songs nud stories: Burns and enjoyed the piny nnd Mr. Vedder r work, as 
Miller, comedy acrobatic net, and ihe Wnl- Prince, was shown by the way they an- 
left. In a' comedy sketch, plauded. Mori Mnlloy. Joe Allentown, .M II- 
Kiilckorliiickcr Thentre (Al. Ilaytuau dred Johnson, Kntherlne Gibson, 
A-fov rannn«ers).— At' thls-'house mrMon- Howe Palmer, Hndle Connelly and Charlotte 
dayi Kept III), occurred the llrst metropolitan Doyld onme In for their shnre of applause, 

win the trials nnd successes or nyiviinus » !""*■■■ .,.,,,,, Wi.'Y, S «. 

Itcbblngs, n revivalist, who Is brought to aid, Marl Mnlloy; Lylgl Dlnvola, II. 0. Vlg- 

wwii KJ the purpose of bringing the tin- join: Isaac Samuels. Paul Motz; Dick 

wilv under a lellslun* Influence, and thereby Speedy, Joe Allenton : Sam Bluisnm. Francis 

5R.ntT therentened |SS» This purpose Stratton ; Olovanl Vlgat.l Walter S. Mow- 

1» ^urabatedbv the religious. power., of -ihe «rt -.IWpli JJ,pmphrey clerk. at , U»a bank, 

town, who do riot recognize or approve of the pnvld Dnrrel : Mil HelTron, doormen at methods Itcbblngs 'employs for WJS&'nEB ntt.'o-t'r Sft 

the purpose- of bringing misled men and detcctlvo, Hugh Dlllman : Chef, on the IJo 

wome'n IS a rentlr.o.lSn V their state. .In «&^Mgj&l .SS&'f.SE* J*K 

ICelth&P'roiitnr'ii Fifty-eighth Street 
Thentre (K. ,F. Albee,- general nmnager).— 
A good lilll iind n luiiiHo packed to the <lonrs 
were the condlllvna at this house Monday, 
Hept. <10. Donuld and L'arson came In for 
applause i In their rendering of Scotch melo- 
dies, combined with graceful dancing. Juno 
SnlDio, Jn his contortion feala, was gener- 
ously applauded, the electrical effects being 
n notable feature of the net. Clark, Iterg- 
hinn nnd Mahnney sang and danced them- 
selves Info favor. Aghes Scott nnd Horace 
Wright, In a ncnt comedy playlet, "The Wall 
Between." were the evening's favorites, MIbs 
Scott being well remembered from her stock 
days at this house, and hnd evidently a 
legion of friends In the audience. Lang's 
Cotlmm Four, In a singing turn, cleverly 
Interspersed with comedy, took well. Ger- 
trude Hoffman, In caricature Imitation* of 
prominent performers, scored a hit, and was 
assisted by I,ee Chapln, Thomns J. O'Ncil, 
Ben White, Max Hoffman. .loHle Held nnd 
Louise Thlele. Walter C. Kelly, In his mono- 
logne, "A Virginia Judge," represented the 
quick administration of justice in the Soutn 
to hearty laughter and several recalls. Mnr- 
sella nnil her feathered aides were a favorite 
turn, and the motion pictures closed the 
show. . ;. i 

Murray Hill Theatre (J. Herbert Mack, 
manager). — Fred Irwin's ttlg Show, which 
has the record of opening this theatre as u 
burlesque house, Is this week's attraction. 
Mr. Irwin ha* excelled himself this season, 
nnci nresent* a allow well nigh perfect, viewed 
from all standpoints. The extrnvaganto side 
of It la well taken care of, as extravagance 
in equipment la apparent. The comedy ele- 
ment stand* out strong and persistently, and 
the vaudeville department present* a varied 
assortment of attractive acts. "The (Ireat 
White Way" Is the title. of .the. first part, 
with the scene* laid In a lobster palace. Dan 
McCann Is out In* search. of a good time,' and 
Is succssful, Harry Campbell played the 
part in good spirit as the candidate for elec- 
tion, opposed by a German aspirant 'for 
ottlce, named Krausmcycr, In which role 
Joseph Brady appeared to advantage. Frank 
K. Lynch was tba proprietor of the cafe ; 
Louie Bates, a tough waiter ; Billy Walsh, 
a prohibition candidate, and William Kenny, 
a bad man from the West. An unusually 
clever character Impersonation was present- 
ed by Mnrry Livingston, In a perfectly legiti- 
mate conception of an Italian son of Mul- 
berry Street. After Rome clever dialect work, 
and a short sentimental Interlude, leading 
up to the song, be sang the universally, popu- 
lar "Mnrlutch." In excellent voice and 

,„n«. „nVi ■ mitm- in «im-v gmi character a Bowery snnbrette, Cothryn Howe Palmer; 

rtrnwlno "lr> -The Hvuocrltes" with the Btu>e, „„ „ r phnn. 'charlotte David; Agnes catchy manner, to Innumerable encore.. a* : 

hJli merit «f that nlnv Ucklni The work Wllllninson, a tourist, L. David. Next alsted by the chorus, In approprkte costumes. 

iW'tilS " aU dra«» wlU, Ihe morning week, Barney -Mlmore, In "Dnbiln I)an : » Margaret. .Uennett. . MttTe vVatson, . Knnnle 

nnd "preaching" speeches put Into the months Vlotorln Theatre (Oscar Hammersteln, 

of the various characters. Howard Kyle, W. manager).— -The bill nrnnged for the enter- 

II. crompton, Chns. Fullon, Chns. W. Bn tier, tnlument of the Victoria patrons this week 

Find Tliorne, Dorothy Thomas nnd Wlllctte will compare very favorably ,ln strength nnd 

nil worked hard anil made the most of their novelty with any which have preceded It tbls 

cipporl unities. Hdlth Taliaferro, us lone None- iPOHon. Quite a novel feature of the 'bill, 

hnni, Ihe young daughter of Chrlstabol. gave n and occupying the headline position, was the 

I'llpltnl performnnce, nnd well deserved the vaudeville reappearance, after ninny years, of 


nppnibntlon ocenrded her. The cast In full: Harry Von Tllner, the popular writer. 

Sir James Nunehnm, W. II. Crompton; Philip who was accorded a royal welcame on Mon- 

Nunolinuj, ICdgor Itnume; Itlchnrd Kyson, day from It liousefnl of friends, who obliged 

Charles Fulton; Hex Allen, M.D., Conwny him to respond to encores until he was 

Tcnr|e; llio Bishop of Trcnlcbestcr; Cecil nearly exhausted. Clayton White and. Marie 

Hnser the Itevcrend Mark Hliergold, Ivan F. Slnarf nieaented n new comedy skit, 

Simpson; the llevereud Joseph Cushway, "Cherrle/' which will be reviewed In our 

ItlX, W. .1. Constantino: Ihe Iteverend Malt- next Issue. Novelty was also added to the 

jiiii ii Taddy, I'liurles W. Butler; Slyvnnus bill by the Motoqltl automoton, which made 

Itcbblngs t'a revivalist), Howard Kyle; Ben Its American reappearance nfter a live years' 

I'nsslfev, l'"red Thorne ; llasnell, Frederick foreign tour, and the act created much niys- 

■I'owHi; Chrlstahel -(Mrs. Philip) Nuneham, tery ; Patrice., nnd company .(presented *'A 

HoVothv 'I'honias; ' lope Nunehnm, Kdllb New Veur's Dream :" Katie Barry did her 

Tiijlnferro; -Mr*. . Shergold,. Nhju Herbert ; snec'nlty to inncli laughter nnd applause ; I* 

Mrs. Cuihway." Maggie -llnllnwny Flshor; I'evre nnd St. John nil and dunced nccept- 

JliH. Tnddy, Mrs. Felix Murrls ; Phiebe Knns- iilily; Byron and{don scored we.ll In 

ford. Wllfetln Kershaw; Naomi Itebhlhgn, their skit. "Tho Dude Detective ;" Cliff Oor- 

Dovennort Seymour ;.rlnl Posslter, (lertrude don did his well liked monologue; Hassan 

AttMrue. • Ben All's Troupe of Arabs, In acrobatic feats, 

American Theatre (J. II, Ward, mann- gg*JgPff_»l !g*MS l "" •8' 1 "*. »"« the 

v pen.-^'Bimco In Arlsnna" had Its llrst New ^"UK'S 

Watson,- Lillian Oartcr, Carmen Creatoreund 
Hazel Sanger headed the female contingent. 
twenty' live strong, In good shape. The inn-. 
■deal numbers,' from the opening chorus to 
tbc operatic e)i»<.in6/c, at the close, were ap- 
pinitded, especially a solo by Will Mahoney ; 
Mariutcb, by Mr. Livingston ; a French song, 
by Carmen t'reatore, nnd the "Violet" .Oc- 
tette. The olio presented Campbell and 
Kenny, In an old time rapid Irish song nnd 
conversation act, which took 'Immensely ; 
Walsh, Lynch and Hooper followed .In an 
Interesting one act playlet, entitled "Huck- 
In's itun." Billy Walsh, a* Billy, the New 
York boy, clerking for n country grocer, and 
In love with ttte grocer's orphan ward, snng 
ant) acted well. The. girl had been deprived 
of- her fortune by tba grocer, who only knew 
of. her wealth until Billy discovered U 
through a- lost letter. Clever slang was 

York production at . the matinee. Sept. at 

Atlantic Karden (W. 'Kramer's Sons, 

mid a large uudlenee creeled It with much managers).— llio Heard Trio, comedy acro- 
npuluttse. , Bunco, abducted from wealthy Mf?l PJdltli Itaymond nnd company, In a bl- 
Kngllsh parents, is revealed at the opening cycle wire act ;. Dudley and Cheslyn, In s 
of the winy the vdorllng" of an Arizona comedy singing (ketch ; Vordatnan, 'Dave Mc- 
inlnlng ciimp, mid the sweetheart of Dick Fnddeu. in lllustriitctl songs, and a new 
• Sold, Iler aunt, accompanied by a cousin, series of moving pictures, arc the attractions 
■•onies "to the camp to. claim her nlccei The -for • t nil week. . • 
cousin Wanls Bimco to marry him, nnd with New York Thentre (Klnw & Krlnnger, 
the help of the Indiana causes many thrilling malingers).— Ihls week's bill Is fully up to 
situations with his tiuuierou* nt tempts nt mur- the standard established here, aud good at- 
iler nnd iibduotlon. Illok agrees to give up Ills tendance marked the opening, Monday. Sept. 
elnliri op Bunco, who hoc* to England, for .Iler ''2- \ wtn .i 1 \ Ul0 , rl l L Ji c ^"J iei ; "•"W 1 "' week 
.'duration' At tho endof Ave yeurs she comes and wfls still a bright particular star. Tile 
back for her "heart,"' and all Is well. The. Wilton Brow., ucrobnts, and the Gam- 
play Is well singed nnd has several magplllcent sehmldls. In n novelty net, made their first 

.»......' .,„**! 1 lUi.... kl....'i I,,,,.- .,., 11.,,,,.,, A rill'r I'll II itlitiPii riliicit lil-lal iviir/. nnnnrHnrl 

tjold, gnve a well mistnlned performance, named nets will be given In our next Issue. 

John Morris was clever In an Irish ehar- Others were: the Xleredlth SlBters. slnglnB 

ueter. The east: Dick Hold, Jack Drumler; comedians: Johnnv Ilynms and Leila Mcln 
.Mm Blunt. aXiii Wilson ; French, Hubert N 

Jackson : Black Hawk, J. Louis Kngerer; 
.laqies Heutliereott, Klwyn Knlon: Pat No- 
lan, "John Morris; Cmvboy Bill,' Norman It 

tyre, hi "Two Hundred Wives :" Clifton 
i.'rnwford, tnonologlst ; Louis A. Simon, (.race 
Ourdner and company, In their sketch "The 
New Conchmnn,'< this being their (IrstAmerl- 

. tela: Junn'LindonT Btlyfh Johnston; Mrs. fan nppeantnee since their return from Kng- 

llenthercott, Jose Haines, Waneto, Ida •»«'* |, 'he Peerless Mowutts. club Jugglers, 

(rnver: Cowboys, Wllllnm Cravcr. C. A. nnd the inovhig pictures of Ihe Dieppe uulo- 

Waroer, Jean Hill, Fred Hnelne, .1. M. Burke, mobile race. 

and' Indians by themselves. Next week, llulier'a Mimemu (John H. Andemon, 

"Through Death Vallej-." manager).— A treat is In store for all who 

A.iiii.n.y of Mnsle (Ollmore & Tomp- i'! s " this popular family resort this week, 

kins, manager*).— After an absence of sev- Manager Anderson lias provided the best bill 

MM years, Ilenninn Thompson on Monday so fur th s aensou. In thy curio halls. Prince 

night. Sept. 110, relumed lo the stage at this Mlgnon Is performing his wonderful trick* 

house In thnt ever popular rural piny, "The lo much suecei-s, and Mme. Russell's troupe 

Old Homestead." To.s»y he scored his old «J tigers and leopards. In the theatre, J. SI. 

lime success would he putting It mildly, for Moore* New Orleans Mlustrels. 

his reception amounted to nn nvntlon, and Ueutehesi. Theatre (Maurice Boumfeldt, 

nfter ench net the nudlence would not stop inamtger).— This house (formerly the lrvlug 

niiplniidlne until he responded lo several l'lace) was scheduled to open under the new 

leciills. He gnve the some excellent perform- management '1 Mesday evening, Oct. 1, with 

unco which won him popularity years ago, 'Tho Judge of Znlninen," Wllbrnudt's version 

und wns ably assisted by nn excellent com- from the Spanish of vnldoron's "Bl Alcadu 

pnuy. . The bouse wns packed lo Ihe doors, Du /sitlnmcHi. The play deals with Cresno, a 

and It Is probable this present engagement peasant, and bis daughter. Isabel. During a 

will equal In attendance anv he has played visit of a regiment of soldlere Captnlu Don 

at this tile house. The cngngenieut Is for four Alvnro Is billeted ou Crcspo, and while stay- 

weeks. The cast In full : .ionium Whltcomh, jng at his house tails In love, with Isabel. 

Deiimnn Thompson ; Cy Prime. Horace ltu»h- ^hey elope. Crcspo Is later elected a Judge, 

by;. Beth Porkln*. Charles H. Clark} Jack <»!<» with his ton avenge* Isabel's wrongs, 

named, Fred Clare: Ed Mansey, Frank Alvnro s commanding ofneer endeavors *o 

Kiinpp: Henry llo|iklns, flus Knmmerlee; punish them, but Is proveated by' the king, 

brook. Oebtgs L. Pnteh; Dnvld Wlllard, Him- Wednesday, Sept. St. nnd was unable, .to ap- 
solf: Warren Kills. P. ltedmoiid; Aunt Mn- Pear that night, lllu role was played by 
tlliln. I.oulmi Mom-: Hlc.kqtv.Aim, Anltu I. Augustln Duncan, sir. Wilson resumed tho 
Fowler : Annn Maria Murdock, Venle Tliomii- puff 26. 

son: Kleunor Stratton, Maude Plensiints. liy«>enm Theatre (Daniel Frohuian.roau- 

':..!. >nliii Thentre (Percv <!. Williams, oger).— Kyule Bellow nnd Margaret llllng- 
r.<i,-ivi>rl. — Crowded houses ruled here all Ion begun,' Sept, 110, their fourth week, lu 

he Thief." A fentiirc of the music pro- 


the past week, the excellent btll being to u "The Thief. 

Ki-emt extent the cause of the big audiences, gramme this .week will! be an overture celled 
hut there wns also the fact Millie Lin- "The Thief," esneclaly. composed for' this 
i!on, a rotliied singer of dainty ditties, wns production by Carl llauscr, llrst violinist 
making n pronounced Irit. She lr ouo of Man- »f ihe Lyceum Orchestra, who has boon for 
nptr' Williams' Mngllsh lmportullons, and is seventeen years a member of tho Phllbnr- 
retained for u second weoeli. A second for- innnlc Society. s.-T' 
,elgn act on the Mil this wank I-: La (lardnnla. Yortvllle Theatre (Frank Gersten, nian- 
ii Spanish dancer, nnd her troupe of Spun- ukci'i. — George Slduey, in bis new musical 
Isii iiiiiiiiadours. n showy net, which will he play, "The Mnzanin Man" liegnn o week's 
■ evleweil next week. And still another engagement here Monday night. Sept. SO. 
feat nrc, new here this week, Is Jesse Ls sky's l.vrle Theatre (8am 8. ft Lee Hhuhert, 
new net, "A Nlirht on u Hnuse Bout," a de- malingers). — Jautos O'Neill began, Sept. 110, 
scrlptlon of which Is deferred until next his third week, JnVyirgliilus." ■: <■ 
week. The tine bill also Hats; Win. H. Thomp- MuJe*tlc Thtnlre (w. L. Rowland, man- 
son aud company. In "For Love's Sweet nger). — Virginia llai'nml began un engage- 
SiiUo;" (be Kllnore Sisters, presenting "The liienl here, Sept. HO, In '.'Anna Korenlnu," 
Actress nnd the Mold," created roars of lllnney's Lincoln Square Theatre 
laughter: Pat Honney anil Marlon Bent re- IChu*. K, Blnucv. mannger). — Flske O'Hara, 
peiited rorniei' stireesses here, in "The Busy In "Dion O'Dar*." Is .the attraction for this 
It.-ll Hoy :" A. It. Puiii'iin liitiiuliiced new week, ojienlng Montlny, Sept. .10, to good 
fonliire* In his well liked ventrlloqulol net. nttendnnee. 

N'->lt!i Vesta sang neceptnhly : the Josselln Trio 
ii'itvi-cl In en ne-rlnl novelty, nnd the vltn- showed new pictures. 

Minltsou ttquarr Theatre, continues 

Ornml Opern Hnnae (John II. Springer, 
innnngeri. — Annn Held, In "The Artist's 
Model," Is this week's attraction. 

Sept. at) lo the usiinl good Monday attend- 
ance. Next week, "The Belle of Mayfnlr." 

used by Billy In making love to the girl, who 
was charmingly played by , prot,ty. Frances 
Hooper, whose work stamped her a clever 
Ingenue, deserving success.' ' Mr. Walsh also 
Hj-.uied with his. song, "If I Only Had the 
Nerve." Frank 15. Lynch gave a fine im- 
personation n f. tba grocer, nnd doubled as 
the , town constable. The , Watson Sisters 
looked pretty, and sang and danced In flee 
form. Their Mexican costumas were very 
handsome. Brady and Mahoney prosenlcd 
"The -Fireman and the Foreman," a talking 
comedy act. Joseph Brady, as a Hebrew lire 
tighter, made many funny remarks In reply to 
the- Instructions and reprimands or bis 
foreman, and leaked extremely comical In 
his rubber coat, hoots nnd helmet. Will Ma- 
honey looked the ren-l fireman commander. The 
burlesniie presented n vlnlt of Mr. McCann 
to Hie "Acton' Club." during which he Is 
cntertnlded by 'h serins bf lUpersdniltlbnB, 
Including "Peppery- Peto"; by Hurry-Living- 
ston; "We're From Missouri," by the four 
Colonels: "The Sporting Olrla," Introduced 
by Miss Sanger, and snowing the various 
types of sports, from the hunting girl;: to. 
a chubby creation In a tlgnt-flttlng' rowing 
suit; nn Oriental agitation by Carmen Crea- 
tor* :. "Boo. Go Boo, u fright song by Lillian 
Curter nnd the girls in "nighties," assisted 
by Schlonsky: the Tin Soldier : Olrla, by 
Misses Crentore and Hooper ; the "Buster 
Brown Girls," led by Kdna Itoberts, singing 
to a victim from the occupants of 
the boxes, and, "Let Me Sing,", by Hilly 
Wulsh on the stage nnd Will Mahoney In 
n box seat. Interesting bouts- In fencing, 
boxing and wrestling, by the Three Bennett 
Sisters, also found favor with tho audience, 
who appreclnti'd the hard work of the girls. 
"The Spirit of '76" was tbc closing tab- 
leau, Phil A. Pnulscrafi Is manager of the 
tour; Loul* liner, musical director; Frank 
Young, stage director. Next week, "The 
Crackerjneks," with Mr. and Mrs. Robert 

Xew Amsterdam Theatre (Klnw & IOr- 
longer, miinnger3).-r-"The Bound Up" began, 
Sent 80. Its sixth week. • 

ltrondway Theatre (L1tt & Dingwall, 
managers). — "The llogors Brothers In i'ana- 
iimi" begun, Sept. 30. their fifth week. A 
new Bong, "Cupid's Gay Bouquet," wns In- 
terpolated In the second act, last Frlda . 
evening. Waiter Ware sang It, with a chorus. 
Merinn Stanley was out o( the cast Sept. '27. 

Wallaolt'a (Charles Burnhaui, manager). 
— "The Hhruy Gnrdy Girl" is In its second 
week. John K'ni replaced Walter Law- 
reace last week, opening Sept. 27. 

Criterion Theatre (Charles Frohman, 
manager). — "Tho Dairymaids" began Its 
sixth week Sept. 30. - - • 

hijoii (A. C. Campbell, manager). — 
Mile. Alia Nnzlmova began hor second week, 
In "The Muster Builder?' on Sent. SO. 

New York Hippodrome (Sbubert A An- 
derson, managers). — "Pioneer Days" and 
'Neptune's Daughter," and the numerous 
awnn features begun, Sept. 30, their fifth 

Idberty Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger, man- 
agtrs).— Lulu Glaser, In "Lola from Berlin," 
heg^n Sept. 30, her third week, 

Umpire Theatre (Chns. Frohman, man- 
nger). — John Drew, In "My Wife," begun, 
Sept ao, bis Bfth week. - 

Alitor Theatre (Wagenhals & Kemper, 
managers). — (tnymond Hitchcock began, Sept. 
30, his ulghth week, In "A I'ankoc Tourist."' 

Savoy Theatre iFrank McKee, mann- 
ger). — "Tlte Man of the Hour" began. Sept. 
30, Its -forty-fourth week. Banley Holmes 
has succeeded Italph Del mure as Itlchnrd lloi- 

Daly's (Sam Lee Shubett. managers). 
— SInrgnret Anglln and Henry Miller, In "The 
Great IMvldc," began. Sept. 80. their fifth 
week. Beginning this week, Wednesday mati- 
nees will ue given. 

Belasco Theatre (David Belasco, man- 
nger). — "The Girl of the Golden West, with 
Frances Starr leading, began, Sept 30, Its 
llfrh week. 

Herald Square Theatre (Geo. W. Sam- 
mis, manager). — This house was dark night 
of Sept. .10. opening Oct. 1, with Lew Fields 
nnd company, In "The Girl Behind the Couu- 
ter." The production will be reviewed In our 
next Issue. 

New Circle Theatre continues dark 
this week. The reopening with the new ver- 
sion of "From Across the Pond," Is an- 
nounced for Saturday, Oct. 0. 

Ilaekett Theatre (Jos. 1& DjYckett, m«tn- 
sa-ri .-—At (bis house on 'lliunduy ' night. 
Sept. W, Henry II. Harris presented Florence 
Huberts, lb "The Struggle Kverlnsting," a 
piodcrn morality ploy In b prologue end three 
iii-ts, by l-:dwln Milton Boyle. The play on 
rhts date wan given Its first public bearing, 
and It proved to be one of the most re. 
mn citable sroge works seen In this city for 
some time, the more remarkable because of 
Its -serious nature, and the fact that- Its 
author has heretofore been known only ss 
n Writer of piavn of the lighter kind. It Is 
a combination of the fantastic In the pro- 
logue with the stern reality In tho play 
proper, while the fantastic nsmes of sev- 
eral of the characters continue through the 
entire work. The opening scene Is laid In 
the wilderness, where Mind, a young uni- 
versity student, bus deserted an expedition, 
sunt out by university to search for fossils. 
Mind, tired of the unreality of - life as he 
lound It, determined to search for truth in 
the wilds of the forest, and when his hiding 
place Is discovered by Worldly-Wlse.' another 
member of the expedition, he absolutely refuses 
to return home. In his bunting trips he bos 
encountered Body, a very beautiful girl, 
who he loves at sight, and the spell she has 
cast over him bus made him subservient to 
her will. The Hermit, a sort of oracle, ap- 

f tears with the Mother of Mind, who carries 
n her nrms Soul, a baby born of adversity 
and sorrow. Mind Is denf to the pleadings 
of his Mother until Body, In her desperate 
desire to keep Mind with her, slay* the Moth- 
er nnd then, when Mind sees wbat she has 
done, be decides to leave her and return 
home. The next scene Is laid in the univer- 
sity nt graduation time. Mind and his fel- 
low students arc having a gay. time with 
members of the chorus of n musical com- 
pany showing at .a nearby theatre. , One of 
the girts Is supposed to be dressed' in the 
Alma- Mater costume for the edification of the 
students, but when the unveiling occurs, 
Body, who Is now a housemaid in the 
hbmc 6f Wnrlaiy-Wlse. Is' discovered ' in 
the costume. The incident -upsets Mind, 
who, it transpires. Is Intimate with Body, 
nnd the festivities come to an abrupt 
close. As the students are leaving the Mu- 
sician, who has succumbed to the charms 
of Itody, tells her that she has a great fu- 
ture before her, and she listening leaves Mind 
nnd fakes up her new found Jove. Dur- 
ing the absence of the students from the 
stage, the Hermit enters, bearing Soul In 
his arms, nnd, leaving the little thing on the 
table,- depart*. When Mind and the others 
return they discover Hie baby and, christ- 
ening )t i't.'oppn Delta's Kid," they leave It 
ns a legacy to the university to be educated 
nt their expense. When next we see Body 
she Is a gaily dressed and painted courtesan 
who has -princes, men of wealth and notables 
in all walks qf .life praying for her favor. 
She is the mistress of the Banker, nnd he, 
in common with every one upon whom she 
smiles, meets with reverses. The Musician, 
the Pugilist, the Actor, sll are fated to 
meet wlcli destruction because of the bane- 
ful Influence she has orer them. - The 
Banker's 'wife, accompanied by Soul, who is 
now a minister, pleads for her husband to 
return and Soul pleads for.her; . But in vain. 
The Banker is completely .In the tolls of Body 
and refuses to leave heir. Body, however, 
has been Impressed with Son!,- nnd finally 
leaves with hlni, but takes up her abode 
with Mind, with whom' she has kept up: an 
Intimacy. Iler contrition and repentance are 
sincere,- and she really desires to lead a 
different. life, but she fenrs.'MInd and others 
Who scoff nt her repentance. Soul faces 
the -Indignation of members of his congrega- 
tion and. aays he will save the slnuerlfJie 
can! In' spite of public opinion. Mfnd under- 
takes lo dissuade him from his course, and 
gives him a history of the degraded life 
Body has led. In the course of their con- 
versation Mind- makes the discovery that 
Soul Is his' brother,- and his endeavors' are 
strengthened to turn him from his purpose, 
assuring him that the one whom he wishes to 
save will only drag him to ruin. Body, see- 
ing the hopelessness of the struggle In the 
face of public condemnation, takes poison. 
On Ihe return of Mind nnd Soul they fiDd 
her dead. Wltb this as a foundation, Mr. 
lloyle has written a play thnt, whether 
It meets with ppbljc fnvor or not,' places 
him at a bound among our cleverest 
ofnluywrlriit*. . Dealing, as It, does, with 
modem Ideas and speech ■ (with 'the ever 
present slang), together* with tho fantastic, 
It is remarkable £ho,t so thoroughly an In- 
teresting work could be turned out, nnd the 
labor nnd thought entailed by the author, 
none lint ho can know. Tbc lines ure clever, 
with many shafts of .bright satire and dashes 
of humor to relievo the Intense seriousness 
of the theme. In point of construction, it 
Is well nigh perfect, and to 1 the student 6f the 
drama It Is n : treat. In hi* character drawing 
the author tins excelled himself, and the pic- 
tures he has painted arc true to life. It he 
does strike a false note, It Is right nt the 
close of tho -play, whole he makes Mind, 
wltb his pessimism, scoff at the repentance 
of Body, In spite of her apparent contrition 
and self abnegation. But, then, did' he not 
do so, the ending might to attain, 
as Body would not have sufficient reason to 
desire to die; and her death Is the natural and 
necessary ending of the play. The produc- 
tion wns handsomely staged and close at- 
tention to detail was ever noticeable. -Flor- 
ence Roberts as Body gave a thoroughly ar- 
llstlc performnnce. While the role makes no 

?:rent demands upon her emotional powers, 
t-does require repression, and so convinc- 
ingly did Miss Robect* portray the role 
that it would be difficult. Indeed, to see 
where her performance could- be Improved. 
Arthur Byron was capital In the role of 
Mind. He wuh always the earnest worker 
for bidden truths, and the little flights of 
humor which the author gave to hlrn were 
taken mutually and -without loss to the 
natural soberness of the character. R. A. 
Roberts mnde n decided hit in the small 
role of Simple, and the same may be Bald 
of Robert Peyton Carter ns Worldly-Wise. 
K. \y. .Morrison did an exceptionally clever 
piece of acting as the Musician. It Is only 
n character bit, - but he made It stand out 
prominently. Joseph Adelman as the Actor, 
and Sellna Fetter Royle, as the Wife, fully 
deserved the hearty approval accorded 
their effort*. Further Individual mention Is 
prevented from Jack of spare, but suffice It 
to say that every member- of the company 
lent good aid In the make-up of an excellent 
performance, and making the play an artistic 
success. The 'cast In full j Characters in pro- 
logri'c— Worldly-Wise, Robert Peyton Carter : 
Mind, Arthur Ryron ; The 'Hermit. Henry 
Johnson ; Body, Florence Roberts: Tho Moth- 
er, Minna Adelman; Sou). A Baby. Char- 
acters In tho play — Mind. Arthur Byron ; 
Mmple, II. A. Roberts; Worldly-Wlse, Bob- 
crt. Peyton Carter; First Student, Joseph 
Rowley ; Second Student, Clny Boyd : The 
Musician, E. W. Morrison : Bacchus, C. Jay 
Williams ; Bony, Florence Roberta; A Chorus 
Girl. Isabel Garrison: Tho Janitor, Daniel 
Morris ; Ills Wife/ Minna Adelman ; The 
Prince. Frnnci* Sedgwick: The- Pugilist, 
Franklin Roberts ; Ills Trainer, Joseph Raw- 
ley : i The Actor, , Joseph Adelman ; The 
Banker, Kdwln Holt; His Wife, Sellna Fet- 
ter Royle: A Servitor, "Daniel Morris; Soul, 
Dc Witt Jennings. The, second week began 

sepLJio: : ,.: : ■."..: ■■:..' 

Third Avenue Theatre. — This house 
will be. . onened Oct. 7. .«|Ui a permanent 
stock, by , Lee linker and Geo. Spencer. .- 

Cimino (Hani S. & Lee Shubert, Inc., man- 
agers). — This house I* dark tbls week. It 
reopens x«ek of Oct. 7, with "The Gay White 
■Wny. • 

Manhattan Theatre, — Shepnrd's moving 
pictures continue to please good nttendnnee. 

Iladnon Theatre (Henry - B. Harris, 
manager). — Robert Kdesori began, Sept. 30, 
his sixth week, In "Classmates." 

,.Kelta . -' |E ■ Proeior'a TwVmtr-thini 
HU-eet. Theatre tit F. Albee, general ffi , m 
ager).— -Harry Leonhordt; has, enlarged ihe 
orchestra at -this house, adding four men to 
It. nnd the result In mont beneficial, for the 
orchestral selections now: receive a generous 
hand after every number. Frederick <i 
Weper, the director. Is doing most praise 
worthy work in that position. The bill this 
week Is n line one, and on the opening dav 
Sept. 30, every -specialty received warm oiV 
plausc. Josepn Hart's "Futurity Winner'' 
made the usual hit, Klnglcy Benedict, John 
Gormnn, .Ins. Gordon and Mnbel Caruthers 
playing the principal parts cleverly. The 
Four Fords, In their remarkable clnneln* 
hud great difficulty In getting the audience 
to allow them to now their way out. Tbelr 
act I* always a big winner. The Laskv 
Qtilntctte won great applause, and Grade Koi- 
mett and company brought "Mrs. Murphy's 
Second Husband" forth, gaining many laugh* 
thereby. Tacianu, duplicated the big success 
he had previously won la tbls city, and was 
voted an unusually good .performer In bis 
line. Lew Bloom,' In a single set, mnde the 
most of his parodies, ana Harry Fcntelle 
and I-Mdlo Carr did nicely In their specialty 
In/a and Lorella, acrobatic comedy leaner* 
were also prominent. The motion pictures 

J'a.i..r'» Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — Monday's matinee, Sept. 30. opened 
the current week with a large attendance 
Bob and Tip company, with their dog, were 
skillful and entertaining with their acrobatic 
comedy work, nnd were, received with hearty 
applause. This act will he more fully re- 
viewed in onr. next Issue. Oeraldlne Mr- 
Cnnn and company, In her playlet, "The 
Boasters," did some very clever acting and 
held the attention of the audience. The 
Roberts Four, In "The Doll Mnker's Dilem- 
ma," gave an Interesting and clever perform- 
ance. The Cltudwlck Trio, presenting "For 
Sale — Wiggins' Farm," with their comedy 
work and the very clever dancing of Sllss 
Chndwfek, aroused the 'Interest of those pres-' 
ent. The Cvcllng Brunettes, with their 
comedy bicycle work ; Louise ' and Denny 
Hurley, In , tbelr new nnd clever gymnastic 
"stunt*." Others were :. The Williams Duo, 
musical team ; Brooks and Jeannette, "On 
the Main Street:" the Alpha Trio, hoop jug- 
glers;' Morion nnd Deane, "A Personal Af- 
fair ;" Carter and Vincent, singing and danc- 
ing, and Seymour Sisters, with their Inter- 
esting specialty. Motion pictures closed the 

Dewey Theatre (Sullivan & Kraus, 
managers). — The Merry Maidens I* the at- 
traction here this week. This was the 
show's first appearance In New York this 
season and It wns accorded a cordial wel- 
come. The audience - was a large one nod 
the general verdict seemed to be that noth- 
ing more entertaining or stronger as n whole 
has visited tills house In many seasons, it 
was noticeable that, the company, in point 
of .merit, III most -.evenly balanced, and the 
members seemed to give tbelr best, efforts to 
ee<*urc n hnppy result. There are. pretty girls 
ln< abundance, arrayed In contly and showv 
costumes. "The Heir to - the Hoopla," a 
clever one act burletta by Sam Rice, begins 
the show, , Peter Thompson, as -Michael 
O'Brien, owner of the Hoopla mines, was 
happily cast and gave a fine performance. 
Sam Rice, an Slush, a' German servant, was 
as funny an ever and kept the audience In nn 
uproar ; J. Elmer Thompson, Wm.. Grace. Zoe 
Hollls, Lulu Beeson, Puttl Carney were also 
deserving, of special mention. The full cast: 
JacK O'Brien, J. Illmrr Jackson ; .Michael 
■O'Brien, Peter Thompson; Slush, Sam Rice: 
Tommy Knickerbocker, Frankle Groce : Ben 
Tin)'. Win. Grace; Dolly Flnsh, Zoo Hollls: 
Nellie Knight, Pattl Carney; Lulu Brass. 
Lulu., Benson ; Sagebrush Jim, James .Fukiih .. 
Alkali Pete, Charles Lewis; Lariat Joe, J. II. 
Blllsbiii-y: Fan Fan Jack, Ed. De Forest: 
ltaby Mike, . Frankle Grace. The chorus : 
Pearl Howard, Llztte Grace, Smile Sewell. 
Ilelfrld Forsberg, Minnie Perry, Flossie Me 
Cloud, May Swinger, L nolle Hooper, La 8c- 
rlda, Annie Horthorn, Agnes Swinger, Mode- 
line Gross, Myrtle Paul, Annie Blanrhlleld. 
In the olio which followed appeared: Lewis 
and Thompson, singing and dancing come- 
dians. They have, a good net, and scored n 
big success. Pattl Carney, singing comedl- 
chue, has a good voice, and - was well 
liked; "Some Quartette," composed of tbe 
following people: Ed. De Forest, John 
II. Blllshury, Jnmcs Fngnn and J. Rimer 
Jackson, presented a comedy skit, called 
"Breaking Info Vaudeville," wan I scream ; 
Two' Orncea were well liked, nnd Lulu Bee- ' 
son, champion lndy buck dancer, danced In 
her same old style, and was a big hit. "At 
Coney Island," an excellent comedy, con- 
cludes (he performnnce, nnd again shows this 
excellent, company's merits-. During Ihe 
action of both piece* the musical numbers 
were well put on. Bxecutlve stall: Charles 
W. Daniels, manager ; Wm. Burke, carpenter ; 
Siegfried Lachraann, musical director; Sam 
Itlce, stage manager ; Joe 10. Pine, representa- 
tive ; Minnie Perry, wardrobe mistress. Next 
week, Bohemian Burlesquers. 

Miner'* lillghth Avenue Theatre (Kd 
win D. Miner, manager). — "Pat White and 
his Gaiety Girls" opened to :in overflowing at- 
tendance Monday afternoon, Sept 80. TThe 
musical absurdities, "A Grnud Stand Play" 
and "The Down and Out Drug Store," were 
well staged, and were rocelv.'d with, boister- 
ous applause. Pat White, ns usual, carried 
off the honors. There were many tuneful and 
clever musical numbers, whlen caused many 
encores. In the olio, Zelmn Summers, In her 
songs and dances, wns popular with tbe audi- 
ence. The Marvelous Malvern Troupe wen. 
good In their acrobatic act; the Four Ter- 
rors, singing and dancing; Lewi* and Green, 
comedians, and Jennings and Webb, lllus- 
trntcd-songs. •■ . . -.-'.. ■•.-.•■■•-■ 

Miner's Bowery Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner mannger). — The -Twentieth Century 
Maids are, this week's. attraction. The bill 
has been fujly , reviewed and ' Includes : "A 
Trip to Panama," with Cornalla and Eddie, 
Pauline Moron, Harry Ilolmnn, Emma Wood. 
Billy Noble, and many other clever perform- 
ers. Next week. The Thoroughbreds. 

Thalia Theatre (Sullivan & Woods, mana- 
gers).— "The Wnyof the Trnnsgressor." with 
Its acting dogs, drew good houses 80. ,The 
cast Includes : Franceses Porker and Horry 
C. Phlllhert. Next week: "Fighting Bill." 
London Theatre (James H. Curtln, 
manager). — The Kentucky Belles this week, 
on the, Bowery,- present an excellent pro- 
gramme, which has been commented upon In 
these column*. Shepnard Camp, In "Mr. 
Wise from Broadway/ Is seconded by Mae 
Taylor, Billy Flemen. ivlttle Miller nnd Min- 
nie Amato. ■ The specialties are: Mae Taylor. 
3, 0. Gibson and Adelo Bunncy, In "The Cow- 
boy's Courtship;" Flctncn and Miller. Three 
Melvln Brothers, nnd Andy McLeod. The 
Londonscopc presented tbe latest moving pic- 
tures. Next week, He illy & Wood's Show. 

Ilnrlcn. — At Keith & Proctor's Harlem 
Opera House (E, F. Albee, general manager) 
the first of the Richard Mansfield -plays to 
be -produced In New York since the. famous 
actor's death is. "A Parisian Romance.' 
which Is given by the slock company this 
week. John Craig assumes the lending role, 
and on Sept. 80 he won n triumph In the 
part. Others who scored Were: Beatrice Mor- 
gan, Dudley Huwley, Louise Randolph, .Rob- 
ert Hill, Win. Carr. Wm. Norton and George 
Howell. The vaudeville offers Ruth Alvoy 
and new motion pictures. ■■■■; 

West E»d (J. K. Cookson, manager).— 
This Is the closing week of the Van Pen 
Berg Opera Co,- Harlcmltes did not rw«8 ,,e 
It as was expected. "Faust,!' with Mile. Bar 
natto a* Marguerite, opened Bent; 80, Next 
week, Cole and Johnson, In "The Shoo-Fl.v 

, Mbmoi' (Sam Hnrtlg, manager)..— 
"Me. Him and 1." with Wrothe. Watsjn and 
Arlington, opened to a crowded house 80, 
Next week, Blllj yan. w 

Q0H8M& 3. 



Stak (Win. T. Kcogh, manager). — "Edna, 
thohFrclty Typewriter." opened to capacity 
ao.'.'arul tuc play and players came In for a 
warm iiltceptfon. Ncit week, "Little Heroes 
of the Street." 

,KbitH * Piocron's OKti BvxMUB and 
TKBNfX-Firrii Stbekt (E. F. Alber, jteneral 
manager). — Stella Mayheiv, In a tunny od« 
net comedy, entitled "It Happened In Utah," 
mode a laughing lilt 30. The nupportloc cast 
Includes Bli lie Taylor. Another hew offering 
Is Griff, London jujtkIoi', IIiIk being his flrat 
American appearance. He offers a clever 
comedy Juggling act. and IiIk monologue 1m 
both amusing and unique, lie scored n hit 
with the large audience on the opening ulglit. 
Tho above acta will he reviewed In full next 
w«ek. ; . tithc-tH were : Fltzglbbouti-McCoy 
Trio, V.. f. Reynard, Cbnlk Saunders, Her- 
bert Lloyd, the Misses pelmore, Mason nnd 
Shannon, nnd Kitty Ti-nney. * Motion pic- 
lures continue. 

alu.miiira (Percy (J. Williams, manager). 
— This bouse ivas parked to the doors 110. 
I'cter F. Policy and company appeared In a 
musical comedy, entitled "Nearly a War Cor- 
respondent," for the llrst IJmc In New York, 
np'il .It .proved a very . effective offering. It 
will to reviewed next week. Others were: 
Edward Cunticlly and company, the Majestic 
Tirlo, ' the Tom .Tack Trio, Kelly nnd Kent, 
Hobby Nprtb, Coram, Wlnsor McCay, Iloslna 
CasBOlll's midget wonders, and the vltagra ill. 
. IIUBTLO-A Sj:auon'.s Minn: Mali, (Hen 
Hurtlg: manager).— Tho Kcntz-Santlev Co. 
made Its flrst New York appearance this sea- 
son 30, to a crowded house. This company 
Is noted for the high standard of Its offer- 
ings, and this season surpasses all previous 
efforts. The opening burlesque, "A Day's 
Frolic at Atlantic City," presents the latest 
songs and also furnishes plenty of good 
laughs. . The olio : Chas. D. Webber. Kobcoo 
mid Sims, the Glockers, Frank ltoss, Marshall 
. and King, and Fisher and Berg. A bright, 
snappy burlesque Is offered, thus. Robinson's 
Night Owls' next. : , . 

'UOTHAlf .'(Pave Kratis, manager). — Ed. 
Miner's American Burlesquera ■this week. 
Ilurlcsqiu! and o'lo made good from the start. 
The compcly work Is' excellent. Next week, 
Urenmland Burlesque™. 

, i'Aiitr.j ;<T>. J. .McCoy, manager). — This 
n'wk'i titll Is ft good one, nnd drew out a 
crowd 30. . It Includes : Ed. nnd Rolla White, 
Yankee Doodle Trio, Martin and . Davis, tho 
'r.vvo'Cuannlngs, ami Vic Lconao. 

Brooklyn. — At the Montauk (Edward 
Troll, manager) Adulc Ritchie la appearing 
here this week, In "FauqbiAtlng Flora," with. 
a atrong company. Robert B. Muntoll played 
to big business. Anna. Held, in "The Parisian 
JlocteJ," nuit week. (W. C. Frltfley, manager). — Nat 
M. Wills. In "A Lucky. Dog," Sept. 80 and 
week. "The Muzutaa. Man" did well, lilgliy 
Hell, in "Shore Acres," next. , 
JS Bijou (Rlohard Hyde, manager). — Barmy 
III I more started d week's engagement, :io, In 
blfjp«w pbty, "I»ubUn Dan. "The Cowboy 
una tUe riquuw" packed them In. "HorlUu, 
the Sewing Machine Girl," next. 
. . i 'ot-tiMttiA (.Chas. II. Wuerz, manager). — 
"It's flever Too Late to Mend" Is the title of 

the melodrama playing at this house the cur- 
rent week. "Joule, the 

rent week. "Joule, the Little Madcap," lost 

Hovai, (.Toy Lclgb Wolf, manager).— An- 
tonla. Malorl will appear In two plays this 
week, "War In Time of 1'eaco" nnd "Ham- 
lot" Good bouses last week. 
•', OliniiiJuAt (Percy U. Williams manager). 
— iAuother line bill Is semi 110 and week, 
buiided by Arnold Duly und company, hi a 
sketch, .How lie I.PmI to Her Husband." 
(Idler., are : Master Cillirlol. Huston li'udottes. 
h'lnllli und Cuuipbcll, Cullottl's monkeys, Fos- 
ter; and Foster, Bedford anil Winchester, 
Mignonette Kokin, May 'Fully and company, 
nnd Hie vitagraph. Crowded houses past 

.w»»k.; • • . ;.,..„ 

'•"tlHANii (W. T. Orovcr, manager).— The 

best' blli so far offered lit this house Is see 1 
this week: Claire ltotnulno, Arthur Prince, 
Hlckeynnd 'Kelson, .Okabo Jnps, Ooltii Trio, 
l.Wiieii Models, Billy "Van. Al. Sbean and 
company. Herbert Brooks, and animated plc- 
• res, tiood houses ^3-28, 


-K'ki:nkv'.s (W. N. Perkins, manager). — 
A ' big bill Is seen current week, Including : 
Hal. Clarendon and company, the Surprise 
Party, Harper Desmond and Milliard, Bailey 
und .Austin, Musical BcnnctlH, James smltli- 
Cook, Seymour ami Nestor. Four. Connolly Sis- 
ters, ami (he .Keeueyscupc. Business was 
line lust' week. 

Mi'Aa (Eddie Bchman, manager). — Greater 
New -York ritnrn 110 and week, with John L. 
Sullivan dud .lake Kllruln leading the olio. 
Crowded houses 23-UK. 

■Or,*»n'ic (Mck Norton, manager). — Bob 
MttiK'hester'H Cracker Jacks ore playing to 
bl* ." business. Mr. and Mrs, ..Robert Flte- 
idtbhaous, wl|o liead the strong olio, am prov- 
ing iV big drawing curd. Business last week 

... :'l'i.i.j.t,H'H iBkoauway i i.eo < '. Teller, lessee). 
— Harry. Woodruff Ibis week - presents 
"Urown of Hnrvurd." The play bus been 
well .received by nmolilyn theutrcsgoerB, dad 
the indications are for a' successful neck. 
Ciuluttu Nlllxon 'bad big houses lust week. 
In- t'tftie Three of Ua.V Next, John Barry- 
more, In "The Boys of Company -B." 

Polly (Henry. Kurtzmun, manager).— 
'The Cumblcr of tho West," a big drawing 
'cava with' this house's patrons,', begin a 
week's stay night of 80. Last weak, "The 
Gteat Express -Robbery" brougbtout the S. 
H. O. sign. Next, JumoB.J. corbcii 

(JAVtsry < James Clark, manager).— Scrlb- 
iitfs Big Show this .weak. Coltou 
nnd Darrow, Rose De Vorc, Curtln and Blos- 
som, Tom Robinson, and the Marco Twins. 
T'he burlosiiuc Is called "Tho North 'Pole." 
Ulg hcuses .last week. 

■ i 'Novi&ty (Benedict Blatt, manager). — 
ThR week's bill Is niadc up of: Madden-Fltz- 
pat rick, company, the Juggling Burkoe, Ila 

BaAsdOr-At the Ktar <P. C, Cornell, 

manager) "The Merry Widow" wcok of Sept. 
80. Elsie Janls, In "The Hovdeu," Oct. 7-0, 
first production on any stage. James T. 
rowers, , In "The Bluo Jloon, ' 10-12. Dus- 
ttn I'nrnum. In "The Hanger," mudfl a fine 
impression and drew nicely. "Tbo Galilean'^ 
Vlcttry" Incited much Interest. Its title 
has bcon changed to "Tho Eruugcllst." 

Hni:.\'s. — A)»pearliig week of Sept. 110 arc: 
Lew Adums and Mux Reynolds, in "Paradise 
Alley ;" Stm Collins, tlic ltunettos, Daisy 
llarccurl. Threo La Maze llros., Edwin Fors- 
-bcrg jind rotiipnny. in "iriie Can* Itarty," 
and Rossi and Paulo. Business Is big. 

Tbck <J. II. Oshel. inauaixer). — ^Thls week: 
Harry Corson Clarke and company, In 
"Strati gy;" Joe Harts Military Girls, Ital- 
ian Trio, Jewell's manikins. Itndle Kiirtumi, 
Delhiore and I^;c, Ca-llemi. Four Lesters. In 
"The Two Cats." and animated pictures. 

Lafatettk. (Chns. M. Jlagg. iiMfniger). — 
Wlinlicii.ft Mnilell's Merry. Milker* this week. 
Next week, Washington SuHuty Ulrls. Van- 
kco Doodle Girls drew nicely, 

(.lAnoKN (Chas. E. White, mnnagcr). — This 
week, Rose Sydell's Loudon Belles. Next 
week, Huliity . Ducliens. l'urlalan Widows 
depart Hi 2S. 

Acauijmy (P. C. Cornell, manager). — "The 
Ltf6 of Alt Actress" this week. 'Messlu Left 
tho Village" met with: good results. 

Albany. — At lluinniiius llleecker Hall (II. 
R. Jacobs, manager) the Yiddish Opera Co., 
In 'The Siicj-IHi'o. ' Interested Sent. 23. Mc- 
Tntyrc and Heath, In "Tho tlam Tree." 

fileased a large audience 23.' Fluke O'Hnrn, 
a "Dion O'Harc," pleased 2(1, 'J7. Sam Ber- 
nard, In "Tho Rich Mr. Iloggenbeliner," 28, 
had u capacity, house, and closed the week. 
Anna Day, In 'fWhon Knighthood Was In 
Flower." Oct. a ; Jack Barrymore. 4, •", in 
•The Boys of Company B;* Harry Wood- 
ruff 0, 10. In "Brown of Harvard :" Ji me. 
tSchumann-Heliik 11. 

PaocTon's (Howard Graham, resident man- 
ager). — High class vaudeville drew the usual 
bis crowds here last week. Kitty Traney 
scored big as the beuilllner, followed by Geo. 
Felix, Lydta Barry antl company, and Wnltcr 
Perkins nnd company. For Sept. 30 and 
week : Edv.nrd Clark, Avon Comcoy Fouv. 
Louise Henry, Dairos Bros., Wilbur Mack 
and company, In a' sketch.' "The Bachelor 
and the Miild ;" Owley ami Ilandall, and Tom 

Km tin: (Jas. II. Itbodos, manager). — Ir- 
win's Majesties. '33-St. In burlesque, enjoyed 
big business. New York Stars, . 20-28, also 
finished a sueressful enifiigeineiil. Hirwcry 
liitrlesquers "0-Oct. '-', Jersey Lilies :|..l. 

(Jaiktv <H. B. Nleiiols, mruuigcr).— ■Colo- 
nial Belles, Sept, ti.'l-ao, gave uu enjoyable 
performance, and drew line iiudlenevs. Mi- 
nor's Anierleans. 20-28, also did well, tilling 
the tbeaU'r lit cadi perforinanee. SI rolling 
Players aO-Oct. 2, Uroaniluud Burlcsqucr* 

StAii Tiiuatiiu Is huvlng an excellent, sea- 
son showing moving pictures, and changing 
the bill weekly. 

Sow. — II. it. Jncohs, manager of Hur- 
innnus fllcoeker Hall, met with a sud loss In 
the death of his son, Marcus J., because of 
nn automobile accident In Newark, K, J. 
Voting Me. ,Iu cobs was well known in this 
city, having formerly lived here. He was 
manager of the Columbia Theatre, Newark. 

iloclifH(«T. — At, Dk' Lyceum (M. E. 
Wolff, inuniiKer) "The (lalllean's Victory," a 
play lu four urls, by (Icnry Arlliur Jones. 
received Us llrst preseiilullon on ally HUige, 
Sept. 23-25. "The Ml'iry Widow" 
lustiiiituneouM and overwhelming lilt, 2(1-28. 
It being in l.lniuleilgeil Hie best lilt of light 
opera seen here wttliln memory. The music. 
and slory ihuriued Its lieiirers. Eihel Jack- 
son, In the title role, in tide an emphatic suc- 
cess. Donald Ilrlun being a rloso second. 
'Che production was gorgeous, but In good 
taste. S. It. O. buslucss ruled at every per- 
formance. "The Boys of Company B" 30- 
Oct. 2, "Tho Rich 'Sir. Hoggenholmer" 4; 5. 

National (Frank II. I'urry. manager). — 
Felix O'Harc, In "Dion O'Dare," wus well 
liked 23-23. Dllslni'MS waB line throughout 
the engagement. "The liny with the Boodle" 
had large returns 2(J-i!8. 

BAtCua' (Hli'linnl linker, nianuger). — The 
second week pf advanced vaudeville showed 
no falling off In attendance. James J. Mor- 
ton scored heavily. Bill week of. 30: George 
F.vuns, fiirtiiiell and Hun Is. Mnv' Wnnl and 
Fight Dresden Dolls, .Clinton and Joriuon, 
Kuwson and June, John- lllrcli. Four BurrlH, 
Morris and Morris, ami moving pictures. 

Cook Oj'UIia lloiwn t.i. II. Moore, muila- 
gcr).— S. It. O. eugiu old sfory. Week of 
;m : Criisiin's I'.le, lliiunet Ciirrlgnii and min- 
ium v, Chas. Wavuc and couiHiny, t'nuilllc 
Comedy Trlu, )tobcrtl'*i iinlmHls, Clarice 
Vunce, W. L. WerUtn ulid Lellu Tuylor, An- 
derson and (tollies, and the kluetogruph. 
,' Cukimtmian (lltnry ('. . Jjieobs, ujuiuiger.). 
— The Rdwery HiirleiH|tiei'S gave their usual 

5ooil show week of 23, to big business, lieu 
onsen and Mike Kelly curried off the coiuiv 
dy Juniors. The duiiclng of Curuiulllu D'l-'.l- 
cederu proved mi added feature. The Pii- 
rlslan Widows Co. ao nnd week, the Rose 
Sydell Loudon Belles; Co. next week. 


Tbomiwon, . 

■Wldsw!' tilled tho ltouse Sept. 25.. Mclntyrc 

id '-'Heath, In "The Ham Tree," had a bit 

1). 'Carey. In "Montana." 

-At Hand'a Opera. House (H. T. 
resident tnanager) "The Collego 

Hratinoh, Da|e npd O'Mallcy, Kd. Gray, 
Suilth,' and Dean. Dixon llrotliers, and the 
vfthgroph. Rig houses continue to rule. 

lit.AMiY's (J If. WUIiuins, ima'aagdr).— 
" Jcwfu'-Left thcVlllagc" la this week's offer- 
ing; .It Is a rural drama, now to this part 
of the i borough. Good business last week. 
Next,, "A Fugitive from Justice." 

Gotham (Edgar F. Glrard, manager). — 
This week's bill : Will Lester and company. 
William cabin, tbo Kratons, Russell and 
HID, La Veen and Cross, Anslero. and Rich- 
ards, and Mis. Dan McAvoy. Business con- 
tinues big.- 

. 'I'attom's (Joe Pay ton, manager). — "Old 
Orcllurd" this week. Big houses last week. 
N'cxl, "Leah, the Forsaken.*! • 

l/vi.'t:ciu (Louis - Phillips, manager). — "A 
Man's Broken Promise" this week. "The 
G i ml While Diamond" hud u good run week 
ending 28. 

Notm. — The Sh abort Theatre closed Its 
doors Sept. -21 as u vaudeville house. Klaw 
&. Hrlangcr, who. controlled this theatre, 
fiidnd (hat It wns not a paying proposition, 
and decided to close It rather than run a 
losing irnrne. The house has been leased. to 
S. laiblu. .the well known Dim maker and 
moving -picture man, whose beadfiuartora ure 
located at .Philadelphia. Mr. l.uiiiu .will of- 
fers programme mnde up of moving plctiitcs, 
Illustrated songs and similar diversion,..'. 
William McDlcrnify. well known to all thea- 
tregoers In llils borough a»'lhc treasurer of 
'bei-Orpbeiim. was recently IbeLrrchHUIt pf n 
JWOtbiiiujc, n. Mr. Melilcnney has 
wori much favor with the patrons of Mana- 
ger Williams' house. 

« . i s » . ■ .1 
r Tub new colored quartette, -featured as the 
Alpha ( nip. ily Fo)ir, mude their debut on tho 
K.A P; .^Irciiit .hi tun,. One Hundred, and 
'tVonh-llflri Street Theatre, gnn'dny, Sopt. 
20. :- They followed tho Mliriary Octctle. and 
«/ore well received. 

Ciinn-LJtv, femaln 'Impersonator, Is bclns 
fcatured^vor-the-MoMrc clxcttlt. 


house 20. Harry 

had a good house '27. "'Way Down Fast" 
drew well 2b. The Kirk Brown Stock Co., 
In repertory, 30 and week. . 
. Procml » ('William H. Gruhaai, resident 
manager). — Bill 30 and week: Jesse L. 
Lnskey's -Musical Octette, Arthur Whllclnw, 
Watson and Little, KIsl.c Harvey and Boys, 
Nun Lngli'toii nnd ' coinpany.-jCheaf.alo. and 
company, Prof. Fred Macart » Monkey Show. 

Lyckum (H. .1J. Keller, manager.). — The 
Americans draw good hniises 23-25. Tho 
Coloplal Holies nleaired large audiences 211- 
28. The ,Di'ei|mlaiiil BurlcBqncrs 30^Oct. 2, 
Rolllcklog Girls 3-o. 

. < . »» ■■ ' 


Cincinnati. — Robinson's Opera House, 
undor Alexunder Usshlia's inaiingement, takes 
the '.field -for renewed popularity, Oct. 0. 
when John, C. FMicr's Optra (,'ompuny will 
come, with Uoorgu K. Mack. Fred Huntley. 
Gcrtiudd Mllllagton, Agnes Flnley nud others 
In thQ cast- Tim eouymny rame dirOct fro'n 
Denver. During tins seiisou.' "I'Torodorn," 
"San Toy," "The t'ounlry Girl" "Tho Stroll- 
ers," 'Tho Ludy Slaviiy," "The Rounders," 
"The Idol's Kyc." "Tlie \VlzardcifthoNilv,"aiid 
others will be presented. Due of the brilliant 
lods Jn thi- history of Itoblnson's coveM 

Ksklmo mold, aud Bailey and Austin, as 
Jack In the Box and toe Candy kid. were 
brceilly refreshing. KatlilcenJ'llford proved 
a sweet little mile. Arthur mils Poluf bo»r 
added to the realism of the Arctic Dlcture. 
The dance of the girls and tbelr collie (lugs 
Was a novelty. Clara Bloodgood, in. 'Hie 
Truth." Oct. II. , .. 

Olympic (George F. Fish A Luella rorc- 
pnugh Fish, manngprK).-- Tho Korcpniigu 
Stock ( to singe "A Trip to Chlimtowu 
211. Iji*t. week, the company found "llafflos 
a splt-ndld vehicle for the po.-irnyal of their 
taleats. Herschnl Maynll was >een is Halites. 
with Ada ldftlr as Gwendollii Cotuori. Loa.s 
Albion nv llitnuy, nnd llurrv Fen wick a* <'«p- 
lain Hctford. Wilson Hiimuiul's Cniwsbiiy 
was burglariously well don.'. Ilmlnesa was 
good. "Tho Woman 111 Hie C.isc" Oct. II. 

Com: mm A (M. I*. Anderson A Henry M. 
Zlogtcr, managers). — Ilenjaoiln II. Chapln 
will coma 20, In his sketch, "lu the Wliltc 
House." Otter card*: Wllllnai Inman nud 
company, In "Recognition:" Mllo. NndJI. 
Ward ami Cnrrtiu, 'Tluise Four Girls. 
Mavnin Remlngloii nnd her Rrownlci, und 
Anna Doberty. I^ist woek's hill wus one of 
tho. ties': nf Hie season. Hume liiti'tnluced 
'•Maml" its Hie star of his Hlnlilo. l.nlln Sal- 
blhi, "The Batlihig Girl." (ltd her stunt with- 
out soloK ■«■* "W wnter. Wnsalar 0(on- 
nor's slmdowgrnpliH were good. James JL 
t'lillen Is tho same old favorite. Jouc Lour- 
( hope's f.kelch. "Lueky Jim." wus ti spleudld 
contribution. . . . _ ^ 

Walxiit Stiikkt (N. C. Anderson & Henry 
M. Silegliir. ui.inngersl.— Tlu> Rays. Jolinnle 
nnil Minimi, are coming 2!>. In "Ktug UMajl 
mnportod by the chorus of "Amerlrnii Beauty 
Hoses,'.' Lust week, audiences of splondld 
slap eujoved "Dorothy VerMO of Haddou 
Hall." with Blanca West in tho title. hW, 
Joseph Glllon was a. liaudsonie John Manners. 
In tne duel with Sir Malcolm Vernon (Jnraes 
Moore), Miss Wc« proved, ticrsclf n clever 
uwordswoiiiaii. Hanfon'.s "Sii|ierb.i" Oct. tl. 

Hkuck'b 0ieh.\ Hoisk (The Houek Oprta 
House Co. & K. D. Stair, managers).— Phe- 
Russell HroOiers ato due 21), In "The Hired 
Girl's Millions." "Shadowed by Three 
pleased lovers of the sensational last week. 
Theresa Milter was the wronged heroine. Ger- 
trude Mflltbtntl, JelTorson Hall, L. O. Schoen- 
werk and Charles Stayman ato nil entrusted 
with Important roles. "A Race Across tho 
Continent" Oct. 0. 

LvcintM (The Heuck Opera House Co. * 
E. D. Stair, directors).— "The Curd King of 
tho Coast," under the guidance of Vance & 
Sullivan, will arrive 21). Last week Joseph 
Santley was seen In "Billy, the Kid," with 
Aluiy Kslcl In the role of Nellln Bradley. 

Stamiahp (It. K. Hynleka, ujunuger).---- 
J. II Mark's burli'sqiii! show, tbu .World 
lli-nters, will present "The Isle of Rubber 
Necks" mid "A Trip to Newport," 21». Tho 
Bachelor Club. Charles It. Arnold's buflesoiio 
aggregallon. scored, heavily l»st. week, with 
VTolii Sheldon und Harry Hastings as the 
leading members. Gertrude Holt and the Six 
Lancashire Lassies were featured. Tho _ 

PeoI'LK'm (Tlie Heuck Opera House Co., 
directors). — Fny Foslcr's llurlcsiiuers arc 
due 2!l. The Jolly Grass Widows put la a 
profitable week. George Hickman, Carroll 
Henry and Jiunes Btiradl were the chief co- 
median*, flurry Williams' Ideals Oct. II. 

< le.cinnii. At the Opera. House (Harry 
D. Kline, lnnuuger) " 'Way Down Fast ' ween 
of Sept. 30. F.uVlli! Foy brought "The Or- 
chid" to towu for the week of 23, nnd Trlxlo 
Crlganzl and pleased her many admirers here. 
The show drew eupticlty Houses all week. 

"Brewster's Minimis" next wok. 

colonial (Chits. I. UurtHUlin, niaiiiiger).-— 
"Sherlock llolhies" Is Hie offering hy the 
Vaiighiin Oltiser Stock Co. week of 30. "A 
Bai'bclor's Itoiinuue" was glv.u by this splen- 
did company . to lutuiiicd houses, all last week. 
"Tin; Other Girl" next week. 

MA.uisTir (Curldtou Mary, luaungel'). — "A 
Coloulul Girl," week of .'ill, by tho Mnjest'c 
Stock Co. "Tbo Man from Mexico" llllcd the 
house ul each performance last week. Same 
company next week- 

Lycbum (Geo. M. Todd, mnnugcr).— "1 
Contented Womuu" week of ao. "Haitduuni 
Lund" drew well week of 23. "Texas" next 

(.'i.kvkland (Goo. M. Todd, muunger). — "A 
Race Across the Continent" wcol; of 30. "Tlie 
Hoy Detccllvo" llild gootl receipts WWW of 23, 
"The Hocky Mountain Fxpress" next week. 

Keith's (II. A. .Daniels, muimgur).-- Hva 
Tuiigiiiiy head-: the bill week of 30. Others 
a i" : Seurl und Vlolut Allen und eoinpunyj 
Four Nelson Combines, Hill Stephens and 
compuuy. Kelly uud lloso. /urriill Bros., Sil- 
vern ami Kliiorle, Gllletlos Dog and Monkey 
I'uiitiiiiiiiiie. The business of last week was 
capacity, und It Is not renin rkuble when such 
lot: urn On the bill ' us Shields uud Puul, 
hirliit. throwers; Suil rl ami Kessner, present- 
ing "Tho Bell lloy and the Mukl," uud tht 
Thus. J. Ryan Itlclilliihl Co. 

IKIUJU (John J.; ilusitiii', umnuger),— L'udor 
t he now inuiiugemeiil of Mr. RuHticr (he Lyric 
Is inking on new lire and tiiklug III In- 
creased receipts. It cerlultily looks us though 
It will bo made to puy. In addition to the 
local talent fur week of .'lu. |ho following 
liets are scheduled : Fviiiih uiidLIOyil, Hurry 
HtelnirdH mid company, Folk uud Polk, Helm 
Children, Hugh Gnimetl, Krelore, uud Peter 

, '8ta» (Chas. Lc llni'tmiiun, manager).-- Wat 
Jolty Grass Widowr week, of 30. The Broad- 

Clipper Post Office, 

|> order to avoid mlatajkea iuuI to 
lonure the promiU dellverjr of tba 
letters advertised In ( lil« . Hat, nn 
envelope i»lniiily ntldresacd ntnat tie 
aent tor each letter, and a « ri tten 
order tor tho letter, xlnneil with tlio 
lull name and nddrcsia nikd the llae 
of Imsliieaa lolUnx-d hy I Uo (coder, 
ntnat nlso he enclufced, 

r lease mention the date (or iiuni- 
l.i-rt ..f the CIJlM'KIt In nUloh !»• 
letters acut for were advrrttaod. 


Arthur?. Murthii 
Ailell. Jlyrtle 
Austell. Fluni 
AllSU. I'lon 
Anhuni. SUrslo 
llwitb, Maw) 
l'.iiveu. I .111 I in 
Ui-iiivn. ,UKI 
nrolwrg Carrlne 
lllsek Itrrtrnde 
llluekrurd l.ottle 
llrlitlu. Allxirln 
Jlurry, .Mlldivd 
llrlttidue I.ltible 
lllaek, Kvelyn 
llsrvetl,, I>4ln.v 
lk'iiiieti, Mabel 
Drools. Itlnneh 
Males. Kllsabetli 
llullii Mrs. Freil 

Mrs. Alfreil 
Itnrnlm, Mr». 

i.'omstock Luurii 

Collins. Mrs.J.,1. 
clyuitr. l-ldnn XV 
Cotiiy. Mia 
Carman, May 
Conotte, Juanlti 

Miss R. 
I'urrnii Mrs. Kil. 

Clemens, Kittle 
rtlarln, Sottlo 

Mrs. Anthony 
I'enlev. Anna 


(jourtland, Alice 
Cliiitlium. Flo 
Clark. Msrlu 
Csile. Jiniltu 
Clark, Miss 
Urals, Toby 
Piinle, Atnrio 
I>lxle. Mmb'c 
IMlores, Mllo. 


De» Roches, 

He Milt, Gertie 

Margaret M. 
IV lienor, MPs 
Ttrrtr, Friuiklc 
] tn Oct. Mile. 
liiii-lliiK Misters 

l>nvhi. Mais' 
UueloH, Mm)' 
Marling, Mrs. 



nt . engagemont of Susie Klrwlu, when tun 

WUbur Opera C'uuipuny was u miignut. ctoi 


26 to TS cents. 

Wilbur Opora Company was a mnu 

prices, undor I be Huslihn regime, will bo froto 

'"> to 70 cents. 

Ghanii Opkiia IloiHi) (Harry Hulnfuitb & 
John II. Ilavlln, uiunugers). — Lillian Russell 
is coming Sept. ad. When George V. Ilobart 
and George Rroadhiirst'N racing drama, 
"Wlldllre," will receive Us preailcr. Lust 
wook. Phoebe Dnv'cs was seen in that favor- 
ite pastoral, " 'Way Down Fast," under V. 
A. Hriidv's dlreelhiii. Iliihluibs wus fair. 
John K. Urcuuau'H ill Holler, and .Charles 
Hnrke's Rube Whipple were familiar. . As 
Kate. Caroline Von Jltilow wus delightfully 
naive. Illuiiehe Wulsb, lu "Tlic Straight 
Road." Oct. 7. 

LrufC (The Heuck Opera House Co. & Lee 
Hhubert, managers). — Eddie Foy, with Trlxlo 
Frlganza as an associate drawing card, will 
appear ln"Tho Orchid," CO. "Tho T&jp o' lb.' 
World" did A pretty good htislncsn fast Keek 
— ii In ii, tne. 'i Hint steadily luiproVCd. JThe 
compoaitc work o( .lames o'Doa, Anna Cald- 
well find Manuel- Klein was pleasing;. The 
rihubcrt: Co. : s|osed this , netr>,ext|ar4Biui!:u 
«Ucu(Jlu1/. Anna LiHigbibj, as liuk'duu, tho 

way Gulety Girls hud good crouds last week. 
• a y Foster Hurlesquo Co. next week. 

Km run: (Geo. Clit'UU, iiianngerl. — City 
Sports week of M. London Belles uttrnclod 
good crowds lutt week. Dainty Duchesa Co. 
next week. 

«.» ■ 


Iliilllinore. — Al Ford's ((.'buries L'. Ford, 
liiunageri Otis Skinner prenents "The Honor 
of. the Family" Sejit. 30, for tlie llrst timn 
on any stage. "The Follies of 11107" dill 
S. R. O. business all week eliding U.S. Richard 
Carle's "Thu Spring Chicken" next. 

Nixon & Zimhku.uan'k Acaokmv (M. J. 
Lchinayer, manaier). — "Tlie Three of lis" Is 
tu !«• seen Sept. 210 and week. George Fnwcctt 
scored a succcbs lust week with "Tho Silver 
«lrl.' r "A 'Fool and it Girl" next. 

Amiauuii'h (J, Albert Young, munagcr). — 
"The Girl anil the Judge" 18 (he current 
week's offering. "On Parole" did fulrly wcuk 
ending 28. "Lovers* Lane" next. 

Maiulanh i.Iih. L. Kernuii. innnnger). — 
Tho bill for Sept. 110 anil week Includes: 
Charlotte I'urry uud eonipiin.v, "In Morocco," 
Snyder uud llucklcy, Cuiberhio Nugent, Jle- 
Creu a ml Poole. Krao, Walsh und Melrose, 
and Geiiuro und Ilullcy ns u speclul feature. 

Ai. in n, hum (Jus. L, Kernuii, uiiinuger). — 
"Simple Simon Simple" begins u siuy of ono 
w«ek Sept. 30. Al. II, Wilson closed a weok 
of big buJIuess *J8. "Piiliitlug tbo Town" 
next. . 

Holliuay Si'ktiKT (Geo, W. Rife, maris- 
ger). — "A Fugitive from Justice" opens Sept. 
80, following ''Cutter's I^tst Fight," .which 
did welt 113-1'b. Next wcok, "A Midnight 

Hi.ish'.i (Cliarles K. Ulaney, niaiiiiger). — 
"Berlbtt, the Kcwlug Miieklne fllrl." Is'glna 
ii week's engagement 'Id. "The .Spoilers" 
had a good wcok ''losing 'M. Lottie Wlllluuis, 
In "Josic, tls? LIUIp Mudean." next. 

Nttw Musi'.miv.viai, (Ham. M. Dawson, 
manager).— >'l1ie I'lierry UlpsHoni Iliirlesrpters 
hold tlic stage week of HO. The High School 
Girls drew largely iw-iia. The Tiger Lilies 

GAtkTY (W. L. Bailuuf, manager). — Tba 
Knickerbocker llurlesiiueis are In evidence 
I his week, npeiilng .'in. The Golden Crook 
lild well, closing 26. TliejGfiy Ma»(|tiorflder'« 

Bl»> .lie- lien • " ""• 

1-liiL.s'fi ii'dtviiril C. flnrla, manager). — 
Kcw features nil Include: Ford Wear, Word 
and Wiihur, Mlsu Leioy, Joe IWlinoftt and the 




I lute. Milt I. 
Do li'urre« I , 

lions'ii. l.lllini 
Iluvlilge, Mh'S 
IK' Aiiioio; 

Dclillliey l.tllluo 
IH'Vere Munduss 


Ilehnoil' Misses 

Klhert, Muinle 
lairle, Alice 

l,ilnni'ilei>. I'.lliel 
Kvaii's, Miulellue 
I'.iirle, IMns 
Cooneioll Lllilin 

Flllime. I.oltu 

KeiKiiMin. Uraee 

Plslier Mrs.P.D. 
Fox, Gladys 
Kowlvr. Anulle 
Fax. Floreiu* 
Flecknstclii Mrs. 

Alarks. 'fbe 

Ab'MiinIi i. l"nl 
Asall, Puil 
Allen, N. K. 
Adums, W. H. 
Alvhi, I'efer 
Ailioii... c & I'uy 

AM.Iiiioii Cliiisl'. 
Ab.iee. .tuck 
Alhrbhi. OaliM. 
Aduma, W. C. 
Aflums. Fred 
AlltHilr. A. 
Itruiiu. Will- II. 


mil. Harry 
Hoyte. Hurry 
llergiiiiiii, H, A 
Hi'iiile.v llriiylon 
11,'liiK.ut. Chas. 
Iliilea h Neville 
lioylngtuii. Hun 
lioyle * Tboiims 
liyme, -folm F. 
Bnyrt. Fd. 
Ilrooks, Low 
ISoliroc'W. A. 
Brooks & 

•leu IlClt" 

Barton, John A, 
Itliioni. Dr. 
Party. Clias. 
Ilroots, It. M. 
llliphum, Ilavlrl 
Ittril, Bd. ' 
Illnnkall. Irwin 
Boyle, 'K. J. 
rintHle, M. 
Ilruuo. tlus 

Cliaa. II. 

I'.lllke. 1)111 
llleknell. ", II, 
llrengk, Krnest 
jturrle. .1. M. 
tliirruti, .Mr, 
liny, John 0. 
Hues, Oscar IS. 
llnrrett. Jot. 
Herd. Wui. 
Urown, Hay 11. 
Ilragg. Jehu D. 
lii.j.e. .lack 
in ii. i- Al. 
Ilrlgiis, Mgr. 
ityron. (J. I>. 
liyron. llnlsTt 
llvma, t'K'niilu 
llbiiil, Hurry 
liuxlor. John 
Ik'llucla.' Tony 
lk'git. Joint 
lliihlivla lliirney 
nrooks, llnrvey 
II Is to 111. Joe 
Ikiyil k Veolu 
Brslll,' Walter 
Ilowinmi, Frail 
nurnatelii. Hutu 
Iieltorils, Tlie 
jlreuniiua, Tlic 
flrneks k 

flcyiiohl: & 

tie Ainu 
KrUjgs, I-. 0. 
Itreen, llnrld J 

\"em,N»l, Muui'e 


llvey. Mr. tl«>. 
Oslairiie. Merrl 

I, -in I'll CJc ) 
\. ll'Nell. Nettle 
Pinker Cilyihi-O. 
I'rlniM»«' Vernlo 

Mr* !'. A. 
Carry, Clinrlotte 
Prlmi-iav. Anita 
I'milelie, Ijin 
I'ereell. Miimlo 
Panll. Mmlae 
I'nyiie, Julia 
Kilter, JllMi'H 
ltvnii MrM.Sam.l. 


Mrs. Karl 
Itltrlile, Mae 

Mrs. I'. r. 
lloss, npni 

Uiissell. Viola 
itlddel. Kllllli.l 
lleiilher. Mrs. II 
iftniuMiil, Millie 
Itanson, Addle 
Klght, May 
llei-ves. Addle 
Until. I.» I'i'llte 
hlone, lliizel 
Svvsn, Miy 
Settler. Mury 
MNMrata Flphyo 
Mliinv. Alice J. 
si. ci. ilc Audrey 
Sliirklns Nellie 
Stevens. V, A. 
Sinn. Mnile 
Sw nn. Olive 
Hliniiiioii. Muy 
)<olii.r Sue 
Stanley, Mrs. J. 
Btliuri, Mnrle 
MtiildiT. Kvelyn 
.*eyiiairi', K,llisni 
jiilerlol', Sudle 

Mrs. J. ('. 


Hlone, Mrs. 
Kliirk. Millie 

Tutlle Ml-ii.lM.'. 
Thowerj, Nellie 
Teiiit«'sl, (Jraee 
I'huiniis, itruco 
Tiiruey, Mae 
I'liuiiuiN. Susie 
llriiinney, Klsle 
Villlirlio, Hue 
Voellier .Mrs.l'W 
Vnuylui Mrs..!. II 
V*«ln, Net In 
Vniiliirc, llesste 
Veriinn, IsaU-l 
Visllir. I...HU' 
Wngner, .Mnv 
WiiImoi, .lesfcte 
Vt'eMill, Mas 
Willi". I.iilu 
WHIP. Ixiulse 
Wllllillis. liny 


' Mnrllin 
H'is.ilN, Amelia Annie 
Wilkes (Irotrheii 
Waillininu Dottle 
Wallmi'. Vlnnlo 

Miss rs. 
Wood. 'Mrs. J.M 
West. Ilhuii'ii 
Whiilsnr Is.rolOy 
WlilhiniH, Nullle 

Wasliliiirii, lleiiu 
Walker. Allis' 
Westeiill. I'.VII 

Mm .1. Ii. 
Montgomery. Vule. Mabel 

Klllv Veinniilis. Annie 

Murk Kirs, cine Keller, Flu 
Nelson, (tussle IKeulo, Myrtle 
Nqgciit Cullirhiel 


Cramer, Jiw Duiinlilsoii lj. A. 

f:b«se, Will Duffy, Suwlello 

Chfiiey, Olnis, « Outfy 

foiillii C. Alex. Dviiuhui'i J.J 

Collins. ,1. J. 

(lliadwh'h Jos.D. 

Onrrol. T. W. 

(tliiylon I'l-iiiili 

Ciiinplsll, .1. II 

(ll'Slie. John IS. 

t'oiiroy. J. h 

Clinton, J. W. 
IT|M'lis|ili-e, llert 
Cope Trio 
CIIITi.rd Wall. S. 

curry, T. 

(.'imirrii phone. 


Clilrke, Ti 0. 
(v.llln, J tu II 
(.'turtle, tlus 

Jliiiidd II 
CiiliW'uy, Neal 

Curtex llel liiueli! 

Curieoily Jus, F. 
Ciiiiipii.ll. (Jim 
c«.k. Hilly 



Cillllllls 11 lloivill 

Coll, II. L, 

Ciiimliighum, C 

(irant's Mhowii 
(Vdlmni. Herb, 
Cliiise, Tom 
(!r«fl, John 
Ciirhley, Jus. F. 
Clerk. <li 
Colter 4 Hehnfei 
Clarke Cioipls'l, 
C.IIIos, I). II. 
I'u iinlia-lin in. C 
Cluj'loil. It. H. 
Colemnn, J. I 1 '. 
Cook. de.. W. 
Curd uu & IV, 
OigHwells. Tlie Crunk 
DlilTys. The .1 
Duvls WHrriii (,' 
lie I, end. U hi 
Debuoii', Tost 
Davis. !•'. 
Hurling. Chas. 
Dyne*, Wm. 

1H> Viilllle. ti 

Dill .'( Ward 
ti.i'.i-.i.u J. A Hit 
In- I. Isle. J. I! 
Is-iin Ills,, 
(III (lull Crno 
He l[i'i,,.,i. CIiih 
IS- Will. Iliirns 

,v iWrmMir 

liiiiinliiu, Krml 

lieltiirgli. l.mils 
Del Mom. Al. 
Dye A 


Mrs C. J.tAul 

Kerls'S. Ili'im* 
t'owler. Ahiiedn 
(.'leinhig. Ali«" 
Prntiels, damn 
Kriliioils. Ill 
Kruser. Miss 
(Pile. Until 

tint, CIuis, 

Mrs. (fceni 
(limlner, (trinv 
ll. set win. Sue 
I'.ciited. Klsle F. 
0111, Cleve 

llerllii I.. 
Cil.leii. Myrtle 
Curiliier. illiidyH 
lliis-iird. lintel 
llnrly. Vloli 
lliirrlsou Misters 
Howard Doruthy 
llirimnii. Mielbi 
lleygoist, HKte 
llnmiihiy Jennie 

Miss II. I(| 
Homer Flurvtire 
Ileal!. Mil" 
tliinn-i Frances 
Howiiril Mrs. II. 
Hughes, (lene 
Hurlock, Violet 
IMiTn'iio, Kittle 
Hems. Kinlly 

Catherine C. 
I lenlll. .teste 
Unfile. Nettle 
Hnrtey. Mmgle 

IlllltlillOII, Kllle 

Holmes. Muy 

Miss lASI t>. 

tintnif, Curlnue 
liiiiii.H. tiurotliy 
loliliMii.oe. ' 

fewidl. Jesse 
Inhiisoa, IMue 
farksnii. Klhel 
Sent Mrs. Chas. 
King, K.ile 
-Celfey. I.ulu 


'.'Fraukle Mae 
I.ewls Mn.U.W, 
tx- Ulune. 


I .k t.i 1 r ti*. Ida C. 
l*wls, Trlxle 

:.ii\v],.r, Veltle 

1 .11110111, ("arrle 
.uMei (lertriute 
..lillellelit t.maia 
[iWlllls llorotliv 
l,n llrecln, Hlell 

Ill's. (1. A. 
I.u Sell-. 


l/Ktlll. Hell n 

l/iuls'l. Mile. 
Lit I'elil' Whiiiin 

ile.Miil ' 

Mrs. Jos 

Mrs, Jon. V. 
Mvuiiey. f.oltlc 
Marl Inez II lot In 
Miirslnill, (iruisi 
Mllllll.ll. Luclllo 
Moure. lei'oe 
iiniir. Agnes 

Mrs. Henry 


CO on Muy 
Mensuer lleryl 
Morris, Lllllilll 
Miirlon, Miss 


Murks, Mill He 

Galolum Gas aad « 

Moving Picture Outfit 

We atari yoii.funitslilng romplnta ontBIt 
with aluijle and explicit fnstruotloni. 
Tha Plaid la Large, comprising lha 
ragulurthealro anineeturo nlrciilt, al«» 
local flolds In Churches , rnblln Hrhoola, 
I.oilgoa und General Vnhllo (lath«rtnit». 
Nothing aflorJs ImltoropBorlunltlH tor 

SSi^im. Our Outfit ComwlSBS 

araataat cnntl lo power.t ho aafoit 
nno* m oat aoon o ro lo nl rn a-mriii Ins: 
Rtrtnutn, Having Pleluri' MitHliM. 

n_ .n^.. and ovcry aceaaiorf 
Film, SINII needed for compleM 
entorlalnmenti, Abaolntnly the >«••* 
ft una and vluwa on iho inarkot, InelaalnK 
all aabjecu for the publltfi.eajaytpcntj 

FRM anMrtalnment aupoly cataioBua *»'t 
.•r*lClAL OPr«ltrillyctrranaevor,Tt.ta|I. 
C4VUIS TM1MIII8 CO.. JH Putlini Il,.0a»t. 307. Cklcam 

Heiideraon, .lurk 
llnyes. W. C. 
l*oiti.iii Fred ,V. 
Ilonp, T. 
Hurt. II. 
Hall .V Lesley 
Hill. A. 
Hnrryvln \iille.i 
llllic. Illtlv 
Hersimicf F. II. 
Hinklll, Tim. 
Helu-rl, Arthur 
llownrt, llert 
lllmehlhTu. T. 
Hull. W. II. 
Illipis'r. C II. 
lloroilelo (.:tuis. 

Clius. H. 
II. tiIi. i- ItVI'l" 

Holmes, ciois, 
Ili.liiiiui Pro- 
IP ris'rl. Curl 

llitiry Cle.i 

Hill. HllKllllllll 

Hiivlliiml. J. II. 
Howard a Tuf. 
.HeiiilerNon, l.isr 

I P. ten, j. J. 
Ilillllley. .1. II, 
illilllla. .M's'i-t 

lllikev, Ml 
l tun a In, (.'has, 
Iris. .1. J. 
Inlliiil', Iti.evr 

.lull , \V. M. 

.tol I '. I 1 

JnhiiMiii". I ». .Villi. V 
Jiiliiisim, c, J, 
Jeivetl, Jesse 
Johnson, lid, 

.ItltlllMli.ll, <l. C l.leo.C. 
Kelly, Ji'ivcll 

Knls'lcr, C'llUS. 

Kiiiiner. I 'red 
liliiii. Hi 1 1 
KcIL I. W. 
Krltehllold. .1. 
Km on.. Hurry 

Lynns John W. 
Moore. Ilosy 
Miller. Kreil 1". 
MoMiiiiiui. Tim 
Moll. Sum ne 1 
Miller. Cam 
Miiekle. Jna. 11. 
MeCurlhy. J. A. 
Mnek. y. (I, 1). 
Moiilloii. Iluriy 
Mnrajinll. l'."l 
Mi'Iioiiiii.i. John 
Merrill. Ihiireui' 
Miiratinll. (irs. c> 
Morris, (V. II. 
Mnek-. 'tlie 2 
M.'Vlmv V. 
May, .lenihie 
Mulheus Ilnlihle 
Mnthews iV 

ikliMir, Kiwat W, 
MeCiiilliy. I', C. 

hll.l'i'ls. Ik. I, 

IMcCien A Plana 

Mnlhitl. J. It. 
Muck. H'llliiir 
Mslli'j. Hun 
Mills, Wllfohl 

ltoss. It. II. 
Ilyan, Frunk 
ttusc, Clius. 
lteed, Ous 
Hose. J Intuitu 

IIIkiIuii, lloy 
llolte. Tom 
fniltli. Win. W. 
hiiiltvuu. tnvi'ii 
Hiiimii, llrrou 
Kehulli. Jnlm II. 
Heiiubni Win. II. 
rinow, llisi. W. 
Hlvles, Frrrl C. 
Helinihlt, Fred It 
Senfles. Arthur 
Wntvh. A. T. 
Sariwnt. I-'.' 
Stevens, Is'O 
Hliniiiioii, 01 1 1 -v 
Mie 'I". 

Chan. ( loY. > 
Htiinwnod Uuviil 
Sne.itiniii. W. C 

stoiri.. Harry 

Mlniins, Wm. 
I.HlcM-iii'l ,V 

Slliipnio. r, W. 

Murphy. J. Then lildouliis. Tin 

Mi nil' ui. II. A. 
Miirrny, I limit J. 
Mer.llllS', .lue 
Alotilellli ArlllW 

Million. W. II. 

Miillliiinl l*lll'l|l 
Vlnrrls. Jus. 
Mini ni . ClliyH.1i 
ft li.-eiv 
Mortlit. II, 
May. Arthur II. 
MnS'iihl. Jim. II 
Miiilln. /.. J, 
McMiniu-, ,1. J. 
Mnek, .I'.i I'. 

Mnek, Clms. K. 
Mueli. lid. It 
Miller, ('has. H. 
Miller, K. iJsut 
Murli'clhiH, Tlie 
yiurtiliy. W. Jcrf 
N'etr. ,)'ihu 

I'.... hV 
S Nelson, Thus. 
Nelson. Will. 

tililllh, II. IJ. 

Kinllli A Union- 
Steve, -,. Willy 
Mill Hi, M. A. 
iKwycr, Krunk 
Keftiui. Harry 
Ktuiiliupc, Jos. 
Slnrln. Mu\ 
Milllltilf. C 
St. tlnill-, I'nsl 
S.-luillk. Cteil .1. 
.I'.levCtooli A 

.Suite n I 
Miiuley Jna. Co 
RmiiiiN. IfoMiit'l 
Tujliir, ffil It. 
Ilutrdii, iTidule 
Thurunr, Win. 

Mr, A Mm, 
Tuelier, John 


Until. Mllo J. I Ken-in ii a. Victor, ;\ei\i|.i.i, Cliiill.ll 

IleriiuiiiiNewry, .las. 
KlUK l.i.wiiioelpill'lli, I cmik 
Kerr 1,'m. W. lO'lsitivhlln. 
Kniii.e. Win, Major 

Kelly, Clius. J. , Outlier, A. It 
Kuiiiuierer II, UiUrleftn. Iss> 

Kellnel . Fd. illlliil. llisi. 

Kilt., J. W. iillver. (lay 
lOIIVer. Hurry 
Coin., PI. Thus. .1 
I -re lie, Clio 

Ilelmey, W. 
I 111 C.ilnll, A. It. 
lie llliveo. It. 
tiny, (I. « Kohl. 
Kviiua, Percy 
Packs. ,lo«. 
Fditioiids It 

I'aiiliviura uf 

llweu. Hoy rt, 
Lmi'rm.ii, Joe 
Former, Win, 
I'oalvr, Vlriur 
Cox, Hoy K. 
Furrrll, Clin' 
1'einiui'ii. Kick 
I'lrit. lliirney 
Klsltw, 1». f). 
I'-Pik, Pnsl 
IToreuee, Peeaa 
I'iiIIh. n. A. 
Fulloii, Win. T. 
PI in n. J. J. 
Feu I on. J. T. 
I'mlrlL, Alex. 
Fmoi, Hla. 
Fox. Fred U, 
Kris'iaun, Mr. 
Kriinks Thll J 
I'ruser. II, W. 
I'rtmillu. II. 1'. 
Gulden, ls;w 

lluiH'l It, Clin.. 
llorit.ii, X, X. 
toilvln, Jus. A. 
Oiirdhiu, (i. 
(Hum. Nick 
(Ireiwry I'rnokl, 
(tr.ij, Kd. 
(iPlsri, John 
fin. -si, li'u'ilk. 
(Ilnss. Jna. I,. 
(hjilli) . Jus, (.'. 
(JrlrJtlli (ten. W. 
Iliirilmi. Chas. 
(irlll'ii. J. A. 
tjelscy. II. II. 

'inn*/, TltiM. 
li-otliic. Wsiter 
■ Psslrleh, I!. \V. 

Ilerieiio Mist, -,-,, 
Uiivvr. Cliesier 
(tluelier, (Jims. 
(iull.iivuv .Ink T 
tilllilinii, Hurl 
liriililM, Mr. 
liiillimbei. Jus. \ 
(Inrilner, Chas. 

Hte.e (tc.l 
djee, Mr. 
fJtuy, Kd. 
(Iiirls'ld Jus. It. 

Kelluer. Kd. 
tilt., J. W. 
Knilsc. K, M. 

Kin Ivu PI. II. 
Koliler, Anion 
i.u Toll, Fred 
Mill. >,hn. 'I'lioa, 
Is.sler, J. I.. 
I,e I'ellelb-is 
l.elii. I nn 
1.11111/11". !•■ !i 

lift Volliula, Till' 
l.lddii, Ureal 

P II, rill. I I. 

Ltieeiilrii, Jos A. 
1,11 Tier. Alls-it 
Lima. Ill Tom Hurry II. 
I.U M.i rl, C. ,1. 
l.lUvri'llec. Hob 
1.1ml, John 
llvlliio-lioie (J, II 
Lulimlle, H. 
Llieders Ilenryll 
Lu I'orte, S. M. 
1.1' Mo. oil Unit v 
La ('mix, I'/uil 
Lilly, (IM). V.. 
1 s'lil.. . Al He 
Ia'wI'. Hen J. 
I.elloy A(, lti> ton 
'uretta Twins 
Italic. Semi 
.A>ech. Al. 
I yneh llros. 
l/il>li, Ileu'ihi 

Celfonl. Clllis, 

I.u Duke, 1'i-eii 
Isioe Htnr (Juiir 1 . 

1 .11 1 1st, Ihnil'lie 
I, mine A- Hillil 
I«V*IL K. 
Isiruy A 

Uu wlton 


I suits 

I'ltl . I 111' 


Pll'l'l... l-.lp;elli! 

I'orlor, II. W. 
I'hlilips.W. It. 
PnlteiTini Vera 

II. IV. llOcl 
I'HTet-. A. In 
Pori.-P, linn 
I'tiut. I'rnnli 
i'hlpps, CIuis. 
I'lmsey. Altie-I 
(/ins 1 1. A IP.". 
gull/ley. U. W, 

lleonetlet W.I-;, 
HlrT. Arlhur 
lloliaull. I'lllllp 
Until, Hill 

I Pise. I.eioiar'l 
Clrnl A- li'iillnia 

IP, l.h, ...0 T'hos. 

Hldil". lid. 

Hiisssll, Phlllbi 

Itniliulo. (list. I'l, 
Its-lit. Si.iiioel 
It.i.-ki.ell. J, 0. 
Itnlllfi. ,l.«. 

Iteleln llhiiell, 

II. I 
It .'-. Churlle 

lleiivey, Hurry 

I (re. I. I las 

Unas. II. It. 

Itiiiikln A Is'slle 
Pis'," u llurvey 
lluilcllfi h 




Vokef, Hurry 
Viliier. J. 
Vernon. Hon}. 

Vliliil. Clius. 
Wilder ,1 Norlnii 
Vim Dyke. 11. W 
Vanitliii, J. 
Villi I'esM'li, II, 

Venters, liii'uo 
Viiuilel, Unity 
Wrlalil. Kd. 
WnhW llenryi:. 
Warren. Frwl 
(Vest, ,|i,hii 
Wilson, JUS. .1. 

Wiilis-r Hnrr) II 

Weslfui I'livbl 
WiMslmltn, M. 

iVIIhiir Clarence 
l'ku/el, I'md II. 
Vlb-oii. Wm 
ii'..,.., i a. ,1. 

Warner. Cha». 
Wolf. John II. 
Weal C. J. 
Wui.ler, Hon 
Wlluou llnrry n. 

Wis, iliiiilit, (Jon, 

WIIw.ii. Urn, N. 
Weston. I'lisl 

Harry A. 
Wood. lT.inelt 
Wisiley. Murk 


Wllnili, Sieve 
Willie. Tlilll 

n I n 1. in. .Ity Wi 
Wins I we nt. J. 

Wilson A .VI in I.- 
Mllkellekl. W. II 
\\ ■llislniile.i C. .1 

Wiuile I'reilirli t. 
WiiHlihurn l.""ii 
IVIImu. ilco, 
Wiildroo, .In' 
Vodsr, F. W. 
Yueirer, Chns. 
Young, L, A. 
Vomiii. Chns. i;. 

mm, ,m. w. 
Barrow, liiek 

lleliiiulil.Ziilllus. Thio. 
l.'nuik ' 

II'Alni.ll 1'liiH.lei (iiininer, I'. 

. ■ urovka a Vcddet i/claiur, May 

inn i '. I. Il.-M. 
li'Trel, pe»,i 
D.-ole, Jus. 

'.kpi :ii „. John 

lliile. I). 

'K- Culru Herbt. 

Iili.i leu,-, Hani 
llnwnrd, Curry 
i ilarrlaan. 
- Priuik ,v Sndhi 
ilhirrliiai'm- I'rnf 

riiifiii. ii. ii. 

'Ui.Uluuil Uio.b, 

.Members ut "T'lie Muring Chlnki-n" 

< ... Ill Wri'i'k. 

The inciiibcrH of "Tlic Hpi'lnv Chicken" 
Co., on Hie way front Zunerivlllo, IJ.. lu 
Wlu-elliiif, \V. Vii., were In it wreck on Hcpi. 
liH, Hi Hhlek's Hliillnii. tin Hut Iluliliiiorc & 
(Hilo Itiillroiul, neur llellulre, (». 

Alfivil Dulviiv. nnislciil eiitidiiclor. who 
wan In the HtimkliiK cur, hud his uriii eruubeil, 
and W. JI, Jamison, of Hut commit)), wan 
sent |o Hie Whei'lliik' Hos|iltiil. siilferliiK from 
a broken iirni utiil hileriml Inluelcs. Hevenil 
oilier iiieinbern nf Hie iiillltillll.v W"lc more 
or lens shaken up. nunc of Iliein Kcrlomdy.. 

,. . 4 , »a> . .. ' ,". ■■ 
•Iliipi.) Uliyu" I'riidiieeil. 

"Ilaiipy Hays." William A: Hraily's prn 
(liielhili. with Al. Li'iicli III lite leuillliu ruli'i 
IuuI Us llesl presentation ul tin) Middlesex 
Theatre, MhlilluPmn. Ciilili., Kept. i!IJ. Thu 
bunk Is by Kullelt ('huiubei'x, und tin: iiiintlv 
by Hun 1,'uwurils. Mr. Leiteli lu> . u unoit role 
III the piece, nnd iiilvlees say 'thill Hie slur 
ami Hie piny, lie cc very nun b Ip the llkloe 
'if till! lllldjellee, Mr. I'lllwill'ds' ititob- mude 
II H'Mill Iniplesnliill, 


"W H.tUri •' Ol.ei.-, 
"Wlldllre." with , Lillian ItiiHuull us Mr*. 
Ileiirtetlu Ilurrlnuton, was given Its ptemler 
lit Hie (il'Uliil <lperii llimse, < 'In. Intuit I, II,. 
MopC .".!'. .Nn ll'so /llllll I ell lei llllo rollinii. I 
Hie Hunt .IP.Ili <iei.ii,i- Hi. ..iillnu, i 

ijCrfiC V. iiiiPncr, weir tat Pel .before tl-e 
eiinnlri. mid the former. Mtninioorml bin tli'iiika 
for the ovalloii, T'he lioime w/ia erowde'L 
uud ill" u.eiiernl ..pinion Wii.1 tltUt lUc ruclaj 
coiueijy la U BUceeitu. ^,. . to . a 




October 5. 





Address HETTY URMA (care of Jennings), 341 W. 23d St., N. Y. City. 









lorpiMenton.u.girttoeomelaTedoae. Write for our l»rec IllutirntcJ catalog today. Whatortr jou eolccc 
IfromthJabesntlftil eataloK.we sosd'on approval. Pay ono-nftli on delivery, baian.e Id S e.yiat monthly piy- 
__^^^_ nI . d.ii.ku n.i.tHi nti^nmA menci. Your credit Is pood. Do Vour Chrl.tusa Hbopplos 
lA^TIC ' 11 ReHablS. Original Dtlrnona N , w> conveniently .ncl Irisnrely. In tbo privacy of onn 
■yr I 1*9 and tVCtlCn Lteuil HOUIO borop. tion't wait until the Chrl5tirjairu»hliion..NowlfthotItno 

■iBHt.tll. Oof. V. l2Slitiil..Chlci!i l lll. ton»ii»cljolc«.olection«,Oarc»uiogUfre..wnteforittod»y. 


owing lo Hie fact iliat MR. SIMMONS hail been ordered by specialists to take a rnach needed rest,.we 

maw nave an exceedingly Clever Leading Man at once. Address . . 

■ 8YDNP,YGRBASliN', Grand Opera.llouse, week Sept. at), NorrLstown, Pa. Edward \ all, write 

far. A guaranteed 
Ire or write. Join 
BDjwnere. Co's. in Sew England, write ■ Address, Pare of atill Samson St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 


WASTED— Character Woman (preference to 
ope who isstouf), Character Mali for Strong Tramp 

Sirt, Character Man for Old Man Heavy, Young 
an for Jnvenlle. Others write. You don't ham 
to do specialties, bnt yon must be able to act. 
sober, reliable ami experienced people, who 
would like a long seat-on at a reasonable, salary, 
write with foil particulars. Also good Agent 
wanted win will pout when necessary. Pay yonr 
own. Ouc night stands. • 

"Minister s' Sweethearts" Co,, EaUicrvlllc, Iowa. 

"WASTED— A first Clasi Qnartetie. mualcal or 
vnral, to be featured In a big speoucular vaude- 
vil le act. Address Rlngel, cam of OLIPPER Office. 

WANTBD-strong Cornet. Doable Stage or 
B. and O. Other Musicians who Double .stage 
write BROVM.BR A REED, C.T.O. Co. Oct. 4, 
Hurrlsvlllo, R.'L; 6, Franklin, Mass.; 7, Poxborn; 
r, Rockland, Baas. >- 

WANTED-Good Comedian, must fake organ. 
Monev sure, Late SneMng, Prof. Wilson, Dutch: 
Tom McCoy, Eil. Cane, write or wire. Will buy 
Punch outilt, if cheap, for spot cash. DONNELLY'S 
CONCERT CO.. Keene. N. H. 

Telegraph. Deuionstrnllon, MysterlotiB, Sensa- 
tional, Altrnotive and High Class. My im- 
proved instrtnuenra now sold outright for the 
show business. Atiyone can run then). Out- 
fits, WO tip; photographs and description 
furnished. for 50 cents. C. ll.^Andrus, elec- 
trician, Knoshurg Falls, Vt. '■ 

WASTED. Lady Musicians tor a Ladles' 
Concert Orchourn. State all. Ans. Quick. 
v A. P. Bt.NflUAM, Carrol l. Iowa. 


?'tu.w-WbiieTragcdyi, mo feet (cost *1W.M), with worth of print sheets, one sheets 
ami three sheen. All for tw.oo. Sent privilege 
elimination. AMRRICAN EXCHANGE, Mo llalscy 
St., Brooklyn, N.Y. • 

WANTED-Performers that play Pisco, M.. P. 
Man and other useful people write. Bust change 
for a week. State all In flrsL No time to dicker. 
Tickets if required any place. Permanent address, 
T. J. MADDEN, Bolivar, S. Y. 


Cor.- Her.. PHILIP M1NDIL. 114 W. .lOth St.. 
New York Clly. . 

Tho uttendnncc ut Keen's on Friday night, 
Sept. 27, MM very large, considering the 
fuct flint the great majority of Friars are on 
the road. Tho abbot t, Wells Hawks, an- 
nounced that the complimentary supper ten- 
dered to Col. Henry Watteraon, tho famous 
editor, has been postponed to Saturday night, 
Nov. 0, us "Mnrsei Henry" finds that the po- 
litical situation In Kentucky will keep him 
busy throughout the month of Ootobcr. 

The Krlnra an Indebted lo Messrs. Kllegl 
Brothers, proprietors of the Universal Klec- 
rrlc ■Stage- Lighting Co., 1, 'lit;! Broadway, for 
n magnificent eleotrlc sign, with the namcy, 
••The Friars." thereon. Friar WVRetie Helcey , «« 
Alldn, who In the official usherlat the ban- 
mie-ts nnd ulso the librarian of- the Friars, 
•wus appointed custodian of the sign. The 
bIeii was lltnniinnted ut Ihc gathering on 
Friday night, and II shed a rich glow over 
tlw hall. It will occupy a conspicuous place 
nt the future meetings of tho organisation. 

Tbe l'Ylnrtt were entertained by Cllflon 
Crawford, Iho inonologlst, who was a guest 
of Friar K. Lowslte. of the press biuepu of 
Klnw oi Krlangcr's advanced vaudeville. 

Tho secretory reported that Dr. Artlmr W. 
WlUUms. of Hot Bprlngs, Ark., had offered 
Ills services aw the Friar physician. In Hot 
Springs, Ark. On- motion of Friar Joseph 
Jeirnon, li wan decided to accept Dr. Will- 
Innis' oBfrr, and usk the corresponding secre- 
tary to semi lilin a letter of acceptance and 
vlia'uks. and nnnmincc the spprilntmenl In the 
FrJai-s Knlstle. • | 

Friar Joseph Jermon woven tbnt the cor- 
i-CKpondlng Kecrotnry lie asked to send a let- 
ter lo Dr. M. Lantrrman, 108 Peel Street, 
.Montreal, Cnnorta, accepting his services ob 
l'rlar physician In Montreal, and accompany 
the announcement with an expression of 
iltpttks. The notion was carried. 

ThoeiOR J. Noonan -lion bton .transferred 
from assnclnte to act Ivi- membership. 

The next gathering will be held at Keen's, 
7t» W. Thirty-sixth Street, on Friday, Oct. 4, 
at 11 P. m. 


F I L M 


FILM 2cts. t 3cts. f 4cts. P 5cts. and 

6cts. PER FOOT 


Horn and l-:3 Records. Cost $200; only $00 

Acetylene Outtln, l.rhotn, Cetuniit. 
Film Cleaner, Limn, Asbestos Covered 
Wire, Annooncemrnt Slides, BereeBS, 
Condentere, M. P. slid Stereoptleen 
Lenses, ete. Model B Gas Outfits, $9.1 
up, etc., etc. 

T. J. Hirtac.1, 809 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Tersatllo Actor. No Leads or Low Comedy. 

Rough Sonbretle, Light Juvenile and Ingennes. 
Characters, Heivles, etc. Wardrobe. No spe- 
cialties. Long experience. Reliable managers 
that will pay for the above, write or wire. 

fl. JUPD, care of Hamilton House, Chicago. III. 


Others write. Musi he good Reader, sober and 
reliable. Salary $2.i per month and all found. 
Write or wire. GEO. ORAILRY, Leader, State 
Hospital, Morris Plains. N. J. 





LINE. Other First Class Musicians 
DR. B. D. RUCKER, Dallas. Tex. 


Five acts for one male, one female: five acts for two 
males. Money order or two cent stamps. Sketches 
and Plays written to order. Address BERNARD 
KL1NO, Playwright, U6T Jay St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Magical Apparatus For Sale. 

. 1)5 Lafayette St., Norwich, loan, 


recognized performers laoo to back u strong 
Novelty Playlctlln Vaudeville. Head Line Act. 
Aoarcss ACTRESS. Toledo, Ohio, oare Pen. Del . 


EACH COMEDIANS who can sing and dance. 
Also play music, take part in Arts for Actors and 
Act ress. Address CARL RAYMOND, Sec.retary . pid. 



Steady work. Address ANNA .M.LWOOD, 121? 
Market St . Pblla, Pa. 

S O XS 33J 3ES a* Y 

AND ALL THEATRICAL 4100U5, Scenery pu luted 
cheap ami tiutckly, Aiuatoiirn supplied. 
C1IA8. E. MILLS. 43: W. list St., New York Clly. 


Alleged Mall Swindler Caught. 

The following clipping from The St. Loulu 
(Mo.) RtpuWo will doubtless prove plruHlug 
news to mnny who have been vlcllmfeed: 

"Post OfBce lusepctor K.'F.. Mnrtlo noti- 
fied tbe local olSce from liidlaimpolls yester- 
day, that he had caused tho arrest of Charles 
Bergman, ullas Revere, allsa Onirics Uoldeu, 
alius Gdwartl Dulton, nt Cloverdulo, Intl., 
3n u charge of using the mails In' a scheme to 

"Inspector Martin left St.-.l/ouls a few 
days ago with a i warrant Issued In tbe otBra ; A pROEBSSIONAk HANJO and VIOLIN 
t.f the pnltcd 8 atcs District Attorney, on , verT „ he ,,,. r , K cl'MMINUS, 
application of Edward C. Natt, MIMir of • r m church St., Torriugtoit. Conu. 
tbe Angella Comedians, at West Union, in. ■ =.-•' 

ir»nsporiatlon g f rom "fn? alter having agreed ! f| AN 1 1 li A Mill I AH I uANO, 

5 a take n position with the Angel la Come- suitable for a skating rink. Otvo lowest price and 
Hans.' ( full particulars. (JEO. HAMMOND, Cambridge, o. 

"Rergman's letter apparently was wrllteu . Ko r sale, a Complete Set of House Scenery. 
In the BurllneUiu Hotel, nt St. Louis. He I -r *S2SSSSnm*M*SSr~mmmS iTSSwSmSi 
Mid ha and his wife had been amployetl four | AGENTS, PARK MANAGERS 
seasons with Iho Uonnett & Uoulton Stock , ,,TuZ,nT« ZL sia»l usniobM, rf\ih « 
Company la top liner specialties, os t hey I - ,UI '"'onlst and Burlesnne MaHlclau, n 
bud good wardrobes. 

"Omcera sav numerous other ttaentiical 
tnnnajrers liaye been swindled In n similar 
way. Bergman was placed In ioll to Indian- 
apolis, InrL, In defsmilt of 12,000 bom], and 
will he brought to This city for a hearing. 
*Ht walr«4 a pteUtnliiaty heatloi." 

1 Troiips of PejrormlugMocliaiilcal Midgets, desires 
enga getiicpi. J. tiuBACY, Mt W. l oth St., N. Y, 


. stow.Open Ttrne For 


Permanent addres*, 23 Scholes St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 


| for opportunity to snmsli in the panels when 
she knocks at your door, or jou'll wait a— 
well, you'll wait a long, ioap; time. Be on 
the Jon, Act now. (let at once 



Kg BUDGET No. 1 1 

a Lock of guaranteed comedy material hy a 
vaudeville author whose tame Is world-wide. 
Madison's llndget No. 11 contains 9 great 
monologues, 28 snre-hlt parodies, 12 original 
sketches for two males, and r, for male nnd 
female, 2 screamingly funny farce comedies, 
beside* hundreds of original gsgsandstorles, 
sidewalk patter, comic poems and toasts: also 
a very clevorslsteract. Price, $l per copy (or 
for ft extra I trill tiwltiiip a ropy of .\lad~lson'* 
Htutqel Ifo. iO-^ame site a* ,Vo /(, ¥tl con- 
tilt* entirely different). 

"I haves complete flic or Madison's Budget 
and value it vcrv hlghlv."— Frank 0. Frenrlt. 
Send orders to JAMES MADISON, 

1404 Third Avenne, New York. 


I K 



Wanted Quick, for 


Small SlDRlngand Dancing SOPBRETTE, TROM- 
BONE to Double Stage (Heavy). Salary must be 
low. Address J. W. WILLIAMS, Elwond, Ind., 
ft: Crnwfordsvllle 7, Pent «, Wabash a, Hunting- 
lon to. 

Wanted at Once, 

Cornet Player, Piano Player, Song and 
Eance Sonbrette, Sketcli Teams. 

Prefer those that doable brass. Long engage- 
ment. Name your lowest. Must be of neat ap- 
pearance on and off. Boozers or disorganizers 
save stamps. Salary paid every Sunday. FRKD 
PADLKNrin, Mgr. Velears Vaudeville Stars, Olen 
Jean. W. Vs. 


W. O. HA 



Guarantee satisfaction. Fine repertoire or Music. 
P. 0. BOX 427, Globe, Ariz. 


If Yob Want to Strike Hie Big Show— the Big Crowds-the Big Honey— Here It Is 



OCT. 7, 8, 9, 10, II AND 12. 

Can place a number of high class pay shows with good fronts. Ferris Wheel, (iondolns, Mlniamre Ran. 
way, Merry-fJo-Ronnd. Don't wait to write; come on and we'll treat you right. 







Joint engagement only. Slock, repertoire or one piece. Permanent stock preferred. None too good 
for os. Bverything the best. Address FRANK u. LONG, Woodward Hotel. COLUMBIA, s.c:. 

NOTE.— Owing to our Inability 10 secure competent performers to support MR. FRANK fl. LONG. 
we have been compelled to refrain from putting the company on the road this season. Bnt we wish 
to state that MR. LONG is one of Hie l«st and most reliable Leading Men ever under our management, 
while MISS NELLIE LONG U a very clever Soubretle and a capable Leading Lady. In fact, whoever is 
fortnnate in secorlog tbem will draw a prize. Chclso D. Pcruchl, Gen. Mgr. Pcruchl-cypzeneco. (Inc.). 

Heavy Man, Gen. Bus. San, Character Woman, at Once' 


471 W. 2 1 st ST., N. Y. 


WA fM T E 


(A. F. of M . 

Play Standard Mnslc at Sight; experienced: would 
play solos. First Class Minstrels, write. 


No. 3 MASO.V 8T. .Vswark, Bf. Y. 



Light Camedian and Sooorelte with Specialties 

Both must play strong line of parts and have Al wardrobe. Other useful people write. Strong featnrn 
act, one or two people. Tell all In llrst letter. Join at once. The Fords.HandcuiVKlngB, write; alio 
ThePhelns. Address TEAFF k EL DON, week of Sep!. 30, I'pper Sandusky, Ohio: week or Oct. 7. 
Obllllcothe, Ohio. 


I want Good Repertoire People, all lines; Specialty People, Actors Doubling Brass, Band and Orchestra 

Leader (Molln). Can always use good people that can double stage, hand and specialties. Married 
peopre preferred. Everybody write that wrote before; all inv last mall miscarried. MART1NH7. * 
MARTINI:/ wire for ticket. RUTH GALE, write. State age, height, weight, and what you can anri 
will do. - Also lowest salary, pay your own. In first letter. Company goes into permanent stock In No- 
vember.' Cood engagement, sure salary to right people. Address Big Springs, Tex., Oct. 7. S, 0; Colo- 

A few Strong Players for a steady Rink Engage . 
meal. Can also give considerable outside work 

to musicians with Iradcs who will come here and ' ratio City, Tex., 10, U, 12. P. S.-GOOD AGENTS, write 

locate. Address at once, v.tii fall particulars 
JOHN S. EGAN, Bandmaster, Wilmington. Del. 


Have Stereo pti con Outfit! 

Fitted for electric. Hat. arc and rheo- 
stat mluh stage rattle, and everything 
lint class. Will ship CO, D.. privilege 
examination, to anyone— send small ae 
posit. W. H. HAISTENS. 

. 008 Sixth Ave., New York. 



We can manufacture anything that Is wanted in 
tills line at sliort uutlce. 
LITTLE A UBVVES, 109 W. 39th St.. S. Y. City. 





12 uiln. full stage. Great success on Keith circuit, i 
Address this week, 64 Prospect pl„ X. Y. City. 

— *~ I 


A good sue character man nnd woman. One 
play. Answer quick. II, BARTLETT, William ! 
Tell House. Boston, Mass. 

Trick Mule Wanted. 

Answer quick, with full particulars, W. 0. 
MASON, Essex SL Nation, Boston, Mass. 



Or will accept engagements with First Class Reoertolra Shows. I do a first class act, so onlv responsi- 
ble managers need answer. All time open. Address ' 

COOK'S PLACE, 870-8718 W. 38th St.. Iff. Y. C»3 . 



W. B. WATSON, Mgr., Ottlce. K nickerliockcr Theat re Bldg., New York City. 





OPEN 1-ltVIE. 

A IV. 




i P. M 

HKsTK ft k CO.. li!4 W. UadSt.. N. Y . 


Fur recognized vaudeville act, ladv or gentleman, i 

Must Invest f loo for props, needed lu act. Address ! 

J. M. care of CL1P P KIL 1 

At Liberty, Harpist. I 

Win locate or irsvei. Ruber and reliable. Prefer , 
South and locate If possible. Also M. P. Operator. 

CLINTON TOWN HALL, Clinton, Mass. 

December, January and February Time. 


Wc control all Itlll Boards. Good Repertoire Companies wanted. Slio«-s with Band. 

-_•_ T= 

i. A. HO' 

Also M. P. . 
I'ELLSJR., Jefferson, Ohio. 

X&Z A 3JJ TT E D, 




WANTED. A 9001, All 'BOBUD 


'tickets If uot too far. Address 
MASAGKR GERMAN 111U, CO., Limestone, N. Y 



64 WE8T 3 1st 8T., N.Y., Between B'way and 6)1 An. .. v 

■ , . ■- . 


* f, 







The Real Box Office Record Smashers of America, and the Most Wholesome and Clean Plays In Existence. 





Young Buffalo, King of the 

Wild West 
Parted on Her Bridal Tour 
Josle, the Little Madcap 
Across the Pacific 
Lottie, the Poor Saleslady 
The Hired Girl's Millions 
Only, a Shop Cirl 
The Female Detectives 


King of the Opium Ring 
His Terrible Secret 
Mr. Blarney from Ireland 
The Millionaire Detective 
A Working Girl's Wrongs 
For His Brother's Crime 
The Boy Behind the Gun 
Old Isaacs from the Bowery 

The Female Drummer 

A Bad Man from Mexico 

The Baggage Check 

The Railroad Ticket 

The Boy Detective 

The White Tigress of Japan 

My Tomboy Girl . 

A Child of the Regiment 

Kidnapped for Revenge 
More to be Pitied than 

The Curse of Drink ■ 
Dion O'Dare 

Child Slaves of New York 
The Factory Girl 
The Man Who Dared 


M. 3. SCHLESINCER, BLANEY'8 LINCOLN 8Q. THEATRE. Broadway and 66th St.. 

The Spoilers 
War on Women 
The Waif's Paradise 
The. Morman Wife 
An African King 
A Boy Wanted 
A Hired Girl 
The Kleotrlolan 

New York City. 

I , - in — — — — 

Western Dramatic Agency 



Indorsed by Press and Public 

Stage Dancing, Etc. 

Dramatic Art, 
Vocal Culture 

(Up-to-date in every detail.) 

Buck. Jig. Skirt. Novel Cake Walk. 

Elocution. Singing and Rag-Time 

Songs. Vaudeville Acts, Sketches. 

Monologues. Etc. NO FAILURES. 


Kiss Frances Day and others. 

Circulars Free. . 

Kt/m»c« AH first-claw managers in 

America. N. Y. Clipper. N.Y. Dramatic Mirror. Cincinnati 

Billboard. tt» —b SJuol la Annies thot positively agrees to 

teach and place inexperienced people, young or old, on the 

stage. 127 La Sails St. near Madison 6u Chicago, fll. 



LIBERTY, Oct. e. 






state everything. Kone too good. If you booze, keep off. Just closed one without notice. Prank 
Sawjer, wire. Belolt, Kan., week Sept. so; Falrbury, Neb., week Oct. 7. P. a— Pleased to hear frotu 
otnee good people. All letters answered If yon tell all. ^^^ 

Al Comedian and Soubreite and Heavy Woman, 





Mi'e full particulars, mention lowest, salary, first letter. Send photo If possible. Those 1 who have 
written before, write again. HARRY SHANNON, Ludlngton. nicli. 

atp mbbrty; 

Robert Blaylock, 



■ Maalaton, 



T« o Al Lending Hen, Two Leadlim Women, Two Soabretle* with tinging and 

dancing •peelalttea, Two Heavy Men, Two Male Planlata, One 

character Man, One itian with Stereoptlcon. 

Week stands. Pay jour own. Tell all In drat letter. Send permanent address. Kor a long season 
aildre»s » OMAR J. KENYON, lets Karuam St., Omaha, Nebr. 



Aire fall uaracular*. by MAIL omj. '•" • . . • 

A. U. DORNRR, Knickerbocker Thealfe Bldf., N.Y. 


'At the Wayside Inn" Co. 


Wurnan for leads, Slide Tromlnine and Baritone to 
doable stage. Musicians of all kinds to double 
stage or orchestra. State all lirst letter ur no 
reply. Mutt Join on wire. Address , 

U RANI) OPERA Iinr SK, Oltnlnwa, lnwa. 



Who can play parts. Also Carpenter anil Props. 


1413 Broadway, New Ymk. 



The only Theatre on the Kast.alde of the rlvur. 
Sealing capacity, l.Me. 
Booking; Flrat Clnsa Attraction!. 
Have a few open weeks for FIRST CLASS 
munications GBO. A. VELLBR. Lessee aud Man- 
ager, Schubert Theatre, Des Moines, Iowa. 
New York Booklug Representative, A. c. Doerner, 
Room 400 Knickerbocker Theatre IIMg., 
NEW YORK, N. Y. . ■ • 


a IJilltt^ -w at u ran * 

jack- sf-ffl U Fm TT ^r w^ nFI O >r -jessie 


A troupe or ten highly Educated Dogs, a drawing card. A refined l.mlj oniorlliiolat, cloie mom and 
back bending, also leg mania. Singers and Itanoersof ability. Both pray ro»|niUHlliienirM; Ward- 
rohe Al, on and oir. Responsible Mgr<i, nnlv: Hiirl(M«iil«'. Vaudeville fr Hup. Addtn-"» llariilmrni', 
I. T., Oct. 3 4, ft, care of Paylon Slider*; niter thai smith McAleslrr, 1. 1., lion. Del. 





AT LIBERTY alter Oct. 5, for Vaudeville, 

The Clever Irleb Comedian and Soubrette, 

Introducing a clever Ringing, dancing and talking fkelrb. Thla act can open nnd clone in one, U'lll 
consider a good one night kIuihI a umMciil comcily. Unili play comudy unit soiibrotie |*N» ' 

claa* maimtterN write.. 

.. OnlyiltHt 
Addrena l)K VOTt) anil I)k V»io, fJen, Del., Olilcafeo, 111. 





TMK 81 

rosiTl VEI.Y untiling but the heal. No time for Icngtliy correapniiriiwr. wirn or write your boat 
offer. ■' AddrenH RALPH Mr DONALD, care of Itnaabcle I.ucIIh Cnrnpanv, Lnnt-aalor, h*. 

NOTB.— I am not the party uf the abnvr- inimc In vaud«vllln. 





JAM. T. 



^n.r^A.13 singers: 




IBlfl SPEJICEB'S LfOEOM - •• • - ■ 44 V. 28Ui Street, New York 

Mailed to uny Singer unel ealng cArd nnd program nnd »c. atnmp. 



Character Heavy Man, to double Alto or Trombone; i Oroheatra Leader, to do'ublo Baritone or Trpm- 
l.oLe; Piano, to double In Bund, other Mualclana write. . Addreea THOMAS ROK, Mgr., MWlAitd, Md , 
tlct.1; Lonacontng, Md., 4; Winchester Va,, 7;Brnn»wick, Md., 8. ■ , 




Seventy-flve thousand feet of Fine Stock, large and small subjects, 3c. and up. NO JUNK, M NOT 
hELL HLM NOT FIT TO IT8E. All are serviceable. One hundred Sets of Song Sfldea. New Lilt. HAVK 
TOU 8KRIC THE NEW AN.NOCNCHMENT SLIDE, lust tlifl thing for 6c. allows and advcrllilng, send 
iff. stamp for sample. GENUINE IMPORTED FRENCH CONDENSERS, 90c. each, uy.lhedci!!en, SOc. 


G. P. OALLOT, 70 Ulirlatopfcer St., N. V. City. 



CWIM years old; Man, Wife, age 23. 

Man plan juveniles and light comedy. Wife 

playi eouurettes sod Ingenues. Child any part 

l M.r tn* ^.HilH til Hn Blrnnnanai'lnltv UlUiA rut. 

ian forchlldV" AlT do strong specialty. <lood ref- 
erence. Address THE BIO ACI - , Gen. Del. 

vt Sepl. 30-Oci. - 
Oct. j-12, Chllllcoihc 

6, Upper Sandusky, O. 

_ Week 
Week of 



Ale 41, height, &.e; weight, lJi. Irian or Low 

comedy parts with specialty (no dancing). Also 
-U Oonedr Old Man. Quick ntody. Sober and 
tellable. Address 

TIM MrCUE, General Delivery. Otlumwa, Iowa, 


First class altfat reader, toe-roughly experienced 
vandetllle and orchestra work. Address NELLIE 
LL'oSaud, Ml. Ashland Block, Chlcero. 

To Managers of Vaodetllle wi Faalty Ttaalres 

Are you getting aatisfactory Vaudeville Bookingt<» 
CIRCUIT? I have one or the beet circuits In 
New York State. We can also supply yon with 
everything pertaining to the theatrical business, 
such as Scenery, Opera Chairs, Films, Song Slices 
with music, etc. Address all communications to 


> Orpbenm Theatre, Oawego, N. T. 
P. 8.— Vaudeville artists aend In your open time. 

WANTED AT ONCE, Black Fan eoiedy 

Sketch Team, man and wife; alioDntcli and Irish 
Bong and Dance Comedian, single, silent Per- 
lormcr. Those who can aland prosperity nnd 
good treatment. Vougrt It every Saturday, rain 
uriblne. Absolutely no boozern tolerated. Write 
all In first letter. Address DR. a. L\ UKRRIO', 
Modern Remedy Co., Bayard. Outhrle County, lows. 

At Lletrty, Meeiclae Uefirer ui Office 

Worker. For Sale, Indian Clubs, Spangle Trunks 
Monk. Dre«s and Clown Dtssies. PKoF. MiL'RlT 
TCs, ioi> W. ctn, Cincinnati, o. 

WANT Soubrette; -t night stand?; all Leads 
with spec. Join on wire. Other people write. 
Don't, get the letter writing habit. 

Echo. Minn., Oc t. «. «, s; Hanley Falls, Minn.. 7, ", 9 . 

AT L-l E3 E RT V, 

Ace on n t of Company Cloning, 




Reiponslble Mgrs. address, cure of 



Large man preferred. State lowest salary, age, slxe, nnd all In flrat leitur. I'hoins and programs. 
We play but one matinee a wank, with repertoire or hlx plays. Wnrdroim, aoliiiny and ability enitti- 
tlal Willi thla attraction. Can use PROPERTY BlAN with specialty. Also ainbltluiia young wntnun 
to assist leading woman and play small parts. An nxcellent opitortumty to get. drauuttle tmiilng, 


Week Sepl. no, Lebanon, New !lsnip"hlre. Week Oct. 7, uluremnnt , New Hampshire. 


Leaning Man, Heavy Man, Juvenile Man, Couuidiiiu with apcclalllea, Oharr^tet' Mini, Good Oeuoral 
Builoens Man Willi specialties, Leading Lni'y, Character Woman, Soubii'llc- with special Ilea, Man for 
Propa, with specialty; Stage Carpenter, Finn., flayer ami Al .Sketch Tt-am capable of playing a alrung 
llfie «f parts. State Just whut you do and lowest aulary (pay own lintel) Urst Inner. Don't nilareprit- 
sent. Address HARRY HDUU, Willlumslown, I'u„ until Oct. (,; uioomshurg, I'a., Oct. 7 to 12. 

Holden Bros. & Edwards-Attractions!! 

No. 1 Juvenile Leading Man, must bo al least Mt. 10. Ksnitoual .IiivaiiIIr Woman, not over oft. 1 er •!, 
Must lie young and pretty. Comedian for Tough Kid, must do A No. I Specialty and run Props. Flint 
alas* Character Actor lo play a pact mi lliu order nf "i<crapea" In "Uy I'srlnnr." Muat also iiuuuiw 
stage. If yon are not thoroughly competent do not apply. Uou/ors not toKuntcd. Addresa 

11. M. HuLIH'.V, Rochctier, Jml. ' If poa-dliloaeud phntus. 

Send In your open tlinennd deaerlptlon 
of or (nnd .alary. Can give two to four 
weeks In this city. 

McAllister & morris, 

BBeetHg Tltentre. Mew Ortynna, La. 


''Tlie Urent Winter Rasort 


The Great AmuMinent Reiort 
WARTED— tlenvjr mnn for Winter cn> 

(natement. People In Mil line* please 

ERNST RISCII E, Prop, and Manager. 


TALKING FORTUNK TELLER. Speaks English, Cerrnlin, Sf.nnlali initi Trench. 
Lead-s them all and gets the money. Arranged to opcralt- wih coin of any tleiiomlim- 
lion. Direct, alternating or battery current and Hprlng ni( tor. UetkuuetM the very 
bf-st and luiilt for hiird Itnoclce. Nothing hut prnhtti from upcrutor'). The only sun iMnf^il 
talking fortune tellrr ever pi odiieed. Wrib-. for printed mnttbr. 
~. V. S. ZIMMERMAN, g East 14'h St.. NKW YORK CITY. 

soubretti- Leads, Ingenue l.eud. nnd Jnvenllfi Kaiioilnnral brail.. 
being Feu tared, Al flinging Hpr<-ln|t lr». 

Cnpabl* of 


6ood, Reliable Young Actor, 

For Leads or Heavies. Man and VVmnan tor den. 
Has. with (Specialties. Uood Agent, ninat lie able 
to Join on receipt of wire. Kniury low, bnt sure. ! 
South Bostoo, Va., 30-S; Oxford', N, O., 7-12. 



ireo to uood DUHtarKfle. ,, . 

lake charge at once. Kploiidld clisfcce fot i$><h\ 
actor or bualncMH man. Otlier Intermix reason for 
wlllfg. Address tl. II. H-. Danville. Va. 

Waited Quick, Sketch Teas," aid 

Ronbretie. Corrlune please Join aiTonce. Top 
salary. Never close. Addrens aoit. VLIFTUN 
HEI1KDY cu.. SeeMna, WayuuCo., Kebrast a. 

Waited, Mciiig Picture or Vaidnille Htasi. 

iitm. be a rjiontr nuker nod' cnesp, lo guiid 
location aud tbriviog tows. 

jr.. vv. wittra.v, St. Cloud, Mum. 

Light Coined)', Jn venlli' Leads end Some Characters. 

One Htrong Double Specialty. Clever, reliable and experienced people, tint* utgtit, pennsnent slreV 
or three night repertoire preferred. Joint engagement only. lleapniiNllile malingers nddrnsM 

tio.'i Market Hlrcct, Ht, Loula, Mo. 





Owing to tbe eleslng ot (be aeeion or Bnflnlo lllll'. Wild Wait «ho», 


Regards to ell frlenda. »* H<»MKH»»T ST., BOBTOW. WAI0, 

WANTED Ul 1CK VOIt ONE PIKCK, l.eadliiu in-nvr. I.eadmv Jnveolle, one Htrong, Heavy 
Woman ana tlire» (ieneral lliialueta, to aii|iporr IRAUBI. V. JACK flOW lu a Surdou pr> dilution, di- 
rection of Robert Uowoiug. Mtate age heigh*, aud weight. Henu i«lioto.aud programs (to be re- 
tuned). Positively no fare* advanced. II iii.a.nal»nt Frederick. Mi). State ...m«i .nmrj aud ail lu 
llrsl letter and ire able to Jr>bi nn wire. Addresa I'KIU'V II. LKVIN, IIIJou Ttlcutrc, frcderlek, Ju. 



America's Oreetest Llviag AerDbet*. statue pictures. Two ladies, one pent. Act runt It mlnnus. 


Addrett, CULOUiilA AKi> I'RtOI'EUi AVE., JIASI'ETH, l. L, K V. 



•-"iv,' -i <.;■' i m i -"ii.i-i" v.'i- 

October 5. 

01 tM Roan. 

; 1 1 :a »i ■! ? 

Fur SupletueuUl Ll«t See Another Column. 


' i /% ' A rt i 

Adsois, Muude (Charles Frobtnaa, nigr. |— Torouto. 
LVn., 3't-Oct. B. 

Aiigllu, HMttNL and Henry Miller (Henry Mil- 
ler, mgr.)S-S. Y. City 80. luiettnlle. ■ 

Alwrn Opera (Milton A Sargent Adorn, rogrs.) — 
N. Y. Oil/ 712. 

Aubrrv Stock, tiastrrn |4M A. Bulllvau, nigr.) 
—Dover, N. J., 3<l-Oct. 6, Peterson 7-13. 

Aubory Stuck, Western III. Otto Bltner, Bigr.)— 
Ashtabula. O., ilO-Oct. t, Sandusky 7-12. 

American Stock (Artlmr K. Herbal, tnir.)— Kala- 
lnnzon. Mich., 30-Ocl. It. 

Angell's Comedhna (Jack Kmorsoii, mgr;)— Be- 
lolt. Kan., aiMlct. f>. Falrbnry. Nebr.. 9-12. 

Angell's Ooraedlnna (Ed. n. Mutt, roir.)— Outli- 
ne Center, In.. JiO-Oct. C Sluart 0-12. 

"Artie" (C. 11. Dillingham, nigr.)— Jacksonville, 

•in.. 8. 

"Alwut Town" (Sam B. A !*o Bhubert, Inc., 
nigra.)— JacksoavHIe,' Fla., 12. 

"At the Old Crosn Uoa<la" (Arthur C, Alston, 
nigr.)— New Castle, Ind., 2, Sbelbyvllle 3, Con- 
iiersvlllB 4. Marion r, Hlu&ton 7. Muncle K, 
Tipton 9, CrawforAiTllls 10, Blooultigton 11, 
Bedford IS. 

"Ahlta, tin' Hinging Olrl" (A. J. Spencer, nigr.) 

. — Nashville. Xenu., 30-Oct. 0, Columbus, O.. 
'Ji«. lluvtou 1D-13. 

Around . the Clock," Uua Hill's— I'lilladelpbia, 
Ph.. 'HOOct. 3, Hoboken, N. Im 0-1). 

"Af ¥»le." A (Jules Murry, ingr.)— ProTldeuce, 
II. 13 30-Oct. 6, Philadelphia. I'u„ T-12. 

"At Yale." B (Jules Murry, tugr.)— Woonsockot. 
It I„ 2, Lynn, Ham., B. 

"Arlaoiia" (David J. Ranuae, nigr.) — Peoria, IP... 
20-Oct. 2, Monmouth 3, BurUiigton, la., 4, Fort 
.Undlson 6, -Kalians City,' Me.; (1-12. 

"Are Yuli Oru«['1" 111. f<. Laurence, ragr.) — 
I'latlsnioittli, Nebr., 2, Omnhu 3, 4. Fremont 
.-.. West Point tl, Norfolk 7, Central City 8, 
Kearney P, Huldrrrc 10, Hustings 11, North 
Pletle I2i 

"St Cripple Creek," K. J. Carpenter's. Eastern 
(II, A. Murray, ingr.)— Zanesrlllc, O., 2, Wheel- 
ing, W. Va., 3-6. • , 

"An Arlatocrntlc Trniup," Kllroy A llrltton's, A 

. — Lnuiar. Mo., 2. Cartilage .1, Webb City 4, 
■Pittsburg, Kan., S, Joplln. Mo., (I, 4lolinubH«. 

' Kau., 7. Oswego 8, Altuuiont tl, Cherryvale 10. 
4r,U0)>eilrt«'Uce 11. Wichita 12. 

"All Aristocratic Tramp." Kllroy A Britten's, O 
IStockfeld A Kokomllier, uigis. ) — Mlddletown, 
0« 2. Sntlngikjld ;i. 

"Are You it MiinohV" (Prank P. Folsoin, mgr.l — 
Hlllsboro, 111., 2, Lltchncld 3, Belleville 4, Cen- 
tralln 5. 

"Adilft lu New York"— New Bedford, Mans., 4. 

"Alfalfa" (Harry L. Dlxwin, nigr.) — Buriieavllle, 
Minn., 2, lliiwlcy 3, Ada 4, Oroukston S, War- 
ren "7, Argyle S. 


Blanche BalOH (Uuvid • BoIomo, uigr.) — Botton, 

. Mohh., .'IU-Oct. 12. 

Iliirr.vuiuro. Ktbul (ChurleH I'«,I;iu:iii, lugr.) — 
CoIuuiIium, O., II, liiitianulwilH, Ind., 4. C. 

Uelleir, Kyrlu, and Margaret Illliiatiai (Oliau. Froli- 
inau, ingr.)— N. Y. City 80, lndeflultc. 

Uluwdiiooil, Ulunr (Sam H. at l^e Slmucrt, Inc.. 
nisra,)— Lonluvlllf, «y., Il-fS, Olucliiniitl, O., U- 

lli'i-nuril, Ham (Obarles Frohiuau. lufr.) — Syrn- 
ctiw,. N. Y., 2. 

L'ell, tllgby (Hum S. & Ixv Sbubprt, Ink:., nigra.) 
— WnU'rlown v Conu.. 2, Hartford II, Hprlmrtleld, 
Ma»B., 4, Brlaceport, Conn,. 6, Brooklyn, N.- Y., 

llurkv, Kdwin (Juini'B Cor to, uigr.) — Canal Dover, 

O., 2. Burneivlllc 3, Cosbot'tou 4, Logan B, 

London 7, Cellua 9, Decatur, Iud,, 10, Au- 

trim ill. Angola 12. 
tlltilfliaiu, Amelia— Norfolk, Va., MO-Oct. C. 
Html ley. ridrence (B. B. Forrester, nurr.) — 

Wliecllng, -W. V«., SO^Iot. 2, Cincinnati, O., 

Hurt, Laura, and Henry Htanford (Krurat Hblp- 

mhu, mgr. I— ri'i'tli Auiboy, N. J., 11. 
. Illaiiey, Qarry Clay . (Cuts, r. lllauey Amuse 

Co., uigr*.)— Detroit, Midi., iii-Oci. .">. ciiicugn, 

in., d-ia. 

Uni'lier A Htalcy's fWalti'V J. McDoiinld, nigr.) 
-irMonnt Veciiou, Wash., 2. Mnrysrllli. 8, Mrer- 

L'tt 4, 
Brown, Kirk (J. T. Maeuulcy, uigr. )— Troy, N. 

T.. aO-Oct. 0, iihwoko 7-12. 

litl:k. < 
lluruess (Karl) Co. (A. II. Uruyblll, mgr.) — 

Hlngliunitoii, N. Y., .'tO-Qut. (. 
HurijoM< lEarD.Oi. (tim. V. HnlldDy, iugr.) — 

Putl*rrili-. Pi., 30Oct. C. 
llurgef.K (KuH) Uo. (O. U. Hilton, uigr.)— Mlltou. 

I'n.. ao-4)ot. f>. 
UurgeHR (Hnrli Co. (K, It. Wilson, nugr.)— Ber- 

w7vk, IHli. aO-Ovt. D. 
1 Ilarrle Stook (Barrio A flralmra, nigra.) — Alius, 

Okla., aOOM. 0, Elk City 7-12. 
Iinrrumo, Myrtle (Kd. li. Druucli, ugr.)— San- 

iliiHkr, O., aii-Ocl. 5. 
Ulaek Yv.t\) Triiiibuttours (\oeldki'l A Vulnn. uigrs.) 

—Atlanta, <»«., 2, II, Athens I, Audewun, M. C. 

"'. Ilreenvlle 7, Spurturiburg S, Anlic.\illo, N. C . 

P. Johnson City, Teiiu.,' 10, Brhlonll, Koanokc, 

Va„ 12, 
Ul«b0)i, Chester (0; it. Hclmlwldt, Ugr.)— Lo- 

gtiuspurl, Ind., 30-Oct. S. Wapakencta 7-12. 
Brraut Comedy (Sum Bryant, uigr.) — Slitamoras, 

0„ 2, U. i'orlland 4, 0. 
"Boys of CooopiiDy It" (Daniel Frouioaa. mgr.) — 

Albany, N. -IV, 4, '5, Brooklyn 7 12. 
"Brewster's Millions" (Cliurlcj .Frubinan, mgr.) 

—London, Ktig., 30, liulennlte. 
"Beewster's Millions" (Krnlerk Tlioui|ia«n, uigr.) 

— Detroit, Midi., IIO-Ocl. 0, Olevelauil. O., 7-12. 
"Brewster's Mllllous" (Colu)ii A Hnrrli, mgrs.) — 

Dvs Moines, la.,' 3,4, i •• ... 

"Belle of Maytalr" (Tlios. W. Byley. mgr.) — 

I'hllildelulilu, l'u , ItO-Ocl. n, N. V. Oily 7-12. 
"Busier Brown,'-' lSustern (Bntler Brown Amiwc. 

Co., Bmra.)— I'atereoti, N. J., a-5. Mlddlo- 
, 'town, N. Y„ 7. Wtildon .8, Punghkcvpikt », 

Schenectady '10, Abislerdam 11, lltlcn 12. 
'Buster Itrown," Western (Bunlif Brown Ainnse. 

C<b. ingrs.-l— Detivlt, Niiili., 211-t.iL't. 0. Uruud 

llnplds 0-13. 
"UruudWtty After Dark," A. II. WouIk' (W. it. 

Irons, uigr.) — Set-union, l'u., ;•», Vllkm-Burre 


"Bcttlia, tUc Sowing Mucblnc Girl." A. M. Wowls' 

—Baltimore, Md., au-Oct. D, Brooklyn, N. Y., 
"llonnle Brier Bush" (Sblpniun & Culrln, nigra,) 

— Mouctou, N. II.. Cun,, 2, Hhcrbreuke, yue , 

:s, 4; Ottttwa, - Ont., r>, Arnnrlor 7, I'einbroke 

a. Curlelon Place 0, Pcrlb 10. Hmllk t' - »llH 11, 

Brockvllle 12, 
"Bedford's Hoi*" (Htalr ft llarllu, mgra.) — 

Chicago, III.. 29-Oct. 12. 
"Burgomaster.' 1 W. P. Cullen's— ■Mllwuukce, Wis., 

'/Ii-Oct. fi. Chicago, 111.. 0-12. 
"Big Hearted Jim" (Harry J. .InekMon, mgr.) — 

Dmivlllo, III.. 2, Konlli Clilcago S-o. Feoria 0, 

Canton 7. Qulncy 8, Heordstown II. McOomb 10, 

Ifvrt atadlaon. la., 11, liurllnglou 12. 
"Begirar PrWec'" Operu (llarr.v I«nrelle. mgr. 1 

— 'Maiigmn, Okla., 2, Comaneti,' a, Dunenn 4, . r >. 
"Brown from Missouri,". L. lie I'aiilovu Co.'s l.w- 

I«iW FueukciiHlelii, mgr.) — Mlliuiil. Mass., 2, 

Wcusler 8,' tincucer 4. Soullibrldge .'.. 
"■uolwr'a- '-Child" (Harry Shnnuon, mgr,)— 

BrookTllle. Ind,. 3. Camden. ()., 4. Itlnhmond S. 
"Beforo and After" (John Moore, uigr.)— S'. 

Pant, Minn.. 29-Oct. 2, Kan Clnlre. Win.. 3. 
"Beyond the itlo Omnde" (Howard A Mall, mgrs.) 

— Valrbury, 111., 2, Macomb 3. Cedar Full, la., 

4, Waterloo fl, Uonlson 7, t'.im Olnlre, Wis., 

8, Olilppewn Falls 9, Bed Wing. Minn.. 10. 
"Belle, of Jnnau" (0. Ijnrrla Kliton, mgr,) — 
, Hprrln. III., 2. Carlervllle 3. Mumhystmro 4, 
Anna li, Tiimtus ur'Cnlro 7. New Mnilrhl, Mu.. 

8, Campbell 0, Joncsboro, Ark., 10, Parnguuld 

'Break for Liberty" (R. C. Untleriier. mgT.) — 

Mount Vernon, 111., 2, Oilier II. Clrwiiuu 1, 

Marshall 0, Parla .7, Danville S. 'J'liylorvllle in. 
"Hoy Willi the Bundle" (llowai-l Hall .ViniiM-. Co.. 

uutrn. ) — Vuntreal. Can., T-12. 
"Belle pi Mauilu" (tiuaruutee Ainusr. Co.. luges. ) 
• — '.leunlncM. Kan., 1!, Kensington 3. Jnuu'sUmu 

4; Aurora B. 
"Broken Hcurteil" Itlorrv A Tuterka. uigr*.)-- 

llUlltlhglon, Co.. 2, Mirlnnil.'svlll'- a, Cbuui- 

nershnrg 4. llagerslimn. Mil,, fi. 
"Bielielor'H llom..\inwn" (tlaVes M llllaun. mgrs.) 

'U-Wymore, Nobr., 8, Tecuumdi U, Nebraska 

City 12. 


Curie. Ttlelinrd (Cliarlea Marks, mcr.l— Aitoonn, 

' i;n.. 2, Wilmington, Hoi., 4. llnlllnmw, Md., T- 

Collier, WlllLim (Charles Frtilunmi, insr.l — Ib3- 

ton, .Mass,, Hfi-fK-l. R, 
Criisiiinn, lleniioila (Mmirliii Catpiibell, mgr.) — 

I'hlhnlelphhi. <'||„ T-12. 

csliili. Msrlc (Diiniei V: Arthur, bigr.)— l'orl 

llciiui'tl-Muultou (W. "A. l'arteilo, ratfr.)— Nuugu- 
Oonii., 39-Oct. 0, Bristol 7-7s. 

Hur», Wlcb., 2. 8a»lnaw S.^Bar «lty 4. 
UraM Rfpida B, Knlatnatoo T. Jackson 9, (lo- 
MM, Iud.. 19, Marlon 11, South Bend 12. 

Corearsn,' lane (AratbUf V. Alalon,' mgr.)— Sey- 
mour. Ind., 3, Bedford .'I, Linton 4, Princeton 
fi- Centralis, III., 7, Du Quoin 8, Marlon 9, 
Paducab, Ky., 10, Cairo, 111., 11, Poplar Bluff, 
Mo,, 12. i ■ 

Oamtrob. Grace (C. II. Kerr, mgr.)— Vblladel- 
piiia, I'n., :m-Oct. S, Wllmlnsjt j-i. Del,, 9. 

OMSS 1 Geo. M. (Cohan A Harris, mgrs.)— Hart- 
fowl, Conn., 30-Oct. 2, New Haven 4, 9, Hoi- 
yoke. Mass,, 7, Springfield 6, t>. 

Craren, Ruth fllnrry L. Beck. mgr. )— Aitkin, 
Minn., 2, Cloguet 3. Orand Rapids 4, Bcmldjl 5. 

Corhett. James 1. (Mllienlbnl Uroa. Amuse. Co., 
nigra.)— Boston, Mass., 30-Oct. C. Brooklyn. S. 
Y„ 7-12. 

Cole nnd Johnson— S. Y. Clly 7-12. 

Cbase-Llstcr. Northern (Glen V. Chose, mgr.)— 
York, Nelir., 30-Oct. D, Grand Island 7-12. 

Chaumey-KeltTer (Fred Chauncey. mgr.) — Du 
MolH, Pa., ,'KIOct. fi, Puniaulawiicy 7-12. 

Chuppell-Wlnterliotr Stock (Hurry Cbapbell, mgr.) 
—Cartilage, Mo.. ,'10-Oct. r>. 

Cutter Slock (Wallace R. 4)ntter, mgr.)— Hicks- 
vllle, «.. 30-Oct. fi. Rlyrla 7-12. 

Coticlnnd Brou. Stock — Chetopa, Kau., 30-Oct. 
8, Webb City, Mo., 7-12. • • 

Carroll Conie<ly (Ion Carroll, mgr.) — Clendenolng, 
W, Va., 30Oct. fi. i ■•J 

Oolirnd Stock (A. II. Block, mgr.)— Ddrer'. Del., 

ao.Qct.2r - 

Cook Stock (Carl W. Cook, mgr.)— Deln ware, 0., 
30-Oct. fi. Alliance 7-12. 

Curtis Musical (A)len Curtis, mgr.) — Cblcbasba, 
Iml. Tor., 2, Anadarko, Okla., a. Hobart 4. 
Mrngum fi, Lawton 0, Wourjka 7. Henrietta. 
Tex.. 8, Bonbam 9; 10, Knots -II, 12. 

"College Widow" (Henry ,W. Savage, mgr.7 — 
Dubuque, In., a, 1/a Croaie; WlB.. 4. Wluona, 
Mlun., r,, St. Paul <i». MlDneapoliB 10-12. 

"College Widow," southern (Henry W. "iiiitt, 
mgr.l— dTinaton. Pa„ 2, Wllkea*arre a, Will- 
lams|X>rt 4. F.lmlra, N. V., .1, Ithaca 7, 8yra- 
cme S, tJtlca 0, Amsterdam 10. Gloverarllle 11, 
Rome 13.' ' . « 

"Coming ffhro' the Rye" (B. 1. Rcltly. mgr.)— 
Salem. Mass., 2, Prosldeuce, R. I., a-C. Brock- 
ion. Mass.. 7, Newport, II. 1., 8, Fall River, 
Mass.. 9, New Bedford 10, Woonsockot it. I., 
11. Taunton, Mass., 12. 

"Cat aud the Piddle," Lincoln J. Carter's (C. A. 
Callon. mgr.)— «t Joseph, Mo., 29-Cct. 2, Lon- 
cohi, Nelir.. 4, 0, Kansas City, Mo., 0-12. 

"Chorus Girl's Luck In New York," A. II. Woods' 
(Fred Fleck, mgr.) — Bridgeport, Conn., 2, Fall 
Itlver, M«h«.. il-S, Boston 7-12 

"Cpw-Puueher." W. K. Mann'a, Central (8hm L. 
Lloyd, mar. ) — Beardstown, III., 2, Pana '•', 
Tarlorsvllle 4, LttclinCld fi, Kaat at. Louis 09, 
Coillnavllle 10, Boouvllle, Mo., 11, JoSeraon 
Oily 12. 

"Cow-Puncher." W. F. Mann's, Western (Kdwin 
Perclval, ingr.)— Pnllman. Wash., 2, Colfax 3, 
Hprague 4. Prosser B, Norlb Vnklmu 0. Rosljn 

7. Everett 8. Aiiucortes 9, Blaine 10, Sedro 
Wootey 11, Snohomish 12. 

"Convict OOU," A. II. Woods' itxmla KaU, mgr.) 
— Bayonne. N. J.. 30-Oct. 2, Hoboken 3-S, Cam- 
den 7-9, Wilmington,' Del.. 10-12. ' ' 

"Cow)»y and the Kqunw'"('P. n. Sullivan, mgr.) 
—-Newark, N. .!., ,10-Ocl. S, Philadelphia, Pa., 

"Child of the Regiment" (Chart. K. Illaney Amuse. 
*>>.. nigra.) — ^Paterson, N. .1.. 30-Oct. 2. 

"Chinatown Charlie." A. II. Woods' (Duvc Poa- 
ner, nn;r, I - -Daylun, 0„ 30-Oct. 2, Columbua 
a-n, Toledo (1-12. 

"Card Klug of tlip West" (Vance & Sullivan, 
mgrs.)— Oliiclnuatl. O.. 29-Oct. fi. 

"Cnsjer'M Last Fight" (J. B. Clifford, mgr.)— 
Camden, N. J.. :lo.Oct. 2. Wilmington. Del., 
a-C. Bayonne, N. J.. 7-9, Hoboken 10-12. . 

"Country Kid" (II. II. Whltlaker. mgr.)— Clo- 
duct. Minn.. 2. Two Hnrborx 3, Virginia 4, 
Kielntte S. Hlbblng 0. Grand llnplds 7. Itemliljl 

8. 'llilef River Fulls U, Warren 10, Grafton N. 
Dak., It, Wolhalla 12. 

"Coming Thro" tlie Rye" — Peoria, III., 2. 

"Choir Singer," Western (Al. II. Hagen, mgr.)— 
Missoula, Mont.. S, Wallace, Ida.. 3; Coiur 
■I'Alrue 4. Rlleubnrg. Wash., fi, Scntllo 41-1 2. 

"Cupid nt Vassur" (Jules Murry. mgr.) — Toledo, 
Oh BI>-Oet. 2.: Fort Wayne, Iml,, 4, Milwau- 
kee. Wis., It-IB. - •■ :l ' 

"Cowlioy Olrl," Kllroy & Brlttou's (O.' 15. While. 
uigr.l— Chicago, III., 2ll-Oi!t. ">, Seuth Cblengu 
11-9, Hnmmund, Ind.. 10. Fort Wuyoc II, 12. 

"Cuuuly MlierlfT" (O. K. Wee, mgr.)— (liens A'ulls, 
N. ?:, 3, Sehnnectiidy 4, Ouboeii 5, litlca 7, 
Little Fulls 8. Fulton 12. 

"Candy Kid," Kllroy A Brllton'f. — Alliuitu, Oa . 
llOOct. 0; 


Drew, Job 1 1 (Chiirles Frpjiuiun, uigr.) — N. Y. Clly 
89,. ludebnllo. " ' 

Daniels.-. Frank (C. II. Dillingham, nurr.)— New 
Bedford, Muss., 2, Luwreuceil, I.owcll G, Provl- 
donee, It. 1.. T-ll. 

Da.V; Alius (KriHstt Slilpman, mgr.)— Cohoes, N. 
Y„ 2, -. Albany a, Itullaud, v't., 4. Burlliuctoii 
fi. Itoehcslfr. N. Y., 7-O.KynMiuMo iti-iu, - . 

Doolie, Allen (Geo. W. Keuney. mgr.) — Porl Hois'. 
Out.. Call., 3, Otdiunva 4, I'eterlniro fi. Lindsay 
7, Orlllla 8, Midland 9,-Burre 10, .Culllnwood 
II, Hamlltdii 12. 

De rvw-ttirnk'tte Hfoek (Tsoa.'K. Dp Pew, niijr.) 
— Tlnpoclitiu.' City, O., 30-Oct. 5, Sprluglleld 
7-12. .'.'■■ 

Dounlierty Stack (Payne A Dougherty, nigra.) — 
DeiH'rv. Wis., 30-Oct. 5, Pljuioutli 7-9, Wau- 
paca io-is; 

Dc-Vonde, Chester. Stock— Cantoii, 41.. I-D. 

"Dalrymalda" (Churles Froliman, uigr.)r- N. Y. 
Clly «0. ludedulte. '.-■.. ,- 

"Dprld Corson" (Hnrry Doel Parker, mgr.) — 
Columbus, O.. li-5. Union City. Iml., .7, Cr- 
liana. O., 8, Bellerontalue 9. Toledo 10-12.' 

"Dnviil Horum" (Julius Cabu,- nigr.) — Newport 
No»i. Va., 2. ■ "- ' 

"DarHnat of the Gods" (David Briaaeo, mgr. J — 
WIlllamaiKirt, Pa.. 2.. . 

"D«|lefalc Cbauco" (W. ; C. Conners, mgr. I — 
JimiestriiVn, N.' Y„ .10, Little Foils Oct. 1. Kast 
Aurora 2, At Hen 3. Mount Mortis 4. Hornells- 
vllle n, fjlemi 8, NortlieiiHt. Pu., 0, L'ulon Clly 
11), rVguklln-U, Bliaruji. 12i''.' • •. / 

"IH.»i»erate Chance" — Syracuse, N. V.', KOOct. 
2. Itwelii'Hter 3-ti. 

"Uowii Mobile," Kller's (CIiiik. K. Bowe'u, , >»gr. ) 
— Simtluek, Okhi., 2, lllggiui. Tex., 3, CiiU'l- 
dlan 4, Mbinui fi, Puiilianillc 7. 

''Isnie tiro wit" (Jom'IiIi Tliotiet, mgr. \ — York, 
I'll., 2, Hanover 3, Rending 4, Kastou ' fi. 

"Dream City" (Jobu W. Dunne, ingr.) — Jackson- 
vllle, Fin., 3. 

"Devil's auction," Clms: II. Yule's— New Or- 
leans. Lu., Sib-Oct. (I, Meridian, MhM„ 8, 

"Daniel Boone on the Trail," R. H.' TlnrrlK' 
I Hurry Felliis, mgr.) — Davis. W. Vs., 3, El- 
klus ,*l, Hiiokhnnnou 4, Sutton fi. Montgoiwrv 
7, Ihutoii 8, Cwlngtoii. Vs., U, Pocuhuiitns 10. 


Kdeson, Robert (Henry B. Hurrlt. mgr.) — N. Y. 

City 30, lndcUnlte. 
t'1llH'l-Kan. Mury — llasleton. Pn.. 4. - 
Khvyn, Isiria.' — White River Junction, Vt., 30- 

Ot't. fi. einremout, N. H., 7-18. 
laokhurtlt'B lde«ls (Oliver J. Kckhnnlt, mgr.)— 

Ugun. it.. ai)-4)cl. 2. 
"Kvuiiifi'lIsC' (Kluw A Krluttger, mgrs,) — R. Y. 

Clt.V .'10. luiletlllltc. 

"Kud of tint Trull," LlniHiln J; Carter's (W. V. 

.hii'kaoii. mgr. I — Chleagu. III.. :t0-()cl. 12. 
"Karl mid the -Girl" (Sum S. A Lee slmlsTt. iiie., 

nigra.)— New Ilavnin Conn., 2, -.Fall -Blvcr, 

Mass., 3, Newport, R. I.. 4, New Bedford. 

Muss., li. SorlnuHelil 7. Hulruko M. 
"Bdna. (Ihj Pretty Typewriter," A. II. Woods' 

(Itobt. II. Gordon, mgr.)— X. Y. Clly aO-Oct. 

0, Pateravn, N. J., 7-0. Bayonne 1U-12. 
"Fis' t.vuiH' " Kh'TB 'He- »V. f.'ot' m«»J_ 

Danbury, Ooon., 2, New Mllford 8, Mlildletown 

4, Waierlatry l>. 
"Kusl l.yniie" (Moses A McDonald, ingra.) — 

Tliigtey. la.. 2, Van Wert 3, Corydon 4. Humes- 

ton fi, Harden Grove 7, l<eon !*. St. Oniric* II. 
"KaHt.ltynne,"' King's (A. A. Seymour, ingr.) — 

Savannah. Gn., 2, Brunswick a. .Taeksoiivlllv. 

fi«.. 4. WimB, i,«o fi. 
"Blgit Bella," Bros. Byrne— Newark. N. J., 7-1 2. 
"hh/erylwdy Works But *'atlier" (Karr A Maun. 

iiikm.)— Ovuuge. N. ).; 2, Palersou U-3, Phllu- 

tlcllilila, Da„ 7-fl2. - : • ' 

"lisgls Kyo" (Ackeruinii & I'ranok. tugiw. >-- 

I'lonoiwr". Ilkln., 2, Kulailln It, Lelilab 4, I'm'- 

ivll 6, Norman 7, Tecumseb S, Stillwater 9. 

Pitnuee Clly Id. Perry 1). KhgtMer 18. 
Farnuiu, Dustln ICbas, Fruliumn, uigr.)— Spring- 
Held. • >.. 2. Indianapolis. Iml., a, Columbus, n., 

I, Wiisidiiglun, II. (!.. 7-12. 
Fields'. All Stars (I*w Fields, tagr.)— N. Y. Oily 

89, IniWIulle. 
Foy. Kdd|e (Sam 8. * Ikm> Slinliert. Inc., mcra.) 

— Oluclimnll, rt., .'Ift-Oel. fi, Clllcagn, ill., 0-10. 
Feoly. Mkutle (Joliu Cort, 'tntr. i— (.wtalut, Nclii--, 

aOOct. 2. Llncnlu 3, HdldregO'*, Denref; t*lo., 

II- 12. 
Fciils'm Stei'k, Knsteni (lion, M. FoiilsTg, mgr.) 

— IHirlsinunth, N. II.. MMtct. fi, Gloucester, 

Muss., 7, 8, ta W r iflUI 917. 

■ Act for nooDlngs, I^wbt anil Meanings 
I Big Circuit. Sec Vaudeville Mat. llowethl 
and Wesllclgb."broke In" at Oakland. u»l.,j| 
1 Jplj 22 wttB pue of our acW. List for Su tnp. f 





lomlac! Mamie (VI. II, Graroy, mgr.)— Bilatl- 

beth, N. J.. 39-Oct. 2. 
Flwaeralil Stock (W. 1). Fltsjrwld, tngr.)-- 

Wnshlnglon. D. C. 30, lndeHnlle. 
Ferrla Coiuedliiit* (W. F. Denmoud, mgr.)— Mus- 
kogee, Ind. Xer., 80-0ct. 12; „^ 
"Fnaclnatlng Flora" (Sam 8. A Lee Sbnbert. Inc., 

rii'ir*. I- Brooklyn. N. Y., 30-Oct. 0, Newark, N. 

J. 7-12. 
"Flaming Arrow." Lincoln J. Carter's, WM 

(John F. Bailey, mgr.j— Washington, Ind,, 2, 

Bloomlngtou 8, Bedford 4, Seyrnoor 0. 
"Flaming Atrow," Lincoln J. Carter's, Southern 

(Ohio. Swan, tngr.)— Stoughton. Wis.. 2. 

Prairie du Chlen 3, Plattevllle ". Galena, IU., S. 
"Forty^tlvc Minutes from Broadway" ih »w A 

F.rlanger. mgra.)— St. I^>uls, Mo„ Jo-Oct. fi, 

Kanitas City 8-12. 
"ofili ' 


"Folllea of 1907" (Floreiut Zlegfuld, mgr.)- 
tim, Mitsai, 80-Oct. 12- .. _ 

"Four Corners of the Earth." Kllmt * Ganolo s 
(Daniel Keed, mgr.)— Chicago. III., JO-Oct. , W. 

"Fmt-t." While's (OUa Veroc, ipgr.)— Nobes- 
vllle. Ind., 2, Crawfordsvllle 3, Hartford City 
4, Muncle 5, New Castle 7, Mount Vernon 3, 
Columbus 9. Wasblmrton 10, VWcennes 11. 
Princeton 12. _ • i „ „»,.. 

"Flghtlilg Bill, Sheriff of S»»er Creek" (Millen- 
nial Bros.i Amuse. Co., mgrs.)— Chester. Pa., 
30-Oct. 2, Elisabeth, N. J., 3-4, N. Y. Clly i- 
12. •-•-•- 

"Fogltlve from Justice" (Rosenqnest * Parker, 
mgrs.j^-Baltlmore, Md., 30Oet. 8, Brooklyn, 

"Foil .aid n Olrl" (Jamea K. Haekett. "Wr.)— 
.WusiungtoD, D. C, 30-Oct. 5, Baltimore, Md., 

"From' Slag Sbig to Liberty 1 ; (Cbaa. B. Blkuey 
Amuse. 4Jo., , mgrs.)— Washington, D. 0„ J0- 
Oct. 0. 

"Fatal Scar" (Dennnkcr A Teese, nigra.)— Frosl- 
Durg, Md.. 2, Meyersdalo, Pa., It, I'nlnntown 4, 
MorgantowB, W. Va., fi, Brownsville. Pa;, 7, 
Miairsaen 8, Connellavllle 9, Oreensburi 10. 

"Fatty Fells," Northern (C. TttySojItb, nigr.)— 
Rlrliiiiatid, III.. 2, Genoa 3, . Sliiron, Wis.. 4, 
RMMfUlf S, Watertown 6, .1 iineau -7. JerTersoii 
8. Fort Atkinson 9, Whitewater 10, Troy Cen- 
ter II. Muawouago 12. . , 

"Fatty Felt*." Sootuem (Rice 4 Franklin, mgrs.) 
—Paris, rex;. 7, Gainesville 8, Texarkann, 
Ark., 9, Sbreveyort, La., 10, Palestine, Ten:., 
II, l^ongvlcw 12. . 

"Folks Up Willow Creek" (K. S. Davidson, mgr.) 
— Crotheravllle, lndi, 2, Scottsbnrg 3. English 4. 

"From Broadway to the Bowery." Win. T. Ke- 
OKb's — New llaveu. Conn., ;l-n. 

Grace George- (Win. A. Brady, 
Muss., iiooet. 12. 

Gnlutiu. Alberta (Uldredgb t Menkln, mgra.)— 
Clilllleotbe, O.. -2, Huntington, W. Va., 3, 
Charleston 4, Portsmouth, 0., 0. ' ' 

Gllinore, Paul (Jules Murry, mgr.)— Utlca, N. 

Ollmore," Barney (Havlln A Nlrolal. mgrs.)— Brook- 
lyn. N. V„ 30-Oct. 0, N. Y. City 712. m 

Gruyce, Helen (N. Appcll, mgr.)— Reading, Pn., 
30-Oot. 0. _ 

Grahcme, Fenllnand— Butler, Pn., 80-Oct. 3, 
Cleatlleld 7-12. . „. 

aUford Comedians (A. Glflord, mgr.l— Stewart- 
vllle, Minn., 30-Oct. fi. 

Grilutb's Musical Comedy (Frod L. Grlinths, 
Incc.) — Tonopah, Nev„ 30, indefinite. 

"(Jeorge Washington Jr." (Cohan A Harris, mgrs.) 
— Iniliaiiapolis, Ind., 2, Springfield, O., 3, Day- 
Ion 4. CohunbusTi, Altoona; l'u.. 9. 

"Grand Mogul" (Klaw A.Erlunger, mgrs.)— Cbl- 
i-npu. III., 30, Indefinite. 

"Ouy Wlilto Way" (Sum S. & L*e Sliuherl,. Inc., 
mgrs. I— Philadelphia, Pa., 30-Oct. B, N. Y. 
City 7, indefinite. 

"(Jul QuoKtlon" (M. H. Siugcr. mgr.)— Chicago, 
III... 39, Indefinite. 

"Great Express Robbery.? A. II. -Woods' (Bert 
Howard, nikr.) — Hartford, Conn.. 30-Oct. 2, 
Springfield, Muss., 8-6, Uolyoke 7-0, New Iln- 
vbu, Conu,, 1012. . 

"(t«j- Now York," Gus UllPs— ludlaiiapolis, Iud., 
30-Oet, 2, Saginaw, Mich., 7-9. Bay City 10-12. 

"(■'ambler of the Wont," A. If. Woods' (Al. Rich, 
nigT.)~BrookIyii, N. Y„ au-Oct: 5, Waterbnry, 
(kiuu., 8, BrldgciHirt 9, Fnll River, Maw." 10- 

"Great Fuslern World," Kllmt A GbmoIo's (John 
Beruero, mgr.)— South Chicago. III., 29-Oct. 2, 
Toledo, 0„ 3-5, Buy City, Mich., 0-9, Sagluuw 
10-12. ... 

"Great. Wall Street Mystery" (Vuiice A Sulll- 
...» ,«.;, t \ t.„™ ti...,ia T„, i » H.ut .at 

mgr.) — Boston, 



b.)-^1Vrro Haute, Ind., 2. 

East St. 
Ind.. " 

8-B, Alton 0, I'ort Wayne, 
Logiinpiairt S, South Bend I), South Culcugo, 111., 
'"Girl from Broadway" (Jolm A. Mack, mgr.) — 
leull Blvcr, Muss.. 2. Lowcl! 3. Lynu 4, Salem 
• 5, Lawrence 7, lluverhlll -S. .NnsbimV N. H.; 9, 
Lacoiilu 10, Franklin 11, Porl-'iuiouth 12. 

"Girl from the Sunny Suutb" (J. W. Unrtman, 
mgr.)— Bradford. I'm., 2, Olcan, N. Y„ 3. 
Jumestown 4, Oil City, Pa.. 0, Franklin 7, 
Sharon 8. New Castle 9. Altoona 10, Johns- 
town' 11, Greeusburg 13. 

"Girl and the Stampede" (V, E. Lambert, mgr.) 
— 'Kenmcy, Kebr., 2,- Mlndcu 3, Alma 4. lied 

' Cloud C. 

"Girl Ranger" (Herman Oppcnlielm, mgr.) — 
I'biladelphln, Pa., 7-19. 

u ■ 

Iluriifd, Virginia (Sam S. A Lee Bhubert, Inc., 
mgrs. I— N. Y. City 30, liidefliilte. 

Illtebeock, Rnypiond (Henry W. Savagv, ingr.) — 
N. Y. City 110. indefinite. ' 

Hopper. 'Do Wolf (Sam S. & Lee SJIitilart. Inc., 
nlgrs.) — Montreal, Can., .'tll-Oet. fi. 

Held, Annu (l'loreiir. Zlegfeld, mgr.)— N. Y. City 
atWhrt. fi, Brooklyn, N. Y,. 7-12. 

Hollunit, K. M. (J. K. Haekett, mgr.)— St. Paul.. 
Mlna.. 3-5, Kau Clnlre. Win.. 7. 

Hanfiird, Churles I). (1. Luwreuec Walker, mgr.) 
— ChHrlottesvllIe, Va., 2, Charlcsloii, W. Vs.. S, 
Huutlugtuii 4. Lexington. Ky.. fi, Iioulsvillo 7-0, 
(>wtusla>»> 10. Kviinsrllle, Ind.. 11, Pgducah, 
4\^„ 12. ■• ■ 

Holland, Mlldreil (l-ldivnrd C. White, mgr.)— 
'Adrbili, Mlell., X 

lllgglns, David (Slulr A Nlniltii. higra.)— Mil- 
waukee. Wis.. 29-Oct. fi, St. Paul. Minn.. 0-12. 

Ilortlt, Joe (Nlcolul & MHIcr, JUgrs.)— Memphis. 
Tenn.,, St. Ixmls, Mo., 0-12. 

Huntings- the Four illnrry Dull, mgr.) — Omaha, 
Xebr.. 29-Oct. 2. Dea Muluea, Ja., .'lo. Peoriil, 
111., 0-9, Bloomlngtou 10, Champalgu 11,-' Dan- 
ville 12. 

Hull, Geo. P. (Frank W. Nason. mgr.)— Cautoii. 
N. Y., 2, Miibjiw 3, Suriinue Lake 4, Massena 
B, Coniwnlt, Out.. Can., 7i MorrlHlmrg a.-'Prcs- 
cutt II. Ottuwa 10-12. - i .' 

Hendricks. Ben (Wta. Gray, mgr.) — Trenton, 

Mo.. 2. AlehlKon. K 3, Ilortou 4. ToimjIu (I, 

MnnliKttaii 7, McPborson 8. 

Uegau, Ernest (llurtlg A Seaman, nigra.) — Chi- 
cago. III., 29-Oct. fi. 

I'iutnieleln's Ideals (I*u1h A. Eurle. mgr.) — 
Akron, O., 30-Oet. 0. 

Hlianielelu's Imperliil Stock (R. F. Ulmmeletn, 
mgr.)— Strcntor. 111., llO-Oet. 3. 

Ilaider-Hnll (Eugene J. Hull, mgr.) — Clarksburg, 
_W. Viu, 80-Oct. 5. Cumberland. Md.. 7-12. 

lIulT. arnce— Wlnileld. Kau., 30-Oct. S. 

Henderson Stock (W. J. ■ ft II. R. Henderson, 
ngm.) — Marshall, Minn,, 30-CCt, 5, Watertown, 
S. Dak., T-12. 

Hai-rls-ParktiiBoii (Ilolit. 11. Hurrlb, mgr.) — Iron- 
ton, o., ao-oct. fi. 

HleVinau-Beasey (W. A. While, bus. uigr.) — 

Mrxleo, Mo.. 7-12. 
■llilbnsn's Meal Stock (F. 1'. Hlllman, mgr.) — 

Sm«Tiur. Ncbr.. ao-oct. fi. 
ll'itlMi-Butloy— Knoxvllle. Tenn.. 3d (let. 41. 
Ilnuklns' OuniHlljiis (W. W. Ilnnklus. ragr.J — 

Cairo, III., ao-Oiil. 0. Bnrdwell, Ky.. 7-12. 
Hugh's Comedliins (Hugh A.. Nlckeui. uigr.) — Ir- 
win. In.. aP-Ov-l. fi. . , 
H.-oli viiiiiiiii Jennie. Cblcagt' Ladles' Orchestra (D. 

It. Haderiiinuu, mgr. )— Jefteraun City, Mo.. 30- 
■ Oct. 5. " 

"Ilypoerlrcn" (Charles ICrplimaii. mgr. )■ -CbleajBi, 

111.. 30-Oct. K, Milwaukee, Wis., U-9, DuluUi, 

Minn.. 11, 12. 
"Hynnerltes" (Charle* Frohmnn, mgr.) — Igmdnli, 

llojr.. 39, Indefinite. 
"HunlV Gurdy Girl" (Charles Marks, mgr.) — 

N. Y. 'Clty.,a0, liui.-finllc. . . ... 

'•'Hell- to the Tloornh" (The Klrke Ln Shelle Co.. 

mgra.)— Dimitli. Minn., 4. fi, Minneapolis tt-9, 

HI. Paul 19 12. '■' ' 

"Holy «1lly," Clurence RinMltX Kusleru (llcury 

BUckiller, mgr.)— Cuulou, U., U, 

"Heart of Cldrago," LIIkoIb J. Ci,rt4»'« (*J*n 
Wbllelev, mgr.)— Webster- Clly, !»., 3, Fort 
Dodge 3. Perry 4, Carroll 0. ' Mr . , 

'•irerT«al fW-" (Vance A l«lllvah, mgrt-)- 
Ilobolen, N. J., 294Jct. 2, Bayouue 3-0. N. Y. 

"Holy 'illy." Western <Lo Conile A Fleabor, 
mgra.)— Salt Lake City. U-, 29-Oct. 0, Ogden 
4». g Evati»lon, Wyo.. 7, Park City. «., 8. Owl- 
vllle 9, Brlgham' 10, Malad, Ida., 11, Log«D, 
U 12 

"Holy City," Southern (Lc Comte. Fleabtr k 
Isliam, mgrc.)-T»rbor«.. N. C. ,2. ttoeky Mount 
a. Wilson 4, Ooidaboro 0, 'Raleigh 7, Durham 8, 
Danville 9, Henderson 10, Qreeoabuto 11, Sails- 

"Human Heartc," Western (Wm. Franklin Riley, 
mgr.)— Grafton, N. Dak., . 2. Winnipeg, Mnm. 
tran.. .V5, Jamestoan, N. Dak.rT.Qlemllve, 
Mont., 8, Miles Crty », Big Thnber 10, lilTlng- 
at'oni 11. Boreman 12. ': . , _. 

"Human Hearts," Soutlierd— Sillabury, N. C, 8. 

"iloosler Girl" (Gus Cohen, mgr.)— Montgomery, 
W. Vs.. S, Hulitlngtoli 6. North Fork II. Will- 
iamson, Va.. 7, Pocahontas 8, Pulaski 9, Marlon 

"Hans Hanson (Jns. T. McAlplu, mgr.)— SulllVgti, 
III.. 2, Robinson 5, Sumner 7. Went Salem 8, 

"Happy Hooligan," Giw Hlll'a— Mount Vernon, N. 
Y " 7, feekaklll 8, Nrwburgb. 9, Klmptoo 10, 
HboslekFalls 11, Plttsfleld, Mass., 12-.' . 

"Hearts of iGokP'-^Warren, Mass.. 2, Mllford 3, 
Mirlbdro 4, South Fratainglium B, Webster 7, 
South Bridge 8, ;Spcuejjr 9, Maynnrd 10, h ruuk- 
lln U, Woonsocket, It. L, 12. 

"Haiioy Days"— Lypti, Mass., 3. 

"Hot Old Time"— Iowa City, la., 2. 
' "• I- . 

Isabel Irving (Llcblcr A Co., mgra.)— Dululb, 
Minn.. 2. . 

"isle of Bong Bong" (B. C. Whitney, mgr.)— 
Cndlllnc, Mich., 2, Msulslce 3, Big Bnplus 4, 
Muskegon 0. ' '"' .' 

"Isle of Spice" (B. 0. Whitney, mgr. T— -Bloom- 
Ingtoni III., 2, Champaign 3, Hoopeston 4. Dan- 
ville 5, Hammond. Ind., 0, la Porte 7. Bcutou 
Harbor, Mich., 8, Duwaglac 9, Battle Creek 
io. Elkhart, Ind.. U, South Beud.,12. . t 

"In Old Kentucky" (A; W. Dingwall, togr.)-- 
Se&t tie, Wash., fl-12. . " ; ; 

"It's Never Too Late to Mead" (A. J. Spencer, 
mgr.)— Providence, R. I., 7-12. , m „ 

"Irish Senators" (J«. W. Spears, mgr.)— Wil- 
low Spring, MO., 2, Springfield. »,. Aurora 4, 
Vlnlta, Iud; Ter., fi, Claremorc -1, Tulsa 8, 84- 
pulpa 9. Okmulgee 10, Enfant* 12. —.— ■> • 

"In Old MlsBourl ,! — Iowa City, la., 12. 

James, Louis- -Sun Frniiilsco, Oal., 30-Oct. 12. 
Jefferson, Tbomus (Wo. L. Mailer, mgr.J— 

lies Mollies, la- 2. Ouiaha, Nebr., 8-fi. _i _ 
Jetlcrson, Joa. odd Wm. W.— WUmlnglon, D«l„ 2. 
Janls, Elsh (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Columbus, 

0..'4. .!>, It'iilTalo, N. Y.. 7-9. '_ 

"Jessie Left the VUlnse" (Mlttenthal "Bros. 

Amuse. Co., mgrs.)— Brooklyn, N. Y., 30 r Oct. 

5, Philadelphia, Pu., 7-12. .' ' 

"Just Out of College" tBotbner A Campbell, 

mgrs.) — Cliattnnoogu, Tenn., 39-Oct. t>. 
"Jumea Boys In Mlssonrl." Klmer Walters' (Hltrry 

J.'-. Terry, mgr.)— Sprhigfleld, O., 2. " 

3. Kenton 4, Tlfllu Wyandotte 9, Akron 1. ' 
"Jerry from Kerry" (Pnttou A Flet«|ier.' mgrs.') 

— Waverly. O. 2. J.ogau 3, Wilmington 4, 

Oreenflehl 7, Winchester, Ky., 9, Klchmoad 19, 

FrabMurt II, Leilugtoii 12. •' :•: '• 

"Just Plain Folks" tCUas. K. Channlne. net.)— 

St.' Regis Falls, N. Y.. 2, Tupper Lake 3. 

■ • ,.: : "K :v.~ ::.:' 

Kendall, Earn (Askln & Singer, mgra.)— Dulutb, 
Minn., 7, 8, Kau Olalre, Wis., 10. 

Kambcrger-Bacbmah (Otto C- Kim'berger, mgr.) 
—South Boston; Va.. f 30-OCL 2. ■ 

Knickerbocker Stock (E. D. Flake, mgr.)— Port 
Chester, N. Y., 30-Oct fi, Daubury, Conn., 

Kennedy Players — Chattanooga, Tenn., 30-OcL 0, 
New Decatur, Ala., 9-12. 

Keystone Dramatic (Kldou A Teaff, mgrs.)— Up- 
per Sandusky, 0., :iu-0ct. S, Cbllllcotlic 7-12. 

Kelley, Jewell— Blloxl. Miss., 39-Oct.' 0. 

Kilties Buiul (T. P. J. Power, mgr.) — Ashland, 

• Wis., 2, Dulutb, Mlun., 8. " 

"King for :i Day" (II. C. Whitney, mgr.)— Chi- 
cago, HI.. 29, Indefinite. 

"Kidnapped for Revcnte". (Chns. B. Blaney 
Amuse, Co.; 'mgns.)— S. Y. Clly 80-(Jct. tj, Jcr- 

j£r ciiy; n.j.. in. •'•'.■ 

"king and Oaeeii of Gamblers," A. U. Wooils' 
(Fred W. Ilusey, (ngrj— St. Louis, Mo., 29- 
'0<^. 8, Ku'rrsus City .0-12. .' -.•• — 

"Kansas Sliii!(bw<*" (Will -J. Pelers; mgr.)— Gal- 
latin, Mo., 2, Muysyllle a, Plattsburg 4, Lo- 
Ihrop 5, Kegrney 7, Bcltou 8, Harrlsonvllle II, 
Lruisburg, Kau., 19, Spring Hill 11, I'leasoulou 
12. : ■- '• ' 

'Kentucky Sue" (Colonial Amuse. Co., Oigrs.) — 
Amsterdam, N. V.. 2, Schenectady .3. Utlca 4, 
fi. Troy 7, 8, Curbontluk', Pa., II, Wilkes- Burro 
1 " ' 


Lackuye, Wilton (Wm. A,. Brady, mgr.) — New Or- 
leans, l.ii., 9-12. 

Loftus, Cecilia, and Linvrencc D'Orsuy (Henry 
Miller,, mgr,)— Washington, D..-.C 30-Oct. 6, 
Phlluilelulilii; Pa., 7^12. 

I/orimor, Wright (Sblpniun A McKlnney, mgrs.) 
— Newport. It. 1., 2, FItcliburg, >Uas.. 3. Tauu- 
tbh-'4, Attlebbro 5, New Bedford 7, Fall Itlver 
S, Bridgeport. Conn.. t>, .New Haven 10, -New 
Britain 1 1. -Mlddletown 12.' ! '.', 

Leach. AI'<Wm. A.tBrady, insr.)— New Bedford, 
Mans., 3, Fall River 4, Tauutou 0. .*.-..; 

Leslie, llosabcle (Sim Allen, mgr.) — Lancaster, 
Pa., 30-Oct. 0, Kastou -t-12. 

Lewla Stock (W. »'. I^wbt, mgr.) — Bruulng, 
Ncbr., 30-Oct. fi: Oh Iowa 7-12. 

"Mod and the Mouse", .(Henry B. Harris, mgr.) 
—Philadelphia. Pa.. 30-Oct. C. 

"Lion and the Mouse" (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) 
—Jacksonville, III., 3, tjulncj' 4, 5. 

"Linn.hhd the Mouse" (Henry B. Harris, mgT.) 
— Lancaster, 1' a.. 2. 

"Land of Nod" (ildrberf W. tRIcknof, mgr.)— 
New Orleans, La.. Vli-net:. 8, Alexandria 0, ' 
lleauniout. Tex., 7, Houston 8, 9, Gnlvestuu 
19, San Antonio 11, 12. 

"lot tie. the Pour Saleslady" (Chas. E. Ulaney 
Aluuse. Co., ulgrs.) — I'lltsburg. Pa., HOrOct. fi. 

"Loau Rivers" (Burliiii Nixon, nigr.)— Vlcksburg, 
Miss.. 2. Greenville .1, Greenwood 4, Clurks- 
dale fi. Memphis Teiiu.. 7-12. 

"Little 4)rguu 4irliltter" (B. E. Forrester, mgr.) 
—Newark, N. J., 30-Oct. fi, WUmlnglon, Del., 
7-9, Cmiiilcu, N. J.. 10-12. . ' 

"Life of au Actress," Aubrey Miltenllml's — Buf- 
falo, N. Y., aO-Oct, 0. 

"Little Detective":- (OIhih; I,. Newton, mgr.l— 
Paris. Tex.. 2, Bonlium a,' Whltewrlglil 4, Me- 
KliiiHiv fi, Fort Worth 7, Dallas 8, Sherman 9. 

"Lout Trull" (Anthony V.. Wills, mgr.)— Hbiiiuo- 
Viu. Pu., 2, MoimtCannt'l «, Mabiinoy City 4, 
llnzleloii fi, Slit'imildoilli 7. '■', 4'- »., 

"Little Johnny Jones" (Jos. M. Guiles, mgr.) — 
Portland, Ore., 29-Oet. 2, Sun Francisco, Oil , 
• "Little 'Heroes of the Street"— Hoboken, N. -T., 
211-Ocl. 2. 

"Little Yeuiile Yenseu" — Davenport, In., 2, Rock 
Island, HI., 3. Clinton, la.. 4, FairOcld C, 
Fort Madlsoa G, Burllngtoii 7.' :< " > 

• - " MT • ' ' '' ' 

Muck, Andrew (W. M, Wilkinson, nigr.)— Syd- 
ney, N. S, W.. 30-Oci. 20. 

Muiin, Louis (Sum 8. A Lee Bhubert, Inc., mgrs.) 
— Louisville, Ky., IMI4Jct. 2, Evansvllle, Ind., 

MonlgoiiM-ry mid Stone (C. B. Dillingham, ingr.) 

— Cliloago, 111., 30, Indefinite. 
Melnl.vre mill ITi'iilh (Kluw A Erhinger, ragrs.)^ 

Utlcn. N. Y., 2. 
Murphy, Tim— Little Hock, Ark., 3, Memphis, 

Tenn., 4, G, Chuttiiiioogu 19. 
Merrill. Onnsi (Krncst Sblpniun. mgr.)— New 

Haven, (>>nn., 30-Oct. 2. Ilurtford 3-.1. 
Melville, Roso (J. It. Stirling, nigc.) — GraDd 

Rapids, Mich., 29-Oct. fi. 
Mortimer. Lllllun. (J, I,. Veronee, mgr.) — N. Y. 

Clly 30-Oct. D. . 

Iliilad Montgomery — Jacksonville, Fla., 4. 
Murray and Mack (Murray A Muck Amuse. Co.. 

mitrs.l — Fufrbwy, 111., a, Peoria 3-fi, Dw 
- Moines, lu., tl, 7, Perry 8, Lbicolu, Nebr., 9. 

Omulm 10-12. . 
Mortons, the Four — Birmingham, AM.. 30-Oct. fi, 

Selun 7. Peusscola, Flu,, 8, Mobile, Ala., 9, 

10. Meridian. Miss., 11, Vlcksburg 12; 
Morris, Joe (MHLcuthal Bros,. Aiuuse. Co..' mgrs.) 

— Wilkes Barre, Pa., 39Cct. t, Scrautuu 8-5. 

Pbllmlcllihln 7-12. 
Mlldnsi nud Rouclen. — Pougbkecpule, H..Tt„ 11. 

Kingston 12. ' 

Myrkle-Hnnler Stock. Rnstern (W. n. Harder, 

mgr.l— I'ntlstnwn. Pn., ao-Oct. fi, York 7-12. 
Mjrkle-Ilnnler Stook, Smrbaru (Latlianre A I/Clgh, 

ingr-i.)— Hr.mlltmi, 0., 30-Oct. 5, 'MnynvlUe, 

Ky., 7-12. 
Murray .V Marker Shirk (John J. Mnrrnr, mgr.) 

— Watertown. N. Y., .ilp-OcL 5. . . 
.Murray « Miiekey Csindy (John J, Murray, tugr.) 

— Youugstuwo, O., ;i!Mjc(. b, 

MeDonald Slo«k, 40- .W.., McBuSald. mgr.)—!,,. 
rbr«. Mo.. 30-Oet. fi. Joidlu 7-12. *" 

Marks 'Stuck (Tom Marks, mgr.)— Colllu S w,„i 
Cah-.^IO-Oct. B, Slratfonl 7-12. """""I. 

Morey Stock (Le Comte ft Pleader, mgrs.i— aij 
lenc. Kau.. 30-O«t. 0, Juuctlou Cllv 7-ia 

MurroyUcttulng Stock (B. J. "Denning, ui K ' r \ 
FrankttM, Ky., JOOct. fi. - " ' 

tilkxnin A Sights CooAedtdns (J. W. Sights, niur i 
— Albert. Lea, Minn'.,' 30-Oct fi, Owatoiuui 7-f 

Maitlce .Stock (W. B. Mattlce, mgr.)— BeWlux.^" 
N. r., 30-Oct. 6. ■ .' OK " ,mn - 

Mnjestle Musical Comedy, No. 2 — New Casin. 
Pa., 30-Oct. 0. l ' 

Morrison Comedy (Hugh Morrlion, nur. )— «... 
tlnslnrre, W. Vs., 30-Oet. 6, Butler. Pa.. 7-iJ. 

"Merry Widow" (1,'enry W. Savaic, nnrr )— 
Buffalo, N, y:, 30-4)ct. 2, Philadelphia. Pa :. 

"Madame Butterfly" (Henry W. Savage, mgr i— 
Newark, N. J.. 30-Oct. B, Reading, i>«„ f* [!.... 
easier 8, Harrlsbnrg 0, Wllkes-Iliirre 10. Sira... 
ton 11, Elmlra, N. Y., 12. ' 

"Man of the Hour" (Brady A Crl.imec, mgrs I— 
N.. Y. City 80, Indeflnlte. . " '. 

"Mkn of the Honr" (Bratly ft Orlamcr, mgra )— 
Minneapolis, Minn:, 29-Oct. 0. 

"Mrs. Wlggs of the .Cabbage Patch" (Llebler & 
Co., mgra.) — London, Eng., 30, Indefinite. 

"Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabliagc Patch" (Llcblsr 
A Co., mgrs.)— St. LouIb. Mo- 20-Oct. r. 
Jacksonville, III., 7, Anderson, lad., 11. 

"Man from Homo" (Llebler A Co., mgrs.)— ru. 
cogo. 111., '29, Indefinite. 

"Morals of Marcos"— Boston, Mass., 5. 

"Mysterious Burglar,"- Rowlaud A Clifford's 
(Frank Winch, tngr.)— Toledo. 0-. 20-Oct. 2 
Scuduaky.S, New Phlladclplila S, Pllluburg. I'n ' 
T-12; . . ' 

"Ma's New Unsound," Kast (Scott A llaynnr 
nigis.) — YpSllontl, Mich., 1. Albion 2. Mur'slitli 
at Aubhrn, Intl.; 4. Llgonler fi, Angola 7, Ken- 
dallvUle 8. HJckavlllc, 0.. 9, Portland, Ind 
11, Marlon 12. 

"Moonshiner's Daughter," Darlington A King- 
ston's — Milan, Mo., 2, Klrksvllle 3, Macon 4 
Molicrly «, St. Charlaa «, Hahnlbal 7, I^ulslana 
S, Mexico 9, Kast St. Louis, III., 19-12. 

"Mayor of Tokio" (Jos. M. Galtes, mgr.)— Seattle 
Wash., 29-Oct. "3. 

"McFnddcn'a Flats," Gus Hill's — St. Louis, Mo.. 

"Millionaire's Revenge" (Mllteutluil Bros.' Amuse. 
Co., mgrs.) — I'all River, Mass., 30-Oct. 2. 

"MOBtana" (Hnpp Hauley,'' mgr.) — Fltchbrirr. 
Mass., 2, Nashua. N: 51.. '3, Lowell, Mass.. I, 
South Framlughavra' '0. -Butokul, Conn.. 7, New 
London 8, WUIlmuiitlc o. Stamford 10. Ncir- 
burgh, N. Y., '11; PeekskHl 12;. *i 

"Jlessenger Bor';'(fl,eo. D. Sweet, mgr.)— l,a 
CoiiHjc. Albt., Can.; 2. Welasklwlu 3, Kdmoii- 
hm'4, Red Deer 8. Lethl.fldge 7,.PIncber Creek 
», 'Blalrmore 10,.iFernle, B. C.i'll. Craubrook 

»(,. ...-- ■:■ '... • t 

"Missouri Girl.'"Fre41 Rnymond's, Kusteru (Geo. 

Bedee, mgr.) — Paw Paw, Mich., 2, Decatur It, 

NUcs 4, DowagUe 3, 'Throe' Rivers ' 7, Uuksi 

City 8. <.'olon i>, ConstantlUD 1.0, Brbusou 11, 

Coldwatcr 12. V .. ■:■■■'-: ' ■•• 
"Missouri Girl,"' Fred- Raymond's, Weslern (at. 

II; Norton, mgr..) — Rusevllle, 111., .2, Innva ,". 

Fiirmlngton 4. Cuba fi. '■ Mupletpu II. Klinumil 

7, Princeton S. .HbcffloJd'», "Oalesburg 10, Mou- 

moWti 11, Alexis 12.- ;. : '. " 
"Mlnlirterlg Son," Mnclnley A Patloii's (K. K. 

RuUedge, mgr.)— 4llooiuliigton, 111., 2. Colum- 
bus '3, Shelby vllle 4, Tipton C, HI won. I 7. 

Miserly- 8, Hrllsboro, O.. 9; Lebanon- 1 1. 
"Midnight Hscaoe (II. E. Forrester, mgr.)— 

Plrtlgdellihln, Pu., 39-Oct. S. Bnlllmdre, Mil.. 

7-12. • - 

"Jfllllonalre Tramp," Rimer Walters' (Fred J. 

Bates, mgr.) — Herlngluu, Kan., 2, Saliua 3. 

Osborne 4, Downs B. " i 

"My Wife's Family." Eastern (W! MeGowan. 

ingr.)— Newark, W. Y-, 2, Sodus 3. Palmyra t. 

Geneva B, Nui-wlcti 8, Onconta 9, Illon 10, llcr- 

kJrner 11. Mechanlcsvllle 12. 
"My Friend froiai ArkaiuAw" (H. T. Ollck,' mgr.) 

—Abingdon. III.. 2, Deculur G. 
"Mountaineer" <Oiurantee Ainnse. Co.. mgrs.)— 

Norton, Kim.. 2, Long Island 3, Aliuoun 4, 

GoeilliMul" fi. 
"Miss Pocohontus''— Buffalo, N. Y., 3-0. • • 
"Me, Hlrt.ojiil 1" (llurtlg A Seuuiun, mgrs.) — 

Phllidelphbi. Pu.. 7-12. 
"Miiuey 'Lender" — Boston, Mass., 7-12. 

. . - • i I " , ■ -■ " 

NefJiersolc, Olgu (l^ula Nethersolc, mgr-l-i-Us 

Angeles, Cttl., 30-Oct. C, Suu Francisco 7-1U. 
Naslmovu, Mndunie AUn I Henry Miller, mgr.)— 

N;!*. City UO, indeflnlte..; ' -• 

Nlllsoi'i; Carkitle (Walter N. Lawrence, mgr.)-- 

Halliiuorc, Mil-, 30-Oct. fi, Wu dilution, U. C 

Nlutitvyer-Kelly . (Win. Nleiuejcjr, uigr,)— Tower 

Hill, 111.. 2, Arthur 3, Belhuny 4, llauisey fi. 

■Newton 7, Toledo t, Oukluiid I). WestUeld 10, 

Georgetown 11, Vcolersburg, Intl.. 12. 
"Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model," A. II. 

Woods' (Jolm Pultun, mgr. i— St. Paul, Minn., 

29-Oct. t>, MKineyio.lla 9-13. i" 
"Ninety add Nine" .(j. IS Barton, uigr..)— New- 

n rk, N. 3., 30-OctV B, Jersey City 7-12. ■ 
"Nuw York Day by Buy" (Geo. W. Wluuell. 

mgr.) — Me-uenseii, Pa., 2, Moiiouguliela 3. 

Bruwhsvlllc 4, Greeusburg B, Connellsvlllc 7. 

Mcnttbdulc S, Mount Pleasant. 9, Braddock lu, 

llttllaun 11, JoliuaLoivu 12. 
"Ninety and Nine" — Buttle Creek, Mich., 2. 
"No Mother to Guide* Her" (F.dlaoo A. Oouge, 

mgr.-j— Ulutcliitisuii, Kuii,, 2, Wichita 3. Purtsaia 

B. Plttaburg 9. lola ,8: Hmporla 9, Burlington 

19, Humboldt 11, Fort Scott 12. 
"No Mother lb Guide Her" — CarbunUuIe, Pu.. 3. 
"Nubofly 7 ? Claim" (It.ll. Le Hoy, mgr.)— Man- 
istlqut. Mich.. 2. Ncgauuee 3, -Isbpemliig 4, l-'s- 

caintbu li, Iron Mountain 7, AsUlautl, Wis., 8. 
Olcott, Chauncey (Augustus Pltou. mgr)— Qulncy. 

111., 2i' Peoria 3, Decatur 1, Alton 0, St. Louis, 

Mo., ; -M-12. ■"•••■ 

O'Neill, James (Edgar Forrest, mgr.)— N. Y. Clly 

30, indetllilte. 
O'JJura, Flake (Chris. E. Blnuoy Amuse. Co., 

mgrs.)— «. 'Y.CIty 30-Oct. 0. 
"Outlaw's Ourlstiuua" (P.- U. Sullivan,- tugr.)— 

P'vuiitfvllle, Ind.. 29-Oct. 2, Indianapolis 3.>, 

llblcuijo, 111., 0-12. 
"Our New Minister" (Joseph Coiiyers, lugr.t-- 

UMnE In., 1, Masou City 2, a, Fort Dodge .-. 

Webstec Clly 7, Boouc 8, Marslialilown 9, Foil 

Dodge 19, Boone 11, Oskuloosa 12. 
"Original Cuban," ttuwluml A Ollflora'S (W. T. 

GuskUl, mjr.) — Kansas Oily, Mo., 29-Oct. •'. 

Oumliu, Nebr., 0. 7. 
"Old Arkunsgw," Kreil ltKymond's, Hirslcru IL, 

A. J'Ulwurds, 1 mgr.)— Osford, Iud., 2. b'o-vler :■■ 

SiieHlhu, lit:. 1. Iviinkukee fi. Chicago Height i 

li. Vulnui-nlso. Ind., 7, Knox 8. Argus 9. Plym- 
outh 10, lb)chft)t(ir 11, Peru 12. . - 
"Old Avkuusaw," Fred Raymond's. Weslern (0. 

W. Bhikucll, tilgtl;)— Lawrence^ Kau., .2, Perry 

a, Alinu'4, Mauhurtini fi, Clay 4>n(er- 7, ««• 

mego 8, Saliua 9, Kllsworth 19, Gcncsoo It. 

Nlckersun- 12. .. 

"Die Olson" .(fico. Csjnway. mgr.)— Kldred, N. 

Y., 7, Smetliport, Pn., 8, Port Allegany 9, 

Cuudcrsport 10, Uulelon II, Austin 12. 


Powers. Jumea T. (Sutu S. A l*e Shuberl. Im'-. 
mgrs.) — Kingston, Call.', 2, liainlltoa 3, 4. To- 
ronto 7-9, Buffalo, N. Y„ 19-12, 

l'utluu, W. B; (J. at. SUiut, tngr.)— Iowa City. 
lot,, 7, . 

Pu'ytiin Sisters (C. S. Paylou, mgr.)— Lehigh. 
Ind. Tor., 7-12.. . - J, 

Partello Block- (W. A. l'arteilo. ibitr.)— Uerkl- 
4n*r,- N. 'Y., SO-Oet. B, Geneva 7-12. 

Price ft Butler Block (Billy «. Price, mgr.)— 
Cs.lla, C.; 39-Oct. 5. Blloa 7-12. 

I'rww and his Kiitolsts (C. B. ■ Sorensen, bus. 
tngrO—Patersoii, N, J.,i 2. Boooton a, I'ort 
.., *;;.-»., 4.- Mlddletewn B. . PeeksklH 7, 
Newburgli 8, Kingston 0, Catsklll 19, Tarry- 
town 11, South Norwulk, Conn., 12. 

Phlnu'ey's It. S. Band (Fred 8. Phlnuey. mgr.)— 
Jiimestowii Knposltlou, Vu.. 30, Indefinite. 

"Prhiee of Pllsen" (Henry W, Savage, mgr. — 
Kngenc, Ore., 1, Snleiu 2, Portland 3 B, Seattle, 
Wash., U-12. 

"Plff! Pniril Puuft!!" (B. C. Whitney, mgi'-lf 
llockfonl. Ill, 2, Juliet 3, SprJugneld 4. ••■ 
St. Louis, Mo.. 9-12. 

"Pnllillng the Town," tlias. II. "Vale's— Beadliir- 
Pa .. 2, York 3. Carlisle i. Hatrbiburg 8, Bal- 
JliiMire, Md.. 7-13, , . '.'•*' 

"Phautom Detective." Rowlaud A Clifford's lHa-f 
Seymour, mgr. i — Bast St. Louis,. ..H'-. .2»-Oe'' 
2. Allou 3. Frankfurt, Hid., 4, Huntington •;. 
Fort Wuyue 9, Hartford Oily 7, Anderson t>. 
Klwuod 9, Indlbiiaiiolls 10-12. 

"Parsifal"— Atlanta. Ga., 2, il. 
-"Public Opinion"— Phllndl-rphlii. Pa.. 30 Oct. n 
CafUiudiilc 10. . 

"font" Rotation" (F. \. Peterson, mgr.)— Marina, 
'III., 2, West Frnnkfort 3, Cairo a. 

"Pnilnrna" (Central AninHe. Svndloale. mgrM — 
llessomer. Mleti., 2. IrOnwoml 3, Ashland. Ml--. 
I. Siiis-rlor 'B. V'imlnin. Mind.. 8. UlliblnjI !■ 
CkMiuet H, Br.ilucrd 9, Park Rapids 11. t" u » 
Prattle 12, 

.rtir of Cotratry Klda" (O. Jay faith. Wl- 
rtWllne»iUe. *> f 2- Toronto 3, W«UvllleT*«. 
StflSl " !•■-. 0. New 5i3« »; K'ljroW Sty 
J? Vrawugalielu 0. Fayette Oty 10. llruwnatlllo 

.,^-Sirr^ ; -iJblc.«u. I.L.;>-0ct> 8, 

"1'ower That Governs"— Elm Ira. N.V. 2.- 

•• "•.' B ■ ..■ ■ .■'•: Vli i 
Rabwn'.- Bletnor .(Lllebler * Co., mars.)— Spring- 

irii MaW..-Z.' Hiirffort. Conn.. 4, 6. 
Robert*/ Florence i Harris & Cort. mgr*.)— N. V. 

Cltr' ■30/ Indefinite. •"' ' ' 

Russell. Lillian (Joseph Brooks, mir.)- Clncla- 

nnti O . .10-Oct. ■>. Chicago, 111., 7-1B. 
R.r ionn son" Knram MlO rHcolnl, mgrs.l- 

I'liielnnatt, O.. 29-Ocf. 5. Pltt-dnirg. Pg„ 7-18. 
itimwll Bros-. (Chas. R. ; Blniiey Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 

RcS-smart -fA. I\ 9K PJtfOMMtaWi, p., 30- 

Oi-r. .'■. Itlchmond, lnd., 7-1J. 
Roiwr-Mnsou Stock .(Boaar * Mason, mgrs.) — 

Count Ullenil. O., 30-Oct. 5. Mansfield f-12. 
• of the Rancbo" (David nelnsoo, mgr.)— 

\ I. City 30. Imleflnlte. .. 
•Roiinil tip" (Klaw A Krlanger. nigra'.)— N. Y. 

City 30. Imlellnlte. •• .. 

•-Kotor* Bros. In Panama" (fin* * Mai Rogers, 

msrsl— N. Y. City 30, Indeflnlre. : 

■•Rnco Across the Continent," A. H. Wood*' (IT. 

K. Winaman. mgr.)— Cleveland, O., 30-Oct. 5, 

Cincinnati 6-12. 
-Rocky Monntnln Kxpres*," Kllmt ft Gariolo's 

<(ieo. Kllmt. mgr.)— Bay City, Mich., XflOct. 

2 Saginaw 8*. Cleveland. O., 7-13. 
••RrVtl SlaTe," Clarence Bennett's, Eastern (Al- 
fred Rowland, ingr.)— Oarbonuale, 111., 2, Bel|e- 

vllle/S, NasbvlTUr 4. J>ah,lgren R. Litchfield 7, 

TiKHlhmW' If, -WncHeater 0. Jacksonville 10, 

BearrHtown 11, Petersburg 12. 
'■RalfertyV Flirtation/'. Walters ft Peterson's (Frod 

C. Trioiuos, reft!.)— Macon,: Uo.'i 2, Verier .3, 

fsovlnger 4, Hannibal o. 
••Kou.l to Vcsienluy" (Sas 8. & Lee Sbubert, 
inc nun*.)-- Wilmington, Del., 3. Atlantic City, 

N : 'j 4, B. Philadelphia, Pa., 7-12. 
••Itlibr "of Wuy"— Montreal. Con., 7-12. 
■■Hmalnn Spy" (Rclson ft Adams, tngrn.)— Cbiata, 

Minn;. 2, Cokafa: 3. 
"Bomance of Ireland"— Ottawa, Can., 3, 4. 

•Vy V it ■ ,' 8 -.. ■'-, •. 

Sothern. E. B-. (Sam 8. A Lee Sbubert. inc., 
Si-Chicago. 111., 30-Oct. 6, Pittsburg, Pi., 
7-12 ' ' 

Skinner,' Otis (Charles FroUmnn, mgr.) — Balti- 
more, SOI.. SOiOct. 5. ' 

Schsff Krftal (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Chicago, 

in aooct. 12. 

Sfahl. Rose (Henry B. Harris, mgr.)— Lincoln, 

Sb'lninaii, Gertrude (Ernest Slilpman, mgr.)— 
New Haven, Conn., 7-0, Hartford 10-12. . 

scotn CvtII .CWfrltef U. Lawrence, mgrO-rDen- 
ter, Colo.. 20 Oct.. 0. " '. 

Shea. Tlios.-B; (Cohan ft Harris, mgr*.)— Pitts- 
bnrg, Pa., 30-Oct. 8. . • ;. ■ 

Sclwyn, Edgar (Henry B. Harris: mgr.)— Selma, 
Ala., 2, New Orleans, La., a-12. 

Stuart. Balpli (Henry B. Borrls, mgr.)— Lincoln, 
Wetr., 11. 12; . ..... • . 

Soasa and his Band (John Philip Souia. condnc- 
lorl.-Jamcstown, N. P»k., mat., nnd B'snsr"'t 
2, nill'lngs, .Mont., 3, Helena 4, Great Fulls 6, 
illHuniilaU, Spokane, \v«n.^ 'i, mii;a i»..n-. 
mat., anil Ellenvllle 8, Tacomn 0, 10, Seattle 
11*13 • j - " 

Snowier! Cecil (Cnas. '.- 1. Blariey AmtbVe. Co., 
mifrs.)— Bochester, N. K., 30-Oct. 2, Syracuse 

Slilney. ; George (Stair. & Klcblali mgr».)---H. t. 
Pity 30-Oct. 8, Wllkes-Barre, Pa., 7-6, Scrauton 

aantiey,' JompK (IL H.-HanoM*. mar. )— Wllmlng- 

tou, Del., ifO-Oct. 2, Camden, N. J., 3-0. 
SinmiiSet, riu«' Hill!*— Toronto, Can.,. 30-Oct, 6, 

EliKalo.'N. t:. 7-12.- ^...' 

Stewart. Mar (J. E/ Cllne, ngr. )—Colornilo, Tex., 

!, Colorailo 3, Big Sprlnes 4. .Merkel 0, Abilene 

:7,. BhlnJ. 8;- Cisco 0, Dublin 10. 
SiiooTlef, Drnmatlo>(V. K. Spooner, mgr.) — Jerome, 

■A>lt.. n«-Oct: C. Prescott 7-I2i 
Stall: Walter. II. (Geo. Roberta, mgr.)— Peeks- 
.kill, N. Y.. 30-Oct. 5, Torrlurton, Conn.. 7-12. 
Spedden-Palge Stock — Boscobel. Wis., 30-Oct. 5. 
Sltatnona, Earl C. (Sydney Qreason, rogr.) — Kor- 
'rhrkrtrn,. Pa"., -30-Oct. H. Lebanon 7-12. 
SouFranPliwo Opera- (Frank W. Henly, mgr.) — 

Loa'AngelM. Col., 30Oct. 12. . . :. ; 

••Soclnl^VIIIrl" (Snm S. & Lee Shnberl. mgrs.) — 

1'iovldence. R. 1.. 30-Oct. 2, Holyoke, Miss., 

10, Springfield 11. 12. 
"Spoilers" (Cbas. E. Bliney Amuse. Co., rngra.) 

—Philadelphia. Pn.. 30-Oct. it. ■"* - , 

••Shadows on the Hearlli" (Arthur C .Alston, 

mgr.)— Scrariton, Pa/, 3o-Oc(. 2. .Wllkes-Burre 

3-d, Hsaleton 7. Berwick 8, Mount Oarrael a, 

Snnbury 10, ■tewlalnwn 11, Altoona 12. , 
"Since Nellie Wont Awoy," A, H. Wooda' (J. K. 

Roberts,' mgij.)---HOrtre«l,' Can., 30-Oct. 0, 

Oltawa 7-0, Schenectndy. N. V./M, . v-j 
"Sbnitowed by Throe," W. F. Mnpn's (Clarence 

Bnrdlck, ingr.)~-I^HilBVllle, Ky., 2» r Oct., 5, 

Wlieellnx: W.'Vr.; 7-0,' Akron, O., 10-1*. 
•'S-flf-llsloii"— WUmlngtoo, He]., 6, Washington, 

p'S:. 7-12. 
"Shepherd King" (Tttriieit Shlpraan,' mgr.)— Ub- 

anon, Po„ 2,' Altooaa. 3-5, Johnstown '7-9, 

Wheeling, W. Va., 10-12. 
"Shoemaker," Qub Hill's*— Jersey City, N. J., 

30Oct. 5, Phlladelpbls. Pa.. 7-12. 
"Sweeten Girl in Dixie," Southern. A (0. . S, 

Rublej 'tntr: )— >Birt. Tex.. 1,. Martin 2, Slexlu 

ti.Corllcana 4;'Ennl8 S", Waxuli!icbli<*7, Terrell 
, Tyler 0, Sulphur Springs 10, darkarllle 11, 
Paris 14- .- ■•■ 

"Sweetest Girl In Dltkt," Southern, B (SI. A. 
Mosele.v, mgr.) — Oeorifetown. Ky.. 2. 

"Sweetest Girl In Dixie," Northern (Will B. 
Hughes,' mgr.)— Pawnee. Okla., 2, Perry. 3, 
Bl»ckwell 4, Newklrk 0. Poncn 7, Welltagton 
8, Medford' 9, Har[>er. Kan., 10, Kingman 11, 
Hutchinson 12.,- •: 

"Sweetest Ofrl In Dixie." . Edwin Patterson's, 
Western (C. D: Hesse, mgr.) — Denver, Colo., 
26-Oct. 6, Pueblo S, Florence 7, Canon City 
8, Aspen 19, Glenwood 9|irlngs 10, Grand Jui|C> 
t/on 11; Proro City, (J.ri2. 

"Silver Glrlj" Geo. ITawoetfs— - Washington, D. 
C; 30 Oct. C. 

"Seminary 'Girl" — Somerset, Ky., 1, Hatreds- 
bnrg, 2. Bowling Green 8, Earllngton 4, Madl- 
wmvlllc 5, Erausville, Intl., il, O'vcusboro, Ky., 
7: HemlerHoti H, VlncctinWi. lnd., 0, Olney, III., 
10, Bedfordi lnd;, H, Llndon 12 

"Sandy Bottom'* (Guarantee Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 
--Alexntidrln, Nebr., 2, Brunlng 3, Edgar 4, 
Hustings B. ' 

Sunerba, ' Hanlhn'B— St. Lonls, Sto,, 20 Oct. C, 
Cincinnati, 0., 0-12, 

"Simple Simon- Simple" (Fred 0. NIXon-Nlrd- 
MHger; mgr.) — Baltimore, Sid., 30-Oct. G. 
■'.'•■ T 

Thompson!- Deomon— N. V. C|ty 30 ; Oct. 20. 

Trdnx, Snrnh (John Cort, mgr.) — Columbus, O., 
1, Dayton? 2, Lima 3, Sandusky 4, Toledo n, 
Grand Rapids-',- Mich., 7, Fort Wayne, lnd., 8, 
Marlon 6, Louisville, Ky., 10-12. 

Tumor,. W. II. ' (Cliiis. E. Btanoy Amuse, Co., 
mgrs.)— Washington, D. O., 7-12. 

To/lor Stock (H. W. Taylor, mgr.)— Concord, N. 
H., 30-Oct. II, Nashua 7-12. 

Troniflnle Block (Merle Trousdale, mgr.)— Low- 
rence, ■ Knn., 30-Oct. 6, Ix-xlngtou. Sto., 7-0, 
Cftraden 10-12. • 

"Too Proud to Beg." Lincoln J- Carter's (Prod 
Seward, mgr.) — .Mount Vernon, III., 2, Penton 
3, Du Quoin 4, Plnckneyvllle 6. 

'Texas" (Broodhurst & Curile, mgrB.) — Plttsburtt, 

,fi, 80-Oct. 6, Clcvelntid, O.V 7-12; 
Tourists" (Sam S. & Lee atmbert. Inc., mgrs ) 

, — Washington,. D'. 0.,. 30-Oct. 0. 

'Tempest and Sunshine,*' W. F. Mann's (Rich- 
ard Chapman, mgr.) — Kewnneo, 111.. S. Cam- 
bridge .1, Sterling 4> Cllnthn, la., 5. Molllie, 
HI., 0, Monmouth 7, liurlliiKton. In., 8, Kulr- 
fleld «-, Washington 10, Iowa City 11, Slusca- 

. tine 12. " : ' 

"Talk of New York" (Gohab A Harris, mgra.)— 

, Chicago, III., 30, Indefinite. 

"Time, the Place and the Olrl" (Asicln A Singer, 

„ rngra.)— Worcester, Slasri., 3, 4,' Holyoke Ot. 
T|me. the Place and the Girl" (Asklu ft Singer, 
mgrs.)— Beottle, Wash., 200ct.B. 
TliortiB and Orange Blosioms," Rowland ft Cllf- 
fortl's; Eastern (Ed; Weyerson, mgr.)— Woos- 
ter, 0..-2, Elyrin 3. Siwllna 4, MlTlenlnirg 5, 
Akron 7-8;' Xohhgitnwn 10, New Castle, Pa., 
11,- East Llterpool. O.. 12. 
TbornH and Orange 431os»oms." Rowland ft Cllf- 
fonj'a,. Western (P. C. Walton, mgr. )— Seilro- 
Woolev, Wash;, 2; Westminster, B. C; Can., 
3 4. Belllogbam. Wash., 5, Kent 7. Pnyalhip 9. 
Olyrbpla 0. Elmg- 16, Hontluaso 11, Abenleeo 

"Thr'onA.Dcnlri Valley"— Worcester, Mass., 30- 

(irt. i; Brldaenort, Conn.. r„ 4. . . 
'Telegraph- Siatton 2P* (Rapier A StntlneW*, 

«ltr».>-"Jewell City. Kan.. 2. Rshon 3. Smith 

l>ater 4. I'hllllpslmrg A. Long Island 7. Altta. 

Nebr...tL Rlterton », Gnlde Rock 10. Hebron 
„ ii. Wymote rflg>' . 
Texas Steer-— Jackson, UlcU., 2, Bay City 0. 

'•T^rmhlfted Tramp." Elmer Walttri* (rift. 
Walker/^gr.l—Sterllug; III., 3. Tipton. Iu<L, 
3. L U Croatte, ; Wis.. «,.W«lmah, Mlirn.. 7. Ilnsl- 
liiloi 8, New Hlirhmorw 0. Menomoqle, WIh.. 10, 

. Stanley U.-ClilWiewa VMx 12; 

'•Tiro .Merry- Trantps" (HeVetui- A Teller, mgrs.) 
— Springfield,' Mo., O. 
C --.. ■-,•».-•.. f . v 

"Coder Bouthern ' Skies," (Harry Doel Parser. 
mar:)— Greenville. Tex., 2. Purls 3, Tetarkana, 

Ark.. 4,-Shreieport. La.. S. Slouroe 7, Nntches. 

Miss., 8,' Jackson- », Vlcksbnrg 10, Greenville 

11. Pine Blittr. Ark.. 12; 
"Under Southern Skies," Western (Harry Doel 

Parker, mgr.)-- Cheboygan. Slich.. 2. .Marquette 

3,.CnliUnet 4. Hancock 5, Islipemlng 7, Crooka- 

ton. Minn., 0, Winnipeg, Man.,. Can., 10-12. 
"Under Southern SkWs,' r Central (Hnrrit Doel 

l'nrkcr,.mgr. i— Moiinmuth, 111.. 2, Oalesburg 3, 

c'inton 4. -Burlingtoii. la., A, DarenpOr't 0, Slus- 

catlhe- 7, 06kalooea 8. Albla 9, Ceutertllle 11), 

Oituniwa 11. Clinton 12. 
"l!n;le Tom's Cabin," Stetson's, Eastern (J. W. 

Brownlee, mgr. ) — Hogerstown, Sid.. 2, Leb- 
. onon. Pa.. 4, Reading B, Precis nd 7, Slating- 

ton H. Smith Bethlehem 0. - 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin," .Stetson's. Western (Woi. 

Kibble, mgr. )— Xerila, O., 2. Richmond, lnd.. 

3, Portland 4, Anderson Ti,' NdblesVllle 7, Sbel- 

bVTllle 8. Franklin o. Bloomlngton 10. Paris. 

III.. 11, Danville 12. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Terry's (W. G. Dickey. 

mgr. )— Manson, la.. 2, Pomeroy it. Fonda (. 

Newell' 11. Aurelia 7, Correct lonvllle 8. Early 

0, I.iiserlew 10, Srhnller 11. Lawton 12. 
"Umpire" (A'skln A Shtger. mgrs.) — Selma, Ala 

OaVWIII Brtlea (Ckaa. Falke. mgr. 1— Montreal. 

.Can.. 30 Oct. 6, Toronto 7-18. " - 

ChajniMKtie Ulrls (Phil Fisher, mgr.)— Chicago. 

lln.,.20-ln.'L ■"'. IiiilhuiuunllK. lnd.. 10 12. 
IMmtf' IWKtowM (Wclicr * Ilnsh. ,ni»rs. > — ■ Tolcilo, 

OV 20-Oclt., il. Clctclatftl 7-12. ' 
DivaiolaiHl Rurlesqneni (Bert Kemlrlck. lugr.) — 

Troy, N. T., 30-Oct. 3, 'Albany. 3-3, N. X. City 

t-ii- it j, . , 

Derere's, Sam (J. L. . Blmonds. mgr.)— Boston, 
Mass.. .'in-oct. S, Providence. It. I.. 7-12. 

Emtilre Bilrlesqnens (J. . Feoessy. mgr.) — Dnlutb, 
Alliin.. i»n-(ii:i. .1. Mlnnsenolls 0'I2. . 

Fny Foster (Joseph Oiienhehner. mgr. ) — Cincin- 
nati, o., sn net. .".. (Meieland 7-12. 

Greater New York Stan (Jacobs A Jcrrunn, 
mars. I— Brooklyn. N. Y.. 30-Oct. 12. 

(lay Morning Ghirlrs (Weher A Rush, nigra. I — 
Srranton. Pa., .10-Oet. 2, Beading :i-», l'hlla- 
delpliln 7-12. 

Gay >las(iuert<ler* (Ceo. Turner, mgr.l— Philadel- 
phia, Pa... 30-Oct. ii, Baltimore, Mil., 7-12. 

Golden Crook (Jaeolis ft mgrs.)— Colum- 
bus, o., .-10-Oct. 1. Cincinnati 0-12. 

Girl from Ilappylntul — Kansas Oily, .Mo.. 0-12. 

Gay Toreadors (Geo. M. Hale, mgr.l— Jersey 
Cltr. N. J., liflOct. .1, I'hllnlelidila, I'a.. 712. 

Gaiety Olrl* (pal White, mgr.)— N. Y. Clly 1 3fl. 
Oel. \ Koatnh, Mass., 7-12. 

Hlgti Jink* (Robert Mills, mgr.) — Indianapolis, 
lnd.. Oct. 31. Louisville, Ky.. (1-12. 

II lull School Girls (T. W. Jllnklns, nixr.)— I'nt- 
ersAn. N. I.. .-Iil-Ocl. 2, S'cninlon, Pa., 3-D, 
Troy, N. Y.. 7-0. Albany 10-12. 

IrwlnV Big Sllow (Fred irwlu. mgr.)— S. Y. City 
30-Oct. ». I'hllmtelphla, Pa.. 7-12. 

Imperials (II. W. ft Sim Williams, mgrs. I— Chi- 

Sells -Kioto— Orimge. Tex.. 2, l.isc Charles, La.. 

3. JenillllgSs 4. Crowley A, Liifnyelte 0, 7, 
.' • HtBICniiliAKIBOllS." - - 

MfiUw-tttm*. Ilallroud Sliuws— Kings Mnini. 

lalu; N. C. BIM.VI. E 
t.'rulkslu'ink- -lK-lsware, n.. 3. Mount Vernon J. 
Ktatiklin (Ximeil.v (Win. Franklin, uigr.l— Shcltoo, 

.S>br„ .TO-Oct. ». 
Flint. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I.. (H. L. Flint, 

mgr. I -Molllie. III., :toooi. bV Jollet 0-12. 
Francis (l>n Shields, mgr. I— Kent, Wash., l-ll, 

Anhum 4-U. Buckley 7-0. Kniiin.-lnw 10-12. - . 
Faiist Llfttirnniii (KMI Glnin.. rn»r.»— Calmar. 

veati, J. P. Rood, ami the Bljouicoiie. Hiwi- 


lug i^tnl murlilu tilcturc sliovys, aru ilolng kflioil 

bosincsa.- •-■ "• 

_j _,- 

- KnlhiiiissiofK,-- -At tlie Aciilcmy of Must.' 
(II. A. Hush, tnnniig(-r) "IVfot-e and After ' 
Uld good Inislnt'SB Sept. 211, "An Old Sweet- 
licfirf .nf'Mttlo" 'fllayed tu imod slr.'Ml nntjl- 
iwph. umilni'i' null ulglii. -I- "'Die Old 
Clothes Mhrt" hntl nlilnliiiliiu* J. 1 !. "Ml Hol- 

la., :um.w. 2, Liwler *STSUZWmim '«•* ••"•. M»p AtOerlentl Ttt.ick l'o. rest of tlu 
10-12. . , """■ 

(Ksifgla Tronbndonrs (Wm. McCnhe, mgr.)— -slur, 
will, la., 2, .ilowrle 3, 0, (iraiiil Junction 7, 


4, .Chattanooga, Tenn., 8. 
"Uncle Josh 1 Perkins"— Portland, Ore-SO-Oct. B. ca«o. III.. 20-O;t. 5. AHlwnnki-w. Wis,. Ml 
'•liuder the North Star,'' Cldre'cce Bepntjtt's (Jos. Mejw (H. ft ,_ Jt Sim Williams. mgrs.)- : -,Lonls 

0. Ctiandlor. irigr.)— Strawberry Point, la., 3, 
Dycrsvllle 4. Manchester 5, Cedar RapldB 7, 
^Oemete 8 : Waterloo 0, Jowa^Cfty 10. 
"Uncle Josh Sprucette." Westerri (H. H. Turner, 
mgr.) — Madison. Kan.. 2, Strong City 3, New- 
ton 4, Hutchinson r,.- 

■ • .▼. ... 

Van, Billy B. (P. H. Sullivan Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 

— Boston, Mobs., 30-Oct. 8, Providence, B. I., 

7-12; ; . ' - >j ■■ " 

Van Dyke ft Eaton P.. Slack 1 , mgr.)— Aurora, 111., 

Za-Gcf. r,. Rock Island T- 12. ' 
"Virginian" (The Klrke I.n Sbelle Co.. mgrs.)— 

Philadelphia, Pn.. 30-Oct. G, Wilmington, Del., 
> 7; . 
'■Volunteer Organist" (W. W. Newcomer, mgr.) 

—Minneapolis, Stlnn./"20-Oct.'S. - 

-.•'.•.. vr .- 

Walsh, Rlanche (Wagenhals' A Kemper, mgrs;) — 
Chicago, III.. :tO-(M. S, Cincinnati. O.. 7-12. 

Wllllmns, Battle' . (Chartesr' Prcliman, mgr.j— 
Bloomlngton; III.', 4, St. Wills-', .\t6., 0-12; 

Worsekl, David (Darld Belasco, mgr.)— Keene, 

n: : h., o:--'. "•• '" 

Wilson, Frahcl* (Ghitrlea Frohman, mgr.)— N. 
Y. City 30", IhdeBiilte. :',. "• 

Weber's All Stars (Jits. W.. Weber, mgr.)— Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., 30-Oct. r>.. 

Woodruff, Henry (Henry 'Sillier, mgr.) — Brook- 

' Ira, N. Y.,' 30-Oct; 0, Alhimy !), 10. , . 

Wilson, Al. H. "(Sidney R. Ellis, mgr.)— Union- 
town, Pa., 2. Fairmont, W. Va., 3, Clarksburg 
t. Parkersluirg 5, Marietta, O., 7. Charleston, 

. W Va- . S, Huntington 0, lronton, O.,. 10, 
portsttiouth 11, Porlu, Ky., 12. 

West, Blahcn (Krnest Slilpman, mgr.) — Louisville, 
Ky;,-'20-Oct. A, Indianapolis, lnd.. 7-0, Koto- 
mo 10, Mnrlun 11, Hartford City 12. 

Williams, Lottie (Cans. E. Blooey Amuse. Co., 
mgrs.)— Philadelphia, Pn., 30-Oct. 5, Balti- 
more, Mil.. 7-12. 

Wills, Nat SI. (Broodhurst ft Currle, nigra.)— 
Brooklyn, N. Yr, 30-Oct.' ». 

Ward, Hap (Stnlr ft Nleolol, mgrs.)— Norfolk, 
Va.,.. 10-Oct. .VChnttniiooku, Teun... 7-12.: ,,. 

Waters. .Tom (Fred (I. Nlxon.-Nlrdllnger. mgr.) — 
l/nwell. Slnss., 2, Lynn 3, Worcester •"'. Woun- 
socket, R. I.. 8. Full Hirer, Mass., 10. • 

Whitecaf', W. A. (Jules Slurry, mgr.) — Anderaon, 
Tnd.. 9. v .-, , 

.WillanSbislcal : Comedy (John B. Wills, mgr.)— 
Ahrt«*on, S: C..'2, 3, Clemson, <.- It. 

Wil Mains, and Walker (Juck Sholemaker, ttur.) — 
East- Liverpool. O., 2, ZanesvllleSi Sprlngftpld 

' 4; , '.Middle town ' 5, . Anderson. 1ml. , 7, Terre- 
Hante 8, Danville; III., 0, Champaign 10, 
Sprlngtleld 11, Qulncy 12, 

White Dramatic (Chaa. I'. Whyte. mgr.) — Ada, 
lnd. Ter., 30-Oct. ,">, Coolgate 7-12. 

Woodrurr, Dora, Stock (J. Dudley Kllgore, mgr.) 

. — Padacuh, Ky., 30-Oct. A, Evanstllle, lnd.. 

Wlllard's Oomedlonn (Henry F. Wlllard. mgr.)— 
Orlanda, Flo.. 30-Oct. 2, Lakeland 3-S, Barlow 
7-ff;'Tnmpa 10-12. ' "• 

Williams Comedy (T.-P. Gafferelly,': mgr. )— States- 
vl|u». N. C, :W-Oet; 5, Snilshiiry 7-12. . 

Wllsoit, Viola (F. Lewis Brown, mgr. )— Klngslon, 

n; : v:, 30-Oct. 5. ,", 

Wolpert-RiiBsell Stock- (Sir*. Louis J. Russell, 

tegr.l-l-Meadvllle. Pa., 30-OM. A. 
Whltcslde-Stiauss — Franklin, Pa., 30-Oct, A. 
West-Henry Stock (Eugene West, mgr,)— Pelican 
. Rapids, Minn., 2, Fergus Falls 3-5, Barnesrllle 

Whltt'lhgtcn Comedy ( Whittington ft Davis, mgrs.) 
— Lovvton. Okln., 30-tkt. 2. ' . . 

Wa'llack'a Theatre, Southern (Maurice M, Du- 
blnsky, mgiv)— Pittsburg. Kan., 30, Inditnnfte. 

Watlack's Theatre,. Western (ICdward DnnUisky, 

?igr.)— St. Joseph, Mo., 20 Oct. 5, Sedalla 0- 
f: t ' ' 
" MVay'fDown; Eost" (Wm. .. 
CleveMBd, 0.. 30-Oct. 3, Plttabui 

211 (i.'i. A. Cincinnati, O,. (1-12. 

((Ins Lieu lag, mgr.) — .Minneapolis, 

Oiunhn, Xebr.. 8, (1. St. Jo- 

, Albany, 

mgr. I — Springfield, 
N. V..'3-.'l, Brook. 

Ai Brady, mgr.)— 
. , ittaburg, Pa;7T-12, 
"Wuy »f the Transgressor," Chas.H.ynje's—N 

V.'Clty 30-Oct. A, Newark, N". J.. 7- la. 
"Wliard of Oe" (Hurtlg ft Seanion, mgrs.) — 

Springfield. 111., 2. IL Lafayette, lnd., A, Bra- 

xll 0, LonJarille. Ky., 7-12. 
"What Women Will Do" (Holden Bios, ft led- 

wards, mats.) — Houston, Tex.. 2, (iulveston 3, 

Port Arthur 4, Benumottt ."., Franklin,. La,, 6. 
"WM Girls I*ave Home." E. J.' Carpenter's 

(Harry E. Rowe, mgr.) — Grand Island, Nelir.. 

3, Kearney 4, North Platte 3, Denver, Colo., 

"Wlint. Happened to Jones" (N. L. Jelcnko, mgr.) 
— ^PgrtoliS; W. Vs., 2, Bncklmnnon 3, Grafton 

4. Clarksburg S. Staiinlngton 7, Slstervllle S, 
Caldwell. 0.. 0, Wellston 10, Clrclerllle 11, 

"Wninrtfor Waft Street" (Lew 1 VlrdeB; mgt.I— 
Mount Pleasant, Tex., 2, Gtiroer'3, Lonnlew 1, 
Carthage 3, Garrison 7, Nacogdoches 8. Jack- 
Bonvllle 0, Palestine 10. Crockett 11, Hunts- 
villa 12. , . 

"Wltanl of Woll Street," Edwin Patforaotf's, No. 
1- (IT. N. Slorgan, mgr.)— Waverly, la., 2. 
Clarksrllle 3. Hamnton 4, Dows A. Algona 7. 
KstnertJIle 8. Spencer B. Sanhom 10. Sibley 11, 
Is- Mar* 12. 

"Wlu'rd of Wall Street," Edwin Patterson's, , No. 
2— Brunswick, Sto.. 2, Laplata .1, Milan 4. 
Green City' C, Unlnnvllle 0, Memphis 7, Pal- 
myra 10, .Montgomery 11. 

Torke nnd Adams (B. E. Forrester, mgr,) — 
Selma. Ala... 3. 

Ye Colonial Stock (Guns. W. Benner, mgr.)— 
Ckdla, O.; 30-Oct.. A. 

Xante Doodle Stock (Win. D. Hollla, mgr.)— 
Allentown, P'J.. 311-Oet. r.. 

"Yankee Regent" ( if, II. Frawe, mgr.)— Den- 
ver, Colo;, 20-Oct. 8. 

"Young Buffalo, King of the Wild West" (Cbaa. 
F.. Blaney Amupc. Co., mgrs.) — St. Louis, Sto., 
'40-Oct. 5. Evanailllc. lnd.. C-0. 

"Younger Bros." — Boone, Ia„ 2, 3. 


Americans (T. K. SlcCreary, mgr.)— N. Y. City 
30-Oct. 0. 

Avenue Girls — Boston, Moss,, 7-12 

Boston Belle* (G. A. Batchelor. mgr. )— Chicago, 
UL, 20'0ct. A, Milwaukee. Wis., 0-12. 

Bryant's Extravagant* (Harry C. Bryant, mgr.) 
-^-Detroit, Sllch., 2fl-Oct. A; Toledo, Oi, «-12. 

Bine Rllibon Girls, James Hyde's — Indianapolis, 
' lnd., 30-Oct; S, Chicago,: lil-., 6-12. 

Bowery Burlcsniiers (Hurtlg ft Scamon, mgrs.) — 
■ 30-Oct. 2, Holyoke, Mat*., 3-8, 

mgr.)— Philadelphia, 
Y. City 7-12. 

Albany. N. Y., 
' Boston 7-12. 

Bohemians (Barney Olrnrd, 
Pa.. 30-Oct. S, N, Y. CI ... 

Bod Tons (Weber A Rnsh, mgrs. )r— Proridence, 
R. L. :tO-Oct. 9. Boston, Mass., 7-12. 

Ilehman Show (Jack Singer, mgr. )— Reading, Pa., 
30-Oct. 2, Scranton 3-A, , Newark. N. J;, 7-12. 

Bachelor Club (Chas. B. Arnold, mgr.)— Birming- 
ham, Ala., 30-Ort. A,. New Orleans, La„ 6-12. 

Broailway Gaiety Glrfs (James H.-Curtln, mgr.) 
—Pittsburg, Pa,. 30-Oct. 8, Woshlngton, D. C, 
7-12. ■ ' " ' 

Buakley'a, Nellie, Bnrlesquers— Gloucester, Mass., 
30 Oct. 8. , ,.„ , _, , . M 

City Hporf* (Phil Sberldao, mgr,)— CleveUnd, 
0„ 30-OCt. A, Buffalo, N. V., f-12. ' 

Cracker Jacks (Harjy Leonl. mgr.)— Brooklyo, 

, Karry , 
N, JV 30-Oct. ». if. Y. 
nifls <J« 

Rush, mgrs.) — 
Albany 7-0. Hoi- 

City . 
Casino OIHs (Jesise Btltns. mgr. I— Washington, 
" Pit 

p. C. Stt-Oct. B - Plttghtirff, Pa., Till. 
Cherrv- Besoms (Will A-. pittie'. mgr.l— Haltl- 
inon, Md., 30-Oct. A, PhlladelDhU, Pa„ 7-12. 

vlile, Jtr 
Jolly Girls 

Minn., 20-Oct. r, 

seph, Mo., 10-12. 
Jersey Lilies (J. 

Mass., 30-Ort. 3 

lyn 7-16. 
Jolly Grass Widows (flus W. Hogan. mgr.) — 

Cleveland, O., .'10-Oct, I, Plttaburg. Pn., 7-12. 
Knickerbockers (Isinls Rnble, mgr.) — Baltimore. 

Sid., 30-Oct. A. Washington. D. C. 7-12. 
Kentucky Belles 1 Robert (lordnn. mgr.)— N. Y. 

Cl(y SO^OCt.i A, Scranton, Pn., 70, Palersftii, 

I. Id Lifters (II. S. Womlhnll, uier. 1 — St. Louis, 

Mo.. 2(l'-Oct. A. Indianapolis. lnd.. 7-12. 
L(!(ty Bird* 'Mil, G. Ilerrington. mgr.)— SI. Louis, 

Merry Maidens (Chas. W. Daniels, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City. .in-Ot;r. A, Patersnn, N. J.. 7-0, Scranton, 
Pa.,' 16-12; ,j 

Mis* New Voril Jr. (I. St. Herk. mgr. )— St. 
'Palii; Minn.. ao-Oci. r,, Duliltli 0-12. 

SIsjeMlcs (FreU Irwin, mgr.)— Boston, Sloss... 30- 
Oct. A,. Brooklyn, N. V., 7-12. 

MeVrj- Sfikrn (John llrieves. mgr.) — Itutfalo, N. 
r„ . 30-Oct.' A, Detroit. Mich., 7-12. 

Slarix ft Burnell VaudeTille (Al Start!, mgr.)— 
Danhy.'Vf.. 3; Pnwlet 4, West Pawlet 5. 

Night Owrs (Chas. Rolilnnon, mgr.)— Newark, N. 
J., 30-Oct. f. 1. Y. City 7-12. 

New Century Girl* (John J. Sfoynahan. mgr.) — 
Kansas City. Slo.1 20-Oct. A, St. Louis 0-12. 

Nightingale* (A. Jack Faust, mgr-') — Scranton, 
Pa., HO-oer. 2. Paterson, N. J.. ML 

Oriental Coxy Corner Girls (Sam Robinson, mgr.) 
— liidlunapblls, Tild., 30 Oct. 2. Akmn, O., 3- 
B. Oilcncr... III., 0-12. 

Parisian Widows (Weber ft 
Rochesler, N. Y.» 300ct. A, 
yntie. Sins*.. 10-12; 

pnrls|on Belles (Chns, E. Taylor, mgr.) — Sill- 
WltUkre. Wis., 2fl-0cl. A. St. Paul, Minn.,, 0-12. 

Rdlllcker*. (R. K. Patlon, mgr.)— De* Stolnes, 

.. In.. SR'-Oct. 2, St. Joseph, Sin.. 3-A, Kansas 
' City 0-12. ; ' 

Rnnnway Olrl* (Peter S. Clark, mgr.) — New Or- 
leans, •La.. 2B-0ct. fi. 

Reete*' Beauty Show (Al Reetes. mgr.)— Philadel- 
phia, Pa-, .30-Oct. r>, Reading 7-0, Scranton 

• 10-12. :; 

Rose Hill English Folly (Rice ft Barton, mgrs.) 

—Boston. Mu«s.; ,3n.()ei. A, Surlngllebl ',7-0, 
-''Alhkiij'.I'N.-. Y.,,, 10-12. ,.' 
Rentx-Santley (Aiie^ Leavllt.-.rfigr.)— N. Y. City 

30-Oct- A, PrhrhHjnce.,11. I...-7-I2. 
files '& Barton's Big (lulety— Kausua City, Slo., 

20-Ocl. A. StvLpnlH 7-12.' - 

Rose Svilell's I»ndon Belles (W. 8. Campbell, 

mgr.)— Buffalo, N. Y., 30-Oct. 8, Hochestec 

Strolling Players (f^iula SI. Granat. mar.) — Al- 
bany, N. Y„ 30 Oct, 2, Ttny, 3-5, Slontreul, 

Can., 7-12^ 
Stur Show Girl* (W. Feunessy, mgr.)— Phllndel- 

iMu. Pa., 36-Oct. A. 1 

Scrlhher's, Snm, Big STiow (.Morris Wnlnstnck, 

mgr.l— Brooklyn., S. Y,, 30-Oct, A. Scranton, 

I'u., 7-0, Reading 1012; 
TrartB'Atlanilo lliitfesfluers (Hurflg ft Senmon, 

mgr*.)— Chlcngo, III., 20-Oct. A.Detrolt. Sllch., 

7-12. • ';.•. > 

Tiger Lilies' (I*sy Grodr, mgr.) — Washington, D. 

p., 30-Oct. 8. Baltltftorr. S)d.. 7-12. 
Trocoderos (CIiUb. H. .Walifron, mgr. )— Plttstiurg, 

Pit..' 30-Oct. fl. Collirahiis, O:. 7-12. 
Thoroughbred* (Frank B. Carr. mgr.) — Boston. 

Mass.,. .■iO-Oct.,8, X. Y. City 7 12. 
Twentieth Century Maids (Slanr'y Krnus, mgr.) 

— N. y. City 30-Oct. 0, Jersey City, N. J., 

Vanity' Pnfr (Robert Slanrheater, mgr.)— Sill- 

wiinkee, Wis., 20-Oct.' 3,'Chleago, III,. 0-12. 
World Heaters (-J. Herbert Slock, mgr,)— Cin- 
cinnati, 0.,2t)Oct. A, Birmlngllitm, Ala;, f-12. 
Watson 1 * Burle<r|uera (W. B. Watson, mgr.) — 

Cblcoajo, III,. 0-12. 
WashlngMn Society Girls (Lew lValson. mgr.) — 

Toronto, Can., 30-Qct. A, Buffulo. N. .V.. 7-12. 
Yankee Doodle Girls (T. W. DlnWns; mgr.)— 

Detroit, Mich.,. 20-Oct, A, liulluniipolts, lnd , 

7-0. • 

Allen's, A. G. IGeo. W. Quliie. mgr.)— Thoinns, 

Okln.. 2. Custer 3, Arapalio 4, Clinton 6, 8oyre 

7. Elk City 8. 

Byrd's, tut. (John W. Berry, nuf.l— Martlnstlte, 

Vs.. 30-Oct. A. 
Coburn'*, J. A,—- (inlncsville, (1.1., 2, Cedortown 

3, Borne 4, Amilsloti, Ala.. A. 
DiKckBtoiler's, I*w (•.Imrle* D. Wilson, mgr.) — 
_ PJttfbiirg, Pa.. 30-Oct. A. Chicago, III.,, (|,12. 
Donnelly A Hatftelll'a— Lntrobe, Pa,. 2, Mount 

Pleasant 3, Somerset 4, Meyersdale 8. Hagers- 
town, Sfd.. 7. Wlncliester. Va.. 8. Harrison- 
burg 0. Slniuiton 10, Covluelnn 11, Clifton 
Forge 12. 

Dandy. Dixie' (Voelckcl ft Nolan, mgr*.)— Woxa- 
hrchie. Tex.. 2, Terrell 3, Greenville 4. Paris 
A. Denlson 7. Slierinuii 8, McKlnney 0, Denton 
10. Galhesrllle 11, Anlmore, lnd. Ter., 12. 

Field's, Al. G. (Doc Qtilglev, uigr.l— Vlcksbnrg, 
JIlss.. 1, Natchez 2, Jackson ,'t. Merldlun 1, 
Selmn. Al*., n, Sloutgoniery 7. C/oliiuibus. Oa., 

8. Jlaeon 0. Augnsta 10, Charleston, H. C, 11, 
Suvoniiftli. (In.. 12. 

Fox'* Ixine Star (Roy K. Fox, mgr.l— Ix>rnlne, 
Tex... 30-Oct. • 2, Hoscoe 3-A, Sweetwater 7-0, 
Merkel 10-12. , 

Gorton's (C. G. Pearl, mgr.)— Medina. N. T., 2, 
Fieslonla 3, North East, Pa„ 4, Coooeaut, 0„ 8. 

Ony Bros.' (G. U. Gnr, mgr.i— Port Hope, Can., 
2. Peterlioro 3. Lindsay 4'. Cabourg A. 

Prlrnrwe's, Geo, IL— Iowa City, la.. 6. 

Hichnnh A Prlngle'* ( Holland ft Fllklns, mgrs.) 
— San Francisco. Cs|., 20-Oct. 5. 

Votrei's (John W. Vogel, mgr.l— Htcuhenvlllc, O*.. 
2. Ypnngatown 3. Greenville. Pa.. 4. Sharon 8, 
Ueadvllle 7. Franklin 8. Oil City 0, Tltuivllle 
10; Warren 11, Bradford 12. 

West's. Wm. II. (Snnford B, Rlrnby.^ mgr.)— 
(ilolie. Aria.. 2. 3. Tombstone A, Blsbee 0, 
Tucson 8. Phoenix; o, Prescott 10, Jerome 11, 
Kingman 12. ' 


Bnrnuin ft Bailey's— Topek*. Kiin,, 2, Cloy Ccrllei' 
■1. Ilelolt 4, Sednllu A. HutchltiROU 7, Wichita 
8, Arks nans ctrv 61 (Intrude, Okla., 10, Okla- 
homa City 11, McAlnter 12. 

Buffalo Bill'* Wild Wekt. Col. Wm. F. Cody (Fred 
li. Hutchinson, mgr. ) — Nashville, Tenn., 2, 
Haalsvllle, Ala., 3, Chattanooga. Tenn.. 4, 
Rome. (la.. 8. Atlanta 7. Onellka. Ala., 8, 
Montgnmery 0. Dollian 10, Valdwta, Gu., 11, 
Js«»airvllV, Fid., 12, 

Forepaogb ft Sells Urns.'— iDdependenoe, Ran.; 
2, Pbnco, Okla., .1. Pauls Valley, lnd. Tar., 4, 
ArdMore 8. 

Hniieidseek A Wallace's— Athens, fin.. 2, Wash- 
Incton -1. Augusta 4, Slilledtevllle A. 

Lucky Pill's, Autwlne, Okla., 2. i'onkawa 8,. Eddy 

4, Lament n, Molt I'ork 7. 

Pawnee Bill* Wild West, Col. LIllie'iM-Alsrao- 
gontd. N. Mex.. 3. Tiicumcarl 3; Dalhart. Teg., 
4. Xmarlllo A. Claredon 1, Childress 8. Wichita 
Fall* ». Sermonr In. Stamford 11. cited- Ji. 

Singling Bros.' — tllshec. Aria., 2, Douglas t. 
Doming. N. Mex,. 4, El Paso, Teg., 8, Abilene 
T. Wralherford 8. , 

HoblBtoh's, ,lo|iR*M'raory. .Miss., 2; Ifollyar. Tenn., 
8, iltlan 4„ FOltoti, Ky.. ft. Cairo, ill.. 7. 

Robblhs', Frank A.— Ifarrlhtiibivrg, ,va., 2. .gltflori 
,'i. Charleatoii. W. Va:, 4, Rookv It*. Md., 6, 

Slsrwtts. Hosrsnl a.— Lynchbnrf. Va„ 30-Oct, 6. 

Bonne O. 

Golden Rule Comedy (Gnntlnler Bro*., mgra.)— 
Rosevllle, III. 3l. ('olrhesHT 8-14. 

Ceeorglo Coon Sliouiers (IT. La She, mgr.l — Lin- 
den. Sllch., 7, Clorkson 8, Perry 0, SolKsdcrittt 
10. Three River* II, 12. 

Huntley Entertainer* (Ben A. Huntley, mgr.l— 
Prentice, Wis,, . 30-Oct. 2, Wesllnm 3-11, Mid- 
ford 7-12. . 

Henderson's Novelly rv>, (Br, Wm. II. Hender- 
son una-.) — Tnlwrvllle, Slo.. StWJpl. A. 

lleber Bros." Sliow— Ullca, N. V.. 2. Hytaense 3, 
Rbehester 4, HitlTnlo A, Erie, Pn., 7, Cleveland, 
o.. 8. y.sis-svllh- 11, Toledo 16, Cluclmiall 11, 
iudlouanolls. lnd., IS. 

Kellsr and Tliurston — Tomnio, Can,, 30-Oct. A. 

Lee's (ilnsn ltlnwers (Jack Is-e, mgr. ) — lltsl Linn, 
P*„ :ui-()ci. n. 

Prescelle mill Eilna May Sliujisin I P. W. Magoon, 

, mgr. > —Mon tpeller, Vt„ 30-Oct. 8, Keene, N. IL, 

PicWrt*: the Fotir (Willi* Plclrert, mgr.)— Bur- 
llnglnii. S. (!.. 1 .',. • - 

Parker. C- W., Shows (Cramer A Tyler, mgr*.)— 
<ys)ar liaphla, la.. :io-Oc(. 8, MTirsrialltown 7-12. 

Partier's Jersey. Attraction — Oakalwsn, la., 30- 
Oct. A,, riedallu, Ms.. 11-12. - .. 

Round" Ladle*'' Orchestra anil Spsolnliy Co. (Her- 
nert I). Rounds, ingr.) — Tacuras, Wash., 30- 
Ort. A, Portland, Ore., T-12. 

Roynl Reception Co; (Astoti' ft Klllman, mgr*.)— 
Valley Fulls, N. Y., 2. Cambridge ii, Cnstlctnn 

. 4. Culsklll .!L . 

Be'vengnla I Walter C. Stack, mgr.) — Oakland, Csl„ 
30-tic. 8, Sacramento 7-12. 

Smith's, K..G., colossal Shows— Siilemvllle, Pa.. 
3. Kingston 4. StcCanco 8) ss"ison ends. 

foii'llilaud Sc\(elte— Fergus, Ont.. Can., 2. Hills- 
burg 3, Alton 4, Mlldav 7, Horriston H. 

Thompson's Entertainers (Frank Tlimnnaon, mgr ) 
—(lieu Flora, SVls,. 2, 3. Triiy 4. fi, 

HiJoll tW. Vt. Jlryre, uinunirei*). — Kla bnal- 

. ..a* cnntlntip*. Bill for jceok of m: Tlio 
Diuieltig ItglMitins, the Cro.ii Austin*, tnfh- 
bom-lile spinners; Dutcli Walton, eiiiliertlon ; 
Spanldlng nnd Dttprce, comedy *klt : Cathar- 
ine Deem, llluxtratcd) songs, and motion pic- 

■ 1 t 

Saginaw.— At ' the Academy (Clins. VV. 
Porter, mnnnger) "tinder Soulliera Skit)*" 

Vliiveil to II g(Kid Loose Sept. 2.1. Isabel 
rvlng. In '•Ttte.dlrl Who ling- KVerytblng," 
had H crowded nnilse 24. Riving 1111 excellent 
performance. "The Ixle of Hong; Btrof" 80, 
M»rle Cfthlli; In '"Mnrrrtaf Mary," Ort. a. 
Jm'Kiis tf'lia*. W. rnrter. imvnnger).— - 
"Tire Old t'lotlie* Moil" plajetf'fivBbfKl hnsl- 
ness Sept. lu-21. "Ninety and Nine" had 
good pntronnge 22-2.'i. '"The tlrent Wall 
Street Mystery" M-28. . . 

........ 1 1 1 1 ■ > At rlie Atheniniinl (fl. 3. Por- 
ter, resident inaniiger) Leo llltrlclistelti, In 
"flefore and After," Heiif, 10, plertsed., "The 
Isle of Spice" 21, and H. A. White-car, In 
"An Old Sweetheart nt Mine," 23, 'did well, 
"Hunipiy Diimpty" 24, "George WaablUjttOu 
Jr." ill, 'The Old Clothe* Man" 27. "sYsl'a 
New liiiHiuind" 28, "The District Lender" 
30, Ilernard Daly Oct. 1, "A Texas Steep" 
2, Howe's Moving Pictures) 0, 0. 
O f 


Providence. — At tlie Providence Opera 
House I l-'ellx It. W'endclschuefei-, inniinger ) 

'Tin 1 Slrnjtgle I'.verlimtlng" played Sept, 23, 
.'■1, and wiih well received liv fqcal critics, 
a* wn« Dnvld Wni'lleld, In "A- Orand Army 


Iletrolt.- At the Hetrolt 0;>era House (II. ggS? " v """'' 
C. ..Whitney, manager) "Oeorie Washington 
Jr." pin y'e<! to'gooit hunsen Hent. 2. , l-2,"i. Hits- 
lln -rSuraajn. In "Ww Hanger," clnsed Ihu 
Week to good returns. "HrewMter'* Mllllniis" 
wci'k of 7l(l. 

Lyckiim (K. 1>. Slalr, malinger). — "Wine, 
Wdnrrtn and Song."' |ire«e'nt,'rt hy a gapabtt) 
eompflny, drcW good ccoWds H'.'-'JM, "lluslcr 
Ilrown" wnck of 20. 

' I;.ivavktth (Dr.Catnpltell, uianoger), — Thu 
I.nfnyette I'lnypr* pri'Bented "IlrriiWHi She 
Loved lllm ,Hu," to guod nttcinluticc, 22-21. 
Tr|e same tompafjy.. la, "The Olrl with inn 
Oi'poii Kye*," week of 2ft. 

Wiiitnkv (K. I>. Stair, manager). — "Tim 
Uoikv Monntnln Kxpres* pleased ciowdcd 
houses 22-28. Harry lllnney. In "The Hoy 
Detective,'' Wil'k nf 21). 

Tb.mim.r (.1. II.. Moore, • manager).— Lust 
week's hill wil* ilrst clnss, mill S. It. O. wit* 
the rule. Attractions; week nt 30: Mi', and 

Man," which parked the Iuiiiho 2(1-28, "The 

Social Whirl" and •'Coming Thru' the Rye" 

Will divide the week of 80, lint li on their 

't'he Tattooed Mnn" next 

Kmi'ihk (Hplir. A Ntitlinnfioii, mnnagers).— 

Tatnes J, Cotwll anil eumpany, In "The 

lliirglm- nnd tile Lady," pluvetl to the largest 
luislness of the season at tills house to dine, 
28>28. "At Ynle" 80 anil week. "It's Never 
Too Late to Mendi' not. 

Kkith'h (1'hnrien Lnvi'tilierg, ronnnger).-- 
Iluri- SUMntoah I* the heiiilllner .111. Other* 

un the hill : Melxetll Troupe, Harry La llnse. 
Charles V. Semon, Alfred Kelry, Tim Sic- 
Mnhon'H Wiiiei;ine|nn (llrls, William A, I)T- 


Tim Sic- 
the AUhnltH, OIgn I.01- 

Mrs.' Sidney Drew, Ciirlrme, Wiylmrn's PI11111- 
taatic I'lianliuiis. ,(»e IX'inlng. Ivemp's "Tale* 
of Hie Wild;" cnrleiiii, Mqx York And hi* 
fox terrier*, muted by XW**' Nelly ; Cameron 
nnd Flanagan, and tlie lilnelograpli. 

•'.IIAVBTV.jOT. II. Hedges, 'iiimuigerl, — Tlie 
Dainty* Dnenes*' Co. offered i golud entertain- 
mOnt. and. was .well, pntiwilzcil U2-28. Harry 
m-yant's Cti week of 21). . ■ , ' 

AviiNiiK.fDrew & t.'uinpliell, manager*). — ■ 
The Oriental,- Coxy Comer ("Iris gave satl*- 
factory performanccH und drew well 22-28, 
The Yankee Doodle Olrl* week of 2ft. Thu 
Merry Sinker* next week. 

a • '■ " 

Battle Creek.— At tlie Post (A It. 
Smith, mniioger) Purter J', Willie's "Faust" 
i-aine Hnpr. XI, 22. "Ilumpty Diimpty" 2SI, 
und "Cnpld at Vnssnr" 2(1, liolh planned. 

lAn, W. 

mine, Nesnen, Hupter nnd NeKHrn, the Vnugh- 
rters, Fred Morton, und iiintlmi pletures. 

iMi'KiitAi, il,. II. L'nrllii, mtinggi'v). — The 
/ivciuie (llrls will, prove nil entei'liiliiliig cuUl- 
pany week of 80. Ham Dcverc's Show next. 
• Wi-isr.uixslKii (Oeurge II. pntchellei', innn- 
age.r).— Weher ft Riwlr* lion Ton Ittll'iivl- 
gnnen Co. in anil week. The lientr Snntley 
fo. next. 

' 'NirVRs. — David IIpIuhw wn* here during 
Die engagement nf Unvld ' Wnrlleld lit Hie 
oiieni Houhc. Ai'tnu Dnvles cumc in town 

M see the' . piny Sept. JN The Vanity 

rnlr-grdttnifk, 11 new shore rcmirl on n lrir|e 
scale, opened ln*l Siiniioer, tins passed . liiln 
Hie. IiimiiIk of Hie Viuilly I'nlr Amusement 
Co., following )i siiccetMioti of llnunelnl re- 
vurse*. Tlio lessees are' Meyer ft Caul Held. 
The oltlcers.of the new euiupniiy are: t'amhr 
Mlech, preklderil ; SI. X. Chrller, vice presi- 
dent ; Mayor JnHn 11. Tracy, of Tiluutoii, 
treosiirei' ; II. Mnnnliun, secretary ■ Leo H. 
Meyer, general mnnliaer; riesar MIncIi, Ifeniv 
T. Moller. .lohri II. Trney, M. N, Cnrller. J. 
II, CliiighHn, Oeorgn II. ('niililrld and l>o H. 
Meyer, illreetnrH. The MM Of Hie gronud 
Is for nineteen yenrt,, mid the cnu motor of 
the men In the new i-mnpflny seems to give 

umu . aw sw '«"""' -'», "«.i. i,.u.,n,.M. 1 U e men in Hie new couipuny seems to give 

"The lilmrict Lender" 21>, "Mlnety nnd Nine" nssni-nnee of fiiinifclnt ahlllty t(i run tile 

Ocf. St.. . . nlaeei. . ' 

Ilinii! IW, H. Iliittei'lle|tl, niniuiger).— Dili " '-, ... t - ... , ,„' 

for week of Sept. 80 : t'roo, Wellg Bro/hor*. Ne>«navt.— Al the Xe'wpovt opefivironan 

l.lpmnu nnd Lewi*, Dollle Well*. Il)u*lrnted ( A l.'i'ii** t;b.. m«twger«i "When Knight- 

sougs anil L'llni'to*cope picture*. , hood Wu« lu Mower"' uleimed Kept. 24. T, At 

NtiTi;*:.!— I'nrent D. Keene, at South llend, 
lnd., and Stella U, Cnrl, of Nun ft'iincUcii, 
Cul., both roetnlierH of the "Htronghenrt" 
company (, starring llulnli Htnnrt), wei-n 
united lii marriage In Ilnttle Creelt, Sept, 17, 

the- company playing here 16, ,1, Leslie 

Spuhn opened a new act at the I1IJ011 hern 
last week with Cora Ymingblnoil Corson anil 
nextette. vucallsis and muslcluDH, The net 
hi ft ptvttv one, and Mr. 8bulin ha* hooked 
It tllrough the Wmlerii Vaudeville Munugei-s' 

Awjocjailon Mil linger' W.' H. Ilutteilleld, 

of UiIh cltv, I* sending u vaudeville coiiipuiiy. 

Ynle" wil* well attended und woll received 
211. "Tlie Time, . Die Place, and thu tllpl" 
drew well 27, "Ilfown from MlHsourl" plensed 
28. noflklng*'; "Tin. Tntt(t»ed M«i" M, "The 
Olrl from Broadwpy" Oct. 1, Wright Larimer 
2, 'The Kurt iintf the Olrl* 4. 

Wiionsueltet, — Al the Vl'bousocket Onern 
House (.foseph lireiiiilt, resident inunagnr, "A 
Olrl frnm Broadway" pluj* Sent. 28. otno 
Met-rllt wn* aeeii Intro, 28, In ''When Knight- 
hood Was In Klower." The attendance was 
very Miitlsfuclory. "Adrift hi New York" 
pltiyeil to good returns 20. "A Olrl (ruin 
Ilroailway" 2H, Leigh 1*1 Lncey Srock l.'h. 

rnrnpi-lslnK Bog* nnd Heverns. Ilarry (layl* hniidwnv" y H tl(l]lth j M U(! ™ 

nun company tie Ncwubny*' Trio, and SIIh* ™ (1(ik of >„, „ At y„| u .. ",. ti ,, ..f,,,, myort , t 

Lorenn De Dolt, over Id* one night stand Knnglilaud" 8. 

circuit, iiinylng tlie following Michigan ■"■■<,■-■■' 


town*: Muisliiill Sent, tlll-llcl. 2. Alhlnn 
:i-,1, Mies «-i», and Iiownglilr K»-12, Tint 
ventiire promise* to be 11 winner, n* all aro 
excclleut show town*,' 

III" ' Hroiidwnv (I'l'ler Me- 
Inst week "The Alaakan" 

Advlan. At the I'rnswell (('. IL Hardy 
manager) "An 014 Sweetheart of Mine,' 

Denver. — At 

Court, manager) . 

did very good business. Week of :iu, Cyril 

Heclt, In "Jl'lie I'rlucn Chat)," 

OitPiiniiM (A, (', traraon, resident mana- 
ger).— Excellent Wislin-ss lust week, Hill 

Xopt. 24. -Ti. plca-sed good lioime*. "The 1)1*- week of ill): Hlilc Kuy, lleo. Knrren nnd etrm 
rjet Lender. * 28, 27, playe* to K H. O. D( 

. unv, Kei-roros, Phil and Mettle Peter*, tCtntl 
"Cniilil nt Vassui" 28. Mildred Holland, In Kulier*, Bandy nnd Wilson, Mile. Martha, and 
"A I'nriKllse of Lies," Oct. il ; Lymuti Howe's klnodromv. , 

moving picture* 4. , , Tauou (Iiiami (I'eler McCntirt, mangier), 

nuoti (Klngnley ft Ungate, managd!**).— — "The Vunderbllt Cup" did good binlness 
All Zudu, Itomuiii and Camphell, the ICrllng- lust week, Week of 211, "The Yankee Ilegeat." 
ers. nnd Dixie Harris played to good- liuslness Chvhtai. 1 It. H. (liirdner, mmiDgor). — Oaod 
Inst week, HIM for week of Kept, ill): Leonard lull lost week to good himlne**, Itlvers and 
Karle. ' 1'rntik Mnrrltt, Canilli' Persunl, and Hui'lit'Hter, Oordeii and ('hnriui, (he Threit 
Mr', and Mr*. Connely. Cnrra*, linrrv Jleaiimotit, Kd, Klneay'i Co., 

Nutur — At the CrcHcent (3. C dnrnes, nnd pletnren. 
manager) moving picture* and songs drew Nflw Cti«TI« (I'd ton ft Dmutxer, mann- 

good house* l'unr wenther has .proven ger*). — I,a*t week, "Tilly Olesou" did big 

a detriment lo the Hitcee** of the thirtieth dn- luislness. Week of 21), "The Sweetest Olrl 
111111I county full', although aliout nll.OOO pen- In Dixie." 

Noviiltv ( Bert ritlmari, , resident mana- 
gerl. — Kxccilent hill ln«t. week hud capacity 
business. Joaephv J. and' Mr*. SJyrit Duvi* 
Howling. Dclumre and Dan-ell, John ami 
Hnrtlin Olenson and Fred Hooligan, Mr. Ir- 
win. Onrlrudo (Julie*!, .lame* V. Dolan and 
Ida Lciilmrr, and pictures. 
Notk.— The Now Mammoth Holler Illnlt 

pie have attended. The lent *how*, among 
wllirh are nnekakln Hen'* Wild West, Sfny 
Joe (W. I!, rltiirtftell, manager), the Agtec* 
And many others, have nil done good business 
While wenther permitted, nnd In most case* 
nave been well worth the price of admission. 
The fair continued during tile week of 23. 

- ' ' ' -' t 

Grand Itapltt*— At tlie New Powers '" anloylng chpnclty business. The crotc ha* 
(W. T. P. Ledeboer, manager) "l'orty-uve cnitnlnly /'got;' Denver, Till* rink, situated 
Minnie* from Broadway," Kent. 24, 2n,,drew H 2 ft '" H* SSL "«»*{ '°( <-' n pl*°l .«•». 
two Urge audience*, us did "Ortorge Waali- , I, <'^ T0 ^ ,, BPffl roalrfence tll*trlct, \» patron- 
Ington Jr.." 27, 28. Marie (.'ahlll, In "Marry- *cd <>ii y by the Very boat das* of people.; It 
log- Mdry," Oct. fi. Sarah Tmax 7. t,"'' 'n'"'" lo " 1 of , t, , le mnnngement to hold 

(hi* distinction in rlnk. circles. 

SlAJltHTic (Orln Htnlr. raiinnger). — "Cu- 
pid In Vnssnr," Mept. 22-2H, played to crowd- 
ed houses, us did "tinder Southern Kklos," 
2(1-28. Hose Melville. In "HI* Hopkins," 
week of 2(1. Blaster nice, In "Iluster Brown," 
next week. 

Me niphl*. — At the New Lyconm ( male 
dray, lessee) "Tlio Land of Nod" came Sept. 
* 2tl. la very good buslnesii. The perform. 

oiits-n OPKtiA, Hof)*B (Davis ft Churchill, nnce pleased. Several number* were heartily 

manager*). — Week of 20: Ben MncUnhen, encored. Tim Murphy Oct. 4. 0. 

Wm. H. Dill and company, Lamb'* Slnnlklng, llorrc/NR' M.tiir Hnn I'aiik (A. B. Morrl- 

Marvelous HoiikoII and the Hoy*. son, mnnuger). —Splendid crowd* premlledl 

Not£— Albert Ball, for the post few year* Ihsi week, The programme Inciuded: Rthti 

connected with the (lentry llro*.' Show*, ho* May, Kmmi Partridge, and a number of other 
accented the position of advertising agent 
of the New Power*. 

HUdlences each 


Ilo> City-.— At the Washington (W. J. 
Daunt, manager) Isabel Irving, In "The 
Olrl Who Una Everything." drew a largo 
add entUtifllastlc audience Htpt. 2.1. "Under 
Southern Skies" pleased 21. Marie Culilll 
Oef. 4, "A Te*n» steef" 9. 

AI.vaIiaOo (W. J. Daunt, manager ),— "The 
WAII f»rt*t Mystery" did Mof bthflneM Sent. 
22-25. "The fWuy MounUlt) Bkprets" 29* 

HLirirj (J. D. Pllmflte, manager).— Bill 
week of Bent. 23 included W. ■ Olll and 
company, . Jotica Md - Hay ruon d, Huoer t Da> 

fentura* that delighted the 

liuoit (Benl. M. Slainback, manager).—* 
"Anita, the Singing Olrl," wan presented tu 

Parked house* 2il-2H. The company, roa- 
nine* nnd scenery Wei's up to the standard. 
*_~ I 

Kito.i vlile — At Kluub's Theatre (trrlM 
Stnub, manager) "The Devil'* Auction" came 
Sep I. 1.1, to good business. Kennedy* 11a f- 
erx. 111-21, pleased. .Mabel Montgomery, In 
"Zlro." eiime 21. to good butlnes*. ttdgir 
Seiwvn. In "iltronghenrt,' 1 irrliibted a AM 
nuil'enee 2.'l. "I'araltal ' 20, Wilton Laekgye, 
In "The Bondman," 27 1 Huttoa-Baltey Co, 
Oct. Tt. — 



October 5. 


Nlguta, n.16. Mats. Bat and Wed. at -lit. 


Massive Product loo, 



4JM Street, Wear Broadway 

Kvgfl. 8.16. Hal. Bat,. 2.15 


In Jolm J. McNallj'H Comedy, with Musk, 



F.vrk. 8.15. Mai. But., 2.16. 


Sfew York Theatre. 

NIGHTS, incl. Sunday, at H.80. HAT. DAILY. 
coo OrchOBtro aeon, 60c. 





Aaaistad by ARTHUR BYRON, In 

• By Edwin Milton Itoylc. 


■lid St., H'wiiy. 
~Kvcnlng* at 8.1S. 


* Kvcnliig* at HI 



ll.y David Hl'Iuhco and Milliard Waltun Tully, with 
■MISS KKANCE9 8TABR and a DlntlnguHliOd Cttgt, 



Brooks & Jtanslts Tbi Hurleys 
Williams Duo Oycllig Brunettes 

€eraldine McCinn Co. Cirtir & Vincent 
Seymour Sisters aid others, 



K. Htli St. Ladlon' Mat. To-day. 





I K.lWlh St. LadlM' Mat. To-day. 


'"V I Ilillll I a-BurifltW8-2. Vaudoviiio. 

T CrAlC 

Ot niKh <ln.. Vnndr>ille Tkfttrn, 
M. MKYURI.-RLD Jit., HU'.S. ; 
All Applications' /or Time Must Re AddrMMd 
to II B. BRAY, Hooking Manager, 

Majortlc Theatre Building, Chicago, III. 

Hufesr'* Vt Museum 

WANTED, for uponltig, Aug. 6, and niter, 

ATTRACTIONS for Curio Halls and Theatre 

Addreaa i. H. ANDERSON, Ugr. 


41 W. mil ST., NEW YORK. 







i_oam>v MP" OS 

Dare Devil Sehreyer. 

Again Tlio jgjugtjgg of lOtiropo. 

Ollic Young and 8 Brothers, 

Aiiierlca'elirenteat Hoop poller*. 

Tlmo all nilcil Willi Krtkw AJCilangor. 


IJUIOK IIRB, lrPTO-DATK <lHOTr:8(MJK8. "t'lin 

«Kli a Hrooiu llaudlo." Kiaw-Krlunucr for 11)07- 
1WW. Direction (IKO. ROMANS. 


An Uurlvulcd Attraction. 

|50--Perlcrmlng Pifc-50 

Permanent address, 
■ mi East Dauphin St, 
Philadelphia, I'm. 

/% SB 

Cine of < I.I I'PKH. 


AildruHu: NEW VOKK UblrTKIl, N, Y. 



Black Face Comedian, Soubietle, Piano Player. 

Slngloa or toanis. 'rickuls u known. 
int. JOH N B. I'OVE, tli-ii. Del., Kanaaa Oily. Mo. 



Mum. ue a good HINURR, sight reader and 
traii8|iuic. Steady, all Winter Jul., Willi good nay, 
t\>rnui>or MAN. Adilrctn ot ouoc 
JAMES A. UtHVI/Ey.vtll (lonciioe St., Utlcu.N.Y. 


iv rlllKHjio order. Orlgluitl Material. Low priced. 
Lot Die prove It. AddruH , 

nWMwlOW, South P """' 1 '" 1, 

Oil 1 If C fSflTCIT" 1 oiler for Bali, eooii.ieto, 

on Ant UUIrll withTiirooUKhtoiW.i 

l'nhuui>, good rctm-rA, rnawi nonutoil box. Alao 
,lt:iliiii«, fullrcly new. UUeap.. 

iiiss Hi'jiA, m a. uiu A., ruuadcipnui, i'u. 

Projecting Kinetoscope 

New Underwriters' Model 

Approved by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters 
and the Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity. 

This new model jsthe safest, most complete I and more durable than heretofore, and enclosed 

and most efficient machine on 
the market. Among its im- 
provements are : 

Automatic Shutter which 
protects the film from the heat 
of the lamp. ' 

New Revolving Shutter 
which reduces the flicker to a 

Larger, more convenient 
Lamp House, affording better 
radiation and taking longer 
carbons. . 

New Style Rheostat, built 
up of individual coils and pro- 
tected and ventilated by a 
heavy, perforated sheet steel 
casing. #.*: 

New enclosed SwitchJarger 

in metal to prevent danger 
from sparks. 

The new Underwriters' 
Model also has Upper and 
Lower Film Magazines, Im- 
proved Take-up and Asbes- 
tos-covered Cords. 

Bring Your Present Apparatus 


Other models of Edison 
Kinetoscopes can be equipped 
with these improvements and 
thus made better and safer. 
Write for quotations. We have 
ready for immediate shipment!: 

New Underwriters' Model, Price, $175.00 

Edison Exhibition Model, Price, $1 15.00 
Edison Exhibition Model 

with Film Magazines and 

Improved Take-up Device, Price, $1.15.1/1 

Edison Universal Model, Price, $ 75-PO 

New Edison Films 

Edison Films are always clever in idea and 
execution, but never coarse or suggestive. 
Among the new films is a grilling story of 
Western life called '!. ''- ; 

A Race for Millions 

A picture play of tense, human iutcrest, filled 
with melodramatic situations;,'.'.' . , . 

Miner's cabin in mountains— Mine doesn't pan out— 
(Jambler ofl'ers money Tor hand oi da-ughter— The insult- 
Stranger appears— The blow— Girl shows itraitger to main 
road— They part — Stranger shot by gambler in ambush— 
Uamblur escapes— Girl brings wounded stranger to cabin 
— Miner loaves— Gambler enters 
and locks door— The hiss— Stran* 
gor to tho rescue— The fight 
Gambler thrown through window 
—Stranger (alls in aruiB of girl, 

Miner on the " mountains — 
Finds a gold mine — Is ovcrcomn 
with joy— Gambler discovers his 
lind— Girl finds her father— They 
go to stake off claim — Gambler 
has been there first — Tlioy realize 
Ids intentions — Minutes means 
millions now — Girl reaches main 

road as gambler mounts his horse — Kace l<> record tin- 
mine— Gambler reaches railroad station — Conductor bribed 
— Train pulls out ahead of time— Girl arrives too late — 
Stranger arrives in uutomobile— Leurns the truth— Girl 
leaps Into auto— Oil" after the train— Girl wins— Mine is 
recorded — Gambler arrives — Warr.s stranger to leave 
town or bu shot. 

Interior of Recorder's nil ire — The girl pleads 'with 
"Her Strnngev" tosuvo himself — lie refuses even for her 
— The fond good-bye — He goes to meet his fate. 
"Night in a Western town — Gambler and stranger 
ineot— ^Two shots — Gambler falls— Suspense over— Girl 
appears — finds "Her Stranger" alive— He holds her in 
his arms— She has won something more than millions 
now. • ' . • > • ' 

No. 6331. Code Veengrontl. 


The Rivals 

Clean Comedy. 

CLASS A. 7»u VV.V.'i: PK ICE, 4117.00. 

dxnil for Circular No. iilftT. 

Stage Struck 

Length, 975 feet. Class A. Price, $146.25 

Edison Manufacturing Company 

• Intensely Funny. 

CLASS A. ?St Fl'.r. T. PKICB, *IU.». . 

S1.11.I for t'lrtiilar Ho. SWt. 

Nine Lives Of a Cat - - Humorous. 

ma r'KK/r. 


8oB«l for Circular 
No. :wi. 

Main Office and Factory, 70 Lakeside Ave., Orange, N. J. 
Chicago Office, 304 Wabash Avenue. New York Office, 10 Fifth Avenue. 

Office for United Kingdom: 25 Clerkenwell Road, London, E. C, England. 

<5.iiin„ A.,—,.. I THE KINETOGRAPH CO., 41 East 2tat St., New York ; 

i . oemng A|,enis. ^ ge q RGE B RECK, 550-554 Grove St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Dealers in all Principal Cities. 

Lost in the Alps 


830 VEIST. 


Send for Circular 

No. 31V. 

$15 REWARD $15 


Any iMMbur of thaatrlcoJ praforalon, aeton or manager*, lodge ttroa. who iio»- 
ollily tan and will inform int. the wlimnalioiiiti OI* tlit> puoule intuitional Ijclovv 
will bo ualrl very liberally. l'»rmun»ni addreaa, wlr« 


P. H. '1 lit. naruea yon matt keep In your uilndi ll« vere and Hevere, Comedian 
aad Soabretfol Rauchback anil Dolly Verdun, Coin, and Boubrette) Herbert 
Hubert. Character Man. Tilt* Is. the 11th inaion ftir tit la company, AND AW 
PKOPLH DBtllRINU a Ions;, pleasant engagement write or wire me at my .>»- 

P. B.-Thli aiipllea to urofoaslonal people only, State all yoti do and very 
Inwcat aalaryi Oh week** engagement. Actor* and aotreiaea paying atrlct atten- 
tion to hla or Iter bnalneaa preferred. People Wanted for thla concern at mo- 
ment'* notice, t'ooil Character Heavy Woman write Muakogee, O. T., "ept. 110 
until Oct. IK. Tickets or money order* to alt who can fin thia notice Wire or 
write. Addreaa ' . MOR. PARRIS COMRUIANa. 



featured Attraction 4 PawSelU Hroa. Shows l mil Nov. Jl . 

Dra ma«tio 

All L.ln« 

for Oo. 


ilM'8 COM 

US Priori*. IIUKIKHT ANIi IlKST. fa|i»rllv bWtfgCH OTOBfWbMW. <:ily lliut: Thu Prul Hh'ivr. 
Miii!. ivitlnnmu timu tot Nu. "J, wiie gmejU ,., ....... *«• U- BUBUtiP, HUsuanttt'ali, ta, 



Always room for aoyeral good ro|>erlolro pooplo wlio are Holier. Slate all III llral Inlliir. No Hi"" '" 
WMtfc Aimwcr quick to U. 1'. IIULMKH, Oct. 7, l'cndcr, Neura Hka, M gr. Myrlle Vinton ik '- ,_. 

" MAN AGETS"AMDl.G ENTlTr uF-NOfi ioi?" r 

lew RICE & KEMP -«« 


Second neaion with GREAT It AVMUNU SHOW, vail Oct. 10 for a Aft* woolca , lour Of Culm, Mexico UN 
aoutli America. "Undor neraoBal direction of HIOHAKI) lfl'fROT." ' 

nu k a aw wsm m m iwmim- 


by a man with cuiiBltlvrablo orlgluallly nod luvuullve. alilllly tn coiislnict. Can make Mid *o*9J_*3S 
two or four people. Illg Act In Opeeuuular ami c'ouile Aoti>. May lake from *100 to 1100. uannjr 
two jouug women and two men. Let me liear from Vauilevllle Arllula who want a partner, i i»y 
laveutcd all my own trloka acencry, ale. ConBtrm;tor(i of Ada, plcaso write. No driinia J» L " "' 
Addre«a J., it Wa ahlnglon Pi., liloomntld, R J- 

la bVialpr ihan MepTiisiopheleH w riting TO «B» , '; 
Hie Dent SONUS and l-AKODIKn. Bloek t*"' " y 
'•DWiAMINU," OW. (OtiiHl-fur auy a/y,,,,,.,, 











Largest parlors and show 

rooms In the world! 

162 STATE BT., 

5th Floor, CHICAGO 

Lei Us Demonstrate 

The Superiority of 


Write Today for Our Proposition. 


Why RENT from DEALERS who OWN nickelodeons and g-et 
film AFTER they have used them. We OWN no nickelodeons, and 
therefore can give you first use of new film. We sell Supplies, Ac- 
cessories, etc., at lowest prices. 

THE ACTOGRAPH COMPANY, 50 Union Square. N. Y. 



Most Complete Line of machines aud Supplies in New York. Immediate 
Deliveries Ooaraateed. All the Latest Films. Nothing but Fresh Stock. 



WILL O. Sft/ll-rM. IVIer. 7 East 14th St. 




. FOR 








\w mm\) agent 






fikepkoof magazines 

Tlio dent of service aud prices consistent with tbe tlunos always Ruarenteed. LatestBiiuJecui always on 
luwil. Operator, maehluea uud UIhh rumlstied for Sundays and all other occasions. Send forllBt 
*u<l prices. 


00* Waahlugton St,, Op p. Adami Home, Bo.ton, Maei. 


Start a penny arcade and amusement parlor. Edison Coin-Slot 
Machines fascinate and attract the crowd and bring them to your place 
often. Get in line now and make a fortune. Write to-day for par- 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J. 


of lowrllle, K. V., will sure you jnauj dollars on yonr printing Mil*. Send to thorn lor prices on any- 
WSJ Inlhe type printing line. Dates. S3 cents a set. Prompt service. 




Largest itook In America. Wife mads to order. Full line of paints, 
powders and cold oream. Send for catalogue "0," to eltner place. 

114 wkut s«b ST., V. T.; Ohicaao Opera Iloute Block. OblOM». 

Sli Faro, Pres.— ATLANTIC AMUSEMENT GO -Nick Nlelis, Sec, Wills Acts at All Times. 

Can offer from 1 to it viettn. Addr«9a all to SID FERN, a . a . H . II AL1 ,, Btioodaburg, Pa, 


Ci raised closing for the senson who have seasoned 
work horses to sell, no matter how good or Itutr 
had, write us; we arc quick spot cash buyers,, 


,118-fl. North St., Baltimore, Mri, 



LEADING WOMAN that. Is tall and ran sing, 

HKAVY MAN, rouht hotull; JliVKMLK MAN who 

can do Blnglng specialties, musical DlltlX'TuR 
(Piano) that can read aud arrange, aud capable of 
iilaylng specialties, flood wardrobe and behavior 
Is indispensable In this company. Pay your own 
HOTEL. Send photoa and programmes. This )s 
one piece production and nil one night stainK 
Long season-so make salary reasonable. Com- 
pany opens Oct. '.".', Dear Cincinnati, O. Rehearsals 
commence Oct. lf>. Wire or write HARRY UREEN, 
Manager Ell and Jane Co., Ilrhtol UOfel, Cincin- 
nati. Ohio. Time all idled. 

FOR SAME. \ - 

The Wonderland Park, Toledo, 0. 

All new and In good order. Operated this Inst 
season. This property consists of a valuable lb 
year lease of thirty acres of beautifully alluded 

J [round on Ottawa River, and on city bell car with- 
n clly limits, and Includes buildings, walks, drives, 
magnificent front entrance, electric. HxjiireM and 
all contracts with concessionaires, many of Whom 
have erected their own buildings and structures 
on Hie ground: also all personal property of ■tiie 
park company, oillce furniture, tables, chain, 
seats, swings, etc. Every thing ready lor next year's 
business. Bids will be received for this properly 
at private sale up lo October is, 1807.- .Address K, 
W. HA RTON, Amlguee, »U Uldg.. Toledo, O . 



Free Samples, Contract*, Tickets, Envelopes, nc. 

STARK MONEY, Me. Book of Herald Cote, 2»o. 



Ilanjo Players who sing, Xylophone Players, Ven- 
trllonulsls, facial Artists, or any novelty that will 
bold Die poople In float of my Pair Uroiind siuny. 
Long season South. Address 



Sketch Team, 

Man and Wife. Character Woman, who can do 
some Juveniles, and Kouhrette with good specialty. 
Good salary every Sunday. Write K. P. MARTIN, 
Mummer Milton .Stock Co., Iloz Do, St. Louis, Mo. 




Slate lowest and Hue of business. Address 

Chattanooga, Tenn., Sept, so to Oct. I: New Deca- 
tur, Ala., net. S to 12. 



Frank- RE HB ERGS Dolly 





141 N. liroadway, (irecn flay, Wis. 





BIJOU THEATRE. Canton, Ohio 


At all times. Statu lowest salary and save lime. 
Parrs A IIAJtTE, Manage ra, 

Wanted it Once, To Thank All Woo Answered 

Mv last two ads. Piano riayer arrived from first 
ad. I canceled i'anora Opera House, so letters 
were delayed. Write again. PR. A. K. jjjjgjjjBj. 

HI A If A lM, » e Ilat ot Ncw Prof** 
■all HVV slouul and Amateur Pliys. 
I LM I O V.udevllle ttkotcbei. stage 
■ —ST» ■ ^r Monologues. Mlnstr.l Material 



United BookingOffices 

Of America, 



Western Vaudeville 

Managers' Association, 





Including every city in the United States, North, South 

East and West. 





ItU-KNOAUBD FOR TOIIONTO l\ llllllTION. A I. Nil roll H \ I.I' l.sKK I UTV 





14 Leicester St., Leicester Square, London, W. C. 


HHOKHSSIONAIi AHVir.HTiswMMNTH. . - Vs. lid.. .Intel. Column la.*. 




Wow Booking First Class Attractions. Opened Sept. 13. 

T. m. SKINNER, Mnn<iire>r. 

PacifiLo Coast Amuflemoni Co., 

ALWAYS IN DEMAND, m8T °"W»i* j m88 WH0 CAN 

American Uenk Bulldlnc, Seattle, Wanti.; OUKIS. O. BROWN, ft S. Ulark St., Utiloago; A HO U IK LKVT, 
13UT ooldou Qste Ave., San Pranelsoo, Oal, 






Will arrive In Amerlva Sept. 'Hi, AT l.llil ill v OCT. 7 ONWAHII. Ilavo tint playeil the 
Variety 'i'lieatrcs In America for over four years., Vara at IXIPPICII. 



Vnd.r Hie sole ami .•> lv ■>• .lh , . ilm, of COX Hi IIRII II. Hooked solid until II. Now booking Fnll and Winter (late.. 


Vaudeville Aria of 111 Kit IT. Ssi.d In open Mm. lor Clab Wurh. 


I «-!•*• 

92 L.SB Salle &±., OhlOBKO. 
BIO Ari. Wanted al All Time.. 


i';.i Six In numlier. Open after Oct. a, tor Vaudeville and Winter t'lrtulte. Per 

address care of OMPI'tilt, or BIM.UMAKl). 

■ ' .■..■J.--HI. 



UAKVK1T, 339 State HI,, Chicago. 



October 5. 



A worthy successor to the famous song ••'Would You Care." Beautiful Slide* now ready. Five Dollars (tD.OO) Per Set. 

The best March Song written In llfty yean. Flnent Slide* ever thrown apon a cnnvan. Five Dollar* (89.00) Per Set. 


The greatest Descriptive Hong since the famous "After the Dai I." Beautiful Slides which are creating a sensation' wherever and wherte>«r shown upon the canvas. Five Dollars ($9.00) Per Set. 

V->e reigning and only real love ballad on the market to-day. This song speaks for i ts«lf. Slides that are a work of n 

shown before. A song that will make any singer famous. Slides Five 

.\otliliig like them has evsr been 


YVe have opened a department whereby we can supply you 
with a list of singers with good voices, on short notice. 

■ Professional copies to recogiMxed professionals enclosing programmes, now ready In any key; also orchestration* to fit the volee free of charge 

rtlienfeh slide ie|l<t ai »lg round of *iT)0a use 
• e Dollars (gS.OU) Per Set. 


Positively no cards recognized 

Looking for a position are earnestly requested' to send 
In their names, and we will take good care of them. 

, 31 

WEST 31st STREET, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y., IWCoyex- Co ben, Mgr. 

CHICAGO, ILL.; GRAND OPERA HOUSE BUILDING, Joe M. Harris, Mgr. ; Bob Adams, Mgr* Professional Dept. 

Uaudettlle and minstrel. 

- ^~ m m i I HB n — — — i ii — s — 1~ 1 ■■ I 

NOTKS AMI llOKTKll lilllM "TllH IlKI.I.K Of 

IUIiKn" Co. — Th!* big musical frivolity. en- 
llllctl "Tlie Ill-lie uf Hades." presented by 
tin; Kings uud Queens lluticsiiui'i'S. A. A. 
Crooks & Co., owners : (iuy Caufniuii. utisl- 
iu-hs representative mitl author of l lie piny, 
opens lis seusou Oct. 1. ul Kansas City. Mo, 
fouluiitig the dashing little comedienne, Con- 
nie -Wardr, iih the ili-Ilu uf Iludes. I. K. 
Stone I* general agent, wllli two assistants 
In advance. Tlir company carry all their 
own special scenery und nlcctiicul olTccts. 
'J he complete router Is ax fallows : Connie 
Wurdo, Mayuie Hecse, Vesta Oeorgc, Dorothy 
Hulsey, Lee Uurnett, Kilty Ocluc-cy, Allecn 
Powell, premiere danscusc; .lack St rouse, 
Mondu Ilrotlii-rs, Chits; Onodwln, Delia Will- 
iams, Flliel Uuodwln, Klvn Smith, Arties 
IU-vhc, May lltooks, -Ilit! . l>e Vims, whirlwind 
(iKtieers : Frank ' U'Hllains, Chris. Nelson, 
Mnrli: Ilowcr*, Doris Devon 1 , Mnrle Williams, 
i, nlii llowluiul. I'liitn F.Idtin, I'eiirl ltoe, Carl 
Simpson arid Dave Cur I jit?. Ill 11 Council Is 
being featured as a Hebrew traveling man 
from Dcs Moines, la., and (!lcu, the perfect 
formed woman. '1'lic paper Is all special, 
and- the attraction hooked solid for season 
11)11708, through the South and East. - 

Tils) Unkjuh Ttu:.\THK, of; Sheboygan, 
Wis., tinder Die direction of Arthur I.uuc, 
wim Ih associated wllli , limes & O'Hlicu In 
the ownership uud ■ umiiugemcnt ' of same, 
opened lis third season on Hiihor Duy. with 
luc fallowing people, bonked by (he Western 
Vaudeville AbhucIuIIoii : Kllijworth mid Kurt, 
liapo Urds., Four Masons, l.eolmrd and Drake, 
and -John (I'retti Iteeil. Capacity buslucHa 
lias rilled since thu re-opening. 

Hull l'mt'K Is lu his sevenleenlli week 
singing lllilKtruled songs' at the Nutlouoscopc 
Theatre' Montreal, Can., and has had to 
cnuceh ills engagements with the 1'iiiurose 
Amusement Co, bo a* to complete Ii la season 
Willi IJrauvrcutl & [.arose. 

Juiin Uaxtkr has lust dosed ten success- 
fill weeks at the Elk Wood Park, singing 
wllli Illtliter'H Orehestru, and opened Sept. 
10, at tbo Hippodrome, Cincinnati, 0. . 

Mn. anii Mas.'. Dick TiiACr, after a very 
successful season In Summer parks, opened 
oulhc Hooni circuit fur live weeks, com- 
mencing Sept. L';i, with the Kellh & Proctor 
Mine In follow. They nlxii Inform us Mini. 
tUey linvc Just iiurehased four acres of shore 
fault ou Lake Klnderhook, N. V„ which lies 
hlxteeu miles from Albany. Tlioy Intend 
making this their Slimmer home lit' tbo fit- 
lure, ' '. 

In n recent Issue our Lowell, Muss., cor- 
ri".poiulent slated that "Montgomery and 
Moore deserve spri-lnl, mcallou J(or t neli' ; per- 
fiirtiuiiii-e uf "1 he . AwuksMilng.' ". wlicu lie 
evidently Inlemleii Is cwhpllluMit Hie work 
iifAliVnui and .lolum In toolr perfpruiaui-c of 
"A Timely Awakening." ' ' ' 

MllH,-Oi«>. l 'AI> IhtRMV, iirofesalonally known 
lis sHitillf Whiting.- I* under a llfleeu weeks' 
I'ontrnct will) Chris. O. ltruwii, appealing ut 
IlltvMrjoallc, St. I'tinl, week uf Sept. I'll. 

AllKI.K I'tlllVlH'ONIlt ANl» Kr.OIIA Al.l.TltORI'K 

wku sailed for Eurojiu week of Sent. 10, will 
make ipiltu ait extmislvo tour uf the Int-gc 
Ettrupeuu titles, aud It Is Miss t mrlV In- 
iciiilmi while llieru In noi. only prorure n 
complete new wui'drobe. Iiut lilsu Secure ally 
mlveltles Unit might enliunee here act. A 
visit to 1'arls Is eiinteinnlHled, " 

Lkwis ANti CiiAi'i.N closed wllli the Kay 
KiiMter Pa., week of Sept. -'U. at Loiilsvllle. 
lyvi, iiikI will lcsiimo playing vatulevlllu 
t luic. 

.luilN ami Claiia ll.u.iivix report success 
In their now tieriumi ruinedy net. entitled 
"Kraiikmeycr's VUllf" .ihiw touring Mussn- 

rluisells. ' 

Tim' KoiJn BifASNuxs nro lu their Iwenly- 
tifth week un I he Sulllvun <V Consldlne elr- 
citlt, und report meeting with big success. AMI ltll.NNlli llAXISAIIll write: "Wo 
lllive slguud Willi Will. Moiiis fur 'sixteen 
weeks on the Coast, opening at the Empire, 
Sntl r'runclaru, I'nl.. Out. M. While playing 
the O rii nd, Juliet. III., we hud a visit frotn 
our (oiks from Chlc'ugo and i'oledo, which 
niiidri It'H very iilensiuil week tor us, :Olir 
urf la only tlfl ecu weeks old, anil we have 
met wllli line biiccchs since lis lultlnl per- 
I'uriuiiiice," . 

.Mm.vcuii'.i' anp Smith, afler spemllng six 
weeks' vaeiit leu mi their l'ariii at Mini hum 
Springs, Milwaukee, Ore., begun a tour of 
l lie Siilllvnu & Cunshllne liretilt, opeulug at 
Salem, Ore., Sept. 10. 

t'HAH. anii Ali.v KaI.MO. who reeehlly otoseil 
the- Hummer lirciill. uf the United thinking 
s'o... Ilnlsl)lng last .week <it. tile tiratul Opera 
House. I'ltlsliiirg, IV, will open on the Kellh 
circuit Oct. 7. ' ' . 

I'al' Wksti-.iii.kv anii C.vnmu.i. Dui'.w 
Inforin us lltit they Imve been engaged as 
sueclal vaiidovllle feature with Morris lJubln. 
Hty's WnllackV 't'heati-e Co.. and soy : "Our 
work Is nleiislinr everywuere." • 

Tiih Ohkat Zii.vii) writes: "I closed with 
the llryalit Comedy Co. Sept. 21, afler a 
successful euiraaiiiicnt. of fourteen weeks, 
tin Sept. 18 I broke jnll In Powhatan. U. : 
also three pairs of luinilculTs, two pairs of 
shackles, .anil esrnped In six Itilniiles. The 
result was a crowded house Unit night. Altai 
escapeil f roiji a packing box In fifteen minutes 
on Tuesday night. I opened an engagement on 
Hie Itoyer & IIiiIIhiIoii circuit of vaudeville 
houses Sent. 23, ut tbo Majestic Then Ice. 
I'lllahurg. Vn.. for llfleeu week*. Have signed 
ii llh the I try an I I'ouied) I'.i; fur iiiim '.cnion, 
ii- a 'ipei'lnl feiilnre" 

Tut: I ki:h. mln i.i in.- coa^dlans, scnreil 

tirnuitly al the Star, New Kensington, l'n , 

iv«et oi mu 1U. ' 

lli;vMii.HH am> Willi. ut- hun* dlsNOlved 
iiiirlnerslilp. Mr. Iteyndlds lias gone to his 
Iiiuhi! hi Cleveland, O, Mr. Wright will play 
whul Mine I hey had booked In I he South wim 
his wife (laiulsc- Kmcrsun). This team will 
In: known as Minerson and Wright. They will 
liresent Mr. Wright's original act, ' The Dts> 
tor's Arrival." 

I'uol.K. r'KKiiKiticK ami Huoi.K, rellsied 
singers and wooden shoe d.'incers, write that 
after playing through the South, they closed 
a very successful season, uud are now slav- 
ing the Keith & Proctor circuit, with Schnei- 
der k Kit rand In I's big transformation act, 
entitled "I'he .Modern Ufllco Girls," and are 
booked solid for forty weeks. 

I.Aiiu Db Juan, formerly of Ualiey nnd 
Co., and the Wcnst Stock Co., will be seen 
lu a vaudeville act, "The Genuine Dixie 
Ulrl," doing a black face monologue and coon 

Ki.hvkn new members were Initialed lata 
Minnie Lodge, of Mtincle, lad.. No. 21). of 
the Theatrical Mechanical Association, night 
of Sept. 18, ou UN singe of the Wysor 
<irnnd. The ritual work was followed by 
ii hiloc|iict and social session. The Initiates 
Included Hie following members of the lllin- 
nieleln Stock Co. : Charles Kurmoun. Oorge 
!•;. Kulp. Itlchurd Simons, It. I'. Hlmmclcln, 
Mrs. Itichnrd Hlmons, Mrs. It. 1'. lllmmelclu 
uud Klorenco Wraglnnd ; from the Htur '1'lic- 
litre: Mrs. ('. It. Andrews. Mr. and Mrs. 
James (Hack and N. U It. Sawyer. lit ad- 
dition to the above, the following had plnres 
nl (he I able: W. O. Sawyer, t.'. O. 
Sawyer, C. K. Andrews. Charles KortT, Charles 
lnin'y, l-'on-est. Andrews, Ji'runk Oi-uy, Artliur 
Hennetl, II. 4.:Tul'tle, ( R- A. Kruiuer, Carl 
Proctor und John C Proctor. 

Lillian McNt.ii.i., of lOmiuett and McNeill, 
workett alone during their recent engagement 
at tlie III Ion, Kankakee. 111. During the 
week Killle Kilnnett wiih cntertulned by Mrs. 
Seybcrt, wife of I lie manager. They report 
making u big hit ut tlie ojiotitng of Dempsey's 
Theatre. Peoria, III., week of Sept. 10. 

Will II. Ki;.vr has feigned with "When 
the lie!! Tolls." 

Tilt /fusion iiiiHn Tribune., which has b*en 
conducted us a linauclnl dully by C. P. King, 
has broadened out as a gouernl dally news- 
paper. Tin- dramatic Oopartnient will bit 
made a strong featur.;, and Jia» for Its re- 
viewers: Wilder It. Onlnr, George T. Rich- 
ardsou nnd J. Frank Davis. 

La Ci.Aiii ami Wkst closed a Jive weeks' 
engngoiiient ut Hollywood Park. Hulthiiore, 
Mn., and opened Sept. 2I1, .it York, Pa., on 
th- Silverman Itros. clCililt, wllli the (ins 
Sun circuit to follow. They are booked solid 
until uext May, prescntius their, comedy 
playlet, "A Drop Into Sot-Inly." 

. IOdpie C.Miitoi.i, ami Aiim:.s Ci.aiiki;, who 
f pened nn the Keith circuit week of Kept. 
Ill, at Keith's Theatre, Philadelphia, Were, 
week of Suit. '.'.'I, ut the Grand Own House, 
Plltsburg, Pa. '.-•.. 

Maikik Mayo, of the Mayo Sisters, writes 
im that she has la-en engaged for Hie eullre 
scasnu lu sing llliistruted songs Ul Hie Ma- 
jestic Theatre, Itroekton, Muss. 

('HAS. t iiu.iNcioNi;, boiler known as t'lnis. 
lllrf, writes that he has Joined hands with ' 
his. old partner, 'I'. M. Cmicy, nnd will eon- 
ilniio doing Hielr net. which never falls In 
make a hll. They will play the Topic 'fho- 
nlre. Hillings. Mont., until Oct. 12. 

Hon ItiiMubA writes : "I have just tlnlsbed 
W. I''. Henderson time Iti Indiana, uud uiu 
now enjiiylng a few weeks' rest lit my lionie 
In Ashland. Kv., after which 1 open for tins ' 
Sun. My singing and talking act Is pleasing 
everywhere, und 1 ■ UK f reipient encores. I 
am now working alone." 

Or Hiii: llttos.' Minmtuki.s. — We closed 
our lenlli week Saturday night, ut Southing- 
Ion. Conn., to a pucked house. At Derby. 
Sunlit .N'orwallt, New Itochcllc, Stamford and 
Naiigutuek the S. It. O, sign was out before 
eight o'clock. Hilly IV Hue lias been uti the 
sick list for linen weeks, but Is able to ho 
on baud again. Prank W. Bissett, baritone 
soloist, Is a big feature In the tiniitltlay 
concert. We will sunn be lu Rhode Islnnd, 
thou Massachusetts, Maine, New DruiiHwIek, 
Nova Scotia uud hack to New Hampshire 
and Vermont.' 

Tilt; Giihat AuN-rtKH have Just closed NO 
eulee'ii suctvssfnl weeks of Southern time, 
and are eouinieiiclng llfli-i-n wwks of work 
of Michigan time. They report meeting with 
success everywhere they appear. 

Ilit.i.ii; C. Vannaii will hereafter work un- 
der the nuuie of Illlllu ('. Harris.. 

iIimi;s and Lkwis, male nnd female conuily 
acroiialN, have llnlsliiil a sttccessful eiignge- 
iiieiit on Hie Wnller Plliiuncr circuit of parks. 
They lilnjcil Hie Howurd,. Roslori. Week' of 
Sept. 2.'t. ami week uf'Segil. .'Ill liu-y ntc n 
special feature with the Atkinson Stock Co., 
at the lltirlls Opera House. Auburn, N. V. 
They am booked up till Jan. Hi, In the Middle 
Wesl, and have lost only four weeks In three 
years. They will shortly produce. Frederick 
Jr. In the act, who Is known as "Little 

Xotks rmiM Nr.i.Lii: Ul''h llim- 
i.Ksuiims. — We are playing the New ImirIhiuI 
circuit In giH>d business, and appear at tiluu- 
eesler. Mass.. week of Sept. nil. The alio In- 
eludes : Nellie lluckli-y, comedienne ; Ma vine 
Itiissell, the "Teddy lleiir Girl ;" l-'jorenca 
llllihs, tilgn King and Kdna (Irani. In "A 
Utile lilt of Nonsense :" !•'. Meehan, stmg 
and ihince : tiuthnnk and' lllauchette, at-rn- 
lm Ik : Itiighain, Imujolst. and a chin us of 
ten girls, headed lir l-'rankle llaiiillloii. At 
Lowell. Mass.. Sept. 211. Miss llui-klry was 
iire-.enled wllli a Inuupicl of llnwers null a 
iliinili-air 1>\ iiiemhors of the company. 

DnAi'K ' V»:\H>: writes Hint her fnllier nud- 
denly eiplred al llift City Hall, Itocbt'sUr, N. 
.V., ou Sept. 'ii. 

IIkiit McOaiivky writes: "My new act, in 
Wa le s ) I feature my original Spanish operatic 
novelty. Hilars,' Is a lilt. I am taking two 
nnd three encores every show over this 'three 
a day' circuit, and mv time Is always extend- 
ed from one to two weeks beyond my original 
dale. I have discarded my toe dancing, 
owing to un accident while making in y live- 
foot Jump on my toes, my iiedostals not 
being securely fastened to tuc stage. I 
slipped and fell,- hurting my spine slightly 
and spraining both ankles." 

Tun McKKKtt Family, after playing a suc- 
cessful Summer In tent vnuuevllle, will open 
Sept. nil on the Geo. II. Verbeck circuit, In- 
troducing their original reOncd Irish comedy 
singing and dancing playlet, entitled "Rais- 
ing- the Rent."- 

1H'shi:ll Bi.MittA.M writes : "t was en- 
gaged as a special feature for two weeks at 
the Novelty Theatre, Stillwater, Minn., my 
net making a hit. My time was extended 
and I am now lu my nab. week." 

Stu Writs i:it, German comedian, writes : 
I hare dissolved partnership with Harry 
Gould, and hove joined hands with Joe Wes- 
ton (formerly of westori and Wayne), and we 
will do a refined Dutch comedy singing, 
dancing and talking act. We are booked 
solid for the season to play dates in vaude- 
ville. We will be known under the team 
name of Werner and Weston, 'the German 
and the Thespian.' " 

Haxsiin And Dkkw write that they have 
completed sixteen weeks of return dales on 
the- Sullivan & Consldlne circuit. Their act. 
"The HIII Poster," Is meeting with great 
success everywhere. They have Just re- 
ceived contracts for ten weeks more tin the 
same circuit. • ' 


playing In the South of France: W.e opened 
Aug. 22, at the Lyon Casino, for twelve days. 
From Lyon :, we .filayed Grenoble. This Is a 
lovely place In the Alps. We are now In St. 
Ktlenne for li-n days. Acts open at any time 
or any day In the week In France. Our next 
city will be Montpclller. We open Friday, for 
severi days. Contracts arc made for so many 
francs per day. We ure la France until Dee. 
10. then back to England till May. 

Vl'ky complimentary press notices have 
been received regarding fadgar Blxley's mu- 
sical travesty, entitled T 'MusTcul Oddities," In 
which Mr. lilxlcy Is yery ably assisted, by 
Minnie lliirkc 

: Sam Watson, of Watson's Farmyard, was. 
a recent Cj.iri-Kii caller, nnd reporta meeting 
wllli great success everywhere ho appears. He 
Is booked up solid. 

Ci.aiikkck W. Ukkknds, the "Original Dutch 
Comedian," Is now manager and general co- 
•luedlaii or Clark's IHg City Medicine Show, 
unjil Dec. 12, then will appear In vaudeville 
fot twelve weeks. 

ICusTLii anii. 'Notes ok CitAwronD's CoWk- 
niANS; Co.— We have Just closed a successful 
season of eighteen weeks nsder canvas, nnd 
opened In opera houses at Wiirreiisliurg, Mo., 
Sept. 21. Every member of the company 
scums to regret leaving the tent, and looks 
forward to next season, when It will be put 
Into use again. We arc featuring our band 
and orchestra, under the direction of Peyton 
Guile. We get Tiik Ci.irnsn every week, and 
feel lost when It Is delayed a day or so In 
reaching us. All are well. 

Hammomi. hoop roller, reports success 
ylth the Western Fcnbcrg Stock Co. 

Ki;.M»ii;its a.vii Wintbiisj write Hint their 
new net has proved a big success, ami they 
have received contracts for the William Mor- 
ris houses in the Wesl, 

Tiik wLLowtNu appeared at the Star Fam- 
ily Thaatre. McKees Rocks. Pa., week of 
Sept. 10: Floyd Mack, Madclyn Shone, and 
Lemuels und Lemuels. Business reported to 
be good. Noel & Laniont arc the managers. 

F. C. HounrtTON, gymnast, writes: "I have 
had u very successful season with IVixoiu 
Itros.' Carnival Co., aud opon with the Geor- 
gia I'onu Shunters, wllli' which company- I 
will be the feature act" 

Jpi.ia SiNii.Aiii. of tScrllinrr's Gay Morn- 
ing 11 lories Co., Ims a good idea of what her 
audiences like. This is quite evident from 
the number of encores she Is obliged to re- 
spond In on her sknllng burlesque la the 
dosing part of the show. 


played llm RIJou Theatre. M'tldletown, N. Y.. 

week of " 


mind reinJhig und magic. 

Jon Ki-kkl und Minnie Du Pice have 
signed for live weeks Willi tat. Mouirl, as 
ii s|*xinl rent tire act,' opening week of Sept. 
"I>. In Ltiucnsler. ■ They htivc thu Keith & 
Proctor rlrmilt lo follow. 
. Casaii anii Dk Vkii.nh are booked nu solid 
by l lie Wi-Htcrti Vaudeville Managers Asso- 
eialluii until April, 1I)0N. 

Hoyt W. Gakiiktt. novelty pliinlst. wriles: 
"I have Just tliishcd the J. J. Clarke elr- 
cull of nine weeks through Montana. My 
act was a success over Ihc circuit, especially 
my Imitation of n one-armed musician, play- 
ing, marches and ragtime with my 
left blind, which was a complete success. 
1 am at present plming at Sherldun. Wvo., 
for Mr. Carter. Will close here Oct. .". Kx- 

ri-ek of Sejit. 2n, very successfully with their 
lew net. "Thc'Isidy und Rube," Introducing 

pcei In spend n few days with my iinrenls at 
Mtmlton, la., on my way back tu Chicago." 
A hun was born lo Mr. and Mrs. Silbor, 

of (he Famous Silbor Four, on Sept. I). 

Gup. W. Moiu.Tu.v wriles: "Hnvti Jollied 
Presccllc for ten weeks, lo do my Yankee 
sketch, '.Grntnp's Child,' assisted by Htm 
Vivian Glndvs Moultnn. nnd Ilnlsli with II- 
lnslr.'il«sl soilgM. I.lltle Vlvhn Mmtlton Is 
siiijilng Cam K. Hatrls" smiSs with plit— 
noniennl success. She Is only eight ye.ns old. 
nnd this will lie liar only engagement I'lls 
teuton on account or goiiig" to ■school." 

TUB INTEBNATMNAL Fnitit will now be 
known as the Trio. They 
have dropped one man and the act is now 
composes! of Wilkinson. Sully and Wcnrlck. in 
their latest skit, entitled "The Ulg Xolse." 
The new act. they write. Is going big, nnd 
they are a' ways working. 

Tun Millman Bnos. write : "While play- 
ing at the New Wonderland Theatre. Wheel- 
ing. W. V'a., we gave a special performance 
at the Rlfcs* Ixnlge, No. 20. on the night of 
Sept. 10, after our regular show. The Klks 
gave a swell banquet, with plenty of amuse- 
ment. The other acts were Mack and Bates, 
the Rlhaldos, nnd Tom and Ann Collins." 

Uaiidli: and Palml'H write that 'they ' were 
held over for a second week at Kansas City, 

Mits.' Wesley. Stomp, mother of Jennie 
Fowler, of West and Fowler, died In Chicago, 
III., Wednesday, Sept. 18, aged seventy-six 
years. Jennie Fowler and her husband re- 
ceived the news while In Donors, Pa., and 
left for Chicago at once. 

I'he MAnco Twin's are playing n two 
weeks' epeclal engagement with Scribuer's 
Rig Show In Brooklyn. They will open for 
Klow 4 Krlanger Oet. 7. ; 

■ — a »» 


SI. l.ools — At. the Olympic (Pat Short, 
manugci-) Louis Mann, I he clever German 
comedhin. with excellent support, played 
"The 'While Hen" to large and enthusiastic 
audiences Hie week of Sept. 22. "Forty-live 
Minutes from Itroadwuy." with F.inma Cams, 
the week of 20. Ilultlc Williams, In "The 
Lltlle Cbi-nib." Oct.-U, fur u week. 

f'KNTltltr ll'nt Short, mauiiger). — Thomas 
Jefferson, In "Itlp Van Winkle, Sept, 22 and 
week,' had excellent houses. Maggie Moore 
plays the role of Gretclieu. having arrived 
from Australia u short while ago to do so. 
"Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" 21), for 
a week," with lllauclu; Chapman as Mrs. 
Wlggs, VI via Ogden as Miss Hazy, and Blsle 
Buirger as Lovcy Mary. Oct. 0. Cuauncey 
Olcolt, in "O'.Velll of Derry." 

i lit an it (John H. Fleming, miinagert.— 
"Tbe Wizard of Oz" was the attraction the 
week of 22, with George Stone and Frank 
Taycs playing the leads. A company of fifty 
players gave good support. Ilanlon Bros.' 
"Superba ' 21) and week. 

llAVLtx's (Wm. Gnren, manager). — "The 
Hud ut the Trail" Was well patronized the 
week of 22. "King and Queen of Gamblers" 
21) anil week. 

. Imi'Kbiai, ID. K, Kusscil, manager). — "Tl-e 
Stimiy Side of Broadway," Murray and Mack 
in the lending rules, with Gladys Van and u 
company of llfty, played tb full houses 22 
and week. "Young Buffalo, King of the Wild 
West." |ft 

• (iAltitiCK. — Klnw & Rrlanger advnncetl 
vaudeville shows have druwu capacity bouses 
at each evening pcrfofuiunce since the open- 
ing. The bill for t he week Just ended was 
as follows: Willie. Hale, The Man with the 
Globe: Radio Furmnii. sluglng comedienne; 
Tile Sa- Herns, inystlllers, thought readers 
nnd materializers ; George Monroe, lu the 
famous "Aunt Bridget ;' I/ce Harrison, In 
a musical skit, entitled "A Morning Rehears- 
al." produced under the personal direction 
of Joseph Hurl -. J. Francis Doblcy and to- 
rliitie Soles, isislsltd by U w a al i Laurens. In 
a singing and dancing novelty : Julian Hose, 
lu "Levlnsky at Ilia Wedding;" Mosher. 
Houghton and Moslier, originators uf the 
iiL'iobaiic cytie novelty, and animated pic- 

Cut.L'MiiiA (Mlddlelou & Tate, managers). 
— AOvuticcil vaudeville, with Joseph Hart's 
latcil speclucular novelly. "Polly Pickle's 
.Pets." as u hendllner, drew large audiences 
22 and week. Others on tlie bill were : Col. 
Bordeverry and company. French sharp- 
shooter and ililcnian ; Rluier Tenlcy, with 
some original humor; Piccolo Midgets, fa- 
mous Lilliputian comedians, singers, aero- 
bliis. wrest km nnd boxers: George Wilson,, 
minstrel cuiuedlun : Three Slaters Urmn, oa 
the trapeze: Mary Dupont and company. In 
it' niim-dy Hketeh "A, Lenii Year I,eap ;" Lln- 
tli-n IteckwIHi, iircsentlng her famous sluglng 
purl in lis; the klnodrouic. 

GUEuN. — Joseph Slieeliati Grand Oprea Co. 
played "Fimst. In Kugllsli, lo upprcclalivc 
nutllcures the week of 22. 

Gavlty (0. T. Crawford, munsger). — For 
2i! und wi-vk Hyde's I'ouiedliius.aiiil the Blue 
Ribbon Girls, In Ihe lnusliial comedy. "My 
Niece from Asia.'" The olio was us follows: 
Violet IJolnies and the Klght Cyclone Dan- 
cers, Lawrence Crane and company, t lie; Irish 
ning'cltin :'- Ulchey W. -Craig. (Icrnmn Jester: 
Weston Sisters, -Master Martin. "Ltd Lifters" 
2p and week. 

SnxiiAun t Leo Relclii-iibacli. innnnger). — 
22 and •*'i".'k, Wnlsmt's Iliirlesqiiers, lu 
"Kftiusi'ltieyer's Alley." a two net extravu- 
gtniza, by Billy Watson. Olio: The I'.ljou 
Trio, comedy and harmony : Swan and Bom- 
bard, eccentric Jesters; Mlllership Sisters. 
21) for a week, "Lady Birds Uurlesquers." 

' Heue a n 'uT'iikiie. — The proceeds of a special- 
ly arranged matinee vaudeville programme. 
given at the Olympic, afternoon of 27, went 
to the striking telegraphers. The companies 
lending talent to tbe entertainment were: 
limls Mann, "f the Olympic : Thos. .IchTerson. 
of ihe. Century: "The Wizard of Ox" Co., at 
{be Grand: "Tlie -Writ! of the Trail" Co., at 
Unvlln's; vaudeville at the Garrlck. the bur- 
lasquc companies of the Standard and Gaiety, 
also the Joseph Shcchon Grand Opera Co.. of 
tbe Oilenti. .. ,On Sunday. Oet. in. General 
William llonlli niid his ilnughter, Era, witli 
oilier pi ninliieiit heads of Ihe Salvation Army, 
will hold three meetings In the Olympic Thp- 
alre. ., ... .Blslc Fnrguson, leading lntly In 
'The Condiuan," Is mourning the loss of it 

Being an Alkaline Liquid Den- 
tifrice, SOZODONT penetrates all 
the little crevices of the teeth, neu- 
tralizes the dangerous mouth acids 
and purifies the whole tooth struc- 
ture, making the teeth strong and 

Stand by SOZODONT, and your 
teeth will stand by yon. 

Enterprise TrinsporUtlon Co. 



(Boat Si 
I Trolley 


1^, A $2.00 

ll.oo to Kali Wver. tl.uo to ITovldeuoa. 

Pier 10. K. K., Foot Wall St., 6 P. M.; Fall 
River Lloe stops E. 24lh St. Toes.. Tliurs., 
Sat..5.MP. M. Phone aoo Broad. Tickets at 

City Ticket Olllce, 1414 Broad tray. Tours 
k and Ttctels everywhere. McCann 1 * a 
^Tnit-. ATt-. 'l-hone i" Brvsut^ 


■ m tijhiui MRi. 

With CUIcsgo, Oct. v », J. 
WUU Boston, Oct. 4, 5, 

SoUli piirsr. wiiliii. wns. stolen from bar drrss^ 
ing risnu at (he Olympic un 17. 

SlirliiKllcId.— At the liuldwln (He-.. 
Ulcndoi-f, mauuger) "The Fluwcr of tlie 
Itanch" opened the house Sept. 21 to big 
business. Mabel Harrison and Jos. 1-1. How- 
ard were repeatedly encored. Al. Dclnor. in 
the part of The Man from ItoHtun, made n 
hit. ' ICersnuds .Minstrels '27. Howe's Morlng 
I'lt-tnreg Del. 1. '"file Irish Senator" ». "Two 
Merry *Irauips" II, "Ilisillgan'a Kl'als" ». 'The 
Cow Puncher" 20, "The Devil's Auction" IM, 
"The Und or Nod" 2a 

Notks. — Holing Park Theatre closed for 

Hid' season Sept • IS. '. Nettie l»aveu|K>rl . 

of Pittsburg, will be leading lady at the 
Helmer Theatre this season. . . .'. .Uarnuin *; 
Hnlley CIrcUH will show here Sept. — 0. It 
will street parade on account of Hie. 
high license charged here. .... .The free at- 
tractions for the Merchants' Carnival, bepl- 
2I-2I), were Copt. W. I). Amenta,' Cordonn 
and his lions. Falrley's den of snakes, Down 
the Nile. Hales Touring Cnr, Capt Jack. 
Adnm Btos.' Moving IMctnre show.- aiiihi. 

"the man ape" r . .Uoosevelt's Military 

Hand has drriwti'lurge crowds at the White 
City..;... There will be a six days' Vnlk- 
lag contest Ht While City, with large rnsli 
prlieu lo th« winners. 

— : a-«-4> — 


.Ineknonvllle At the HIilclU K. llnck- 

ley. manager I -the Ulxlcland Slock. Co. c«i- 
Hniies to liTay'toKOod business. The vaudeville 
acts by Mis* Townsend und Miss Williams urc 
verj- clevi-r. 

ln.M) :i.\mi I'AiiK (C. W. Da t.'osta. mana- 
ger). — Tim park patrons are now. enjoying a 
captive balloon, iiui-ruted by Hudd Mars I •■• 

Hiivai. (J. I). Iliirbrldge. luaiiagcr)-— '"« 
Huvlls Ancllon," 21. pleased a g<ssl bonsj' 
Ulm-k.- l*nttl 20, Mary Marble and Mil' 1 ' 
Chip, in "Urcani Clly," Oct. 'i : .Mabel MonJ 
gomi-ry. In "Zlra." .') : King Dramatic «.»■ ■»• 
fn "l-5nst Ljmne:" Dave l^wia 8, V. In "Alw'it 
Town:" "Ited Feather - ' 12, "The Umpire lo. 
Al. O. Field's Minstrels 17. r ... 

Bt'i'KALo Hill's Wild West Show Oct. l» 


A leksbnru.— At the Walnut Street tljy. 

Land of Nod" 2T. 

Majestic (JIiu T.. Moles, manager) — 
Vnudevllle and moving picture*. 

Norn— Fred <Rul^) Mason, the nil tin* 
down, re-centlj flslted old Irknds m «•'• 
rliy. He Is now doing advertising for l»e 
Metchniits'Cutreo Co., of New Orleans. 

*i Gr-ifB ' 




„« k .Ioosa.~At Urn Grand Opera H.use 
, p t£ein£ assfttint- Manager) the Lyman 
£'.i.' in "The YanKe Dnlmmcr," Sent. 10. 
'^iJ bus nek "Why Girls Leave Home," 
JW SJJJS —too Prowl to Beg" had WU 
:, °' Bk The regular season at thU 
L" 1 - *l "onen Oct. 8. with "Under Southern 
a& (CmMaO. with Myrtle Jersey, dmuth- 
BS ll.naiw^'. Krank Jersey, as lending 
ffii; Assistant' Manager Owens announces 
1 ^h.nee In nhmeSof-the house from the 
SSSteW the "rand, following the enlarge- 
ment and Improvements to the house, made 

d "i r i;fr« T"°C. Struble, managerl.-ln- 

rrea'ed patronage and an eittnded pro- 

,.„( of pictures and songa^ marked the 

«"?X, f this house during the pant we*. 




house l» doing 8. It. O.. Manager Struble 
t't't ■>•' for Dcs Moines, on business. 

vnTi's A. I*. Owens, who will assist Man- 

»r Jersey at both bouses (Ottumwa .md 
KLtaaM) during the present season, arrive,! 
k, , ihV city 8*P'- lfl - ■n' 1 wa * welcomed by 
m- mnnv friends. He Immediately assumed 
S.ree of the local property, and will divide 
hj, ilme between toe two cities. Manager 
i.rcpv will be alisent from his properties o 
i.r. of the year, caring for outside lntere.>rr. 
*.. Cecil Dixon, of this city , Joined "Too 

Proud to Beg, 
assist In - 


as stage carpenter, and will 
bS In mlhorparts.. . ... -Leonard Taub. of 

Rrnoklrn N. *•• a member of "Too Proud 
tn Bes '" and Mabel K Dewhlrst, daughter of 
«mon Dewhlrst, a prominent business man, 
3»re auletly married at the home of tbe 
brides parents, Sept 20. The members pt 
the company served a wedding supper nt the 
hotfl Downing, following the event. Mrs. 
Tmih accompanies her husband with the corn- 
„nj . .The Oakaloosa Ragles held their 
innuai picnic at Riverside Park Sunday. Sept. 
2; entertaining the Ottumwa Lodge as their 
Imesf A big spread arid a ball game were 
futures of the entertainment. 

Dnbnqne. — At the Grand Opera House 
(Wrn. L. Bradley, manatee), Sept. II, "A 
Country Kid" gave two aerlormanceg. "Our 
Vew Minister" 2f.. "When We Were Friends" 
on -under the North Star" 21, "A Desper- 
ate Chance" 30. Dne, "The Heir to the 
Uooroh" Oct. 1. ( ' • "' 

Bijou Theatsb (Jake Rosenthal, mana- 
ier) opened Its Pill and Winter season Sept. 
23 to a full house. The theatre- has been 
thoroughly cleaned and painted and the 
prospects are bright for a prosperous 
wason. The bill for the opening 


9, iuumie Liuimail. Mr. 

md Mrs. Franklin Colby, Berrilre and Her 
mascot, Flske and McDonough. and trie kino- 
drome. Prof. Itoxey Messersmlth, late of the 
-Buster Brown" Co., has been .engaged as 
musical director for the season. 
. '..,.'. . t , ■ . .' — 
rravenport.— At the Burtjs Opera House 
(Chamberfln, Kindt & Co., managers), Sept. 
10-21, "The Cat and the Fiddle" came to 
rood houses. The Flints will hold the boards 
22-23. "The Man of the Hour" 26, "The 
Heir to the Hoo'rah" 27, '"Tempest and Sun- 
shine" 20. 

- FtMH.T Theatre (direction Munro II 
Oelkers).— The following are on for '23 and 
week: Verpon We'ston, Dp Mora and f»ra- 
reta, Deodata, Annie 'Morris, Mnrtelle and 
Uelbudge, Charles Beck, and moving pletiiren. 

. oni'HEON Thcatke (Oscnr Raphael, mana- 
ger). — Opened formally 23 with refined bur- 

i. ., ' » ' 

Fort Dodge— At the Midland ( Wm. P. 
Dermer, manager) "Young Buffalo" did good 
business Sept. 18. "The Dixie Girl" pleased 
19. • "Qulncy Adams Sawyer" did -well 21. 
Sousa and his. hand had a crowded house 
22. "The Moonshiner's Daughter," 23, scored 

Empire (E. Bunjshelm, manager). -r-Moy- 
Ing pictures and Illustrated songs, rucked 
to the doors at every performance. 
* ■ 

Iowa City.— At the Opera House (Will 
Collier, manager) 'The Burgomaster" bad a 
good bouse Sept. Ifl. The Hlckman-Bessey 
C'6'.. week' of ' £), did good business. "The 
Man of the Hour" 30". "A Hot Old Time" Oct. 
2, Primrose's Minstrels B, "The Slow Poke" 
7. "Under the North Star" 10, "Tempest and 
Sunshine" 11. ' ■•■■■■ 

- — *■» — 
. . OHIO. 
Toledo.— At the Valentine (Otto Kllves, 
manager) Emina Cams and a cast of notable; 
players, in "Forty-five Minutes from Broad- 
way," formally opened the season, to « 
crowded house Sept. 23. Lew DoeVstader's: 
Minstrels, 24, had good business. "His 
Honor, the Mayor" 25, "The College Widow" 
-». Duatln Farnum, in "The Kaoger." SO. 

Lyceum (E. R, Kelsey., manager). — "Under 
Southern Skies" proved a pleasing entertain- 
oent 10-21, playing to good houses. "Buster: 
Brown," 22 and week, drew record breaking 
attendance. Tbe advance sales were the 
lirgest for any consecutive week tbts season. 
"Cupid at Vaesar" 20-Oct. 2. 

Alcade-Colleuk (IamiIs Hertlg, manager). 
Sept. 22 and week brought a bill of great 
variety, making it difficult to pick out tha 
top liner, as each and every act was de- 
serving and appreciated by good houses. For 
20 and week : Dixie SerebrVdera, KatherlP* 
bahl, Fredo and Dare, McCart Sisters, Ryan 
»nd Rlchdeld company, Searl and Violet 
Allen, Wynne and Lewis. . 

Burt's (10. R. Kelsey, manager).— For 19- 
-*1, "The Great' Wall Street Mystery" played 
a successful engagement. "The Card King of 
the Coast" calight on 22-25, and drew In a 
"ubstantlal way. "Parted on Her Bridal 
Tour 2(1-28, "The Mysterious Burglar" 29- 

Kui-ire (Abe Shapiro, manager). — For 
wpt. 22 a&d we«k: Phil Sheridan's City 
sports were universally pronounced by thi 
yllentele of this theatre to be the best bur- 
lesque show presented here. The olio, con- 
sisting of seven high cla'BS acts', Is a Special 
feature worthy of mention. Business was 
*ery satisfactory. Dainty Duchess Co. 29 

Day ion — At the Victoria (G. C. Mill*'. 
manager) His Honor tbe Mayor," Sept. 23. 
•nd Maude Fcnly, In "The Stronger Sex." 24. 
with drew good houses'. "The Man from 
™ 0In »" 20, Clara Bloodgood. in ';Tbe Truth." 
■"■: Dustln Favnum, In "The Ranger." Oct. 
1 : Snrnh Truax. lii "The Spider's Web," 2; 

• ■eorge Washington Jr." 4. 
.Natwxal (Gil Burrows, manager) . — "The 
"nriaw's Christmas" came to good business 
»fPt. 10-21. Tbe Rays. In "King Casey." one 

'» the best pieces these popular players have 
"er presented, came to capacity, 23-23. "The 

ard King of the Const" 20-28. "Oiiliiutown 
Lharlcy" 30-Oct. 2, "David Corson" 3-5. 
_ Lvmc (Max Hurtig, manager) —Week of 
"ept. 23 proved a roojft successful one. and big 
'■ Mrrda enjoyed the ■ ekcellent bill oneted. 
»eek of 30: Johnson and Wells, Snlssell 
JJfos. and Mack, the Astrellas and Al- 
»*« Warner, Callahan aud St. (Jeorge. 
f«ny. Tate's "Motoring," and the LaugU-o- 
orojM>. .... — 

h.n" TKI,— Johnny Ray's "King Cacey" base 
"?» team played The Unylon Journal'*, at 
Jairvlew Park ball grounds, afternoon of 

*•' "The nilou Dream." under the able 

ucnagrmpnt of J. R. Aronson, Is doing a phe- 
nnmrnnl buslnps's. Oreaf crowds visit this 
''^"'fe- every afternoon and nlgbt. and the 
cepneliy sign | a - BO , mrot Dmon sight. 

Hamilton — ^t Smith's (Tom A. Smith, 
numager) Thomas JeHerson, Sept. IB, pre- 
sented rtlp Van Winkle," and pleased. "His 
iiimiir the Mayor." 20, played to capacity. 
.£■* Tom's Cabta." 21, as usiul. was 
Kieetid with packed audiencas. The Rays 
'John and Emma). 22, matinee and night. 
P'ajed to 3. R, O. The show tfas a veritable 

Akron, O. 
Selwhnd A; VogU'r 

Alliany. lit. Y. 
Louis Sautler. Drugs 
Albuiiueriine, >. M. 
J. H. O'Reilly Co. 

Alleatown, Pa. 
Palace Pharmacy 

Altoono, Pa. 
Boeckldg& Meredith 
. AnnUton, Ala. 
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Aabnrr PAtk, N. J. 
Iltilick Pharmacy 
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Galbreath Pharmacy 
B. A. Nolte 

Augusta, Oa. 
Green 4 Horsey Drug Co. 

Baltimore, Md. 
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Williamson 4 Watts 

A. T. Jones & 80ns 
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Habllston-Brlckman Co. 
M. Strasburger, Pbar. 

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atlle Creek, Mich. 
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Bay City, Mich. 
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BlngrhamtoD, N. Y. 
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Kk Drug Co. 
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The Wm. Flengerer Co. 
• Cape May, N. J. 
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Weatherhead Phar. Co. 

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Standard Drug Co. 
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The Prospect Pharmacy 

Bock Drug Co. 
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The D. V. Butcher Drug 
Co. 1 
Colombia, S. C. 
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Fergev's Pharmncy 
R. Klukllu 

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Nnslivlllc. Tenn. 
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j. i". couners. Drags 

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The Ecoiirmilertl Drug 
I'andau'HCut Rote I'hur. 

Niew York Cily. 
KitlckerbocKer Phnr. 
A. Uatner. Drugs 
George Sbludhelin 
-II. II. -Mary ft i'u. 

X. J. 



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Wilmington, N. C. 

J. Illiks liuiilliig prur 


Vnukera, X. Y. 
'<>rry Corning " : !";-i :::•'? 

scream from start to finish. Myrkle-Hnrdcr 
Co. :i0-Oct. & "Billy, the Kid." 0. 

"flKANn (Word ft McCarthy, managers). — 
Bill for week of Sept. 30: Claude Hauf. 
Tlpiile and Kllncnt. (Hailstone Sisters. Austin 
and Moore, Haywood Sisters, Harry Hodglns, 
and bioscope. 

. * . 

' Zuuesvillc— At the Weller( JVVF. Mason 
malinger) the' Myrklc-llarder Stock Co. finished 
a .very, successful week Sept. 21.' "Thorns and 
Orange' Blossoms" did well 23. Richard Carle, 
hi- 'The 'Boring Chicken." 2" :SarahTrnax. 
In "The Spider's .Web." 2S : "A Cripple Creek" 
Oct. 2. -Wllirsms and Walker.-.ih •'Bandana 
Land," 3. "■ ' : 

*' . » ■• 

Norfolk. — At tbe Academy of Music (Ot- 
to Wells, manager) "Dream City" delighted 
a pocked house Sept. 20. "Beu-Hur" opened 
for a week's engagement 23, playing the first 
two nights to S. It. O., with every 'Indica- 
tion of llnisblng out the week nt the tame 
pare. Amelia Ulngbam week of .10. 
CRANBt '(Otto Wells, local manager) 

' nil 

Cbarley Rrapewla. ln "Tbe Awakening of 
Mr. Plpp." opened week of 23 to capacity. 
"Hap" Ward, ln'"Xot Yet, But Soon," comes 
week of 30. * 

Coi/)Niai, (Wflmer ft Vincent, managers). 
—This house will have Its Initial opening as 
a straight vaudeville theatre 30. Bill for 
the opening week: Pauline Hall, Besnak 
and Mlllen', Bradlee-Martln Co., Kckert and 
Berg, Bice and Provost, Yamomota, Zlska 
and King, and rltugraph moving Dlctu[es. 

AotB (Wllkersou ft Mobile.' managers). — 
People for week of 30 : Klsle Foster, Corllne 
Mav, Muzle McCoy. Melvln B. Howard. L0I4 
Verne, Johnson and Bent's. Scott and Walker, 
and Sidney Berger. Business Is very good. 
During the past month several Important 
changes have been brought about. The Btage 
has been materially enlarged, new scenery 
added and a general overhauling given tbe 
theatre proper, adding much to the comfort 
of the patrons and appearance of the bulld- 

"fiuoi; (Abb Smith, manager).— New peo- 
ple week of 30 : Morton and May, Rholdo, 
Knimd Carr, Hattle Dalby. Carlton and Trent, 
and Cieorge Ilazznrd. Business is good. 

AiioiToall'M (J. M. Barton, manager).— 
There will be no change in the bill week of 

30- . 

MaxttATTAS (Crlnnlnn Bros., managers). 
—People week of 30: Smith and Campbell. 
Mr and Mrs. f'has. Beech, the Downey s. Lane 
Sisters. Kd. Connely. Ed. Orlffln nnd the 
Lowrys. Business Is good. (Uias. Beutou. 
serine artist, Is now busily engaged on new 
scenery and scenic effects for this house. \\ . 
D Slrlan. who looks after the front of the 
house. Is back at his post after a two weeks 

. . S ' 

Newport News. — At the Academy of 
Music (0. B. A. Booker, mgr.) "Bed Feaibcr 
gave an excellent performance to the ca- 
pacity, Sept. 23. Amelia Bingham. In A 
Modern Lanv Oodlva." 28. had a large sa e. 
Dnvld Lewis, In "About Town.' 30 : The 
Holy City" 31. "The Blvuls" Oct. 1. "David 
Huruin" 2, "The Hlgbwoyman" 4. 

Peternbnrg At tile Academy of Music 

(Jake Wells, manager) "A Bell Boy" was 
well received Sept. 211. Lee. MrpnoHst. dosed 
a week's engagement, to fair business 21. 
"Bed Feather* canceled 24. "The Lovo 
Route" canceled 25. 

formancc The bouse" Is <in the ground flooi 1 . 
and has live exits. The Interior decora t Ions 
a re. neat, aud everything Is iiilltc iip-to-dale. 
Karl Blacker will slug the illustrated songs, 
and Hoy .Inluisun will operate the picture niJ 
chine. I). W. Maurltv is luatuigi'i'. ami Kltncr 
(Jrltllths. pianist. The prlcen of the new tlK'- 

iitre will be 10. 20 n nil 2.1 (leni'ge A<li-. 

the popular author nud playwright, has, once 
more shown his Invrfltv to his college, by 
agreeing to furnish the Harlei|nln Club, uf 
Purdue I'nlviTSlly, n nuw mOslcul comedy for 
their entertainment .- next May. When lie 
came down from .Brook lust May to witness 
the performance oMlle club, In "The Presi- 
dent of OoIOhg," he tonde them the promise. 
and now he is said lo be engaged lu writing 
for them' the words and lyrics. As Ade n n 
very busy man, the student* greatly apiut- 
elate the honor lie has shown theiu. Tbe. 
piny will probably be a three act comedy, and 
yvill be typically Purdue, wltb a host of the 
gay voting collegians ln tbe cast. The music 
will lie written by Lester Liplnsky. who bus 
been musical director of tbe Purdue Orches- 
tra for tbe past three seasons. It Is the In- 
tention of tho club to present the show. In 
sf-verffl cities next Spring. Dates have been 
secured ln. Terre Haute. Indianapolis. PI. 
Wayne and Chicago. The ofheers of the Har- 
lequin Club for' the present year are: Man- 
ager. David Heel, '00 Ynsslstant manager, A. 
B. "Wagner, 'OB: musical director, L. II. 
Liplnsky,' '08 : secretary and treasurer, Clif- 
ford Turpln. '08. • • • ' 
t ■ ' - 

Crankfort.— At the Blinn (liangebrake 
ft Hufford, managers) "Are You a Mason V" 
pleased a good house Sept. 23. "Stnuigbeart" 
ttct. 1, "The Phantom Detective" 4. '."King of 
Trumps" 12, "A Contented Woman" It). 

Crystal (CKiih. Welch, manager). — Week 
of Sept. 30: F.lllot and West, Puttee and 
Mildred, K. It. Miller, John Max, Frank Hall, 
clius. and Jennie Welch, Wilson and Ward, 
Carrie Nelson, and the kliiodrumc. iiiiHlness 
was very satisfactory during week of 23. 
' Notb. — Metropolitan tind PalaCe are doing 
good business with continuous vaudeville. 


Work artistic. Poaitlvely 

guarantee , BACH wig. 

162 STATE ST., 

6th Floor, 



■■ ■ ■^f'* 

SiirlngBeld.— Ai the Majestic (F.arl J. 
Harm, manager) "Arlzoua," Sept. 22, 23, 
had crowded houses. "Tbe Original Cohen" 
24. 23, "Superha" 20- 2». 

CitATTBBToN'H (<leo. W. Cbatterton, mana- 
ger).^— "The Slow Poke," 22, pleased. "The 
itondnum." 23, was well received. "HaOVr- 
ty's Flirtation" 26, "Too Proud to Beg" 20, 
"Tbe Lion and tbe Mouse" 27, 2S. ' 

oiii-u>:i'M (Meyer ft Watts, managers). — 
Bill week of 23: Hcnuchamp. curt lieu 11 and 
company, IOIdir Mason, Johnnie Itlley, Prince 
Albert and May l.e Itlani, una Oriiheuui- 

hl.Mi'ini: (John Connors, mm 
week of 23 : lltistruted songs, 
and Lillian Little, ilroli and tsi-oh. Kiln 
Soger, Millar Sisters, Laura De Jean, Lottie 
Deuny, Kemo aud Zeuio Troupe. Twentieth 
century Orthoscope. Friday nlgbt, 27, Jack 
Morgan boxed ten rounds with Kid Former. 

OliYitric (L'd. S. McCimn, innunger). — 
Week of 23: Derrllle und MarVello, Leah 
Cox. Marie Le Mar, the Original Vivian, 
De Murestlo Urol., and Olymplcscope. Spe- 
cial Friday nlgbl, Sept. 27, leu round bout, 
Waller Montgomery and Hugh McUabou, of 
Kansas City. 

Notkh. — Tbe New Oalety Theatre, located 
on Monroe Struct, near Fifth, opens for 

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Study the desitcs of the majority who frequent your theatres, and you lava 
tbe key to success in the show business. > 


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Rented machine that's youn\ all right and title, after rentals have paid up 
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make per week, etc. DEPARTMENT 3. 




Perfect FOOT COMFORT Sure Relief for WEARY FEET 

A Hum Ilemeily tor Corns, Uanlons ami all other afUii'tluns of the s>at 


Manufai tureil only by 

THOS, GIUi SOAP CO., Inc., Dept. C, 111 Kant Ava„ Brooklyn, M. Y, 

At all Drug and llepartuent Stores: Urtte Cake, 26 cents, or this ad., yoar dsalar't naaaa 

and address and ao cents. In coin or stampn will brum it to you. Agents Wanted. 

niuiK'-rl. — Hill 
, X«Ule Daly 




I.afoy«tfr At the Grand (fleo. L. Man- 

derback.mannger) "The IJon and the Mouse. 
Sept. 10, had a good house. Ralph Rant, 
In^Stroniiheart," 21, pleased. Henry Wood- 
ruff. In "Brown of Ilarvnrd." 23, drew a ra- 
Daclty'houa*. 'Tor Mother's Sdte" 20. "Sis 
Li New Vork" 27. "Tlie Wizard of Oz" Oct. 5. 

KVMH.Y (J» Vf. Maurice, monagerl opened 
the season Sept. 2.1. with the following bill : 
Henderson's School fllrls and Boys, Loos 
llros.. Ilanil and Byron, Earl I lacker, and 
the klnodrome. Business l« excellent. 

^Ujkstic I0r»gg A Frelnger. manage"-). 

Week of K»pt. 2.T : Uddler and Shelton. 

rtertha rb'.lllps, Holmes and Holllsler. Ida 
Ijinibe, aud the Majestoscone. Business la 

E °n6tbs.— I-a Purdette and the Happy Half 
Hour are doing satisfactory business...... 

The N«w Nkkel Theatre was opened to the 
nubile Sent. 20. and Is pleasing lore* crowds 
dolly with moving pictures and Illustrated 
songs. Charles Jones Is the manager, and 
Major N'aughton Is singing the songs. The 

new house n»' been named -The Arc. 

The new Knrolly Theatre Is a model In every 
reincct. aud the public Is showing Its appre- 
ciation l>y packing tbe house at each per- 

fair week, with advanced vaudeville, Monday 
night, Sept. :iii, wltli two shows at night 
during fair week only, 7. 4ft and 0.15. The 


l.lii.oin. \t tin; Oliver IF. < 
munnger) "Tlie Hi|uaw Man" had 
liitidiiess Hept. 17. "Tlie Heir to Ilia Ilooruli ' 
did good business three iHirrormmiccH 20. 21. 
New Century (Shis, 2.'l, did moderate busi- 
ness. "Tlie Viinkee Itegent," 21. was greeted 
hy u good house. "The Koynl Chef," 25. eii- 
liirtnlned well. "Why flirts Leave Hume" 
did well 27, 2H, "Brewster's .Millions" Mi- 
llet. 1. Maude Kealy 3. "Tlie Cat and tlie 
Fiddle" ■!..->, Iluse Stnlil 8, Murray mid Mmk 
1), "Htronghearl" 11, 12. 

Jli.iott (1.. M. Ilormaii. monagerl npi-ns 
tlie bi'uhiio Hept. 311. with rellneil viniile villi'. 

I.viin: III. M. Miller, nionageri.— Bill week 
of 2!i : Merrltt Ulsters, Mr. Whyuiuii, Wiu. 
H. Wltidom lloin*. Muyonnd Juliet, Margnret 
Ihile, lie draw Trio, und Kyrosiope. 

taanugers, Messrs. Burton « Kmllh, will then 
close the new building and put the finishing 
touches on II, and have their grand opening 

on Oct. 15 Illinois Stole fair opens here 

Sept. 27, and continues until Oct. ft. 



-At the Temple (W. M. Snvnge, 
"Tbe College Widow" pJraatd nu 

appreciative audience Sept. 22. "Arizona" 
25, "lUvfferty's 'flirtation" 28. "The Wliurd 
ofOs" 21), "The I'hantom Uetectlro" Oi-l. 3, 
Chauncey Olcolt, .In "O'Neill or Derry." ft; 

Noti:. — Chas. fl. Kllpa trick, the famous 
one legged bicycle rider' and roller skuter, 
and- also fnmous for Swimming the .Missis- 
sippi Itlver beie, was In this city Inst week, 
visiting W, M. Savage, manager of the Tem- 
ple Theatre. 

■ -*-■-' a . ' ■■ 

Jackaoavllle. — Al the (Irand Opera House 
(Mr. Mnrllndslc manager) "The. naming 
Arrow," Sept. Ill, bad a good house. "ArP 
sona," 24, illd well. "Toyland" 3H. "The Cow 
l'unchrr" Oct. I, "Artie" 2. "Tbe I.lon and 
the Mouse" 3, "Mrs. wlggs of tbe Cabbag* 
l'atcb" 7. 

Fri-Dimit At the S'ew I.urson (Wlllluiii 

I*wery, mnnaaer) "Oitliicy Ailiinm Hiiwyer" 
hnil ii good house flept. 20. "The llovnl 
Chef" did big huslnesM 23. "Iloollgiin In New 
Vork" 28. Klruidrome picture show, tlinl bus 
been running for sunn- weeks, hits bmt ills- 
continued. ., , 

Lrmr 1W. A. West, mnnnger).— Moving 
pictures and illnslrnted songs cnnliliue to 
till this house every evening. 



Cliaftaniinaja.— At the Clin ttannosa Opera 
House ll'oul II. Albert, manager) "Tlie Loud 
of Nod" came lo good business Kept. 21. 
The Kennedy Players 30 Od. ft. "The Um- 
pire" 8. Tim Murphy 10. "Human Hearts 
14. The house hfls hod greater success In 
Ihe tin" month than in many n year during 

Watt* Bimi' fO. A. Xeal. am linger). — 
"Our Friend Fritz" opened with a large mid 
Welt pteas*d aildlenee Sept. 211, for Ibe week. 
"Just Out of College" :»» and week, "Hap" 
Wind 7-12. 




CURED by a tecrct procn* 
liagiance arul chirm all iu own. . 


Siloed Plug Pipe Tobaooo 

hit the Ui|«l h!< in iks w«U, It ioioIk* 
cool lo the end whhnil wule, an) dot* not 
blow out si ths bowl. For o« i (fly inn 
the name "PATTERSON" on tobuca 
liai Lees a futruiln of hi|h quality. 
Pock.t Siie, Tin Bos, 10c. 







SErasATiom r%s 


i r 

Lyric by 

Music by 


felo. 2n 

(WHEN WE WERE A COUPLE OF KIDS) | | Lyric by Tp barnett. 


Music by LEO EDWARDS. 

Also Publishers of the following real season successes: "WON'T YOU BE MY BABY BOY." "I MISS YOU IN A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS, 


If You Want a Film Service 

That you con afford to keep up, for many reasons, send us your 
address and Allow us to make you an offer. We also have a full 
TION MOVING PICTURE MACHINES at regular list price. 

A Large List of Slightly Used Films 

From 2c. to 8c. per foot, Including the Latest. 

L. HETZ, 302 E. 23d St., N. Y. 



I In: marvelous uiowtti of llio Penny Vaudeville business Is well known. Dozens' 
nr Arcades were u|ninml luitl. your. In which Hie Mutosoope proved Itself the groat- 
est money-earner «f nil coin-operated luiiuhincsi. Tlio privilege of free, exchange of 
pictures keeps It fresh anil up-to-date. Our ueiv Type K Muioscopc embodies lin- 

firnvemcuts", auggostcd by yours of experience, tliat. make It the acme of perfection. 
Mlco 930. We have a few Type D machines at §10. Special prices wlien ordered 
In quantities. 



In Hie street run lone your purge, hut if you are 
"HELI>UP"by tile misleading method of adver- 
tising, unexperienced shipping clerk., poor selec- 
tions of urn and sung slides, you will lose your 



The Old Reliable Firm. 

We are llliu and none glide renters, and not UOT 
AIR MERCHANTS. Nothing given away, as we 
nave to p»v for all we get; but we give you 
81.00 Worth of goods fob $i.oo 


■ TYPE E lltl N. BROADWAY, LOS ANGELES. 11 K. 14th Street, P?EW VOItK. 


MRS. L. 8UHKURR has III stock a handsome lino ot slightly naod Evening, Street, Din- 
ner ami 1<m'»|)|1oii GoM'iin, and Fine Furs. Gentlemen'. Full Drew, Tuxedo and 

.Sack Suits, Prince Albert Coats and VeBls, and au lmiuense line of Full and Winter weight Overcoats. 
PRICKS niiiiir 


MltS. L. SOIlEtJKR, O24-02O South Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
-All 0. 0. I). Orders must be accompanied with a deposit or not Ices tltati $6. 


Sfiln., fiBO: 28ln., $.8.60; SOtu., JO.BO; Htlln.. $10.50; 40ln., $12.00. Circus Trunks, 24x18x18, 
$750. hilt Trunks, ROx'.f.lxlfV. Inside. $18.00. Lltbo. Trunks. 42#x28\4xl2. Inside, $16.00. 
Sbipncd on receipt, of $;i.oo, lull. C. (>. IX, except over 300 miles, then remit -whole amount. 
BtMONR &Ct>„ CUN'ruALTlUlNK KAO'O Kr, Est. 1SB4. B. W. for. 7tli sad Arch Sts.. Thlla. 



HART .* DAVIS, Managers. 

s?w l vo r™ c %{"KMK!«r!jy. Jobb,r, tnd D, ' l,r » Ib E «^ thln 9 P»rtainln fl to the Buslneis. j 


For Stock Companies, for Repertoire Companies, for Aiatem 

amusement, Negro 1'layi, Paper Scenery, lift. Jarler'i Wu 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free! Free I 

■AMURL FRENCH, IV W. tM It.. Haw Tor*. . 


Our composer, Porcv Wonriou, the writer of Oudor the Tropical Moon, Dixie Blossoms, Mcxlcana, 
(loldon Rod, Jennie j,ee and othor lilts, will co-onorate with song writers. Send us a good song poem 
at once. , Legitimate ulfcr. . COLONIAL 1IUSIO CO., 00057 Dearborn St, Chicago. 


Scenery llullt, Palmed and Klreproofcd. Inferior to none, Superior to some, Equal to the best. 
F. RALPH LANUSFELD. Columbia Thealrc. Washington and Ttllnry Sta., Brooklyn. N.V. 


Includlug Operator, llachlnc, Films and 

Song Slides, from 

•40.00 PER WEEK and OP. 


For cash sod on Installments. Wrlki for particulars. 


I'd Rather Two-step than Wall?:, BUI. 
I'm Tying the Leaves So They Won't Come Down. 

Just won t the Rose Said to Me. 

In the Valley Where My Sweetheart Walla for Me. 

in i in- Land of the Buri'alo. 

Take Mo Hack to New York Town. 

'Neath the Old Cherry Tree, Sweet Marie. 

KcepOti Smiling. The Olrl Thai Threw Me Down. 

School Days. Stingy Moon. Kitty Karcy. 


8.1 PER BE T $5 


Moving Picture Machines and Supplier of All Kind* 
Ready for Immediate Delivery. 


Inspection Proof Rheostat,. the Best ever made for 

Direct and Alternating Current. Price, Sia.oo. 


81.00 per roll 3,000. 

CARBONS, 13.50 per 1O0. 

Electric Pink Label. 





138 E. 14th ST., Hew York City. 

Telephone ;;8T.'-:iK13 StiivvcMinl. 


Or Vu Liable Information for Moving 
Picture Operator* and lor Beginners. 

•Wc havo examined jour book Willi mnoli In- 
terest, and llnd in It a great deal of Information 
which should be possessed by cverr ambitious 
moving plclnre operator."— NIOHOLAS POWER 
CO., 117 Nassau SI., X. Y. 

"My career as an oporstor has been short, but I 
cau say that since I have had your little book my 
knowledge mid worth as an operator has been 
doubled. Your book Is a blessing to operators, and 
should be welcomed not only by every beginner, 
but by every professional exhibitor. I never have 
spout a dollar to better advantage In my life."— 
RAYMOND HARVEY, Operator Bijou Clrcnlt The- 
atre. Battle Creek, Midi. 

0. E. LtWDALL, Bar Harbor, Maine. 


San Antonio; Ida Ho; Rosy; When Inn Know You're Not Forgol ten e|r ■ 
Everyone Was Meant for Someone; Waiting at the Church; Cheyenne; Hoihp^ 

body'. Waiting for Yon. 



One straight, eight minutes, new and original 
One Dutch, eight minutes, new and original . 
One Irish, eight mlnntes, new and original . 

For two girls, one raral, one straight . . . 
For two girls, one straight, one rapid changes 
For comedian and sonbrette 




AU new and original. Let Kelley build up J/OUT SCt. Special Work a Speclslty, 
EDDIE KELLEY. Lock Box 404, Chicago, III. 



Good Heavy Man for strong line of parts, Singing and Dancing Comedian, Juvenilo 
Man, Gen. litis. Man, Character Man and Woman, tho'?e doing specialties preferred; 
Juvenile Woman capable of playing some heavies, Sister Team with first class special- 
lies, capable of playing parts. Can also use Vaudeville Feature Specialty Team thai 
can play parts. Other useful people, write, l-ong season. Sure money and pleastinl 
engagement. Week stands. Cook! wardrobe indespensable with this Co. Must bcgucil 
studies. Mo drunkards tolerated. Address 

AUTHUU STANLEY. Manager, S102 Minnesota Ave. , St. Louis Mo. 



A. Vaudeville Agency Without Ors 
Doing More legitimate Business than any 
Four Agents In the Middle West. 





m %WGmt&€L 9 Quick, 


will, good ron. of music that can silo or cornet lu brass. Aus. inilek. 

P. B—BIbL PERT, WAKK "DP." j. D. CIIUNN. Enid, OUIa. 



ClogShoe b r?dV$2.50 

WAAS & BON. 886 NORTH 8th ST., PHI1.A.. PA. BOOKLET frkr. 


Never published before. & Sketches, each for -i peo- 
ple. r> Monologues. Delivers the goods. Five of her 
plays produced in New York Cliy season 1906-7. 
Price, 50 rents. Money order or slumps. 
7th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


I'ASoKS. CARDS, Etc Write for 8nuaule«. 
Webb Ptg. Co.. 80S Dearborn 8t. CUlciRo. III. 


I-'OR THE UKBT SHOW T0WK8 IX TEXAS: popiilnlioti'froni i500 lo 15.000, and towns where money 
Is no obleri: the show Is what wo want. Wrlio or wlro hir dales In Oct., Nov. uud Dec. Wc boog 
t lirough lilxlo Theatrical Exchange Oalins. Texas; The Smit hern Amusement Circuit, Hltlnivoru, Tcias, 
and The Americuu Thealrlcnl Kxohange, N. Y. Theatre llhlg,, New York City, also mdepeudent. 

L. O. PACK, Mgr., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

in a loiter to wc, says: 


"I shall faror von In future, where possible, lathe way of recommending jour transforation 
fseilltles for srllsees.:«lllng roi Europe, ns I inideiStiind you havs In ninny wars rendered 1 hem raUiahlr 
nei vices." PAUL TAUsIU, Vaudovillu SleaniMUii Agouey, 1W B. 14th St., N.V. Tel., am SlujTcesut. 


Catalogue ot Latest TRICKS, Hooks, etc., lust 
out. Senlfor loo. NONE FREE. 

W. D. LEROY, 103 Court St., lloston, Muss, 

lialcV Kip Van Winkle tfaols A %r ,y 

I« join Oct. a>, tnuihlc litis. Aurells, Iowa. Oct, 7: 
CnrrecthvnvUle, 8; Early, 0; Laker tew, 10: Shaller, 
11; Lawlon. Iowa. Oct. 12. ED. U.ll.K. 


Fig roonej for Introdnolne New Meslc. Write sr 
liallle creek, Nlcli. 

I 3 * O » S -flL jl, e: 9 


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wheels Tents 40 lengths of Blue Seats, 10 Reserved Seats, Bolt and Wcyer Lights. All property »t 
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LEON WASHBURN, Bound Brook. S. J. 

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Soubrette Dresses, 
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BBrB»lu*l n 



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A. M. lit €11 & CO., 

119 H. Wlnth Stroat Philadelphj* 


Clubs, Batons, Guns, Rolling Globes, . 
aaWlrewsJkera' Apparalnn, flonian Axos.nU 

Oewlog and list. Edw. Van Wjck, Olnotof* 


October 5 













Each and every one of these numbers is a great big individual "Knockout," and If you are In the "Market" and can use "goods" of this 
kind, send for them at once. They are splendidly adapted, not alone for solos or duets, but for QUARTETTE WORK, no matter whether it is 
male, female or mixed, and If they weren't the "real thing" you can rest assured they would not be used in this show. 

EE-Professional Copies and Orchestrations for the above to recognized performers, or those sending Up-to-Date Programs.- imo 
IWE. WMTTWKAl^^L dfc SONS, Witmark Building, 144-146 W. 37th St., New York. 

Get the Habit. Go to 





I4th Street, Bear Broadway, 

279 Broadway, near Chambers, 

47 Cortlandt 81, sear Qreenwleb, 

125th St, corner Third Ave., 



Peoria. — At tie Grand (Cbaaberlln, Har- 
rington & Co., managers) "The Man of the 
Honr," Sept 20, 21, came to large business. 
"James Boys," 22, had a full house. "The 
Lion and the House," 23-25, played to large 
houses. Maude Kealy 20, "A Thoroughbred 
Tramp" 29, "Artie" Oct 1, "Coming Thro" 
the Bye" 2, Cfcauncey OJcott 3, "Big Hearted 
Jim 6. 

Majestic (William Proctor, resident man- 
ager).— "The Hidden Hand," 19-21, pleased 
fair houses. Hanlon's "Superba," 22-25, 
turned them away. Lyman Twins 26-28, 
"Arliona" 29 Oct 2, Murray and Mack 3-5, 
Four Huntings 6-9. 

Main Stbhbt (Davls-Churchhlll Circuit, 
managers). — Week of 80: Joseph Lehman 
and company, Orgerlta Arnold, Garrlty Sis- 
ters, Conturc and Gillette, Young and Brooks, 
and klnodrome. 

DiufSBi's (Edward H. Brash, manager). 
—Week of 23: Kittle Emmett, Clark and 
Furry, Dawson and Booth, Primrose and 
lorrest, and Clair Wilson. 

WEAsr's (Charles F. Bartson, manager).— 
Week of 23: Stock burlesque, in "The Hello 
Girl" and "Oyer the Garden Wall f Francis 
Wood, and moving pictures. 

Noras.— Sallie Handall has closed with 
Hanlons'. 'buperba." and Jessie Brown has 

joined to do the soubrette role Kittle 

Lmmett worked single last week, at Demp- 
sey's, owing to the Illness of Lillian O'Neill. 

Qnlncr— At the Empire (W. L. Busby, 
manager) "Brewster's Millions" fared well 
Sept. 19. "Tempest and Sunshine" had good 
business JUL "A Poor Belatlon" proved a 
good Sunday attraction 22. "The Cow Punch- 
er 26, "A Thoroughbred Tramp" 28, "The 
Slow Poke" 29, "Blp Van Winkle" 80, "Miss 
Pocahontas" Oct L Chauncey Olcott 2. 
Coming Thro' the Bye" 3, "The Lion and 
the Mouse" 4, 6. 

Bijou (Patrick 4 McConnell, managers). 
— The opening bill was : Stoddard and Wll- 
B °n. Jos. Lehman, J. V. Mitchell, Frank H. 
Tlnney, Noblette and Marshall, and the Btlou- 
g ?K- U* wowda attended. Bill for week 
2i , : Burke', musical dogs, Fortuna and 
Stokes, W. J. Mills. 

JSiH. N. Stone, manager). — Current 
bill : Hattle Nelson, Memphis and Kennedy, 
5} a Ei°. w „* nd Rosalie, Howe and Mays, Buby 
Marshall and moving pictures. Business 
opened good. 

Bloom inuton. — At the Grand Opera 
House (Frank M Raleigh, manager) the Ly- 
■R. Tylns presented "A Yankee Drummer." 
Rafferty's. Flirtation" scored. Harwood 
Funk concert had capacity Sept. 26. "The 
Uon and the Mouse' 26, "Under Southern 

J.^ 1 o/M!!. 110 and nl 8 ht ' 28 J "M* Hearted 
Jim" 80, "Tho Isle of Spice'' Oct 2, "East 
Lynne" 8, "The Little Cherub" 4. 

Castli (Guy Martin, manager).— Bill week 
of Sept. 23: GIlllbaiTand Brocee, Vlda and 
Hawley, Mualcal Forresta, Brown Bros., May- 
bell Gage, Florence Fields, and the Castle- 



r. ** ort, »"* — At the Jefferson (Julius 
Cabn, manager) "The Earl and the Girl" 
opened Its season here Sept. 23, appearing to 
a large audience, which was moat liberal in 
JPPj»"»e. The Fenberg Stock Co., In a reper- 
tory of playa of much interest, held the 
boards, 24-28, to good business. Nell Bur- 
gees present. "The County Fair" and "Vim" 
during week of 80. 

Pobtland (J. E. Moore, manager). — J. B. 
Magann, with Al. Weston and Master Han- 
ion, and the usual good line of moving plc- 
J ur **. secured crowded houses (as baa been 
the rule here) during tho past week, 23-28. 
™.,?. B 5* 1,LAND (J- w. Greeley, manager).— 
Will Davis, Harry Newcomb and Annie War- 
ren, soloists and motion pictures, were well 
patronized 23-28. 

Sivot (J. B. McGolnness, manager). — 
*53 Morrison and Grover Lee appeared as 
soloists last week, with the moving pictures, 
and good attendance resulted. 
. K<w*.— The Maine Music Festival will be 
held Oct. 7-9, at the Auditorium. 






2,000 to a reel, 20,000 to • 
u package. Cotisec- i 
utively numbered. J 

Eajwe* Froil aid Back j 

PER 1,000 

20,000 or more. 18o ■ 


2,000 or morp, 20c 
10,000 or more, 19c 50,000 or more, 18c > 

100.000 or more. 15c 
We .hip 0. 0. D. when 2S4 la cub I. lent with ordor^^ — 


Thoroughly seasoned, 
special malleable fittings, 
patent locking device, 
folds perfectly flat, will not 
warp; most comfortable 
nrd stronsrest chair made. 




(lidlsoa It.isc) 
F.-K-snh lao-irSICB 

4 0. I'.-K»oli I4n Ik. 
■ V.-rSnehliie ( M»>i 

'- 5 ) L01 

»C. F.-Kiiehlim f C*»)i 
16 C. P.-Kaoh llo ) LOTH 

Packed 2S0 In n case. 
Add 2o each If ordurod U< 
less quantities. 

2d HandTesfad Colored Lamps 

Bed, Groen. Opal, Amber 
DC, P. -Each 8o 





El Paso. — At the Alrdome (Crawford A 
Rich, manngcrs) Armln Stock Co. (Walter 
Armm, manager) Sept. 19. "Tom, Dink and 
Harry" gave a good show, to splendid busi- 
ness, 22. "Because She Loved Him 8o" 28, 
"The Middleman" Oct. 1: 

Cbawfoud (Crawford A Rich, managers). 
—The Columbia Opera Co., In "Olivette/' 24. 
The El Paso Choral Society, In "The Mi- 
kado," 28 ; "The Man of the Hour" 30. 

Fbanklin (Turtle. A May, managers) opens 
Sept. 23, with advanced vaudeville. 

OvPHBDM (Wm. Winch, manager) opens 
Sept, 25, with advanced vaudeville, a. fol- 
lows: Barrows-Lancaster Co, in "Tactics;" 
Sullivan and Pasquellna. Laura Howe, with 
her Dresden Dolls, Kollins and Kllfton, the 
Eugene Trio, La 'rosea, juggler, and moving 


Dallas. — At the Dallas Opera House (Geo. 
Anzy, manager) "Under Southern Skies" 
played, matinee and night Sept 21. to good 
houses. "The Sweetest Girl In Dixie" 28. 
Tim Murphy 27, 28. 

Cicle Pauk Theatre (C. A McAdams. 
manager). — Raymond Teale Mualcal Comedy 
Co., In repertory, drew packed house.. 

Du. Rcckbb's Company, In repertory, en- 
joys good patronage, under tent 

Notes. — Manager B. S. Muckenfuss has 
the Majestic cleaned up and in good shape 

for opening Oct 8 The State Fair of 

Texas opens Oct 10, and closes Nov. 3. 
Many thousands of dollars has been spent 
arranging this year's show, which promise, 
to be better than ever. 



32 or 38 


(or new 
Catalogue of 
Shot Gum, Rifles 

and Revolver.. Fret. 

6 in. 




HOPKINS A ALLEN RBVOLVBRB are widely used by stage people 
because of tbelr high quality and low price. The above model — 
WILD WEST REVOLVER — la especially desirable for melodrama and 
Western Showa, hecauso of It. showy size and plstol-llke appearance. 
DESCRIPTION — A long barreled revolver — large and very showy, 
large stock and blued octagonal barrel, a half foot long. Makes a great 
show from the front, and especially with 88 calibres, a very loud report 
when blank cartridges are used. Is double action, self cocking; hammer re- 
bounds after firing, obviating the possibility of accidental discharge. Barrel 
1. twist rilled, and excellent fof (uryet praoMce. The revolver I. safe, ac- 
curate, reliable, and mads of best material throughout 88 calibre, 5 iboti; 
82 calibre, 8 shots. 

Sent by MAIL, POSTPAID, anywhere In the U. B„ for $4.50. BAFB DE- 
LIVERY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED— If not found at nearest gun .tore. Sam* 
sun, with triple ntckeled barrel frame and cylinder, SO cent, less In either 82 or 88. 
Mention calibre wanted when you write. 

THE HOPKINS * ALLEN ARMS CO.. Thestrlcal Dopt, Norwich, Coon., U. I. A. 
Largest Manufacturer* of IHqh droit Popular Prlctd Firearm* In the World. 

Austin. — At the Hsncock Opera Housa 
(Geo. Walker, manager) "The Little De- 
tective" played to two good houses Sept 14. 
"Under Southern Skle?' did good business 
16. "The Sweetest Girl In Dixie" played to 
a One house 10. Tim Murphy, In "Two Men 
and a Girl," 28 ; "What Women Will Do" 26. 
"The Rollicking Girls" 80, "Daughters of 
Judah" Oct 1. 

Sells-Floto Sbow did fine business Sept. 

Gn.lve.ton. — At the Grand Opera House 
(David A. Wels, manager) "Girl of the 
Streets" did quite well Sept. 22. "The Rol- 
licking Girl" 24, "What Women Will Do" 20. 

Ei.ectbic 1'abk has closed its regular sea- 

Chutes Pauk (C. H. Nelmeyer, manager) 
will remain open for some time. 

Noras. — The Sells-Floto Shows Sept 26. 

The Forepaugh 4 Sells Bros, have 

papered the town for Oct. 14. 



Milwaukee. — Local theatres are having 
an unusual season of prosperity ail along the 
line. The Davidson, with "Brewster's Mil- 
lions," last week, was comfortably filled 
throughout the engagement Manager Sher- 
man Brown offers "The College Widow" Sun- 
day sight, Sept 20 ; "Miss Pocahontas" Oct 
3-5, "The Hypocrites" 6-9, Ethel Barrymore 

Srubibt. — Manager Edwin Thanhauser 
enters his fifth triumphal week Sunday, Sept. 
20, with the following "advanced vaudeville" 
bill: Frederick V. Bowers and bis Rollicking 
Twenty, Caroa and Herbert, Chas. Kenna, 
Elite Musical Four, W. 8. Harvey and com- 
pany, Mystlcu. and Edna Aug. Bu.lness has 
been extraordinary. 

Alhamhua. — Manager Jas. A. Hlgler of- 
fers "The Burgomaster" Sunday, week 20, 
with Gus Weinberg and Ruth White. "Pan- 
handle Pete" comes for next week. Season 
to date has been good. 

Bijod (John R. Plorce, resident manager). 
— "Bedford's Hope" scored big last week. 
David Hlgglns, In "His Last Dollar," opens 
20, for the week. "Cupid at Vaaaar" comes 
next week. 

Pabst. — Manager Leon Wachsner opened 
his season of German dramatic productions 
Sundty, Sept 22. The usual Sunday and 
Wednesday performance, will be given. The 
company this season Is up to the standard, 
and opened most auspiciously. 

Staji (Frank R. Trottman, manager). — 
Mlsa New York Jr. was the offering last 
week. Ampere, "The Electric King," was 
so added attraction. Business wss excel- 
lent Parisian Belles week of 20. 

Gayrtt. — Manager 8. R. Simon offered hi. 
best show of the season to date In The 

Trans-Atlantic Burlesquers, last week. LI* 
zle Frellgh scored a pronounced hit In the 
burlesque. Vanity Fair week of 20, and The 
Boston Belles next week. Business is good. 

Crystal.— Manager F. B. Winter continues 
to find favor. Following people week of 30 : 
Takewaza Japs.Brehany, White and company. 
Dave Nowlln, Prof. Dubois and monk, and 
Frank Williams. . _ , 

Eupibe (H. Trim, manager). — Business 
Is good. Following bill for week of 20: 
The Howard Trio, Blanch Wank, Weno and 
Du Bar, Harvey, the dancing violinist, and 
Illtcblnson Lusby and company. 

Notes. — Llzile Frellgh, leading woman, 
with the Trans-Atlantlcs, opened with tho 
company at the Gayety, Sunday, 22, but was 
compelled to retire from the cast until Fri- 
day, being confined to her room with a severe 

cold The Globe, under the management 

of W. H. Cannon, opened 21, and famd espe- 
cially well tho first week, presenting vaude 

ville, with two changes each week B. C 

Whitney's "A Knlgbt for a Day" Co. has been 
Bclectea by the Transportation Association, 
of Milwaukee, for its annual entertainment, 
to be given at the Davidson Theatre. Oct 21. 
Jas. K. Hackett has also been selected by tho 
Milwaukee Press Club for Its annual enter- 
tainment. He will present bis new play. 
"John Glady's Honor, 1 ' Nov. 4, for the flrat 
time In America. 


Ban Claire.— At the Grand (C. D. Moon, 
manager) "The Volunteer Organist," Sept. 
20, did big business. "Checkers" 25, "The 
Girl Over There" 20, "Before and After" 
Oct. 8, "The House of a Thousand Candles" 
7, Ezra Kendnll 10, "The Collego Widow" 14. 

Unique- (Wm. Armond, resident manager). 
—BUI for Sent. 23 and week: Delia Wat- 
son, Welch and Earl, Mankln, Allen Wight- 
man, Tom and Edith Almond and Wm. Ar- 

» '» 


Charlotte. — At the Academy of Music 
(Jno. L. Crovo, manager) "East Lynne" 
pleased Sept 25. "Dream City," a splendid 
attraction, drew a large bouse 20. 

Notes. — The Odcon and Mystic, moving 
picture shows run by Will A. Peters, are 

playing to well filled bouses The Royal, 

run by T. II. Harris; the Tncato, run by 
Otto Ilass; the Edisonla, run by J. A. Sny- 
der, and the Casino, run by J. T. Powefl, 
moving picture shows are doing a large busi- 
ness The skating rink, at Latta Park 

Auditorium, run by Will A. Peters, Is at- 
tracting large crowds to tbe park every even- 
ing J. U. Crayton's Penny Arcade Is 

pleasing large crowds every afternoon and 


Winston-Salem. — At Elks' Auditorium 
(J. 0. Terry, resident manager) "Human 
Hearts" pleased Sept. 17, as did "East 
Lynne" 23. "Dream City," with Mary 
Marble and Little Chip, 24, gave an excellent 
performance to a capacity house. "Tbe Bell 
Boy" 28. "Red Feather" 30. 

Salisbury. — At Meroney's (lie Roy J. 
Meroney, manager) J. A. Coburn's Greater 
Minstrels, with everything new. gave a tip- 
top ahow to good business Sept. 20. "Hu- 

man Hearts" Oct. 5. "Parsifal" 8, "The 
Rivals" 0, "The Holy City" 12, Amelia Bing- 
ham 14. 

♦ »» 


Toronto.— At the Princes. (0. II. Shop- 
pard, manager) Marie Calilll. In "Marrying 
Mary," did big business Sept. 23-28. This 
week, Maude Adams, In "Peter Pan." 

Royal Alexandria (L. Solinnn, manager). 
— De Wolf Hopper, in "Happyland," did big 
business. The management nave decided to 
run their own stock company for tho rest 
of season, and will open this week with the 
Royal Alexandria Players,' in "Mrs. Dane'. 

Oiiand (A. J. Small, manager). — Billy B. 
Van drew good business last week. Kellar 
and Thurston 80 and week. 

Majestic (A, J. Small, manager),— "When 
Nellie Went Away" drew well 23-28. This 
week, the Smart Set 

Shea's (J. Shea, manager). — A good card 
23-28. and big business ruled. This week 
the Song Birds are the hcadllners. Fred 
Bond, Fremont-Brlnton and company, pre- 
senting "Handkerchief No. 16." 

Stab (F. W. Htalr, manager). — The Merry 
Makers did big business 23-28. The Washing- 
ton Society Girls 30 and week. The Strolling 
Players next week. 


Quebec — At Bennett's (J. II. Aloz, man- 
ager) big business prevailed for week ending 
Sept. 28. »Tlic following acts pleased Im- 
mensely : Kellcy and Reno. Oicnr Loralno. 
Jules Gogny, Wheeler Earl and Vera Curtis, 
Bert Howard and Leona Bland, the Boldcns, 
Jonnle Stanley, with Gus Edward's Blonde 
Typewriters, and the Bennetusvope. 

Tiiratke I'oi'ui.aiiie. — The French Stock 
Co. continues to draw nice bouses. 

Mobile.— At the Mobile Theatre (J. Tan- 
enbaum k J. Well., managers) the Jewell- 
Kelley Stock Co., In repertory, csmo week of 
Sept. 10, and pleased. House was dark until 
28, when Yale*. "Devil's Auction" appeared. 
Yorke snd Adams, In "Playing the Pontes," 
two performances, 80; "The Umplro" Oct 1. 

I. vine (Leon Neubrlk, manager). — Good 
business prevails. The patrons nave "caught 
on" to the dally matinees, and each week 
since the opening sees a larger Increase In 
matinee patrons. Week of 23 presented the 
following: The Okura Wonders, Hymon 
Meyer, Louise Pollard and Gente Carver, 
the Zolas, Conwoll snd O'Day, Joseph It. 
Kcttlcr and company. In the one act skit, "A 
Rural Substitute," which Is a hcadllner, and 
the Lyrlcgraph, 

4 '» 


Columbia. — At tho New Columbia (F. L. 
Brown, manager) Black Pattl came to 8. R. 
O. Sept. 20. Mabel Montgomery 20, "Dream 
City" 27, "East Lynne" 28, "The Bell Boy" 
Oct. 1. 

Okntbt Bno.i. 80. 

Hyatt Pabk Cabino (C. D. I'eriichl, man- 
ager). — Tbe Peruchl-Gypsea* Co. closes the 
season bero Oct. G. 







TlioTlicutrlit*l Profession will find Deiilojtii 
TiiIpIHh practically liiilln|ienniililu liecwme I hey 
purity the hreuthnnil mouth, uIchiihc tlio teeth 
anil c.iuiHu a liculllinil It iw of hhIIvii. 

Ilotwoon tho ucIh or on thimu "early morn - 
Inu Jumps," whoii there lx little lime for month 
ablution, Di'iitoM Tuhloti are most lianily, 
fur lliey inn lie rnrrled In pocket or wrist 
bag and used Willi or without n tooth brush, 

Minx I.ii.i.ian ItiMMKM. *nyn: 

"In thn convenient und elllclimt iiKNTO/.a 
mouth TAIII.KTSwu Hlmturs anil pltiyerM hnvo 
at last found what we have always imeileil," 

1'rleo Mc per package at all drug counters, 
llupncr's KMijmrliuiiH or the mumimclurcrs. 

uiiKiui. man on heuvksv. 

M-:i\ frankfurt Ht., N. V. 

No. lO.HUO under Pure Pood mid Drug Act. 



~*"^ NAIL ^-^""'"'""" 





fiil.k i 

«.« f.r.iiillfnl 
( tHirriif"") hit* 
tre fnymjf imJk wlifmut 
we r.f liurlrr, A (ijiJt/ « ml rub 
brlftkly wilh p-ilm or rum*!, Tim 
only k n nl fur |xx.kct or nunc, Nu 
.THlclUli.i, SnlrUt l>i>nmi;riit 
•"nl (Wit dm* Drug store*. II not ml ymir 
dcalcii icud *jc«r)ddraler'iii*meforoneto 


HWassfUsriat mwym 

DOCTOR having left Medicine Show, will take 
a few private cases at his own home. No Insane. 
Address Dr. K. D. NOKTON, M3 K. 49th Ht., New 
York City, 



October 5 

When writers turn out a great success, such as 



That they follow It with another; In the case of 


However, they not only follow It with one, BUT THREE, each of which, In Its own style, Is already an assured hit. They are: 








•-Professional Copies and Orchestrations for the above to recognized Performers, or those sending Up-'o^ate Programs. -NO 

V Witmark Building; 144-146 W. 37th St., New York. 


8IXTH AVE. and 31st ST., NEW YORK. 
Liadlng Theatrical Specialists, Headquarters for Dance Underwear. 

Opening F-«ll 1907-1908. 

Compute Stock of Nev Fall Costumes, Millinery, Waists, Etc,, Now Ready 

We are producing the Moat Elegant and Shapely Theatrical and Street Shoes 

and Slippers on our FAMOUS SHOBT VAMP LAST. Company 

Orders Filled at Short Notice. 


eoial For «■»-»—». 

Thl. Sail*, «3> f G. 

Price, Below Colt of manufacture. * 


Expressly prepared for the Theatrical Protection, 
guaranteed to be absolutely pare and nerer become 
rancid In any cllaate. Put qv In Bound Screw Top 
Tin Cans at 4»o.i naif pound at 8»e. 







Easy to get at everything with- 
out disturbing anything. No 
fatigue In packing and unpack- 
ing. Light, strong, roomy 
drawers. Holds as much ana 
,■•■■'■-: ' I costs no more than a good 

1 box trunk. Hand riveted; 
strongest trunk made. In 
small room serves as chiffonier; 
0. 0. D. with privilege of ex- 
amination. 20. stamp for cata- 
log. F. A. STALLHAN, 
86 w. spring SU Columbus, 0. 


L)uy or night. Yon can own 
a Diamond equal In brillian- 
cy to any genuine Stone at 
one-tlilrtletri the cost' - 
In Solid Gold Ring. 
stand acid tests and expert 
examination. We guarantee 
them, see them first, then 
par. Catalogue Free. Pat- 
ent Ring Measure included 
for FIVE two-cent stamps. THE BARODA CO., 
Dept. *, »30 Worth State St., Chicago, 


OOTiataPH no. i nr 

Ha. the 



Write u Iter 


why yon should, buy 
THE NEW'.i...... 


In preference to any 

other Motion Piotnre 

Machine. Ulg catalogue 

of Lanterns, Films, 

Slides, Accessories, etc. 


481 Chemical Bank Bldg., CHICAGO. 

fi/ Ofl 

mm ■ •*- ,'V^rJUI i. 

'idUAlslilifcJ I 



(Bel, 'Spring; 


T H E A 


■ ■'-■* '^mmMti 

MeW. Torx. 



RA^ES^(Ali;,Ctflor;sj- ■'.' 


S\V,M IM.KS A,\l> ■■■'if,yi' , '-A-lit)('itilOV-.'l!l'ti.V. RIOtU'llST. /.; 





A V>;hpai ll r, I. KAD1NQ WOMAN, capable of doing w>mo licavles. Must have ability, appearance 
and wardrobe. Send photos, programs, state size and lowost salary first letter. WALLACE It. 
OUTER, week Sept. SO, lllckavfllo, Ohio; week Oct. 7, Eljrla, Ohio; week Oct 14, Kindlay, Ohio. 

Wanted Quick, for 


Weak stands. Pianist with cue music that can arrange. Juvcnllo Man, Heavy Wan. Host bo actors 
and bave wardrobe Prefer those doing specialties. 1 pay all after Joining. Positively no fares to 
Btrangcrs. No drinking tolerated. Salary must bo reasonable; you get It here. Salary, and what you 
can and will do In first loiter if you want a reply. J. W. SKIIIT8, Albert Lea, Minn,, Sept. 80-Oct, 6. 



flPI I HD All TAD FOU BVRRVBODV I Theatres, Rinks, Fairs, Parks, Society Olrcusos, 
IIIMlli I'll 1111 llll etc., dexlrlng nnyitilng for amusement aro assured prompt attention, 
vuau i itv.u a vi lowost pnoos and tho besu wl CONTROL. 500 orkat acts. 

W. S. CLEVELAND'S Prudmtlal Viidivllli Exchange, 

Suites 535.836 Knloteorbooker Theatre Bldg., MM Broadway. New York. 



J. OLASSBERO, is Third Mre., near loth St, New York. Bend for Catalogue. 




And All Others 
Slid for CATAtOC. HcdIIso Kill Wilted 

Special Attention Given (be ProfeulOB 

Western Uniform Go. 

214 S. CLARK ST. 


i - ACTOR m 



Wo teach you by mall tn a short time to go upon 
tho STAQK or speaker's platform. You can easily 
earn from $55.»o to $200.00 weekly. We have thou- 
sands of satisfied students. Write for FREE book-, 
let on dramatic art by correspondence. 


nso Chicago Opera House Biook, Chicago, ill 

ettlkeline Tights, IS.OO; Wonted 
Tight*. «9.00i Cotton Tight*, 
llAOiBllk •rights, torn 8a.B3 apt 
Jnlrta to match, aU aanae price 
a* tlffhti; Pnmpa 35 contxj unlt- 
er., Hl.OOi Rlaitlo Bnpporters 
Sl.OOj Cloth Supporters, 90 cents. 
Send for cotalonao and samples 
off ttrjlito, free. Ponltlvely a de- 
posit required. Satisfaction guaran- 
teed or mens v refunded. SPIOKR'BBOS. 
N Woodbine Stroo . Brooklyn. N.Y.; Now 
Yolk Office, Lincoln Bldg., i Union 84. 






Beat of Food, Perfect- 
ly Cooked, Dellolously 
Served. Prloes rea- 
sonable. Special Din- 
ing Room for Ladles. 

Wanted, for Mystic Shriners, 



R. D. MORQAN, 3308 East 65th St., Cleveland, O. 


aSHf 144 LA SALLE ST. 822. 


162 State Street, 

(Mfth Floor.) OMIOAOp. 


Where you can secure the BEST OF 


HAIR GOODS at such 


TRY ilT. 



MAN FOR OENERAL BUSINESS (Some Lfght Comedy Parts) Strong Specialties, 

QOOD SPECIALTY WOEViAH Capable of playlngparts. PIANIST Man or woman. 

Join on wire. 

Address 0. STAFFORD PAYTON, Mgr., Lehigh, I. T., Oct. 7-12; Ardmore, I. T., 14-19 


Wny handle locky goods when you can handle goods that will sell themselves. 
Eleotrlo Belts from }i per doz. up. Large variety to select from. Inhalers, "5c. 
perdos.: Voltaic Insoles, 9&0. doz. pairs. Pore Cocoannt Soap, $2.80 per gross. 
Hne Medical Batteries. Bend 75c. for Sample No. 14 E. Belt, exp. pre. Trial order 
will convince. One-third cash required. Largest Manufacturers of Electric Belts 
and Appliances In u. 8. A. Established 18TB. Lecture and price list free. 


Souvenirs, Give Away Stuff and 

, Song Books. 

Send Samples, with prices, to 

Standard Theatre, St. Louis, Mo. 

A Bure winner for good soprano singer. Bong 
and orchestration free to professional singers 
who send last programme. 

M. 0. VALLEY-MU8I0 00., 716 Worthlngton Ave., 
" Sta. R„ Cincinnati, O. . 


5,000 of your own special printed tickets, con- 
secutively numbered and perforated on the Roll, 
for $1.25. Special prices In larger quantities. 

NATIONAL CARD 00., Bhamokln, Pa. 



Band and Oroheatra Leader. 

Locate or Travel. ED. FALTE, Plgua, Ohio. 



For one nlgnter. Also for S night Rep. Those 
doing specialties preferred. Pleasant engage- 
ment. Salary sure. Pay own. State all first 
letter. Address B. CLAHAN, Grand Forks, 
N. D. Gen. Delivery. 


CllEAr. BRAND NEW. All Frenoh subjects. Bend 
fo r LIST. A. D. U0TAL1NO, 69 Bank St., New York. 

D. Hs l\ILLrriAn f atlibebty! 

Can Join at once. Flrstolass "Rep." preferred. Ad- 
dre ss 1010 Qrtawold Street, Port Huro n, Michigan. 

Palace Opera House. 

Scats 600. Steam heat, electric lights, up-to-date 
in every respect. Population of town, 2,000. For 
terms and dates, write JOS. P. HAUVEltMALE, 
Mgr., Berkeley Springs, W. Ye. 



6th Ave. and 20th Street, 


Leading House in America 

for Theatrical and 

Street Shoes 


All Colors In Theatrical Hosiery 

Theatrical Catalogue 
Mailed Free Upon 

Can Fit Out com- 
panies Without 
Any Delay. 




Good Character Heavy Man 

i for Gen'l Bualness. Mr "V© 
le; 5, 6, Clayton: 7 Theresa.J^J, 


6r, FRANK, Bt. David, FultonCo., in- 

October 5. 






Write Iter Information to our Branches! 
FMTTSBL'IIO, PA., Homo Bids;. DALLAS, TEXAS. Jaanlta Bid*. 

I1I11MINGH AH ALA., Stelner Bank Bldg. KANSAS CITY, MO., Shubsrt Bldg. 








We know we have the best burner ever made for use in a Stereop- 
tlcon or loving Plctnre Machine ; nine lor Lighting Theatres, Iedlclne 
Camps and Circuses. 


WM. M. CRANE COMPANY, 1131-33 Broadway, N.Y. 

' IS- f- 

Leatheroid Trunks. 



Send for New 
Theatrical Catalogue. 53» B'WAY, W.Y., mmm aprlaej St. 

UI\IK «&: CO. ""dHifilr* 
Which Do You Like- 

With or Without Hair? 

'no same with a Tneatrloel Wis ttiat is tola by dealer*, or made by an 

Experienced Wlgmaker. TOY DB. 



We can make a hall tone from photograph yon 
famish; set up your name, address and aot in 
type, and print wo Letter Heads, 8)^x11, (or $a.M, 


BIB limy St., Knoi-vlll., Tona, 


i AND" 




Ana make yon a fortune, ifyoa aBffJ a 

:flay, sketch, photo, act, 

SONG or BOOK that Is worth anything:, 
:70a. ahonld copjrlsrht It. Don't take 
chances whea you can secure oar serr- 
lceaat small cost. Sendfor osrSPlCtta, 
(tiTER TO WVWTWtS before appWlnx for 
a patent, ii mil pay you. lONKOOK en 
^aUnUuntmt. Weadvlself patenta- 
ble or not, VRKB. We Incorporate 


(Ktneeers, ■■"' 

Ceerrleat A Fattest Ce. lac* 



United State. Tent and Awning Co., 
Randolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, III 


BLACK TENTS Oar SpeelaltY. 

j. c: g:ovs:s^goi 





Large Stock 80ft. and Under 
New and Second Hand. Write 



Successors to tne T. W. Noble Co,, Tent Dept., 

Detroit Bag and Mfg. Co., Detroit. Mich. 


m W". 93 St, MaffMaV Te 

of Theatrical 
Boots dc Shoe. 

SHOES a spe- 
cialty. All work 
made at snort 
Tel. 100 Chelsea. 

Flu Haglcal Apparatus, 


Grand End of Century, folly 

niOltrated. BOOK CATA- 
LOGUE, Ho., free by mall. 
Catalog oo of Parlor trick ■ free 
MABT1NKA A UO.. airs., 
sen m»»b a»«.. W. t. 







Relievos all 
I Discharges In 
1 24 hour; 

pjss ssj swi twtr. sjs 

Batmof MID' 


BtUttj in Srmii 

SLIDES.. 50 PfrSet 

Our elide business has grown to such gigantic 
proportions in the past year, that we haven't been 
able to fill one-half the orders received for sets of 
our popular Illustrated successes. This being the 
case, we have decided to discontinue sending out 
slides on a deposit bssls-but Instead, will either 
sell them outright at actual cost, $5.00 per set, or 
loan them to good acts at the rate of 50c. each set, 
which will entitle the lender to retain the same for 
a period of three months or less. 

In the case of an outright purchase, you send us 
$5.00 for each set desired, and we ship the same 
to you "express collect," and Include professional 
copies and orchestrations Free of Charge. 

When slides are loaned we require $5.00 per set 
deposit to Insure the safe return of the views, and 
when same are sent back within three months, we 
refund $4.50 ($5.00 less rental charge 50c.) y or we 
will send you another set In exchange, provided you 
remit 50c. to cover the rental charge of the set 


Latest Hits, Illustrated bj SCOTT and VAN ALTERA. 


Masterpieces In Songs, Illustr ated by the Pear of I llustrators, A. I. SIMPSON. 
































Copies and Orchestrations of Above Free with Slides. 


1 02- 1 04 West 38th Street, 
N. Y. CITY. 



October 5. 

■>■ * LIFE MOTION PICTURE MACHINES gfr FILMS * "i iSa ■£{ r£2 * 



1 < t 1 * « 1 i 


% ■"*- ' . '" ":'J-. 




)i\i*» Hit ' 

i i ii i.i i'fii 

■ '.■<V,v3Hu - 

~" 1W ' W ' jM 

^y£T£g; , ''iJj^ > ii 

'.';.' V K 

It's a boy! Why certainly it's a boy! 

But the fuss and the fun and 

the excitement. 

Length, 316 Feet. Price, $34,76 



Length, 155 Feet. Price, $17.05 


Three tramps—among them Lucky Jim- - 
The heiress—Love at first sight— 
.....Jim is It. 

Length, 550 Feet. Price, $60.50 

1907 "IWIARVj 


I Ml 


Inolndlog Electric Lamp, Calcium 
Lamp and AdJngtaMe Rheostat, 



Two young ladles and their beat fellows decide to have a good old time la the 
country. Did they get it? I should my bo Exceedingly fanny. 

Length, 347 Feet. 

Price. S38. 1 7 



-■ ' J - ■ . — ■ .; ■.■- ■ ■ . . . — r* " ■ * ■■ — 




LAol II Lin (the mill. cam. 

440 Feet 
700 Feet 



Copyright, 1007, by the ritaoragh Company o America. 

Mr. Jones decides tobuyan 
automobile-Is besieged by 
hordes of dealers, brokers, 
chaffeurs, etc., at his office, 
on streets, at home — Is 
dragged by differentdrivers 
into thtir cars and has all 
rmnner of experiences — 
Finally escapes from tor- 
menters — Rushes home — 
Slams door in faces of pur- 
suers— Sinks exhausted on 
bed with clothes on — Fa' Is 
asleep, and has more auto 
trials in his dreams. 




©OBurlcK 1B07, oy 1k« TUagraph Company of Anurioo. 

A lover-like pair strolling through the woods— Come to Gypiy camp- 
Meet fortune teller, who denounce! man and warm girl to avoid him— 
Magic powder placed In boiling pot shows la visions that man it mar- 
rled — Forecast ridiculed — Couple depart — Scene changes to church, 
Where same couple are shout to wed— Lawful wife Interrupt! ceremony— 
Unfortunate girl, stunned by the man's duplicity, recalls too late "The 
Gypsy's Warning." 


•nS-VT-1 OlTTI " Vltegragh." Adjustable Rheostat, - - »»o 00 
Jfc OX!. BALL "Vltagrapb." Lamp, .... - $35.00 


gelling Agents. 

Chicago, IU, 

NEW YORK, US Naiuin Street. 
CHICAGO, 10* Randolph Stre.t. 
LONDON, 10 Cecil Court. 
PARIS, U Rue Salnto Cecil.. 

62 N. CLARK ST., 



Late for His Wedding 


Returning Good for Evil 


Tamer Hopkins 


Coffee Plantation 


How Isaac Won the Cup 


The Horse That Ate the 



The Undergraduate 


.. . y[* «> ntro1 "H films made by L. Gaumont & Co., of Paris and London, for 
distribution in the United States. Renting firms are advised to place orders in 
advance to insure delivery. If film renters cannot obtain them from their rent- 
ing agencies, write us for nearest address from which they can be rented. 

. ft 

T 5If-§Ti^J ' 662-664 8IXTH AV. 





Copyright, 1807, by the Frank Qn«en Pnbltitalcf Compaoy (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 12, 1907. 

VOLUME LV.-No. 34. 

Pfico, 10 Centi. 



October 12, 

Hiss 0ipP er '5 

Motes, Personalities aid Cornells, 


STIGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


If tbe sentlmenti recorded of Chsrlea J. 
..o»i by O. H. Atkinson were expressed by 
that genial comedian, then they prove him 
to be the most cheerful optimist In bli pro- 
vision. He has arrived at the point of look- 
ing at everything philosophically, either 
through hard experience or a naturally happy 
disposition, perhaps loth. 

"I've about concluded," he (ays, "that 
everything is right and there'a nothing 
wrong. It's my opinion that grief It a sort 
of Joy, and that tears are as much an ex- 
pression of happiness as of sorrow. 

"I believe that every pity Is a good play, 
(juery : When Is a bad play not a bad play 1 
Answer; When the other fellow thinks It a 
good play. 

"I aaed to think there was selfishness In 
giving— a sort of satisfaction to 'self In 
being a generous fellow. I've now concluded 
that joy la real In the distribution of gifts, 
and that there'a no selfishness anywhere. In 
six months I may love my enemy. 

"If your neighbor has a gait or trait of 
character that yon don't just admire, e- 
member that someone, somewhere, admires 
him and his personalities, for who can assert 
that one's own opinion la better than an- 
other's. Most times Judgment la the Inspira- 
tion of the moment, Influenced by the con- 
ditions of the moment In fact, It may be 
based on soup or nuts. 

"I used to think that there was a differ- 
ence between a soiled napkin and a clean 
one— I don't any more. (This probably pro- 
moted by one-nlght-atand experiences). 

"There waa a time when I admired little 
women. Now I adore large women. 

"Who Is right— who Is wrong? We're all 
of ua right." 

Herr Frits Huttmann, the popular tenor of 
the Antoinette Le Brunn Opera Trio, is as 
practical a business man as he Is a satis- 
factory tenor, and that's saying a great deal, 
for his One, big healthy voice haa In It a ring 
of richness and real music not always present 
In the tenor quality. 

On one of these occasions during bis ca- 
reer where he has been obliged to combine 
business services with professional work, he 
temporarily undertook the business manage- 
ment of Innes and bit Bend, with whom he 
wat at that time soloist. The chief duties 
of the singer, off the ttage, were to settle up 
with the local management In each town, 
during a two weeks' series of one nlgbt 
stands along the route between Ban Fran- 
cisco and Portland. 

At one of these plaoes there was no ticket 
teller, so Huttmann necessarily found him- 
self occupying that post alao. This called 
for a big hustle after the sale on his part, 
for be had to quickly get Into hit dress 
rait and on to the stage for his solo, trust- 
ing that none would couple tbe ticket man 
with the tenor. On this occasion he had 
had a lengthy and wordy tilt at tbe box office 
window with two young women who had In- 
elated on changing their seats, tbe latter 
finally getting what they were after. As 
they left the window he heard a mattered 
wish that they might "get even" with him. 
This, however, gave Huttmann no anxiety 
until going upon the stage, where he beheld 
the two seated not tar from the front row. 
As he made his bow he quickly saw that they 
had placed him, and at the same time he 
realised that there waa lack of tbe necessary 
harmony between singer and audience, at least 
to the extent of two. As all atage people 
know, a thing of that aort causes a little 
Jolt In the smoothness of a player's or sing- 
er's performance, and at this time Hutt- 
mann experiencing that Jolt, felt a trifle 
nervous as to how well, or otherwise, be was 
going to sing his solo. He did not have long 
to think about It one way or another, for, 
loud enough to be heard at a distance of 
several rows, sounded the voice of one of 
the aforesaid young women who had haggled 
ever their tickets. 

"Look, Mame," she exclaimed, "If there 
fan't that sassy fellow who took our money." 

"Tea," assented the other girl, In a voice 
equally audible to a dozen rowa of audience, 
"ne'e the very same, tbe stingy thing I He 
looks as though he needed the money ; to he 
loes the ticket selling to make sure that none 
t it gets away." 

Huttmann had to face amused counte- 
nances as he bogan, "Every Morn I Bring 
Thee Violets," amid a subdued titter that 
ran along the rows. And there the girls got 
even. He did not "bring the violets" very 
courageously for a lino or two, until he aaw 
that he had his audience fully with him by 
the power and quality of his voice, coupled 
with the popularity of the ballad. When he 
was sure of this he gradually brought his 
gate around to the two who had cauaed him 
a long, uncomfortable minute. With all the 
dramatic fervor that could be put Into such 
a song, Huttmann then infused It, singing 
directly to them. Thla brought upon them a 
notice that apparently annoyed them. Then 
it was that the tenor felt he, too, had evened 
up matters, so he turned and finished his 
aong to the house In general. 

"Hello I What are you doing— coming home 
this time in the morning?" exclaimed a well 
known comedian to a convivial member of his 
company, whom he met ascending the atepa 
If their boarding place as he waa descending 
the same, preparatory to seeking breakfast. 

."I'm obeying the doctor's orders," was the 
reply of the other comedy man, whose cough 
waa causing his welt wlsbers some uneasi- 

"Well," said tH> otter, 'this doesn't look 

as though you were obeying them quite to 
the letter." 

"Indeed I am," waa the reply, "the doctor 
told me never to be out after dark, so I al- 
ways start early and stay with tbe boys till 


William Collier, of "Caught In tbe Bain" 
fame, la one of the quickest In the business 
to verbally express any waggish association 
of Ideaa that pass through his busy brain. 

While about to enter tbe Lambs' Clnb with 
a friend one night last season, Collier wat 
accosted by an actor whose proclivities are 
well known for the whiskey when It Is in 

"The Social Whirl" Opens. 

"The Social Whirl," with Charles J. Rosa 
and Mabel Kenton playing the leading com- 
edy rolea of Julian Endlcott and Sin. James 
Elllngbsm, respectively, opened Sept. 28. 

There have been few changes from the 
original cast. Tbe principals are : Charles J. 
Hobs, Mabel Fenton, Ben Johnson, Elisabeth 
Brlce, Adelaide Sharp, Georgia O'Bamey, 
Caroline Locke, Myrtle Vinson, Martin 
Drown, Hart E. Helsey, Charles Halton. Wm. 
R. Arnold. Edward Craven, Herbert French 
and Wm. Hines. 

Tbe exec alive staff It represented by : Jeff 
Bernstein, manager; 0. II. Atkinson, busi- 
ness manager, and Thomas Rlcketts, stage di- 
rector. The piece Is under the management 
of the Sbuberts, and has been given the orig- 
inal elaborate eaulpment. 

Of the Firm of Jos, W. Stern A Co. 

Thd Nbjw tOBK Clippxb has a specific object in view when they present to their nu- 
merous readers the pictures of two young men who entered the music publishing field fourteen 
years ago and achieved such a signal success In so brief a period of time, for although they 
are well and favorably known tolhe varloua managers, stars and headliners who have offices 
snd play In the metropolis, the rank and file of the vaudeville profession, who do not come 
to New York so often, will no donbt be interested In tbe pictures which head this article. 

The firm of Jos. W. Stern A Co., thanks to the bountiful support given to them by the 
profession, have ever since they brought forth their first success, "The Little Lost Child," 
always kept In touch with the demands of the public taste, and particularly the wants of 
professional singers. 

The Immense strides made by thlt enterprising firm recently, not only In the publication 
or popular songs, but as publishers of some of the most successful musical plays from the 
pens m^ foremost composers, has placed them In an eminent and unique position. 
v~J?\l *,* PSfntl/ erected a nine story business structure In the very heart of New 
25" ■•.n eitrl £! 1 A l8 . trfct ' wherein the various branches of their vast business are housed, 
and which, with their usual acumen and good taate, has been laid out upon palatial plans 
In so far as Its adaptability to business is concerned. 

t«» SIT".. e t . a0U8and square feet of space has been allotted to tbe theatrical profession; 
ten sound-proof roomB, each with a piano for purposes of coaching and rehearsal. A Btaff 
?n. C0 ™P 0SerB ' arrangers and pianists are continuously on hand to cater to the wants of visit- 
ing artists, and extend to them every courtesy demanded. 

th«.i. n .Ki°J np "i nK „ a 1 8 L ot "Itmlng successes, one haa but to glsnce over the following to 
thSf?%n,fi.1 nder ' tand ft" Tal ¥f »{„ r «eTularly visiting or periodically writing to this firm for 
their popular song novelties. It will become patent to the reader 
"That the song you get at Stern's 

o»— m. n . i . Is the one that brings returns." 

n\ r * i e ^iii.?. l i t .? 8 , t .^ ucc S 8aes J ncluae: "Dearie." "Do, Re. Ml, Fa, 8oI, La, Bl, Do," "The 
"wftw^'i 11 ^" 8 ^ ^ S ^ 1Bn Me and 1 " 8 P |aBh *«&" "8"e Was a Grind Old Lady," 
..With You In Eternity " 'The Hottentot Love Song," "We Have No One to Care for TJs Now " 

tETnSLX wi:i-^?RS5. JJaDe '.\> Arter .i oe 5 r Qather «e Hay," "In the Golden Autumn Time 
"t^DeuM'to ^S^V^T m " ,h6 SWeetMt 8 ° nB ° f *"" " My Very *5 

the ryj. Sad to tell, It has been a habit of 
the latter to ttart In after leaving the the- 
atre and make at least half a night of it, 
atrnlgthenlng up, however, for the next per- 

"Not working this week," he said to Collier, 
"so I'm taking In the other shows." 

"And what did you tee to-night?" asked 
tbe only William (actor). 

"Saw John Drew, In 'His House in Order,' " 
waa the reply, as the convivial one passed 
Into the club. 

"Now It Is Me souse in order," remarked 
the quick wltted comedian, In an undertone, 
out of the corner of his mouth. 

An amusing remark was overheard at the 
Keith * Proctor Fifth Avenue Theatre one 
nftemoon iaat week, during the moving pic- 
ture act. It was to the effect that the elderly 
Individual making It "never liked tbem qulv- 
erln' pameramas," aa they always make her 
eyes ache afterward. 

A story Is told of Maurice Barrymore, 
whose quick repartee waa proverbial. 

A certain atage manager, who alao had 
histrionic aspirations, with no ability to back 
them up, once criticised Barrymore's render- 
ing of some lines In a Shakespearean play. 

"I never heard Shakespeare given like 
that," disparagingly said the atage director. 
I wouldn't read the lines Just that way." 

"No, you wouldn't," quickly retorted Barry- 
more, "but I'll wager that you wlah you 

'•The Stronger Sex" Produced. 

"The Stronger Sex," a comedy in three 
acts, by John Valentine, received its first 
American presentation with Maude Fealy in 
the leading role, at the Southern Theatre, 
Columbus, O., Sept. 23. 

The production Is under the management 
of John Cort, and tbe story of the play 
deala with an Engllabman who marries a 
wealthy American girl tor her money and 
la not slow In letting her find It out. This, 
added to a misunderstanding of bis relation 
with a woman whom the wife bad regarded 
as her beat friend, lcada to aa unhappy mar- 
ried life. 

On one occasion, when he Is attempting 
to assert hie authority, he Is brought face 
to face with a revolver In the hands of his 
wife. Later he Is convinced of the fact 
that he really cares for her, and becomes 
very affectionate, eventually convincing her 
that he really loves her. 

Miss Fealy Is surrounded by a capable 
company. The cast la: Hon. warren Bar- 
rlngton, Brandon Hunt; Mary Warren, 
Maude Fealy : Oliver Thorpe, Tburlow Ber- 
gln; Robert Forsythc, Wilson Forbes; Jean 
Forsythe, Mary Bertrand; Mrs. Van Qar- 
kerken, Florence Robinson ; Mrs. Davenport, 
Marlon Oraham ; Lady Frnlnton, Ida Emer- 
son ; Mrs. Proscott-Lane, Paula Bach man ; 
Abram Isaacs, Harry Levaln ; Isaac Abra- 
hams, J. M Byrnes ; Jenkins, John Sherman ; 
William, Frank Lander. 

Mr. Cort's representatives are: E. V. Gi- 
ro in, manager; John M. Cooke, business 
manager; Harry Levaln, atage manager. 


The above It a picture of Tom allien ("Fln- 
nlgan's Friend"), one of the foremost monol- 
oglBts In vaudeville. Recently he bad the 
measure of entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Nicho- 
las Longworth and their friends at a recep- 
tion given them at the beautiful mansion of 
Mrs. Elanor Martin, at San Francisco, Cal. 
Mr. Olllen will close a seven months' en- 
gagement on the Sullivan A Consldlne cir- 
cuit. Oct. 18, at Omaha, Neb. His original 
contract called for twelve weeks, and his 
time was extended to seven months. . He Is 
well known In the East, having played moat 
of the Keith A Proctor and Wm. Morris time, 
with much success. Mr. Olllen It now plan- 
ning a tour of Australia. Newspaper notlcea 
from the West credit blm with being tbe 
most original entertainer that baa appeared 
out there in years. 

Manager John H. Havlln Weds. 

Managers Harry Ralnforth and John H 
llavlln returned to Cincinnati early last 
week, one from his Summer home on Long 
Island, the other from a tonr of Europe. 
They spent a day at the Grand Opera House 
ond then Manager Havlln left town. A 
wire from Birmingham, Ala., brought the 
news that ho had been marrlod there Sept 
26. to Georgia Baldwin. Manager Havlln 
will spend considerable of his time hereafter 
In New York. A little over a year ago the 
first Mrs. Havlln died suddenly In the Bast. 

"The Man From Home." 
The story of the new Booth Tartlngton- 
Harry Leon Wilson play, "The Man from 
Home" which was seen for the first time on 
any stage at Macauley's Theatre, Louisville, 
Sept. 28, is s distinctly novel and peculiarly 
attractive one, dealing as It does with s 
curlout admixture of American plainness and 
European high life. Louisville liked tbe play. 
Horace and Ethel Simpson, natives of Ko- 
komo, led , having been left orphans, and 
with a comparatively large sum of money at 
their command, decide to live In Europe. 
There they are taken up by a certain Euro- 
pean class who use them for their own ends. 
flatter tbem and otherwise cater to their 
vanity. Both these young people become 
Anglo-maniacs of the most impossible order. 
Their affairs are left In the hands of Daniel 
Voorhecs Pike, a lawyer, of Kokomo. He 
hears that Btnel has decided to marry the 
Hon. Almerlc St Aubyn, the eldest son of 
an Impecunious British peer, tbe Earl of 
Hawcastle, and Immediately takes sblp to 
Italy, where the young people are living, 
with tbe Idea of looking Into tbe matter. 
He arrives at a crucial moment. Ethel has 
promised to marry the young man, and the 
father demands the settlement of three-quar- 
ters of a million In payment for the "honor" 
his son Is about to do her. She believes the 
oung man loves her for herself. It becomes 
'Ike's business to show the previous pair 
up In their true colors, arid this he proceeds 
to do. 

W. T. Hodge played the principal part of 
Daniel Voorheea Pike, and did ft with de- 
lightful cleverness, while the role of the 
Russian nobleman was In the capable banda 
of Eben Plympton. The part of the Russian 
convict was taken care of In a remarkably 
effective manner by Henry Harmon; E. J. 
Itatcllffe waa excellent as the Earl of Haw- 
castle, Echlln P. Gayer was the Hon. Al- 
merlc St. Aubyn, Hassard Short portrayed 
tbe foolish young American who has hy- 
phenated hla name to Granger-Simpson. Olive 
Wyndham had the role of Ethel/ the lady 
of title; Lady Creech was played by Ida 
Vernon, and the role of the Comtesse de 
Champlgny was In the hands of Alice John- 
son. All the action of the piece takes place 
within a period of twenty-four hours, and 
the four scenes are laid In the groands and 
apartments of the Hotel Margherlta at Sor- 
rento, Southern Italy. 

The cast: Daniel Voorheea Pike, W. T. 
Hodge; The Grand Duke Vaslll Vsslllvltch, 
Eben Plympton; The Earl of Hawcastle. E. 
J. Rate] life; The Hon. Almerlc St. Aubyn, 


Metcalfe Salt Resnlts to Mam*. ... 
Victory. a * Mg 

Charles Burnhsxo, manager of Wal'irw 
Theatre, has won his appeal to the c',\. 
of Appeals, at Albany, N\ r„ In the mY-tH 
of his part In the exclusion from the •'■«. 
York Theatre of Jamea 8. Metcalfe th» n'r. 
matlc critic of Life. * e dr »" 

Mr. Burnham waa arrested oa a rh- r „« 
of having participated in an altered ' ' „ 
splracy of the Theatrical Managers' >s«i 
elation to excltde Mr. Metcalfe from ihS. 
theatres on the ground of attacks whl -•, h. 
had written. m " ! °« 

Justice Fitzgerald, In Special Term «ii« 
missed a writ of habeas corpus broii"i »„ 
secure Burnbam'a release, and remande'i hi™ 
to prison. The Appellate Division re- , *3 
the order of Justice Fltigerald, ami th> 
Court of Appeels bst now affirmed tv it. 
clslon of the Appellate Division. *" 

Judge Edward T. Bartlett declared that 
"we agree with the conclualon reacb<-i hi 
the learned Appellate Division." ' 

Continuing he said : "Tbe manager's ir» 
trying to protect themselves from publv 'aV 
tides reflecting on their personal Intecritv 
snd protest against unjustifiable att'icka 
upon their patrons and members o' ih» 
Jewish faith. B 

"It was proved that the object of tbr- re- 
lator, Burnham, and tbe other theatre in<i 
agers associated with him, was not to attack 
or rebuke Metcalfe In the legitimate X P 
of his calling as a dramatic critic" 

The opinion further declares that a thra 
tre manager "derives from the State no au 
thorlty to carry on his business, and niar 
conduct It precisely as any other citizen mar 
transact his own affairs. ■ 

"We are of the opinion," Judge Bartlett 
concluded, "that the relator, Bnrnham and 
his associates In the Theatrical Managers' As- 
sociation, acted in the exercise of their strict 
legal rights.' The Judges concurring were- 
Chief Justice Collen, Judges O'Brien, Height 
Vann, Hlscock and Chase. ' '• 


Hew Amusement Company. 
Tbe Frlede Globe Tower company, of Netr 
York, organized to operate amusement en- 
terprises, with a capital of $3,000,000, filed 
articles of Incorporation with the secretarv 
of state last week. The directors Include - 
8. M. Frlede, J. A. J. Madden and PhlllDo 
Governale. New York; Edward A. Lansra 
James C. Stead, William J. Howard and V 
J. Ollmartln, Brooklyn; Jacob Mager, Conev 
Island ; George H. Woodruff, Xew Haven 
Conn., and J. P. Goodlander, of St Louis ' 


The above are pictures of Qoforth and Doyle and Phil. Kauffman, of tbe Kauffman 
Bros., taken during a recent engagement at the Park Theatre, Johnstown, Pa. 

♦ «» 

Margaret Wyclierly Signs With 

Margaret Wycherly will play a brief vaude- 
ville engagement each year for the next 
three years, and she will have the privilege 
of selecting her own time for such appear- 
ances. The engagements will he played under 
the direction and management of the Jesse 
L. Laaky company. 

Echlln P. Gayer; Ivanoff, Henry Harmon; 
Horace Granger-Simpson, Hassard Short; 
Illblere, Harry L. Lang; Mariano, Anthony 
Asber; Mlchele, Antonio Salerno; First Car- 
ablnlere, Thomas Ebert: Second Carablnlere, 
Lachme Ferrari ; Valet de Chambre, Clarence 
Felton; Ethel Granger-Simpson, Olive Wynd- 
ham; Comtesse de Champlgny, Alice John- 
son; Lady Creech, Ida Vernon. 

■> i » 

W. L. Greeabanm't Opera Plana for 

Ban Francisco. 

San Francisco Is about to become sponsor 
for a grand opera experiment if W. L Green- 
baum's prediction comes true Plans are be- 
ing made to erect down town In San Fran- 
cisco a $1,000,000 building, which will pro- 
vide a suitable stage and a large auditorium 
for the production of opera. The scheme 
has passed beyond the stage of hypothesis, 
and Is an Imminent possibility, according lo 
Mr. Greenbaum. He nas obtained from vari- 
ous sources pledges of enough funds to place 
the project on a sound basis. 

A popular subscription has been started, 
and, incidentally, many signatures have been 
obtained to erect on a downtown site a mod- 
ern theatre and office building. 

Tbe theatre, which will ocupy a portion of 
the structure, will be devoted three montiiB 
of the year to light opera, three months to 
grand opera, and the rest of the year to high 
class concerts and Imported musical attrac- 
tions, such as symphony, song, violin aid 
other recitals. 

4« » 
Metropolitan Opera House Changes. 

Improvements that hare been made In the 
Metropolitan Opera House are quite a few. 
The swinging doors from the lobby into tbe 
auditorium have been removed, and doors 
opening outward put In their places. All 
of these doors have eelf-closlng springs. 

The box office has been changed. A parti- 
tion has been built across the eouth wall of 
the entrance lobby, and now tickets may be 
obtained at four windows In time of heavy 

The supporting pillars on the porch of the 
Fortieth Street carriage entrance have been 
removed, and the partition taken out of the 
Fortieth Street lobby, so that boxholdera may 
proceed directly to the elevators. 

Mr. Coarled'B office has been moved down- 
stairs, and he will occupy tie rooms which 
have been occupied by Mr. Goerllts, Mr. Well 
•and Mr. Garner. The latter will take up 
tbelr quarters In Mr. Conrled's old office. 
I i > i — 
Moffott Joins Klaw A Brlanger 

Clinton Moffatt, for many years treasurer 
and house manager of Daly'B Thestre, New 
York, pas Joined Klaw A Erlonger's Btaff. 
He will act as business manager of the first 
of the big vaudeville companies which Klaw 
A Brlanger are about to send on tour. La- 
ter he will have charge of the front of the 
house st the new theatre on Broadway and 
rorty-slxtn Street. New York City, when 
that house Is completed. 
»i I 
Mrs. Lew Wallace Dead. 

Mrs. Susan A. Wallace, widow of Gen. Lew 
Wallace, died on Oct 1, m Crawfordsvllle, 
Ind. ^ 

She was born at Crawfordsvllle, Ind., Dec. 
26, 1830. In 1852 she wss married to Lew 
Wallace, then a lawyer at Covington, Ind. 

In 1868, after the birth of their only eon, 
Mrs. Wallace wrote her well known poem, 
"The Patter of Little Feet" From that time 
she produced occasional poems and short 
sketches, and In 1883 Issued her first book. 
entitled "The Storied Sea." Later there s*> 

K"!* -T he .5 € ?? M ,. w E s7pt" and "The 
ind of the Pueblos." She leaves one eon, 
Henry Lane Wallace, who la in business In 


The pictures of Harry Kellar and Howard 
Thurston appear on our front page this week 
as Joint Btara, and their offering In magic 
doubtless takes rank among the best efforts 
seen In tbls line in America. It has been 
Mr. Kellar's Intention for some time to re- 
tire, and, with tbls view In mind, be haa 
selected Mr. Thurston as his successor. Mr. 
Kellar has given his entire life to the study 
and presentation of magic, and he may be 
said to be one of the most successful sad 
best known magicians up to tbe present time. 
In the past forty-four years he has visited 
nearly every country In the world, having 
circled tbe globe on three aeparate occasions. 
Mr. Thurston has climbed rapidly to the top 
of bis profession In tbe last eight years. 
His offerings In vaudeville made blm a head- 
liner of unusual merit In tbe leading vaude- 
ville theatres of the world. Feeling that be 
had outgrown the limits of vaudeville, snd 
desirous of giving en entire evening's per- 
formance, he left America some two years 
ago on a tonr 'round the world, which 
proved profitable artistically and financially. 
He appeared In Australia, New Zealand. In- 
dia. China, Japan, the Pbllllplnes and many 
other countries. Next season, Mr. Thurston 
will present the whole entertainment as Mr. 
Kellar will retire, leaving the entire Interests 
of tbe show In Mr. Thurston's hands. Mr. 
Thurston's originality and pleasing person- 
ality will undoubtedly mate him one of 
America's favorite conjurors. 
Worcester Festival. 

The fiftieth festival, the Jubilee of the Wor- 
cester County Musical Association, was 
opened in Worcester, Mass., on Oct 2, In 
Mechanics' Hall. The flretpart, "The Dream 
of Gerontlus," poem by Cardinal Newman, 
set to music by Sir Edwin Elgar, was sung 
by the festival chorus of 400 voices with ac- 
companiment by the Boston Symphony Or- 
chestra of sixty players. 

Tbe soloists were: "Gerontlus," Daniel 
Beddoe. of New York; "The Priest," Emllie 
de Goeorza. The principal event was Fred- 
erick S. Converse's "Job," a dramatic poem 
for solo voices, chorus snd orchestra. 

"Madam Butterfly" In Germany. 

"Madam Butterfly" was given Its first 
presentation at the Royal Opera, Berlin, Ger- 
many, on Sept. 27. The house waa complete- 
ly sold out. 

The members of the cast were largely Amer- 
icans. Geraldlne Farrar took the part of 
Madam Butterfly, Francis MacLennan that 
of Llent Plnkerton, Mr. Orlswold that of the 
priest while Edna Darch took tbe role of 
Coualn. Cable advices state that Miss Far- 
rar won a great triumph. 
Alt. Haynas'i Six Weeks' Vacatioa. 

Alt Hayman, general manager for Charles 
Frohman, has returned to this city, after a nx 
weeks' absence, spent' In London and on the 
continent While he went abroad for a rest. 
Mr. Hayman accomplished a great deal or 
business concerning Mr. Frohman's Interests 
abroad. He said that Jutt before suiting. 
Paul Rubens, the composer, told him he 
would sail for New York within three weeks 
to tee "The Dairymaids " of which he Is the 
composer. Mr. Rubens will also write a num- 
ber of songs for Mr. Frohman. 


HALFTONE) PICTURES la the rent' 
tag pages Of THE CLIPPER Wl« •" 
Inserted at theao prlcesi 

•lagle Column f* 80 

Double Column sU5.00 

fflfflVfiSS of me weCKLY SHOW cMmcsnma>srPMCMRD$. 

4 come ^a>iew<?PTHe mpp^Dipie a%co§> tfcr& 

Olympia Desvall 
in a combination of grace and skill 

The Four Parros 

Ham would you li Jte lobe llie Blhlelic £irlh manager* f 

. Una Marrder* . _ 
onlhe horse that leads the band. 

* ft 

Patrice \ctlebr*res another',, // 
NewYezr's "comind'Out. '/' 

TheMot-odirl withstands the most/ry/nd 
test and continues to mystify* 

$ Harry ■yonTilzer scores a bid hit 
A with his own song nits . 

•^ \y 

Katie Ba rry proves herself fln OrientaTCyc/on executed by Hassan Ben All's &i*abs . 

as popular »s ever*. 

running /or Congress . 

in comic absurdities. 

ClaylonWhite A Marie Stuart- in *Cberr/'e(~wl>ichij a 'peacht) iTStJohn A-dohnnie LeFevre 

a hot opening act". 




^ CHICLET is a tiny, firm morsel of delicious chewing 
gum, enveloped in a dainty candy coating, flavored by 
six drops of pungent peppermint— a remarkably appetizing 
combination. In five and ten cent packets and in bulk at five 
cents the ounce, at the better kind of stores all over the United 
States and Canada. If your dealer can't sell you Chiclets, 
send us ten cents for a sample packet and booklet. . 

FRANK H. FLEER & CO., INC., 520 No. 241. St., Philadelphia, U. S. A, 


J. NECRE8COU, Prop., 
162 State Street, 

(Fifth Floor.) OHIOAOO. 


Where you can secure the BE8T OF 


HAIR GOOD8 at such 




The Only Oo. of IL Kind In the World. 

Your Old Trunk or baggage 
Hade Good as New I I I 

Trunks «fe Bags 

Bought, Sold, Exchanged. 


Baggage Repair Co., 

SlF&E. 14th St., N. Y., 

Uot. 6th Ave. A Union Sq. 

Mfra* Samples, Odds and Ends. 



Bought lor cash from Suited Mfra. and 
People who Needed the Money. 
K OS Retnll Prlees guaranteed. 


te.00 Majestic... t)3.oo 

fi.00 Steamers... a. 45 

ls.oo Ideal Dress. 7.40 

10,60 Theatrical . . 0.00 


S1.60 Solid oa808..$0.80 

3.08 Leather a. 40 

0.05 Eng. Leather.3.00 

10.00 Ud. 8c wed... ». 05 


Bole Leather High Grades, S3.VO, •4.90. 

Theatrical, commercial, Skirt, Bureau and Ward- 
robe Trunks; English and Fitted Cases, imported 
Bags, Etc. Thousands of Bargnl ns. Money back If 
not satisfied. Baggage Repairs Called for and 
Delivered All Over Greater No w York. 



That slogs and to do sketches. CLARENCE 
BKHENDS, Per. Add. Waubay, So. Dak. 

Black Face Comediao jssstl 

a Singing, Talking* and Dancing Act for road work. 
Address SCOTT, 111» Fulton 8L, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Allthotonicpropertieaa d 
virtues which malt extracts 
are known to contain arts 
found in the highest perfec- 
tion and most pleasing (orm in 



It Is a natural product of 
high nutritive value; afford- 
ingboth pleasure asa bever- 
age and benefits as a tonic. 
Appetizing Nourishing, De- 


Restaurants, Saloons, 

Oyster and Chop Houses. 


For riano, Band and Orchestra. W. B. NELSON 
U West 88th Street, New York. 

State full particulars first letter. Address 

A., care of CLIPPER. 

/*% A D O STORED, U0HG11T AND HOLD. YVT flPHONER, tor tlie profession and trade 
LlAKa J. Jf. BLANCK, AlLiM made to order. Tuning and Rcpalrtiig. 

w r * " * w 03M l*enn Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. HARTHANN, 16 Cambridge Ave., 7ersc; Citr. 

Arthur W. Tama Hoilo Library Korea. 

The removal of the executive offices and 
agency of the A. W. Tarns Music Library to 
the centrally located Mark -Stern Building, 
at 102-104 West Thirty-eighth Street, New 
York, Is a matter of Importance to the large 
and extensive clientage to which this enter- 
prise has been catering for the past decade. 

Coming Into the very heart of New York's 
theatrical district will certainly place the 
vast resources of this musical library within 
easy reach of the numerous managers and 
performers, being practically but a stone's 
throw from principal theatres of the me- 
tropolis. Few people really know the extent 
and capacity of this enterprise, known as 
the Arthur W. Tarns Mualc Library, or Its 
multifarious missions, and it would he of In- 
terest to enumerate at least the more Im- 
portant branches. Managers contemplating 
the production of operas or musical come- 
dies, can acquire the production rights of 
same and engage complete casts, chorus and 
supermnumcrarles, throuOh the A. W. Tarns 
agency, and. In fact, secure everything per- 
taining to the equipment of such production. 

la the various departments there are pro- 
visions made for singing societies, music for 
orchestra drnwn from s catalogue of about 
150,000. the sacred or church department, 
the public school mualc department and the 
costume department. 

Arthur w. Tarns was closely associated 
with a number of the most Important oper- 
atic touraeea that delighted the public in 
the early seventies, in the varied functions 
of operatic musical conductor, chorus mas- 
ter and stage manager, and therefore the 
difficulties of production at that time be- 
come a subject of study end Improvement 
to him, and later developed Into profitable 
commercial business. 

The gradual growth of this enterprise is 
marked by the modesty of the first establish- 
ment, a small room 10x12 In area, In 1876, 
and to-day occupying a total of 16,000 square 
feet and embracing approximately 600 ton 
of material. 


"The Merry Widow" (or Early New 

York Production. 

It has been definitely decided to bring 
"The Merry Widow" Into the New Amster- 
dam Theatre, New York, Monday evening, 
Oct 21. To do this, Elaw A Erlanger will 
close the New Amsterdam run or "The 
Bound Up" Saturday evening, 19. On the 
following Monday, 21, Edmund Day's popu- 
lar Western play will continue Its New York 
run at the Broadway Theatre. "The Bound 
Dp," which opened Its season at the New 
Amsterdam Theatre la August, baa crowded 
that spacious playhouse since Its opening 
night. "The Merry Widow" has been booked 
for the New Amsterdam over a year, and Mr. 
Savage could not, therefore, be expected to 
keep sis production on the road any longer. 
On the- other hand. "The Round Up" is a 

riroductlon of each heavy equipment that 
t could not be played in certain theatres on 
account of stage room required for Its out- 
door scenes and Its great battle episode. 
Three attractions have been Involved fa this 
movement. "The Rogers Brothers In Pan- 
ama," which has been running very success- 
fully at the Broadway Theatre, had to be 
taken care of, and It has been amicably ar- 
ranged that the Rogers Brothers shall move 
to the Liberty Theatre, continuing their run 
there Oct. 21, thereby making way for "The 
Round Dp" at the Broadway. 

Dillingham to Have Stock Company. 

Charles Dillingham sent ont the following 
announcement last week: 

"The stock company Idea is going to be 
revived In ambitious style by Charles Dilling- 
ham, whose players will take the name of 
the Oarrlck Theatre Stock Co., this latter 
by permission of Charles v rob man. who con- 
trols thatplaybouse. After the first rehears- 
al of The Step-Sister' at the Garrlck 
Theatre the Individual work of the players 
was so successful that Mr. Dillingham as- 
sembled the players and formed a perma- 
nent stock company. Chrystal Berne will 
be the leading woman of the company, and 
Bruce McEae the leading man. The other 
members of the permanent stock company 
are : Grace Fllklns, Mathllde Cottrelly, Dor- 
othy Dorr, Helen Graham, Anna Johnston, 
Gertrude Doremus, Frederic de Belleville, 
John Flndlay, William Sampson, Ralph Del- 
more and George A. Wright. This company 
will remain in Charles Klein's play during 
the entire season, and the following season 
will be seen at the Garrlck Theatre In dif- 
ferent plays." 

4 i» 

Central States Theatre Co.'a Now 

The Central States Theatre Co., of which 
James Wlngfleld, with offices In the Grand 
Opera House Block. Chicago, III., is the 
booking manager, will open its new house 
the New Sourwlne Theatre, in Brazil, Ind., 
Wednesday evening. Oct. 16, with "The 
Burgomaster," in which Gus Weinberg and 
Ruth White are featured. 

The boose is open on all four sides, Is of 
brick and atone, and fireproof. It is a new 
building, and la one the ground floor. The 
town has been booming lately, owing to the 
finding of gas and coal in large quantities. 
The house seats 1,274, will play two attrac- 
tions a week, including Sunday night, has eight 
dressing rooms, with hot and cold water, and 
is lighted by electricity throughout The 
proscenium opening Is 81x29 ; from footlights 
to back wall, 86ft; distance between side 
walls, 61ft; between fly-girders, 60ft. ; 
height to fly-gallery, 30ft. : to rigging loft 
o8ft ; depth under stage. 10ft 
♦ >» 

New Theatre at Seranton. 

The new Colombia Theatre, at Seranton, 
Pa., which Is to be devoted to high class bur- 
lesque, and which will be included la the 
Eastern wheel circuit, was opened Monday, 
Sept SO, with the Behman Snow, on which 
occasion a large and enthusiastic audience 
was present, and many hundreds were unable 
to ga In admission. The house is a handsome 
one, ond is located on Penn Avenue, in the 
heart of the theatre district. The size of 
tbe stage is 66x32; height, fifty feet: seat- 
ing capacity, 1,400. The Columbia Amuse- 
ment Co., of Seranton, own the building, 
which was constructed by Woelkers, Bellman 
& Zlttleman, with Lewis Hancock Jr. aa 
architect. Manager Joseph Weiss deserves 
credit for finishing tbe house and carrying 
out the details In a perfect manner all within 
six months from the start of the construc- 

"The Bnllders" to be Revived. 

Wagenhals A Kemper announce for early 
reproduction "The Builders," by Marlon Fair- 
fax, which was produced at the Astor The- 
atre, New York City, last Spring. It Is in- 
tended to Bend the play on the road and 
later bring It Into New York for a second 

"Tom Jones" for Early Production. 

Henry W. Sivage gave orders, last week, 
to start work at once on a rush production 
of Edward German's 'Tom Jones." It is 
scheduled to open In Plalnfielrl. N. J., short'y. 
Wlllium Norrls, Gertrude Quintan and Louise 
Gunning will be in the cast. 

« i ■ 

Heraehel Mayan's Son and Heir. 

While Heraehel Mayall was presenting 
"Raffles" at the midweek matinee at the 
Olympic, Cincinnati, Sent 26. Mrs. Mayall 
(Edna Elsmere) presented him with a son 
and heir. Tbe Cincinnati constituents of 
the proud father gave him an oration later 
In the week, and await a chance to welcome 
bis wife, a favorite member of tbe Forepangh 
Stock Co. 

Steaks and Salads 

are some of the dishes the 
enjoyment of which can be very 
greatly increased by the use of 

Lea & Perrins' 


Just a little on Cheese is delicious. It adds zest to Welsh Rarebit, Mtcaronl 
with Cheese, Cheese Toast and all Chafing Dish Cooking. 

Beware of Imitations John Duncan's Sons, Agfc., W. Y. 

I ver Johnson 




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Iver JohBMB Safety HuisiiHeti Revolver 

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tver Jobnei Sthty Hisser Revolver 

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October 12. 



Our competitors have left the field of sacred subjects to ua. and we follow our success with a new offering artistically executed with our 

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2104 First i 



Aktbsmath. — The School of Acting of the 
Chicago Musical College bas entered upon Its 
nlnili seasm under tbe most promising aus- 
pices. Tounded In 1808 by Hart Conway, 
under the direction of the Huslcnl College, 
It has steadily advanced, until to-day it rival!) 
the beat. schools of nature In tbe world, and 
under the leadership of J. H. Ollmour, who 
was chosen laBt year to succeed Mr. Conway, 
with Marshall Stodman a. his principal aa- 
ststaut, rtte scholars are receiving tbe best 
tuition which, the faculty could give them. 
Mr. Conway resigned owing to Illness, and 
It was ' Aline' tine before tbe management 
could decide upon the proper person to take 
a tlrm grisp on the situation. Mr. Ollmour, 
with Bill 'thirty yearsof actual stage experi- 
ence, during wntch he has supported tbe lead- 
ing actors nnd- actresses of America and Eu- 
rope, and haw starred aa well, was deemed 
tbe proper person, and the results have shown 

that the 'choice was wise The Corn 

Carnival at the Coliseum gives promise of 
I'olng the greatest event of Its kind in tbe 
history of'rhls country, and Frank Buck nnd 
Wallace Moody, who are writing the dra- 
matic and musical portion of the entertain- 
ment, -are bard at work rehearsing the many 

people who. will take part Rehearsals 

have commenced for the annual Fall Festi- 
val Concert, which will occur In • Orchestra 
Hall, Nov. -22, when D. A. Cllpplnger will di- 
rect 2R0 male voices .It is . stated that 

a . new concert, hall will be erected In this 
city |n connection wltb a chain throughout 
the cofthtfy In the larger cities. In which only 
concert. given ...... Tbe White Uats 

held a scamper at the Sherman .House, 27, 
ibe event stnrtlug at 11.30 p. M. Badges 
had heen' printed wltb tbe meeting place and 
the data on, -nnd at the bottom tbe legend, 
'•Oh, Ain't We the Cheese!" Among the 
Flats present were: Bert Leslie, Tom Wilson, 
Jlni jleMnnon, Tom Nawn, Searle Allen, 
•iiinlc McX'iee, Al Von Tllzcr, Abner All,, Jim 
Uiugnertr,. Will Rogers, Al. Coleman, Ab- 
'lellab Bros., Sam Mint, Hularlan Cebollos, 
John. Hanson, Harry Dawson, Harry. Mack, 
Coc. and Bill Armstrong and Tell Taylor. 
Kim .reigned supreme, as It generally does at 

these affairs Thomas H. Wilson, who 

nado a pronounced hit in the role of Bud 
Hardlgan,. in. "Artie." at the Studebaker, 
was n caller 27, He was called upon at 
short notice. to plav tbe role of Burleigh, tbe 
reo! estate man, in tbe plar, evening of 23, 
a* Joseph Brennan, who had been playing it, 
ft'os obliged to go to New York, owing to the 
death- qrufo mother. Mr. Wilson did splen- 
didly with the part Jlmanle and Gertie 

1'coton write that they have had a very suc- 
cessful Reason with their clever singing, talk- 
la*; and dancing act. They are playing tbe 
Arumou Indiana circuit, and will close on it 
Oct. 12.. ... .Franklin Wright writes from 

St. Louis that his mother dlea recently, and 
he will go to Kiiskrb City until Thanksgiving. 
• •..Crulg Rojlaton, well known as a clever 
•cidlue arid. heavy mail, left the city 24, to 
julu the .Brndford Stock Co., at Canton. O.. 
with which he will play leads. M. I,. Kinsey. 
manager of the Kinsey Komedy Ko., was a 
recent caller, having returned from a very 

WMl season under canvas. Eddie 

l.eslje add hii wife. Mile. Carrie, were re- 
cent callers, having Just returned from a very 
successful tout of tbe coast, where they have 
•'■'en since the first of tbe year. Mr. Leslie 
It looking spleudldly, and says he never felt 
'filer. .The ar* tn route to New York, and 
>H business has been pfaced with Air. T. Wil- 
ton, "Eddie" was tbe Qrst Cmppeb Bureau 
caller this year, having come in on New 
teat's Day; and he seems very proud of the 

><>ct Lillian Desmond, now In Paris, 

"., nnllOe.i us that she bas temporarily re- 
i red, and wishes to let her friends know of 
'Iih Mci.'. r ghe was Inst a*»n In New York 

Is at F«l|-. Jack Burnett's big act, "Tb« 

oirl Untamed," was prodnced recently at 

White City, ry the Hutchlnson-Lusby Co., 
and met with Instant success. It Is one of 
the big bits of the vaudeville season, and is 
booked over the best time for tbe rest of the 
year. Jack has been very successful In 
writing sketches since he took up this work 
about a year ago, .and several of his works 
are earning good royalties on the road. He 
is new working on sketches for tbe following : 
ltawls and von Kaufman, Sutton-Shepard 
Co... Fred R. Cantway and company, and is 

writing a monologue for Dave Nowlna '. 

M. W. McGee, manager for Powell & Cohn's 
Eastern "81 Holler'" Co., was a recent caller. 
His attraction opened 28, at Kalamazoo. 
Mich. Frank B. Norton Is in advance, and 
the members include: Will F. Conlon, J. F. 
Burns, Geo. A. Steers, ' Franklin Carpenter, 
Harry Wayne, Mason Douglass, John T. Con- 
nor, Arthur Phillips, Lorena Tolson. Hazel 
Moy, Kva M. Hays, Martha Daoe, Gettrude 
Allen and Cecil Day Recent engage- 
ments through Wlidman's Theatrical ex- 
change, which is located on the top floor of 
the Grand Opera House Building, Include: 
K. Lawrence tee, Harry Von Meter, Van C. 
Barret, Louise Dunbar, Isabel Randolph, wltb 
the College Theatre Stock Company ; Jack 
Clmgnou, Lafe McKee, Lester Howard, Jo- 
seph H. Walsh, wllh the Marlowe Theatre 
Stock Company; Frederick Hawthorne, Llew- 
elyn Watkins, with the People's Theatre 
Slock Compnny; Karl K. Metcalf, Dorothy 
Davis, with the Mack-Leone Stock Company ; 
Dorothy Vaughn, Mlsle Crescy, George Leam- 
miug, with "The Girl Over There" Company : 
Fred Bernard, Clyde M. Benson, Thomas 
Swift. Blllv Baker, Charles J. Haynes. with 
Lincoln J. Carter; nichsrdson Cotton, Walter 
linrmou, Svdnc-y Carton. Milton Bromley, 3. 
L. Harrington. Frank Funnell, Joseph Kel- 
win, Harry Nllson, F. M. Wilcox, Frank Wy- 
man, William Pottle, William Nemeyer, John 
Lane Connor, Lillian Norrls, Jane Hampton, 
Alice' Harrington, Wlnnlfred Vance. Marjorle 
Bryant, Elvira Irving, Florence Lund, 'Maude 
Fnrrlngton, with Martin & Emery's "Parsi- 
fal" Company v. Charles Payton, Robert PrcB- 
ton, Arthur Howard, Joseph Coflman, Grelch: 
en Sherman, Pearl King, Bertie Harrison, 
with W. K. Nankevtlle ; George N. Lolng. 
Jessie Stevens, Klsle llldgeley, wllh Hal 
Davis; William Adams, Nol Leavltt, Al. 
Looinls, Ralph Moore, Chun. J. Mitchell, 
George French. Fred Hewitt. Ferdinand Ash- 
by. Anne Inman, Ada Leavltt, with "Qalncy 
Adams Sawyer : Harry Hoyden, Arthur San- 
dra, Al. Stevens, Arthur Marshall, wltb "The 
County Chairman ;" Al. Fordyce, Arllnc Al- 
cine. Donald Churchill, Berna Ithlnehart, 
Clara Ludlow. I.vsll and ltueburn. George 
Hangertleld. wltb Holden & Edwards ; Oliver 
Marlell, Edgar l'.un, John Nicholson, Gerald 
Gerard, O. SI. Blckuell, Joseph Herbert, Rob- 
ert McRae, Edward Davis, 8.- 8. Sylvester, 
Richard Stanton. Edward Wcstfleld, Dollle 
Itnynol, Alice Bernard, with Fred Ray- 
mond : Oeorge 4,'oIp. with "The Man of 
Ibe Hour;" Frank Root. Kdmond Moses,' L,' 
N. Harrington, Eugene Burns, Harry Luke, 
Harrv White, A. G. Wilson, Lyrnun Abbey, 
James West, Helen Burton, Bessie Uelntorc, 
Jennie Harrington, Stella Abbey, Katherlne 
West, with H. II. Frazee; Thomas Richard- 
son. Dave Livingstone, Christine Prince, - with 
Maeauley & Pallon: Robert O'Connor, Roy 
Foster, Irene Duckett, Myrtle Churchill. Rose 
Bernard, wltb Kllmt k Uazcolo; Blanche 
Hazleton. with "Tbe Lieutenant nnd the Cow- 
boy :" A. T. Frlsbec. with "The District 
Leader;" Ed. Lyons, with Maymc Stem} ; 
William Belts, with "The Flower of the 
Month :" Chnrles Hansen, Arthur Vcrner, 
with Franceses Redding: Lola Davis, with 
"Kale Barton's Temptation ;" Harry (iarrlty, 
Frank Plerlot. Bert Jack. Leah Itemondc, 
with Scott lc Raynor: Evclvn Russell, Rutb 
Parsons, Lucille Devere, tccllc Le Vere, Les- 
ter Alden, at W. Orabam and W. J. Cookie, 
wltb Lewis Morrison Oil Brown (Jig- 
steps 1 was a recent caller. He was taken 
wltb t severe attack of malaria week of US, 

during his engagement at the Olympic, and 
obliged to lay off after the Wednesday per- 
formance for tbe rent of the week. His con- 
dition Improved, and he went to Winnipeg, 
Man., where he will appear at tbe Dominion, 
week of :■!(>, following which he will ploy 
tlie People's, Cedar Rapids, and the liny- 
market. Ohlcngo, week of Oct. 14 Harry 

K. Wilson, manager of Ibe Sothern Stock Co., 
was a recent caller, and announced that his 
Mg slock company, Including ladles' band and 
orchestra, would open Its season at South 
Haven. Mich., Oct. 2-3. with Mil ford, III., 
7-h, and -sidell. 111., 1012, to follow, and 
.that the. season was well booked. He 
1ms been making preparations for a long 
time to have one of the best companies 
which has ever been identified with his 
name. ....... .The Chicago Horticultural So- 
ciety will hold Its annual flower show In the 
Coliseum ' Nov. 0-12, and It Is proposed to 
transferal the big building by sodding tbe 
entire ' Door, where it Is not occupied by 
booths, nnd the effect will be novel nnd 
pleasing. . The Society of American Florists 
lias cboien thla city for Its next exhibition, 
and these arrangements have been made with 
a view to making the convention of the flor- 
ists one long to be remembered Burton 

Holmes will start his annual series of 
Travelogues at Orchestra Hall, Oct. 10, with 
three parallel courses, on Paris, Berlin, Vi- 
enna, London and Fez. The dates are as 
follows: Berlin, 16, 18; 10: Vienna, 211, 25, 
2<i: Paris, 30, Nov. 1, 2; London, 0, 8, 0; 

Fez, HI, 15, 11 Laura Wald, n clever 

iluncer, won the diamond medal for buck 
and general dancing, Sept. 18, in Prof. 
Ridge's Dancing Academy. 127 La Salle 
Street, where she bus been taking lessons 

for ' some time I.enore and St. Clare 

write from Bloomlngton. III., where tbey arc 
having n very successful engagement, that 
i hey nave been West for the past four 
years, and ore working their wny to New 
York City, appearing wllh two single turns, 

Instead Of. Hie sketch, as formerly 

George Alio Davis, for some time press rep- 
resentative of tbe Studcbaker Theatre, will 
he advance man for "Artie," and his many 
friends' In thla city wish him every success. 
......Mile. Clarlla played week of Sept. 30 

In Bay City. Mich,, and baa gone to her 
home la Providence, R. I,, for a month's 
rest, after which she will open. Nov. 4, In 
Grupd Baplds. Mich. She Is booked solid 
by tbe Western Vaudeville Managers' As- 
sociation until February David Lan- 
dau, ' who Is playing one of the princi- 
pal ■ parts In Ezra Kendall's company In 
the West, sends a photo- postal from Spo- 
kane showing him and his wife (Frances 
Newhall), and labeled "Look Who's Here." 
nnd also Indicating that the company will 
lie In this city Oct. 14, when rehearsals of 

the new play are supposed to start 

Jane Courthope (Mrs. Charles Forrester) and, 
company played the Olympic 30, In tholr new 
sketph, "Micky Jim," written by Frank Per- 

fiuson .... William llllcy Hatch, who Is going 
iitO' vaudeville, Is In town at present 

Bertrlee Shepard was a caller 28, and ex- 

Iiects to leave town shortly with a well 
mown vaudeville act In all probability 

Vesta Victoria will be the headllncr on the 
mammoth vaudeville bill which will open the 

Auditorium to vaudeville. Oct. 13 Heine, 

Davlcs (Mrs. George W. Leilerer), leading 
woman of "Tbe Girl Rangers" Co., suffered 
recently from a sprained ankle, sustained 
by ' tripping, but she remained In the cast. 

A party of friends helped Will West, 

of Hal tie Williams' company, to celebrate 
bis birthday, after the performance, evening 

uf 22 W. W. Hlnshaw, president of tin- 

Hlnshnw School of Acting. In the Audi- 
torium, baa Joined Joseph Sbeelian's Opera* 

Co.. opening in "Faost," In St. Louis 

Nellie Lynch, a Chicago girl,- will be seen In 
the cast of "Marrying Mary," when Marie 
Cnhlll returns tn the Illinois Theatre, M 
two weeks, following FrIUI Scbeff A 

bomb, which was thrown nt a supposed 
gaming house In the Loop district, caused u 
sensation, and nlmost resulted In panic for 
audiences. In Hie La Salle. McVlokor's nnd Chi- 
cago Opera Ilnuso — all three of which are In 
close proximity tu the locution where the ex- 
plosion occurred. No one was injured ut any 
uf tb> '-theatres, however It. In under- 
stood George -Ado bus written ii new musical 
comedy which will lio presented by the stu- 
dent* of I'nrdiia University, the Harlequin 
Club being llm name of the dramatic so- 
ciety nt tlmt college. Mr. Ado Is nn alumnus, 
and he promised some time ago to do this for 
the boys. A number of theatrical people are 
to be on. .hand, nnd the play may be secured 
for professional production In the future. , . . 
Tarry (.roup, who was formerly connected 
with the- People's Theatre, Is now treasurer 
of the College Theatre. .. .Harold Atterldge, 
author of "Morning Cy," Is press representa- 
tive of the Bush Temple Theatre Flor- 
ence Slnnott, who was a recent caller, has 
met with unnsunl success upon the const this 
past Summer, singing the lending roles In 
llglu opera. and musical comedy, and the 
press of 'Frisco .was so Impressed' with her 
work that The f.'all gste her n full pago 
notice ou her' work and charming personality, 
together with n four column cut, which ex- 
tended the full length of I ho page. The article 
was full, or M|ss Hmnott's bubbling humor, for 
If was In the nature of un Interview, In the 
course of which 'she intimated that "If you 
want to know about anything In the thenl- 
rliul Held, ask (not a policeman) but Tun 
Nuw Yon* Cliituu." 


for any Instrument, or number of Instruments. 
Bonga.words and moilo, ■ketones, etc. Send stamp. 
0BA8. L. LKW1». 4S» KlohrnnndSt., Cincinnati. 6. 



lift Am., ber. 27th ul 281ft Sis.. Niw York. 


PARISIAN CAKE. .: : MUSIC! 8.30 TO t A. M, 


Westchester Racing Assn 


OCT. 7 to OCT. 19. 


Fifteen inliiulc'o of coined ., 
talking, singing nnd danc- 
ing. In one. For time and 
terms, see 


ll.'t.'l Ilrn.ilwnj- 

Nam- York City. 



front and Hank Uandlng, ouch trick lllimtrstod. 
UHe. Morphet's School, WJ7 N. VJtn St.. i'lills.. I'a. 

CABINKT I'bntos of yourself J-lu.00 pel 
i.uou. »i pur liKi, semi Ncgs. or i'liolo lo copy 
ruiunt „,,,. i ofKi. Portuni'S fssi. >snip. 10i 
KDKNA 00.. WW N. linuul Sr 

Wdfc. Ha . 

II. II. UKATTIK, I.AWVKU, t:oldU1onlhil 
<!uses u spuulalty. Jmlgniouts mid ilsereim ohMlned 
priiiupilv; uo delay. Counsel free. Hulls 40, (iSs/ilil 
to Wash'loglon Sireet.' (Jhlitago, ' ^__ > 


For damages for wrongful discharge, breitoli ' 
of contract; claims iigum-t truin|ioiintlon 
coinpaulos for lost Imgiiigo, puiwmsl tn- ■ 
Juries. All other nasus, 





(Copyrighted), :i dill'erent tiuuKS.lOc, All kinds ac|. 
MOItPIIKT'H SCliOOl,, H!|7 X..rj|Ji Hi., I'll Hit., I'l. 

i W AlvTKD, AOKN'I'M.- I.eglt limtto hu tinlltnto 
forslot nuicliliics, psionted. Sellson sight for fl. 
Partloulsrs, Olrtil A CO., Anderson, Indians. 

"•"Oil HALK-oluiSot Deitgans'OriihesIra llelis, 
two oct. cliro, i: to i ', ou I rutnt-s, heavy bars, tVl.Mt. 
one set licagun's Xylopbone; :;! tmrs eiiruiustlv, 
<; to t;,on f riiiueii, tif'.oo,.Obn sci. Iicitgiitra lirches- 
tr* Hells, In liitrilwoiidcits(j,.^' u out. iilim. tJ loQ, 
s:o.oo. Abovu lintruniwiis in ilrsi class, order. 
Only used about three weeks, selling nu ur count 
<>f slckacss. K. I.. SMIl'U ('1'rap Oruintncri, litis 
<Jjaco_8t, L Clilcsgo, ill. 

WANTKO-AII kVuils (if "vitlldaviilo'Aiiti Mr 
the NOKTII WKHTKHM CIIU UIT of houses, liiuitcrttHie and- lulnr time. All loiters sn- 
a-wered. 'I'bls Is tho only agency- In the Xortliwtni, 
s>nd tho one that will get you the money and good 

treatment. ' 

HAI, l„ OOOUWIN, (lenl. Mgr., 
(XiI-ilM N. W. Kulhihig. • _ JMIniieapijIls, Minn. 


money nutter, l.oou (itlllCRH. UHRAP. SLOAN 
aovitLTY CO. . S tation 8 , mimdoiph la. Pa. 

Wantod A« " 



PopnUtlon 1.1,000. JU.uilli to ilrstt from. 

(loud open time for II rat class uttruetlutin. Oulv 
theatre In city healed by stpum. K <;, sisi. Mmieru 
stage, etc. 'I'liealie was- opined by l^iw Ixick- 
st sdor's Mln sliels, Add, \i. 11. IIOWKi l. 


A Juvenile and ilesyy Woman to play two cbamc- 
tera, two don, 111/, Men. must Mr tall; a Feature 
Siieclalty Team, mini and wouian, do singles and 
doubles and work In one II nceesmiry, and play 
two or three small parts, and chkogo for on/, week. 
A No. I Man I'lituo l'lujci, must leave good jiitMlu 
ami cue music. Photos, ami nil In ilrst letter. Play- 
ing best time in Texus. Address PL UMP, M g r,. (Ireeuvltte. Texas. 

A.V As IV TE I> , 

Who CAD make good for Week. Also 

•la»V4»r «II.KNT 

Jolu immedlatoly, Al. l,ee, come on. 

UK. , MOfiqAK.NeB- ^I'l'.ln, H. t. 


Tmm' ,: m^^^€mi£: mmsmm. 


'!'■ HI* III* 

■ '-ir--- 




iHiiaKk ' "coiatalMaiSS; lii)ly "fRfA »»dn 
oniedlon sad. iMttr ; Gray nnd McCarfj, 
' > Wcrdttots; 'Josephine Cohan, come 
I; Fr^d NTblo, monologlst;: Lily Lena, 

J'ewJsbjJSe' and Ward, In a cotoedy cycling 
ctHW Jagon, ana tl)c Tivnlloscoporomplete 
the prftromme With two excellent pictures, 
"Tho Hoolltfuos -of the West" and "the 
MortslghttiT Cyclist." ■" • 

Cdntetttslxut.- Walter It. LMrwlW** 

Henry Bunnell, director of the Han Carlo 
Opora Co.. baa rcturhisl from Europe. He 
state* that. biHcofflpJuov will opcu Its Anwri- 

TU* wreisent company at the 1%«I "The- r'oVolilairr'iVn^Bt^byTf^^ vMr.' ffttssell ha*' also engaged Victor Man- 

re M« varieties.' CWH| town. lOdUHa: Bllllo tre altera month of most gi'ntlfylnf^shccess. ret who will mall* Ills reavpeoranee «'a 
lllaM coniudteoiln'; lli)ly Hobltt, soon Janioioh Lee Kinney nnd tlie 'entire New York matinee concert «d\bl at the WaldorPAs- 

foria In November.' Mr. RmbhoII states that 
Mme. Nordlcd will again be with hltn for a 
part of the Reason. He said that he would 
not again hnvo Caropanarl, the baritone. lie 
fins engaged isiaiichard, of the Theatre Hora.1, 
Madrid. '■••• * 

'I'Otuer singers hi hla company will be: 
Mine. Olltzka, formerly of the Metropolitan ; 
Alice Nlelson, SIgnor Constantino and Il'Au- 
blgnv, who was heard here with Melba a 
few years ago. 

Tow W. BurrowB, club swinger, hna been 
Offered a purse of £(10 by the management of 

She Tlvoll, Cane Town, on condition that lie 
eats the world's club swinging record. Ho 
rill begin his great feat on Wednesday. Sept. 
. Tom Burrows Is one of the preltfeat club 
wingers I have seen, and is id 'ho P<0k of 

• Wheclcr'i Musical Comedy Co. Is produc- 
ing "The White Chrysanthemum," at tho 
Opera Home, Capo Town. 

Pagel's circus and Menagerie opens In 
Cupe. Town Sept. 1. 

The present company at the Empire The- 
(klrc of Varieties, Johannesburg, comprises: 
Clark ami Haydcu. talking act ; Carl Hertz, 

SluHlunlat, assisted by iTWellnc p 1 Alton ; 
laley's Transformation CK\ Krank ■ AOMf, 
eomeojan; Great Lwttars, acrobatic cle*me 
net: Violet Htpuloy, ' American comedienne.; 
Ko/e and Cclveri. AM team : Lily TWO, 
corwdlennc nnd dancer ; fitter nnd F0W«r, 
siDRlng, dancing and talking net; May Walsh, 
"Just An American Ctrl." " 
' At His Mnjcslly's Theatre, Johannesburg, 
Leonard Rayne and company are producing 
"Lights O' London." 

Hills' Circus Is rather unfortunate. It ai 


Dears that tue whole show: \vn« comln 
stcamee front Uelagqa .rta/y. in POttuS .,. 
territory, to Dnrbon, Natal, but. after leaving 
Delncoa the steamer was signalled to return, 
ds the Natal government had telegraphed 
refusing permission to land tho animals, 
tinder the proclamation which prevents the 
Importation of nnlmals from the Hast coast 
ports. It Is understood Hint the Cape has a 
Similar prohibition. It is undoubtedly a very 
unpleasant outlook for genial Frank mils. 

A Cupe Town dally paper some weeks ago 
informed Its readers that Hill Peters, of 
l'bll and Nettle Peters (who made a big hit 
at ■ the Tlvoll). had dropped dead on tho 
stage, at Newark, in ydtir pari of the world. 
After penning the latest copies of Till! Cur- 
J'iih. it Is pleasing to note that the gcnlul 
Phil Is nllvp, and that the rumor la fn,ise. 

- ■ ' •'»' ■ 


ii >' 

S viink y, Sept. 2. 

At Her Majesty's Theatre, on Saturday, 
Andrew. Wick niude JiIk reappearunec In. 
"Torn MoorC" After an absence of more 
than two years,' Mr. Mack, hps returned to 
Hydbey t«>- fit 1 1 1 llnd the pluygoers as warmly 
appreciative us ever, and be had the uudl- 
tnce laughing at his merry quips from the 
beginning to, the end of the piece. The lead- 
ing litdy of the coulpany Is Jane Kelton. The 
others assisting are': Annie" Mack BcrlMd, 
who was also greeted as an old friend by the 
addlencc; Martin Alsop, Mr. Cambournc, 
Edwin Lester, Mr, McCormlck, Norman Mc- 
Kcown, W. Townshend and It. t'retg. Dur- 
ing the wuson this company will also play 
"Tho Way to Kcnmare and "Arrnb Na 

,.' At tho Criterion the Wllloughby and Ward 
Co.; how Iri the ' hint week of their Sydney 
season, revived "Tho Man from Mexico' 
With all the success that attended 'the" earlier 

uductlon of that lillnrlotiH piece of non- 

%. iiuafl. w«d. i» ti» m M mmA. 

Ih i.l.Uv eeaTral flgdre: Mr. Wllluugliby ulso- 
scores well In the churncter of liodcrick Ma- 
iwrs. Urate Patotin plays sinarily and brlirin- 
ly the part of Clementine I'ltshugh, Tho 
other hicmberu of the company are : Messrs. 
Moniteld, Wykeham, Knight, Cornell. Gamble 
abd others. This merry comedy Will run: 'for 
Hfrpyt a Week, when u farewell benefit will 
be tenderM to <;racc ralntta." 

"A Wnrnlng lb Women" tias hod a suc- 
cessful run. at Die Tbcalrc Itoyal, under the 
Sanagemmt of Meydeli & Cnnn. This piece 
is.; entered on Its last week now ; Maud 

"The Man On Iho Ca*c!"'tlie new comedy, 

most | 
j .tnd Uk - 

cast will go on tour ".vltli Hie orlgihal pro- 
duction. " "•'•' 

rtntlier than mike another bonking In his 
theatre' Mr. Laurence will keep the Mftdlson 
S'-iu.iri' dark Until the first production of 
"The Coming of Mrs. Patrick,", the new four 
act drRthit; bv llacllel CroUiein, authofof "The 
Thre<S of tjil.' r No 

in, who l« now appearing on 
In ''The Thrbo of t T «," has 
the imbit of bVeaklUs lions* 
ririg at the Hr 

rflept- 2a, ffa 
afibls piayi. „ 
?UreA of V" coiilpnny, In 
a! portrays tb^role of 
yed lust ft-ec]t to Sun 

*ow that the preliminary 
season of bis productions has terminated, 
Mr. Lawrence believes that the best nse he 
can make of his stage is to devote It to re- 
ltcarsala night and dny. This was the policy 
which he pitrsnctl last season during the 
nreuaraltgn of "The Three of Us." . 

Mr, Lawrence expects to produce "The 
Coming of Mrs. Patrick" on Oct. 17. He has 
selected Laura Nelson Hall for the role of 
Mrs. Patrick. 

In SUhounetng this engagement Mr. Law- 
rence said : "I propose to star the play It- 
self and not the actreaB.' Whether MIbs 
Hall Is eventually to become a star, as was 
the case with Miss Nlllson, depends on what 
she accomplishes. I, do not attempt to 'cre- 
ate' stars, as do some managers. I try to 
furnish the opportunity nrid Iheii leave the 
rest to public and critical appreciation. Miss 
Hall has done soma excellent work under 
my management." ' 

Carlotta Nlllson, 
tour as the star 
already acquired 

records. Her opentrig at the Brondwhy The- 
atre, Brooklyn, on'fjept. 23, \fis the largest 
opening on record at'inls plnyrjouk'e: 

The Western "TBrce ' 
which Mnhel Cameron 
liny MaccheRney,' pjutrta 
Pranclaco and Is now spending a week In 
Oakland, before Inaugurating a~tour of the 
Southern Q jlItortt^JcTtjeii.; • 

Iloseland Theatre, Chtcaso. ' 

Plans have been prepared foe a new tM- 
ntre, "The Itoseianu," to be erected at the 
Sout heist corner of One Hundred and Thir- 
teenth Htreect and Michigan Avenue, for M. 
T.' Morrlssey, by liavld Ilobertson, architect. 

The building will be two stories high, will 
have a large and commodious entrance, foy- 
ers and retiring rooms', tq auditorium with 
seating capacity of BOO, a large 'ahfl thor- 
oughly equipped stage with the necessary 
dressing rooms, etc.. compl'ete. ' .''';■ 

The treatment snd scheme of decoration of 
the auditorium Is In Bcnalasance, and the 
exterior of the building Is of an Imposing anil 
public cnaractcr. In accordance with the pur- 
pose of tile building. , 
' I. V., Berkson, of the Sherman House, Chi- 
cago, Is the lessee and manager of the the- 
atre, end tho house will pi on the circuit 'of 
a well known booking' agency, thus assur- 
ing high class attractions for: the house. 

ThoTJiilljIIni .will cost $aq,000; efeluslvb of 
lDtert<)r'«t'eofltIng and furbWhlnp, and will 
be ready for occupancy about Dec. 1. 

Namcfoks l'lay ?»lttii in N«¥r \oi-V. 

Cltaages la the plana of Charles Prohman 

and Henry U. Harria will have to be made 

In tho next fortnight to live up to their 

schedules for the season. ■-..,:.■■■. 

At *e Criterion Theatre. Charles: Proh- 
imt'ii will "ebntlnoe "The Dairymaids," al- 
though Elsie .lanls, ill "The Hoyden," was 
scheduled for that theatre. Hbc will go to 
the Ktttckerbocker. beginning Uct. 21, where 
she will Succeed "The Evangelist." 

On Oct. 14 Francis Wilson will move from 
the Oitrrlck to the Hackett. Theatre to makfl 

Mr. Hussell has also secured several leading 
slngcrsj' who ' are entirely unknown In this 
country. Among them arc Mm,f;. Classen, It 
meJiso-sonratio. of 'Buenos Ayi'CM. . and La 
Scnla, who lias been most commended for her 
Carmen, and Mmc. Norln. Anieilcan bom, but 
who has not been,. In this country since she 
left. for hcr'studlcs abroad. 'Mme. Norla will 
bo beard as lClia, In "Lohengrin.". 
• Trie' orchestra Will" be composed of Sixty- 
five of the heat musicians to be found in 
Em-op*, chosen with tho assistance of Direc- 
tor SIgnor Ar^ialdo Coiltl. Mr. BusBellhas 
erlgaged two- other conductors, one of. them 
SIgnor Centanbi, from VA Hciila, Sndan as- 
alltnnt of T6KcanhL - ■ ' • •' ' ''" :"' 

The repertory Will bo composed of leading 
operas from the French, Italian' and OerxanS 
school, cadi Sung in the language la which 
It: was wrlHen,. 

■*«» — . " i 

Zrlron Haivlstoa «l B n». _ 

Zc'lma RiwTa'tonV who was with' tee original 

Eddlo'Eoycmbiinny "ttjiit Introduced the piece 

Ar/'the- Casino,' has been iaaded bjy ■ tlie' «Vu- 

feior to the *SBt of "The Barl and' ttje Qlri," 

— **s^ 

Thespians on tbe Diamond. 

The Forepangh stock Cb.'s baseball team 
defeated the walnut Street Theatre nine at 
Norwood Inn Park, Cincinnati. O., Tl to U. 
WeWftnt 1 . Fish and HSrry K. Slid'ckre)' 'Were 

the. umpires. 


EJIale Knan 0«>ea to Cincinnati. 

The German Theatre Co., of Cincinnati, 
has secqred the services of Elsie Kramm, sou- 
brette of'thie ThSlIa Theatre, Hamburg. She 
nrafies her first American apprtriuvee Oct. 20. 

->»» ! 

Openllasr «t Oi-pheum, Oakland, Cal. 

The Orpheum circuit opened Its new play- 
house In Oakland. <:*]., Sciit. 'CO, Qrpheum 
Katrons who HVc in Alamc'aa County will no 
mcer ho compelled fo cross the bay to San 
FJfan'clseo, tn,' order to enjoy t;Bc offerings In 
vaddcvliie that' are always so popular on tho 
Otnhmun .circuit.' ' " ■ ' > 

. Tttfr new playhouse Is located at Twelfth 
and Clay Streets, and It Is announced by the 
mtnattumeht (hat it will be supplied with 
HimtKaHy "the same shows- as are given In 
the San Francisco OrJuheUm and the theatres 
of 'the' OiT-henin 'circuit. 
, The opening of the Oakland house was an 
event of Interest to all theatregoers oh the 
Aliftieds County lS* of the bay. • 

The managerial staff follows : J. L. D. . 
Frailer, rfsldeht -' manager ; L. Kofialskl, mu- 
sical director.' George Ebcy, press representa- 
tive.; Eddie BoIaVid, treasnror: ,T. C' Bracnd- 
Kn;. stage mansger: II. Sonnenburg, aiststaht 
treasurer ; ti. Hague, chief doorkeeper. 

Thelfte ti 

Ua^ Theatf. fn New 
. l\. it. Station. 

room for -Charlcb Klein's "The Step Slater." 
;In ot'deM'oniftfcnway'for' Francis Wflsah-, 
Florence Itoberts will have to close' her sea- 
son on Oct. 12, 'and will take "Tbe Struggle 
iovnclastiug" on ner annual tunc to the 

elBc caust. "■ " ' ' ' "'' 

In April Iiepry II. Harris, by arrangement 
with John Cort, will present MtSs* Hofbetta 

IhNew'Iork In a new play. • 

' •' — » . • » '■■•■ ' -.- 

.Mortimer M. ThefSe, last week, sighed u 
twenty years' lease for n theatre to bo built 
In tun uew Pennsylvania Ballroftd station-, In 
Ned- VSrfe rily. ThirplayhWt'sc" wHl'liii 'ii- 
sldc the station, biit to conform with the lire 

agio i«\vf, will be. at life 'Vhlrty : thlrd Street atld 

%- fj^v*ntli AVenu'O corner:. " 

^VBKfiMsJrT W&Sffk 'i^**«Sir¥: 

. A new theatre for Alton, ItU '• the - New 
link tTijcntre, owned, built and managed by 

Wlll'l& fofmiUy opened m' Oct 7, Wttlff ad- 
««<«; yaudeVllfo, secdrird. from' tile W«lera 
%ujfcvllie" Mamriei-s' Association of Cnlcafto- 
The (nicrtor of' this house Is very beautiful, 
and lb.' Its cbliretv the thteitre is up-t6'fdatc. 
5 S -j m' g < » V". ■ W" ' 

Arrives In tills country' from Liverpool Oct. 
». aim will go at once to Chicago ita 'be a 
apecUl feature'tm thelfiltlal bill at the Audi- 
torium, that city, which opens under l\lnw 
ft Erlanger's management 13. Mr. Clnquc- 
vnlil will jiipy an K. ft H. time on this, his 
farewell tour, having been booked by Illch- 
ardTltrot, his American maffidger. ■■-■'.. 

■ ' •^ | , | **» ' " ' — 

Carrie UenU to Hrappenr In 


Carrie De Mar will appear In vaudeville 
this season. A sketch Is Helng written fer 
Iicr. Joseph Hart, her husband, will manage 
her. , . . •■ '■- 

— ■»«» 

Harry Mayo Leaves the- Vlmnrniili Co. 

Harry MSyo h?s retired 'from the booking 
department of the Vlttrgtapb Co. He has ac- 
<uJ«d a chfe Iri Harrison, N. J. 

P«1 " ..•'• ■•'■•' ■ "T » T I» "t'- 


Seattle- At 'tlie ' Grand Opera House 
(Joint "Colt, manager) ' Wllilnm Favershatt; 
in '"Cixa -IpaW Man." week of Sept. 22, had 
capactty tldliscs. "The Time, tho Place and 
the Gbl'' wcek'of 20, '"TBS_ Prince of Pllscn" 
week 'of ifflpt; C, "la the Bishop's Carriage" 
WW* of W; "Checkers'! week of 20, Isabel 
Irttog, iln-L''The Girl Who Has Everything," 

^oEiWLii (Itusscll & Drew, managers).— 
Week of Sept. 22 "The Isle of Spice" had ca- 
pacity business. Week of 211 "The Mayor 
ofTo\lo,"Wee» Of Oct. O,'fld:0W«fnWt*y." 
week of ia "A MeBeag* ! ftdTn i, J»w, , V week 
of 20 "Baffles." 

Tiuun Avbsvb . (Chas. A. Taylor, mana- 
geirV— Week of Sept. 22 "Colleen Bawn" was 
splendidly produced by the Taylor Stock Co, 
\Vcck of 29 "The Warns. Of *&" w«Hr.0f 
Oct. 'Mrehael'Strc^off.^week'M 13 "D»d'» 

Ltltic (S. H. Frledlander, manager). — 
CofflU'ehclng Sent. 20, United States A'muse- 
menr-'Co. will inaugurate vaudeville In place 
of legitimate. Bill week of 30: Griffin Sis- 
tere, Blfantl, Mile. Qautler, Clifford And Ball, 
Harry Cummings and company;' Ninette Pa- 
(ova, "Bob" Zcno, the Musical Brennans, and 
moVlng. pictures. ■ "'•■'<■ ' :' '.^.: ■ "'■ 

" Lois (Alex. Pantages, manager). -^The Pun- 
tages' Stock Co. will open week of Oct. 12, In 
A lf I v»cre King," with Alleeh M>y »s lead- 
ing woman. The Paiitascs" vaudeville, will re- 
(urotb their own. theatre 7. Bill week of 
Sept. SO : -Lasellc Trio; Cox Famlly.'.Odell and 
Hart, Larkln arid Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Law- 
rtile* Shaw, Thos. Morse, Arthur Eiwell, oftd 
hio»lnn pictures. 

Coliseum (D. 0. Invorarlty, manacer) 
opens Sept. 30, with high class vaudeville, 
bill Including: May Yotie, Leo Woods' Co- 
medians; Strost |ros. u May . Ddyle, Hi "Tom 
WoVa: HUssmhh Ttto, Boy McBraln, :afid mov- 
ing pictures.. 

""BtVb IFTfthk Doncllan, manager). — This 
house will present, musical comedy, combined 
with vaudcvilte. We.ek of Sept 36, Wt BKwls 
* I4ik"e Musical Comedy ICd-.i' in- ,'SneiiTea 
Thousand Hollar Beauty." Vaudeville : L. C. 
PaSchanc, Richards, and Nick Conway. 

()iii'iii:i'M IT. J. Cnnsldlne, muunger'p. — 
New people week of Sept. 30: Geo. Keatie, 
Currier ami Etbelton, warren and Faust, 
Ethel Viola, Homer, Dennis and Whltdrtr, 
add moving pictures. ... 

row <«. .H.Jt'rte'dlandpr. manager),.— Bill 
of 30: DurbyeJIe Hlsters,! ftyhereWn, 
}M» Feuii, W.ihnitred Green, Hosier ana 

Terrible Si,r» t 

—A «;omjii m,. " 

cure by mm man. 

"Hy little sqn, when about a; year and a 
half bid, begart (p have sores come out on 
his; f^cc. TBe'n. they began' ip, come on 
his arms, then on other parts of his body 
gnd then one came on his chest, worse 
thatt the others. At the end of abouta 
year and a half qf sufferjrig he grewiso 
baii Iharlto tie his hands in cloths at 
nij|tnt-'to''iteeJj> him front' scratching the 
sores and tearing his flesh. He got to be 
a. m«fe skielttoh. I sentto the drug store 
and got "a' cake of " Cu'ticura Soap and-'a 
box of Cuticura Ointment and followed 
the directions,. and at the, end of about 
two months the sores Were all well. He 
his rtevej. had!- any sores' of' any kind 
sfrice. Hfe is how strong 'ajud healthy, 
afed't used only/one cakd .df Soap and 
atjfbbt thirai boxes ', of Oihttricnt. Mrs 
ljg\iert SBeldorf;R. F. D. Wol i, Wood- 
vgafe t " Conn., April; 22, '05."; 



C2, as a benefit for- C& tt,, N 
COW! PtMrcuer"' next. 

0. W. 

'The house' will Iiavc a seating capacity o( 
%2m nnd 'will haven modern, roof garden. 
wlft' a stage that can be lowered, 'full set. 

Ildisid and her company 
for a tour to Now SCealanu. 

will then leave 

avsed every night by .the character skoteh 
„ ven by " 

I'lofciH-e B'alnes as Mary Ellen 
In "Miss Lancashire, Ltd." 

At .the Palace crowded audiences are 

5 Ren by 
'hompson. in "miss l.nnci 
At the Tlvoll. on Saturday, Price and Ke 
vost, made tliclr Ibrst appearance, Oho ' of 
them uttends to (lie legitimate and compli- 
cated ttiintillng, while bis partner uttends to 
the "clowning," uud their I urns keep tho 
large Hudlen<;cH lu mihisius. The piogruinpie 
pit .tlifv dojiular Is v.ery Btl'Opg 
novv, Ipcliidlug : l lip GeruldoH Jugglers, nib 
colnbratcd Irish comedian', Mlclinel Nolnn : 
Mabel la HIuihIm,-. olive Koblusou, Olive Hfn 
clulr, AgjicH llii/.el, thV CoIIIvi-h, Baby Wat 

New Atanaenient Entcrprlacs in 

' San 'liVniiiClacb. - ;.,■ 
A new Fillmore • Street amusement enter- 
prise, In San Francisco, Cal.) ah immense 
amusement park, taking In the whole block 
between Fillmore nnd Webster and Turk aWd 
Kddy Streets, except the portion occupied by 
tho atotes on I'Hllmore Street, la being erected 
by the. Western Amusement Co. It. will be 
steel sheathed, outside and Hi, and will ex- 
tend S7fifh from Turk to Kddy Streets, hav- 
Ing'a wldth-of VJTft. There will be uggre- 
irttloiiH Of shows on the mala floor, and a 
pioraenadlng balcony on tho second floor. 
Joseph Sitxton, a well known Thiate.rn. nmh- 
ager, will be director general of the nggre- 
guttii akowu: The entcriit'lso Will open about 

.fhfs u<ijiri|ar plpybbti.Se Is v.ary at 
vv, , Ipclu'dliui : Hip Geraldos Jugglers, 
IMiratcd Irish comedian. Michael NO 
*l|ci la Hlniirlii;. Olive Koblusou, Olive 

S&^SSLHf&^n^Sf'JSn^m ^-- Mureolla Seuilricirreluriiea, to Nvw 
&17S • r.Sii.'r s !l ,.,T 1, fSSi iii,V,.f "*" Vurk ItiHf Week, after spending thT Summer 
ltentlo.N, Irving Hales and I'ml Bluell... ,„ ^ A ,| H t,iau Tyrol, 'clliqhmg mountains. 

Mint-, ncnibt-lch'* PlaitK. 

line. Mul'cello pteuibrlch relurnc, 

At the National Aniphltlieivlre, excellent 
business In also Iho order of thu day. The 
only disappointment, that the audiences ex- 
uorleuco lu when closing time comes. Tho 
programme .Includes: Dick Stead, Goldlo 
Collins, the Drlseoll Brothers, Jack Kcarns, 
Olga T'ennlngton and others. 

in JJtelbourne, "Bobln' Hood" wns pro- 
duced on Hat unlay ulglit, with .In litis Knight 
IS (Tie IirllliillMll eliniHctei'. supported 1>j I^l- 

lierl Ofle'ii, tin Lady' Altivion', while the i"e- 
malntler of (be coinpuiiy carried, their ' roles 
through uiccclloutly, J. «\ WlltlninHon'n 
Uoyal Couilc .Opera, after ah uliHeni'e of "six 
months, opened successfully a six hlglits' 
season of "The Spring Chicken," at Her 
Majesty's. Blnnd Holt, at tho Theatre Itoyal, 
bai an Australian, play, "Riding to win," 
aa the attraction. Chus. Ilulloway'a prospn- 
■iiiiri, T.ttiw, Vn^dionds" <!' " 

S_ Tyrol, •-.., 
ho Will make her lirst aPr)e'uriuico in the 
tctrobolltan Opera House, In "Rlgolftttb,"on 
Nov. BS. Jsim Will give' a song recital in 
Uarncglo Hall on Tuesday afternoon, Nov; 
l", and make a Bhort Concert tour, beginning 
In Norfolk on Nov. 14. She docs not expect 


to King any new roles, but will bo, heard In 
revivals of several operas not given in the. 
Metropolitan last year,' among fhcih "Tno 

to roo theatre below, (or the new roof will 
not bave any covering. It Is said that the 
change from roof to main theatre can be made 
in • less thatt ten minutes. ■ ' ■ "■■•'.- 

''Mr.' tnpS will give vaudeville. He will 
sail' for an eitended Kuroriean trip as soon 
as he ha* launched "Tho Two Islands," at 
the Circle. '- 

' ..: ' *■*' * : '....; • 

fli»l.i)j Waitnour injoxed In Berlin. 

"Bobby"' Walthbur, ' the ' American' rider, 
was' 6'eriously Injured In a scries of aCcl- 
detats on Sept. nil. mi the Spandau blcyclo 
track, Berlin, Germahy. Walthour's paec^ 
maker, Hoffman, :was thrown to the ground 
nhd'eadsed 'WajtbOlir to' fair; ■ .Waftljoiir 
sustained n severe ■•coneiimloii of tbe brain 
and -Was taked to » hospital.' 

"- . -.- - . +!.« #■ ■•;■. ! 
GenrH'*- V»H'l«''r 'Gulden HI, 
• George Fuller' (Widen, tho' -well known 
monologlst,' h'as had ii retlirii of his lung 
trout ile, aud bus gou'e 1 o Barimac Luke. BIv, 
1 hililen hfis been 'HiifTering fn'ilu mi affection 
6f 1 11b' Iuuks Tiir some' time, and once spent 
a year ut Surauur Ltlke. ' Recently tho dis- 
ease began to Tjutfici- lilni again.' H Is stated 
that he may have' to ieniaia 'at Sarauac for 
some time. ■ 

''■ " ' 1 » « ' » — — . 
Meyerfeld Gets control of Another 
• Van Firtirn-lsco Theatre 

tirtlOn of '''J'Wo Little Vngul 

Uhds greut 

favor with the pubje. While the principal 
tstrformern lit itlehard's Opera House nro 
tbe MiiihisHos, whoso eccentric dauclng bus 

taken greatly. 


ZriJe De I.wHsnn Minns fur Vniulrvillr. 
/olio 1)0 Lussati and her lmt-hiind, Angclo 
I'ronani. an Italian pianist, arrived In New 
Vo(k last Week. Mmc. De Lussan last ap- 
}sured hero with the Grftu-Savago Kngltsli 

(irand Opera Co., lu tho Motropoiltiin 

oil I 


returns ty make her entry lu to vaudeville, in 
the '(hehtres controlled by the United Hook- 
ing Offices, (the Intends to sing selections 
from "Carmen" and other grand operas lu 
her repertory. Her hmriinnd will act as Her 

- — . '* ■ '!» . . 
Helra Ilrd monil . to Itetura to t lie 


Helen Kedtnond, ivcll known prima donna 
In her day, will return' 'to tho stage, She 
will play a principal role In "Yamn, f a light 

E pern, which Will lie produced In l'hlladelphla 
1 October, 


'•Miner!*" for Hnnimerate|a. 
Oscar llnmmerste In stated last Week that 
he had Just emfritflfcn nrr'nngemvn'fs to piti- 
dure In .the Maiibnttan Oticra' House this 
Mason, another Giordano opera, "Siberia." 
Atnadcui ltassl .will .be beard In t lie role of 
Vaasilll, which he has sitng With success la 


J*Vm O, Wlenc'T'a llnufl tlnmr. 
After u four ntnnrliR' concert tour, John V. 
WVber'H Jlllltm'y lbliiil lids ret'nthea 10 Cln- 
cluuutl. Blft'nclio Mehaffey. ttic soloist, di- 
vided honors With Wt laud. 

Barber df Seville" nnd "I l'lnltiinl." 

■ '' ■*■• ; ♦ -" * ' " ■ ' ' '"' 

Hilda 9poiijg'a >tv» Clay. 
Hilda Spong, who Is appearing In vaude- 
ville ln-'«Kll" a sketch 'by ' Cecil Dt Mllle, 
will appear In New York in the Spring In a 
new play, built on the idea embodied in the 
sketch. Miss Spong has been 1 very success- 
ful In "Kit." and has commissioned Mr. Oe 
Mlllo to Write the play for her. She appears 
aa a Western girl. George II. Brown Is man- 
aging Miss Spmig'N tour In vaudeville, 'tin* 
will he In New Y6rk shurtly. ' ' " WT 

1 ' 'i> ' i i » 1 ■ '" ■ 
Arnold UbIj's Pluti" for tlerkeler 

I.} ecu III. 

Arnold Daly w'H open the Berkeley Lyceum 
Theatre, New S«rk 'fjlly. Oh Oot 15. He will 
continue tho house on the lines of the The- 
atre Aiituinc, m:Parlu. ' ■■ 

The o|icnlng bill will be a play. In two 
scenes, by C. II. «. Mclrfllan, entitled '.The 
Shirkers ;" a one act tragedy, by Mme. Ha- 
imko, entitled "The Martyr." and n satirical 
comedy, by Charles F. Nlrdlrager, "Waahihg- 
to)i's tint Defeat*? '■'■•■ ' n > 

•M.iutc CrlHtu" by Children. 

i'hlward Iro'mat, ntauager for James O'Neill, 
closed * "contract Inst week Wltn Foster Will- 
iams, Who plnys Sitrc, In "Anna Knrenlha." 
(0 head a company of all children, which will 
produce "Monte CrlBto" next Spring. The 
young players will begin • their tour next 
Spring, and part of the proceeds of every 

fietfOrmancc will eo to the seven charitable 
iistlUiUons for children In New York. 

,-.,>j — ' • « ■ «» " 

ltaohrl Bii tier's Song Keellkl. 
Itiicli'el tluller, it Clbvlnn^tl girl, who comes 
U»''NcW YOrk to complete her studies tor a 
dramatic dureer. was beard In a ' reeltal' of 
aOugn lit her home, before leaving" tof Ilia 
Metropolis. ' ■' 

♦*» . 

Mm, Annie Yrniuaun' Antohlnstraith y . 

Me*. Anale \VnniftUN, ln«{ jWis, 'snlt! lit jiu> 
Pie inlcrs Dhy Cnrnpuiiy. of tTilcagiv'tlirc^b- 
ItSUia'g rights to an autoiiliVgrsph)' 011 which 
•he Ha at work. ' - 

Morris WleyerfiH; 
nhetim circuit in 'fiai»"lfrnBcl8cd,' hat' paid 

tifesldefi't, " ' pjr" tlio Or- 

|Gt»,GqO for the controlling Interest In -the 
hew Prlri'ce'ss' Theatre. The "Object of IhO 

uiove, It" Is believed, Is the ambition of the 
Orphen'm company ■ to prevent KiaW. & l3r- 
lanrcr ''entering- "the vaade'vllle Held in San 
Frtnclsi'O. ' Mr. Meyerfcld and 8am Lover'lcli 
Will conduct' the theatre -under ' new con- 
ditions. ' 

. T * », 

Hurry- Coraon 'Clarice Scores In 

BnKalo. " 
Harvv Corson Clarku was the hoadllhcr on 
the" "Advanced Vaudeville" bill at tho Teclt 
TheatvOv' Buffalo, N. Y.; last week. 

'Itto 'Buffalo papers Were unanimous In 
tbetr praise of tttl Sketch. "Strategy," ana 
of the "acting of Mr. Clarke and his- clever 
lecding Woman, Margaret Dale Owen. Tiff 
edlnion of tho 'press Seems to he that 
"Sirategy" is a cOmcdy sketch of high ex- 
cellence. ■'■■ ■■■ 

' ' » *» '. 

■ Whitr Itnts' llff-cptlon to 
UlCIt KdoVvlea. 
A delegation of "lifty'meBibe're of the ltats 
met the popular comedian at tbe dock opus 
Ills arrival In Now York, Oct. 2. Badges In- 
scribed "Whim' lints' Welcome to pick 
KnrnvloB," distinguished the reception, conl- 

fk*. N. Perkln* New Manager at 

• ' ''••K*wn*v>*;- i ■ 

IV". N. I'er kins "Was 'appointed. 8cpt. 23, 
as maungcr of Keenev's vaudeville theatre, 
Brooklyn.' Mr. ■l'erklim |is,3' been treasurer 
of that bouse for the past two sua sous,' arid 
Hr. Kei'rncy's 'personal representative for 
several years. "' ' ' 

Tcsf imoniai t'o Jaaalps Rauu. 

An entertainment aud reception for the 
benefit of James Hn1nr.11 will be given Thurs- 
day night. Oct 24, at Webster Hall, Eleventh 
'roet. near Third: Avenue; New York City. 

»e programme will: lie furnished by Well 
known vniiileVHle performors who have vol 
liilleercd their services;- The tickers; tholiiil- 
Ing entertainment nnd refreshments, Will to 
llfty cents. 


urJiTo*jCK' (a C. Hayward, manager), 
sale fflftthiy '>«ta'nccorded"aja cntbuslas- 

'as^MAry Tutibf> in "Wbea 
..IfnorJa - W«s'ltt^lower,"-'on her return 
from a vacation of three months. The stake 
Was strewn with flowers. Tbe popular little 
leading woman expressed ber appreciation 
hi a bright speech, George Mctjuarrlc was 
manly as Charles Brandon, and Ktliel vou 
Waldron, Laura Adams. Howard Foster. U 
F. Ralston and Jack Amory gave cicellent 
suppertf The company will present "IVe 
J'nngln" as the next play. . 

Washington (G. C. Blakeslee, miinuger). 
—May Yobe headed 'the bill week of 22. 
Others were : Hassman Trio, Faust Brothers, 
NIC* iCOnwavj III Tom; Ward, lessle May 
Llivyd and Charles Wood, and . six dancers 
anif'; singers.' Peter Dnnswortfa, Illustrated 
spngs abdllie blograph, ' 

I.NTBnSTATH ^Aip (Uoltert H. CoBgroVC 

manager).— Seventy-live thousand paid' ad- 
missions Were recorder) the drat week-of the 
Spokane Interstate fair. Nat-Relas' Clrciii 
and -fpnrte'cnr'nrrractlons did big business. 
The'falr closed Oct: fj. " " : •' 
: Natatokium .(Job. I'cttlch, manuger).— 
B'usljiese waa.godd; '•' '■■ ' •. 

"I'XntXgkB' (M. C. Walk«r, manager).— 
Ahnouncement. is made that the house on 
Howard .Street, rejiiouelediat a cost! of $70,- 
000, will be opened Oct. 7, with vaudeville, 
one matinee add two evening performances 
dally. M. Owen, of New York; has been 
selected as leader. The house Will seat 1,200. 
It occupies tlireo floor* o'fvh Six- story struc- 
ture lb tbe business district. Western Vaude- 
ville Association attractions will be pre- 
sented, the circuit beginning at St. Puul and 
el tending to the Pacific coast. 
■T.lWWnV— The . Spokane chamber of com- 
merce presented professional vaudeville en- 
tertainers . at its complimentary smoker tv 
the- Seattle chamber of commerce, iu the 
lailWMho'DoKW at Havenports, Sept. 27, 
the performers being HI, Tom Ward, Nick 
tho J.BIjks'. siiajrl^tt'c; und the Me- 
rit. ..... Mrs. 


fs. Louise Itocbel, for 

Fierce, H' Grefcliway, Whitman, Waters and 

dies, UPd. kluodroiuo pictures; 
Family TUKiTnte- anp Mosi?i! (John Lord, 

manager).— 'La' Vine and Melbourne, Bar- 
rett and F-arl. John Drew, Mile. S5«rclli, Fam- 
ily stp(!k. company; 'Harry Clifton, uud mov- 
ing pieties. ■ ■ • 

.:XiOHa Pabk (Chat. Looks, manager;). — 
Fair, attendance. 
■Oeiwhx Shows, 23-20, had big attendance. 
NqjK8— James Cunningham, leading man, 
and Oima Raymond, leading lady, of "Thorns 
ana Orange $Iossoms" Co., evaded the- ma- 
ternal parent of the young lady long enough 
to get. ntftrrlftd Sept. 2T, for which they have 

beep forgiven . . .- ..The booking firm of 

Goldsmith * Fisher will dissolve partnership 
Oct. li.Mr. Fisher assuming the management 
of tlieWestcrn:8tates vaudeville Association 
for the Nor'tnWcBtern states' nnd Alaska, with 
offices In the new Vantages' ■ Theatre . Build- 
ing. ' "Mr. GOldSmlth will devote his time to 
Ms theatrical Interests in San Francisco and 
Aberdeen, ■ tind will also continue an Inile- 
lcn'den't book/lpg: oIBtc In the Miirliin Biilld- 
i)'g.-:.. ..Harry SWcotuluii,' bustueks niuii'a- 
ger.of "The 1 Muy.oc of 'lHiklo," whs here .UT, 

28 1'liul coipjuui. >vho has iad cliarge 

of Sullivan &' Cousldluc'n bovkluB depart- 
ment here tp(- the past year, will shortly 
ko 'to tlilco'go for "Hie same Arm In tt 

sliulinr capacity. The Stair & tliiv- 

Un attractions, which liavo been blued 
for (he Lyric, on account of the delay 
lu the completion of the New Moore, have 
been billed over John Cort'S circuit. ..v.. 
The ICden Museo (K. C. Thompson, manager) 
opened 20, and Is the most unique and inter- 
esting resort ta the city. No expense has 
been spared In construction Or iri the se- 
curing of nt tractions, and If the present 
policy continues, big attendance Will rest 

» ttnie .publicity, promoter for Jtum, V. 
iter,' Iff-'vMflu'g iilsle »li'ilfllhg,bf 'Bruuot 
Hall,' and' mAy. locate in SpoWine. 

,'> . . ! ' i :' i if.'."' Tr '» i,i, : . '.' '■ ' ' 

Tat'Oiua. — At the Tacotnn 'I'heuliv (C. II. 
Herald,' manager) "The County Cbalruia'i" 
Oct 3. William Kavei'sham, In "The Hqiiiiw 
Man/' 4,^R: '"fhe Mayor of Toklo" 0, 7. 
•■■GftAMi THBiiau Hiean B. Worley, maao- 
eer).;-^-Tox and' Toxlc'B Circus,- Antrim and 
Peters, Fred. DunreB) Alice Williams, Graudt- 
scope, Harry Cotter and. company, Arthur 
Don nnd Minnie Thompson was the-bill week 
■Sept. 80.::.-.v ::;' ;'.■ ' . :.'. "• - ; 

Saypt TnEAMB (£". Gensertz, manager). 
—"A Corner ,1a Widows," .by. the Gallon 
Stock Co,, week of 30. — 

Star Thkatbb (JOhn McC'abe, manager). 
—The' Star Utodr Op.-, with Miss Roberts, la 
"Bet's Fortune;" week Sept. 30. ■ ■ ' 

OBNTsy's U^ITiD 'TllAlKHD Amuial Suows 

ao.- ■• . ■, .' : 


.The Coliseum, the newest Of tho Sulli- 
van & CO'nsldln'o houses In ;fhis city, which 

opens 30. Is by fat the best vaudeville the- 
atre so' far opened' here. It has the most 

comfortable and largOst seating capacity of 
ajiy aniu'scment resort, each of,tae 2,700 seats 
Iielnir a foidinir ouera ehnlrr The liiillrilrnr 

Clil«l.nnatl.— Last week, with the pre- 
mier of ">VTtdtfre",ttpd the lirst locul presen- 
ttitlous.of four oth'br new plays: was rated 
tqC' most important 6T tbe now season. Tjro 
<1I' Clyde Ffteb's "productions are listed for 
their TiiUliil local offerings this week. 

iJUAKp OfBua Ilunai; '(Hurry «iiliifor,lh.& 

.l.L. .". '■«,.-..«K^. .-....- .'......: f,i..*....I... 

lire, iinu on mo opening tilght were lie. 

rnltted to gaifc Upon ahd applaud (he nodest 

at'rthors, George Ilrbadburst and George v. 

flpbatt. both of whom proved adepls-iu tue 
rt'otgctthig SwHy. VWy and company en- 
Joyed Splendid success. Miss Russell Is ior- 
tunute hr having tlin support of Will Aniilc 
ftpU Herbelft' Cortlicll. ^llie pluy is 11 clean. 
HkiibTc one; Mil of good humor. Although a 
vuclrig comedy I he arguments are so iicaliy 
fjiilanced that .offense to either sport or ■ prime 
Is but' of the raiige Of p6salhl|lty. The ue- 
fi'oiierncnt Is out of the tfrdlhary, and puts 
a surprlBlng finish to "a delightful love storj ; 
Battle Wllilamit. 14. 1ft "The Little Chenili. 
Lyttrc (The Ueuck Opera House Co. & bee 
Sliubert, directors).— Clara Blobdjrood la due 
0, Iri % 'The Truth," a Clyde. Fitch creation. 

eOrafortable and largest seating capacity of 
ally arhu'scment resort, each ofjtno 2,700 seats 
being a folding opera chair. The building 
was formerly UBed is a skating rink, liUt the 
many changes and additions hove resulted In 
tihii of the finest vuudpvllle theatres Ih the 
Cliltcd Stutes. The color scheme Is green 
flftd gold. The stage Is Otab of the largest and 
best npbulnlcd vaudeville stages hi the coim- 
tt'v; and the fourteen dfcsslitg rooms ' for per- 
former's, marVclh x>f comfort and convenience. 
' .!.'.'.. 1 '.''^ r .': " '1 '.-. 
Spokane.— Atthc Spokane (lf>anL. Weaver, r 
managcr)'Tho Time, the Place and the Girl." Erlcson were amOng the splendid cast. jj» 
With. 'John. B. Young as Hicks, Elizabeth Petit* ' Adeluldclild I'laVlA Arcora ailded , to 
Goodnll as Molllc, and Jessie Huston as the ' 
girl, scored nicely Sept. 22-23, When stand- 
ing room was hot. to be had,' L'ulaiio Jcnucn, 
as the W'doW, Blade 11 hit with hct singing 
and dancing. "The Mayor of Tokio,!' With 
John' Ii, .Kearney, also attracted capacity 
houses 25, 20. Jane Griffith scoring a per- 
sonal hit as the angular widow, nettle the 
First, Empress. of the Inland Empire, at the 
carnival" of the Arabian Order of Myutlc 
E-Nuk-Ops, was In attendance the second even- 
ing;' being accompanied by her four maids of 
honor and two pages In full court dress; the 
escort bClng Frederick H. Gaston, scribe- 
maker of the order. Her Majesty, In private 
m. Is Hottle Stevenson, of |T~ 

n -xne ■iruiu,-- a Clyde. i.>»-:' 
Iiasf Week "The Orchid." with Eddie Foy unil 
Tllile rrlgnnzii.'lHayed to the biggest audi- 
erices of tUft Sehaon. ( in the opehlnc algid lieu- 
pie were tamed away. Trlxle Frlgaiiiuj, a 
Cincinnati girl, Was. given, n .Warm reception., 
and her "singing of "No Wedding "Biills lor 5Ie 
made a tremendous bit. GCotge BontfMo •i'-. 
Marietta 01 DIb, William Cameron 1 and Know 
Erlcson we're ttmOng the splendid edst. i* 
PctltO'Adelaidc'lild FlaVla 'Arcora add™ '"f 
the goyOty of '"The Orchid." "Mrs. Wlggs «' 
the Cabbage I>atch" 13; .. .„,,, 

OLrsiPn: (G(>ori«c F. '* Luella Forcpaush- 
Flsh, managers).— The Forepaugl] 1 StiicV .0. 
s to put on Clyde FitclCs ploy. ^nfe Wmasn 
jn thc'Case." 0: Ln«t week was a regular fro c 
with the stock folks appearing" to ""WJ*" 1 ? 
advantage in "A Trip to Chinatown, a t na- 
il. Hoyt revival. Harry Fciiwlck uiude K IK 
In a sidewalk conversation, InVentei fo , i"» 
by Fhil -SlmmH, and Hcrschell Mayall mid «» 
Adair appeared In a burlesuuc of « J*J« 
from "Cafnllle." which Lewis tWhoMfe jm«' 

CoLrinlulA (M. C. Anderson *,S'SJi,2: 
Klegler, mapngcts).— Joellart's Folly l*l«"f » 

Aicgier, raanaicrm. — jmoum s» "'. ' i .^.m. 
. illhertot'i, Wash. Pets are comlnit «, Willi Bert IveslU -and co»i 
The Barrlngton-LbWb' Co., featuring Phyllis pany, In "HrlBin'S Visit ;" Sidney Ocane am 
3aVrlhg(op,> played "The Red DnggeF' and company, in ^'Christmas Ou Blackivellvif" 
K Naturc 5 8 Nohlbman," 27, 2». Jas. C. Wright hnd •" t\))n NaWu and company, tho SB"" 
made good In, a'dniichig turn. The company Madcaps. K| tic : Fay;' Bisect! and M'lti f. » • 

Carleton, (he "Skinny Guy." and jWl «J 
Fonda. I/asl wtcK business waB^od. iito 
lamln Chopla'B "In the White HjJM e , P £; 
the- lica'dllttcr- Wiird and Cn trap, aud t»' 

made good In a'dniichig turn. The company 
w|U rcfurii Oct. 1,'2. "The Comity Chair- 
man," wltb Theodore BabcOck. played to big 
business Sept. 21), .80. "In Old Kentucky" Oct. 
3,'4, Lake* Lewis 'Musical Co. O.O.Sousa's 
Uaiid 7i" "A : Message from klnrs" S. 0, Mmc. 
CJarlotte Maconda 10. "Checkers" 11-18, 
^Snnlcs'' li, IS. "The Vrlnro of Pllscn" 20- 
2!{.'"lii t|ie' Bishop's. i-niiliige" 28. 21. 
i.'oi.i'Miuv (Jlco. M.'Oreher, malinger).-- 
The ljeart of Mnriinnil,': presentlnc Ade 
Jffi Knight, Rr-^ 

tiiv: tMioiiio, 1. miiiu nnu 

Four Girts Were the pits. , „.,„■, 

•VVAi.>9tjT Srii'KBi"(M.' C. Anderson * He»7 

M. Zlc*l*r. managers).— Hanlon s 'WlWJj 

ehmj.p tl. for lis annual' riln. Jo liiili} »™ 

in.v.i •i.,„.«_^_..i„,i ii» i.« nil n«l 1M' 1 '•! 

Inhl6 Knight , Russell Lee Barrett and Noel 
b, played to capacity business Week ot 



1 •» 

.. 1 






-■ i-;. .-•;.,' HIGH-CLASS GERMAN WlgRDV ,Wt: ' i; :" '. 


One continual ae-roairi. All play parts. Two wohtoh, one man— man doablcs tuba in band. Alao 

. ALBERT t=»AL,B8%!G, Leatldr. . : 

n *ml ,-Ooraet and Violin, tor Vaudeville, Faroe Coined v. Musical Comedy oi ' Iirama -One piece. 
B * n ' ... . ^^ Address caw of PttICfc'9 OurBi.cs snow, Cairo, ill. 

„tr!i nnd cnteliy music were In visible and 
tnn»ful evldonce. "On Suspicion" 18. 

Hei'CK's Opkka Hoiisk (The Heuck Opera 
House Co. A '13. D. Stnlr, managers).— "A 
Mre Across the Continent. la to open 0; es- 
AVlred by Chas. K. Blnney. The Russell 
fftothcrs presented "The tflred Girl's Mill- 
ions" Inst week to i big nudlenceB. Fldra 
Huiifatl-. Russell pleased In dnnrlng speclal- 
fi» a Tbe entire' east wast capable. "The 
Outlaw's Christmas" 13. 

HobInson's OfrrA House (Alexander 
iinshlm. manager):— The JoTin C. Fisher 
.' | S to put on ; "Floradora" 6 and will 
tni'iH Inaugurate n twelve week engagement 
In musical comedy. The stage will be directed 
hy Lester Brown. . • ,.■ '•* 

ITCBOM (The Heuck Opera House Co., ft 
y 1) Stair, managers). — Florence Bindley 
\r due 16,; In V'JMio 'Street Singer." Lew B. 
barker's latest sensation, "Tbe Card Kin; of 
the Const," pleased, lovers of the melodra- 
matic last week. A. W; Kills, as Triiton. 
Boone, was fortunate. In the support of Carol 
Arden, as Mlrlan '"Vaughn. The' characters 
were all well sustained. "The Mysterious 

B, "s?.iNT)i»D (R K. Hynlcke, manager).— 
The (idlden'Creklk Kxtravaganza Co: will be 
men 0, following a successful week of the 
World Beaters, Herbert Mack's Show. The 
Rlitprlse of the ol'n wQa the doll act of Reded 
and Hadley. Trocsdero Bilrlesquers 13. 

I^oplb's (TJie HeMek Opera House Co., 
director's!'. — Hnrry William's' Ideals arrive (I. 
Lost week the Fay Foster Burlesquers gave a 
show Ob' old lines to good sized, crowds. 
Matty Moore, a Cincinnati boy, was clever 
as Hosenhni'tn. The olio was A No. : 1.- High 
Jinks Rurlesniiers 18. . - 

GosfliP OP thaLobbv.— Manager John H. 
Havlln and his bride have, arrived from ill r- 
uilujbniu, Ala. .. . .Vtadmlr de Pachman will 
be ieardiln a. recital at. the Lyric. 11...,'.;. 
Kay Marshall. Celeste Seymour and Margaret 

Buck comprise the. .Euterpe Trio. The 

Odeon Dramatic Club -Is being organized' by 

Joseph O'Meara.' »Hehrl Errt will direct 

tbe reorganized; College Orchestra ,:.'. . .Fletro 
Kloildl'as pitpllsinre to be, heard Ih the first 

recital ; of the season, nt the Odeoh, ,16 j 

(Hire Plnckney gave , a dramatic reading at 
Cable Hall, 4. 

Toledo.— At the Valentine (Otto. Kliyes, 
manager) "His Honor the Mayor," present- 
ed a capable. company, .Sept. .25,, gave- a 
pleasing performance .to a good house. "The 
( 'ollem! .widow," 28, gave .two. performances, 
Marg'urctta Snow as the widow, was dainty, 
and lifted Into the role;- perfectly.. -Robert 
Kelley, as the champion of the gridiron, had 
n congenial part, which he portrayed with 
credit. DUatln Far-nuu. In "The- Ranger," 
supported, by Mary Roland and an excellent 
cast, placed a successful engagement 80, 
packing the 'house. Sarah Trnax, In "The 
Spider's Welt." Oct; 5. On account of un- 
suitable bookings, Manager Kllvea announces 
that K. &.!■;. high class vaudeville will play 
throughout the season during tbe weeks 
when the house would otherwise be dark, tbe 
first week beginning Oct 

LvctPM (E. ♦ R. Kelaey, manager. — "Cupid 
at Vassar," which came for half week of 
Sept. 29-Oct. 2, was enjoyed by large pudl- 
cnees. "(lay New York.'. 8-8, "A Contented 
Woman" 0-0. ■ 

AiicADF.-C', (l.ouls Hurttg, manager). 
--Sept. 20 anil week the bill, was pleasing 
throughout.- The entertainment was -classy 
and fully up to the standard of Manager 
Hertig's Ixiokliigs. -Bill Oct. -6 and week: 
Aatrella Sisters - and Warner, Bailey and 
Fletcher, Carson and WHIard, . Gleger and 
Walters, Splssell Bros. , and Mack, Tate's 
Motoring, and Cora Bcacb Turner and com- 
pany- ■ .... 

Burt's. (E, R. Kelsey. manager). — "Parted 
on Her Bridal Tour,' f 8eRt 26 : 28, pleased 
Immensely, as did "The Mysterious Burglar," 
20-Oct 2; "Chinatown Charlie" 0-12. 

Kmi'iiik (Abe Shapiro, manager) Tbe 

Dainty Duchess Bilrlesquers, 20, and week, 
certainly made good, filling thin popular, the- 
atre nightly. Helena May established herself 
as a burlesque star. One of the features of 
each week's performance 1b tbe Friday night 
wrestling contests, which pack the house 
regularly. Harry -Bryant's Extravaganza Oct. 
0-12. •..,. 

pleased n good house Oct. 2. "A Mysterious 
Burglar" did well X Sarah Trnax had good 
house 4. "Qtilney Adams Sawyer" 5, Audrey 
Stock Co. week 'of 7. ; 

Family i (Oscar l\ Cook, manager).— The 
house stock company will produce' "Northern. 
Lights" and "The Wizard of Wall Street" 
week of 7, 

„ -***T ' , • ' 


St. l.ouls — At the Olympic (Pat .Short, 
manager) "Forty-five Minutes from' Broad- 
way," . with Emma Corns in tbe lead, did a 
most remarkable business week of Sept. 20. 
Hattlo Williams, In "Tbe Little Cherub," 
Oct and week. Frltsl Scbeff, In "Mile. 
Modiste," 13-10. 
-eENTcnv. - ( Pat Short, manager) . — "Mrs. 

S"'lggs of the Cabbage Patch" last week, with 
lancbe Cbapman as : Mrs. Wlggs. Miss 
Chapman was much admired by St. Louts 

Dayton.— At the Victoria (O. C. Miller, 

manager) unseasonable weather caused a 
dropping on*|H. tho attendance the past week ; 
however, Clara Rloodgood, assisted .by a 
strong .company, gavo n very good perform- 
ance of "The Tralli," to a highly apprecia- 
tive audience Sept. 30. Dunlin Fa muni, in 

'The Rangers," pleased Oct. 1 ; Sain, Tniax, 
In "The Sbider's Web." 2 ; "George Washing- 
ton Jr." 4; week of 7, house Is dark. 

National (Oil. Burrous,. manager). —"The 
^ard King of the Coast" drew good houseH 
Sept 2fl-l!8. '"Cliinatowii Charley , ' played to 
enpaclty 30-Oct. 2. "David Corson" 3-5, 

The Boy Detective" (Harry Clay Blaney) 
<-0, "Wine, Woman arrfl Song" 10-12. 

Lyiuc (Max Hiirtlg, manager).-^- Last 
week was another successful one, and ca- 
pacity business ruled at every performance, 
«eek of J i Charles Parrell, VVllllum Iuman 
and -company,.- Anni-. Doherty, Frederick 
Krolhcrs end Burns, Kennedy and Itooney, 
«.vnn and Lewis, Hal Stephens and com- 
Puny, and the kinetogrnph. 

■#] ■ » • , 

ZaneavUie^-At'tiic -Weller. Theatre (W. 
J. Mason, manager) Richard Carle, Jn "Tho 
2 ,, . r i ne .. chlcko "' dollghted a capacity house 
Kept. 27. Sarah Trfinx pleased two good 
Iiouses 28 -At Cripple Creek" did . Well 
V c ',-.', .Williams and Walker, In "Bandanna 
ii ■ .. J - K1 °renco Bindley, In "Tho Street 
winger.' 5. "Geo. Washington Jr." 7, "The 
552 KW« of the Coast". 8, 0, Adelaide 
Hurston 11. Paul Qllmore 12. 
t.iiANp (D. Graham, manager) .—Besides 

ne regular moving pictures, the management 

as decided to odd a few vaudeville acts 
V'^'WBck-.-Thc Wll-lor this week Includes: 
Hartley Wlll.iamB-.an4 ,tbc Manato Quartette. 
-■' " i ■ p 

Hhmllttth,— At Sbilth's (Tom A. Smith, 
manager) Bdlph Stuart, In "Strnngheart," 
ii.l i J8 '« KBV , ? an excellent show. TheMyrkle- 
>\iJ& Jwow.C*,.lLiBpwtBrf, w»ek of «u, 

•uiyrd to, good business nnd pleased. VThe 
and ni - V the Coa »l" Oct 7, "The Ninety 

itifi***—** * < w «fd * mcCarthey, managers).— 
HH, W'-'k of 7 : Towge and Daniels. Alton 
ii, S i '"' Mo,>re ' Walker anil Burrell, Harry 
"oJglns, and the bloscahe. 
O^SfMSt Vt>rr y MoW\fi» (non-profca- 
ln this pit o om "' ««»>P"«l*lon of diseases, 

*■ p 

IlonlJ^VHT'T;** « ne New Orand Opera 
.-ii trif »' Hln » on . manager) "The Col- 

ilfbi,.5 d » w .. c ? n, . e Se » t - 2 * an<l i>lPase<l- 
Mildred Holland, In "A Paradise of Llea," 

playgoers, she having teen connected with 
the Delmar Garden Opera Co.. under the T. 
T. Lewis management. Ilie company In sup- 
port Is -a- strong one. Chauncey Olcott, ' In 
"O'Neill of Derry," week of 6. Roae Stfthl 

(JPAND - (John B. Fleming, manager) . — 
Hanlon's : f'Superba" drew large crowds last 
week. "Plff ! Paff ! ! Pouf ! ! P week of 0, 

Imperial (D. io, Russell, manager).^- 
"yoilng Buffalo. King of the Wild WeBtf 
heli) the large 1 . audiences laat week. . Oct. 0, 
for one ' week,' Joe Hortlz, formerly of St. 
Louis, will make his Initial appeurance In 
St. Louis as a star In ''Our Friend Fritz." 

IIavmn's (Wm. Garen, manager). — "King 
and .Queen of tbe Gamblers," with Severln 
pe Deyn in the lead, played .to full bouses 
Inst week. "McFnUden.a Flats" 0-12. , 

Gayrtv (O. T. Crawford, manager). — The 
Kid Lifters drew well Irist week. The olio as 
follows : Collins and Le Belle, John Jeas, 
Kelly and 'Barrett, Boye'e and Black, the 
Klgh't -Moulin i:lrl;i : l,u Belle Zuleikn, from 
Corlstantlnople, and Mile. .Degere, Parisian 
c-Hanteuse. Rice ahil Barton -.Co. <t-12. 

Standabc CLeo.Uelchenbacb,- manager). — 
Kmlv Birds Burlesquers dill well last week. 
Tbe olio: Nina Colling, Ethyl Lawrence, Isa- 
bel Hal), Ton* White, .Harry.. Fox, Frank 
Ratle, Harry Young,- Tom Jordan, the Cllp- 
ber Comedy Four, and the Pony Ballet New 
Century Girls week of 6. ■ ■ • 

Onno!«. — The Joseph Sheehnn Opera Co. 
presented, during the third week of Its stay, 
^Martha," to record-breaking audiences. 

GAittticK (Dan G.,Flshell, manager).— /The 
bill wWch dr.ev/.SoR. O. crowds last.we.ek: 
Hardeen, the baiidcuff exnert ; Lew - Sully, 
Vlnle Ualv, In a transformation dance ; 
James Hnrrlgan, .the Country -Choir; I vylth 
Mine: Weldon, Harry Butdhlns, Edward Burns, 
Walter Mcrhctson ; Hawthorne and Burt, the 
Labrakans, with their trained dog ; the (jlln- 
serrettis, and the moving pictures. 

('iji.('viiiA..(Mlddleiun & .Tate, managers). 
^-The attractive bill at this playhouse Was 
the following for Inst week;. Ethel Levey, 
Julius Steger and company, In "The Fifth 
Commandant," Frank and Jennie Katouu, 
Two Lure tt us, the Quaker City' Quartette, 
Miss Alba, cannon-ball juggler; Stlnson and 
Meripn, James CUllen, and the latest kino- 
drdtnc pictures. ... . j , 

| Gi.obE (II. E. -Rice, manager). — BUI this 
week : Billy nnd Daisy Bennington, In sketch, 
"Her FlrBt Husband;" Tony Martin, In bi- 
cycle and unlcyclo act-; Farnvlllo, contortion- 
ist;. A. E. Scaler, trained dogs and goats; 
Paul Bovine.' buck and wing dancer.; Lulu 
Bessolmdn, lltustrdted songs, and' heW mov- 
ing, .pictures. . "New Hired Man. and Man 
Monkey." Jiuslnes Is, S. R. p. , _ . , 

Kansas City. — Last week was our an- 
nual festivity, week, nn'd. consequently the. city 
was- pilcked with vialtorB, and^tho -theatres 

§ot theirs. Tuesday night was the. twenty- 
t-flt annual Priests of- Pallas parade. Wed- 
nesday morning was tbe Elks Humbug. Cir- 
cus parade (a duplicate of the oue given In 
lliiladelphla). Wednesday afternoon ' was 
tlie automobile parade: Wednesday nlgbt 
the annual P. O. P. ball. Friday night the 
annual carnival mask ball. Saturday night 
athletic carnival In Convention Hall. In ad- 
dition to this, the lnter-state fair and Elec- 
tric Park corn carnival furnished omuse- 
ment . ■ •■'• 

Wilms Wood (0. I). Woodward, mana- 
er). — Lost week, In "The Chorus Lady," 
.lose Stahl had Immense business. Tlie star. 
the show, the enst and tbe production all 
fnade kood. This week, "Forty-five Minutes 
from Broadway," with Emma Carus as Mary. 
Next week. "The Lion, and the . Mouse.'.' 

(.hand ope ha Houkn (Hudson &. Juaah, 
managers). — Last week Joe Howard and 
Miibef B,a>'rlsdh, Ij "Tbe Flower of .the 
Ranch,"' pleased immensely add hud big busi- 
ness. Mr. Howard has written .a very pleas- 
ing play and' some clever tnuslc, and both 
he and Miss Barrlson are seen to advbnfnge. 
John , T. Nicliolson, A. A. Klein, Edward 
Hume, Mftpt liOrent and Frances Coflsur till 
do'-feood work. This Week. "Arizona." Next 
week, Williams and Walker. 

Oiipheom (M. Lehman, resident manager). 
— A splendid bill to capacity houses was last 
week's record. May Irwin was . the bright 
particular star, and she sang Coon songs till 
she had to beg off from the encores. Others 
on the bill were: The Grazers, In tbelr nov- 
elty sketch, "Going Into Vaudovlllo :" Totter 
nnd Harris, gymnasts ; Bell and Zoll, comedy 
aorobals ; \Viilurd Blimns and company, In 
"Fluuder'S Furnished Flat ;" the Klnsons, In a 
musical oddity; Mullet; Chunn and Muller, 
In. their hoop rolling act; La Sculu Sextette, 
u tine singing number, und the klnudioiue, In 
new moving pictures.. This wcek> bljl will 
Include: Anna Evil Fay, Emily Dodd and com- 
pany, clmi'lcs Fletcher, Mary Dupont and 

Siii:i)K!'.T (Walter Sanford. manager). — The 
cozy theatre was packed all of last week to 
see a clever vuudevlllo Mil, made up of tbe 
following: The Lftvalls, equilibrists ;- Leo 
Carlllo, «i clever entertainer; Klein, Ott Bros, 
and Nicholson, Bob nnd tico. Qutgley. in "The 
Congressman-at-Latgc :" Joe Maxwell And 
company, In tbe musical comedy, "A Night 
In the Ptillce Station ;" the Zaretzky Troupe, 
In their dances ; Stewart Barnes, monoldglst ; 
Collins and Ilnrt, the two strong men. This 
week: Caron and Herbert, the Elite Mualcal 
Four, Dolan and Lennar, Edna Aug, w. 8. 
Harvey and company, Green dnd Werner, 
Chas. Kenna, and the Max Tourblllon Troupe. 

GiM.18 Orr.BA Hounfi <E. S. Brlgbnm. man- 
ager!. — Lost week, "Kate' Barton's Tempta- 
tion", proved a thrilling melodrama, with « 
splendid cast and specialties. This week. 
"King and Queen of the Gamblers;" next 
week, "McFaddeu'i) Flnta." 

ArniToiuttM (O. I>. Woodward, mnnnger). 
— lAst week, "The Original Coheh," a mu- 
sical melodrama, drew well and pleased. This 
week. ".The Cot nnd the Fiddle ;'' next Week, 
Murray and Mark. 

Ce.nturi (Joseph Doccgon, manager). — 


" * " ' . . * ) ' '*' " " ■ " ^ ' ' ' . ' 

tiist wee«, the Now C£nttify Qltla gave rtood 
burlesque perfar'mnnccs to good houses. Thl« 
week, the itolllckers ; next week, the Jolly 
Girls, • ., ; . . . 

Ma.teAtic- .(Clinton Wilson, manager). — 
Last week. Rice. A Barton's Co. gave a thor- 
oughly t-njovable burlesque performance. Tbla 
week, the GUIs from Ilappyland; next week, 
Clark's itiinnwny Girls. 

Cl.iPFKMNfM.— -Quito n surprise was sprung 
on- the local managers Inst week, when Judge 
Wallace, of tie crlininnl court, In |ils charges 
to the grand Jury, snld the local theatres 
must he eioseil on Sundny. The mnnagers nil 
say thnt they will keep niicn, ns there arc no 
Slntc laws to prevent them. Th« outcome 
will be watched for It has been an- 
nounced that. the People's Theatre, West Side, 
has been leased as a vaudeville house by 
Harry and Ted' Spnrks, find that the name 
will Ik; changed to the Lyric. It will open 
Oct. 13. MoasrsvIL H. Jennings nnd W. W. 
McConn, West Side men, clnlm that they hold 
a lease nn the theatre, hence a- controversy 
has arisen which has not yet been decided. 

Srdnlla.'— At - the New Sednlla Theatre 
(Geo. -F. Olendorf, manager) Walter Jonea. 
In "Miss I'ocnhotltas," Sept. 27. gave nn en- 
Joynbte eniei-ielnment. "The Original Cohen" 
28. '1'on Youson" 211. "TWo Merry Tramps" 
■Oct '», North Broi open 0. State J-'rilr week, 
nnd are bonked entire week. 

.Air Dam. — Dnblnsky Brothers. piny a re- 
tarn enatigeincnt for J-^ilr week, 7-12. 

Wood's (Dr; II.. W. Wood, manager)' was 
dark Inst week. Bnrnes' Jersey Stock Co., 7- 
12, opening with "On ilie Western Krontler." 

Notk. — On two Nickelodeons continue io 
draw well, with moving pictures and Illus- 
trated songs. • ■ ■ 



Lonlsvllle.' — At Marauley's (Jno. T. 
Murftuley,. manager) "The White Hen" cnnie 
the fore part of last week, drnwlng crowded 
houses. . Louis Mann scorer! big*,' ,- Carolyn 
Heustls, who plays opposite to Mr.- Mann, 
Was very pleasing, ifhfl Lnuru .Jnffrav and 
William -Armstrong deserve mention. Chnrlas 
U. Hnnford 7-8< Sarah Truax, In "The 
Spider's Web," JQ'12. 

Av'bnvb- (Chas, A. Shaw, manager):— 
!'Shadowed by Three" last week wbb pre- 
aented to crowded houses. Week of tl, Rus- 
sell Brothers, In '.'The Hired Girl's Millions." 
- Masonic (Chaa. A.". Slinu-, manager). — 
t'Dorotby Vernon of Haddon Hall"- ]ent week 
was greeted by large and ftttebtlve audiences. 
Blanca - West, who plays Dorothy^, deserves 
praise for- a clever rendition of a difficult 
part'. Joseph .Gellow, Joseuli E. Mnciiregor 
and Alfred Jumes are especially deserving of 
mention. "The Wizard of Ox* Week of 7. 
• Hopkins (Wm. -Heh-hmnn, -manager). — 
Bill week, of 0: Ward and Currnn, Those 
Four Girls, Piccolo Midgets, Capt. Heney, 
Ethel May, ' Geo.' Austin Moore, Walter 
Daniels, Ed. Lavler, Jay Bogert, Slstors 
Starr, Mannlon and Hurst, Rollers Nome, 
Virginia Rankin, and the kinoili-ome. 

. M.miy AnokbSom (Max Fnhlsch, manager). 
—Large atid, representative -ai|diencea -were 

f resent to ■ wltneks a high cluss vaudeville 
111 last week, fortune Sales, n native of 
.bulsvllle. .appeared for the first time at this 
theatre, and made many friends. Miss Sales 
>tli)gs arid.dnncex ojijiosUe Pt-ancls Dooley, and 
they ore assisted by Quce.nlo Laurers. George 
W. Mohroe Wpt'thc house in continual laugh- 
ter. Lee -Harrison nnd his Broadway Girls 
scored heavily In ii musical cpmedy net. Mile. 
Emmy's trained dogs Were- an. attractive fea- 
ture. Jullbn Hose; Ralph Johnson' and. others 
on .the bill merited the approval of the audi- 
ences. New people week of 7': Jewell's Elec- 
trical Manikins, Henry Lee, Louise Agoutit, 
Josephine Babel, Joe Flynn, Morris and Mor- 
ris;, Joseph Hart's Military Girls, Mystlcus, 
and animated pictures, 

BuckinhaM (Whallen Bros., managers). — 
The Ideals last week presented a stronger 
arid more at tractive bill tbun this limine bos 
given In some, time: The show opened with 
the skit, "A Day at the Bench," which was 
full of fun and jingling niuslc. - In the .olio. 
Murphy lin'd MeOec, l-'rye and Allen; Somers 
and Storke, and the Big Four Quartette give 
clever and entertaining features which were 
appreciated.- -High- Jinks week of «, Cham- 
pagne Girls 13-10. '"•.. 

Notk.— The eighth annual exhibition of the 
Louisville Horse Show wbb held in the new 
armory, 80-Oct. It. a great deal of Interest 
was taken In .all of tip; rings. , 

' . i 

Winchester. — At tho Winchester (Sll 
Dinelll, : manager) Whitney Bros.' Quartette 
gaye a most excellent performance, to S. It, 0., 
Sept. 20, the work, of Payne Whitney being 
exceptionally good. "T he Seminary Girl", drew 
a large house 28. "Jerry froni Kerry" Oct, 3, 
"Sweetest Girl in l)lxle ,r 9, "Monte Crteto" 18. 
" ■ 

I'niliicnli,— At the Kentucky (Goodman & 
Carney, managers) the Woodruff Stock Co,, In 
repertory, played to good business week of 
Sept. 30. "Anita, Hie Singing Girl',". ; J.'Kfng 
of the Cattle' Kuiige" 8, Jane Corcoran 10. 
"Young Buffalo" 11, f'liar'es B. Hanford 12, 
Mahnra's Minstrels 15. 


. Peoria.— At the Grand (Chamberlln. Har- 
rington & Co., managers) Maude Fealy, In 
"The Sterner Sex," Sept. 20. pleated a large 
house. "A Thoroughbred Tramp," 20, had 
a full house. Chauncey Olcbtt Oct II, '"Ar- 
ty" 4, "Big Hearted Jim" 0, "Mrs. Wlggs 
Of the Cabbage Patch!'- 0, "Miss Pocahontas" 
11, 12. Arthur Doming 13, German Theatre 
Co,, of Davenport, la., 14, "The Grand Mo- 
gul'' 15, 

: Majestic (William Proctor, resident man- 
ager).— Lyman Bros., in. "The Yankee Drum- 
mers," Sept, 20-28, played to good houses. 
"Arizona 20-Oct. 2, did a large business. 
Murray and Mack ;i-fi, Four Huntings (1-9, 
"The Original Cohen" 10-12, "A Fighting 
Chance" 13-10. 

Main Street (Davla-Churchlll Circuit, 
managers). — Week of 7: Font Nnmbna, 
Burkes musical dogs, Lynn and Boa Wes- 
ley, Arthur Kehrns, Brown and Wilmont, and 
the klnodrome. ■■•*-•■ -••-., 

Dempbevh (Edward H. Brash, -roanagtr). 
—Week of Sept. 30 ; Tbe Parrots, De Mn- 
restlc Bros,, Chna. Initio, Itatliert La Croix, 
Chns. Ilolnes and Brown Bros. 
. Wi; ast's (Climb's F. Barlson, manager)., 
— Week of 80; atock burlesque, In "The Amer- 
cnii Minstrel In Turkey" und "Tbe Dulton 
Boys;" Clark and Perry, and moving pic- 
tures, , 
< TiuiNeii Ham,.— Week of 29, annusl pro- 
duct Ion of Krashwinklc, with MiirtlinlcrTyro- 
leiui singers and Sin tcrluto's Alpine yodlers. 
" s i 

Alton,— At Uic Teiiiple (W. M. Sauvoge, 
niuiiugor) - , Arlr.6nu" was cxioptlonally goud, 
and drew well Hc|it 25. "Ilaffcrty's Flirta- 
tion" was satisfactory 28. "Tlie Wizard of 
Ob" pleased IWo good lidinics 2ft. "The 
Phantoni Detecllye" Oct. 3, Chauncey Olcott,- 
In "O'Neill of Derry," B: "The Great Wall 
Street Mystery" 0, "Are you a Mason?" 7, 
"Kate Barton's Temptation" 12. 

Lvalc (W. M. «auv age, manager).— The 
hill for the opening, week of this theatre In- 
cludes - John A. West and company'* Musical 
Brownies, Murray K. Hill, Mlett's trained 
dogs, Shannon nnd Straw, illustrated songs, 
and the blograph. -. .v. 

FAecthIc (llnllwny A Murray, mnnagers). 
—Record houses and 8. R. O. 


W.«. POtilJlRO, Booking Agent, Clncinnstl theatrical Agency, 1» B. Fourth St., Ciooldhatj, o. 
Sonihern.Vaudevllle Nnnngers ahonld lnvesliirate itiU.oircdlr If they waht to tncreana wait bowl- 
fiesa br acouraUi and cohacieminua bonklntil. uplj the heat Acts booked, .so ui«nppointmenm. . No 
ten nfisrentoaahled. -nANTflD, VA(jnBVII,LK AOT» AT AJ.t, TIMEB-RedrtBd fomedy flketeh Tainia 
thai can cnantte If desired, Singing ami Dancing Acts, Juvsnlle singing and Banding Sister Teama, 
MiKlenl Acts, Soveity Ads. Nothing hut flrat c)ns.« artists, need anaWar. Wflte for Immediate Ihue, 
nnd tell ovcryming regarding your »ot, ..OKe rjuucjn full. and state iQwest salary. m „ 

•niK'tua is I'oritivisly no a ct ggpjgjgg »QH ttiin i)in*>vi%,, .. . 

— MWi im i i » ■! n mm^m^mmm P .— wtowm^ iiiib mi mww*— www WW^^WW—1WW»WJ 

nlvnl, did fairly good hiislnesn desntto bnd 
weatlier. The lodge netted nbont $000.... 
The Bijou has closed for the Summer,- and nil 
tents ate down'. • • .' 

«i » 

Milwaukee, — Kdw In Tlianha user continues 
to pnet -the ■Stuibcrt Theatre, giving two per- 
formnncea dally at aivaared vaudeville. Peo- 
ple week of Oct. 1, llellbnlnl, JotepBIno Alna- 
ley, liuinoud's Minstrels. Maude Ilall-Maey 

NoTti, — Mnnnger Jersey, of the firnhj, waa 
In i he <-li v 20. nrnklng final nrrangemnits for 
the opening of tho regular season. Assistant 
Manager Owens was In Ottumwn 27, on busi- 

nnd company. Harney < Kugan and Henrietta 
Byron, .las, J. Mo - 
plonires. • 

Byron, .las, J. Morton, tho Six Hnmbla, und 

Hnnnger John It. Pierce fared well last week 
with David HIgglris, In "HI* Laat Dollar.".; 

ilAViPknK (Sherman Brown, manager). — 
Mnrguorltn Snuw, as the widow In "Tho Col- 
lege WltlOW," Was 'R big favorite Sept 30- 
llct 2. "Mlas J'donhoutas," Oct. 3-5. was a 
big winner, Walter-Jones and Blancho IVyo 
Scored heavily^ "The Hypocrites" 0-9, iJCthel 
Itarryniore 1(1-12, LeW IKiflkstader's Mina'trels 
1.1-1(1, "The House of a Thousand candles" 
17-10. *;> , J 

i ai.hamiuia (Jus. A. ldgier, manager).— 
''The Burgomnster" laat week proved one of 
the hip attractions of the season to date. 
racked houses ruling. GuaV Welnburg and 
lluth White acored hefivlly. "Panhandle 
Pete" comes fl-12, "Our Friend Frlta" week 

cria.- • r ■ ■ 

SBtjqu, — "Cnpld at Vassnr" week of,0, "Nel- 
Ic, the BeaullfTil floak Model," week ofl3. 

I Pabst, — Manager Leon Wachsner's Herman 
Dramatic I'd. give the < Drat American per- 
formance of "Stein Unter Stclneo," Wednes- 
day, Oct. 2. The season has been very suc- 
cessful to date 

. STAri.— Manager Frank It Trotttnan of- 
fered the Parisian Belles Inst 'Week. Usual 
8ood -httendnrice ruled. Wllllarns' imperials 
-IS, The Orientals 13-18. 
'— 'Business Is good, Manager 8. 
R. Simon offers the Boston Belles Weill of 
i). with nine Ribbon Girls for week, of 13. 
Vanity Fair wna well received last week. 

ClHMTAi;.— Vaudeville Is still drawing full 
houses. Manager F..1I. Winter offers the fol- 
loWlhg Wediiln week of .7 : Four International 
Cnmloiii's. Jos. Kiiniiuli and confiiflny, ttnin- 
ney sisters. Hnrry Webb, Frnnk Williams, 
ilnd the-Crystalgrnph. 

Ihii-nn:. — Manager H. TrM* reports excel- 
lent buRlness. People week of 7 Include : 
The Kanetver Jnpi, Bianrh Aldrlcli, .the 
Three Harris Bros., Brown nnd Sherman, and 
Joe Adams., , •■ ;.. i ,,■ 

NpTKH.— Mine. Raima Calve' 1r booked for 

Alhnmbra Oct. 20 .Feriillo. Is billed for 

an appearance at the Hippodrome Oct 13. 

Burton -IPJlmes will 'deliver a sorlcB 

of leetnrca nt tho I"abat- Theatre, commencing' 
Oct. 14. ... , - . , 

Canton. — At the. Grand (F..B. Powelson, 
manager) "The Slow Poke" pleased a good 
houae Sept. 22. "Under Southern Skies" Oct 
4. "A Wlille . Blackbird" 5, "Big Hearted 
Jim" 7; 

Notts. — The five pent theatre contlnuta to 

Please The Cosmopolitan Shows, given 

in conjunction with tbe K. of P. Street Car- 

Eoii Clhlre.— At-thf GiuiWI <C. D, Moon, 
.manager) "Tlie Girt Over There" drew a 

large nn ii delighted audience Sept 20. "Be- 
fore anil. After 1 ' Oct. 3, "The House of 1,000 
Caudles" 7. Kara Kendall l(h "The College 
Widow": 14, '.Cupid at Vassar" 10. 

URtCWI (Wni, Armond, resident manager). 
—BUI for Sept, 80 and -week : Delia Watson, 
Hellman, the .Three Youngs, Wm. Anminil, 
Kdgar .Foreman .and company, .und J, Itlef. 
Business Is Iraioeiise, . 

. ;. . '' <»!» 

.,.„ ', ■ IOWA..; 

Ho veiiport: — At, tho llnctls Opera Hotlsn 
(direction Cliaiubcrllu, Kindt A Co.)' since 
the cooler weather has set. in busliiesa' la 
iliuch ..better. "The Muu of-llin Hour" came, 
to good bnslneas Sept. 20. 'Tim. Heir to tho 
Hoorah" was well received 27< "Teinpoat, and 
Huilsbltie" 211. "Little Jonliy Jensen'' Ott. 2, 
Prlmroao's Minstrels 3, "A Guod Follow" 4. 
■B, "Under, flouthorn SkleB" 0, "The Lion and 
the Mouse" I), Hone Stahl, ■ in "Tlio Chorus 
Lady," 11 ; Joe Howard and Mabel Barri- 
sun, In "The Flower of the Ranch," matinee 
and evcnrbg-12. 

- Gband ot'GBA Hodhi; (dlroctlon Kindt & 
lite). — For Monday, ScptiUO and week,. the. 
following apiieareu; The Tyroloapsi tn.tboit- 
noW vaudeville act entitled: "Waiting In the 
Tyrolean. Alps;" Dan J., Harrington, Bessie 
rrench, Oriolta, "Roila' and Uryhn, and mov- 
ing pictures. 

■ Fa sin. i- (direction Munro Ic Oelkers).->-' 
The following for Sent 30 nnd week: Vor- 
, n'oti Beaton, Forrest Family, Leon Uastel,' Kd- 
die Moon, the Two Cycling Zainoraa, Stella 
llhlnehart, I'errell and Le Roy, and moving 
pictures. . . y 

10 i.iti: (direction Clini. Berkell) Follow- 
ing bill for Sent. 80 and week : Lena Kline, 
Murphy nnd Vldocq, Tom Itrantford, Chns. 
Melville, Irene Lee aqd her Candy Kids, ths 
American Newsboy Quartette, Lynn and Bon- 
nie Hazard, and moving pictures, 
i * ii 

KenknU. — At the Grand Opera House 
ID. iJli. . Hughes, manager) Arthur Demlng 
presented "A White Blackbird" to excellent 
business tat three performance*-, .Sept, 80, 
Oct 1. Coming, "The New Mlnlatcr'' 17. 

La SaLm-i (D. K. Reeves, manager). — Good 
houses rifled week of Sept. 30,' with the fol- 
lowing bill: Callnn nnd Smith, Richards 
nnd Grovor, Hurry Beaumont, Kthelyn Hill, 
nnd the klnodrome. Week of Oct, 7 moving 
pictures, will be the offering. 

Star Thkatmk (<'. H.- Dodge, manager), — 
This theatre Is now In prdcesa of construc- 
tion, and will be apenedhaa a popular price 
combination and vaudeville house, 21. The 
Htugc Is to linve a 24ft, opening und a depth 
of 20ft., and Is to be equipped with ade- 
quate scenery, dressing rooms and accessories. 
The seutlng capacity will be about 700. Man- 
ager Dodge la now booking attractions for the 
opening. . . • r , • ■ ■ 

Noth.— Keokuk's big Fall festival, 8-12; Is 
almost ready for tho lurgo lilflilx of stranger* 
expected for the occasion. Hii-ucts and liilsl- 
iioss blocks qre,- being, festooned by a prof cs- 
hIoiiuI decorator, and Amusement Manager 
Rice II Bell' has about completed the list of 
feature act a ja .be presented, . , 

lliirlliiHti.ii — At the land (Cboiiilierlln, 
Iliirrlnginii & Co., iiiiiiiugerm TbotuuH Jeffer- 
son, In "Rip Vim Winkle," drew well Oct 1. 
"Pocahontas," 2, ■ pleased (urge audience. 
Coming: ''Florida Ranch" 10, "Big Hearted 
Jim" 12, Arthur Doming 14. 

Gauiuck (J. M. Root, manager). — A splen- 
did bill drew good business week Sept 30. 
Bill Oct. 7-12 : Otora Japanese Family, Annie 
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Husscy. After 
tbt» Lite bill will be changed twice weekly. 

Norn. — Mansger Jack Root, of the Gar- . 
rick, < was married In Chlcugo ii, to Ccllllu 
Bishop, of that city. A farewell banquet 
waa tendered Mr. Root Sept 80, at the 'De- 
lano, and the speeches, tvlegrams, etc, at- 
tested to the. gentleman's great popularity. 
■ , i ■ ■« • , 

Osbnlrtosn. —At tlie Grand opera House 
(A. !'■ Owens, assistant mnnnger) the regu- 
lar season will open with "Under. Southern 
Skies" (Contrail Oct 8. "On tbe. West- 
ern Frotider" Oct 2, to be followed by 
"Younger Urns. In Missouri" 3, Frank Mayer a 
Minstrels 4, "The New Minister," 7, can- 
celed: "Qillney Adams Hnwyer'Mfli 

ORiexT IC. C. SI ruble. m.inngfr).-»-The 
house gave n benefit for a local hospital Sept. 
24, playing to packed -houses. -Manager 
Mtrtible relumed from Des Moines 25, where 
be made negotiations to place bis house In 
a .vaudevlllv circuit. - Announcements later. 

Dnbaqae, — At the Grand Opera Unit 
(Wm. Ik, Bradley, manager) "Our New Mil 
later?' pleased Sept. 25. "When We Wol 
Frlcntl*" pleased 20. "Under the Nortl 
Stnr,", 2T, aeiiraa well. Innes nnd bis bn< 
gave two delight fill concertB 20. . "A Drain] 
nte Chnnfe" did well 30. "The. Heir to th 
Honrnh" Oct! 1. Primrose Minstrels 2, "Tl 
College Widow' 3, "The Mnn of Hie Hoiir"n. 

Bijou (.lake Itnaenthnl, manager).— Week 
nf Sept. 3(1: Francis Hoy: nnd eompinj. 
.losle Allen, Baker and Gormley, the F«r- 
nanilo-.Miiy Duo, Heir Henri ItoeUilg. and 
the klnndrome. ^ 

NotR. — Arntiigemcntft nrp being made to- 
ward the opening .of Heyfrnl live oentthcair™ 
In the business section of the city. 
-j o 1 4 

St. John.— At Mm Opera House, .< A.-O, 

Skinner, manager) I .e- Bnrre Brothers' Min- 
strels. Sept. Sll, hnd good business, add 
pleased. "Human Hearts," 27, 28n dill good 
Imsini'sa. - Moving pictures will occupy tbe 
houae for sumo time, , with tin* exception it 
the fnllowlng dates that are liooksd. Cpln- 
IngiK. of T. Mttok Trial (Ideal). "A Dutch- 
man'* Ilmievmoon" Oct. 11. 12. Mis* Isaac's 
recital (locn I). JU.. 'rTho Villa*. l'nri»on". ; 22, 
23, "Wealth and Poverty" 21-20, W. S. Har- 
hlr.'s Co. 2»-Nav. I). 

■ NotHS. — Lucy Tonge, who fcns been visit- 
ing her ph rents here, received a telegram, 
Sept. ~\>, to report nt once for rehearsal with 
the "Tom Jones" operu. Co., under tho man- 
aacnient of Henry W. Savage. Misa -.Tonga. 
who is to havo one of the loading, roles, deft 
. for New- York 30 ....... Hurry McUlaikrJr, 

tho woll known tenor alngpr, arrived In 1 town 
Oct 1. on ii visit Io bis parents. Mr. Nr. 
Clntkey will leave In a day or two to try, his 
luck alter big gninu The Dominion Gov- 
ernment has settled on TlluriMloy, Oct 31, 

as TbaukHKlvlntr Dny Hn good authority 

It Is learned that tho Keith Interest have, 
or will, in a 'day or two. • purchased the 
nickel theatre (formerly the York). In which 
they now conduct moving picture*. 


-London.— At the Grand (l.oti II. Bowers', 
mnnnger) "Gay Mr. pooley," Sept. '28, ;Was 
well ftatronlaeiL Miiri* t.'uhlll, In ."Mflrry- 
'Ing Mnrv," Oct 1, Hail a good hniise and 
ileTigJited all, Jaa. T. Powers, In, "The-Blii* 
Moon," 3, pleased n good audience, De Wolf 
Hopper 12. • ..- • f ; ■ 

Bunnktt'h (J. D. Rims, iiiniingor,).— Busi- 
ness Is very good. Hill for_we«'k U 7.! 
Howard ilnd Bland, HnWIey and Olcott, Job 
Cooke und Brother, the Holilerts, Banks and 
Newton. Ueiiei-iuit-e and Kramer, Mr, nnd 
Mrs. Hnrry Tburnn nnd company, Donald 
nnd Carson. And Bennett ogrnpli., ■■'. 

•NiiTga.'— Getiorill MBttngor Bennett, of Ben- 
nett's vaudeville nuterprlsea, Is nt present In 
Hew, York looking after the booking of his 

several Canadian houses. Claude Brown, 

Ilia general .New York repremintatlve of 
Bennett's, Is on a trip over the Bennett cir- 
cuit In Canada. 

a i m i — 

Hamilton. -At the Grand Opera Houm 
(A., it. (Loudon, manager) Marie cohlll. In 
"Marrylhg Mary," was splendidly received by 
a large Audience Sept, Shi. "The Blue Moon" 



"llunnyliiiid".14, IB. 

Savov (J. (I. Apiiliiton. mnnagrt').— Con- 
tinued big biislncHs. BUI for week of.>7 : The 
Six Mualcal (.'titt.VH. Hnrry Brown nnd com- 
pany, OlllP, Young and, Brothers, J, W. Win- 
ton. Clliifon ami Jerome, Corniell and Harris, 
Marco Twlna, Cecollu Weston. . \ ■■ ■ 

.JiflNJGcrr'H .(0. F. Di'IhciiII, mnnnger).-' 
Crowded Iiqiisch nil last. w«uk> . Bill for week 
of- ,7: Mario and Curtis, Charles nnd- Fanny 
Van, - Kiiilth-Bowiiiiin. Trio, Sears, Mr. and 
Mrs. Perkins I'IhIiit, naming, Lewis and Hum 
trig, Giih rMwurils' Blotldu Typewriters, Catb- 
iirfnc Nelson.. , , , . ,,. - 

Belle v I in-.— At tho Carman Opera Houae 
(S.,14. Carman, inamignr) Grace iCmerann, In 
"Little Dollln DlmplvH," gave good sntlsfae- 
tlon to excellent rnturns Sent 24. "His In 
New York," 28, and Allen Donne, In "A Ro- 
mance in Ireland," 30, drew well. "Tho Gin- 
gerbread Man" Oct. 8, new "Muldoon'i Pic- 
nic" IB. " . .,, . ..,, 

NpTB.— Prof. W. 15, Genno,and Kathleen 
Battcrton exhibited weak of Sept. 80, at Vic- 
toria Roller Hlnk. . . .'I'tic Thcatto and Won- 
derland, live cent shows, continue to good 
business. . . . 

Quob«v\ — \ t Bennett's record business 
prevailed during week ending Oct, A, when 
tho following people appeared : Tomltn aud 
company. Annie and I'lile. Conley, Hae and 
Broache, Wills and Hnssau, : Foster oiidWItu 
Mike. AmerleiiH Comedy Four, Dan Bucko and 
hla. .School Glrlsj und the Henna ttoacope.' 

TiiKAriit: I'oi-ui.AiitK. — Tho P'reiich Stock 
Company In repertory continue to delight 
largo audiences, .... . 

-4>W|i- — 


Mobile.— At the Mobile Theatre (J. Tun- 
neiibuuiu A J, Walla, managers). — Yalo'g 
"Devil's Auction" came Sept. 28 in J, It. O. 
nnd plcnsed. Yorko iiml Adams,, lu "Play- 
ing the Ponies," 30, hud excellent returns, 
The iippluiiHc wns liberal. Joe Whitehead, 

in "Tho Umpire," Oct. 1. Kdgnr Sulwyn. In 

"Stroogbeart," 4. Wilton l.ncUayo, In "The 
Bondman," B, Tho Four Mortons O.'lDrenm 
City" 11, 12, "The Bell Boy" 14, "Zlra" IB, 
10. Al. ii, FIvld'H Minstrels 17, 18, 

I/vnir (Leon Neuhrlk. uuinuger). — Bill 
weak of 30: Tho Groat Musical iilclut, tbe 
Tlvoll Qunrlctte, liitiieun nnd Hoffman, De. 
vov and Miller, Knlucrlitua, hoop roller, and 
o I her fea In ins. . . 

Troy— At the Folium- Theatre (Frank P. 
I'Vilniur, mailiigi'i) Ym-ke and Adams, In 
"Ftsyintr Ihn Ponies,." Oct. 8; Mabel Mont- 
gomery, lij-"Zlrn," 8; "Mast Lynlte" 10,- 

mm — .Vilvaiiui sulii for.. Yorke und Adnma 
la very good; luoks like capacity business. 

■ j — ' .»»» 


Muuthrst«-r — At tlie Park (John BtllcX, 
uiiinagur) tbe house stock company continues 
to give entire satisfaction. For week of Oct. 

7, "Oliver Twist," 

Nickbi, (Manuel Loreniieii, manager). — 

8. R. O. sign Is seen frequently here, .Illus- 
trated lotigs nnd moving pictures are neon. 

Nim:. — Visitors In town wcok of Sept. HO 
included : J. I-;. Moore, manager Portland 
(die.) Tlioulre ; J. J. Flynn, intinniier Law- 
rence (Mnss.) Opera limine, and J, Frank 
Muck, formerly manager Keith's Theatre, in 
this elly. 

... ■ «« « » . . . 


Oklahoma Oily. — At the Ovarholstr 
(Mil. rtvorlinlser. mnnnger) "The Hquaw 
Man" opens the local s«i»an Sept. 6-7, With 
two matinees. Kersnnda' Mlbatrels. 8, ■ Rol- 
licking Girl 10, "The Cowhot's Girl" 12, 13. 
TirniAn flAiuii:.N (Slnopoiilo A Marie, man- 
agers). — The' Curtis Musical Comedy Co. 
closed thin place for Ilie season Sept. 29. 

Ba ii sc ai A Baii.hx come Oct, 11, . 



October 12. 



2,000 to a. re el, laftOOO Mi. 
a package. ■.. Cornice- i 
utlvoly numbereil. j 
Es<me4 Fml nt Back j 

note, 10c 

Xoo.ooq or more 

20,00(5 or 
60.000 or 1 

rSottl ltlc J ' 

^W« ■ hip 0.0, ft, whrn 8?< JacMh 1 1 ««ot »llb oraer.^^ 

. VV. :'.■■"'- ■'•'.' J ... ASK 


Thoroughly seasoned, 
spoclol : malleable fittings, 
patent locking device, 
folds perfectly lint, will not 
wnrp; molt comfortable 
pi-(i stforiecM chair mail*. 

PER D0Zt:N. $S.5t< 

1 'i ii ri ^s» 


2 c. 

4 V. 

(rjdlson Base) 
I'.-Kach 12r 
f.-Eacli lBc 

KCZ Pl-Kach 19* 
IOC. I*.-Kacl» lie 

Packed' 90 hi. a case. 
Add 2c each If ordered lc 
less quantities. - 

2d HandTssied Colored Unpt 

Red, Green. Opal, Amber 
8 C. P. -Each 8c 




Miner's cabin In mountains— Mine doesn't pan 
oat— Gambler oilers money for hand of daughter— 
The Insult— Stranger appears— The blow— Girl 
shows stranger to main road— They part— Strsngor 
■hot by gambler In ambush— Gambler escapes— 
Olrl brings wounded stranger to cabin — Miner 
leaves-T-Oamblcr enters and locks-door— ThoklHB— 
Stranger to tltorescnc— The light— Gambler thrown 
tlirough window— Stranger falls In arms of girl. 

Miner on tbe mountains— Finds a gold mine— Is 
overcome with Joy— tlatnhler discovers his And— 
(ilrl flnds her fathnr— They «<> to slake off claim— 
(laynbler bas been there 'first— They realize his In- 
tentions — Mlnntca i moan millions now — Girl 
reaches jusln, mad sh . gambler mounts his horse— 
Eac* to rcoortl the mlne^Oaulblor readies rall- 

~Wo select our subjects with 
the utmost care, and employ 
the best talent obtainable in 
acting them out Edison 
Films are always sure to 
win apprecia- 
tion. They are 
clean in idea, 
cleverly exe- 
cuted and pro- 
duced by the most im- 
proved and carefully 
worked out metho ds. 
Any of these will play 
to crowded houses : 

road station— Conductor bribed— Train polls ont 
aheiitl of time— Girl arrives too late— Stranger ar- 
rives In antomoblle— Learns the troth— Olri leaps 
Into auto— Off after the train— Girl wins— Mine Is 
recorded — Gambler arrives— Warns stranger to 
leave town or be shot. 

Interior of Recorder's office— Tne.flltl pleada 
with' "Iter Stranger" to save himself— He refusea 
even for her— The fond good-bye— He goes to meet 
his fate. (•■■ .'. . 

Night In a Western town— Gambler and itranger 
meet— Two shots— Gambler falls— Suspense over— 
Girl appears — Finds "Her, Straqgcr" alive— 'He 
holds her In his arms— She has won 'something 
more ihan millions now. 

Code Vconsrond. Length. IV75 Feet. Clas? A. Price, »146 2k 

THE RIVALS Clean Comedy NINE LIVES OF A CAT— Humorous 

CIiih-A. 780 Peet; " Price, .$117.00. 
Send for Circular No. 827. . . 

Class A. 0u5 Feet. ' Price, S143.25. 
Send for Circular No. 324. 

STAGE STRUCK— intensely Funny LOST IN THE AlPSHlramaticI 

CIuus A. 78C Feet. Price. $117.75 
Send for Circular No. 820. 

Class A. 880 Kjet. Price, $124.50. 
Send for Circular No. 810, 


. Main Office and Factory i 70 I.uke.Ur Ave., Orange, !V. J. 

NEW YORK OFFICE: 10 Fifth Avenue, ' CHICAGO OFFICE: 30% Wabatti' Avenue.. V ' v 

. Office for United Kingdom: tt'Olcrkenwell Koad, London, B. c'., "England. 

aAiimir *«.«.'• |THB KINETOOBArn Coi,' 41' East 21st Street.. New York 

aeiung Agents. j GB0R0K B RE0Kj »J0-&4. owwe Stwt, SatfTrancftoo. Cal. j ..... 

Dealers In Ml Principal Cities,. ' | '.' 

■ i i" i ' « ' i >taii'i ii' 



Taylor's XX Professional 

Hat stood the test of time for Half a 
Century and- IS today the 



. ' Trunk Ever Bnitt 



' HKWTOREi 181 W. 3Sth St. 
CBICAQ4H 3f> E. Randolph Street. 



T08T k COMPANY, 900 Filbert 8L, 

(Established 1870), piilUdelphls. 

' «-New, Enlarged, Illustrated Catalogue. 






CIIAIlACTKIi WOMAN, -who can do 

some Intfennct; 


Both must do specialty : must be reliable. Long 
and pleasant engagement to the right parties. 
Week atands. Salary must be low, but SURE. 
Management pays all. Answer quick, no time to 
correspond; state all llrst letter. Address 
Core of Haude Henderson Co.. Frederic, Mich. 



PITTSBVRe, PA.. House lllitg. 
BIRHINGM ABI ALA.. Stelner Bank Bltlg 
PORT* AND, ORSaON. ',' , 

Writ* for Information to oar Hranchru 

DALLAS, TEXAS, Jaanlta BM(. 
KANSAS CITY. .110., ShvbtTt Hllig. 

Hunted Quick, 


Who will hustle for a reasonable salary. Also 
Irish Comedian who doubles Tuba. One nlghter. 
Join at once; wire. 

MILLER-GORMAN CO., Snortsville, N. Y. 
P.' S. — Apy good Fpeclalty that can double 
b rsss wire. '_ 




"Beet of wardrobe, plenty of It." One piece or 
Repertoire. Address 

• ■' So. 734 N. 24th ST.. PHILADELPHIA, TA. 




g Agent 

i; HartEgtOU, 



Character Man, character Woman. Comedian who 
can altig ttud dance. Juvenile Man, Soubrettc. must 
slug and dance, Heavy Han and Al Piano Player 

Good Hustlin 

. .. ED. LUCAST 


Wanted, Medicine Show Performers 

Capable of changing fur a week. Can use guotl 
sketch team, and stoglug and dauclug comedian. 
NO BOO/.EHS. If yon play auy Instrument, ray 
so. Y ujigLt your salary ovc ry weok promptly. Tell 
all you do and salary expected In yonr first letter. 
Bob Cac.ell and the Wallaces, write. Address 
1I AKKY B. CLARK, Uupottt. Putnam Co., Ohio. 



Rapid -Whirlwind Bag Puncfiers — Lightning 

Open tor, Burlesque or Vaudeville. Address 
PARKER AND YOST, 1W Marshall St., Pstersou, 



lending Ian, leading Woman, Comedian and Soubrettc with Specialties, Musical 
Director (Piano), Vaudeville Acts; People In all linen. 

' Photographs and full parlteulara lu Ural letter. 
Address: Suite 237-40, Knickerbocker Theatre Building, No. 1402 Broadway, Vow York, N. Y. 


S«ln„ $7 50 ; 28 In., $8.50 ; SOIn., $0.50 ; .16 In ., $10.50 ; 401n , $12.00. Circus Trunks. 24xl8il 8, 

S7.B0. BUI Trunks, a0r28xlS, Inside, $12.00. Lltho. Trunk*, 42%x28Hxl2, lnilde, $10.00. 
hipped on receipt of $8.00, bal. C. 0. D„ except over SOO mllca, Uien remit ,vbol« amount. 
B1M6N8 a CO., fcliNTIU L TRONK FACTORY, Est 1864. B. W. cor. 7 tb and Arch 8ts.. PUIt. 


\V.\. T'K-iSln. $I'J.(W; ;«>IU. J I.'i.ihi; 32111. Jlt.ii'.i; illlll. JHfi.on; Mill. $tH.(IU: 3SIU. JIT.IHi; join. $IK.UI. 
Year Uuaraatev. , 153 W. 2!ld ST.. W. Y. WKHa tor t'uialvaue. 

For Stock Companies, for Repartolre Soapiiilts, lor Anattar 


! Modermly Equipped Penny Arcade and 

. Ten Ceat Vaudeville 
; Uolng a profitable business. For particulars 
| aaATEHPOK UKALTY CO,, Kingston .City, S T. 


Strong Tin nk«, Theatre Trunks, Bargains always. 
MYERS. 314 N. 10th St Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Id years here— buys or sells, any ouautily, 
cash. 8ome cheap Bill Trunks. 


4'atalogue of, Latest TRICKS, Books, etc., Just 
out. Sent for loo. N'ONK uttK. 

i Vf. I>. I.KKOV, 103 Court St., Iloslon, Mass. 


White and gold, very attractive. One six sheet, 

• mo nine sheet. A Italic AN AML'SEMENT Co., 
K«l llnviatini Ht,. Ilnston. 

Want. Toihiiou liter. 

Age about fourteen or fifteen. No objection to 
Knort iitnaluur. Address 

Z., oan- of CI. I ITER UKFICK. 


amusement. Nejrro 1'ltyi. Paper, Scenery, Mrs. Jsrley'i Wax 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free I ITre.I 

Ptm El, fhkm ii it w. n« St., flaw Tor*. 

Wanted Quick, 

.Versatile SkOloti 'I'eatu, Man with H. P. Mach.. and 
Plhiitst'who can read aud fake. Med. show. MubI 
change fur week. A. J. PEAK Au-lln, Mltin. 




Get In touck wlik W. C. HOPE, 0. P. A., 143 

Liberty Street, Sew York; or P. w. HEROY. E. P. 
A., 1300 Broadway, N.Yj O.K. ARlsSTBOXO, D. 
P. A, Kewart, N. J.; IBA E. WITYTB. D. P. A., 
Aabury Park. K. J.; 0. J. GUMMKBSBAOH, D. P. 
A., Scrantoo, Pa.; H. E. BIHE, D. P. A., Allen- 
town,^^ ■•• -;" 


With or without machine and operator. Good 

service at the right price. 





suitable for MO VI Ml PICTURE 

We can make a very low price. Address Dept. O. 
STEEL FOBNTTCRE CO., Grand Rapids, Mich. 





413 Simon Ave, West Seneca. N. Y. 

W. II. VA.HII.IN, Prop. 

\2V A IV T E I> 9 

Vandcvllle People la Hj^» '•*»«• •• 

know that I can give one to two weeks to 


Must change on Thursdays. Siu.CO ray limit for 
teams. Write in and sec. AddwW/W.HANKINS, 
Mgr., Marlon Opera House, Marlon, III. 





GET oar prices on soap. THEY wlU Interest you. 
Special Dept for making private brands with at- 
tractive labels,. .Honey-gettera of big value for 
canvassers and fakers. We satisfy and hold our 
customers. E. M. DAVIS SOAP CO., 

• ' 40 Union Part Court, Chicago. 

Wanted, Med. Performers, 

Silent Acts, Mnglclana, 8. and D. Sou- 
brette., Masleal Comedians. 

"7 Sore * al »rj . . - K ■ 

SHlKfSTEtJ mil. CO., Il< imis. Midi. 

Wanted, Band Actors 

Heavy, Lead and Comedian, to double tuba, bari- 
tone and alio; also ladles that can act and play 
brass, aud u bill posting agent. Address JAS. 
T. 'McALPIN, Clarendon Bote), Clark and Ontario, 
Chicago. ' . 

.WANTED, a First Class Tumbler, 

To Join a Troupe AT ONCE One that lias bad ex- 
perience as a Gymnast or Acrobat. GOOD SALARY 
to right party. LADY PBEPEURED. Address 
■ B. B. R„ care of K. Y. OLIPPKK, 

Z5 1 A TV. I 8t «.ge InstTvictlorx. 

What Acta to Learn and How.' folntson Salary. 
How to obtain engagements. Addresses of 
American and European Agents aud Malingers 
of Theatres, wltb ALL essential points for br- 
glimers. Tbe only practical TEACHER of Its 
kind. Price an Cents. Address Otto Supply, 
Dept. B,.210 West 39tU Street, New York, City. 

'•Tell It To Me" 

.. All MEW - JTJST OUT, 
Tor tale on all trains afid news stands, or by 

tttlLMe. Address EZRA KENDALL, 
srV^wsil a»», tfayfleld HelitBta. Cloveland. O. 



Bight Header, long experience. Hop. or one 
night. Write or wire. • 

ELHANOK HARDY', Horsbnil, Mlun. 

Largo Bargain Lifts. Pose, Serpentine, Advertise- 
ment and Annonr cement Slides, rlioau. 

r- I- Hitl.l. A CO., -AK) B. Win St, Chicago, IU„ 


PASSES, CABDS. Etc. Write for Samples. 
Webb Pig. Co.. 3S8 Dearborn St. Chicago. III. 


Slides tl.on per set. Thli set Is a winner.' Slides 
to order • specialty. Write for prices. 

OUR VIEWS SUPPLY C(>„ Tal'isrilla, Ohio, 



Tho machine 
iileady, s»f P H „ j 
nsndy; finest | U 
tbo world. 

of specialties in 
machinery, mm, 
and slide*. , , m . 

eras, perforator* 
Printers an <l 
lenses Film rent 
al and all •,„,,. 
» piles— Write for 
1 ' ™. ' w ■ catalogue. 


^ * — "- — " -^ - - - - _ 

_ 81 FOR AIX THIS _^ 

60 gags, 10 for 10c.. or all 4Sc.; 10 fimnr 
wants and aiH., 10c.; £ cumtc hotel rule* b 
comic epitaphs, 10c.; recitation, "He's Ne'er 

! Forgot." la lines, 10c.; gaglet recitation « 
lines, ZSc.; talking turn, straignt and cuui 
3Sc.; 3 parodies, f. gags with each. -r,c. lij 
lots to suit, or alitor , I. Olbcrstuir. LL« 
for stamp, or free with order. Sketches, etc 
to order. Price and references for stamD' 
MaryEr. Thayer. il90 Broad SL.Prnv.. I V 



WANTED, Teams, 
Single Women 

•, 8tock for the season. Write In, friends. 
Garden Tlieatre,,313 t'entml Av e^^Lima. 0. 



Sober and Reliable Musicians to act as Attend. 
ant?, one Clarinet, one Cornet, one Slide Trom- 
bone, one Strong Second Violin. All Instruments 
dpuble B. and 0. Mils', oc sight readers and up In 
staudnrd music. So misrepresentation koo 
Other Musicians write. Address . 
WALTER 1„ HETZLKR, Box 9C4, Dayton, llhiv 


Combination Dining and Sleeping Car, tart., six 
wheel trucks, equipped for fast passenger ser- 
vice; accommodates 'X people: three state roon> 
steam heat (Baker). Buyer can take Immediate 
possession. Car )u E. A K. U. yards Won lilnKlou, 
Ind. Call aud see It. Addre-s 

CHAS. W. MKHCEIt. AVortliingtuu. I Mil. 


Wants to bear from gnod Vaudeville Teams, Sisicr 
Acts and First Part Ladles, at all limes. NO Wl\ K 
ROOMS IN CONNECTION'. All mail answered. 

Xew House, Stage 20.133, Seating Capacity 40u. 
Good Show Town, Electric Lights. Want GOOD 
open time. Ten mile* trum West Baden, a Suuilsr 
njglil town. You can catch ns p;olng and cuin'iig. 
■A. W. HePBlC. Mgr.. Paoll, lad. 



"An Aristocratic Tramp" 

Trombone, Baritone, Cornet double stage and 
props, Woman for small part, who can slug, ft" 
pic In al| lines who double band. C. STOUKFKLU, 
Manager, Clillllcotiie, Ohio, or us per route. 


DKSORIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No mattCTwhat yon wast in thatUnel can 
•opplT H. Now or lecond hand. Send fcr 
tMWorae. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 

523 South St,, Philadelphia, Fa. 


ladles' Gowns. Slightly Worn. 


Also Carry Gentlemen'* bewnd-Uand Clotlitog. 
3(0 St ate Str— t CHICAGO 


ViiUy equipped with kitchen, etc, ready for use. 

Hi» been overhauled, and r^palaled. Atlsm. li- 
Atispia, Cb. ■ ■ . 


Vaudeville People 

Tliat can cliaugc for one week. Teams and S">;le 
AcL«, also Piano Player, must read and take. Oooji 
s*l*iy lo good people. Season's work. Per ah- 
dress, HARRY OCY. 1820 N. Euclid Ave., St. Low*. 
Mo. lack aud Tct Campbell vvrito^ 



Miss Clara De Mar 

Address Chicago, 111., Gen. Bel. _ 

Write Music and Words, 

Guaranteed arrangements for all Ins'rnrceBts. 


Sells Bllghtly Worn Evening ■ and Dinner 
Gowns, which are elaborate end btagcy, to. 
less thau % -tlielr'orlglnal prices. 
217 Wuelstatia- Ave,, upstairs, rhles to^ 


Three Edison Exb lou Mach •«>«».'•„",? 
Unlvenala.Tlirxe No. 4 Optlgraiilis, |.«*> 
feet of Film. CUBAP. SendIorll>t. IHt.* 1 ' 
FILM EX., 112 -114 E. Rullile lpl l SL.CIilcajf t'. 


'OPENED SEPT. HO, with "Temuest and «">• 
sflliic." breaKlug all libuw record?. 'M«~^ 
Altraclluus. A»ld.U. W .1IA MnTJhM*J*^*- 


Wishes lo hear from n good town. An Al i"« • 
former, Instructor, and leader. Small town ry; 
ItrrcU. Add. VIOLIN, T/i K. 1-ila «m >• '• u •' 

'• ■ *\- 

October 12. 



Well, our War is Over, and no Harm's done. If you Want to Know More About It call on THAT Writer. FRED FISCHER. 



Fred Fischer. 


Published by FRED FISCHER MUSIC PVR. CO., 1431 R'way, Now York. Nat Shay. 



Philadelphia. — Oscar llarunicrsteln uoiv 
hold v title lo tbe Ilurruli Mansion, at Bread 
and Poplar Streets, on wbleh he will erect 
tils 11,000,000 grand opera house. The con- 
sideration, |30,U00, was paid In cash, all tbe 
D D re*8ary legal requirements were compiled 
with, and the deeds placed on record. Mr. 
Hnmmerstein, however, announced that be- 
fore he begins tbe work of construction, be 
most hare some assurances from tbe citizens 
nf. their support of the enterprise. This Is 
B be accomplished by a guarantee that 
tblrtv boxes at |."i.000 each, arc taken for 
two years. This will .amount- to 0130,000 i 
Extern, and as forty performances- a year aro 
to, be given, this will virtually mean a guar- 
antee of $.1,500 a performance. Mr. Ilnn.- 
merstelu also announcea that unless this 

3 mount is suDscnnen ay hoy. i, ne win ptacR 
T»6r Sale sign on the property, and aban- 
don- tbe project. 

(jARRicK (Frank Howe Jr.; manager). — 

' Henrietta Crosman produces for the first 
time-on any stage the musical play, "Tbe 

' Cntlstlan Pilgrim," Oct. 7, continuing for 
two -weeks. The cast will Include: Tyrone 
IVwer, Edward Mackay, W. T. Carleton, Ad- 

- 6>qn Pitt and Bertha Harmon. "Tbe Lion 

- and the Mouse," which did nice business 

- last week, will be transferred to the Broad 

Ipr its second and final week T. Richard 
.'Vie, In "The Spring Chicken," 14. . 
Broad (Nixon ft. Zimmerman, managers). 
" — -rThe. Lion and the Mouse" will begin it* 
Kjco'nfl and final week at this house beginning 
' 7." .Dallas ■ Welford, In '.'Public Opinion, 
departed 5 after two successful weeks. Dur- 
ing tils final week he revived "Mr. Wilkin- 
son" 'for four performances to big returns. 
2 gorge. M. Cohan, in "Fifty Miles from Bob- 
*'." 14. 

LVntc (Messrs. Shubert, managers). — Ce- 

' cilia Loftus and Lawrence D.'orsay give 

' their first view of "The Lancers" 7. ,3 TUe 

Great White Way" concluded 5 a two weeks' 

vtay. during which the. standing room only 

s lap was displayed nightly. Blanche Bate?, 

In^The Girl from the Golden West," 14. 

. Apklphi (Messrs. Shubert. managers). — 

"The Road to yesterday" had its local ore- 

mitrr'i, and will continue for two weeks. 

• Joe -Weber, In "Hip! Hip! Hooray!" was 

greeted by big houses last week, who enjoyed 

tbe show and greatly admired the new house. 

, Chestnut Street Or-ERA House (Nixon Se 

ZIjvmv-i wan, managers).— "The Merry Widow," 

tfie/new Viennese operetta, by Fran?. l.ebnr, 

hfts its first Philadelphia presentation 7, for 

two weeks. Ethel Jackson has tbe prlran 

auhns. role, while her associates Include : 

Dohajd Brian, R. 10. Graham and Fred Frear. 

"The Belle of Mayfalr" concluded, 5, a proflt- 

nMe fortnight's stay. "Ben-Hnr" 21. 

■ • Walnut (Frank Howe Jr., .manager). — 
Geprge. W. Xederer's production, "The Girl 
lUngers," begins a run 7. The company In- 
titules : Will Rogers. Van Renssaler Wheeler, 
jtolne Davis nnd.Adolph Jackson. "The Vir- 
ginian" had two successful. weeks, ending S. 

(Irano Oi'BUA HotXK (G. A. Wegelarth, 
rvanager). — Wrothe Watson and Arlington, 

' In "Me; Him and. 1." 7. Grace Cameron, in 

: "'Little Dollle Dimples," was a popular at- 
trac'tlnn. to Mg returns last week. Dlgby Bell, 

. in UShpre Acres," 14. . 

. MjgkJQt. G. Nlxon-Nlrdllngtr, manager). 
~*iTne Spoilers," which achieved a big 
■success last week to crowded houses. Is enn- 

" tinted .'for the current week 7. "At Yale" 
comes; 14. 
• BrOANBV's (J.' V. Kckhardt. manager). — 

. "Tpe Cowboy and the Squaw" hns Its first 
local view 7 and week, following a big week's 

■ business done bv Lottie Williams, In "Josle, 
the Little Madcap." "Fighting Bill, the 
Shorln' of Sliver Creek." somes 1$. 

National (Jos. M. Kelly, manager). — 
: "Jessie Left the Village'" receives Its local 
prepiler'7. "A Midnight Escape" furnished 
{(if necessnry excitement for the patrons last 
week, who responded In large numbers. "Con- 
vlct r !MiO" U. 

-,Gwa'bj> (Miller & Kaufman, managers). — 

Ij>W'Wp|ch, In "The Shoemaker," 7. "Around 

the"'CIoc)i" tested the capacity at all of the 

•performances last week, Blllle Ritchie being 

.the 'big magnet. "'The Ninety and Nine" 

Hart's- (John W. HaVt, manager).— This 
hntise takes a fling at vaudeville 7. with IIow- 
'a"rnVBrg» Vaudeville- Co. The bill mentions: 
f'havloK Nichols and ' company. Baker and 
'lyynn'.the'Tbree Gardners, the Carsons, I,oro 
•aid. Payne, ■' Emmet' Welch, Batcbelor and 
Hushklln, and Carl Brebmer. J. Harvey Cock. 
W "'An- Actor's Romance," did well litsr week. 
"From Sing Sing to Liberty" 14.- 

Chestnut (Grant Lafertj, managed.— 
Tile. Ofyheum -stock, which ronttnues on the 
wave of popularity, will essay "Glittering 
Gloria" the current' week. "When We Were 
Twepty-one" was revived last week In flne 
style.' and attracted bier houses. "Lady Wlude- 
tnerVs Fan"' is scheduled, for 14. 

FosEi'Aton's (Miller & Kaufman, mana- 
gers).— The Mlddletop-Bsrbler stock eon- 
tlaitet in-Ond favor. This week, "Tone Hoxle" 
will' be seen for the Hrst time locally. "At 
the 'Flak of His Life" gave the stock good 
opportunity last week, Adra Alnslee, In tbe 
Lading . role, being particularly effective. 
wbl(e. George Borbler ptuyed n character part 
•In "a, inost capable manner.' "The Hunchback 
■of Notre Dame" J4. 

SrAXDAtin (Darcy k Speck, managers). — 
The stock, la "Secrets of the Police," «. Last 
week' "How Hearts Are Broken:* played to 
good business. "When Women Love" next. 

.Cm n iik, Fr.inkford (Stanford' & Western, 
nmaagers). — This bouse, after being hand- 
somely refurnished, will open - as u slock 
Jiousc 7, with "At the White Home Tavern" 
•IK the opening attraction. The company In- 
clude* : Paul Taylor. Emily Smiley, Karle 
Western. • Fflytba Ketchnro, Virginia Hen- 
ilqas, Hattle Foley, Wlnthrop rbamberlnln, 
Tuorntoo Free", H. Maxwell Wllgus. Frnnk 
Fielder, Harvey Cnsslily, W. W. Barrett, and 
John. L. Wcodcraon, stage manager. 

Keiths (II. T. Jordan, manager). — The 
iill week of 7 has Burr Mcintosh, tbe Five 
English Madcaps, Elizabeth Murray, Griff, 
"module Alley." Kenb. Walsh and Melrose. 
Diamond nnd Smith, Emmet Corrlgan and 
company, the 'Blnaldos, Harry Burgoyne, 
Avery and Hart, Gillette's dogs. Viola and 
Kngle. the Verlln Trio., and tbe klnetograph. 
Business continues big.. 

kwirebt (Nixon ft Zimmerman, managers). 
e-Tfie bill week of 7: George Evans, toe 


t.-^ '. ...... 

Florenz Troupe, Ed. Blondell and company. 
I'lalre Homalne. the Italian Trio, Wilton 
Brothers. Italpli Johnstone. Bellman and 
Moore, Prelle's BIJou Circus, and animated 
pictures. Patronage was flne last week. 

People's I Nixon & Zimmerman, managers) . 
— Resident Manager Boh Watt's bill for 
week of 7 consists of Woodward's seals. as 
the big card, and the Olvmpla Four, Jupiter 
r»ros.. Josephine Davis. } , »redlth.1»fcif»i*. r Ed. 
Estus, Frank Clarlr, Al. Shein ind-compu:7i 
aim iiniojhLiii ii».iure.. 

Trooapep.o (Fred • WlllBon. manager).— Tlie 
Toreadors' 7, with Bobby Harris. George T. 
Walsh and Al. Bruce as the chief, factors In 
tbe burlesque: "The Toreadors In Spain." 
The Bohemian Burlesquers were rewarded 
with Connelly bouses last week. 

Bijou (Geo. W. Rife, manager).— The 
Cherry Blossoms will bloom 7 and week. 
Their numbers include : .. John Perry, noft 
Phillips, Mlron Gllday, Jerge Alene- and Ham- 
ilton, and Llll'e Perry, on every Tuesday 
night an athletic carnival' is held, while the 
amateur efforts on Fridays continue' to he 
a feature. Last week, the Star Show (llrls 
pleased big bouses. Twentieth Century Maids 

Casino (Ellas & Koenlg, managers). — 
The Gay Morning Glories. 7- 12, with: Snltz 
Moore, Clara Raymond, the English Belles, 
Slnck apd Rhodes, the Coopers, and Smith 
nnd Brown. Al. Rc-eveesT Show was well 
patronized last week. Tbe Cracker Jacks 

New Gatett (Ctaas. L. Walters, mana- 
ger). — Fred -Irwin's Big Show 7-12, with an 
olio Including : Campbell and Kenney, Ward 
Lynch, Brady and Mahnney, Watson Sinters, 
and the Bennett 'Sisters. Last week. Man- 
chester's Mnsqueradera had plenty of patron- 
age. Srribner's Big Show next. - - 

ioi.eventh Street opuiia House (Prank 
Dumnnt, manager). — Manager Dumont has 
evolved a new skit, "Trading .Stamps at 
Lit'*." for week of 7. The other burlesques. 
"Million Dollar Pier Tickler" -and "The 
Painter's Affinity," are continued In the .bill. 
Business continues big at this old bouse of 
minstrelsy. - • 

Ninth MB Arch Museum IT. F. Hop- 
kins, manager). — The curio hall has n 
woman's boxing match, Raymond marionettes, 
Prof. Meuinann. telepathic marvel: C. V. 
Lee. Prof. German, and Mons. Forber. In 
tbe theatre are: Walter- Clare, Metodla Imo. 
W. F. Judge, Graham and Campbell, Acme 
Trio, and Lubln's cineogranb. 

Notes. — The Treasurers Club has leased 
the upper floors of No. 1207 Walnut Street, 
for Its cluhrooms, which wlllbe fitted up In 
comfortable style. At the meeting last week 
it was. decided to admit to honorary member- 
ship the dramatic. editors and their assistants 

from the dally papers Business men are 

raising a big rumpus' over the Increasing 
number of moving picture shows on Marker 
Street, and are taking steps to Invoke .the 
aid of the authorities In order to restrict 
them. It is not expected that they "will 
succeed In doing anything, as there Is no Inw 
that governs these places, and- nothing' Is 
likely to lie . done until the next legislature 

In 10OII takes action The German Theatre 

Slock Co. produces : week- of- 7: "The 'Gypsy 
Baron," "The Beggar Student" and "Der An- 
dere.". . . . '. .The Boston Symphony Orchestra 
begins Its concerts at the Academy of. Music 
on Nov. 4. 

Plttskar* — At the Nixon this week's bill 
Includes: Vesta Victoria, Desroches and 
Illsnca. 1 Louis Simon and Grace Gardner, 
Dankmir-Schlller Troupe, Clifton Crawford, 
Edith Helena. De Faye Sisters, Curzon Bis- 
ters, Arthur Prince, and speclul motion ptc- 
- litres. Last week, Dockstader's Minstrels 
packed the bouse and gave a great show. 
Blanche Walsh, In "The Straight Road," 
Oct. 14-19. ; . .'.;.,. . 

Obano.— This week's bill: May. Irwin. 
Edward Connolly and company, Walter C. 
Kelly, Rice and Prevost, Empire City Quar- 
tette, Corlhne, Snrder and Buckley,. Bros. 
Permane, flatty's performing bears,. Zarre! 
Bros., Wombly and White, Marshall, the 
juggler, and tbe cinema logmpb. Last; week's 
bill was excellent' and' pTifyed "to tbe 
large business: 


IMMUB," — This ' week, special engage- 
ment nf E.'"H. Sothern, presenting: "Tne 
Fool Hath Said In His Heart" "If I Were 

King" and "Hnmlet." Last week's vaudeville 
bill was very good. 

Alvin.— This week, '"Way Down Enst" 
opens a two weeks' engagement. Last week 
Texas" gave a good show und played to 

large business. 
Bi.rot.'. — This 
Ray, lo 

week, Johnny and Emma 
Last.w.eeK, Tnos. R, 

Shea, In rehefory, played to big buslnes» and 

'King Casey. 

i In repefory, pla 

gave 1 the patrons some very line shows. Han- 
Ion's "Superbn" 14-1 ». 

Blaxrv'h. — This, week,. "The' Mysterious 
Burglar." Last week, "Lottie,' the Poor 
Saleslady" played: to satisfactory , business 
und pleased. Cecil Spooner 14-10. . 

GArr.Tr. — This week, the Casino. Girls, 
featuring Mile. Fougere, tbe^eccentrlquechan- 
teuse. Last week, the Trocaderos puryed to 
good business and. pleased.' KoblcD* Knick- 
erbockers 14-10. 

Academy or Mchic. — Tills week, the- Jolly 
Grass Widows. Lost week tbe Broadway 
Gaiety Girls, with Johnny Weber, played lo 
a large week's business. This was toe second 
anoenrance of the show hern" this season. Leo 
i'nrdcllo. the wrestler, was an added attrac- 
tion, and met several local men. Fay Foster 
fa 14-10. 

Hipponnoiis. — This week: King! and Han- 
loop, Bob Roberts. Willie Stevens. Anna Bel- 
mont, Farrow and I/cnf, and the Hlnpograpli. 
Business has been very good. Friday, ama- 
teur nlgbt. ' ' ' 

Liberty. — This week: Shewbcrry and 
Berry. Ilarrltv and Herr, Musical Seely, Inez 
Merrill, and the moving pictures. 

Majestic— This week: Morette Sisters, 
Gus and Marlon Kobl. Shields and Callr, and 
the Majestngraph. 

Notes.— At the 15. B. Caalno : Harry- Mick. 
Edwin G. Kelly. Rockwell and Rich, and stor- 
ing pictures. Business continues good.-.*,... 
Al the Allegheny Casino :- George W.:'8oow. 
De Feur and Estea. . . .. .The II. *. Marine 

Band closed a we.k's engagement at the: Ex- 
position, sd(1 made- a big. hit. Ferullo, tbe 
Neapolitan Master, will open Monday, for a 
week's engagement. 

Johnston n. — At the Cnmhrli: (Hurry W. 
Scherer. manager) Richard Carle, In "The 
Spring Chicken.'" played to large nudlenccH 
Sept. 30. -'London Gaiety Olrls did big busi- 
ness Oct. 4. Dustln Farnum. In "The Hanger." 
drew a packed house 3, "The Spepherd King" 
7-si, "The «Hrl from the Sunny South" 11.' 
"New Yortr-DBT By bar" -12. "Painting the 
Town" 14. "Shadows on thr Hearth" In. "The 
Atrival of Klttv" Ifl. "The Lost Trail" 17. ; 
"East Lynne" 18. Mary Mannerlng. In "Glori- 
ous Betsy." HI.- '. * ■-•••; 

Park Family (Harry W. Scherer, mana- 
ger). — Following hill drew packed houses last 
week. .Ah Ling Sob. James A. Dunn, Men- 
deffsahri Trio, ('race Hazard, Pongo and Leo. 
and moving pictures. Bill week of 7 : Grace 
Hazard. Eva Mudge. Sam J. Ryan, Brooks 
nnd Vedder. Musical Thnr. Holmen. Brothers, 
Illustrated songs and moving pictures. 

Note. — The Richard Carle Co., which 
played "The Spring. Chicken" In tbls city on 
Sept. "in, had a rather thrilling experience 
on Saturday afternoon,- Sept. 28, in a wreck 
on the Baltimore * Ohio It. R. at Reltalre. 
O. The Carle company were In the rear of 
the train. la their private cars and conse- 
quently few of the members were Injured. 
Albert A. Dolby, the musical director, bad 
gone forward to purchase a paper, and had 
Just reached tbe smoker when the collision 
occurred. His right arm was badly mangled. 
The baggage car telescoped the smoker and 
there Is where the most fatalities among 
the passengers occurred. Several members 
of the theatrical company volunteered In the 
rescue work and helped heroically lo rescue 
the dead and Injured. Frances Farretl. one 
of the chorus girls, received a bruised eye 
In the wreck by being thrown against a win- 
dow sill. Mr. Carle distinguished himself 
hv his efforts to extricate many unfortunates 
pinned beneath the wreckage. 

SeramtOR. — At the Lyceum (CM. South- 
well, manager) Mme. Scbumann-Helnk, in 
concert, Oct. 7, May Itobson, In ."The Reju- 
venation of Aunt Alary." 8, Dallas Welford 
ft, "Madam Butterfly" 11, "The Virginian" 
12. "Ben-Hur" the past week delighted large 
houtrea at every performance. 

Academy It. M. Southwell manager). — 
"Broadway After Dark" 7-9. "The Muzumn 
Man" 10-12. and "The Heart of Virginia," 
.i-."i. drew good houses. 

The New I'oi.i tJno. H. Docking, man- 
ager); — The bill : week of 7 : Cressy and 
l)avn». Leon Morris' Society Circus, Almont 
and Dumont. Watermelon Trust, Bvers and 
Herman, Arthur .Wblteinw. and Le Vllle and 
Sinclair. Business continues large. 

Kajiii.y - (II. R. Smith, . manager). — For 
the second -week of the stock company, "The 
Little -Gray Lady" will lie produced. Tbo 
opening weefc proved a successful one. 

Star (Oliver C, Patten, managen. — Ken- 
lucky Belles 7-1), Merrv Maidens 7 10-12, the 
Thoroughbreds' 14-10. and the Bohemians 17- 
10. The High School. Girls, .1-. r >, were well .re- 
ceived. • 

New Columbia (Joseph Weiss, manager). 
— Scrlbner'a Big Show 7-0, and Al. Reeves' 
Beauty. Show 10-12;- The openlrtg week of 
this house, with the Rehman Show. and, the 
Gay Morning Glories, was a notable success. 
Manager. Weiss is to lie congratulated upon 
the perfection of detail aod .smooth manner 
In which everything was conducted- ■' 


Vale',- "Pnlntlng the Town" had big houses, 
sftPrnnon and evening, A. The new lumklug'- 
Inclu'le : "Madam llutierlly" !>. "The Virgin- 
ian" W. nnd Je?sle Mae Hall, In "The Cule«t 
■Jlrl-ln Town," II. 12. 
■ Norn. — Stave O'flrady. representing "Mh- 
do'm Butterfly,", was here 2-4. Mr. O'Grady 
.was, entertained at the Elks 1\, by H. Elmnrp 
Sru,l|n, a local newspaper man. 

'Erie.— At the Mnlestlc t.lohn L. Gllsnn. 
manager) Adelaide Thurston. In "The Girl 
from Out Yonder." gave the licst nf satisfac- 
tion Ion full house. Kellar and Thurston 
Her..' 8„ Elsl«..Janls Ifl, In "The llovdens ;" 
Max Flgman 11; Mclntyro nnd ilealh 12. 

I'ark opera llniiSE (John L. tJllsnn. man- 
ager). — Sept. IM> and week. Irene Mycrs'-Co., 
In repertory, did large- business. Whiteside- 
Strauss stocg Co.; In 'repertory and vaude- 
ville, Oct. 7-1 2. •'..•.- • ' :- ■ 

Family. — Good attendance last week. 
' Note.— Lodge No. 07. Bi P. O.Hlks, of Erie, 
Pa., • has broken -ground for its elegant new 
live-story block nnd home,- nil .for their own 
general use In society work, entertainment 
nnd pleasure for nil Elks. 

Lancaster. — At the Fulton Opera House 
If hns. A. Ycckcr. manager) Rosabele Les- 
lie, supported by it good company. In reper- 
tory, had good, business Sept. 110-Oct. ft, ex- 
cept -2. when "Tbe Lion ancl tbe Mouse" was 
presented lo a large bouse. "Madam But- 
terAy" 8. "tieorge Washington Jr." 10, "Girl 
of -Eagle -Ranch" 11, Mme. Schumnnn-Ilelnk 

Family lEd. Mottarr, manager).— -Current : 
Jusejih Callahan anil company. In "Great 
Moo. Pnst and Present ;" Regal Trio, Wal- 
fnu'f and Mendez, Hamilton and Hewlett, 
Millar Bros.. ArmstMng and Levering, ana 
moving pictures. 

' .' ; ' " * 

Carbnodal*.— At the Grand Opera House 
(Geo; XV. Lowder. manager) "No Mother to 
Guide. Her" hud good business and pleased 

night of Oct. 3. 
"The. King Itee" 
'•Kentuc'ky Hue" 
Hndle.v's pictures 

A Desperate Chnhce" 
0, "Public. Opinion" 10, 
II. "Monte Crlslo" 12. 
14. "George Washtngloti 
18. 'The 

RradlnK. — At the Academy- of Music (M. 
Rets; -manager) "Painting the Town" .had 
large attendance Oct. 2. Robert (lamella, 
.In "Done Brown," drew a well flllod house. 
4. Washburn's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" had 
good returns 5. • * 

OttPHKUM (C. F. Hopkins, manager). — For 
week of 7 : The Elnneys, Mnrzelio and Mlllay. 
Clifford and Burke, Tobln Slslerti, Edgar Al- 
len and Olive Rlscoe, and the klnetograph, 
Capacity business continues. -•',■■•■ 
-'Grand Opera House (M. Rels. manager). 
— Helen Orityce, who-liegan a three weeks' 
ecgaKOtnant In repertory, Sept. 2>Vhss estab- 
lished herself as a favorite here. Her- audi- 
ences h-ive been --uniformly large and appre- 
ciative. *'. ,.' ... . ■ 

I'.ijoc- (l.'pdcgraff fc'Brownell. managers). 
— Sum A-- Scrlbner's' Gay Morning Glories 
and Frank D. Bryan's Congress of American 
Girls divided week of -Sept. .10, to: crowded 
bouses, , a, ., ...... ; .' 

• ' ' m . 

llastetna — At the Grand Opera House 
(George Albert Hdley, resident manager) 
"Simple Simon Simple" came Sept. 20, lo 
good business. "Dealers In While. Women" 
pleased 27. "Miss Bob. White," .'10, did big 
business. Mary Emerson in "On ' Parole. 
Ocl.'4: 'The Lost Trail" 5. "Shadows on the 
Hearth'.'- 7. "?The Girl of the Eagle-Dnnch" 8. 
"An Actor's Romance" 0. Stetson's "IT. T. ('." 
10. 'The King Bee" 11. "Done Brown" 12. 
— Family- (Knoblauch & Hersker,-' proprie- 
tors!. — Adams and White, Fritz- Houston, 
D. /. flavles,' IJoyce Bros., Fred Farrell. -Mil- 
ler ana-Russell, song* Illustrated, and' klneto- 
graph. Week ot Sept. iiO, usual good business 
prevails....... ,' > : '• - , . • 

' Altooaa — At the Mlshler (I. C. Mlsbler, 
manager) Richard Carle. In . "Tbe Spring 
Chicken/' played :o capacity Oct.-l. 2. "The 
Shepherd King'' did big. business :i-5. Inter- 
national moving pictures 7, 8. "Geo. Washing- 
ton. Jr." ft, "The Olrl or (he Sunny South . 
10, the London Gaiety Olrls 11, "Shadows on 
the Hearth" 12. "The Arrival of Kitty" 14, 
"Painting the Town" 15, "The Lost Trail'' 
HI, "East Lynae" 17. Mary Mannerlng 18. ' ' 

Star. — Week of 7: Tom Heft-on, Geo W. 
Tab, Collins and Fields, and Bert Soper. 

Casino. — Week ot 7: Waller McGIII, 
Frank fOlek. ... 

Academy ok Music. Tyrone. — "New York 
Day by Day" was presented Sept. 30. "Broken 
Hearts" Oct. ], "The Master Workman" 2. ' 

Notes. — Manager 1. C. Mlshler has pur- 
chased .the site of the Old Eleventh Avenue 
Onera House, and while It Is rumored that he 
will build thereon a large business block and 
a flrct class vaudeville. theatre, Mr. .Mlshler 
Is hot yet fully decided what he will do with 
the properly. 

: i.i i | , 

' Harriabarft. — At tbe Lyceum Theatre 
(M. Rel»„MB»nager)Ai"Tbe ShepbC(4 Kin*," 
with Carl Rrrlrkson, was a big success Sept. 
30-Oct. 1. "The Tourists" won much taint 2, 
and was hooked for a retnm engagement. 
Richard Carle played to capacity 3. aod 

Jr.? '16, "Hearts and Flowers 
Ragged Hero" ill. 

-Family iF.L. lllalr, -manager). — Bill for 
week of 7: Russell and Davis, In "The Sub- 
stitute;" Adams nnd White, Hoyre Brothers. 
Miller and Russell. William Shalle, in sung* 
Illustrated, nnd. klnetograph. 

"'* ■ 
1 relumhU. — At the Colombia Opera Housi» 
(Jobn II. Blsslnger, manager) John GrirHth 
pleased u good house with "King Richard III" 
Sept. ^8. "Done Brown" drew good horns' 
Oct. 1. < Rosabele Leslie pleased a packed 
; house :2: , Moving plclures. to guild buslnoH). 
3-5. "lhe Train Robbers" 10. "The IMrlilin; 

Note.— K. C'. Shannon and H. E. Ille'cey 
hnvp. opened a skating rink In the new Stain 
armory. . They hnve Joined a circuit, Includ- 
ing a numlur of rinks In this vicinity, and 
.have bonked n number of first class attrac- 
tions for the season. 

■ a— ii . . 

WllllaatagHtri. — At lhe Lycoming Opera 

House (>L. J. Flak, manager) "The Lunalli: 

and the -Lady"' pleased Sept. 30. "Tbe Darling 

-of the Gods", pleased u good bouse Oct. 2. 

. "The. College Widow" had line business 4. 

Yankee, Doodle Stock Co. week of 7. "I.eoh 

Kleschna" I4 ( Uadley's pictures 15, "Tbe 

Jollifies" 16. Jessie Mae Hall 17, Stetson's 

"II. T. O.",10. 

Family (Fred M. Lamade, manager). — 
Good business prevailed lust week. Hooked 
.for week of 7 : "Mnscol," trained horse; Mar- 
low, I'lunkett and company, Military Girls' 
Quartette, Juliet Wood. Adams and Guhl, and 
IV Will' Young and company. 
Karrlslnwn, — Al lhe Grand Opera House 
.(Herbert E. Lynch, manager) "TIia Arrival 
of.', Kitty" pleased goorl business Sept. 28- 
I.'arl ('. Simons Stock Co. scored week of 30. 
Jessie Mae Hall Oct. 7. "A Ragged Hero" 
.»,' 'tThe Train Robbers" fl, Grace Cameron, 
In "Dolly IHtopb-K," Ifl ; "The Lost Trull" 
II, CrluilUH and Gore 12. "Nobody's Claim" 
15. "Hearts' and Flowers" 10, Macmlllen 17, 
."Kentucky Site" |ft, Aubrey Slnck Co, week 


Baltimore.— Hlchnrdf aiin Is lo he seen 
at Ford's ((.'tanrles K.- FOfd, manager) Oct. 
~ and. week. In "A Spring Chicken." Otis 
Skinner's successful production Of "The Honor 
xif- the. Family," dre*'targel.v week ending ft, 
Percy Hns well, n former fnvorlte of lhe l'»w- 
celt Stock Co., shared the honors with the 
•atar..' "The Relic' of Mayfalr" Is due 14. 

NlXON A Zimuiikia.v's Academy (M. J. 
Lehmayer. mandgcr). — "A Fool nnd » Olrl" 
opens", following "The Three of Us." which 
wos'.mucli liked, last. week. "Fascinating 
Flora" Is due 14, 

Amiaeoh'm i J. Albert Young, manager). — 
The current week's offering Is "Lovers' Laun," 
which opens 7.' The usual good business re- 
warded "The Girl und the' Judge" Inst "week. 
"The .Charity Boll" is announced for 14. 

Maryland (James L. Kerniui, manager i. 
Robert' Daly and company head this week's 
tilll, which InclWles : The Kltn-Banznl .laps. 
LtmL Henrv Hnrton, lhe Nelson i.'omli|iies, 
the I'elois. and Duvlne and Williams. 
. . AttUTORlDjl (James I,. Kernun, managen. 
— "Paint log the Town" lieglns a stay or one 
week 7. • "Simple Simon Simple" did well 
week ending ft. Nat Wills comes 14, with "A 
Lucky -Dog. 

IIoi.LiiiAY Street ((ieorge W. Rife, msna- 
pcr), — ;*A Uhlulghl Escape" opens 8, follow- 
ing .1 A Fugitive from Justice/' which closed 
-n . .prosperous week 5. "The Llllle Organ 
Urmrter" 14. i ■ 

llj.A^ET'K (Charles 10. fllnney, manager). 
Ixitlle Williams will be seen 7-12, In "Josle, 
tbe Little Madcap." "lierlbn, the Sewing 
Machine G|rl," closed a week nf full houses 
5." "Ills Terrible Hecrel" next. 
' GAYBTr. (W. L. Bullatlf, manager). — Man- 
chester's Guy Mnsoueraders are the week's at- 
traction.- beginning 7. The Knickerbockers 
did well, closing /"■ The Gny Morning Glories 


: -\>tv Most 'SiKS'TAi. (Sam M. Dawson, raan- 
aaerT.— The Tiger Lilies open 7. The Cherry 
Blossom Btirlosriiiers did well, closing 5. Next, 
the Broadway Oayetv Girls. 

Lt-BiN'a (Edward C. Earle, manager).— 

•The New World In 3007." which Is heralded 
as a big spectnculnr prodtictlmi, istho hilt 
for 7-12. The business ar this popular house 
Is large. 



Los Auatrlea. — At the Mason opera House 
(II. C. Wyatt, ntnnngi'ri "Tho Man- of tbo 
Hour" was presented to good business during 
week ending Sept. 28. Olgn Xethcrsole opened 
her engagement 30. She was seen In "The 
Awakening." "Supho," "Carmen" nnd- "The 
Labyrinth," during the week. 

Belani-o (JolinH. Blackwood, manager). — 
The stock company presented "The Man from 
Mexico." to good business, week ending Sept. 
28. "The Only Way" week of lit). "A Modern 
Magdalen" Oct. 7 and week. ' 

Miiiiosco's MuiitiANK (Oliver Mornsco, man- 
ager i.-^-The stock company presented "PHncc, 
Otto ' to capacity business during week end- 
ing Sept. 28. "All the Comforts of Home" 
drew well 20 nnd week. "The Professor's 
Love Story" current. 

I^is (Arthur A. I. otto, managen. 
--The. San Francisco Opera Co., In "Thu 

Si rollers." played lo 'good business Sopt. fill 
and week. "Tn» Idol's Eve" .Oct. 7 and week. 

(itiANO Over* IIochu (Clarence Drown, man- 
nger).— ^"The Ofttornnn was presented to big 
business week ending Sent. "28. The IMiicii 
Slock Co. presented "A Millionaire's Revenge" 
to capacity business, an and week. "Bmatl- 
wny After Bark" this week. 

FisctiKit's <A. E. Fischer, malinger).— 
"Winning a Ilel" wtts the new offering nf 
Fischer's Comedltins Rapt. 21) nnd week. Good 
vaudeville and motion pictures complete the 

OHi'HKi'M (Martin Heck, general inuna- 

f;er). — Fenlnres Oct. 7 ami week: Kailier- 
ne Dunn and W. N. Crlpps, Inez Mncunlcy 
and Rhnan Oliver, In "The Unexpected ;'" 
Paul Barnes, the Christie Dun, "A Night 
with the Poets," tbe Sunny Mouth. Berry 
and Berry, nnd motion pictures. 

llNiguk (lliptz ft Znflce, proprietorsl.— 
Features Hept. lid and week: Mveognll. Mel- 
\llle and Mcl.eotl, Slant nn-Sa ndboru, Richard 
cuminlnss. "The Two Scnnlurs/' by the 
I'nlque I'lnyers :. Illustrated Hongs, by Tracy 
McDermott, nnd the ITnli|ite-n-Hco|ie. 

Eiinni! (Billy Bunks, resident lnonager). 
— Features 30 and week : Mr. mill Mis. John 
Powers, Mcl.lnn Brothers, Wilbur Held, Jo*, 
sterling, Luurn Hunks, moving pictures, ami 
Empire stock company, lu huh net cumed) 1 , 
"Buffalo Bill." 

Pmm'LR'n (Al. G, Flournoy. manager).-— 
Features 30 and week ; llsllund and Alllsnh, 
Robinson and Grant, John Walsh. Homer 
Long and People's Cdmc'dy Co., presentlug 
"The Fixer." 

tin Lionel. - Al the' Macdonough (Clus, i". 
Hall, mnnagei'i "The prince of I'llseo" drew 
citpiiiilv business Sept. 23-25, and returned 
20 for two performances, In cii|iaclty business. 
"The Three of U8" 30 and week, Richards & 
Pi-Ingle's Minstrels, two perforniances, Oct. 
(I, "Salomy Jaue"- 7». 

Liiierty (II. U'. Hlsbnti, tnanaueri. — The 
Liberty Hlork Co., In "The Darning Girl," 
drew excellent Iioiikch week ending Sent. "II- 
Rlsliop'H('om|ihny of Players, In "The Lovers' 
llouto," 30-Ocl.ll; '"file Pit" follows. 

Cot. ti. Mill A ([venting ft Flood, managers). — 
The Columbia company,- In "Tlic Telephnne 
illrl," drew very Niltlufqctory business week 
eudlng Sent. 20. Will Wo II lug and Mary 
.Aliisl(i> and conrpuny, In '"Jim I lie Wesleroer, 
110-Oct. A : "Brown's In Town" 7-13. 

Iiii.iia I'AiiK OI'KIIA House (W. II. IIIhIioii, 
manager). — Tbo ldorn Opera (.'»., lu "Ship 
Ahoy, ' had good business week ending Sept. 
211. Some opera IMLOcl. 0, "lllp Vnn Wlnklo" 
7 nnd week. ,"TJie Jlelle of New York" Is 
scheduled for nn-elll'ly production. 

Oiu'iiktm men. Cliiiv, resident mnnnger). 
— The players to appear for lhe grand open- 
ing, Hcut. 30 and, week, were: Lllllnn llurk- 
luudt und company, I laun San and com- 

Ran). Mr, unci- Mrs. .Iluunle llmrv. "The 
tinny Hotitli," lone Muel.iitli. Fred Bay nod 
company, the ('our Atconls, und Orplieuin 
moving pictures. 

Bell (Ed. ilomuti. mimugor). — Bill week 
of Sept. 110: Frank Huron and company. In 
"doing Home ;" Ethel Alton nnd company. 
Dunnviiii and Arnold, Al. Htirlon. Walton 
und Smith, Dorothy Imyne, -Harold Hon", nun 
lhe lad's i Bell in oi ion plclures. , Business 
was heavy Inst week. 

' Novelty (Guy C. Smith, mnnageri.— 
Fen I u res 30 mid wenk: Ilrliidnninur. LcflJng- 
well Hi ix e atlil coinjuuy, 'Mni'nt v J. 'Simons. 
Blontlle Robinson, tlftwnllsn (Jiilntntte, and 
the projeeloseope; Ituslnestt was to cnpuclty 
Inst week. '. " ■ '. > '■ 

EMI'lltK II). JI. Cat'lion, manager i. --mil 
30 iintl Week :. -Grace Harrington, Joe Foiisccn. 
.loliii Donovan. Lhe Flemings. C, W. Fait, and 
million pictures. Business was heavy last 

iil.liil' llliEAM I W. |i, llefTey, innnnger) con- 
tinues lo good business with its luteal pic- 

Rex (J. I*. Wllmoi, tontiiigeri. — The mov- 
ing nil lures ntxl llluslrnleil songs Hie still 
popular. Bttilness was lioniiilng last week. 

.Viiikh.— Oakland's OrplHuini Thenlro was 
dedicated on the evening of Sept. 30. beforo 
n hiilllont audience und amid n tihixv of 
light. 11 nffl'iVd n vmid'-vllle programme 
eijiuil lo any oyer seen on llin Paclllc coast. 
t.'ity Attorney John R. MdOvoy was Intro- 
dureil, nnd uiinoiiiicril thai, owing to Illness. 
Mayor Molt, of iiiiklaiol. was iinuvoldnbly 
alisent, and flint he' would represent hltu In 
welcoming the Orplieuin circuit uttriictlons 
to Oakland. PrflSldcnt M. .Mcyerfeld Jr., ot 
the orplieuin circuit Co.. hits made u change 
In the ninnagi'OK'nl of Hie Oakland Orphcuu. 
transferring George Ehey lo the liianiiuemenr 
of lhe nliiyhiiusc, in place of .1. L. D. Frailer. 
An onli-r to Oils effect hns Just been Issued 
l>y Mr. Myerfeld. Mr., Kliey Ik n vetonia 
liewspiipcr Minn, aod was for a ntinibei- 
«f years connected Willi the Orpheurn 
Co., In Hie iiiBiinjii'incnf .of Its Iheslres In 
the ICast nnd on the coast. He asslstcil 
In opening Hie New Orleans, HI, Charles Or- 
plietini In HI03. and was in the Los AiikoIch 
Ovpliciiin before that lime Martin Dono- 
van, the fnlher-ln-luw ru" Chnunccy Olcotr. 
died la lhe Alameda Hounioiium, Sent. 20. 
He bnit been a resident of Frulrvale for the 
pssl two yenrs. I|e was seventy years of 
age, nnd n native of Ireland, lie was nt- 
letideil to the day of fait dentil by his Uuugb- 
ter, Mrs. chnunccy Oloott. , 




BJmToatltr'iiiD 88ami>s$l (iDruota, 




SATCE^A*. OCTdBEB 12, Ml. JL^Jww«»W*.: 


~itie *!irlo^^to54tTdn of fitce a 

•onto of the graceful gestures of that popular 

stft. :Sut while she mows 

. mbM the various character, 

l-figilcftlrid of matcrlaL A well 

„ ?n •et'i*IlcB would give her the proper 

setttlbg lot Mt work would double the vulu.' 

ot Wft»P«e«ttlr. Her net runs:cloven minute 

and- »ti<J u«*» tie full atflge 



M *oDi_«„ isw. •>£ Jj* !!_&P--S 

lit second din matter, unoee 

CI- > ton Wbiir and Marie, nlnnrt. 
C,eorgc V. HobriH iisa succeeded BTgett'. 


some downright fun out of tUq Wc« cm 
IMI In "Chf 

Advertisements— 12.80 per Incli, single colomn. 
Aovertlaements set with Ijorder, 10 per ct. extra. 

One fear, in advance, 14 ; six months, J*? tbree 
months, $1 Foreign postage, extra. Magic copies 
wM be sent, postpaid, on receipt of 10 ceata. 
Oar Terms are Cn»h. 

uu|n V»a *■• v*'ar"» » «—-- — — 

The hMl Clonings Promptly, Tnes- 
,-. ;J flay lit 10 o'clock A. M. 

.. Plain* .remit. iiy . express, money, order, cheek. 
P? await or registered loiter. All cash enclosed 
Willi, letter la at ttie rlik of sender. .,>..„•• 
Add real All. lomrannlfntloni to 
47 Went 28th Street, Hew York. 
BniHercd Cable. A^raM, "AtlTuowTr. 

of Tu QBMM l« located at Itonm 004, Ashland 
Blbok. OUtcalto, John T. Prince Jr., WMM ana 

rorr«l»iiat;nt. where mltcrtlscioeiiis and sutwcrlp- 
tuba Jro tecolvcd at oU'r regular raid.. . 

located at 14 Leicester Street, l*le«taf ■ Square, 
London, W. <:., Heury George Illbhert, manager, 
where udrertlHenwnta and aulaKrlptluoa are re- 
ceived at our regular rates.. . 

Tni- Curr-su can on obtainsc, wholcsals and 
BjrtArE, at our agents, Brcotano's news depot, ST 
Attiiuo de 1'Oncru, Paris, Prance; M. Lllientbal, 
Frederick Strsaae 101 (Termlnm Hotel), Berlin, 
S;w.. Germany; Diamond News Co., 1B0 Prano, 
Hanoi; Manila Book and stationery Co., -128 
Bacolta, Manila, P. 1.1 Albert & Hon, 13J-139 King 
Bt., Brdnfj, AuilraUa. . , 

-•Tttl! NEW YOllK CMPPEE ptibllahea 
onlf unr^ willtfoii, nml tlint la dated 

New York. 


Mo hepllea br o r Telegraph, 

Arjrijiessis on.truuiuiiooTa kot airap. AM, 

ra tfDur ur uuen kliotcu wiliTii to ntoaa whom 
71(1 hxsk, itf cu\r. or Till! CMPPICIl Post 
rfck.Au, i.trrtna \v»ll an Apviutiazip ok* 
Ik o1<ly. It Tins kovra vr ami tubiiihoii. 
rax» ta bought, rtBrim to or a Liar or notrras 



».'. 6., Hoa|log». — Wo Jiavo uo .kuowlcdvo 
of ,IIW preaeiit wlicreabolita of. the patty. 
Address a letter In our care and:. wo will 
udtei'liHe It In tbc Cf'it'i'tin letter lint. 

II. A.U., Piilludclpiiiu, 

f. E J„ Jeraey City, 

ii.H V., Chlcajo, 

Mat), M. S., ElBngbiim, uud 

K. T., East on. — See dustvet- to .0. O. above. 

J. B., New TtorU. — Tho party to vliom you 

ri'tbr )b tbc proper one to answer yobr ijuery. 

..Q. C, Jersey City.— WbeB we aecuro the 

winter Quarters wo will puollaU the list In 

otlt columns. . .. , . : .. .. 

TavBltSK Citv.--Wc have no, .record of 
utij- alich act having been perfotmed. 

J. J. J., Auburn. — Wo do not .know what 
audi la allowed. _•, 

Old 'Wmbu.— 1. , '14r»2" opened at the Gar- 
den Theatre .Cob, 5. 18(14, Having been trans- 
ferred to that bouse from Palmer's Theatre. 
2. Kthct Jlurrymoie was never with the play 
you mentlou. 

. IVJiV V-, Hoeheatcr. — "Under Cover" was 
the illlo of the play. 

II. C, yVllmipgttiti. — Bead tbc columns of 
Tim CMPfKB for wltat you want. . 
- 3. 8„ Chattanooga,— See: our route list 
each week tor Yorkc and Adams' route. 

li. M. V. 8„ Cincinnati.— The play Is not 
on tho road at present. . . 
■• T. 1. M„ Hoeliester.— Joseph Sparks played 
tbc "wflneli," In Harrlganti production' of 
"Under Covet," at Ihe.SIurray Hill Thoatrc. 
- It. II., Chicago. — The party you name can 
lieijt answer your query. 
. II, Met'., Bau Francisco. — Uo never played 
the. role. •■ > • • 

,T. V. 1-.. Uockvlllc.— I. Mlicoln J. Carter 
cau turn lull you with wliut you desire. ". 
TlIK N'tiw YpiiK Ci.ii'i'Kji. '.'lied Book" "eu- 
lulus a list of bobkltut'agcn'ls. 

Miss r. X„ VUHadulphlu.— I. Watch our 
route 'list each week. 2. W(> liavi; mi kuoul 
ejigc of tho present whereabouts of the par- 
tita. _. . ' . . 

C tk. H.. Wcchawkcn.— 1. Yes. 2. With thu 


A.. Lhidsay. — 1> will peg twelve points for 
fuur of a kind. 

B. A. L,A af„ Trenton. — After the draw, 
uud before a bet Is made, the dealer Is com- 
pelled to tell how. many curds he (the dealer » 
drew, but at mo stage of tho game Is he 
otloicpti to tell tho number of enrds any other 
pluyjcr drew. A poker player always watches 
the oilier pluycrs draw cards, and knows how 
many. tho denier serves to. them. 


(i. O. «.; I'hionlx.— No; - ' 

Mtakiuioi.ukh,. I'lttKburg. — 1. Joe Cuburn 
and Jem. Mace met May. .11, 1873, at .Port 
TXiver, Canada. U. We huve no record of tho 
eve;iit, ...\:., ... - : .•:. " ...•. ........... 

lllHTlllC'r Ol' COLUMBIA. 

Waal, lti« ton. -Al | be New National t\V. 
II. lUidcy. iiiiitlHircr) tills week, :"Th« Htep- 
Hlslo.r.' I.iiki week, Ucorge Kiiwiislt, In "The 
Silver II hi." had good bnslucas. "Thu l,lou 
uud the Mouse" nexl. , . 

t'uf.tiMiin d.tiekeit & Dwyvr. managers). 
—This week Dual In - Fiiinnui, tn "The 
ItMnger." Last week, "A b'ool and a (DTP 
scored well. ' "The Vlrglnlnu" next. 

RuiiAHco (I.. Mtoddnrd Taylor, uianngvi')- 
—This week. Carlo! t a Nlllsi.B, In "The Three 
Of Us." Ilnst w«-k, Lawrence -IVOraay and 
i.VMIlii l.oflns, la "The I ,(i nwrs," hud good 
business. Virginia llttrued, In "Aunn Knre- 
Hlnrt" ueit, •.. 

MAJny'rti: (K. II. Wcslon. mniinger). — 
'this Is our only stock theatre, nnd It bus 
iiiketi' a peruuinent hold on our playgoers. 
This week. "Tlicliua," with Kutlirya 1'urnoll 
In the title role. I. list week, "elapho" bad 
it line presentation and excellent patronage. 
"The. Two Orphans" ne\t. 

AClHtMl or Muric (Johu W. Lyons, man- 
ager J, — This week. William 11. Turner, In 
"His Terrible .Socret." Lost week "From 
Sing Sing to Liberty" packed the house. Lot- 
lie Williams. In "My Tom-hoy (llrlA* next. 

CflASK's (Miss II. Wlnnlfrcd lie Witt, iubii- 
,j s ,.pi. — .The bill this week builmlcs.: Ilrndlen 
Murtln Comedians, -lames F. Kiilly nnd Annla 
M. Kent, Warren arid illaiu'hilrd. 'lVm Jaek 
Musk'nl Trio.. Mexican Midget Wonders, Co- 
ram, Ln tiordrulu eoiupiiiiy, and the villi-|ih. lltisliiess reaches tho cnpncit v limit at 
cveri se8Blon. 

OAVKTi iWHUum S. Clark, niauager). — 
This week. Boblc'a Knlckerliocker Burlesquers. 
Last •week the Casino Clrls hud (rood busi- 
ness. The llnv Mnsqnernders nexl.'Kt'H iCugeno Kernnn. mnnnger). — This 
week, the Hroiidwny (liilely (llrl*. I.hst freek 
the Tiger I.lllcs wvre -well roeelved by irood 
died audlenceu. Jolly Urass Widows next. 

„jbtt)e," the net whleh i he his 
ptftvWod for Cjayton Wblte nnf.Blatle, Btu- 
att; juid, at HammcrBteln's VJitpfio, MR* 
It was shown last week, the audiences were 
of the opinion that. Its half hour's run was 
bv no means too long. 
. ' ilobatt'a slang phrases arc given lust the 
right expression by Mr. White,, who nlays 
llruce Ascott, the typical, race track sport. 
ever ready, with a witty • answer, _,all 
thete"- when you get beneath the, surface, 
und with en eye for a pretty woman.; Ascot 
•fenders Into the home of the'-Harrlngtons; 
nnd falls n willing victim to the charms of 
Mrs. Harilngtor'e unattached slater, Cheirle. 

After giving Cberrle a Up on a horse, Vwbo 
will win sideways." Ascot receives the In- 
formation that all Is not balmy nnd serene In 
tbn Harrington home, because the husband 
has not been home for several days. Ascot 
then departs, to put down Cbctrle's hundred 
on a 80 to 1 shot. 

Meantime Harrington roturnH liomc, minus 
three thousand dollars which he had when be 
left, fot It seems that the path was so nar- 
row thai lie couldn't follow It rcrv long 
wltbodt tumbling off Into a ditch. But As- 
cot returning with Chcrrlc's hundred, which 
hits' now grown Into three thousand., saves 
the day for Harrington by presenting the 
entire roll (at Cbetrie's suggestion) to Mrs. 
Harrington, with the ciplajinllop that he 
liad found the erring husband's pockctbook. 

Ascot has several conversations with 
Chcrrlc. tthd they are all edifying, lie tells 
her that he Just paid a dollar and a quarter 
for a bunch of violets which ho brings to 
her, end when she says that It will be ex- 
pensive fot him If ne does that sort of 
thing cverv day, he generously says : "Never 
ralnd, I'll bring you the seeds so you' can 
raise them yourself/' 

Ha also Informs her airily that he "has so 
much. Of the long green. of his own that. he 
runs over to Philadelphia every once in a 
while Just to laugh at the. mint." 

There are a number or good laughs la the 
Hketrii, thanks to llobart's writing and Clay- 
ton wliltc's clever manner of delivering 
bis lines. -Miss 'Stuart Is as excellent' ns 
ever, and she sings 1 Just as effectlvclyas she 
has done ln their former sketches. ; The act 
l« given on the full stage add runs about 
thirty-three nHilulei,' .. 

■ m' : " « l» - .. - 


"ilic Festive Juggler" . Is what the,, pro- 
gramme caHnd'hlra. flhd tlrlir, who made his 
American debut at Keith & Proctor's rOne 
Muudted and Twcnty-Htth Street Theatre, 
last v/eek, wbb also down as a London favor- 
ite. He proved one of the bust performers 
in Ills Una that the vaudevlll.; stage haa teen 
in a long time, and It is a mallet of no won- 
der whatever that London has shown htm 
marked favor. . 

Ctlff does his specialty la clown make-up. 
and he depends fot bis success mainly upon 
his monologue, which he deltvora ,wbllc doing 
hta UlckB. He talks incessantly, and be tnlks 
so well and with such good •■•n'ect that the 
audlMtco Itkcs him, at once, and: is by no 
means willing to have him withdraw after 
ho has coaxed several people to pelthJm with 
oranges, which he catelies — occasionally — upon 
a fork held In his mouth. His misses create 
no end of fun, and for an' encore he gives a 
llttlo purlosauo recitation and a ventriloqiiiBl 
conversation with a skull, which ho operates. 

The conversation with the skull, which he 
calls "Poor Yorlk," Is a clevev bit of work, 
nnd last Monday night iGrltf was so heartily 
applauded for bis offering that he was forced 
to make a speech. 

If he receives what be Is entitled to In this 
couhirj- It Is safe to. say tlut the wish he 
expressed ao "American lovorlteaswell 
as an English one," will bo realized. His act 
is worth seeing and hearing several times. 
whteh Is high praise for « Juggling offering. 
Griff uses the full stage, clo»tiiit ln one. and 
occupies it for twenty-ihrec minutes. 

, ,, ■♦?» . 

"A MaTht Ob it Mouse Boat." 

Jesse iL. Lasky's musical novelty, "A MWit 
On a House Boat." which formed one of the 
big features of lust week's bill «t the Colonial, 
Is olio :of tho best of this well known vaude- 
ville producer's siring ut winners. .. ; ' 

It starts out promisingly, and quickly set- 
tles down Into a spirited gait that is main- 
tained to the end. The musical numbers. In- 
troduced are many, and thoy follow: closely 
upon the heels of one another, a good com- 
pany handling them well and getting the foil 
par value out of the comedy as well. 

The scene Is the deck of a noose boat, and 
tile tlmo Is a Fourth or July, which gives an 
t'xeuse for tho profuse decorations on the 
boat,' and the numerous caper 'lanterns strung 
ttbodt. The boat Is a double decker, and It 
makes a pretty picture, with a back drop 
showing the shore line. The young people 
on bqard aro a Jolly crowd, who qulx one 
another and sing quite In the way a holiday 
crowd usually does. It is all done so natur- 
ally that the audience Is carried away With 
the charm of the thing. ■< 

O'Malley Jennings was a dude from foggy 
London, nnd lie- looked nud acted the part 

irell. While Boyd Marshall,- ns.a college tth- 
ote, uitito Jllled, the bill ln. l appearance, and 
p-d the company In Ihe winning of vocal 
honors, A llupipg miss, demure and dainty, 
wns capitally played by Kllnor Kershaw. *nd 
Mllfriaf .Berrlck. «s a eam-fren young follow 
who touk things vlilloe!«i>hlcally, did credit- 
able Work. Llomvcllu Hiallh. as an athletic 
girl, scored a piiomhm,. and -.good work was 
also ilotm-liy Cat Dlx. the Whaw (ilrls (ICIsic 
and lOllicl) und l'hiln May. Tbc act uses the 
full stage, and runs a little over thirty 
in Unites. 


The Hoinnnj Operaitlc « oiiiimny. 

A' dozen xitigers of both soxes are in tliN 
operatic company, aod tbey were one of the. 
icsl numbet's on, a Hue bill at the New ; York 
Inst week. "Gipsy Life": is .wliut the .spe- 
cialty Is culled, the scene helug n uretly 
woodland one, with the gypsies shown In the 
nil lie and mold the out-of-door surroundings 
In which we have been accustomed to find 

Beginning with the Toreador song from 
"Carmen." splendidly rendered, the members 
of the company sing operatic solos and con- 
certed numbers with the -finish of a Well se- 
lected and high class opera organisation. It 
would be bard to find better singers oven lu 
the regular operatic companies of the>l.uidi" 
nnd Klaw * Krlaiiger's other Imported' tal- 
ent will have to maintain a pretty good « 
pace to keep abreast of this offering In ex- 
cellence. Tenor, baritone, basso, contra'to 
and soprano were all well represented In 
Boln selections, and the floale, by Hie entire 
comiuiuy, was a spleudld Imrsl Of melody. 

it the hiubIc lovdr wants class -tu his vaude- 
ville, he should hear this troupe. They aro 
retained for this. week, and are good cnoumi 
to hold over nt tho house Indefinitely. The. 
memlierB ofi the- company are: FlorMtee; 
Qulnn, Carotin Pugllannl. Ceslrn Mdretll, 
Flora Tllerl. Allrla llekmondl.. IVrln Nelmn, 
Miircelln Resln'ilnl. ■ rtatlmole OHIctll, (Mrl« 
Carltoncv Ivltoro Ciunfcinn. AlosMindrn pe- 
vniilitl. Jliisn Giirraanltl. Tlie net uses the 
Cull stage, and runs over Uvcuty inliiuus. 

II > run DongllK nnd Hearlett- Urmrii. 

Mr', Dbu«bi» and"Mlas Drown wtre-brougbt 
to th* Twenty-third Btteel Theaftc last week 
■ to fill the vacanev lis the bill caused, by the 
withdrawal of. Grade Emmett, #Jlo : was un- 
ahle-ro Hnlsholtt the *cek because of throat 
trouble. Their net Is called "Winning nn 
Helrcas." written by Lloyd: Grand, and. it is 
Interesting ibd aniurdng from start to tinlah. 

Tho wlnnlhg of tho heiress In question is 
rot so easy,' as Lord Tommy finds; because 
the -ilrl of his heart. Holly Eastlake, has her 
mind filled with n great deal of etotlmental 
foolishness concerning a ret tnln young plains- 
man. Ltirrt Tommy, who Is- a determined 
man, and a likable chan, hits upon the 
scheme. of Impersonating the brcexy West- 
erner, and lie nccordingly rigs himself ont In 
the necessary attire, ond whoops things up 
lu most approved fasliion. Dolly is so dls- 
gusfd with the behavior of the fake Billy, 
the Buck, that when Lord Tommy resumes 
his normal clothes and manner she has come 
to realize that sb n has made a mistake in 
clinging to such foolish -Ideals as she bad 
set up, abd Tommy's battle Is woo. 

4s Mr. Deugals plays the dual role of 
Tommv and the rip-roarer Billy, the Buck 

Harry Voii TlUer. 

There are no'doiibt many song writers who 
can sing their own songs ln public, and many 
of them do so,' but few get their names In 
such big type for doing. It as Harry Voil 
Tllzcr did last Week at the Victoria. And few 
get the reception that this well kaown author 
of many popular airs did oil week at Oscar 
Hammerateln's vaudeville house. 
! Many melodies have been composed by tbc 
author of "I'd Leave My Happy Home for 
You" since the days when that song was first 
brought Into prominence, and doubtless many 
have forgotten that he ever wrote It, but the 
energetic tlarry is still turning out the same 
kind of dinners! and wheA tlie programme 
tells you that he Is tbc "author of over ISO 
popular song successes," you feel like taking 
off vour hat to him. ! Perhaps it Is not quite 
130, but It is a long list of them, at any 
rate, and he sang some of the latest and best 
of his output last week, and rendered tbem 

There Is, however, one line on the pro- 
gramme that we can correct. It Ib by no 
means hit first time In vaudeville. But that's 
o little Joke that programmes bave'a hablt'of 



"Bonis'soS" CatsoK'js.. Isle," Colonial. 
Mantn LWiyu (reappearance >. Colonial 
AHettxotTt Ak'p uoo. Colonial. 
HETTii-Kntu, New York. ' 
It. G. KSowi-eS (reappearance). New York. 
The BbadjoiiDs, Cnlon Square. 
Lkos IloakE; Tffty-elghth Street. 
Max Nbvade. In "The Masquetaders," Pas. 
tot's. i'- 1 

the Lo Hrcns, Pastors. 
Cai'XK asp GiitsHASi, Pastor's. 
AtfckLES ANP'Srin. Pastorki . 

«tATiONi IlCtcHlNOl ANP .EoWABOS I new 

" !lltf -Wthi Wreei. 

actj, jCtae ^ln0.i 

and Tweh 


he audiences at the .Victoria knew Harry 


rnou ob'b own cofintsro^tNr. 

Clipper Bnreau. 

14 Leteeater Street, 

- Leicester iqnare, 

London, V, . c. 
■• '8ktt. 28. 
Twice this week there huVe been great 
gathering o( vaudeville performers and admir- 
ers ot their art at Huston station to speed the 

legitimate stage.' nnd Henrietta Brown,' who 
Is excellent as Dolly, needs' no Introduction 
to New York, her reputation having been 
made by her work In stock at the Fifth 

Mr. Douglas played these same roles be- 
fore, but the sketch as It now stands haw 
been re-arranged and the Idea previously 
used elaborated nnd Improved. The full 
stage I* nsed, and the act runs about twenty 
minutes. :"■.■■ 

. «'» 

Stellat Mas-hew,* BlUte Taylor and 

~ Company. : # ; 

"It Happened Iri tltab," a sketch by. Wil- 
lard Clark, brought Stella Mayhew,. Blllle 
Taylor and cdmpahy Into the glare ot. the 
footlights st KMtlr t Proctor's Ode Hundred 

song should be rendered, and the encores that their" real home In the future. Knotvlcs 
he received had the genuine ring to them, proudly published au autograph, letter from 

If his melody nrtll ever gives out and refuses 
to grind out any more song bits, -Harry Von 
TUger can make a good living singing on the 
v«ud»vllle stage. This is pretty strong praise 
for him, but It Is deserving praise, at that 
The act rims almost half, an hour. 
«» , » , ' .. . 
Bob find Tlj Companj. 

Samuel Lloyd, the managing director or the 
Pavilion, titaigow". to tno effect that the 
American raconteur's last visit to the thea- 
tre made a '.'record" tor the. house, business 
being even better at the end of a fortnight 
than at the beginning. TIiIb disposes of the 
silly statement that Knowles Is preferring to 
lecture In lyeeums because vaudeville audi- 

An act which was folly entitled :to use the ««" ' »" ? » J«> c „ ""ft °'J^ '•.- '}'" mil,il " 

word "ramnlv" . In Its deserlutlve blllina np as a ' hoosltr, with Soiig und story. 

Z sl,^Tfa d . y « week 'it PasTor^"." the U% ^rS'.Hf'J fffi^J 

«„.> n. en,,,, ■•./! it ,n«,ii> o «„n^™o ,,e ."lane Lioyu set, out on jiiuisnaj. i-ur h 

and Tt»- Comruaiiy, and It -made a success of 
large proportions. 'Die Bob and Tip of the 
specialty seem to be the two dogs- that are 
presented, and the I wo members ot the team 

„.jyu set, out on Thursday, tor a 
full hour before the train started, theatrical 
and sporting celebrities thronged tlie station. 
Marie- laughed and cried and kissed her hands. 
The folks threw flowers at her and shouted. 

* firth h 8 fre^t r0 Theatr? las "week SffiLnnX*^!."^^^ 7 ^ * ,h ° The dS? befor? she lef\ she signed and. 

and Twent 
nod althorn... 

the skit. It gave Miss Mnyhcw a chance to do the other perforins straight, and both are 

her specialties, and Mr. Taylor an opportunity flde acrobats. The tumbling of the straight 

to sing. ' -. - : performer Is very , clever, and .the. one In 

. in the story It transpires that Dick ltoach make-up Is a .very, funny comedian, He never 

Is a. very much-married man, and that he has lets dp oh his comedy -antics, add be knows 

placed hbi neck In. the matrlmuhlnl noose just how to get the laughs without overdoing 

With such frequency tha 
arc ligntatlvcly falling 
Roach, by no means abasl 

that his several wlvea 
g over one another. 
__Jshcd. Is ready to. take 
On another affair of the heart with a Mrs. 
French, whom he is wooing with fervor. 

Miss Mayhew first made her appearance as 
Mrs. Maggie Roach, one Of the wives, and 
la tor -plnyed Mrs. Ellcy ltoach, and all elderly 
negro-"mammy." Aunt Llndy. She sang her 
hit of lohg standing, the story of the boy 
taking his first smoke, and It went with as 
marked favor as It did *hen she first sang 
It. for New Yorkcts. It la really an artistic 
bit.: Later, as Aunt Llndy, her clever darky 
dialect bad Its inning, and It was a big 
Inning, too. Miss Mayhew Is one of our best 
comediennes; and no matter, what her sur- 
roundings are, she may be depended upon to 
acquit herself with distinctive credit. Her. 
success List week was emphatic, 

Mr.- Taylor sang In excellent voice, and wis 
warmly applauded. The act uses the full 
stage, and runs twenty-four minutes.' 

.. .-. .. ".< «» 1-* .- 

"Nearly a. War Correspondent." 

Peter ' F. Dalley wears headline honors In 
vaudeville Just as gracefully as he does all 
other histrionic wreaths, and last Week at 
the Alhambra he offered a new sketch, en- 
titled : "Nearly a War Correspondent," lead- 
ing the bill at that house. - ' 

One of those furious, earthquaking revo'u- 
tlons which spring tip in South America 
every few momenta serves as tbc ground- 
work for the sketch, which Is merely -a Bet- 
ting for- songs end dances. Mr. Dalley. as 
Behton Scoops, was the near correspondent 
Who braves the awful dangers of flylng_ bul- 
lets and things to get the news right off thu 
griddle for- his enterprising paper,' aad lie 
has some funny HncB which he delivers la 
his own Jolly .way. '. 

No -matter what happens to his "figure," 
Mr. Dalley bids defiance to tbc scales and 

Jets about tho stage like' a dancing master. 
lis simple life song was. the best of his mu- 
sical numbers, and there was enough .op- 
portunity to sec and hear him ln this. offer- 
ing to delight the audience, who. beyond 
doubt "liked his style." Lillian llocrlcln, as 
a Spanish beauty, gave him good aid. - Others 
In nls support were : -James Fecny, Bert 
Snow, CauilUc Levis, Isabellc Dixon, Rita 
Dean. Caroline Stanley, Eleanor Sotlicru 
and Minerva Hall. The act uses the full 
stage. • j'm . 

. — r- — ■» «a» ! . .... 

"A Bachelor's Wife." 

Jolm C. Itlc-! and- Sallic Cohen offered 

their latest sketch, "A Bachelor's Wife.'' at 

tho Union Squire last week, "for laughing 

purposes only," as the playbills sometimes 

things. He prnved that he -could -give points 
to many who have long held prominence as 
laugh makers. ; ; 

. The dog described as the "*t,000 challenge 
dog," was a bright and well drilled little 
fox terrier, who turned somersaults, balanced 

time can be postponed, she will stay on your 
side for the bcttct part of a year. On Tues- 
day members of the Eccentric Club enter- 
tained Marie Lloyd and her husband. Alee 
Hurley, who accompanies her. On Wednes- 
day there was another party at Romano's, 
the sporty restaurant in the btrand. Hire 
Hob S lever, the racing man, spoke. . 
■ --Our ricxt remittance to yon of importance 
will bo. that of Bransby Williams, Who Im- 
personates Dickens' characters and others. 
Williams will sail in mid-October. He Is 
taking a rest In the meanwhile; fot the heavy 

himself on two legs upon a cane held in the Tfork of the season has tired him a good dcai 

air, and did other equally effective and dlf 
flcult feats. p. 

' There was not a dull moment during the 
offering, which ran twenty minutes, and used 
the full stage. . . . =i .,:. 

'. 4 f . . 

Gerald ine lli'Canil uiul Cdaapany. 

A youthful performer Is Gerdldlue Me- 
Cann. and her .company Is made ap of an 
equally young boy and a man who plays a 
laborer. At . l'aator'a last week the act 
proved Interesting, particularly daring the 
latter part ot It, which Is given up to 

: ."The Boasters." as It is called, Is evidently 
descriptive of the boy and girl, who make 
their appearance in a laborers room, deliver 
little love' speeches to each other add tell 
of their abilities. ■ ... ■ -. ■■ - 

Little Oeraldlne then gives on imitation 
of Ada Gray, In a scene from "East Lynaei" 
and the boy who aids her gives -the -comedy 
touch to It. The dancing of tbc girl and the 
boy, however, was the big feature Of the act, 
and It proved so good' that the applause for 
It was long and hearty. : Both are' unusually 
hoc dancers. The act runs twenty-two min- 
utes, and uses the full stage.' ■ 
' * " » 

When Williams arrives In New York he Is 
to be entertained at dinner by tlie Dickens 
and other societies. He has made great 
strides— a few years ago be Was an actor in 
quite small theatres. He blesses the day 
when he entered vaudeville. 

There is a remarkable likeness between 
one spectacular sensation and anotber at the 
Hippodrome. ' It cannot be - helped. . The 
structure or the stnge forces Parker, who is 
responsible for Its control, -to follow certain 
lines r and so it Is the more wonderful when 
he achieves such a success as in the case 
of "The Avalanche," produced on Monday. 
The stage and' the arena ate built over In 
semblance of ad alpine village. Before the 
story Is unfolded there Is a snow of national 
sports — toWmihlng. skl-lng and so forth, 
liv distinguished experts, not forgetting 
dancing by a contingent of clever girls. Then 
it appears that two guides are In love with 
one maiden. The. unlucky suitor of the tw'alu 
is so. angered that he Is of a disposition to 
murder tlie ottitr, and there Is' a desperate 
fight hetween. them. Everything Is adluslcl 
by a calamitous" uprising of nature, suow. 
Ice, rocks, water. . unhappy human beings, 
including the naughty guide, but not the 
fond oie, come tonpllng down the mountain 
aide. It Is a brilliant achievement In stage 
eitect, und Impressed the uudleuce accord- 

The Roberts Pun v. 

Occupying one' of 'the best places on the Ingly.' 

■A few- years .ago. Granville. Backer and -E. 

bill at Pastor's, last week, the Robert* Four 
presented 'The Doll Maker's? Dilemma." 
which showed the elderly lldus Mayer, the 
doll maker, sitting. near tlie objects of his 
handiwork and soloqulztng on the days- of his 
youth. He is- visited by an eccectrlc female, 
on-: Italian girl, -and two children. Nettle 
and Katie, w-lio sing and dance.. The young- 
sters r re most entertainingly played by 
Roberta and Charlotte Tompkins, Ond Nettle 
A. .Roberts appeared In the- dual role of the 
eccenlrlc, woman and' the Italian girl.. 

Allyn Roberts, as the elderly German, de- 
livered -several good little bits of philosophy 
In verse, and sang with tbe eMloren. Tbe 
singing t'.nd dauelng of tbe latter caught the 
fancy of tho audience, and there was hesrtv bestowed upon It. Th'j fiblsh of the 
sketch was quiet and pretty. Tbe act runs 
twenty minutes, and uses tbc fall stage. 

— . ■♦««» 

la Gardenia. 

A. Spanish dancing act, providing it be a 
read, and they accomplished this purpose koou „q(i, Is always, worth seeing, and La 


N..H, Wln.illn wrote the little farce, una 
Ills Bachelor- of the story Is Arthur Bachelor, 
Who loves Bessie Dcerlng, and Is willing to 
go to any cxtremo to win her, even to pre- 
tending unit bo has. a broken leg. which he . 
hasn't, wicked deceiver that be Is. . But he 
only wants sympathy, you. see. and when 
Bessie gives him the consideration that bis 
heart craves Tot,. He wins her love, -i- 

There urn come bright lines, and the way 
that Mr. Klee and Miss Cohen hnudle.theni 
nud the cumedy situations is n Joy Indeed. 
Th's couple can lake almost any: ordinary 
stage complication and get a laugh by tho 

Gardcnlii bus a -worthy offering of that kind. 
She appeared at the -Colonial last week, and 
proved to he a graceful, pretty . woman, with 
a strles of dances that were new und typi- 
cal, of the warm-blooded South. 

She bus. five tronbadours to uld licr by 
playing mandolins while she dances, and one 
tall young fellow who dances with her. The 
liineit plnyed wore all unfiinilllur ones, and 
not us pretty ns soma Spanish innsla which 
our people arc accustomed to hoar. It would 
add to the act If the melodies were changed 
to tuneful ones. 

The dam-lug, however. Is capital. La Gar- 
denia throws: all the fire and srrace into he* 

Kiilrited wuy In which they play lit, and whin various movements without elaborating those 
they have some good material to work with features which sometimes make the Spaulsh 

tuc result may be Imagined. They made u 
bin personal succe.-s lu-t -week, and till) lit lie 
play was right up with thorn. The act runs 
over twenty minutes, and requires tho full 
stage. •-." 

Frederic Melville's: burning novelty, 
Motuglrl.;* which 

"The Motoglrl." 

. "Tim 
reappeared In Now York 
last week as a feature at Huminersteln's. 
after several years' absence. Is as big a Lit as 
It was when It was first Introduced: 

The act has been shortened since It was 
here some years ago, and tbe. motoglrl Is 
not subjected to us long a test us she former- 
ly was. This shortening of the time does not 
In any way detract from the effectiveness of 
tho performance. 

The motoglrl Is to itll appearances a doll, 
and when Mr. Melville carries her - about 
among the audience, there arc few who ate 
hot practically convinced that he Is bearing 
in his nrdis u remarkable figure, which Is 
wound up to go as he dictates. . 

The severe tests that tbc girl, stands are 
wonderful In face of tbe fact (bat she has 

dunces objectionable. Tlie act mus "fifteen 
minutes, on. the full stage. 

-T . + « > ~ 

The «antslchnildts. 

A clown act, with tumbling of a most ap- 
proved' kind, und two dogs who arc well 
trained nnd. add a big share to the success 
of the performance, was shown by the Uaut- 
schinldts at the New York last week. 

'llils team .has been ln the city before., but 
thoy have bcon abroad so long that they aro the audiences nightly assembled. 

..—.■..At,,.,))...,.. ..*,.«!*., ■ llAI-A lit* -*— . . . . * MM .-j I 

practically a novelty. 

The dogs bold tbe centre of tbe stage, both 
figuratively and literally, and an they do some 
tricks In tumbling that are equally as clever 
as their masters perform, they naturally 
share In tbe applause. They like the atten- 
tion, too, if one may Judge by dog slms. and 
arc canine wonders ln their way. They arc 
French poodles, clipped as dogs of that breed 
usually are. The act runs about six minutes. 

. «' . » ,! 

J. 'Vedrenne" Jollied hands, took the derelict 
Court Theatre,, which Is away from the centre 
r f London, and became famous by their pro- 
duction of plays appealing to. the thoughtful 
rather than to the casual pleasure seeker. 
Now they have rucved right Into the Strand, 
nnd procured. tt lease of the Savoy Theatre 
from Mrs.* D'Oy ley Carte. Their first "pro- 
duction" was' oh Tuesday afternoon, namely, 
of a pley entitled "Joy," from the pen of 
John (launvofOiy. . whose earlier worts, '•The 
Silver Box,". Is' remembered as oac of the most 
Interesting productions of Vcdreune £ Barker 
at the. Court... "Joy" Is In no respect so. re- 
markable. The heroine Is a bright. Impulsive 
girli on the .edge of womanhood, whose domi- 
nant passion Is adoration of her mother. 
Mrs. Glynn, lc tbe absence abroad of an un- 
sympathetic, hdeti'nnd. has ' consoled herself 
with the friendship of a financier.- not of n 
high character, named Maurice Lever. When 
Joy. makes the - discovery that her mother 
Is this man's. mistress there Is a passionate 
scope. Joy challenges her mother to cboo'o 
between lover and daughter, and Mm. 
Glynn selects thb lover.. Mr. (Jalsworlhy, who 
scorns all the conventions of the stage, happy 
ending included; yet permits a gleam of pen"' 
to penetrate tho last scene. Joy. herself, at- 
tracts the love, of a .pleasant boy, aud the 
sense of-hnppy urilon dawning ii)iun her, sug- 
gests toleration -for her erring mother. It Is 
not a very agreeable story.- Mr. Galsworthy 
i, I ones somewhat by -skill In charaetcma 
Huh. Dorothy Mlnto Is charming and earnest 
us Joy., Wynne Mntlhirson is admirable as 
Mrs. liiyunc. .Thnlbenr Corbett figures as Hie 
company promoter- Florence Hgyeleals de- 
lightful as a shrewd, philosophical governess. 
The remaining characters, are those of. Joys 
guardians. Colonel and Mrs. Hope, ami her 
lover, played rospecUvely by A. to. George, 
Henrietta Watson and Allan. Witde. 

It was at the Court Theatre thai l'ineru 
got fame with his comedies: und so. u 
Is curiously coincident tbnt , Olio Stuart, 
who has taken the Court Theatre. In suc- 
cession to Vedrenhne and Barker, slioiild lead 
off with n comedy, not very orlfjlaal m 
style and story,, yet apparently amusing to 

It ,1s eu- 

titled "Barry Doyle's Best Core," had it is 
the wbtk of W. Gayer Mackuv and Robert 
Old Barry - Doyle is a millionaire, pos- 
sessed by tbe desire to be appreciated at bis 
personal worth, without regard to his money. 
He thinks that an Invitation from Lord and 
Lady gtrathesk to visit them at Kddrs- 
locbrlc Cnstle affords a suitable opportunely 
for an experiment. So on arrival at the 
castle. Barry .poyle Is lutroductfd on .lack 
llarverson. nls own secretory, and Jack llar- 
vcrson, the secretary. Is lotroduced as Barry 
Doyle, the millionaire. Tho sequel to muuy 
amusing complications is that Barry gets 

Julia rtnli'li. 

"Au Evening- at a Matinee" Is what Miss 

, Ralph calls tbe series of Impersonations r 

been undergoing tlils ordeal for rears, and which she has prepared, and she Introduced 95° -■ c harmiri|j *lfe, who had no Idea inai 

when one considers that not even 4 muscle of It at Keith k Proctor's Union Square last Be .was rich whet), she learned to- lovc^nimj 

licr staring eyes move during the time she is . week. - 

on View, some idea mAy 'lie. gained of what Beginning with an Ion of the heroine 

(if the -pt/iy, she shows how several nf the 
oharartors nppsnrofl'tn her, nnd Closes her acl 
with a Utile nf Hhnki'siH-.ire; tier aWrrlptliin 
nf how Julia Marlowe reads n few lines of 

she accomplishes.. The net made n profound 

Impression Insr week, and there . was - pr<«>( 
positive given ilia! H: 1ms ■ rcnewod the In- 
terest it established years ago. ll runs for 
a bout seven minutes. 

and Secretary Hnrrcrson alio - acquires a 
ladv Invewho Is 'able to give him n position 
of rnnifnrl, nnd who Is ipille conlenl t" » n 
no. » 

-Mrs. Whigs nf (lie Cabbage fnlcli" "*»'■"•" 
lo have got over her removal lo the Adelpu 

"Twelfth Night" w.asgood, for she has caught, Theatre yery well, Laiced, hj » ft* d8 -' i ' 


October 12. 

as y a 


.ht tso hftboredta petformance of the anus- 




— - 


our public BchOoJB might 
«« oroperly «» taught to Boonk plays. Th;s 
]g? P do somettoe. .by wa^ of a_ recreation. 

of onr sketch**, end «o It Is gratifying to 
see an actress io clever as Alice May devoting 
Ctre and thought to A duologue, and making . 
at real bit, as she did with "A Bridge fojr a 
Limerick." nt the Empire, Canrberwcll, list 
night, A Limerick la a nonsense verse, and 
the Frtgilsh newspaper' print four Hues, 
offering enormous prizes to tbelr reader;) for 
supplying Hi" Inst line. It In a lottery. In 
fact, but- ban mitxled the police, who are 
confesaedly unable to get the .Lotteries art 
to work. Alice May's sketch Ingeniously 
complicates a bnshriii lover with wrltlug a 
Limerick rompetltlon, and satirizes the popu- 
lar era*?. . « 

There was a great crowd at the Balkans 
Exhibition. Hurls Court, the other day, to 

S". Jni 1*. » Dlaveolnu public more synopa- sec Ma